HVS Law Internationals: 1

HVS Law Internationals


Chapter 1

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr

Fātimah Rasūlllāh

She rushed to me, put her arms around my neck, hugged me and kissed.

With tear-swollen eyes she said,

“I knew you can do the wonders. I’m released on bail, while everyone said it was impossible.”

I kissed her to assure her faith in me.

“Let’s go. You are released on bail, not acquitted yet.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr laughed,


She was not taking the matter seriously even now.

It was all only a game for her, even now.

It was very difficult to live the faith my women had in me.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

They believed I was not an ordinary human being.


I knew what I was.

“How much did you tell them?” I asked when I thought Åāýéshah Abu Bakr could answer me.

It was only when we reached home.

“Not a thing.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr laughed, “I told them that I resented the way they had made the arrest and taken me out of Saåūdī Arabia. I told them that I thought I have been kidnapped by the police.”

I watched Åāýéshah Abu Bakr gravely.

She did not love Fātimah Rasūlullāh as her trustee.

She loved her as if she was her elder sister, her Bājī.

Well, she was not.

Moreover, Fātimah Rasūlullāh did not appreciate her as she wanted to.

She took her only as her trustee.

One side love.

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr was an emotional stupid.

Instead of my repeated warnings, she could never control her emotions.

Ultimately it resulted in adverse.

Her emotions  put her behind the bars.

She was unable to understand she couldn’t play with the law.

All her supporters from Congress miserably failed.

They were heavily bribed by Ålī, and his Ammījān Naåīmah Maħmūd Abī Tālib.

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr went on,

“I told them that I was indignant. I hadn’t even to put on the act that I was too mad to cooperate. I was really mad.”

“It’s all right. The only thing is they damn care whether you are mad on their strategies or not.”

“Well, they failed in keeping me behind the bars. Haven’t they?”

“Because the Chief Justice has a daughter, Safiyah Muħammad, who loves me more than anything. She compelled her Ammījān to release you on bail to have me for her life.”

“Safiyah Muħammad is a nice kid.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr giggled.

“Only eighteen.” I said curtly, “And I’m sixty one. Her Ammījān, Chief Justice, Navīdah Sulémān, never wanted her to be on my bed. Yet…”

Chief Justice, Navīdah Sulémān, is mistaken.”Åāýéshah Abu Bakr announced, “She herself enjoys you on her bed, even while her husband, Nādir Sheikħ is still living. A veteran Congressperson he is. Isn’t he?”

I did not answer her.

Instead, I smiled,

“Never underestimate a Congressperson, Åāýéshah.”

“They failed. Didn’t they?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, Naåīmah Maħmūd Abī Tālib and Ålī could not keep me behind the bars despite their desperate frantic attempts.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr said scornfully, “Your Uncut Hindu Penis proved to be more dominant than any bloody Congressperson.”

It was useless to argue with her in this mood of her.

“What have they got on you, do you know?” I asked Åāýéshah Abu Bakr.

“No.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr spat up, “Neither, I do care, damn it.”

“We still have to fight the case, Åāýéshah. You are accused of a murder.”

“Well, I never murdered the bloody blackmailer.”

“Tell me everything, you idiot.”.

She winked at me.

“I never knew you are so resourceful, Méré Hindu Piyā!”

“Stop praising me, and tell me what happened.”

“There isn’t much to tell.”

“Did you know the dead man?”

“I’ve talked with him on the phone. That is, if he’s Åbdul Raħmān.”

“What do you know about him?”

“Not too much. But he had me in kind of a peculiar position.”


“Well, not exactly. Åbdul Raħmān was engaged in a sneak attack, in a tiptoe attack, on the management of Rājsthān Oil and Refining Company. The dirty Congresspersons were helping him, against me, because I support NDA.”

“Don’t make it political, Åāýéshah.”

“Well, the dirty Congresspersons have already made it political. They want to blacken NDA by doing it.”

“Let’s keep politics out of it.”

“Will they allow?”

“What happened?”

“Åbdul Raħmān wanted to get rid of the management and put his own crowd in.”

“You knew that?”

“I knew that—at least Åbdul Raħmān told me.”

“Go ahead.”

“Åbdul Raħmān knew that Fātimah Rasūlullāh had a big block of stock in the oil company. At least he assumed she did. He knew that her Abbū, Rasūlullāh, had bought it and that it had gone into the trust fund.”

“And so?”

“And so Åbdul Raħmān went to Fātimah Rasūlullāh.”

“He wanted her to give him a proxy?”

“He wanted her to give him a proxy. Fātimah Rasūlullāh told Åbdul Raħmān she couldn’t do it, because the stock was in my name as trustee. So then, Åbdul Raħmān asked her to write a letter to me as trustee, instructing me to give him a proxy on stock.”

“And Fātimah Rasūlullāh did?”

“Fātimah Rasūlullāh did.”

I watched her with keen interest,

“And then?”

I knew it was not easy for me to extract the truth out of Åāýéshah Abu Bakr.

Of course, she loved me.

But, almost all my women thought me a kind of demigod.

They were so thrilled and obsessed with my almost endless successes over their oppressors, their mankind.

They hated their tyrant mankind.

I defeated and humiliated their oppressors.

Consequently, they loved me even more than their own lives.

Alas, I could not live their optimism.

Despite all their optimism in me, I couldn’t forget I was too an ordinary man, a normal man, as the rest of the mankind.

Only difference I had from the rest was that I was abnormally hypersexual.

Nothing else.

“Then,” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr looked at me, “then, of course, I was in a spot. I didn’t have the stock. Moreover, I didn’t want Fātimah Rasūlullāh to know I didn’t have it. That would have caused her to ask for an accounting. That’s why I didn’t want to tell Åbdul Raħmān I’d sold the stock.”

“This was at a time when the value of the stock was low?” I watched her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān face to study her reactions.

“That’s right.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled at me confidently.

She had already taken out my Uncut Hindu Penis out of my lower, and now she was playing with it,

“It was just before the strike in the new field. Åbdul Raħmān could have bought up the control of the company if he could have found the stock and had the money. But Åbdul Raħmān was working on a shoestring.”

Even enjoying optimum extremely beautiful Åāýéshah Abu Bakr’s handling of my Uncut Hindu Penis, I kept on watching her face keenly.

It was necessary for me to win the case.

And it was necessary for me to win the case to keep the faith of my countless extremely beautiful Musalmān Beauties in me intact.

I couldn’t be negligent even a bit.

“So what did you do, Åāýéshah?”

“I told Åbdul Raħmān I would have to know more about what he had in his mind. I told him I had to know his plans for developing the company’s property before I’d honor Fātimah Rasūlullāh’s letter.”

I smiled at her,

“That’s nice.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled too,

“What do you think I enjoy only your Uncut Hindu Lund into my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Choot? I learn from you simultaneously as you love all of us your Musalmān Beauties to do.”

I kissed Åāýéshah Abu Bakr passionately,

“I’m proud of all of you my Musalmān Beauties.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr winked at me,

“Thank you. Åbdul Raħmān insisted on seeing me. I refused to give him an interview. Then Åbdul Raħmān played his ace in the hole. He told me he had something to tell me about Ålī. Åbdul Raħmān told it would eliminate Ålī from the picture as far as Fātimah Rasūlullāh was concerned. He said he needed money to carry on his proxy campaign. Åbdul Raħmān said if I’d bring him ten thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills, he’d give me an earful of facts against Ålī that would put the bastard Ålī out of circulation.”

I watched Åāýéshah Abu Bakr keenly,

“And Åbdul Raħmān wanted proxies too?”


“Åbdul Raħmān was a blackmailer then?”

“Well,” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled, “every businessperson does so, every now and then, less or more.”

“That’s why they suffer from economic insecurities.” I commented tersely, “No honesty in business dealings, no Economic Security. It’s as simple as that. As you sow so you reap.”

“I know your views.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled sweetly to me, “However, you know I would have done anything to prevent Fātimah Rasūlullāh from marrying that bastard Ålī. He isn’t Ħazrat Ålīrzu as the idiot Fātimah Rasūlullāh thinks he is.”

I controlled myself,

“What about proxies?”

“That’s the strange, incredible thing. When Åbdul Raħmān made me that offer, I decided to take him up. I went out and bought up twenty thousand shares of Rājsthān Oil Stock in the joint name of Fātimah Rasūlullāh and Durgesh. Naturally, being the trustee I couldn’t do in my own name. I couldn’t do it in her sole name because Ålī would have made Fātimah Rasūlullāh to sell them for his vested interests. His scrupulous Ammījān, Naåīmah Maħmūd Abī Tālib, would have helped cheerfully her bastard son. I got them hundred Rs. Per share. I intended to let Åbdul Raħmān think they were the original shares of stock from trust. Then within a couple of days, the new strike was made and the stock started climbing sky high.”

“And the stock is in our joint name, not in the name of trust?”

“That’s right.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr twittered.

I watched Åāýéshah Abu Bakr.

“You have no letters from Åbdul Raħmān, no evidence to back up your story?”


“Åāýéshah, I especially instructed you never to believe any person. Anyone can cheat. Anyone can deceive you even when you need his/her support very much. We all are human beings and instead of how excellently we are trained in divinities, we are basically animals when born.”

“Yes, you always instruct me to rely on documentary proof admissible in a competent court.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled wearily.

“And yet you—”

“I never realized its gravity and importance to the extent you wanted to convey to me. Sorry.”

“What sorry? Instead of my repeated instructions, you do the same mistakes anyway. And now you are facing a murder charge.”

Durgesh, I’m not as scrupulous as you are. I agree.”

“It’s needed to be scrupulous to survive in this world, full of beasts called human beings.”


“Sālī! Says ‘sorry’.”

“Oh, come on Durgesh, you can’t make all of us your Musalmān Beauties lady Durgeshes.”

“And why can’t I?”

“A woman loves to depend on her man.”

“Nonsense! Everyone must be as much independent as one can.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr only smiled.

She said nothing in response.

“You can’t afford to tell your story to the jury, Åāýéshah. It’ll crucify you.” I said ultimately.

“I did what I thought best.”

“Best for whom?”

“Fātimah Rasūlullāh, of course.”

“A jury would not agree with you.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You have to. You can’t neglect what a jury thinks. They are there to decide whether you have murdered Åbdul Raħmān or not.”

“I haven’t.”

“The police don’t believe it. The district attorney does not believe it.”

“Because they are heavily bribed by Ålī and his Ammījān, Naåīmah Maħmūd Abī Tālib.”

“Maybe, yet even if it’s true we can’t prove it in the court.” I said, “Yet, we have to prove you are not guilty.”

“You are expert in doing it. They all say.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled.

“You are not taking it seriously still now. In court, it’s not important what the defendant and the defense council thinks right. The important thing is what the jury and the judge thinks. We have to make them to see our point.”

“You are expert in doing it. They all say.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled again, “I said it already.”

“Let me tell you what a jury will think. A jury will think you sold out the Rājsthān Oil stock from the trust fund. A jury will think that you had a tip the new wells were in oil sand. You acted on that tip to feather your own financial nest.”

“But in that case I would have purchased the shares in my name, not in your joint name with Fātimah Rasūlullāh.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr argued.

“Now you can see why I stopped you from purchasing the shares in your own name?”

“Sorry, I can see it now.”

“Åāýéshah, you are still not telling me the truth.”

“You are wrong, Durgesh.”

“You are foolishly shielding someone.”

“You are under wrong impression.”

“I can’t fight for you effectively if I don’t know the truth.”

“I know that.”

“You are an idiot who thinks I am a magician that can protect you even when you wouldn’t tell me the truth. You are overconfident of me. And it can turn to be suicidal.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled.

Durgesh, how many Musalmān Beauties have you represented in court till now?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“As many as thousands?”

“Maybe. I’m not getting your point yet.”

“How many of them lied to you?”


“Isn’t it a fact that most of them lied to you under this or that pretext?”

“What do you want to say?”

“How many of them got prosecuted to get punished?”


“None of them. Not even a single one.” Åāýéshah Abu Bakr smiled, “You always manage to prove them not guilty, and get them released either this way or that. You are a legal wizard, Durgesh, a master cross examiner.”

“Even I can fail someday.”

“You are getting more and more experienced day by day, making your so called failure more and more impossible.”

It was useless to argue with Åāýéshah Abu Bakr.

She had more confidence in me than even I did.***

Fātimah Rasūlullāh greeted me warmly,

“Oh, I’m so glad to see you, Mr. Durgesh! I never thought I could meet the great Durgesh in person someday.”

“I’m honored. Thank you very much. I represent your trustee, Åāýéshah Abu Bakr charged with the murder of Åbdul Raħmān.”

“I know. Isn’t it too terrible for Åāýéshah?”

“These things almost always look blacker at the start. The police, and the persons who frame the innocents, always have succeeded at the beginning. Their erroneous version is believed to be true.”

“Yes, I can see your point.”

“I advised you to call your attorney.”

“Well, thank you.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled, “I don’t think you’d protect a Musalmān Beauty on the cost of the other.”

“Thanks for your confidence in me. Even then—”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh interrupted me,

“It’s all right. Throw me to the wolves to protect your client. I doubt you are capable.”

“Thanks. Åāýéshah is your trustee. She maybe representing you, in a way. Yet, it doesn’t mean that I represent you too.”

“I understand. Please be seated.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh indicated a comfortable chair.

I thanked her and dropped into the chair.

“May I get you a drink?”

“Thanks, but I don’t take wine.”

“Some juice?”

“Let’s skip the formalities. Let’s think you offered me the juice and I’ve taken it. Tell me about the gun.”


“That’s what I said.”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was all-alert now.

“What do you want to know about the gun?”

“Did Åāýéshah loan it to you?”

“Of course, she loaned me a gun.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled charmingly.

“Where is it?”

“In the drawer, in my bedroom.”

“Let’s go get it.”

“All right. I’ll bring it to you.”

“That’s why I wanted your attorney to be present here.”


“It’s a murder case. You need a witness to be with you whenever you deal with such weapons that maybe involved in the murder case.”

“I see.”

“Call your attorney now.”

“Can’t you yourself be a witness for the time being?”

“In that case, I’ve to accompany you into your bedroom.” I smiled, “Better call your own attorney.”

“I’d be jealous of her if she disturbs our privacy.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled suggestively, “A woman never wants her rival in her bedroom.”

“Well, well, I didn’t know your attorney was a lady.”

“A brilliant young Musalmān Beauty she is too.”

“Oh, oh!”

“So, you can see now why I didn’t call her despite your advice to the effect.”

I laughed,

“I’m flattered.”

“I think you want to watch my expressions while I handle that gun under the pretext that I need a witness.”

“Nonsense! Then I haven’t suggested you ever to call your attorney.”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh watched me cunningly.

“You are shrewd enough to know a Musalmān Beauty won’t allow another Musalmān Beauty ever, to disturb her privacy with you, when you visit her first in her lifetime.”

“Okay, bring the gun yourself.”

“Not now. Come into my bedroom.”

“Fātimah Rasūlullāh, isn’t your bedroom a dangerous place if we both are there together?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled challengingly.

“Let’s see how dangerous a place my bedroom is, if we both are there together.”

“Do you really mean it?”

“I’ve nothing to hide.”

“I thought every woman has so many things to hide from a man that—”

“I didn’t mean that.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh interrupted me.

I smiled.

“I mean I haven’t to hide my expressions you are after to watch. Come on.”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh led the way down a passageway.

She opened the door of a classically ultramodern feminine room, walked over to a dresser by the bed, triumphantly opened the drawer and then with her hand suddenly on her breast, she recoiled.

“The…the gun isn’t there.”

I smiled.

“I never thought it was there.”

“What do you mean?” Fātimah Rasūlullāh whirled at me.

“I think the gun is used in killing Åbdul Raħmān.”


“Tell the police that what they think is nonsense.”

“But… but how could it happen?”

“It’s the one thing the police would be interested to ask you.”

“Ask me?”

“Why not? It was a gun in your possession. You have to account for how it was used in killing Åbdul Raħmān.”

“How can I do it? I left it there. And I thought it was still there.”

I didn’t tell her that I’d come there already prepared for it.

I had an ultramodern video camera in the form of a button of my shirt.

It was recording everything she was doing and telling me with each her minutest expression.

She couldn’t change her testimony afterward even if she wanted to.

I always used this equipment whenever I met some witness in a case I was fighting.

I believed in mechanical and documentary proof more than on ever-changing individuals, for their own vested interests.

“Someone took it.” Fātimah Rasūlullāh said at length.

“Of course! That’s the only logical conclusion if the gun was really there.”

“I swear the gun was there.”

“Would you be honest enough to swear so in the court too?”

“Why not? Mr. Durgesh, I never tell a lie.”

“That’s nice. Do you know Kħātūn-e-Jannat Country Club?”

“Yes. I’m a member of the club. Why did you ask?”

“It’s a women’s club?”

“Yes. But we can take our male friends there too as our guests.”

“I see. Did you, by any chance, go out Kħātūn-e-Jannat Country Club the night of the murder?”

“No, why?”

“You are a member of the Kħātūn-e-Jannat Country Club?”

“Of course! I’ve already told you that.”

“As a member you have a key?”

“Yes. Of course! Here it is. I had it in the drawer with the gun.”


“Oh, don’t be silly. I mean I have it.”

“Let’s take a look.”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh rummaged through the back of the drawer and produced a key ironically to me.

“Thank you.” I didn’t take the key from her hand, only watched it, “Now then, can you assure me that you didn’t take that key last night, and the gun, went out to Kħātūn-e-Jannat Country Club, met Åbdul Raħmān on the seventh tee, had an argument with him over blackmail and shot him?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled.

“Of course I assure you that. I never murder anyone. I know better ways to deal with any bloody blackmailer.”

“What are the better ways?”

“Tut tut, Durgesh darling, a woman must be allowed to keep her secrets to herself.”

I smiled.

“There’s a pretty good chance that the Åbdul Raħmān murder was committed with Åāýéshah Abu Bakr’s gun. Now then, as far as you know, the gun was here, in this drawer, until the day of the murder?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh watched me smiling,

“What’s you are after, Hindu Al Buåūlatul Muslimāt?”

Her smile was impish.

“Sālī,” I smiled, “we are in your bedroom. None else is here. You are an extra ordinary Musalmān Beauty. And you are calling me ‘Hindu Al Buåūlatul Muslimāt’ impishly?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed and grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis.

It stood up immediately.

“Thank you.”Fātimah Rasūlullāh winked at me, “It is ready for me.”

I hugged Fātimah Rasūlullāh immediately.

Her arms went around my neck.

She kissed me passionately.

My palms cupped her heavy buttocks.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh looked into my eyes.

“I’m still virgin. I’m a one-man woman. Once you have me, you can’t get rid of me ever.”

“Sālī,” I too winked at her, “who the hell wants to get rid of you ever? Don’t you watch your extra ordinary Sunni Musalmān Beauty in a mirror?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed.

“Then what the hell I’m waiting for?”

“Ask yourself.”

She undressed me herself as quickly as it was possible for her.

I undressed Fātimah Rasūlullāh too in the meantime.

Her greedy eyes on my Uncut Hindu Cock exposed her ravenous thirst for me.

It was written in her very eyes that she loved my Uncut Hindu Cock very much.

It was a miracle that Fātimah Rasūlullāh hadn’t approached me herself till now.

I told her so.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed.

“I was not sure my move would have been appreciated. I was waiting for the right opportunity.”

“And it paid?”

“And it paid.”

What made me special was my Uncut Hindu Cock.

It was huge.

It was massive.

Almost ten inches long and as “thick as a brick”, as she would describe it, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was intimidated and awed by it the first time she saw it.

She had to have it and she had in time ultimately.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was standing upright.

Her eyes locked onto my Uncut Hindu Cock for a moment before looking up at me.

I walked over and, placing my hands on her shoulders, guided her up to stand in front of me.

We embraced in nude, my hardening Uncut Hindu Cock oozing pre-cum.

I kissed Fātimah Rasūlullāh once more on the mouth. After a few seconds, she pulled back.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh began stroking my thick Uncut Hindu Cock in her beautiful Sunni Musalmān hand.

Her Sunni Musalmān lust and hunger got the better of her and Fātimah Rasūlullāh started to kiss the head of my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Licking my shaft, she looked up at me.

Our eyes locked.

She could see in my face, the determination and control, knowing that Fātimah Rasūlullāh was going to suck me off in her own house.

Her eyes also showed control, and hunger.

She knew who was in charge.

On her knees or sitting down, with my Uncut Hindu Cock in her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was.

Her left hand cupped my balls while her right hand gently stroked my Uncut Hindu Cock.

She couldn’t get her hand around it so she used her saliva and my pre-cum to lubricate the shaft while she pushed gently on the sensitive front of my Uncut Hindu Cock with her thumb.

Knowing what could happen and thinking about our court appearance later, she stopped, wiped her hands.

Looking at me one more time, she dove down on my Uncut Hindu Cockhead, losing herself to the Hindu member in her hand and mouth.

Expertly, Fātimah Rasūlullāh worked the head, shaft and balls with her hands and her mouth.

There was nothing else in the world right now but her and that Uncut Hindu Cock.

That attractive, massive Uncut Hindu Cock in her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Only one thing left now, to make me explode.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh picked up the tempo, increasing the pressure on my shaft and shortening the strokes.

My hands, pressing down on her shoulders and occasionally her head, now cupped her ears.

I was thrusting quickly in and out of her mouth.

My Uncut Hindu Cock began twitching and my ass tightened.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh could feel my Hindu cum rising out of my balls and into my shaft.

“Soon” she thought.

In a flash, I erupted, my Hindu cum pumping into her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth.

With little time to savor it, Fātimah Rasūlullāh began swallowing my Hindu juice, with some running down her hands and shaft or over her face.

I moaned and shouted with pleasure.

When my Uncut Hindu Cock stopped throbbing, Fātimah Rasūlullāh licked me clean and excused herself to wash up and reapply her makeup.

I dropped down onto the sofa, exhausted for the moment.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh returned from bathroom clean and fresh.

“Fuck me verbally, Durgesh. I’ve waited too long for you. Didn’t I?” she was abundantly blunt now.

“Yes, darling.” I agreed with her, “I want you to feel warm. I need you to feel wanted. You desire my intimacy just as much as I desire yours. Simply looking at you is enough of a treat. I notice the little things. The tiny smile playing about your lips betraying in part your nervousness as well as your fully understandable Sunni Musalmān pride in your birthright. It promotes also just a hint of flirtatious tease. I know it, you know it! The small lock of hair you keep unconsciously flicking away from your forehead, as if it matters! Your pretty feet, one shuffling atop the other now that you have felt sufficiently relaxed to give those shoes a miss. This is tonight.”

With me, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was breathless, incontrovertibly pure virgin she always was and in my experience always will be.

Her pupils dilated slightly as I knelt in front of Fātimah Rasūlullāh and took her hands in my own.

There were so many things I could say, but words are superfluous.

“You know how I feel; Fātimah, you can see that in my own pupils.”

“Yes,” Fātimah Rasūlullāh whispered, “Yes, Durgesh, I can.”

My eyes caressed Fātimah Rasūlullāh – from the curve of her Sunni Musalmān breasts, a hint of which she quite deliberately permitted by her choice of top, to the flair of her hips and the hidden recesses between her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān thighs.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was not offended by my gaze as there was nothing to be offended by.

Never were my glance lustfully motivated, simply steeped in appreciation and wonderment of so perfect a Sunni Musalmān creation.

Some of what I feel, Fātimah Rasūlullāh sensed and instinctively her hand rose to her own breasts before she realized what she was doing.

Swiftly Fātimah Rasūlullāh dropped her hand back in her lap.

Even as the blush rose in her cheeks, I gently took a hold of her hand.

And raising it with fixed deliberation, replaced it beneath her right breast.

I encouraged her once again to cup herself and in fact cover her hand with my own.

Together we began to caress the softness that Allah has given to Fātimah Rasūlullāh.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh let slip the slightest gasp.

Watching as Fātimah Rasūlullāh rubbed herself softly at the behest of my own hand I was totally aroused myself.

More than anything, I wanted now to kiss Fātimah Rasūlullāh and to pinch her nipples between my own tips of finger and thumb.

How easy it would be.

And how well timed.

Edging closer, I lay Fātimah Rasūlullāh gently back in the chair and very gently took a hold of both her legs some six inches or so below the knee.

I felt, rather than heard the sharp intake of breath and the momentary expression of concern that fluttered across her pretty face.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh either made no move to sit-up or stop me however and I was happy for the trust I know Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt.

Inclining my head, I kissed her knees and was aware immediately of her pleasured wriggling.

Making deliberate eye contact, I pulled apart her knees but the slightest angle.

Sitting there, Fātimah Rasūlullāh could hardly believe the moisture that was gathering in the main assembly area.

Her Sunni Musalmān Cunt,  Fātimah Rasūlullāh knew, was now quite wet and Fātimah Rasūlullāh was embarrassed perhaps that I may soon make that very same discovery.

Casting a momentary glance down her breasts Fātimah Rasūlullāh was stunned additionally by the quite visible effect the escalating arousal factor was having on her nipples.

This of course was an opportune moment to take a gentle hold of them herself now and to further stimulate them.

Parting her legs ever wider, I could see now the silky-smooth skin of both Sunni Musalmān thighs and the event horizon at which they disappeared beneath the rather tasteful little pair of knickers curving down with such promise in my direct line of vision.

I kissed the inside of her thigh as her increasing angle of incidence caused the hemline to ride ever higher.

One could readily forget the square on the hypotenuse.

It was the sum of the angles on the other two sides that interested me.

I slipped one hand up to the limit of my vision.

So inherently sexy is the feel of a Sunni Musalmān girl’s cunt, knowing the prize it contained, that for a moment I was lost in my own little world although I do not fail to hear that delightful little gasp as Fātimah Rasūlullāh shuffled in the chair, instinctively wanting to push down between her legs herself.

I began to set up an intense vertical manipulation, forcing the soft and quite obviously damp material well between the folds of those protective Sunni Musalmān labial lips.

Visually, this action was as stimulating as it must be welcomingly tactile from her viewpoint.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was quite unable to prevent the embryonic moan that now found its way to the surface.

It was the right moment to tell Fātimah Rasūlullāh how much I love being with her and despite my seemingly non-interested actions, I held Fātimah Rasūlullāh in incorruptible respect.

I knew Fātimah Rasūlullāh believed me.

It differed of course from occasion to occasion but there came an instant during any sort of foreplay that signified the point of no return has been reached.

It may be the very first kiss, the first fumble in the back of a car – something as innocuous as being kissed tenderly on the neck just below the hairline.

In our case, it was simply meeting.

No way back from that eventuality.

The chair had seen-out its usefulness.

I stood and offering my hand, took hers gently.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh knew where I must lead her.

Inviting Fātimah Rasūlullāh to lay down on the bed with me, I directed Fātimah Rasūlullāh to lie on her tummy.

Typically, Sunni Musalmān female, Fātimah Rasūlullāh secretly enjoyed my emotionally controlling aspect here.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh knew exactly how vulnerable she now appeared in that position and it excited Fātimah Rasūlullāh.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh wriggled slightly – nature at play – merely ensuring a continued biological interest.

Patting her bottom merely kick-starts the hormonal flow – for both of us! Before Fātimah Rasūlullāh could even think “I wish he’d stop being so damn genteel about this,” I began to kiss that inviting little body once more.

So hot did Fātimah Rasūlullāh look.

So hot did Fātimah Rasūlullāh feel!

Playfully, I sat astride Fātimah Rasūlullāh near the base of her spine and then slipped my hands beneath her shoulders until I was able to cup both her breasts.

No physiotherapy ever devised was ever thus so jointly therapeutic.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh murmured as she held her arms outstretched.

“Ohhh that is so nice Durgesh!”

Considering this possibly one of the greatest understatements of modern times, I nuzzled her lovely neck.

And just whispered how much I had always wanted Fātimah Rasūlullāh.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh turned her head slightly – enough for me to be able to lean across and kiss Fātimah Rasūlullāh soundly on her lips.

I hugged Fātimah Rasūlullāh and kissed her as she needed.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh turned over and cradled me suddenly.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh asked me if everything was all right.

I assured Fātimah Rasūlullāh I have never felt happier.

It was the truth.

I had a pressing need to fuck her and for some reason Fātimah Rasūlullāh sensed my urgency.

The sheer beauty of her breasts stunned me.

I was now the master of her sexual destiny, not rather a student lover in awe of his beautiful teacher.

As my lips latched upon her nipple, Fātimah Rasūlullāh sighed and lay back.

I kissed deeper and felt Fātimah Rasūlullāh pulling me to her.

Kissing Fātimah Rasūlullāh became a desperate need and I whispered words that no literate scriptwriter would ever be likely to had penned.

One hand followed the southern freeway, past her belly button, across the flatlands and clear beneath the elastic border.

There was no toll to pay.

The odd gorse bush was no deterrent and my fingers reach the fringes of Masjid-e-ħarām.

I sensed I was a welcome visitor and not waiting for an announcement, slipped inside where it was so warm and accommodating.

Beneath me, her hips thrust noticeably upwards, meeting my own downward and gently invasive penetrations.

I needed to see that which I could feel.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh needed to show that which no longer demanded to be hidden.

I was presented with that supreme architectural accomplishment that I had seen and thrilled-to so many times before.

Yet it was uniquely different – it was Fātimah Rasūlullāh.

Her emotions peeled back upon themselves and as Fātimah Rasūlullāh lay there now, a vulnerable and dependent little Sunni Musalmān girl once again, I was Columbus, Lord Kr’shñ, Thomas Edison, Euclid – on the verge of a new discovery.

It was simply the unfamiliarity not embarrassment that impeded my actions.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was equally naked.

And we both were physically and mentally prepared for what was to follow.

I was still kneeling there between her legs when I realized Fātimah Rasūlullāh had gently taken a hold of my Hindu erection.

And even now, she was lovingly caressing it along its length.

Distracted to the point of feverish need, I managed to stave off my blindly motivated procreational urges, preferring instead to let Fātimah Rasūlullāh suffer the indignity of having to make the first move.

As if sensing the impasse, we lay now facing each other side by side – neither with any sexual advantage.

From this fully neutral viewpoint it took but the simplest of shared impulses to set in motion all that we both wanted.

All that we ever wanted.

We kissed once more.

Those millions of nerve endings suddenly hot-wired and sending frantic messages to all points of the compass were but one aspect of kissing.

The instantly opened-up two way passage of emotional feedback, the taste of desire, the starter’s pistol – all this and so much more.

Did I place my erection at those beautiful lower lips?

Did Fātimah Rasūlullāh?

Does it matter?


Fātimah Rasūlullāh did it.

I was honored once more.

As I pushed gently up inside Fātimah Rasūlullāh…..nothing mattered, simply being there!

I studied her lovely expression as Fātimah Rasūlullāh opened her mouth in silent ecstasy – feeling everything I was doing to her.

I took a hold of her hips and thrust up..harder now.

Her eyes began to cloud over and the moans gained volume.

I kissed her breasts as Fātimah Rasūlullāh now arched backwards providing me with complete access to her wholly erect nipples.

It was like making love to a furnace.

I was in control as I must be and between the kisses Fātimah Rasūlullāh so desperately sought I whispered words of a language that offered no grammatical perfection, no right or incorrect phraseography, simply an open-ended dialog of impassioned communicative Ashvinātam bliss.

With her knees as wide as Fātimah Rasūlullāh could comfortably spread them, I was afforded such penetrable latitude that already I felt the onset of rampant seminal marshalling deep down between my own legs.

Her condition had deteriorated.

If this continued Fātimah Rasūlullāh may well be on life support pre-orgasm!

I was taking Fātimah Rasūlullāh now so deep and with such relish, that Fātimah Rasūlullāh had almost passed-out.

Only the wonderful smile on her face betrayed that Fātimah Rasūlullāh was still aware of her surroundings.

Even as I inclined my head and once again kissed those ultimately desirable lips, I cum inside Fātimah Rasūlullāh with the force of water cannon.

I did not withdraw.

Rather, I remained inside Fātimah Rasūlullāh, feeling my discharge combining with her own orgasmic Sunni Musalmān fluids.

What was perhaps the closest and most binding of emotions, right now, was the realization that I loved Fātimah Rasūlullāh too very much.

We fucked and fucked and fucked.

Sālā Ålī was nowhere there now.

I could not even believe that Fātimah Rasūlullāh really loved Ålī as Åāýéshah Abu Bakr had told me.

Chapter 2


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