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Midterm  2012


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Chapter 17

Durgesh Jalees Taymūr

It all happened that summer.

Jalees Taymūr would never have anticipated, nor even dreamed of, the events that would take place the summer of Jalees Taymūr’s twenty eighth year.

Jalees Taymūr and her Hindu Father in law, I, lived in a nice multi story house, in a vast residential land owned by Jalees Taymūr and myself jointly, in a quiet feminine neighborhood.

Jalees Taymūr and her Hindu Father in law, I, had been alone ever since Jalees Taymūr’s husband died.

Dåūd Taufīq had been on his morning jog when he collapsed in the park.

He was found by a fellow jogger who called 911.

He never regained consciousness, and the doctors discovered he had had a blood clot on his brain that had simply ruptured.

He was only thirty-two when he was taken from Jalees Taymūr.

Her world was ripped apart when Dåūd Taufīq died.

We both loved him more dearly than anyone could imagine.

He had been Jalees Taymūr’s first love and Jalees Taymūr’s first and only lover when they met in college.

No one could have been a better father, and I adored him.

Jalees Taymūr felt deeply that though Dåūd Taufīq  was my Musalmān son, son of my Live in Relationship Partner, not my real son, even I was almost lost without Dåūd Taufīq.

Somehow, we survived, although she was not really certain how.

There were many nights, Jalees Taymūr spent in tears, clutching Dåūd Taufīq’s worn bathrobe, just to have the scent of him in her nostrils again.

Jalees Taymūr knew I cried a lot too, but not openly.

Dåūd Taufīq was more than even a son to me.

I was not his real father.

Yet Dåūd Taufīq respected me even more than his real father.

He had persuaded his every beautiful Musalmān houselady whether his own wives, sisters, Ammīs, cousins, whoever they were, to have sex with me.

I was surprised,

“Dåūd Taufīq, what do you want from me?”

“You are capable in keeping happy the entire womankind sexually. Keep them happy, please! My chief wife, Jalees Taymūr, hates non Musalmīn very much. Just leave her to me.”

I smiled,

“Granted. You’ve provided almost a Jannat for me here. I don’t know how many extremely extraordinary lovely Musalmān Beauties you’ve arranged for me here.”

“They are countless.” Dåūd Taufīq had smiled to me, “Most of them are my own houseladies. The rest of them are their secretaries and other paid employees.”

“Let me pay their wages.” I suggested.

Dåūd Taufīq had smiled,

“I may not be a multi zillionaire as you are, but I am too a zillionaire at least. Please let me serve you, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Never worry about their wages.”

“Okay, but if you ever need any money—”

“I don’t think so. My chief wife, Jalees Taymūr, herself is a zillionaire too. I have deliberately married other zillionaires you are already enjoying sex with. I think money isn’t any problem, nor would be ever.”

“You mean there are other problems?” I asked gravely.

“Not, if Ħazrat Mahdī ålayhissalām is with me.”

I laughed,

“Dåūd Taufīq, I’ve told you I’m not Ħazrat Mahdī ålayhissalām.”

Dåūd Taufīq smiled,

“None of us believe you. Your dedication to spread and preach true Islam is ever unmatched for. No ordinary man can achieve ever what you’ve managed to achieve practically. What else we need to prove you are Ħazrat Mahdī ålayhissalām yourself?”***

Jalees Taymūr wouldn’t let her see me.

Jalees Taymūr was careful it would make her hurt even more than she was already.

Fortunately, Dåūd Taufīq had seen fit to provide for Jalees Taymūr in the event of his passing.

His life insurance itself allowed her to keep the same standard of living in the manner to which she was accustomed of.

Her inheritance of zillions was extra.

So, there wasn’t any financial problem ever.

The billions were pouring in.

Dåūd Taufīq had left a thoroughly well managed business empire in the joint names of his chief wife, Jalees Taymūr, and me.

“Why me, Dåūd Taufīq?” I had smiled.

“I have countless greedy real sisters, real brothers, cousins and sisters in law. Our zillions have attracted so many greedy persons from my relations. Jalees Taymūr is shrewd enough but she may need your ever efficient protection. You are not only a multi zillionaire. You are an ever successful law authority too. Jalees Taymūr needs your shield against my ever greedy relatives.”

Dåūd Taufīq was right.

Jalees Taymūr told me her new problem,

“My Ammī, Al Kħālidah Al Jabbār is a highly qualified Doctor. She was not married to the late Pakistani business tycoon Al Taymūr Al Akbar.”

“I see.” I looked at Jalees Taymūr gravely.

“My Ammī, Dr. Al Kħālidah Al Jabbār, attended the late Pakistani business tycoon Al Taymūr Al Akbar in his last illness. Al Taymūr Al Akbar had been in poor health for a long time.”

“I see.”

“My Ammī, Al Kħālidah Al Jabbār had quite a hard job of taking care of the late Pakistani business tycoon Al Taymūr Al Akbar.”

“Go ahead. Tell me the worst even. I’m not only your Hindu father in law. I’m your senior partner too in all your businesses. I’m your lawyer too.”

Twenty-eight years old, young and extremely beautiful Jalees Taymūr, smiled gravely.

She was a widow of Dåūd Taufīq now.

“My Ammī, Dr. Al Kħālidah Al Jabbār, did her work well. When the late Pakistani business tycoon Al Taymūr Al Akbar died, he left a will. By that will, the late Pakistani business tycoon Al Taymūr Al Akbar left my Ammī, Dr. Al Kħālidah Al Jabbār, the entire bulk of his estate of zillions, spread all around the entire globe. She owns even some islands too, as you yourself do, but in abundance. Al Taymūr Al Akbar had countless real sisters.”

“Most of them are my own Live in Relationship Partners.” I smiled, “Now I can see why Dåūd Taufīq was so adamant to have me on your side. Smart. Wasn’t Dåūd Taufīq?”

Jalees Taymūr smiled mirthlessly,

“You blame Dåūd Taufīq for it?”

“Well,” I smiled too, but prudently now, “Dåūd Taufīq was smart enough to understand he could win me on his side by only providing the ever best pieces of Musalmān ass. He couldn’t believe others. So he provided me his own houseladies. Very smart. Isn’t it?  Even I was thinking he was favoring and serving me, while all the time actually Dåūd Taufīq was serving you, his extremely beautiful, extremely loyal, ardent Musalmān Chief Wife, Jalees Taymūr. He succeeded in keeping you also out of my reach. What a genius Dåūd Taufīq was. Alas, his enemies succeeded in assassinating him in his very youth.”

Jalees Taymūr smiled mirthlessly again.

“Dåūd Taufīq was an impotent and a gay.” She blasted her bomb.

I jumped almost,


Jalees Taymūr laughed mirthlessly again.


“Shouldn’t I? The last night you acted— ”

“That was an act. I’m sorry. I need you on my side very much.”***

The years passed quickly and over time, we did learn to live without Jalees Taymūr’s darling husband.

We laughed again, feeling guilty at first, but gradually moving on to accept that life does go on, and that we were alive.

We both knew Dåūd Taufīq would want her to live her life and not spend it grieving.

We honored his memory by working our way back to the light.

Suddenly it seemed as if we had blinked.

Jalees Taymūr was twenty-eight years old now.

I was still a handsome and popular young man even at my sixty-two.

I still had countless Musalmān girlfriends as well as friends, and they all liked to come over to our house and ‘hang out’.

Jalees Taymūr was always happy to have them around, and many of my Musalmān girlfriends would even chat with Jalees Taymūr respectfully.

They always made Jalees Taymūr laugh.

Jalees Taymūr was glad to see me dating, but it seemed to bother me at times that Jalees Taymūr was never really happy.

I would ask Jalees Taymūr about it, seeming to worry that Jalees Taymūr would be too alone when I left on dates.

Jalees Taymūr tried to reassure me, she was not interested in anyone except Dåūd Taufīq.

She had grown accustomed to doing as she pleased and not checking in with anyone but her Hindu Father in law.

Moreover, Jalees Taymūr liked it that way.

I had asked her over the years, but Jalees Taymūr had always turned me down politely with one excuse or the other.

Instead, Jalees Taymūr lived vicariously through me, as I would tell Jalees Taymūr about my date with this Musalmān girl or that one.

Jalees Taymūr was comfortable talking with me about anything, and we had had ‘the talk’ a couple of years before.

I was sexually active, but very careful about it, and didn’t discuss my  partners in great detail, honoring their right to privacy.

I left for dates, but I ended up sometimes being very unhappy there.

I missed Jalees Taymūr.

I met some Pakistani Musalmān Beauties that I really liked, but so many times it turned out they were using me for sex only, and/or to make their Musalmān  husbands jealous of them, and/or they wanted some financial favor from me.

Jalees Taymūr found they really hurt me and I became very worldly losing somewhat my initial intense love and care for Musalmān Beauties.

We talked on the phone a lot, but it just wasn’t the same, and Jalees Taymūr wasn’t close enough to come home every weekend, so after a year, I moved back home.

When I first came home, I had lost a lot of weight, and I was very grave almost about everything.

Jalees Taymūr requested,

Papaji, please forget them. It takes every kind of peoples to make the bloody wretched world.”

I smiled and it didn’t take long for me to gain it back and become my old self.

I threw myself into my new sex life wholeheartedly and soon had many new Musalmān girlfriends.

Jalees Taymūr noticed I was very careful only to date them casually, even though Jalees Taymūr thought they would have liked more.

There was one Musalmān girl in particular that was very pretty and sweet.

Her name was Ůzrah Taymūr.

Jalees Taymūr thought I seemed to like her a lot, but still kept her at arm’s length.

Ůzrah Taymūr and I really made a handsome couple in Jalees Taymūr’s opinion.

I had a muscular build even at my sixty-two.

Ůzrah Taymūr was petite, standing a mere 5’4, with long blond hair and green eyes.

She had a lovely figure and carried herself well.

Jalees Taymūr enjoyed watching Ůzrah Taymūr and me together.

Ůzrah Taymūr seemed good at making Jalees Taymūr’s Hindu Father in law smile, which made Jalees Taymūr happy.

One night we had a date and Ůzrah Taymūr drove over, leaving her car at our house.

Jalees Taymūr heard us come in around midnight, as Jalees Taymūr was upstairs answering some e-mail on Jalees Taymūr’s own computer.

Jalees Taymūr had not turned a light on and the house was dark, other than the small lamp she always left on for me when I went out.

When she didn’t hear Ůzrah Taymūr leave right away, Jalees Taymūr started to go down and speak to us, but when she got halfway down the stairs, she could see Ůzrah Taymūr and me in the den.

We were lit softly by the small lamp.

Ůzrah Taymūr and I were kissing.

She realized we must have thought that Jalees Taymūr was asleep since the house was dark, and even though she could see Ůzrah Taymūr and me, we couldn’t see Jalees Taymūr.

We were sitting on the sofa, and Ůzrah Taymūr was on my male Hindu lap.

Our ashvinātam mouths were gently moving together.

We looked so sweet and romantic; it made Jalees Taymūr think of Dåūd Taufīq and herself in their early years.

Jalees Taymūr couldn’t help but watch for a moment Ůzrah Taymūr and me.

I had her face cupped in my hands and her arms were around my neck.

Ůzrah Taymūr and I looked as if neither wanted to stop anytime soon.

Smiling softly, Jalees Taymūr started to turn and go back upstairs, until Jalees Taymūr saw my hand move down from Ůzrah Taymūr’s face to the side of her young Musalmān breast.

Jalees Taymūr felt Ůzrah Taymūr’s breath come quickly, hearing her moan softly against Jalees Taymūr’s Hindu Father in law’s sixty two years old, utmost experienced Indian Hindu mouth.

Jalees Taymūr watched as my Hindu  fingers caressed the plump Pakistani Musalmān globe through her tank top.

My thumb was moving over to rub her nipple, arousing it.

She wriggled a little on my Hindu male lap as I continued to kiss Ůzrah Taymūr thoroughly, now exploring her other Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breast.

Jalees Taymūr found herself moving down another step to be able to observe more clearly and entirely.

I pulled back from her for a moment and moved her off my lap to seat her on the sofa, then eased Ůzrah Taymūr backward.

Jalees Taymūr could still see every move, and couldn’t pull her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes away, feeling very strange.

I whimpered,

“You’re so beautiful, Ůzrah Taymūr. I want to touch you more. May I?”

Ůzrah Taymūr seemed to have lost her voice and only nodded, her hair shining in the soft light.

I ran both palms lightly over her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts, teasing her nipples and making her gasp.

How excellent I was even in playing with teenager horny Musalmān Beauties.

Jalees Taymūr sighed.

What a man.

What an ever-incredible Hindu old man of sixty-two.

I was defeating even the most aggressive teenagers everywhere.

Jalees Taymūr saw my teeth flash in a smile.

I increased the pressure and massaged her, leaning down and kissing her parted Sunni Musalmān lips again, my Hindu  tongue slipping into her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth.

It was incredibly erotic to watch these two ashvinātam people.

Her sixty-two years old, yet, still ever young, Hindu Father in law and my nineteen-year-old Musalmān girlfriend making out.

Jalees Taymūr realized, even while I looked thirty-two, the nineteen years old extremely beautiful Ůzrah Taymūr made a superb perfect ashvinātam couple with me.

Allah, Yā Allaaaaah!

What a miracle her Hindu father in law was.

He was making a perfect couple with even a nineteen years old exquisite Musalmān Beauty.

When I slid Ůzrah Taymūr’s tank top up, exposing her creamy Pakistani Musalmān flesh to both of our gazes, Jalees Taymūr felt her own nipples harden in anticipation.

Jalees Taymūr simply looked down at her for several minutes, before leaning down and kissing her right nipple.

Jalees Taymūr watched Ůzrah Taymūr’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān hips buck slightly at the contact.

“Mmmm, you like that, do you?” I teased Ůzrah Taymūr with another squeeze, this time on her left bud.

Her fingers tangled in my hair, trying to pull my everyoung Hindu mouth more tightly to her.

I obliged Ůzrah Taymūr by fastening my Hindu  lips around her nipple and kissing, sliding my Hindu hand down her side to her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks and letting it rest there at the waistband of the denim shorts Ůzrah Taymūr wore.

Ůzrah Taymūr was one of her own Chachāzād cousins, Jalees Taymūr suddenly recognized her.

Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!

Every eligible Musalmān Beauty is enjoying Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund now.

Every eligible Musalmān Beauty!

Irrespective of her own age.

Even mostly teenagers now.

Isn’t Ůzrah Taymūr nineteen only?

Jalees Taymūr could see the tent at the crotch of my  jeans, and marveled at how much it was pushing the fabric out.

I moved to her lips again, taking them as I unsnapped and unzipped Ůzrah Taymūr’s shorts, sliding my hand inside.

Jalees Taymūr could imagine how good my  fingers felt between her  legs, and found herself wishing she could feel that Hindu touch too.

The thought shocked Jalees Taymūr almost enough to leave, but when I started sliding her shorts down, exposing her tiny panties, Jalees Taymūr was too mesmerized to move.

I pulled Ůzrah Taymūr’s shorts off and let them fall to the floor.

Ůzrah Taymūr lay there.

Her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts were heaving with passion.

Her tank top was pushed up and only a thin scrap of silk covering her from my hungry Hindu eyes.

Jalees Taymūr watched as I slid a finger up and down the crotch of her panties, making her cry out softly.

“Oh, you’re so wet for me, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān babe. You want me as much as I do you, huh?”

Only a whimper of need from Ůzrah Taymūr was the answer.

It seemed to be enough, for I whisked her panties off, exposing her almost non-existent bush.

Ůzrah Taymūr had trimmed it to just a tiny strip that seemed to point the way to her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān paradise.

Jalees Taymūr felt her own loins dampen when Ůzrah Taymūr moved and placed her extremely beautiful face between my legs.

Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!

Jalees Taymūr was fantasizing herself in the place of Ůzrah Taymūr.

It was Ůzrah Taymūr having her Pakistani Musalmān mouth between my legs.

But Jalees Taymūr was fantasizing herself there instead of Ůzrah Taymūr.

Does she herself want to suck her Hindu father in law, Durgesh’s legendary unique Uncut Hindu Lund?

Allah, No.


Jalees Taymūr was afraid of herself now more than of anyone else.

Jalees Taymūr couldn’t see exactly what I was doing, but she could imagine Ůzrah Taymūr’s greedy Pakistani Musalmān  tongue licking and swirling over my  Hindu hardness, tasting my  Uncut Hindu Lund, teasing her extremely  excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Clit.

Jalees Taymūr wanted to be the one on that sofa now.

Jalees Taymūr had not felt such a wave of desire or need even when Dåūd Taufīq had been alive.

Jalees Taymūr wanted to feel my hands and her on Pakistani Musalmān mouth on my Uncut Hindu Lund, taking me to the places that I was obviously taking Ůzrah Taymūr.

The nineteen years old Pakistani Musalmān young girl can’t pleasure you Papaji that much as Jalees Taymūr can.

Leave her, come to me.

Leave her, come to me.

Leave her, come to me.

You always suggested everyone to replace my Musalmān husband except yourself.

Now, suggest yourself and see I accept the proposal immediately.

I spread my legs wider and now Jalees Taymūr   could see Ůzrah Taymūr’s greedy Pakistani Musalmān    tongue slither on my more and more extending Hindu thickness and length.

She humped against my Uncut Hindu Lund  and cried out, as she ate me.

I sat up and allowed her time to catch her breath, smiling down at Ůzrah Taymūr.

My face was bright with pride and triumph on even a nineteen years old Pakistani Musalmān cutie at my sixty-two.

Jalees Taymūr watched Ůzrah Taymūr lazily lick her lips and ached for those lips on me.

Durgesh  . . . Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties!  I , Ůzrah Taymūr  needs you. Ůzrah Taymūr wants you to fuck me now,” Ůzrah Taymūr begged, spreading her legs even wider.

Jalees Taymūr heard, and watched too in her fertile imagination, herself requesting and begging me instead:

‘”Durgesh  . . . Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties!  I , Jalees Taymūr  needs you. Jalees Taymūr wants you to fuck me now,”’

Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!

Without a word, Jalees Taymūr watched her Hindu Father in law pull my shirt off and expose my muscular chest, and stand and strip out of my tight jeans and boxers.

Jalees Taymūr gasped softly at the size of my Uncut Hindu Lund when it sprang proudly into view.

It was at least nine inches long and thick.

Durgesh was definitely built like none else had been, and that made Jalees Taymūr   all the hungrier for my Hindu male body.

She thought I was old.

Hell, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is right.

Durgesh can’t be more than twenty-eight, let thirty-two at the most.

This magnificent young Hindu male body can’t belong to a sixty-two years old useless old man.

Durgesh didn’t want to fuck her therefore, he suggested everyone else except himself.

She did not believe Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.

She believed Durgesh instead.

What a fool Jalees Taymūr was.

What a damnfool Jalees Taymūr was.

Jalees Taymūr watched as I poised myself above the young Pakistani Musalmān beauty.

Ůzrah Taymūr grabbed my Uncut Hindu Lund and stroked it lovingly.

I closed my eyes in pleasure, reaching down and massaging her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts again.

Ůzrah Taymūr tugged on my Uncut Hindu Lund now, pulling me toward her slippery Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān entrance.

Jalees Taymūr ravenously watched as every inch of that magnificent Uncut Hindu Lund disappeared inside Ůzrah Taymūr’s nineteen years old raw young Pakistani Musalmān Choot.

We both were motionless for at least half an hour.

Of course, we were enjoying the ashvinātam union and digesting the immense ashvinātam pleasure we are getting from it.

Then I began slowly thrusting.

Jalees Taymūr   imagined now that it was her own Pakistani Musalmān Choot I was pleasuring with that huge piece of Hindu meat.

Jalees Taymūr knew how well I would fill her, and after so long without sex, Jalees Taymūr would be fairly tight.

Approximately as tight as Ůzrah Taymūr herself was, but still able to grip and milk her Hindu Father in law’s Uncut Hindu Lund until I exploded inside Jalees Taymūr’s now ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Jalees Taymūr found herself imagining me pushing into her without a condom to feel my warm Hindu skin and that hard Hindu shaft inside her completely bare.

The thought was making Jalees Taymūr crazy.

Jalees Taymūr slipped her own fingers into her panties and stroked against her clit, as Jalees Taymūr watched her Hindu Father in law fuck his raw young Musalmān girlfriend, Ůzrah Taymūr, on the sofa.

The thrusting became more intense now, and neither of us seemed worried about noise at all, for we were not whimpering by any means.

Ůzrah Taymūr was raking her nails down my back and Jalees Taymūr was pinching and pulling her nipples.

Her fingers moved faster in time to our rhythm, and all three of us climaxed at the same time.

Her knees went weak and Jalees Taymūr had to sit down on the steps for a few minutes, before Jalees Taymūr was able to collect herself and scramble quietly back upstairs.

I collapsed into bed on Ůzrah Taymūr still embedded fully into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān Choot and fell asleep in moments.***

The next morning when I awoke, Jalees Taymūr was immediately ashamed of herself.

What could Jalees Taymūr have been thinking, lusting after her own sixty two years old Hindu father in law that way?

It was wrong. Perhaps I had been right.

Maybe Jalees Taymūr should try to start dating again.

Jalees Taymūr found herself looking in the mirror, accessing what Jalees Taymūr had to offer.

At twenty-eight Jalees Taymūr wasn’t hideous by any means.

How could she be?

People were always telling Jalees Taymūr she looked even younger than her years.

Her hair was still thick, long and auburn.

Her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes were still clear blue and Her skin was still soft.

Jalees Taymūr had gained weight over the years, so Jalees Taymūr wasn’t a size five, but Jalees Taymūr wasn’t hugely fat.

Jalees Taymūr was more curvy and soft than Jalees Taymūr had been, and certainly couldn’t compare to Ůzrah Taymūr’s lovely younger body, but Jalees Taymūr felt Jalees Taymūr was still extremely attractive.

She’d see what I thought about her trying the dating scene again.

If I was uncomfortable with the idea, she’d just forget it.

Jalees Taymūr pulled on her robe and went downstairs to start coffee brewing.

I was already sitting at the table, reading the newspaper; wearing nothing but a pair of old, gym shorts.

Jalees Taymūr was barefoot and her hair was still tousled from bed.

As soon as Jalees Taymūr saw me, Jalees Taymūr felt the intense surge of desire again.

What an Uncut Hindu Lund.

What an Uncut Hindu Lund Durgesh has.

Her husband was perhaps even impotent as compared to Durgesh.

But Jalees Taymūr fought it down, even though all Jalees Taymūr suddenly wanted to do was go over and kiss me thoroughly.

Instead, Jalees Taymūr went over and kissed me on the hand as usual, before moving to the coffee pot.

“Anything interesting in the news, this morning, Papaji?”

“Nah, darling, not really. Same old same old.” I grinned at Jalees Taymūr, and she couldn’t help but respond.

“Did you and Ůzrah Taymūr have fun last night?”

I grinned again.

“Oh, you could say that. She’s a real sweetheart and I like her. We have fun together.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.” Trying to keep her tone casual, Jalees Taymūr sat down on the other side of the table. “I wanted to ask you a question, to see what you thought of something.”

“Sure Jalees Taymūr. What’s up?”

“Well. . .I know you’re still a bit bothered by the fact that I don’t date, so I was considering maybe trying it again. What do you think? Think anyone would be interested?” Jalees Taymūr tried to sound teasing, but it came out a bit worried instead.

My face brightened.

“Oh, hell, yes! Anyone would be interested? Damn it. If you don’t mind, I myself would love to go out with you. Face it Jalees Taymūr. You’re still really beautiful, my darling.” I was very sincere, and Jalees Taymūr was touched.

“I guess if it won’t bother you, the idea of your old Jalees Taymūr, dating . . . then maybe I’ll give it a try.”

“Hey, you’re far from old and we both know it. I have to run get in the shower. Ůzrah Taymūr and I are going to an art fair today.” I got up and came around to kiss her cheek. “I’ll give you myself a date if you are interested in me. Just let me know you want me.”

After I left the room, Jalees Taymūr got her coffee and sat there thinking.

Was it the lifetime offer Jalees Taymūr was dying for?

Should Jalees Taymūr be bold enough to beam at me?

‘Do you really mean it, Papa Jī? Can you really date me? That’s what I’m dreaming of. Let’s fuck and start our own mutual sex life.’

But Jalees Taymūr knew she didn’t have the enough courage herself.

Otherwise, she would have marched to me at night and demanded to replace Ůzrah Taymūr then and there.

She could hear the shower running and knew I was in there, getting cleaned up for my date.

She imagined what I looked like with the hot water running down my magnificent Hindu body.

Jalees Taymūr wondered what I would do if Jalees Taymūr went upstairs, got in the shower with me and began touching me, stroking my  Uncut Hindu Lund  to its marvelous Hindu hardness and sucking me dry, then teasing me to hardness again, bending over and offering herself to me.

Would I be horrified by her gesture or would I take advantage of an experienced Pakistani Musalmān Choot?

Her nipples were rigid as she imagined the latter, feeling my soapy fingers on her tits, my mouth on her neck and my Uncut Hindu Lund pushing into her dripping Pakistani Musalmān slit.

Unable to help herself, Jalees Taymūr worked her fingers into her panties, listening to shower and feeling her Hindu Father in law’s Uncut Hindu Lund  fucking Jalees Taymūr rapaciously in her mind.

Jalees Taymūr knew I could make Jalees Taymūr cum and cum and cum.

Jalees Taymūr rubbed her love button harder and harder as her thoughts moved to images of being pushed against the tile wall, her nipples sucked and licked, her awfully stunning elegant flawlessly round massive firm Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass, cupped by my strong Hindu palms and fingers.

And then being lifted so I could take Jalees Taymūr against the wall.

Jalees Taymūr would wrap her legs around my  Hindu hips and let me fuck her as hard as Jalees Taymūr wanted, needing every bit of me inside her.

Again, the thought of my bare Uncut Hindu Lund in her made Jalees Taymūr crazy, and Jalees Taymūr was over the edge fairly quickly, crying out in the silence of our kitchen.

Jalees Taymūr got herself together rapidly.

She was rinsing the dishes when I appeared in the doorway, dressed and with my hair still damp.

“You okay Jalees Taymūr? I thought I heard you yell down here.”

“Oh. . .you heard me, Papaji? Well, I just. . .dropped one of the glasses and was afraid it would break.” Jalees Taymūr knew it sounded like a weak excuse and could feel my Hindu  gaze on her back for several moments before Jalees Taymūr heard me shift.

“Oh, okay. Well, as long as it didn’t harm anything then.” I sounded unsure, but I didn’t have time to pursue the matter.

Things continued on this way for several weeks.

Jalees Taymūr would watch me   make out with my dates, my thoroughly young Musalmān Beauties, even teenagers,  as often as I could, hiding in the shadows of the staircase as I performed my  magic on them with my  Hindu mouth, hands and my ever active Uncut Hindu Lund.

Not one young Musalmān woman either left our house unsatisfied, or did I go to bed without at least a couple of orgasms on those nights.

Jalees Taymūr also stared at her Hindu Father  in law as often as she could, trying to catch glances of me when I was naked, or close to it.

One night, Jalees Taymūr even slipped into my room to peek at me.

I had been out with my buddies that night, and they had had a few drinks, so I was feeling mellow when I got home.

I had gone straight up to bed.

And was in a deep sleep, as I always was.

Jalees Taymūr knew I would never know Jalees Taymūr was in the room.

Jalees Taymūr put on a thin silk shift and opened my door without a sound.

I was lying on my back in bed, with only the sheet pulled up over my hips, my arms flung over my head, completely relaxed and dead to the world.

Barefoot, Jalees Taymūr made no sound as she moved to my bed, looking down at me for several minutes, admiring my handsome Hindu face in the moonlight.

Jalees Taymūr caught the edge of the sheet and lifted it, pausing when I shifted in my sleep.

Her heart was pounding wildly.

I settled again.

Jalees Taymūr pulled the thin covering down, exposing my fully nude Hindu male body to her extremely greedy Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān sight.

At last, Jalees Taymūr was able completely to gaze upon me without a Musalmān girl nearby and it was a real treat.

That’s how she wanted to have me.

No other Musalmān Beauty except Jalees Taymūr herself.

She was dreaming now we both stark naked living there in Live in Relationship.

Allah what a dream!

She was always with me having my Uncut Hindu Lund pounding deepest into her ever gripping Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot .

Jalees Taymūr always nude with nude me.

I’m fucking Jalees Taymūr nonstop till infinity, even beyond infinity.

Jalees Taymūr was Ādi Ummil Kāýnāt Allah.

I was Param Purush.

We both were fucking nonstop and creating creations infinitely.

Even flaccid, my Uncut Hindu Lund was large and succulent.

Jalees Taymūr immediately wanted to suck me, and wondered if she could get away with it and not wake me.

Even if I woke, Jalees Taymūr might be so out of it, I would think I was dreaming anyway.

Carefully, Jalees Taymūr sat down on the edge of the bed.

It creaked slightly.

But I never moved.

My breathing was deep and even.

Emboldened, Jalees Taymūr reached out and slid her forefinger lightly down my Hindu  length.

Jalees Taymūr was pleased to see my Uncut Hindu Lund immediately responded, enlarging ever so slightly at her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān touch.

Jalees Taymūr did it again, and again it grew a bit.

Her Hindu Father in law still had not stirred in the least.

So Jalees Taymūr smiled triumphantly and ran all her fingertips down my shaft, from the head all the way to my balls.

I gave a small sigh of pleasure but that was all.

Jalees Taymūr cupped my Hindu balls gently and stroked them, feeling them tighten just slightly.

Jalees Taymūr felt dampness growing between her smooth thighs and knew with extreme excitement Jalees Taymūr was going to have this delicious Uncut Hindu Lund in her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth before the night was over.

Jalees Taymūr began stroking me a bit harder, causing my Uncut Hindu Lund to rise even more.

As I grew harder, Jalees Taymūr wrapped her extremely beautiful fingers around my Hindu  thickness and began giving me a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān hand job.

I moaned softly in my sleep and spread my legs wider for Jalees Taymūr, allowing her full access to me.

Jalees Taymūr used her free hand to massage and tease my Hindu balls, and soon Jalees Taymūr had drops of precum oozing from the mushroom head of my Uncut Hindu Lund.

Jalees Taymūr rubbed them into her skin, enjoying the feel of the hard Hindu muscle beneath velvet skin.

Jalees Taymūr was so wet Jalees Taymūr was dripping, and she really wanted to fuck me badly, but Jalees Taymūr knew Jalees Taymūr was going to have to be careful with this if it was going to happen.

Instead, Jalees Taymūr worked me into a raging hardon, my deep breathing coming faster, but never waking me.

Finally, when Jalees Taymūr felt I was ready, Jalees Taymūr leaned over and licked the tip of my Uncut Hindu Lund with the tip of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī greedy Pakistani Sunni Musalmān tongue.

I made a sound of need that made Jalees Taymūr smile.

The sticky Hindu liquid that oozed from me tasted like ambrosia to her starved taste buds.

Jalees Taymūr licked Her Hindu Father in law’s Uncut Hindu Lund thoroughly, bathing every inch of it lovingly.

She could tell I wanted to fuck her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth, as my hips pumped toward the warm wetness of the tongue Jalees Taymūr was slightly aware of.

I had no clue who was doing this to me, but I wanted more and more, and Jalees Taymūr intended to give it to me as much as I wanted.

No, I wasn’t her father in law.

Jalees Taymūr wasn’t my daughter in law.

And even if she was, why the other similarly duly married wives of Dåūd Taufīq were not my daughters in law?

Why they are enjoying the esteemed positions of my Live in Relationship Partners?

If they could enjoy sex with me why couldn’t Jalees Taymūr?

Jalees Taymūr pursed her lips and slid them around my Uncut Hindu Lund head, and a deep animal groan of passion and pleasure slipped from my throat.

She smiled triumphantly.

That was all the encouragement Jalees Taymūr needed to continue.

She began swallowing me slowly at first, but I tasted so good and needed Jalees Taymūr so badly, that soon Jalees Taymūr moved faster and faster, taking me deep in her throat.

She petted and caressed my rapidly tightening Hindu balls, at one point tonguing them as well, before moving back to swallow my Uncut Hindu Lund again.

It had been far too long, and Jalees Taymūr needed this.

Her Pakistani Musalmān Choot was so wet she could easily slide off the side of the bed, but Jalees Taymūr kept one foot on the floor to hold herself steady.

Jalees Taymūr gobbled her Hindu Father in law’s thick Uncut Hindu Lund until finally I exploded deep in her Sunni Musalmān throat.

Jalees Taymūr swallowed and swallowed and swallowed my Hindu  cum.

Jalees Taymūr had never seen me have an orgasm like this in all the times Jalees Taymūr had observed me with any Musalmān girl.

After Jalees Taymūr had drained my Hindu  balls deep in her Sunni Musalmān throat, Jalees Taymūr licked me clean, covered me up to my  hips again, and kissed my  cheek, then slipped out of my  room.***

Jalees Taymūr hoped that this blowjob Jalees Taymūr had just performed on her own sixty two years old Hindu father in law  would satisfy her craving for me, or at least settle it down, and that morning would find her back to her senses.

As Jalees Taymūr stroked herself to orgasm, Jalees Taymūr knew deep inside that this was not the case and that Jalees Taymūr would not stop until Jalees Taymūr had felt her Hindu Father in law’s Uncut Hindu Lund inside her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot  itself.

Jalees Taymūr arose the morning, after Jalees Taymūr had first tasted her Hindu Father in law’s wonderful Uncut Hindu Lund and my delicious Hindu seed, trying to feel normal again.

Jalees Taymūr pulled her robe on and went downstairs, only to find I had just come in from a run.

I was sweating and my skin glowed with health.

Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!

This magnificent young Hindu male body couldn’t belong to any sixty-two years old man.

Jalees Taymūr was sure now.

She could smell the very male scent of me, and Jalees Taymūr longed to press her nose to my warm Hindu skin.

She glanced over and saw me, giving her a smile.

Jalees Taymūr returned it and walked over to kiss my cheek.

How Jalees Taymūr ached to pull my hard Hindu body against her and kiss me passionately until I gave in to her longings for me.

Instead, Jalees Taymūr chastely brushed her lips over the slight rasp of morning stubble on my hand perfectly respectfully.

I kissed Jalees Taymūr back in the same fashion, and moved to the refrigerator, where Jalees Taymūr proceeded to pour some juice for myself.

Jalees Taymūr admired the way my Hindu  muscles moved and snuck a discreet peek at the front of my shorts; where Jalees Taymūr knew her paradise lay.

Jalees Taymūr seated herself and began to sip her coffee, continuing to gaze at me.

I finished my juice, rinsed the glass and put it in the dishwasher, then turned to leave the room.

She was off to get her shower, and then she was off.

I mused.

Perhaps it would quell her feelings of desire for me.

Surely having a regular sexual partner would ease the urges that were almost forcing Jalees Taymūr to mount the stairs and join Her Hindu Father in law in his shower, to wash me all over with loving hands, and bring me to ecstasy with those same hands.

It would be so easy to do and Jalees Taymūr had a feeling I’d be so stunned by her actions, that by the time I thought to stop me it would be too late, for I would be caught up in the needs of my own young and virile Hindu body.

Of course, she could be entirely wrong.

Jalees Taymūr decided to wait until I left the house to tend to her aching loins.

She busied herself cleaning up in the kitchen and reading the paper until I was showered, dressed and gone.

As soon as my car was out of the driveway, Jalees Taymūr flew upstairs to her bed and stripped to nothing.

Her nipples swelled at the feel of air brushing them, and suddenly Jalees Taymūr had an idea.

Jalees Taymūr would satisfy her needs in her Hindu Father in law’s bed!

She could touch and caress herself with my  scent in her nostrils and pretend my  hands were doing the work.

At the thought, her Pakistani Musalmān Choot was fairly dripping with excitement, and Jalees Taymūr hurried into my room, armed with her favorite vibrator.

Jalees Taymūr lay down on my bed, pulling my sheets back and then letting them fall.

My sheets felt slightly rough, and they stimulated her aroused nerve endings, sending chills over her.

Letting her head settle on my pillow, Jalees Taymūr let her hands become her Hindu Father in law’s.

Softly the hands ran over her body, admiring the feel of her skin.

The thumbs urged her nipples to hardness, eager to prepare the rosy nubs for the touch of lips and tongue in her mind.

Fingers brushed over her Mons and down further, to tease her love button, making Jalees Taymūr gasp.

In her mind, I was touching Jalees Taymūr all over, and Jalees Taymūr was eager to slide my hot nine inches into her throbbing Pakistani Musalmān slit.

Jalees Taymūr could almost feel my spongy Uncut Hindu Lund head tapping at her entrance, tempting me to spread for me.

Fingers rubbed her own juices into her nipples for the pleasure of licking them off, and the vibrator slipped into her hot wetness and became My Uncut Hindu Lund.

She could feel me taking Jalees Taymūr, sliding in and out with ease, and gasping at how tight Jalees Taymūr felt around me.

I could feel her muscles gripping me, sucking me in deeply and holding me, until we exploded together.

As the vibrator pushed her over the edge, Jalees Taymūr saw spots before her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes.

The world went black.

When she came to, Jalees Taymūr was still lying on my bed, panting and sweaty from the enormous orgasm Jalees Taymūr had just experienced.

She glanced at the clock and saw that Jalees Taymūr had only been out for a few minutes, but it felt like longer.

Again, Jalees Taymūr felt vaguely ashamed of herself for violating her Hindu Father in law’s private space with her sexual fantasies about her and me.

Quickly Jalees Taymūr rose and left my room, taking a shower herself and getting dressed.

When I got home that night, Jalees Taymūr was sitting in the den, not paying any attention to the movie that was playing on the screen.

She didn’t even hear me come in, and jumped when I tapped her on the shoulder.

Immediately, Jalees Taymūr looked contrite.

“Damn, sorry Jalees Taymūr. I didn’t mean to scare you. Guess you were pretty lost in thought?”

Jalees Taymūr nodded.

She was heading up to bed now.

Jalees Taymūr stopped by my room to peek in and saw that I was sleeping deeply.

Needing to touch me before bed, Jalees Taymūr slipped out of her boots and crept into my room again.

Jalees Taymūr sat down as gently as I could on the bed and raised the sheet, intending only to glance at my Uncut Hindu Lund, but when she raised it I moaned a bit and I could just make out a raging hardon. Apparently, I was dreaming.

Jalees Taymūr leaned over to kiss my cheek, intending to leave me alone, but when Jalees Taymūr felt the brush of her lips, I raised my hand and stroked her cheek. Jalees Taymūr froze, thinking I had awakened, but Jalees Taymūr was wrong.

I was dreaming.

“Oh, Ůzrah Taymūr . . .I want you. Let me kiss you. . .” I was speaking softly, my eyes closed.

Suddenly Jalees Taymūr felt my hands on her shoulders, pulling her toward me.

Jalees Taymūr told herself to resist.

Not to let this happen.

This had gone far enough.

Jalees Taymūr was still trying to talk to herself and pull away, when her lips were on mine.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī greedy Pakistani Sunni Musalmān tongue slid over mine and urged me to let her in.

Jalees Taymūr tried to resist,

Yā Allaaaaah! Madad.

Yā Allaaaaah! Help me.

Allah, help me, Jalees Taymūr tried, but the urgency of her  mouth on mine, especially after thinking of nothing but me all evening was too much for her weak will.

She parted her lips and accepted her Hindu Father in law’s offering.

I groaned and proceeded to kiss Jalees Taymūr deeply and thoroughly.

As Jalees Taymūr had suspected, I was a very good, excellent kisser.

Still fast asleep, I proceeded to push Jalees Taymūr back onto the bed and kiss her breathless.

Jalees Taymūr moaned softly herself.

I seemed to hear her sound of desire, for I responded by sliding my palm onto her full breast and caressing her through her clothes.

My lips found her neck as I worked my fingers beneath the hem of her tank top and began massaging the heavy globe of her right breast through her bra.

“Come on baby, let’s get this out of the way,” I mumbled tenderly, and then my fingers worked our way to her bare skin.

My thumb moved against her nipple causing it to jump to immediate attention.

“Mmmmm.. . . excited little minx tonight, aren’t you?” I knew Jalees Taymūr was grinning and then her top was pushed up and my lips fastened on her nipple.

It was heaven!

I kissed Jalees Taymūr there, seeming to like her taste.

Jalees Taymūr felt her hips beginning to move on their own, needing more of me.

I kissed her hungrily, one Hindu  hand gently pinning her wrists above her head and my free hand massaging her left Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breast now.

Eīshān , Ůzrah Taymūr, your tits are amazing. . .I could squeeze and kiss them all night!” I murmured softly against her skin, and Jalees Taymūr quivered.

Knowing Jalees Taymūr should stop this now, did no good.

She allowed me to push the hem of the tank top up on the other side now, and my lips and tongue took her other extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breast.

I gave a tiny nip to her extended nub, making her gasp with pleasure.

As I lapped at her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breast, the hand that had been massaging there was moving downward to the waistband of her tight jeans.

I paused at the waist, then moved further down, stroking her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks and then sliding my hand over her pelvic bone and then down between her legs.

Jalees Taymūr could feel my middle finger tracing her Pakistani Musalmān Choot lips through the jeans.

Jalees Taymūr had worn no panties tonight, so she could easily feel me pressing my finger into her cleft.

I began rubbing me through the crotch of her jeans, making her squirm.

Jalees Taymūr wanted to touch me badly, but I still had her hands held and Jalees Taymūr was afraid to struggle for fear she’d wake me, so Jalees Taymūr let me do what I wanted, and quite frankly, what Jalees Taymūr too herself wanted as well.

“Gonna make you cum, babe,” I said against her nipple. “Gonna work that hot little clitty until you explode for me.”

My fingers crept up to tug at her zipper, and then Jalees Taymūr felt it slide down and my warm fingers were inside her jeans, dipping down to play.

I spread her Pakistani Musalmān Choot lips with my fingers and teased her more, now moving from nipple to nipple as quickly as I could.

Jalees Taymūr was in ecstasy and agony at the same time.

Jalees Taymūr was getting what Jalees Taymūr truly wanted from her Hindu Father in law, but Jalees Taymūr wanted me to be aware that it was she when I fucked her.

My middle finger invaded her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān wetness and I gave a groan against her skin.

I moved to her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth, sucking her Panjvaqtah Namāzī greedy Pakistani Sunni Musalmān tongue into my own while I diddled her love button, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Suddenly, she did explode around my finger, thrashing about so much.

I released her wrists, but kept kissing her deeply.

Jalees Taymūr thought she would never stop cumming but at last, she did.

I took my finger from her and made her to lick it thoroughly, still fast asleep, but smiling.

I seemed to be sliding into a deeper sleep again, and Jalees Taymūr wanted to pay me back handsomely for the lovely time I had just given her.

So Jalees Taymūr  moved and slid her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth over my thick Uncut Hindu Lund.

I moaned and grabbed her hair gently.

Jalees Taymūr began licking my Hindu shaft hungrily, her Panjvaqtah Namāzī greedy Pakistani Sunni Musalmān tongue cleaning me thoroughly, before Jalees Taymūr took me deep in her throat.

I began fucking her extremely beautiful  Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth, with my hard Hindu thrusts of passion.

It wasn’t long before Jalees Taymūr felt my hot Hindu seed rushing down her throat, and Jalees Taymūr swallowed every drop.

I tasted so very good, and felt so wonderful in her extremely beautiful, excited, willing, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Once I had emptied my Hindu  balls deep in her throat, I gave a deep sigh of satisfaction, and as soon as Jalees Taymūr sat up, I rolled over on my  side, mumbling something unintelligible.

Rising quietly, Jalees Taymūr left her Hindu Father in law’s room, hoping I would continue to think the whole experience was just a fantastic dream. . .for now.

Jalees Taymūr would be ready for me to know at some point, but not yet.

Her days and nights began to take on a new pattern slowly but surely.

The taste of me and the scent of me, remembering my lust filled words, made her even hotter and Jalees Taymūr wanted her Hindu Father in law very much.

About mid-summer, we decided to throw a huge pool party, and a huge number of people were invited, all Hindu men and Musalmān women only.

After all, I was a Hindu man and Jalees Taymūr was a Pakistani Musalmān Beauty.

She deliberately invited only ashvinātam and ashvinātam couples, none else.

We all pitched in and helped with the details, and soon it was the day of the party.

Jalees Taymūr wore a black two-piece bathing suit that flattered her figure with its boy short cut bottoms.

Over it, Jalees Taymūr had pulled on tight denim shorts.

Jalees Taymūr felt good about the way Jalees Taymūr looked that day and I complimented her, which made her feel even sexier and desirable.

Ůzrah Taymūr was there as well as my date, and she was helping arrange food and chairs.

She looked wonderful as always, wearing a tiny hunter green bikini that made even her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth water!

The party got into full swing quickly as the guests arrived.

Jalees Taymūr noticed several of the men that had come eying her with the other Musalmān Beauties  present and that made her ego soar.

Jalees Taymūr was not able to stay near me very much, as Jalees Taymūr was the host, and people wanted her attention.

Jalees Taymūr continued to be so sexually aroused by her Hindu Father in law, she just couldn’t.

Jalees Taymūr seemed to be turning into a regular nymphomaniac lately.

We got home and went inside, and Jalees Taymūr went up to take a shower.

When Jalees Taymūr had finished, Jalees Taymūr went to her room and slipped into her favorite silk gown.

It fit her well and made her look and feel very sexy, the hem falling to just below her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks.

Jalees Taymūr sat down on her bed and felt the night’s events flow over her.

There was a soft knock at her door, and then I poked my head in.

“Hey Jalees Taymūr, feeling swell? I’m really concerned about you.”

Those innocent words were all it took to make the floodgates open and Jalees Taymūr began to weep.

Jalees Taymūr heard me cross the room, and felt me sit on the bed beside her.

And then I was holding Jalees Taymūr gently, exactly the way Dåūd Taufīq used to, letting her cry.

I stroked her hair and her back, murmuring assurance to her, rocking with her in my arms.

Jalees Taymūr clung to me as if Jalees Taymūr was drowning and I was a life preserver.

She couldn’t seem to stop weeping.

Finally I  scooped her up in my  arms and moved to rest my  back against the headboard of the bed and the pillows propped there, pulling Jalees Taymūr  onto my lap and cradling her to me.

Jalees Taymūr began to feel safe again in the haven of my Hindu arms.

She cuddled into me as if Jalees Taymūr was a child and I seemed glad to be able to do something to help.

As Jalees Taymūr sat with me, still stroking her hair gently, I finally spoke.

Jalees Taymūr,. . .what happened at the party to upset you so much? I know you aren’t just sick.”

Unable to look at me, Jalees Taymūr found it difficult to speak for several Moments.

“Something. . . unusual. . . happened tonight.”

I waited for her to go on.

But Jalees Taymūr repeated only what she already had said.

Jalees Taymūr felt my body stiffen immediately.

“Jalees Taymūr, what?”

“Well, no. . .sort of. I am not quite sure what happened.”


“Oh, sweetheart. I’ll be okay, but would you do something for me?”

“Sure, Jalees Taymūr, anything.”

“Would you mind sleeping in my bed with me tonight? I just think I’d feel better if you were here.”

Jalees Taymūr had begun to think how nice it would be just to lie in one bed with me, even if for one night, and this gave her the perfect excuse to ask without me suspecting her longing for me.

“Not a problem. Let me just go get ready for bed and I’ll be right back.”***

True to my word, I was back in about thirty minutes.

I wore only a pair of boxers, and Jalees Taymūr felt Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth water at the sight of me.

While I was gone, Jalees Taymūr had slipped out of her panties, so that all Jalees Taymūr had on now was the short and thin silk shift.

Jalees Taymūr had lain down, pushing her gown up to where it barely covered her awfully stunning elegant flawlessly round massive firm Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass and Pakistani Musalmān Choot.

But Jalees Taymūr was covered by the bed sheet, so I didn’t see anything.

I smiled at her and climbed into bed, lying on what used to be her husband’s side of the bed.

“Care if I read for a bit?”

Jalees Taymūr shook her head.

Secretly she cursed me in her mind,

Hindu idiot, why don’t you fuck me? Stupid, they say you’re Musalmān Beauties specialist. The hell you are!’

I propped up the pillows behind me and opened my book.

Jalees Taymūr watched me for a few minutes, admiring the strong line of my jaw and my handsome eyes.

“I think I’ll lie down now, Papa Jī. I’m exhausted.”

“I’m not surprised. ‘Night Jalees Taymūr.” I leaned over, kissed her on the cheek and hugged her.

Then I returned to my book.

Jalees Taymūr closed her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes, and lay on her back, listening to the quiet whisper of the pages turning.

After letting some time go by, Jalees Taymūr deepened her breathing and pretended to slip into slumber.

After Jalees Taymūr was ‘asleep’, she pushed the sheet off her body, as if it were too hot, and turned over on my side, facing me.

Jalees Taymūr had maneuvered her gown so that now her entire leg and buttocks were bare.

I would be able to see Jalees Taymūr had no underwear on.

Jalees Taymūr opened her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes just enough to see what I was doing, and realized I was still reading.

Jalees Taymūr lay on her side for several minutes, finally letting out a slight groan.

Jalees Taymūr now saw me glance her way, as if checking to make certain Jalees Taymūr was alright.

Jalees Taymūr watched my eyes rest for a moment on her bare hip, and then I went back to my book.

After a few minutes, Jalees Taymūr shifted again, onto her back.

Making certain Jalees Taymūr wriggled her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks enough that her gown’s hem now rested at the top of her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks, exposing her Pakistani Musalmān Choot to her Hindu Father in law’s sight.

She was adamant now to make me fuck her.

Jalees Taymūr let out another soft sound, and through her Pakistani Musalmān slit lids, saw I looked her way again.

My Hindu eyes widened slightly when I saw her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely enticing Pakistani Sunni Musalmān womanhood exposed, and my Hindu gaze seemed to linger there for a little longer than normal.

I seemed to be trying to decide if I should adjust her gown or leave everything alone so I didn’t wake her.

Jalees Taymūr decided to pretend to be dreaming.

She moaned again, calling out “Dåūd Taufīq?” and reaching toward her Hindu Father in law.

I knew that over the years Jalees Taymūr had dreamed of her husband at times, much less now than she used to, but it did still happen.

It was entirely plausible that the events of the night could bring on a dream about her husband.

Jalees Taymūr felt me touch her upper arm gently, as if I were trying to waken me without startling me.

Jalees Taymūr took the opportunity and turned toward me, her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes still closed.

“Oh Dåūd Taufīq,” Jalees Taymūr sighed and reached out.

Her arms was going around her Hindu Father in law’s neck and pulling my Hindu mouth to hers.

She could feel the muscles in her Hindu Father  in law’s neck tense as I tried to pull back.

But Jalees Taymūr was determined.

She made her lips as soft and sensual as possible, knowing I was a very sexual person, hypersexual actually.

She knew, if available I couldn’t remain without fucking a willing Musalmān Beauty.

Jalees Taymūr had managed tonight, to be the only willing Musalmān Beauty available.

She’d planned it very smart all over.

The party was given only to pretend that there was something happened in the party that had upset her beyond control.

It gave her an excuse to request me to sleep with her.

She knew that it would be difficult for me to resist her advances after a moment.

Jalees Taymūr was soon proven right as I kept my lips rigid for a few seconds, then I surrendered to the kiss.

Pressing her advantage, Jalees Taymūr slid her Panjvaqtah Namāzī greedy Pakistani Sunni Musalmān tongue softly into my Hindu mouth and massaged mine.

Jalees Taymūr felt my arms go around her instinctively, pulling her to my virile hard Hindu body.

Her gown was hiked up around her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks and her bare Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mound pressed into my Hindu groin.

She could feel my Uncut Hindu Lund stiffening through my boxers, and in a few minutes, the head had crept out of the flap, as if seeking her warm Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān wetness on its own.

Jalees Taymūr moaned against my Hindu mouth, and wriggled her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks enticingly against me, causing a growl to issue from my throat.

Jalees Taymūr felt my Uncut Hindu Lund head pressing between her nether lips a tiny bit as my Hindu shaft had finished its swelling.

Jalees Taymūr finally managed to break our kiss.

But Jalees Taymūr shifted her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān buttocks against me, making a little more of my hard Uncut Hindu Lund  slip between her Pakistani Musalmān Choot lips.

Jalees Taymūr slid her fingers down my back to my ass, tugging at the waistband of my boxers.

“Dåūd Taufīq, honey, Jalees Taymūr needs you. I need to feel you inside me.”

Her voice was husky with Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān female lust and Jalees Taymūr heard me moan as if in pain.

Jalees Taymūr knew how conflicted I must feel.

Here was a willing Musalmān Beauty  who wanted to fuck me, but she thought I was someone else.

And above all, she was my own Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān daughter in law!

Not giving me time to think about it, Jalees Taymūr yanked the boxers down, exposing me, and then her soft Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān fingers wrapped around my Uncut Hindu Lund, stroking me.

I groaned again, a helpless sound of need, and Jalees Taymūr felt me kick the boxers off the bed.

Jalees Taymūr kissed me again, and I responded with a passion that surprised her.

My hands now moved to her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts, caressing them through her gown.

When we broke the kiss, Jalees Taymūr murmured,

“It’s been so long. I need your palm on my tits, my love. Squeeze my nipples.”

Her gown disappeared in the blink of an eye, and now her Hindu Father in law held Jalees Taymūr against my own naked Hindu flesh.

I moved back and paused for just a moment.

Jalees Taymūr assumed I was checking to see if Jalees Taymūr truly was still asleep.

In the next instant, Jalees Taymūr felt warm hardness encircle her left nipple, as I ran my palm over it, and then clamped my palm down, squeezing her.

It was more erotic than anything she’d ever experienced in her entire life.

Jalees Taymūr arched her back, offering herself to me.

Her Hindu Father in law was kind enough to give her right nipple the same treatment, and then I moved back and forth between them, as if I couldn’t get enough of her.

Jalees Taymūr had me so aroused.

Jalees Taymūr was close to cumming just from my palm on her nipples, but Jalees Taymūr needed to feel me inside her yet.

“Oh, lover, fuck me now!” Jalees Taymūr practically screamed the words. “Fuck my hot Pakistani Musalmān Choot. I’m so wet for you, baby.”

Without hesitation, I parted her smooth thighs and with a smooth Hindu stroke, slid deepest into Jalees Taymūr’s ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Jalees Taymūr felt her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān vaginal muscles clamp around my Uncut Hindu Lund, sucking me in.

We both made sounds of pure ashvinātam lust at the feel.

I stayed still inside Jalees Taymūr for several moments, and then I began to fuck her.

Slowly at first, her Hindu Father in law’s Hindu strokes grew longer and harder, until I was giving her the best rutting of her life.

Her legs wrapped around my hips, and my palm returned to her nipples, as I took Jalees Taymūr and rode her as hard as I could.

Jalees Taymūr felt herself go over the edge and screamed something unintelligible, as she dug her nails into my shoulders.

Being an everyoung man, her Hindu Father in law had quite a bit of stamina.

And Jalees Taymūr wasn’t through with me yet.

I had slowed my thrusts again, letting me come down, but now I began slowly to play with her clit, teasing her until Jalees Taymūr was on the edge again.

I gave her nipples long slow squeezes, and caressed the sides of her extremely beautiful eager Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts with my hands, as I moved in and out of her dripping Pakistani Musalmān Choot.

I was deliberately keeping her on the edge.

Jalees Taymūr seemed to want to make this last as long as possible.

I appeared to love the feel of her Pakistani Musalmān Choot clamped around my Uncut Hindu Lund.

My Hindu hands wandered down to her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān ass, caressing it as well.

Finally, Jalees Taymūr let her orgasm sweep over me, as Jalees Taymūr thrashed about beneath me.

Still Jalees Taymūr was not done.

I brought her to two more orgasms before I finally allowed my  own to gush forth, filling her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān Choot  with my  hot Hindu cum, so much so that it leaked out of her Pakistani Musalmān Choot  and ran down to the bed.

After I had finished, Jalees Taymūr felt me lying on her still fully embedded.

I definitely was supreme talented with my Uncut Hindu Lund.

Jalees Taymūr whispered.

“Thank you, Dåūd Taufīq. But it’s not enough. Fuck me more, in different positions as much as you can.”

I started to fuck her with new determination and new energy.

I fucked Jalees Taymūr in different positions now entire night.

She was so tired that ultimately she surrendered to a deep sleep while I was still fucking her fiercely.

Ultimately, I also allowed myself to sleep on her extremely beautiful nude Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān body, still embedding her fully.

We smiled at each other when we awoke.

I winked at Jalees Taymūr.

“My darling, Bahū Begum, is the dream over?”

Jalees Taymūr was still lying under me nude.

I was still embedded fully into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān Choot.

Jalees Taymūr winked at me wickedly,

“The dream has come true, Papaji! Dream is over and the truth is we are man and wife now. I’m feeling still ravenous. You did everything with me when I was ‘dreaming’. Now, just repeat every action once more to let me enjoy your Uncut Hindu Lund in my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān Choot fully, in my entire awareness that you are really fucking me now.”

Chapter 18


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