My Hindu Dad’s Two Musalmān Wives

My Hindu Dad’s Two Musalmān Wives


I heard a car drive up to the front of our farmhouse and then the door opened.

“Hello Darling!” I heard Durgesh Hindu Piyā’s voice.

“Heyllo my handsome and sexy, my Muslimāt chodū Hindu Piyā! ! I just made some tea. Guess you could use a cup.” I got up and walked to the door.

From where I stood, I could see into the kitchen.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked as good as he always did.

“Mérī jān! Where would you like to have your tea, in the backyard? I would like to talk to you.” I watched Durgesh Hindu Piyā and Ammījān walk to the back yard of our farmhouse.

They sat down and Durgesh Hindu Piyā lit a cigarette.

They sipped tea in silence, and then Ammījān took a deep breath.

She turned towards Durgesh Hindu Piyā.

Being next to the window of my bedroom, I could hear them,

“How have things been Durgesh? You look as good as ever.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā laughed,

“What’s the matter my darling sister? What do you mean? Do you still crave your Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund?”

Ammījān took a bigger breath and looked at him.

She was not Durgesh Hindu Piyā’s real sister.

He didn’t have any, neither could he have.

His entire ancestors, including himself, were utter Y-Chromosome men.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked back at her.

“Durgesh! You remember when you told me that you wanted to live with me as man and wife while Raziyah was a kid?”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā nodded his head and sipped his tea.

I didn’t know anything about this.

Ammījān continued and I listened carefully.

“I told you that I couldn’t because she was growing up and thought Muħammad as her real dad and not you being her father, my own real brother’s best Hindu friend. She would never have understood. Perhaps Raziyah would have loved to have you as her dad. But I was scared. You turned me into a woman, a Hindu fuck loving Musalmān woman and Durgesh I loved every minute your Hindu lovemaking on the day of my marriage to Muħammad whom I never gave the position of my husband till the day of his death six months back.”

I was dumb founded.

Ammījān continued,

“But now when Muħammad is dead, I thought about it long and hard. I have always dreamt of you, Raziyah, and me as a family. We will play the same game that we did when we were young.”

“Who makes a mistake, gets spanked by the other.”

“Of course! And forgive me, but the idea of me lying across your Hindu lap, my naked Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Sunni ass in the air would certainly make you cum in your pants, wont it? I knew that it would excite me too and our daughter too if she saw us like that.” Ammījān was saying to Durgesh Hindu Piyā.

Things were coming to me as a shock.

My Ammījān had fucked her Hindu ‘brother’, as a result of which I was conceived.

I was the bastard child, a child born out of incestuous coupling between Ammījān and Durgesh Hindu Piyā.

But the idea, in place of repulsing me, excited me, making me wet between my thighs.

Ammījān was saying,

“And Durgesh, I remember you entering my Sunni Musalmān ass a day before my marriage when marks appeared on my bare tender Sunni Musalmān buttocks. You said you wanted to enter my daughter like you did me, one day and now Raziyah is all ready to get her Sunni Musalmān ass entered by her Hindu father. Have you noticed her plump Sunni Musalmān bottom?”

But Durgesh Hindu Piyā said,

“But Bājī darling, you promised that I would fuck your daughter from Muħammad, once she was 16. I have seen her grow into a Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Sunni sexy bitch like you are, a pure sexy slut. She is like a ripe fruit ready and waiting to suck and getting fucked. I now intend to live on this farmhouse with my darling Sunni Musalmān sister, soon to be my wife and my niece cum mistress. Raziyah is Sunni Musalmān woman enough to take my Uncut Hindu Cock and I am dying to have both of you as my Sunni Musalmān wives, my Sunni Musalmān playthings, my Sunni Musalmān whores. Bājī darling, I can’t wait to put my Uncut Hindu Cock into my sister’s hot Sunni Musalmān cunt. Look at what my Bājī darling has done to my Uncut Hindu Cock. “He said urgently placing Ammījān’s hand on his throbbing Uncut Hindu Dick.

I saw from the window that Durgesh Hindu Piyā was sporting a huge Hindu hardon. Ammījān took it in her trembling Sunni Musalmān hand and played with it.

I had juices dripping from my “Sunni Musalmān Choot” as Ammījān would always call a cunt a SUNNI MUSALMĀN CHOOT.

I rubbed my fingers on my bald Sunni Musalmān Choot.

I had shaved it only in the morning.

My virgin Sunni Musalmān Choot had not yet tasted what Ammījān would always call, a UNCUT HINDU LUND.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā hugged Ammījān, ran his hands on her face, and cupped her Sunni Musalmān breasts.

Ammījān had 38DD set of Sunni Musalmān tits and a gorgeous wide Sunni Musalmān ass.

“Bājī darling, I hope Muħammad has not touched your Sunni Musalmān gānđ or fucked your Sunni Musalmān Choot too much. I am going to own both of them now. I have always lusted after your Sunni Musalmān ass. My pyari Bājī darling, will you make me owner of your Sunni Musalmān ass and Sunni Musalmān Choot?” Ammījān, Qādirah Altāf, laughed and said,

” Durgesh, Muħammad? your Muħammad never fucked my Sunni Musalmān gānđ and fucked my Sunni Musalmān Choot very rarely. He was only interested in licking my Sunni Musalmān Pussy and drinking my Sunni Musalmān juices. He was a licker and not a fucker.”

And both the Hindu brother and Sunni Musalmān sister laughed.

“Now, I have decided to make up for the lost time. Oh Durgesh Durgesh! I let so much time go by. I’m sorry. I love you Durgesh. I have always loved to have your Uncut Hindu Lund in my lovely Sunni Musalmān body. Tonight will be our wedding night. Tonight I will have my SUHAGRAAT with my Hindu chodū Durgesh.”

I was hearing all this, watching all this, holding my breath.

Would Durgesh Hindu Piyā get mad if he saw me eavesdropping?

Then he got up looked into my window and stared into my extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān face,

“Come out here, béŧī! You have heard the story of your parentage, come on darling, you know you are a part of this incestuous family. If you are ‘my’ Sunni Musalmān daughter, then you must love to have my Uncut Hindu Lund in your Sunni Musalmān Choot and Sunni Musalmān gānđ.”

I blushed and sheepishly walked out.

I sat next to Ammījān and we both stared at Durgesh Hindu Piyā.

He looked at the two of us and smiled.

“Did you hear everything your Ammījān said?”

I nodded my head,


“Well Bājī darling, you were right. If we had started a family together long time ago, when I fucked you, I would have had to spank you and my darling Sunni Musalmān daughter as she is in the habit of listening like a thief. And even as a kid, she had your Sunni Musalmān body. It would have excited me and I would have wanted to fuck her.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked at me.

“ Bājī darling, I told you that I wanted to be your husband and your master and also husband of my niece, my Sunni Musalmān daughter. When any of my Sunni Musalmān wives makes a mistake, they get fucked and sodomized. Now my Sunni Musalmān daughter/wife has overheard us talk, she deserves a good fucking and sodomizing. I will have to fuck and sodomize you good my béŧī , my Sunni Musalmān wife Raziyah, for listening to us like a thief. Raziyah béŧī, I am Hindu. And I knew that if your mother’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy was so good, your Sunni Musalmān Pussy sould have been even sweeter. I would want your Sunni Musalmān Choot too.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked at me and kept telling me the story of their first fuck,

“The first time I fucked my horny slutty Sunni Musalmān sister, your Ammījān was at our apartment. All the time I undressed her, I told her how she loooked like a whore Sunni Musalmān sister. I only let her call me Durgesh Hindu Piyā. I wanted her to know that it was incest that we were doing. Every time I made her suck my Uncut Hindu Dick, I told her how much I loved having my Sunni Musalmān sister sucking my Uncut Hindu Dick. When I fucked and sodomized her beautiful Sunni Musalmān buttocks, my Uncut Hindu Cock grew out of dimensions with my Hindu lust for her Sunni Musalmān gānđ. I thought about how wonderful it would be fucking her Sunni Musalmān ass. And now knowing that I will be fucking both my Sunni Musalmān sister and her Sunni Musalmān daughter makes me horny as ever. Yes, I would love to possess and fuck both of you as we are going to live together.”

“Would you fuck us both now, Durgesh, Hindu Piyā?” Ammījān stood up and opened her gown showing her beautiful white globes of Sunni Musalmān tits with large brown nipples erect.

Ammījān rubbed her Sunni Musalmān tits and lowered her hand to her trimmed Sunni Musalmān Pussy where she had a three-day stubble of black pubic hair.

Her Sunni Musalmān Cunt lips were swollen with her intense Sunni Musalmān lust and anticipation.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked her up and down and I could see the famous Hindu bulge in his pants growing.

Then I stood up,

“Yes, Durgesh, Hindu Piyā! We both want you. And we want you to fuck and fuck and sodomize both of us.” I winked at him showing I myself was not less bold than he was.

Ammījān bent down and kissed me.

We took his Hindu hands and led him into the house.

When we entered the bedroom, Durgesh Hindu Piyā stood still as Ammījān and I slowly undressed him.

When we finally had him completely naked, his hard black Uncut Hindu Lund stood straight.

I looked at Ammījān and she looked back at me.

Then we both sank to our Sunni Musalmān knees.

We took turns slowly sucking the head of Uncut Hindu Lund.

Ammījān and I stood up and kissed each other.

Then, I took their hands in mine and led them to the bed.

I stood between them as I turned around.

“The two of you waited a long time to be reunited. I think that this Moment belongs to just the two of you Hindu Muslimah lovebirds.” I was about to turn and leave them alone when I felt their hands on my shoulders.

I looked up and both of them were looking at me.

It was Ammījān, who spoke,

“No, baby! This is going to work only if the three of us are together. We both are Durgesh’s Sunni Musalmān wives. So stay here. Right now, the three of us are going to make love together.”

She turned to her Hindu brother,

“I hope you’re up to some HARD work, my pyare Durgesh!”

Then she turned to me,

We turned to Durgesh Hindu Piyā and gently laid him back on the bed.

Then Ammījān slowly climbed up on him.

I guided his hard throbbing Uncut Hindu Dick up into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Ammījān, Qādirah Altāf, moaned as Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Dick slipped up into her.

I watched as she slowly worked her Sunni Musalmān hips up and down on Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Dick.

My hands were rubbing her body as she slowly fucked her Hindu brother/husband.

Then I captured one of her tits.

I sucked and licked it, as Ammījān continued to fuck her Hindu brother, Durgesh Hindu Piyā.

I felt their hands rubbing over my tits.

Then they found my Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I opened my Sunni Musalmān smooth thighs eagerly as two sets of fingers rubbed and stroked me.

“Yes Ammījān! Fuck your Hindu Chodū brother, you Hindu husband. Feel how deep his Uncut Hindu Lund goes up in your juicy Sunni Musalmān Pussy.” I rubbed down until I felt Durgesh, Hindu Piyā’s wet Uncut Hindu Dick sliding in and out of her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

“Feel it Durgesh, Hindu Piyā! Does my Ammījān’s Sunni Musalmān Pussy feel tight on your Uncut Hindu Lund? Is your Bājī darling’s Sunni Musalmān Choot tight? Does your Bājī darling’s Sunni Musalmān Choot grips your hard Uncut Hindu Dick?”

Ammījān was moaning as she humped harder on her Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Dick.

She was lifting her Sunni Musalmān ass and dropping down hard on Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Dick.

And she grunted with each penetration.

“Oh Durgesh! I’ve missed this Uncut Hindu Lund so much. Your Muħammad never made me feel the way you do.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā fucked my Ammījān Qādirah Altāf as if to endless times and shot his Hindu load of cum, ultimately, as he came hard.

Gobs of his Hindu cum dripped from her Sunni Musalmān Pussy and covered his Uncut Hindu Dick and balls.

Then she guided my head to his lap.

As I licked and sucked the sweet crème from his Uncut Hindu Dick and balls, I felt Ammījān’s fingers stroking my Sunni Musalmān ass crack.

She lifted my face and kissed me.

Then she made me bend on all fours and urged Durgesh Hindu Piyā to fuck me from behind.

I groaned as Durgesh Hindu Piyā’s hard Uncut Hindu Dick entered me.

My Sunni Musalmān Pussy was on fire.

Durgesh felt so good as he sank his Uncut Hindu Lund deep in my Sunni Musalmān Choot.

“Fuck her Durgesh! Fuck your Sunni Musalmān niece, Sunni Musalmān daughter and Sunni Musalmān wife. We belong to you now. And we’re always going to be yours.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā held me to him.

That was when I felt Ammījān’s fingers rubbing my Sunni Musalmān asshole.

I groaned as her finger started to fuck my Sunni Musalmān ass.

“Oh Ammījān! You’re fucking my Sunni Musalmān ass while my Hindu husband fucks my Sunni Musalmān Pussy.” I worked my Sunni Musalmān hips back and forth.

Then Ammījān pulled her finger free.

She sucked my nipples harder than I had sucked hers.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā fucked me long and hard.

He cupped my Sunni Musalmān tits and pinched my nipples.

Ammījān then, went behind Durgesh, Hindu Piyā and pressed her body to his back, rubbing her trim Sunni Musalmān Choot on his Hindu ass cheeks, her Sunni Musalmān tits rubbing his back.

Durgesh, Hindu Piyā rubbed my Sunni Musalmān Pussy and pinched my Sunni Musalmān clit.

My Sunni Musalmān Pussy was sending out tons of Sunni Musalmān juices, leaking on Durgesh‘s Uncut Hindu Lund.

His Hindu balls which were hitting my bare Sunni Musalmān ass.

” OH RAZIYAH BÉŦĪ, YOUR Hindu DAD IS CUMMING. YOUR DURGESH, HINDU PIYĀ IS SHOOTING HIS Hindu CUM IN YOUR SUNNI MUSALMĀN CHOOT, mmmmm MY DARLING Sunni Musalmān WIFE, I AM CUMMIING,” Durgesh, Hindu Piyā groaned as he came, his Uncut Hindu Cock spitting hot cum on my Sunni Musalmān thighs and Sunni Musalmān ass.

We lay still for some time.

Ammījān got up and brought beer for the two of us, naked all the time.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā looked at Ammījān’s Sunni Musalmān ass greedily.

We drank beer and Durgesh, Hindu Piyā would fuck and sodomize Ammījān’s bare Sunni Musalmān ass whenever he got a chance.

” Durgesh, Hindu Piyā, I have a feeling that my Durgesh, Hindu Piyā is lusting after his Bājī darling’s Sunni Musalmān gānđ, am I right?”

He retorted,

“When can my Sunni Musalmān wife be wrong? Bring my second wife, my Sunni Musalmān sis wife for an ass fuck.”

I signaled Ammījān ko get ready for her backdoor bang and she readily bent down like a Sunni Musalmān bitch.

Then Durgesh got behind Ammījān.

I watched as he used his hands to spread her cheeks.

Then Ammījān groaned and grunted, as Durgesh Hindu Piyā began to fuck her asshole.

Ammījān groaned.

I said,

“Fuck her Sunni Musalmān ass DURGESH, HINDU PIYĀ, FUCK YOUR Sunni Musalmān SISTER IN her SUNNI MUSALMĀN GĀNĐ.”

Durgesh, Hindu Piyā nodded and began to fuck his Sunni Musalmān sister in her Sunni Musalmān ass.

Ammījān turned to me,

Durgesh Hindu Piyā fucks my Sunni Musalmān ass so deep. And his Uncut Hindu Dick is so long and thick. Oh Raziyah bete! Please rub my Sunni Musalmān Choot.”

WHACK! A loud slap echoed in the room.

“I didn’t tell you that she could touch you. Right now you’re my only Sunni Musalmān slut, understand?”

“So my dear Sunni Musalmān slut Bājī darling, you enjoyed your fucks with your Muħammad while you refused to be my Sunni Musalmān wife and married that bastard Muħammad! SMACK! Did you suck his cut Musalmān Cock? SMACK!”

“Yes Durgesh, I had no other way out but to suck his cut Musalmān Noonī,  and I liked sucking a big Uncut Hindu Cock and Muħammad had a very small cut Musalmān Noonī!”


“Did that bastard fuck this asshole?” SMACK! SMACK!

“Oh no DURGESH,! He was not a fucker, Muħammad was a Sunni Musalmān Cunt licker.”

Durgesh Hindu Piyā held Ammījān’s Sunni Musalmān hips and began to slam his Uncut Hindu Dick up into her Sunni Musalmān ass.


Ammījān’s Sunni Musalmān body jerked as she came.

And her groan turned into a scream as I saw the hot Hindu cum flow down her smooth Sunni Musalmān thighs.

Durgesh Hindu Piyā held Ammījān until she stopped shaking.

Then he pulled out.

Ammījān groaned as he pulled his still hard Uncut Hindu Dick free.


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