Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh: 18

Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh


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Al Jihad fil Durgesh fī sabīlillah

Another Front

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr needed a man.

But not just any man.

She had her heart set on me, the Hindu Nandoī of Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, her best friend and next-door neighbor.

That was how Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr knew me better personally.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was creating problems after problems in her way.

The thirty years old young Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān bitch was not only against the new mature and senior Musalmān Beauties joining Durgesh’s Sex Empire, she was even replacing them who were already there successfully, under this or that pretext.

“I can’t believe it, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.”Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had managed to talk with the young bitch personally.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled at Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr innocently.

“I’m sorry; I couldn’t follow you, Dr. Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr.”

“Don’t waste your so successful innocent smile on me, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan. Your Ammī, Nafīsah Salmān is my close friend you know.”

“So?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan asked her, still smiling, challengingly.

“You are replacing the Musalmān Beauties already victims of our male dominant Pseudo Islamic rotten culture?”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled urbanely,

“They are not victims anymore, my dear Dr. Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr. Durgesh has already given them more than they deserved ever.”

“Who’ll decide what they deserve and what they don’t?”

“I see. You yourself want to decide it?”

“No, but I most certainly don’t want to let you decide yourself.”

“Are you challenging me?”

“I’m telling you, bitch.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan laughed,

“If I’m a bitch, what are you yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“You yourself are a bitch Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr, and the worse than I am, if I am.”

“I see. How?”

“You are already married, aren’t you?”

“None of your dirty business, bitch.” Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr admonished Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan scornfully.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan still smiled cunningly,

“Everything concerned with Durgesh, my husband, my Live in relationship Partner at least, is my business, the worse bitch. I have even the law in my favor. What do you have?”***

I was sixty-two already.

My Salhaj Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr still thought of me as a young man of thirty-two.

In fact, I was still stupendously young emotionally, physically and sexually for my age.

That was, why none believed me when I told them the truth that I was sixty-two.


Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was unhappily married to a rich man named Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar.

She’d married Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar near the end of her time in college, when the two of them had been very much in love, but she was now 39 and the love was gone.

I was twenty-three years elder to her.

She hadn’t divorced Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar because she didn’t want her two children to live in a broken home.

Even Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar wasn’t a bad man.

Yet, he was just one of those most of the people who cared more about money than anything else.

As most of the persons having faith in the ever-destructive Western Culture, Business Culture actually, destroying everything except Business, he also believed that only money was the everything in life.

He criticized me openly that I was a liar when I say, Humanity was important for me.

He claimed no zillionaire could be as dedicated to humanity as I claimed to be.

He spent more and more time at work and less and less time with his wife, Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr, until finally they stopped having sex altogether.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr didn’t think her husband was cheating.

Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar just never had much of a sex drive to begin with.

Over the years, the two of them had developed different interests and slowly drifted apart.

When it came to sex, they were a bad match because Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was a sexual dynamo.

On the outside, her shimmering green eyes radiated a serenity, grace, and sophistication that perfectly reflected her inner personality.

But this persona masked a wild and mischievous side.

For years, she had made up for her husband’s lack of attention by finding other lovers.

Given Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s appearance – a perfectly sculpted knockout from head to toe – she had no trouble in finding even Hindu male partners to fool around with.

She kept her five foot eleven inch frame in great shape by working out every day, but what really grabbed the attention of her Hindu male admirers were her large E-cup sized Pakistani Musalmān breasts and the arrestingly deep Pakistani Musalmān cleavage between them.

She frequently displayed them.

Between her chest, sultry face, and long, curly, dark brown hair with some red in it, so many people compared her to Nādiyah Khan, the famous TV star of Pakistan that she had a strong desire to strangle that famous young woman.

But as her family grew richer and richer, she grew increasingly bored with her other lovers.

About the only people she met lately, were other upper class snobs from her part of town.

There were many attractive Hindu men well versed in having Musalmān mistresses and lovers, and who knew how to keep such things a secret.

But it was all so formulaic that she no longer found any pleasure in it, aside from the pure physical joy of having sex.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr craved something more emotional, more forbidden, and unpredictable.

Of all the males she knew, the only one who didn’t strike her as greedy, insensitive, and/or self-centered was I.

For her convenience, I lived with my Salhaj Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr too and with my Salhaj Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s younger sister Nādirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr in the big house next door to Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s.

The two mature Musalmān Beauties were extremely close best friends, and in fact were essentially each other’s only friend.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s marriage to Jibrān Tātār Åbdālī, her husband, was also an unhappy one.

He was nice enough, but his job took him overseas for all but a few weeks out of the year.

Like Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s husband Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar, Jibrān Tātār Åbdālī was rich because he worked hard, and focused on money.

Jibrān Tātār Åbdālī was gone so much that their two children felt like they didn’t have a father.

Superficially, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was very similar to her best friend Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr also had a big breasted, beautiful Pakistani Musalmān body.

They had the same height, weight, bra size, and even wore all the same size clothes.

But their personalities were quite different, and these differences reflected on their faces.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr had a pure and innocent look to her that no doubt reflected her strict upbringing.

She knew no sex other than the missionary position with her husband, who she had married straight out of high school.

She’d never masturbated in her life, as she was taught it was a horrible sin in Islam.

She was an ardent Pakistani Musalmān Beauty.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was most patriotic and most loyal to Islam too.

Even though her thirty-seven years made her only two years younger than Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr, she looked much younger, almost twenty eight, surprisingly.

Entire nine years younger.

Even Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was under the wrong impression, even while Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr had told Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan  her true age.

“Okay,” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan dismissed their age difference between them, “only seven years elder to me? It’ll do. Let’s remain good friends as we are.”

“Thank you, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.” Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr found her eyes suddenly filled with tears, “They say you don’t friend with over thirty two. I needed your friendship very much.”

“Nonsense. Don’t believe everything they tell about me. Most of them are jealous of me for my extraordinary success in almost all fields of life.”

“Yes,” Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr smiled appreciatively, “I’ve heard too. They call you ‘the most perfect Live in relationship Partner of Durgesh in success too’.”

“Thank you.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan hugged Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, smiling.

It irked Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr that when they would go out together Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr would sometimes get carded for alcohol but she never would.

Even their different hairdos reflected their opposite personalities.

Both had long dark hair, but Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had hers stylishly curled, with a long teased strand that hung down over her extremely pale skin, but Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s cut was straight and simple.

While Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s hair flowed freely in every direction, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr kept hers restrained with hair bands.

In fact, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr did about everything she could to hide her tremendous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān beauty.

She was an ardent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Sunni Musalmān Beauty.

Her incredible immense Musalmān beauty attracted horny Hindus to her very much.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr wanted to protect herself from them.

She hated Musalmān Beauties having sex with Hindus.

Yet, it was so common now even in Pakistan that she had to take care of herself especially.

Self Protection was the best Protection, she thought.

She hid her dark brown eyes behind a pair of bookish glasses, and wore conservative clothing that she hoped would hide her hourglass figure.

It was unusual for her to even be seen in short sleeve shirts, despite the year-round heat where they lived in Southern California.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was, instead, flattered when Hindus openly admired her, whereas it offended Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s sense of morality and proper behavior.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was very proud of her children and raised them well despite the lack of a father’s presence.

I, in particular, was an outstanding sixty-two years old ever-young man in every way.

I already seemed to carry myself with a youth of someone thirty years younger.

I was the kind of person who would gladly help an old lady cross the street because that was the way I was raised.

Upbringing, Sanskār, education and environment played a great factor in human behavior.

I only had one major flaw – I fucked extremely stunning Musalmān Beauties  to the extent even causing me sometimes a lack of energy.

I’d suffered from Pleurisy even due to it.

I slept a lot at night, napped every afternoon, and when I wasn’t sleeping, I often felt tired and lethargic.

Even then, my results were as outstanding as that of some of the others who worked harder and longer on their homework.

I mostly made up for that, with my extraordinary high intelligence, Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā had blessed me with.

I had great self-confidence even.

Partly because of this, I always had extraordinary experiences with Musalmān Beauties.

Few people appreciated my attributes more than Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr did.

She knew every detail of my life as well as my own Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr did.

She didn’t like being around her own husband Zahīruddīn Muħammad Bābar, who was actually home quite a lot in the evenings, so she went over to the Aurangzeb Åālamgīr house nearly every day and evening.

She had her own keys to Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr ‘s house, helped Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr  with the chores, and did just about everything with the Aurangzeb Åālamgīr  family except eat dinners and sleep there.

She saw me so often that I called her “Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr darling.”

It pleased Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr very much.

She hugged me even gratefully.

And when she found me hardened between her thighs, knocking on the very opening of her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt, Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was not angry.

She pushed her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt to my Uncut Hindu Lund instead, impishly, and winked at me,

“Thank you for appreciating my beauty to this extent, my dear.”

“I want to fuck you.” I whispered in her ear.

“Nonsense.” Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr laughed, “However, thanks for the offer.”

“Hey, are you refusing me?”

“I’m not that foolish. Let me think on it. Let me prepare myself for the consequences.”

“Okay. But never forget I’m available if you want me ever.”

“Thank you very much my darling.” Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr kissed me on my lips.

I played with her excellent gorgeous Pakistani Musalmān buttocks.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr grabbed my Uncut Hindu Lund and squeezed it, teasing me.

In many ways, she was like my second Salhaj, and had been so.

Additionally, not needing to work, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr spent a large part of each day talking to each other, and of course, they constantly discussed their children.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s two children and Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s two children, Raziyah Vaqār Taymūr and Zubaydah Vaqār Taymūr were born a little less than a year apart from each other and ended up in the same grade at school.

From their young age, each Salhaj heard all the gossip and news about the other’s children.

Both almost felt as if they were attending high school again along with their children in some ways.

And then there was Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s growing desire for me.

She had long loved me as much as she loved her own children.

However, she had never thought of me in a sexual way until about one year before.

One day she was sitting by the Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s backyard pool and she happened to glimpse the outline of my Hindu erection through my bathing suit.

She was amazed to discover that I had a very long and thick Uncut Hindu Lund that she guessed was about eight inches long.

After that, she started checking out my Hindu  body more often and realized soon that I was never ceasing to remain an ever-active sexiest man.

Since that time, she’d patiently waited to seduce me.

She had given a lot of thought about what she’d do once it was time to start her seduction.

Although she could see me all the time, there really was no opportunity for her to be alone with me.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was so close to Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr that the two Musalmān Beauties kept virtually no secrets from each other.

She knew it would be next to impossible for her to keep an affair with me secret for long.

And if it did happen and she was exposed, she would risk losing her best friends: Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and her two children.***

However, Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr was a very intellectual woman.

Her years of extramarital affairs had taught her many practical lessons in duplicity, and she’d come to enjoy cooking up new intrigues.

Her target for her next affair was a doctor named Vikram Parākram.

The fact that, he was a physician, opened up so many possibilities in her ever-scheming head.

Furthermore, she understood the personalities of men very well.

She had pegged Dr. Vikram Parākram.

He was a nice, moral man, but when it came to sex, he clearly fell into the category of “thinking with the wrong head.”

After just a few not very necessary medical appointments, Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr decided he was just the person she needed for her latest scheme.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr could tell he was recklessly cheating on his Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān wife, Nusrat Saåīdī.

She never knew, Nusrat Saåīdī was unable to satisfy Dr. Vikram Parākram completely.

So, she had herself requested Dr. Vikram Parākram to satisfy himself somewhere else too.

Dr. Vikram Parākram was also smart enough not to tell her the cold and hard truth.

He himself decided to play dumb and watch the horny Musalmān Beauty what she was up against.

To Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s experienced eyes, it was also clear that he was regularly sleeping with his pretty co lady doctor, Farħat Jalālī too.

Furthermore, she probed for gossip about him.

Every Hindu had so many extra marital affairs with horny Musalmān Beauties.

She was even more than confident enough Dr. Vikram Parākram was also no exception.

He was a Hindu after all.

She also discovered he’d had affairs beyond counting.

Obviously, he took full advantage of his status as a good-looking Hindu doctor to elevate ‘cheating’ on his wife to an art form.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr strongly suspected the reason he became a doctor, in the first place, was for the opportunities with Musalmān Beauties it provided.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had known just how to handle him.

When she turned on her “come hither and fuck me” look, she always got her man.

She’d only met Dr. Vikram Parākram a few times, all in the past month, but he was already completely wrapped around her finger.

Dr. Vikram Parākram was bursting with anticipation to have sex with her, and now she merely had to figure out how she could best use him.

She thought to herself,

All I need to do is get Dr. Vikram Parākram to diagnose Durgesh with a sexual ailment that he could help in “curing.”

I’ve got the good doctor so hopelessly desperate for sex that he’d perhaps even practically rob a bank if I promised him sex in return.

Certainly, I can get him to make up one harmless, little made-up diagnosis.

I’ll get Dr. Vikram Parākram to say that Durgesh   has to have orgasms constantly, every day.

 So Durgesh  will need “help” before too long, and I’ll volunteer!

Soon I’ll be able to have sex with Durgesh all the time, and his Salhaj not only won’t mind, but she’ll thank me for doing Durgesh  a vital medical service!

The key to making her scheme work was some kind of plausible diagnosis that would convince Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and me that I needed a regular prescription of fucking a new Musalmān Beauty I wasn’t fucking already.

To sound it more convincing let the new Musalmān Beauties be seven in number every day.

It would totally bring her out of suspicion.

She allowed Dr. Vikram Parākram to take her out on a couple of dates, and after teasing and kissing him until he was literally panting for more, she brazenly dropped the idea on him:

Sex in return for one “little favor.”

Despite an initial show of protest Dr. Vikram Parākram fell for it completely, as she knew he would.

Of course, she couldn’t play him like a puppet as she originally anticipated.

But he agreed to do the favor nevertheless.

That was all Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr wanted.

Once he was on board with the concept, he actually worked with her to refine her ideas and give them more medical plausibility to reduce the chances of getting found out.

Now, everything was ready.

In reality, it was a low risk situation for the doctor and for her, a point that helped in convincing him.

If for some reason my Salhaj or I didn’t buy the set up, she held so much sway with the Aurangzeb Åālamgīr family that she was certain she could smooth everything over.

Admittedly, there was a chance it wouldn’t work out.

But if it didn’t succeed, she’d find some other scheme until she had what she wanted.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr really did always get her man.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr escorted me into Dr. Vikram Parākram’s office.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had recommended the doctor, saying he was a specialist who might be able to help cure my frequent tiredness problem.

A few days earlier, I had been to the same office to take a battery of tests.

Dr. Vikram Parākram talked to me then about hormones and thyroid levels.

He said that a hormonal imbalance was often the cause of tiredness, but that such imbalances could now be detected and rectified with the right medication.

He was optimistic that he could help me and restore my energy to equal that of anyone else of young age.

The tests were done, and now the doctor wanted to discuss the results with me and my Salhaj.

Dr. Vikram Parākram’s co lady doctor, Farħat Jalālī, escorted us to a room and told us to wait for the doctor.

I thought Dr. Farħat Jalālī was quite a beauty.

I correctly guessed she was half Saůūdī Årab and half Pakistani, because she had physical traits of both.

Her father was a Pakistani Musalmān while her Ammī was a Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty.

Her facial features made her look both intelligent and intense.

Well, she was both.

I guessed the raven-haired Musalmān beauty was in her early thirties.

In fact, she looked more like the Chief Doctor than even Dr. Vikram Parākram did.

The lab coat she wore made her look more like the Chief Doctor herself than a co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī.

To keep my mind away from my medical appointment, my eyes followed Dr. Farħat Jalālī’s Pakistani Musalmān breasts around the room as she prepared things for Dr. Vikram Parākram, even though I couldn’t see much of them through her coat.

I thought,

Her Pakistani Musalmān breasts aren’t enormous like Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s or Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s, but they’re generous for a Saůūdī Årab woman.

But my furtive gazing was interrupted by the entrance of Dr. Vikram Parākram.

“Thank you Dr. Farħat Jalālī, that will be all,” the doctor brusquely said to Dr. Farħat Jalālī as I swept into the room.

The co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī smiled at Dr. Vikram Parākram, got up and left.

The doctor gave my diagnosis to my Salhaj and me.

Durgesh , I have mostly good news, but also some potentially bad news. You do in fact have very irregular hormone levels, but I believe they can be adjusted through treatment. As we can see here:”

He took some charts of test results and began showing them to Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and me,

“Most hormonal levels are normal, but some of them go extremely low, sometimes. Look at these results here.”

He pointed to two graphs in particular, unknown even to his co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī.

Actually, the doctor had come to the office at night before and altered my test results on the computer before printing out the charts.

The doctor went on to give a complicated explanation about my supposed hormone problem.

In short, he pointed to the charts and other data to suggest I was lacking in sex hormones such as testosterone.

He claimed that this in turn was affecting my thyroid levels, and thus was making me tired; otherwise, I was fully capable to fuck as much Musalmān Beauties as I wanted to ever.

Both my Salhaj and I found the explanation logical and reasonable.

There was no reason to suspect any conspiracy whatsoever.

Dr. Vikram Parākram began asking me a series of questions, which I had no problem answering, until the doctor asked,

“What about your sexual activity? Do you mind if I ask if how frequently you engage in sexual intercourse?”

I smiled,

“Doctor, perhaps I can fuck Musalmān Beauties nonstop forever, and I try to serve them socially if they need my sexual services to them.”

“That’s very commendable, sir, that’s very commendable, of course. You are an asset to the entire humanity.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“It’s my pleasure to serve you, sir. I’ve talked with your personal physician Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ also to know about your past sex history.”

“Yes, Doctor. Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ told me that. She said you are the greatest specialist available in such cases as I’m suffering from nowadays.”

“Thank you, sir. I’d personally thank Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ that she was so kind to me.”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was so proper and moralistic, I couldn’t imagine talking about this kind of thing in her presence, but now she was sitting right next to me.

“Let me tell something about that, Dr. Vikram Parākram.” responded my Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, in a take-charge voice. “Durgesh is always a little bit worried of his regular Musalmān beloveds when it comes to having sex with new Musalmān Beauties.”

Dr. Vikram Parākram looked up appreciatively towards her.

“Thank you, Ma’am. Sir Durgesh is really a great man.”

“I hope you’re not insinuating that he could be somehow inadequate sometimes, because he’s a very normal, healthy man still now. Durgesh  has very normal sexual desires I’m sure. It’s just when Durgesh  doesn’t find the right Musalmān girl, I think.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” replied the doctor, “because this is very relevant to his condition. And please don’t be offended, but we need to be frank and honest here. Can either of you tell me how frequently Sir Durgesh fucks a new Musalmān Beauty?”

Now it was Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s turn to start blushing, as she found even the mention of ‘fucking’ far beyond the pale.

She in fact had no idea of her Hindu Nandoī fucking a new Musalmān Beauty ever at all.

So she had to ask me,

Durgesh, can you please answer that question for the doctor? If you do that, just nod your head, please.”

I smiled and nodded my head without raising it.

“If you do it more than once a week, on average, nod your head again, okay, Durgesh darling?”

‘Durgesh darling’ was Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s pet name for me, dating back to when I first teased her, hugging her in front of the entire family and refusing to leave her till she wouldn’t call me ‘Durgesh darling’.

I nodded my head again.


More shy at my nodding.

“Three times?”

Another nod.

“More than once a day?”

I nodded again.

“Twice a day?”

My Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, was starting to grow incredulous.

She never imagined that I fucked new Musalmān Beauties at all.

In fact, I did it twice or more a day almost every day.

After all, I was a Sex Therapist and a Social Worker in sex for needy Musalmān Beauties.

But detecting my Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s tone, I shook my head in negative  in response to that.

I didn’t want her to think even she was in danger.

“So doctor,” Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr concluded, “I think we can say between one and two new Musalmān Beauties a day.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr,” the doctor responded. “That’s actually about average for someone his age. Sixty -two years old is the sexual peak for Hindus, whereas it is about thirty-seven  or so for females. Some Hindus fuck more new Musalmān Beauties  a day than one can practically imagine. Despite what many people think, virtually 99% of Hindus  are frequently fucking new Musalmān Beauties  at his age. His level of activity shows Sir Durgesh  has an extraordinary healthy sexual drive, which is good news, all things considered.”

He added,

“Because of that, let me change the discussion to what can be done about his condition. Such low levels of sexual hormones are extremely unusual. I’ve never seen a case like this. But I did some research after I got the test results, and I’ve determined there are several possible cures for his peculiar condition. One, the usual treatment, would be to give him pills that would boost his sex hormone levels. But I warn that this could have a whole range of unpleasant side effects. For instance, there are decent odds that his Uncut Hindu Penis  would grow large permanently.”

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” I hissed, “Some of my countless Musalmān Beauties don’t have such deepest Musalmān Cunts. The present situation is that my Uncut Hindu Penis itself adjusts its length and thickness optimum to the Musalmān Cunt it’s into. I can’t afford to lose its such a marvelous and most competent attribute. No such pills, please.”

“Certainly, sir, certainly. I do understand that can be very inconvenient and hard to hide even.”

Doctor Vikram Parākram let that awful possibility hang in the air before continuing.

“But there is another possible solution, one that would cause your Hindu male body to naturally produce more of these hormones.”

He paused, and nervously coughed.

Up to this   point, everything he said had a grain of truth in it – even my test results were only exaggerated and not completely fabricated.

I did really have sometimes very low thyroid levels, which no doubt explained my sometimes energy problem.

But now the doctor was moving into grounds that could cost him his license if his lies were exposed.

On the other hand, he figured these lies Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had thought up were at least clever and had a certain logical consistency to them.

Dr. Vikram Parākram mentally crossed his fingers, hoping we two would buy it, and pressed on.

“If Sir Durgesh  can ramp up his sexual activity in new environment for his Uncut Hindu Penis, it will cause his body to begin producing more sexual hormones. This works in the same way that repeated stimulation of a woman’s nipples eventually causes her to lactate, even if she does not have a baby at the time. The body tries to adjust in response to new needs. This   process is very dependable.”

The doctor checked the chart, as if confirming my diagnosis.

“For me, I would recommend that Sir Durgesh  stimulate his Uncut Hindu Penis  an average of at least seven new Musalmān Cunts a day, the mature one preferred, of course. More, if he can. But seven is already a great amount, because one missed day would mean fourteen the next to make up for it, if you can imagine that.”

The mature one preferred’ was the utmost necessary condition Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr wanted and Dr. Vikram Parākram had included it quite cleverly.

It was Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s own Al Jihad fil Durgesh fī sabīlillah against Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s.

Dr. Vikram Parākram continued,

“Prolonged stimulation followed by orgasm will cause his Hindu male body to begin producing more sexual hormones within a matter of weeks. This in turn is almost certainly guaranteed to raise his energy level and will have none of the side effects of using pills, since it is a completely natural process.”

Both My Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and I were too shocked at this turn of events to respond.

I was actually dumbfounded.

Seven new Musalmān Beauties  a day?!

That’s a lot!

Every single day?!

Then when I’d fuck my regular MusalmānLive in relationship Partners?

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

How could it be managed?

But the danger otherwise was more sinister.

I could never afford permanent elongation and thickness of my Uncut Hindu Penis.

The doctor continued,

“I know that both of these solutions are not ideal. That’s why I originally said that I had both good news and bad news. As your doctor, I would recommend the second solution, if Sir Durgesh  can manage it. The Uncut Hindu Penis  growth I mentioned for the first solution is just one of many possible negative side effects, all of which are of a disturbing sexual nature. I’d rather not describe them in detail unless necessary. If Sir Durgesh   can find for himself seven new mature  Musalmān girlfriends a day the one who would be able to help, this  second solution could actually be completely pleasurable for him , and virtually unnoticeable as a medical treatment. This is just a change of lifestyle.”

He went on,

“On the other hand, if that’s not the case, we still have the first solution. Either way, I’m confident we can overcome his, your problem. But of course the decision is up to you, Sir, and your friends and your well wishers.”

I and my Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, looked at each other.

I was quiet, and then said gravely,

“I want the second solution. I don’t want to have a permanent big Uncut Hindu Penis  or some inconvenient stuff like that. I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with sexual stimulation, either. I know it’s unusual, but I want to be a normal man, and not be tired frequently!”

My Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, looked at me questioningly.

Even though she now lived in freewheeling Southern California, she had grown up in a small Midwestern town and Pakistan that had never heard pretty much of the sexual revolution.

She’d had a very religious Islamic upbringing, as the most Musalmān Beauties had.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr had been taught that extra marital sex was evil, made you go blind, and all that.

But she didn’t want her Hindu Nandoī to have my hormones out of whack or grow my Uncut Hindu Penis permanently bigger and thicker, more than usual, either.

She smiled in sympathy.

“Okay Durgesh darling, if that’s what you want, then that’s what I want.” She reached out and grabbed my hand.

We squeezed hands in support of each other.

We smiled at each other as loving Musalmān Salhaj and Hindu Nandoī.***

Dr. Vikram Parākram smiled a broad smile.

He thought,

That’s a relief!

It looks like they both bought my bullshit story hook, line, and sinker.

That means that incredible knockout Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr is gonna be very happy with me.

I’m gonna get my reward and fuck her brains out just as soon as these two clueless rubes are out the door, if I can help it .

But naturally he kept those thoughts to himself and said,

“Excellent! I do believe you’ve made the right choice. However, before you agree, let me warn you about a few other things. For one, you’ll be making a long-term commitment.”

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr wanted it so.


Dr. Vikram Parākram went on,

“If Sir Durgesh’s level of sexual stimulation returns to current levels, it’s likely that his hormone levels will also change back as well. This one area isn’t fully understood since very few people have undertaken this treatment. It can be that after some time the change will become permanent, but then again it may not. That may be something we can explore in the future by lowering the level of stimulation and see if there’s a change. But on the other hand, it may mean this will have to be something he’ll need to do for years, if not decades. We just can’t tell for sure at this   point.”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr looked at me gravely.

I met her extremely beautiful eyes gravely too.

Dr. Vikram Parākram continued,

“Secondly, there isn’t much research on this   condition or treatment, but from the little there is, it appears that half measures are not usually effective. In other words, averaging only four stimulations a day is unlikely to lead to any effect at all. We’ll try seven to begin with, and see if that’s enough or too much. We can have further appointments to test your progress. But you must average seven with little variation. If you are short on one day, try your best to make up for it on the next.”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and I nodded uncertainly.

He added,

“Third, and finally, contrary to popular belief, fucking new Musalmān Beauties is not bad for you. You don’t go blind.”

My Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and I smiled grave smiles at that.

“In fact, recent studies have shown that frequent fucking new Musalmān Beauties  will lower the risk of prostate cancer in later life, an effect that does not occur with a similar level of sexual intercourse. But given the high level of stimulation Sir Durgesh will now need, if he fucks seven new Musalmān Beauties  a day, every single day of the year, it could lead to problems with his Uncut Hindu Lund: chafing of the skin, unnatural bends, irregular polyps, and so forth. I highly recommend first, that he should use known new Musalmān Beauties, not entirely inconsiderate of him, and second, that at least half of the stimulation be done by someone else, entirely unknown to him. Let their response be natural so that we can decide the future course. ”

Dr. Vikram Parākram continued,

“In other words, for at least three of his seven new Musalmān Beauties a day, he should get stimulated by known Musalmān  females manually or, even better, orally. That would be ideal. The mouth creates the proper level of friction without so much rough abuse of the skin. And of course sexual penetration is also ideal and has no ill effects on the Uncut Hindu Lund no matter how frequently practiced.”

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Oh my God,” responded Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, “That’s horrible!”

Her shock was a combination of the talk of Uncut Hindu Lund damage, my lack of new mature Musalmān  girlfriends to assist, and just the idea of fucking seven new Musalmān Beauties generally.

One part of her realized the stories of fucking seven new Musalmān Beauties causing blindness were myths, but she had still internalized the idea that fucking seven new Musalmān Beauties was wrong and somehow dangerous.

This   talk of dangerous polyps only gave medical backing to her fears.

She also was well aware that her Hindu Nandoī didn’t have seven new mature Musalmān girlfriends a day now.

He had more, but almost all of them were around twenty-eight.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had vowed to see that.

Moreover, it was unlikely to get them soon.

“What’ll we do?” she said imploringly. “I don’t think Durgesh is anywhere near finding seven new mature  Musalmān  girls a day now who can help him out like that!”

“I’m sure you can come up with some kind of solution,” said the doctor confidently.

He thought of Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr.

After all, she’d explained to him this was her purpose for the whole story.

His lies were meant to give a thin veneer of respectability that would allow her to seduce her friend’s Hindu Nandoī in the guise of giving him medically needed relief.

“See if there’s anyone you know willing to help. Perhaps hire someone, if all else fails. Or if you can’t find any solution, you can always give up and have Sir Durgesh   take the pills instead.”

He went on,

“But, and I can’t stress this enough, I highly recommend that whatever you do, please be extremely careful about who you tell. I would hesitate even telling other medical professionals. Sir Durgesh’s case is so unusual, it almost sounds like an urban legend. As a professional myself, I know that many can’t resist telling others about extremely unusual cases. A doctor has a patient with something highly unusual like a hundred pound goiter, he tells just a couple of people in strict confidence, we do the same, and so it spreads. Sometimes such stories even make the newspaper. And if this were to become well known, I don’t need to point out how merciless your friends would be about my treatment. So if you hire a professional, make 100% sure that person will not tell another soul.”

I couldn’t figure out if all of this   was a really great thing or really bad thing.

I have a feeling that fucking new Musalmān Beauties that much and being forced to do it will take all the pleasure out of it and even turn it into a chore.

In fact, the pressure of this medical need is gonna make it that much harder.

How absurd would it be to ask seven new Musalmān  girls a day,

“Could you please pleasure me, seven new Musalmān Beauties, a day? I need it for my medical treatment.”

That would be completely insane!

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s worries increased.

She thought,

No way am I going to trust a stranger with that secret and turn Durgesh  into a real-life “urban legend” laughingstock.

 I’m not going to tell a soul – not anyone!

Which means Durgesh will have no choice but to fuck twenty eights, and get all those deformities.

Suddenly, a new and even more disturbing thought occurred to her, as she recalled my revelation that I fucked new Musalmān Beauties every day.

“Doctor, how do we know that his um, private part is not already malformed from his, uh, attentions to twenty eights Musalmān Beauties?”

The straight-laced Salhaj couldn’t even get herself to say the words “Uncut Hindu Lund” and “fucking new Musalmān Beauties.”

“We don’t,” replied the doctor, more thinking aloud than anything else, “he needs normal Musalmān Cunts very much. The too much tight twenty-eight years old  Musalmān Cunts must be compensated. His Uncut Hindu Lund is so thick that visiting ever tight twenty eight Musalmān Cunts only is resisting its natural environment around it. Its natural thickness is always being squeezed beyond endurance, I mean.”

What does that mean, to keep this   charade believable? He thought to himself.

He reluctantly told them,

“I suppose we’ll have to examine Sir Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund now, to use as a later basis for comparison. Sir, please change into a hospital gown, if you don’t mind. Then get up on this examination table and put your feet in the stirrups.”

I was still dressed in my street clothes, since the original idea of the appointment was only to discuss test results.

But I changed my clothes, then got onto the adjustable examination table and put my feet in the stirrup attachments.

The doctor put on a pair of gloves and thought more about what I would do next.

He figured he had been boxed into examining My Uncut Hindu Lund, but as a straight male who didn’t do this   kind of thing with his regular ear, eye, and nose patients, he had no desire to do so.

In fact, he was rather homophobic.

He tried to think of a way out of this.

Well, it was not so impossible to be managed however.

Dr. Vikram Parākram called his Co lady doctor, Farħat Jalālī and requested her to continue.

I sat in the stirrups, beet red with embarrassment, while Doctor Farħat Jalālī fiddled with her gloves.

The gown was open down my back, and so short in the legs that it left my genitals completely exposed as long as my feet were in the stirrups.

I was so habitual of being naked in front  of Musalmān Beauties that it was perfectly normal for me now, whether the Musalmān Beauties were known to me or not.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī crouched down in front of my Hindu  crotch, and motioned my Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr,   to come close by as well.

“Come over here and sit next to me. You need to see the tell tale signs as well. In fact, why don’t you pull those two chairs over?”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr grabbed two chairs, sat in one, and then gave the other for the doctor to sit in.

They both leaned in towards My Uncut Hindu Lund.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr pretended to be following the doctor’s orders, but in fact, she closed her eyes tight.

She just couldn’t bear to look at her own Hindu Nandoī’s Uncut Hindu Lund, even if it was flaccid.

She was fairly sure it was some kind of sin.

My Uncut Hindu Lund was flaccid.

That disappointed the doctor, who thought, damn, it’ll have to be erect to be closely examined.

Not to mention, it has to be measured to see if my low hormone levels had stunted its growth.

Wait a minute! Dr. Farħat Jalālī suddenly thought to herself.

All this stuff about low hormones is made up, but I’m starting to believe it myself! I’m getting so into the lie that I’ve even tricked myself, so I certainly must have tricked them.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī continued,

“Uh, Sir, Durgesh, we need your Uncut Hindu Lund erect so it can be properly examined and measured. Can you get it erect?”

“How?”I asked gravely, “Are you proposing me to masturbate myself?”

Doctor Farħat Jalālī turned to Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr and noticed her closed eyes.

“You don’t mind, Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr? Can you do something to help me in getting him erect?”

With the doctor’s eyes on her, she was forced to open her eyes and look at my crotch.

Doctor Farħat Jalālī motioned to my Salhaj, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, as if she should grab My Uncut Hindu Lund and make it grow somehow.

“I very much do mind!” she responded in indignation.

The mere thought of sitting on a chair and staring at her Hindu Nandoī’s Uncut Hindu Lund from inches away was something Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr never could have imagined, let alone having to touch it.

The Aurangzeb Åālamgīr household was extremely careful about nudity, and she hadn’t seen her Hindu Nandoī naked ever.

Neither had I seen her naked or even partially undressed in all the time.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr briefly glanced at my Uncut Hindu Lund, and even though it was flaccid, she felt her heart leap into her throat in shock and embarrassment.

She turned away to listen to the doctor.

“I understand,” said Doctor Farħat Jalālī, “but I assure you it’s medically necessary. Sir Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund needs to be checked regularly for abnormalities, and I don’t want to have a regular special appointment just for that. This   is out of my area of expertise. As your new general practitioner, I don’t mind taking on this   kind of case, but I’ve never had to do this   before, and frankly, I would prefer if you would touch the Uncut Hindu Lund and check it. That way you can do it at home, just like periodic breast cancer checks.”

“No! I’m sorry doctor, but I just can’t possibly agree with that!” Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s hands were trembling at the very thought.

Her extremely beautiful face now looked absolutely aghast.

Doctor Farħat Jalālī could see the idea was a no-go.

“All right then, let’s see… yes, the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī. This is what she is for. If you don’t mind, can I, Dr. Farħat Jalālī, show you the procedure? I see no other choice.”

What a relief! thought Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr .

I’ll do a lot of things for my Hindu Nandoī’s  health, but not that!

“Yes, please.”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr grabbed my hand and squeezed it in a sign of support.

“Be strong, Durgesh darling. Don’t worry; everything is going to be all right.”

I looked up into her eyes and smiled.

Her hand was trembling.

Yet she tried to smile,

“And never fear,” she continued, “I won’t let anyone find out about this. It all will work out fine.”

She squeezed my hand again, and stole another glance at my Uncut Hindu Lund. She couldn’t help but satiate her curiosity.

Damn! I think it’s bigger than her husband’s!

She quickly banished the unSalhajly thought from her head, and turned away.

As Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was doing this, the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī again opened the door and walked into the room.

She had gone to discuss it with Dr. Vikram Parākram.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr pulled her eyes away from her brief inspection of her Hindu Nandoī’s crotch, but not before Dr. Farħat Jalālī noticed where the Salhaj was staring.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī stared at Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr with a knowing look.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr’s heart nearly stopped, she was so terrified that the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī would say something.

But the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī just continued to smile, and kept her mouth shut.

I also looked at the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī standing in the doorway, and felt I was falling in love.

Or at least lust.

She seemed much more sophisticated and sexy than the girls at school.

I knew how absurd the idea of such attraction was, and assumed that Dr. Farħat Jalālī could never give me a second glance, but I couldn’t help my feelings.

Dr. Vikram Parākram came back in.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī put on a pair of gloves as the doctor explained the basics about my condition.

The co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī’s involvement was not part of Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr’s original plan.

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had Dr. Vikram Parākram swear to complete secrecy, and no doubt, she would be upset to find out that he’d told someone else already.

The doctor knew that Dr. Farħat Jalālī could be trusted not to tell anyone else because, he thought, she’s kept my affair with her completely secret, for one. But what will she think or do with the information herself? Surely as a medical professional, she’ll have doubts about the whole made-up story. Is she going to give me a hard time about this   later?

Finally, everything was ready.

I still sat in the stirrups with my flaccid Uncut Hindu Lund exposed for three adults to see.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī sat in the doctor’s chair, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was told to take the chair next to it, and Dr. Vikram Parākram stood behind.

Durgesh , Sir,” said the doctor, “before the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī can proceed, you need to make your Uncut Hindu Lund erect. Can you do that right now?”

I thought, Who is he kidding?! How can I do that on command, with three people staring at me, including my own Salhaj ?

He just frowned and looked desperately around the room, as if he could find a hole to climb out of and escape.

“Can you think of something sexy?” said the doctor encouragingly.

But the idea was obviously a no-go, judging from My face.

So he suggested,

“Perhaps you’d like some privacy? Or we can come back when you’re ready?”

“No,” said I. “I just can’t touch myself… there… in, uh, outside my house. I’m too… Sorry, I just can’t!”

“That’s okay,” the doctor said consolingly. “Would you mind if the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī stimulates you?”

I was too glad to even respond to that.

The co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī herself raised a curious eyebrow.

Dr. Vikram Parākram had told her a little bit just before she came in, but she didn’t fully understand what was going on.

The doctor took the ensuing silence for a yes.

“I’m sorry Sir Durgesh  and Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr,   but I see no other solution. Do you see one, Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr?”

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was too stunned to speak.

“No? Well then, let’s try to hurry this up. Your appointment is already taking much longer than expected. Dr. Farħat Jalālī, if you would please…?”

Few normal doctors would ask such a thing of their co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī s, but Dr. Vikram Parākram didn’t see the situation like most, especially since he was fucking Dr. Farħat Jalālī on a daily basis.

He enjoyed having her suck his Uncut Hindu Lund almost more than fucking her.

He knew she certainly wouldn’t mind the sex act, and he hoped he’d dropped enough hints before they came in for her to understand this was no ordinary situation.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī did give Dr. Vikram Parākram a queer look, but she knew she couldn’t ask questions in front of others.

Without saying anything to anyone, she simply grabbed My Uncut Hindu Lund and began rubbing it.

At first, she started rubbing it gently, at the base.

Being a bit clueless about why she was doing this  , she decided it would be safest to act like this   was just another medical procedure.

But my Uncut Hindu Lund  initially failed to revive.

My mind was too frazzled to fully comprehend what was happening.

Like a minute ago, I was just thinking that I was falling in love with Dr. Farħat Jalālī, and now she’s suddenly holding my Uncut Hindu Lund.


This   isn’t happening!

Dr. Farħat Jalālī saw this as more than a bit demeaning, and wanted to get it over with quickly.

She realized her emotionless and clinical approach wasn’t going to work.

So she smiled reassuringly and she said to me in a very soothing voice,

“Just close your eyes and relax. Imagine sexy things. Imagine me naked, if you think that will help. Would you like me to get naked? I will, if you want me to. Do you want me to take off my shirt and my bra, and expose my Pakistani Musalmān breasts to your eyes? Would you like to?”

The doctor interrupted her.

“Thank you very much, co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī. It looks like you have been successful.”

He almost added, “As usual,” but luckily stopped himself in time.

Sure enough, My Uncut Hindu Lund was sticking out its full length in a matter of seconds, thanks mostly to Dr. Farħat Jalālī’s suggestive words.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī realized that the doctor purposely cut her off before she got too nasty with her talk.

She loved slutty talk during sex, but understood now wasn’t the best time, especially with the obviously prudish Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr,   sitting next to her.

She removed her hands from My Hindu erection.

From where Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was sitting, she could just see My Uncut Hindu Lund between my leg and the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī leaning forward.

She was beside herself with shock, but also strangely fascinated.

It IS bigger than my husband’s! she realized.

“Very good,” the doctor said in a passionless voice. “Now we should proceed with the abnormality check. Mrs. Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, as you can see, Dr. Farħat Jalālī will now start at the base.”

Dr. Farħat Jalālī took one hand and placed it at the base of the cock, while her other hand resumed rubbing my Uncut Hindu Lund at the sensitive spot near the tip.

The doctor narrated,

“She will use her thumb to press against every bit of the surface, and check for polyps or anything else, like an unusual protrusion. Her other hand, I suppose… is making sure that the erection is steadily maintained.”

Dr. Farħat Jalālī ‘s other hand was doing just that, repeatedly pressing on the most sensitive and arousing spot for males, on the underside of the Uncut Hindu Lund  just below the Uncut Hindu Lund  head.

Dr. Vikram Parākram thought disapprovingly to himself,

That isn’t really necessary at this   point Dr. Farħat Jalālī, but if you ask a horny Musalmān bitch to rub an Uncut Hindu Cock , she’s going to do a thoroughly good job about it!

Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr had asked him to tell us a story about “checking for abnormalities” so that could serve as a foot in the door for her helping with My Uncut Hindu Lund in the future. But the doctor didn’t count on having Dr. Farħat Jalālī actually perform it in front of us.

I thought,

This   is insanity!

Am I going out of my mind, or is this   a dream, or a nightmare, or what?!

I can’t believe my Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr is sitting right here. I can’t even stand to look at what she’s doing. If I cum, it’d not be good. But how can I not cum this   very second, the way Dr. Farħat Jalālī is fondling me?

I struggled with all my might to control myself, but I didn’t know how.

The best I could do was keep my eyes closed and try to think unsexy thoughts, but that was nearly impossible because I was simply too aroused.

Dr. Farħat Jalālī proceeded to press her thumb against every part of My Uncut Hindu Lund, as if she was making a pattern around the sides of a clay jar.

As she moved up towards the tip, she moved her other hand towards the base and began pumping her fist up and down it.

The Uncut Hindu Lund  in her soft Musalmān hands was growing wet with pre-cum, which allowed her fingers to slide all over it more easily.

Might as well make the most of the opportunity, she thought.

This   is a nice Uncut Hindu Lund.

She’d never touched an Uncut Hindu Lund  in her several years of professional duties as Dr. Vikram Parākram’s co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī , except of course for Dr. Vikram Parākram’s.

She figured the chance might not come again soon.

Her experience with hand jobs was coming in handy, as she was able to keep me right on the verge of orgasm without actually pushing me over it.

A couple of times, she had to squeeze the base of my  Uncut Hindu Lund  to stop me  from cumming, but I was so out of it that I didn’t even realize that’s what had held me  back.

I was in exquisite ecstasy; as she took her sweet tongue to complete the “procedure.”

I kept my  eyes shut tight to enjoy all the people staring at me , and the intense feelings she was making me  experience soon pushed any  embarrassment whatsoever out of my  mind.

Before long, Dr. Farħat Jalālī had finished exploring every last bit of my Hindu erection, which meant that technically speaking, the procedure was over.

But since the doctor didn’t tell or motion her to stop, she kept stroking.

Only now, she didn’t even make a pretense of performing a medical procedure, and increasingly did it just for my pleasure, and her own.

She’d never been in such a situation before, but found it quite arousing.

She had to fight to try to keep her breathing at least somewhat normal, if only for appearances.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr meanwhile was extremely agitated.

She’d never had an such thought in her life.

But staring at her Hindu Nandoī ‘s Uncut Hindu Lund  being jacked off only a few feet away was beginning to have the inevitable, natural effect on her libido.

She was even more aghast to see all the pre-cum dripping, and hear the sound of Dr. Farħat Jalālī’s hands sloshing and squishing through all that sexual fluid.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was in denial, mentally refusing to even contemplate the thought that she could be turned on by her Hindu Nandoī’s big Hindu erection.

She ignored the fact that her nipples were painfully hard and her panties were getting wet.

Instead, she told herself, I’m merely curious to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my Hindu Nandoī’s sexual organs.

That’s no sin, is it?

Isn’t it my responsibility as a Salhaj to make sure everything is okay… down there?

The fact that it’s so… big… and throbbing… Well, that really, never mind about that.

I just need to check on this   procedure, which, if I didn’t know better, looks awfully sexual.

She kept staring at it, and then turning away.

But after a while, it became clear no one was paying attention to what she was looking at, least of all I who still had my eyes firmly shut, so she started gawking more openly.

She unconsciously squatted down behind Dr. Farħat Jalālī to have a better look.

She continued to move her head closer and closer, as if she was a perfectly attentive student of the procedure.

The squishy sound of Dr. Farħat Jalālī’s hands sliding up and down seemed as loud as the roar of a train engine to her.

The wet stain on her panties grew larger.

The doctor continued to ramble on about what to look for, unnatural bends and so forth, but in fact, Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr couldn’t focus on his words.

He could have been speaking Swahili, for all she knew.

Soon, her mouth was only about a foot from the tip of her Hindu Nandoī ‘s Uncut Hindu Lund .

She began to idly think, It’s so close. I could almost reach out and touch it. Just like what the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī is doing. … No, not like that! That’s too sexual. But just to touch it, just to see… Do Uncut Hindu Lunds really get this   big? I thought my husband’s was typical, but this is maybe twice the size of Jibrān Tātār Åbdālī’s!

But right then, she noticed that all movement had stopped.

She came out of her mental fog enough to hear the doctor say to the co lady doctor, Dr. Farħat Jalālī,

“Thank you, Ms. Dr. Farħat Jalālī. Sorry for making you go through that.”

Dr. Farħat Jalālī pulled back and sat back in her seat.

She was so excited that she couldn’t hide her panting, or the flushed look on her Panjvaqtah Namāzī beautiful ardent Musalmān face.

It wasn’t every day she got to play with an utmost experienced Hindu‘s privates, let alone in front of an audience like this.

Tāhirah Aurangzeb Åālamgīr sat back so as well, in imitation.

She was still completely transfixed by my Hindu erection though, so she didn’t even notice how blatantly aroused Dr. Farħat Jalālī was.

Chapter 19