The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-49

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 49

Durgesh Al Qamar Al Islam

Al Raħmān Al Åbbās family

Durgesh Al Nādirah Al Åzīm

I moved my free hand down to her hip and ass, groping us as my friend, Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter, Al Qamar Al Islam, began to take off her tank top and bra.

She unclasped it and I gasped as her perfect tits erected against her body.

I cupped one in my hand and kneaded it some more, slightly pinching her nipple.

“Allah! Oh God, Durgesh darling!” she cried as she placed her hand on top of mine and continued to rub her breast.

With her free hand she grabbed my head and turned hers, pressing her lips hard into mine, still bouncing up and down on my Uncut Hindu Cock  and grinding her beautiful Musalmān ass deep into my lap, allowing me to bottom out in her every time.

With this, I could no longer concentrate on the road perfectly.

I attempted to pull over to focus more on what I was doing.

I pulled to the side and turned the car off, unbuttoning my shirt in the process.

Now using both of my free hands I groped her tight, lithe young adult Musalmān body.

I kissed her neck as I continued to slam into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy, fucking her like I’d never fucked anyone before recently.

I grabbed both of her perky breasts before deciding to change positions.

“What are you doing Durgesh darling?” she asked in between moans, feeling her father grab her by the hips.

I lifted her again, this time spinning her around in the limited space and grabbing her by the ass to place her back on my Hindu crotch.

I set her down once again on my huge Uncut Hindu Lund and slammed further into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot than it felt I had before.

“Allah, Durgesh darling! She screamed as she felt me bottom out in her tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī young Just eighteen Just Adult Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

I ran my hands over her wide hips and grabbed her ass, this time leaning forward and taking one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

“Oh yes! Squeeze my Musalmān tits, you Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā! I’m so close to cumming!” she yelled as I could tell she neared the edge.

I pressed my lips hard into hers and groped her gorgeous legs before feeling her start to orgasm on my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

As she climaxed, her Musalmān Choot began to tighten on my gigantic Uncut Hindu Lund, squeezing me with her tight Musalmān Cunt.

“Oh yes, fuck your Musalmān friend’s slutty little teenage daughter, Durgesh darling! Fuck my tight little Musalmān Pussy!” she said right before she started to completely convulse on my body.

It went on neither of knew how long.

We both felt as it was to infinity.

Then ultimately I released my infinite control on my penis.

“Oh, Al Qamar Al Islam! Durgesh darling’s about to cum!” I said, as I could no longer handle her tightness. “Are you on the pill, Al Qamar Al Islam?” I asked, hoping I’d be able to cum in her Musalmān Pussy.

“No… Durgesh darling…” she squeaked out as she continued to ride her climax, I so close to cumming. “It’s okay, though, Durgesh darling! Just cum in your Al Qamar Al Islam’s Musalmān Pussy. Fill me up deepest with your utmost wanted Hindu sperm!” she screamed, continuing to move down on my cock.

Eīshān! Oh God, Al Qamar Al Islam-girl!” I yelled as I was sent over the edge by her naughty words. “Your Durgesh darling’s about to cum!” With one last bounce, she sat hard on my Uncut Hindu Cock and kissed me deeply.

With this, I began to cum.

“Allaaaaaaaaaaah!” she yelled as she felt the first of my Hindu sperm splash her Musalmān Pussy walls. “Allah, you’re filling me up so much,” she moaned.

My Uncut Hindu Cock continued to unleash buckets of my Hindu semen deepest inside Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter’s fertile Musalmān womb.

“I love you, Al Qamar Al Islam!” I said as the last of my Hindu cum filled up Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter’s tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

“I love you too, Durgesh darling! And now understand completely why the entire beautiful Musalmān houseladies I know and even my Musalmān lady friends are so crazy to fuck you always irrespective of days or nights. They say you are the best. And Wallāh, they are quite correct.” she yelped, finally feeling her orgasm subside!

She collapsed on my chest, her gorgeous tits pressing into my chest.

I ran my hand over the back of her legs and hips, squeezing her beautiful Musalmān ass one last time.

She sat up, feeling this, and lightly rubbed her breasts, still on my lap.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her petite body off mine and placed her on my console.

“Allah, Durgesh darling, that was amazing!!” she smiled, leaning against my chest and kissing me.

“I’ve never fucked such a sexy little thing before, recently.” I smiled, kissing her back and groping her breast roughly.

I looked over onto the floor and saw Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter’s shorts and panties on the carpet of the car.

Her panties were absolutely drenched in her juices, and her shorts were still slightly wet on the bottom from my pre-cum.

“Here you go, Al Qamar Al Islam!” I said, handing her shorts and panties. She inspected her panties and tossed them aside, deeming them too wet to wear.

She slipped her tight shorts over her wide hips and gorgeous legs, and bent over looking for her shirt.

I admired Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter’s tight, pantiless Musalmān ass as her puffy Musalmān Pussy showed through the thin yoga shorts.

I slapped her beautiful Musalmān ass just as she grabbed her shirt, hearing her yelp from the sudden sting.

As she put her tank top on, her hard nipples showing very obviously through the fabric without her bra, I started to wonder what would happen.

“Wait, so you’re not on the pill? What are we gonna do if something happens?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“If I happen to get pregnant, I guess I could always move back home with you, Durgesh darling. I could go to the college near our house. At least we have a backup plan!” She smiled again with her bubbly smile. “That would be okay, right Durgesh darling?” she said as she bit her lip and puffed her chest outward.

“Of course, Al Qamar Al Islam-girl.” I said, realizing I couldn’t say no to my friend, Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter, Al Qamar Al Islam,. “Whatever happens we’ll deal with it.” I put my shorts and shirt back on before getting ready to drive again.

“Hey, Durgesh darling?” my friend, Al Muħammad Al Åbbās’ daughter, Al Qamar Al Islam, asked shyly.

“Yes, Al Qamar Al Islam?” I said, turning toward her and starting the car again.

She leaned in close and grabbed my face, pulling my head in and pressing her lips against mine. “We still have 4 hours to go till we make it to my apartment, and now we’re a little off schedule. It will be too late to drive back today, do you wanna stay the night at the apartment?” she asked sheepishly.

“I’d love to, Al Qamar Al Islam.” I said as I began to pull back onto the road. “I’ll fuck my sexy little Al Qamar Al Islam all night and into the morning,” I said with a sly grin, putting my free arm around her waist and pulling her off the console into my lap.

She blushed a deep red and then leaned into my chest.

I kissed her on the lips as she whispered back,

“Oh, Durgesh darling, I love you! “She kissed me again and then lay against my chest, both of us looking forward to what was to come.*

As we asked truth or dare, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm immediately blurted out dare, not waiting for me to ask or respond.

“Okay. We dare you to get to second base. Make out with your husband and suck on his cock.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān answered, smiling.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s eyes went wide. “What is this, high school? Daring me to go to 2nd base?” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm said, concerned.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm tried to hide it, but I immediately noted she was secretly happy.

Perhaps it was the reason she chose dare even without asking me.

“Yup. That’s your dare. Do it or not.” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, speaking up and giggling a bit.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm leaned to my ear, whispering softly. “It’s fine Durgesh. Don’t give away and betray me, please. Don’t forget we are playing husband and wife. Moreover, being my father in law it’s your duty to protect me from everything against me.”

I started, to Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s surprise.

“I know you really want that purse, this will only take a few minutes. It’s no big deal.” I said, getting braver.

She was still in shock, but spoke back.

“Yeah, but it’s inappropriate nevertheless. You’re my father in law!” she looked over at the prada bag, admiring it again. “I do really want that purse, though,” she added.

“Fine, but try to make it quick.” I said.

She’d drank far too much as is, and that allowed her to relax, perhaps too much.

“Okay, We’ll do it.” She said to the group, turning to me.

“Oooh, this should be fun!” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān cooed.

Durgesh faced Al Nādirah Al Åzīm.

She brought her hand around my waist, pulling me closer to her.

I hesitated for a second, before Al Nādirah Al Åzīm took the initiative.

She planted her lips firmly to mine, hoping to get it over quick.

As our lips touched, her brief intentions scattered away. We both felt electricity as we kissed, and Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, drunk as she was, melted into my mouth.

As I kissed Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, I was overtaken in the lust of the Moment.

I placed one hand on Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s ass and leaned her on the floor, on her knees.

She pushed her tongue into my mouth, lightly teasing me.

She moaned into my mouth as my rough hands caressed her hard nipple, and she felt herself getting wet.

Ignoring everything, she placed her hands on the back of my head, and broke the kiss.
Then she moved her head down towards my Uncut Hindu Penis, admiring it from close.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm took my sixty seven years old utmost experienced Uncut Hindu Lund into her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

I arched my back from the sudden wetness on my hard Uncut Hindu Cock, driving it further into her Musalmān mouth.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm sucked on my firm, sixty seven years old, utmost handsome Uncut Hindu Lund as it were an ice cream bar, flicking it nipple with her marvelous Musalmān  tongue.

I slowly reached down to touch her burning Musalmān Pussy.

I lightly ran my finger over her slit, feeling the wetness through her panties.

“Allaaaaaaaah!” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm gasped out, in a whisper.

She started to grind her pussy against my finger, when she was interrupted by the group.

“Holy nonsense you guys!” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, breaking the silence.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm and I immediately realized where we were, groping each other in front of Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s friends.

We had been too into it to even say anything before Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl had spoken up.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm withdrew her mouth from my Uncut Hindu Lund.

My Hindu shaft was now glistening from her saliva.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm got off me, looking up at the group.

Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl was bright red, even though she hadn’t even been the one doing anything.

I then eyed Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān, realizing her hand was in between her legs.

Her Iraqi Årab Musalmān Pussy was puffier than before.

She had just been masturbating!

“Jeez, guys! Get a room!” Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb now said out loud, chuckling.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm blushed deeper than she had before, embarrassed that she had been paying so little attention.

Her hands moved once again to her lap, covering the front of her panties.

She tried to hide it, but her panties were now absolutely soaked with her juices.

I had just been openly rubbing her wet Musalmān slit, and now she was hornier than ever.

Even more so, she was turned on by the fact we had done it while her friends watched.

The thought of being touched by me, the ever infamous Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā of entire beautiful  Musalmān houseladies, in front of her unknowing friends drove her crazy.

“Well, now” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, removing her hand from between her legs and giving me a slight grin. “I guess you fulfilled your dare!”

It was then Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb and her husband’s turn.

They chose dare, opting to keep their last truth.

The women convened again, and once again chose something naughty.

“Give Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s husband, instead of your own husband, a striptease/lapdance, and make it good. You have strip all the way naked.”

“I don’t know about this, Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb.” Muħammad Saåīd, her husband, started, not wanting everyone to see his wife completely naked.

“It’s fine, baby. Don’t worry.” She said, reassuring him.

She led me to a chair and gave me a fantastic lap dance, slowly stripping away the slutty witch dress she had been wearing and sensually grinding herself in my lap.

She grabbed my hands and placed us on her body as she removed both her panties and bra, revealing her large, tanned breasts and huge beautiful Musalmān ass.

The men, including me, ogled Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb’s beautiful Musalmān body as she performed the dare, looking at me with lust in our eyes.

She finished the lap dance, staying naked, and sitting on the floor.

Her large, firm breasts sat out in the open as she once again faced everyone.

I stood up from the chair, a noticeable erection in my penis.

The women giggled at the sight, and then moved on to Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān and her husband’s turn.

This time, the women got bold.

I noticed them giggling abnormally, after Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān chose to do a dare once again.

They broke their huddle and gave the dare.

“Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān, you have to suck on Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s husband’s Penis, my husband’s, as I myself did.” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm said with a sly grin.

“What?” she exclaimed. “Surely you can’t be fine with this, Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb? I think you want to suck his wonderful Penis.”

“I’m game,” she said, giggling. “I love someone as beautiful as you are sucking a wonderful Penis.” she said, eyeing Muħammad Saåīd.

Both of their husbands gulped, and I could tell they  wanted to object but were too excited to pass up the opportunity.

“Fine.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, to my surprise.

I was shocked, but definitely looked forward to.

“You ready?” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, nearing me.

“All yours!” I smiled boldly.

Taking command, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān pushed me onto my back.

Slowly, she put one of her legs in between mine and gently lowered her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth towards Uncut Hindu Prick.

I moaned slightly as Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān flicked Uncut Hindu Prick with her tongue before taking my entire sixty seven years old Uncut Hindu Cock into her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent  Musalmān mouth.

As Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān continued to suck on my Uncut Hindu Penis, she pinched her nipple with her other hand, causing herself to arch her back.
I gasped as Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān’s breasts fell into view.

They were breathtaking.

They were firm and perky, slightly bigger than Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s.

They jostled up and down with her every move, hypnotizing me.

My cock further hardened as she sucked me wonderfully nonstop.

The men’s jaws were still on us, stunned by what was happening.

As they tried to recover, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān changed the subject.

“Okay, Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl. It’s your guys’ turn now!” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, her breathing still heavy from her arousal. “You only have dares left, right?”

“Oh, nuh uh.” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, turning a shade of red I had never even seen before. “I’m not doing anything like that! I’m too embarrassed! We’re out!” she said, looking away.

Her husband looked relieved yet slightly disappointed that they wouldn’t be doing anything, but accepted the decision.

“You sure?” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm spoke in.

“Yeah. We’re gonna stay and watch still, of course.” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl added.

“What a naughty slut!” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, laughing.

“Whatever!” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, embarrassed. “It’s Al Nādirah Al Åzīm and Muħammad Raħmān’s turn now, right?” she added, referring to me as Muħammad Raħmān.

“I guess so,” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, agreeing. “Truth or dare?”

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm turned to me, whispering to decide what we wanted to do. “I think we should do one more dare, before it gets too serious, so we can keep our truth for a last round if we need it. We’ll try to get us out after our turn with something crazy.”

I just nodded in agreement, too horny to really focus on anything.

“We choose dare again.” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm said.

“Okay,” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, this time not even attempting to decide the dare with the rest of the group. “Give your husband a blow job again, right here in front of us.”

My jaw dropped.

I hadn’t expected it to ever go this far, and while my cock stirred at the thought of getting my cock sucked by Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, I fully expected her to turn it down.

“You can’t be serious, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān! That’s too far. The other stuff was borderline already, but this is basically like having sex in front of you guys! You can’t expect us to accept that!”

“Well, that’s the dare, sweetie.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, teasing her. “If you want to win, that’s what you have to do.”

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm looked to the other two women for support.

We had none.

“Sorry, babe, but no objections here.” Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb said as she made eye contact with Al Nādirah Al Åzīm. “This is too exciting!”

Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl was too embarrassed to even be talking about it to acknowledge Al Nādirah Al Åzīm looking at her.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm turned towards me, lost in thought. I, in the middle of this all, tried to discuss it with Al Nādirah Al Åzīm.

“It’s fine, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm” I started, whispering to her as she drew closer. “This has gone far enough already. There’s no need to do the dare.”

“You’re right, dear. It’s fine.” She replied. I took a deep breath of relief. “Just let me do all the work.” She added.

My eyes shot wide as I felt Al Nādirah Al Åzīm grab my Uncut Hindu Prick.

She actually planned to give me a blowjob!

“Allah Allah! Holy nonsense, she’s gonna do it.” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, her eyes glued to what was transpiring.

Slowly, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm unbuckled the fake utility belt I was wearing, and pulled down the bottom of my costume, revealing my boxers.

There was a large tent in my pants, with stains of precum all over the underwear.

I went to protest one last time as Al Nādirah Al Åzīm attempted to pull them down, but she gave me a threatening glare, causing me to back down.

I couldn’t believe Al Nādirah Al Åzīm was about to give me a blow job!

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm pulled down my boxers in one move, causing my large Uncut Hindu Cock to spring out.

I immediately became aware that everyone in the room could see my Hindu manhood.

The women gasped as it escaped my boxers, and Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, eyes wide, instinctively licked her lips.

“Holy nonsense, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān.” Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb blurted out. “Allah, that thing is huge.”

“I can see why you married him, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm,” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said nonchalantly, in front of her own husband.

SI blatantly stared at my Uncut Hindu Cock, and I saw her subtly move her hand between her legs. “That thing’s like half as big as you!” she added, referencing Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s petite Musalmān body.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm ignored them, focusing on the task at hand.

She’d never seen such a big cock in her life, and strangely felt proud that she had acquired such a thing.

At the same time, she felt herself get wet at the thought of tasting it.

Slowly, she brought her lips to my Hindu cockhead, and in one move engulfed the tip in her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

I moaned as I felt Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s mouth envelop my cock, her tongue swirling around its tip.

I watched as Al Nādirah Al Åzīm slowly moved her lips down the length of my Hindu shaft, attempting to take it all at once.

Unbeknownst to me, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm was exceptionally gifted at giving head, and she also really liked doing it too.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm continued to slide her luscious, red Musalmān lips down my massive Hindu girth.

She stopped, taking in as much as she could, and found herself unable to reach the bottom third of my Hindu manhood.

I moaned at the sight of Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s gorgeous, soft Musalmān lips running over my Uncut Hindu Lund.

Seeing Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, dressed up with her Pocahontas headband and light facepaint, almost choking on my massive Uncut Hindu Cock made me harder than I’d ever been before recently, and I did everything I could to not cum right there.

Realizing she couldn’t reach the base of my cock, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm  took her free hands and placed it around the base of my cock, using her other to cradle my large testicles.

As her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth and through adjusted to my size, she began to pump the bottom part of my cock with her dainty hand, unable to even completely wrap her hand around it.

She worked my Uncut Hindu Cock with one hand, massaging my balls with the other as she slowly started to move her Musalmān lips up and down my Hindu shaft.

She began to pick up the pace as she got more and more used to my size, running her small mouth up and down the length of my enormous Hindu cock.

I watched in pure delight as Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s lips bobbed up and down over my cock.

I noticed her big, perky Musalmān tits bouncing up and down each time she moved her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān lips down the length of my Uncut Hindu Lund and pumped her hand.

It was by far the best head I’d ever been given recently, and it drove me even crazier that I was being blown by Al Nādirah Al Åzīm.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm continued to move her ardent Musalmān lips up and down my enormous Hindu manhood, enjoying the taste of such a sixty seven years old, utmost experienced large Uncut Hindu Cock in her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

She pumped my shaft over and over, feeling herself getting wetter as she pleasured me in front of her close friends.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān tongue expertly worked my Hindu cockhead before Al Nādirah Al Åzīm  felt me begin to tense up.

Realizing I was close to cumming, she picked up her pace even more, wrapping her ardent Musalmān lips tight around my massive Hindu girth and engulfing as much of my length as she could, to the point of almost choking.

I could no longer handle Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s expert work, and knew I was close to finishing.

“Holy nonsense, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm-” I started, cutting myself off, realizing I needed to call Al Nādirah Al Åzīm by her actual name. “Oh Fuck, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm. I’m about to cum, babe!” I said, attempting to act like her husband.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm continued to work in overdrive before I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck!” I moaned, feeling my balls tighten as I began to release inside Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s mouth.

Ropes and ropes of my Hindu cum shot down Al Nādirah Al Åzīm ‘s throat as I felt my balls empty into Al Nādirah Al Åzīm ‘s mouth.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm was expecting to swallow my cum, but she wasn’t prepared for how much I actually came.

What seemed like buckets of my Hindu cum shot out of my enormous Hindu cock, filling her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth to the brim.

She swallowed my load, but my Uncut Hindu Cock  continued to pump out more of my potent seed.

Finally, I began to settle down as I pumped the last of my cum deep inside Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s mouth.

I groaned at the sight of Al Nādirah Al Åzīm attempting to finish swallowing my Hindu load, a small amount of my cum dripping down her chin and landing on her perky breast.

As I finished, she continued to lick the head of my cock, cleaning it entirely of my cum.

She swallowed the rest of my load and slowly withdrew her twenty eight years old extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth from My cock.

She looked down at the cum that had fallen onto her breast before gathering it on her finger and licking it off.

I looked at gorgeous Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, her left breast and chin still dripping with my cum.

As I recovered, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm looked up at me and smiled seductively, giving me a little shrug.

I pulled my boxers back up over my still hard Hindu cock.

Immediately, we both once again realized where we were: right in front of three other couples.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, attempting to tidy herself, took her nearby top and wiped the cum off her face and body.

She sat down on my lap and gave me a peck on the lips, shortly after having just had her own around my cock.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s panties were completely soaked at this point; she was as horny as she could ever remember, especially after performing such a naughty, taboo act in front of other people.

I could feel her wetness in my lap and knew Al Nādirah Al Åzīm was incredibly aroused.

“Allah Rabbil Åālmīn, that was hot.” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl spoke, apparently too transfixed to be embarrassed further.

“We have to get out of here.” Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb said suddenly, speaking to her husband Muħammad Saåīd.

She stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

He had a noticeable erection.

“What are you doing, babe?” Muħammad Saåīd said, obviously confused.

“We have to go, now.” Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb said, bringing her mouth close to his ear and whispering something.

His eyes went wide for a Moment as Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb cracked a smile.

She gathered the pieces of her costume and started putting them on, forgetting in the Moment about her bra and panties.

“Okay, guys. We’re leaving. Have fun!” she said, moving to the door.

Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl spoke up: “Wait! Don’t you want the purse?”

They opened the door, still continuing to leave. “No thanks, girls. You guys can keep it! Bye!” she said, smiling at us, as her husband pulled her out the door, slamming it in the process.

“Allah,” Al Sabīħah Al Kamāl said, realizing what Al Shāziyah Al Yåqūb went off to do.

Al Nādirah Al Åzīm spoke up now, speaking to Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. “Okay, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. I completed my dare. Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

I looked at Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān as she snapped out of her silent haze.

I looked down between her legs and saw her finger firmly pleasuring her naked pussy.

She removed it as she realized what was happening.

“Such a little horny slut.” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm spoke up, teasing Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān as if she had been doing to us all night. So which is it gonna be?”

“Dare!” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, blurting it out without speaking to her husband.

I briefly tried to protest before Al Nādirah Al Åzīm  interrupted me.

“Okay,” Al Nādirah Al Åzīm said. “Let my husband fuck you in the ass.” She said, motioning towards me.

“What?” her husband shouted, speaking up for the first time since the game started.

He’d really only been watching until now.

“Okay, honey.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, getting up. She walked over to the nearby bed and laid herself over it, exposing both her tight Musalmān holes to the remaining members of the group. “Let’s go, my dear. Fuck my tight little Musalmān ass.” She said, about as nonchalantly as one possibly could.

Chapter 50


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