They conspired against me: 3

They conspired against me


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Chapter 3

Durgesh Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb
Durgesh Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb
Captain Shekhar Kr’shñ

Captain Shekhar Kr’shñ was furious on the unknown person who had framed Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb.
“Sir, instead of arresting Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb Bājī I feel I should resign from this dirty job.”
“It’s alright, Captain.” I smiled at him, “It’s better you are the arresting officer. You are with us.”
“She is so nice and considerate…”
“That’s why she has been framed my dear friend. The conspirator can’t win her that’s why he/she is trying to discredit her.”
“You know something more about it, sir?”
“I suspect something more about it, Captain.” I said gravely.
I had escorted Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb to a seat inside the rail of the courtroom.
“Feeling nervous?” I smiled at her.
“While even you are with me?” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb laughed, “Nonsense.”
I kissed Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb on her lips assuring her.
“Have confidence in me, darling.”
“After Allah and His Rasūl Sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam.” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb closed her beautiful eyes confidently.
I hugged her.
“That’s the spirit. Keep it on.”
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb smiled at her elder sister reassuring her.
But Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb stiffened when she saw Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis without any ultimatum whatsoever and squeezed it.
Captain Shekhar looked at Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb murderously.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb winked at him squeezing my Uncut Hindu Penis bravely determinedly and deliberately showing him what she was doing.
“Sorry, Shekhar.” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb held his hand, “Forget her. She is my younger sister. But she has gone now so far away from you that I don’t think she deserves you now any more.”
Captain Shekhar sighed.
“I am thinking of our son.”
“I promise you to find a better wife for you than Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb. Now forget her. She is unlucky that she doesn’t even know what she is losing.”
Captain Shekhar smiled ironically.
“Instead of that, Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb is lucky enough to have Durgesh Sir, as her new live in relationship partner, as you do yourself.”
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb laughed wickedly.
“You let that beast, Zāhid Kamāl Ħanīf marry me? I hate you, Captain Shekhar. Shame on you.”
“I was not here, I say.”
téré vådé par jiyén hum to yé jān chhooŧ jāyé,
Ki kħushī sé mar na jāté, gar åetbār hotā.

The door of the judge’s chamber opened.
“Stand up.” the bailiff called.*

Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb pushed me back.
She used all her force for it when she felt sure I wasn’t expecting it from her.
Naturally, I fell back on the bed.
It wasn’t that I wasn’t aware of the possibility Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb could do it.
She was burning from immense jealousy for her elder sister, Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb.
She had forgotten they both were suffering from the Pseudo Islam.
The True Islam was counter revolted by Yazīd Malåūn successfully at Karbala.
Unfortunately, Fārūq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūqrzu, wasn’t as vigilant from Ħazrat Muåāwiyahrzu and his family as Siddīq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Abu Bakr Siddīqrzu, were.
Ħazrat Muåāwiyahrzu gained strength not when Siddīq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Abu Bakr Siddīqrzu, ruled the True Islam.
Herzu wasn’t so against Saifullah, Ħazrat Kħālidrzu bin Walīd, as to replace him with Ħazrat Muåāwiyahrzu.
It was a grand political mistake to remove Saifullah, Ħazrat Kħālidrzu bin Walīd, from his ever successful ever winning post.
The entire history stands to evidence that the entire humanity is paying now the cost of this irreversible political mistake.
It shows why Ħuzūrs preferred Siddīq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Abu Bakr Siddīqrzu, on Fārūq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūqrzu.
Fārūq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūqrzu, was a better warrior than Siddīq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Abu Bakr Siddīqrzu.
But Siddīq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Abu Bakr Siddīqrzu, was a better politician than Fārūq-e-Åāzam, Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūqrzu.
Ħazrat Muåāwiyahrzu never stopped Yazīd Malåūn from his atrocities he did against True Islam.
He was Dhr’trāshŧr of Islam.
Yazīd Malåūn was Duryodhan of Islam.
They succeeded because there wasn’t any Lord Kr’shñ then.*

Chapter 4

They conspired against me: 2

They conspired against me


Previous Chapters

Chapter 2

Durgesh Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb
Durgesh Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb

I was startled.
“What? You want me to fuck you every day?”
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was not Just Eighteen Just Adult.
It was I that was eighteen years old.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was thirty one.
She put her legs on my shoulders shifting them.
“Don’t you?”
“Don’t I?” I winked at her fucking her passionately, “Sālī, I want to fuck all of you.”
“In this nineteenth year of your age?” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb teased me.
I winked at her.
“Am I not fucking you properly?”
“Properly? You are marvellous, mérī jān.” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb pulled me on her and kissed me, “Even my husband hasn’t given me that pleasure what you are bestowing on me.”
“Thank you Kħālidah, I was afraid that you wouldn’t appreciate my eighteen years old Just Eighteen Just Adult Uncut Hindu Lund in your fully grown up thirty one years old Musalmān Pussy.”
“Nonsense, Nādirah said your Uncut Hindu Lund was miraculous.”
“Your nanad? Your sister in law?” I smiled.
“That’s right.”
Al Nādirah Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ is marvellous on bed.”*

Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ grasped my hand, said,
“I’m very pleased to meet you once again, Mr. Durgesh. I hope my wife is not draining you more than you want to allow her.”
“Forget her, Doctor.” I squeezed his hand respectfully. Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ is a fantastic medical specialist, a fantastic Doctor and a fantastic sex therapist. I’m really proud of her that she loves me and shares my bed.”
“Thank Allah, thank God.” he sighed in relief. I was afraid I’ve burdened you great with my infinitely sexy wife.”
“Not at all.” I smiled, “I’m sexier than your wife even.”
“That’s right. But it was my duty to ask you.”
“It’s alright. Don’t worry about Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ any more. She is sexually my responsibility now, not yours. She is your legal wife now only. Physically she is my wife now.”
“Thank you.”
“You are most welcome.”
“I have to discuss this case with you. Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb is Bhāījān’s greatest problem now.”
“Well, as you requested I’ve started fucking your daughter in law now.”
“Bhāījān, Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ, doesn’t want her now in our house.”
“He isn’t justified in framing her, anyway.” I said curtly, “If he weren’t your Bhāījān…”
“I know. But Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb is not my daughter in law exactly. She is Bhāījān’s daughter in law.”
“I understand.”
“And,” Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ smiled significantly, “Similarly, Al Nādirah Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ isn’t my daughter exactly. She is my niece. My elder brother’s daughter.”
“That’s right too.” I smiled artfully, “And she insists I’m Just Eighteen Just Adult?”
Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ laughed,
“You can’t blame my niece, my friend. Al Nādirah Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ is Just Eighteen Just Adult. She’d never admit you are forty eight actually.”
“Eīshān!” I sighed.
“How do you feel fucking a Just Eighteen Just Adult young woman?”
“Well, your niece isn’t the ever first Just Eighteen Just Adult that raped me.”
“I understand, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt.” Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ smiled appropriately.
“I wonder of two real brothers, how the elder one is so communal and the younger one is so superbly humane.”
“Thank you, but don’t wonder ever. Bhāījān is exact replica of our father, Muħammad Ibrāhīm Sheikħ.”*

Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ smiled impishly.
Shifting her legs on my shoulders, she said.
“Increase your pace, you teaser.”
“I asked you something, Farīdah.” I increased my pace, “Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī. You’ve had her hospitalized several times within the last few months.”
“I never knew the bitch too belonged to your Ħarem.” Farīdah winked at me.
I kept gravely fucking the extremely beautiful Sex therapist.
“It may be a serious business, Farīdah. Don’t try to avoid my questions. Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī’s lawyer has joined politics now. He isn’t interested any more in courts and trials.”
“I know. You are talking about Taymūr Murād, don’t you?”
“That’s right. Waħīd Murād, his son, has taken now his clienteles.”
“And how is it related with the hospitalization of my friend, Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī?”
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb is your friend, Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī’s sister in law. Isn’t she? Both Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī and Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb are daughters in law of your elder brother in law, Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ.”
“I see.” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ was somewhat furious now, “Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ is my elder brother in law. That’s right. But he is so utter Communal that he believes the Two Nation Theory of Muħammad Ålī Jinnāħ is universally right. He divides entire human race in two major groups−Musalmīn and Kāfirūn.”
“A large number of educated Musalmīn disagree with him.” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ declared savagely. “I disagree with him. My husband Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ disagrees with his elder brother.”*

I kept fucking the wonderful Sex therapist, Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ, patiently,
“That’s not the point my darling. Moreover, you know it very well. I think, not only Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb but your friend, Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī, is also in somewhat danger, if my deductions are correct.”
“That’s right.”
“But Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī is not my patient exactly. Jalāl is actually her doctor.”
“Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ? Your husband?”
“That’s right.”
“Well, he isn’t paying proper attention to his patient in this case I think. The trouble with your husband, Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ, Farīdah Jalāl, is that he is too good a humane to suspect his own elder brother, Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ.”
“Well, he is his elder brother, Durgesh. Have a heart. How the hell can you criticize him?”
“I’m not criticizing him, you idiot. I’m trying to save him from a potential murder charge.”
Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ has never compromised with the greatness of his younger brother, Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ. He is still against that Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ should allow you to sleep with me.”
Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ hesitated somewhat.
She avoided meeting my eyes.
“Well, it doesn’t make any difference.”
“That’s what you and Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Sheikħ thinks.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve reason to believe that Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī made a will clandestinely. She perhaps didn’t want to bring in the knowledge of your ever communal brother in law, Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ.”
“Well, you can’t blame her.”
“I’m not blaming her. I don’t blame anyone ever. It’s always dangerous to the parties concerned.”
“Allah! Yā Allah! You and your human psychology. Can’t you forget ever that you are a human psychologist? I don’t need your damn human psychology now. I need your wild animal Hindu sex kicks now in my ravenous Lebanese Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt. Damn you.”
I smiled.
“Sālī, I never stopped fucking you.”
“But you are concentrating on other things more.” she complained.
“Listen to me. Your ears and tongue are not being used in our lovemaking. Are they? You are a Sex therapist. You can enjoy sex even when we are talking of your husband. He is a very good human being. I don’t want him to be trapped and framed as Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was.”
“Listen to me.”
“Yes, sir.”
“The will Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī made was, I think, executed in the office of an attorney named Taymūr Murād. Taymūr Murād has joined politics now entrusting his clienteles now to his son Waħīd Murād. Persons, including Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ perhaps, I’m not sure however, are interested in surreptitiously, sneakily, obtaining a copy of that will. The persons associated with Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī may be taking an active interest in a search of this kind.
“Now, I am asking you this. Are you completely satisfied with your diagnosis in the case of Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī?”
“Naturally. Otherwise Jalāl wouldn’t have discharged her.”
I kept my patience.
Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ wanted sex.
She wasn’t in a mood of discussing any patient with me.
I understood it very well, but her husband’s liberty and future was at stake.
I couldn’t ignore or tolerate it.
“I understand, generally, that Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī had a gastroenteric disturbance.”
“Well, what of it?”
“I’ve gone through several authorities on forensic medicine and toxicology.”
“Listen to me, you idiot.”
“Yes, sir. We are not making love. We are Sex therapists always. We haven’t our personal life. Have we?”
I smiled.
Increased fucking her more wildly, more passionately, more lovingly.
But kept on talking on the problem nevertheless.
I was a responsible person.
I had to.
“I find that it is generally agreed that cases of arsenic poisoning are seldom diagnosed by the attending physician, since the symptoms are those of gastroenteric disturbance.”
“You are crazy. You aren’t a doctor. You are a Sex therapist only. Let Jalāl decide what your dearest Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī is suffering from. Okay? ”
“Were there abdominal cramps?” I asked patiently, “Cramps in the calves of the legs? A burning sensation in the stomach and−”
“Allah! Yā Allah! I’ll be damned.” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ interrupted, “How the hell did you know?”
I ceased talking, but kept on fucking her nonstop.
I was waiting for the doctor in her to say something.
There was a long period of silence.
I kept on fucking her unwearyingly.
“No one would possibly want to poison Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī.” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ said ultimately.
“How the hell do you know?” I asked belligerently.*

Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb gritted her teeth.
She had watched everything.
She never knew, neither she had even imagined ever, her elder sister would be so selfish.
She was enjoying Durgesh alone.
Damn her.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was following the stream of passengers filing past the HVSI Airlines flight attendants.
“Allah Ħāfiz.”
“Allah Ħāfiz.”
“Nice trip.”
“Thank you. Allah Ħāfiz.”
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb watched.
She kept watching.
The passengers left the fabulous HVSI jet plane.
They inched their way to the broader corridors of the HVSI Airport of Ved Nagar.
They quickened their pace, walking down the long runway toward a huge illuminated sign bearing the word ‘Baggage’.
There was an arrow pointing downward where an escalator descended to a lower level.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb looked at Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ.
She never thought he would be present there personally.
What the hell the scoundrel wanted now to do to Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb?
Wasn’t her exile enough?
He never allowed Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb to prepare anything for Āsiyah Siddīq Kāzmī.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb steadied herself by putting her right hand on the rail of the escalator.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb hoped Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ hadn’t seen her.
It was a surprise to Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb that Al Nādirah Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ was too with her ever communal ever wretched father.
She thought Al Nādirah Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ wasn’t against Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was enjoying her beautiful sex sessions with me.
Durgesh couldn’t believe she was still a virgin at her thirty-second year.
She was carrying a topcoat and she was tired.
In her earlier thirties, Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb had a tremendous figure and a superb way with clothes.
She never minded working hard.
Taymūr Murād compared Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb with imaginary Della Street, the ever-efficient secretary to Perry Mason, a fictional character created by late Erle Stanley Gardner.
When Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb smiled, her beautiful face lit up.
She stepped from the escalator at the lower level and walked briskly toward the revolving platform.
The baggage would appear on it.
It was too early, yet for the baggage to make its appearance.
Yet, it was indicative of Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb’s now constantly improving confident character that she walked with utterly firm rapid steps, hurrying to reach the place she may have to wait for several long minutes.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb wondered what a great positive change it was in her elder sister’s original somewhat nervous character.
Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ was surprised.
He couldn’t imagine what he was observing now.
He had seen his daughter in law in Taymūr Murād’s office too.
She was of course efficient, but not so aggressively confident ever.
She was a good girl.
And in Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ’s opinion, hell, no good girl might be as aggressively confident as her daughter in law, Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb was now.
What the hell has she gained?
He couldn’t imagine a young woman, expelled from her husband’s home on sinister suspicions, and still now, she is gaining self-confidence more and more, instead of losing it.
He was worried now.
Should he have to change his strategy?*

Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb felt herself jealous of her elder sister.
Durgesh is improving Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb immensely, tremendously.
She isn’t worried any more.
She is quite confident now.
She hasn’t lost husband.
She has obtained a husband instead.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb lost Anwar Jamāluddīn Sheikħ.
But she has obtained Durgesh.
Anwar Jamāluddīn Sheikħ was a nerd.
Durgesh was wonderful.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb wasn’t unlucky that she lost Anwar Jamāluddīn Sheikħ.
She was lucky that Durgesh has found her attractive.

At length, baggage began to appear on a moving belt.
The belt transported the baggage to the slowly revolving turntable.
Both Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb and Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ were immensely attentive now.
Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ hadn’t given any impression that he had seen Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb too, as Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb had seen him.
Passengers began to pick out baggage.
Porters with claim checks stood by, occasionally pulling out heavy handbags and putting them on hand trucks.
The crowd began to thin out.
Finally, only a few pieces of baggage were left on the turntable.
The trucks moved away.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb moved over to a porter.
“My baggage didn’t come in,” she said.
He looked at her,
“What was it, lady?”
“A single suitcase, green, and a small oblong overnight case for cosmetics.”
“Let me see your checks, please.”
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb handed him the baggage checks.”
“Before I start looking, we’d better wait,” he said, “and see if there is another truck coming. Sometimes there’s a second section of trucks when there’s an unusually large load.”
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb looked at the porter gravely.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Alright.” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb surrendered, “I don’t think I’ve another option except to wait.”
Porter bowed politely.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. You aren’t responsible.”
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb waited impatiently.
After two or three minutes, more baggage showed up on the moving belt.
There were four suitcases.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb’s and two others.
“There they are now. Those two are mine,” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb said, “The green one−the big one in front−and the oblong overnight bag in back.”
The porter smiled respectfully,
“Okay, ma’am. I’ll get them for you.”
The suitcase, followed by the overnight bag, moved along the conveyor belt, then hit the slide to the revolving table.
A few seconds later, the porter picked them up, put the bags on his hand truck and started for the door.
A man had been standing there well back.
He came forward.
“Just a moment, please.” he said.
The porter looked at him.
The man produced a leather folder from his side pocket, opened it and showed a gold shield,
“Ved Nagar Police,” he said, “Was there some trouble about this baggage?”
The porter hastily assured him,
“No trouble. No trouble at all, sir. Only it didn’t come in with the first load.”
“There has been some baggage trouble,” the main said curtly to the porter.
Then he smiled politely at Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb,
“Is this your suitcase, ma’am?”
“Yes, officer.” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb said in somewhat reserved manner, “Why are you interfering? I’m already detained unnecessarily. For your kind information, officer, hey, may I know your name? Can you identify to me too before asking anything?”
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb clearly noticed.
Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ was worried now.
The Police Officer looked at Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb inadvertently.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb immediately hid herself behind a fat man.
She didn’t want that Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb could see her there.
She never intended to be seen by anyone there.
Even it was unfortunate that the Police Officer had sseen her there.
“Captain Shekhar, ma’am,” he said to Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb was still avoiding Captain Shekhar’s gaze.
Captain Shekhar winked at Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb significantly, as if assuring her.
Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb looked around.
Then she herself winked at Captain Shekhar as if to assure him that she had got the message he wanted to convey so desperately.
Captain Shekhar smiled at her understandingly.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb, unfortunately, wasn’t smart enough to notice all these interchanges.
She asked Captain Shekhar instead, irritably somewhat,
“What do you want?”
“I beg your pardon, ma’am.” Captain Shekhar said respectfully and politely, “There is some baggage problem here. There are some complaints about it. Will you mind to identify your baggage to the Police?”
“I see,” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb watched Captain Shekhar from his head to his feet entirely, “weren’t you standing here all along?”
“Of course, ma’am. That’s my duty.”
“If I am not mistaken, Captain Shekhar, you know me very well personally yourself, don’t you?”
Captain Shekhar hesitated somewhat.
“I’m sorry, Bājī.”
“You loved Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb, my younger sister, don’t you?”
“I still love her.” Captain Shekhar said grimly, “Damn your sister. She didn’t marry me only because I’m a Hindu, despite the fact that we have a son too.”
“Oh, she never told you?” Captain Shekhar was sarcastic somewhat.
“Well, well, well,” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb smiled, “she wouldn’t be forgiven. Tell me where my nephew is.”
Captain Shekhar hesitated.
“He is at my home. But Bājī, I’m sorry. You are framed by some scoundrel, I think. The Police have a tip that you are carrying drugs.”
“I see. That’s why my baggage was late. Someone has added drugs in my baggage and informed the Police?”
“I have to arrest you, Bājī. Sorry, I’m too under surveillance. I can’t do anything for you.”
Captain Shekhar’s eyes were filled with tears.
“Hell,” Al Jamāluddīn Al Sheikħ scowled to himself.
Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb controlled herself surprisingly in a quite dignified manner,
“It’s alright, brother. Nothing to feel guilty for yourself. I understand that it’s your duty. Can I call my husband?”
“I suspect Anwar Jamāluddīn Sheikħ is himself behind it.” Captain Shekhar said controlling himself.
“Hey, Shekhar,” Kħālidah Muhammad Ħabīb laughed, “you didn’t hear me attentively. I didn’t say my ex-husband. I said ‘my husband’, Durgesh I mean. Damn it.”

Chapter 3
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

They conspired against me: 1

They conspired against me


Chapter 1

Durgesh Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb
Durgesh Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb

This was some few years back when I was not married and lived with my friend’s, Muħammad Ħabīb’s whole family, 6 sisters and one brother in a beautiful Garden house in Makkah Mukarramah.

I was only 18 yrs old, very strong and tall.

We were a very close knitted family, even when I was not in their blood relation, and not even a Musalmān.

I was a Hindu.

At night we slept in one room all together.

Muħammad Ħabīb’s sisters were very pretty and sexy.

All of them had big Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts and lovely Saåūdī Årab Musalmān body, this I notice when they would be sleeping.

They used to wear sarees and blouse.


At Makkah Mukarramah?

I was too, but not very much.

I had a doubt that they were doing it knowingly to seduce me.

At night Muħammad Ħabīb’s two married sisters would only wear petticoat and blouse, showing most of the time part of their big breasts.

I used to pretend that I was asleep but trying to glance at their sexy extremely beautiful body.

This went on for sometime but I would not make or care to make a move.

I was waiting for the same from them.

Then one night, I went to sleep earlier, wearing only a Lungi, nothing on top.

Two unmarried sisters were already asleep but the eldest one, Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb, 31yrs old came late to bed.

I intentionally lifted my Lungi so that she could see my long strong hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

She saw but just looked away and went to sleep very next to me.

I was all fired up but nothing happened.

All Muħammad Ħabīb’s sisters would change clothes in front of me as if nothing to see.

I used not to masturbate, but was always thinking about them.

One day I was in my room allotted to me for the first time and was very happy for it.

As luck would be, it was next to our big bath room, which had a opening to the bathroom.

One day I heard someone having a bath so I peeked in and what I saw was unbelievable, Muħammad Ħabīb’s eldest sister, Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb, 31yrs old, was taking a bath complete naked.

It was awesome, something I saw for the first time in my life.

She was Gorgeous and her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān breasts were all for pressing.

She had a most beautiful figure and when I saw her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Pussy,  I was ready to go, nothing would stop me.

Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb had a wonderful Saåūdī Årab Musalmān body and was all waiting for me.

She had sexy Saåūdī Årab Musalmān ass and silky hair.

Yes, Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb was 31, and I was only 18, exactly 13 yrs younger than her.

So what?

I was already fucking them 18-78.

A large expeience I had, of them.

Neither they, nor their intimate parts were unknown to me.

I saw her rubbing her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Musalmān body with soap, how I wish I was rubbing her body.

Then she left and to my utter luck her other married sister, Sājidah Muħammad Ħabīb, came to have bath.

I was ready for her.

She slowly took off her clothes one by one and I was having a time of my life.

Her Breasts were more firm and bigger then her eldest sister.

She was strong and firm and very sexy.

I thought today was my day.

I would come home soon and wait for them to take a bath/shower.

Made sure had no appointment with anyone to spoil my peeping game.

To my luck I saw Muħammad Ħabīb’s  other two unmarried sisters taking a bath.

They took more time to undress and I always found that they were not completely naked.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, they were all hot and sexy.

This went on for a long time and every time I saw them in Bathroom naked, I would try hard not to masturbate imagining how it would be to fuck Muħammad Ħabīb’s extremely beautiful sisters.

Careful, but wanted to have a go at them.

One day as luck would be, there was no one in the house except Muħammad Ħabīb’s  two married elder sisters.

They were in a good mood and offered me money to buy a present.

The eldest sister, Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb, 31yrs, came and told me to let her know if she has a phone call which was urgent.

She went for a bath and I was all ready to peep in.

When I saw her taking her dress off and was completely naked, I also took all my dress off and was sqeezing my Uncut Hindu Cock seeing her naked.

She was playing with her Breasts and rubbing her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Pussy.

Then the phone bell rang.

I called her and said that it was for her.

She opened the door without realizing she was not wearing any clothes and we were both shocked seeing each other naked.

I was not, but I was acting as if I was shocked too.

She stood till, finished her talk and told me to follow her in to my room.

We both grabbed each other.

Kħālidah Muħammad Ħabīb started kissing me and I was caressing her Breasts.

She took my Uncut Hindu Cock in her hand and was rubbing it.

My Hindu lips were kissing her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt.

I went on top of her and we both started to rub each other.

Imagine my Uncut Hindu Cock touch Muħammad Ħabīb’s  own sister’s Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Cunt.

We went wild and were on fire.

The thought of fucking Muħammad Ħabīb’s  own sister made me wild and on fire.

Oh Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, it was so good.

She was very impressed with my Uncut Hindu Cock and my strong Hindu body.

Well, we made love the whole day.

She asked me whether I made love with her other sisters and with whom.

I told her she was my first.

She told me that the other five sisters would love to have sex with me provided I fuck her every day.

Chapter 2


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