Ved Nagar: 40


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


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Chapter 40

Durgesh Arzumand Jahāngīr

That little bitch! Wājidah Akbar said quietly.
“So have you may be given anymore thought to possibly go out with me?” Sakīnah Āftāb asked me all of a sudden as we sat side by side in the empty lab.
Arzumand Jahāngīr, caught by surprise wasn’t sure how to respond.
“Well, uh I mean I told you I was seeing someone.”
Sakīnah Āftāb sighed.
“I know I was just hoping maybe you’d have dumped him this weekend.”
If Sakīnah Āftāb only knew who Arzumand Jahāngīr was seeing, she’d probably freak and for sure she’d stop asking her out on dates.
“Well I didn’t dump him, sorry,” She said giggling.
I have to find out who this guy is.
He must be something special for her to turn me down.
Sakīnah Āftāb thought wondering.
She loved working with Arzumand Jahāngīr.
Each day she talked to her, she liked her more and more.
It was her luck though, she’d finally found the perfect girl and she was taken.
Wājidah Akbar stomped to the restroom furiously.
She felt tears in her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes.
She looked at her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān face in the mirror closely.
She couldn’t figure it out.
She was very pretty, smart and ambitious.
Most men wouldn’t turn her down, most men except Sakīnah Āftāb.
Sakīnah Āftāb was a vowed profound lesbian.
Why had she even bothered to sleep with me?
Now here she was going crazy because I liked another girl.
It was finally the end of another day and Arzumand Jahāngīr was anxiously waiting to get home to be with her utmost experienced Hindu lover.
She was walking out and saw Wājidah Akbar straightening up her desk.
Arzumand Jahāngīr hated passing by her but she knew she had to.
“Well leaving already? I thought you and Sakīnah Āftāb were working late again?” Wājidah Akbar said sarcastically as Arzumand Jahāngīr was trying to walk past her.
Arzumand Jahāngīr stopped and glared at the tall blonde.
“Well no, not tonight.”
Wājidah Akbar rolled her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes.
“I suppose some other night then, when you’re in the mood huh?”
Arzumand Jahāngīr frowned.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Wājidah Akbar didn’t respond.
She just went back to what she was doing.
Arzumand Jahāngīr figured she wasn’t worth wasting her time.
She just walked out annoyed by the girl’s comment.
She must really still like Sakīnah Āftāb to be acting like a 13 year old.
Outside, Sakīnah Āftāb was talking to Al Rashīdah Al Shams.
She kept going on about her first day of University.
Sakīnah Āftāb had her mind on Arzumand Jahāngīr still.
Almost everything Al Rashīdah Al Shams was saying was not registering.
“Sakīnah Āftāb? Are you listening to me?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams shrilled.
“Y-yeah I am. Give me a break girl; I’ve had a long day Al Rashīdah Al Shams.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams grunted aggravated.
“Forget it cuz, I’m gonna go talk to Wājidah Akbar now.”
“Great! And if you talk to her, tell her how much I like Arzumand Jahāngīr.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams narrowed her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes at her cousin.
“You can be such an asshole, Sakīnah Āftāb. Bye!”
Sakīnah Āftāb laughed wickedly as Al Rashīdah Al Shams rushed off to talk to her friend.
“Wājidah Akbar? Are you OK?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams asked finding Wājidah Akbar crying in the library lobby.
“No I’m not! Your cousin is so mean to me! She knows how much I love her and she loves to be harsh with me.”
“Allah, Wājidah Akbar, I’m sorry. I’ve tried talking to Durgesh . Don’t worry, tomorrow point out this Arzumand Jahāngīr girl, and I’ll take care of that bitch.”
Wājidah Akbar seemed to calm down.
“I actually have a plan. I’ve got access to almost all of her information. I’m going to do some research on this bitch and find out everything I can about her.”
“What if you don’t find anything?”
“Then I’m just going to making something up. Something big. Hopefully get her fired.”
“Oh so wicked my friend. I love it!” Al Rashīdah Al Shams yelled out.*

I called out into the kitchen where Arzumand Jahāngīr was preparing a fruit salad that evening.
“Hey Arzumand Jahāngīr? Arzumand Jahāngīr?”
“What babe?”
“Well, I almost forgot to tell you that Ammījān and Abbū invited us for dinner tomorrow night.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr’s heart sank.
It had been hard enough to go through dinner with her extremely orthodox Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān parents for one night but now another?
She knew she had to go because she loved her parents but she just kept praying they wouldn’t bring up any of her or my past relationships.
“What time did we say we had to be over there?” Arzumand Jahāngīr asked mixing up the fruit.
I walked into the kitchen sitting down on one of the bar stools.
“Well, she said around seven tomorrow night. She said there was going to be some special guests.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr groaned.
“Aww, It’s bad enough that we are there, but to have someone else? Oh, Durgesh darling, méré Hindu Piyā, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, hum Musalmān ħasīnāon ké Hindu Kħasam, Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! How am I going to be able to keep my hands off you for one evening?”
I stood up putting my arms around her.
“Mmmm, well, don’t worry you can make it up to me once we get home.”

She laughed softly enjoying my hold.
“So tell me how is work treating ya? Do you like your new job? You haven’t told me much about work.” I asked concerned.
Arzumand Jahāngīr shrugged.
“Well, work is work you know. I mean, well, I just think there’s some girl there that doesn’t like me much.”
I raised my eyebrows.
“Doesn’t like you? Who on earth wouldn’t like you Arzumand Jahāngīr?”
“Well it’s probably because her ex-girlfriend kinda likes me.”
“She kinda likes you?” I echoed.
Arzumand Jahāngīr looked sheepish.
“Yeah but it’s OK, mérī jān, I’ve already told her I’m seeing someone.”
I smirked.
“Good! I want this girl to keep away from you. Not that I blame her for trying to hit on you. Yet, I want you to keep away from lesbianism even.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr chuckled.
“Well, Sakīnah Āftāb doesn’t have any penis for me. She herself has a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt, for you instead.”
“I think I should fuck your Sakīnah Āftāb too, to keep away her from you.” I said gravely.
Arzumand Jahāngīr laughed.
She chuckled once more.
“Sakīnah Āftāb? Interesting.”
“What do you mean?”
Sakīnah Āftāb is a vowed profound lesbian. She hates Hindus and Musalmīn mankind alike.”
“Nonsense, why?”
“She thinks you Hindus are nāpāk, filthy, and most of the Musalmīn are Uneducated/Under Educated, criminal/criminal minded therefore consequently. Lesbianism is better instead of surrounding to anyone of you Hindus or Musalmīn.”
“She must be crazy.” I laughed.
“Oh whatever, you know you got me under your spell Durgesh, my Hindu Love. I’m so in love with you.”
I slid my arms around her waist once again pressing my body on her.
She always made me hard.
She had this way of turning me on, such an innocent way.
It was still hard to believe that she was mine, all mine.

The next day Wājidah Akbar looked in the employee files to get as much information about Arzumand Jahāngīr as she could.
So far she’d come up with nothing.
“Allah! God, this is useless!” She muttered.
She only found out that Arzumand Jahāngīr supposedly didn’t live in town, but out in the suburbs.
She must really need this job for her to be driving out here every day.
Oh poor girl, Wājidah Akbar was gonna fix that for her.
She’d make sure to get her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass fired.
“Wājidah Akbar, you seen Arzumand Jahāngīr ?” Sakīnah Āftāb asked as Wājidah Akbar almost jumped from her seat.
“N-n-no I haven’t.”
Sakīnah Āftāb looked at her suspiciously.
“What are you doing?”
Wājidah Akbar covered up the computer screen.
“Nothing, just researching. Mind your damn business!”
Sakīnah Āftāb frowned and walked away.
She hated working with Wājidah Akbar and knew she was just here to keep her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes on her.
Sakīnah Āftāb’s uncle, Al Shams Naåīmuddīn, was Al Rashīdah Al Shams’s Abbū, was the dean of the university and adored Wājidah Akbar and her whole family.
Wājidah Akbar knew she could get away with almost anything.
She didn’t even have to work coming from a rich family, but she did just to be by Sakīnah Āftāb’s side.
Wājidah Akbar herself was an incurable lesbian.
It was not easy for Wājidah Akbar, therefore, to keep away from Sakīnah Āftāb.

Sakīnah Āftāb found Arzumand Jahāngīr outside by her car.
She heard her car making loud screeching noises.
As she got closer, she saw Arzumand Jahāngīr almost cursing loudly.
Sakīnah Āftāb smiled looking at her sweet innocent face looking so upset in need of help.
“Arzumand Jahāngīr, what’s wrong?” Sakīnah Āftāb asked as she approached her.
She hit the wheel of her car with her and grunting.
“It’s this damn car. It doesn’t want to start. I was going to go, have some lunch, and here I find myself stuck!”
Sakīnah Āftāb knelt down to have her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān face to face.
“Don’t worry Arzumand Jahāngīr. Look I was gonna go have some lunch too. In fact I was gonna ask if you wanted to go have lunch with me.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr looked down.
“I-I can’t. I’m just going to stay and have lunch in the student lounge.”
Sakīnah Āftāb laughed.
“Nonsense! Come on. It’s not a date. Just two people going out for lunch.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr ran her hands through her hair.
“Oh, Ok, I suppose so.”
Sakīnah Āftāb felt her ego stroked.
They both walked over to Sakīnah Āftāb’s BMW and rode off to have lunch.
Sakīnah Āftāb went on telling her a little bit about herself and her family.
It seemed as she came from a big wealthy family.
Although Sakīnah Āftāb was rich, she didn’t seem snotty to Arzumand Jahāngīr.
She’d run into many wealthy girls in her time, but none had the pleasant attitude Sakīnah Āftāb had.
They arrived at a nice little bistro downtown.
The place was pretty crowded yet they still didn’t even have to wait to sit down.
Arzumand Jahāngīr supposed the people at the restaurant must know Sakīnah Āftāb or her family.
They sat in a table outside since the sky was cloudy and the weather was nice.
“So I finally get to talk to you outside of work.” Sakīnah Āftāb said as they skimmed through the menu.
“Yeah I suppose so. Do you come here a lot?”
“Not really. I mean I do know some of the waitresses here. I went to University with some of them.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr watched one of the waitresses approach them bringing them two glasses of water.
She smiled flirtingly with Sakīnah Āftāb.
Sakīnah Āftāb didn’t seem to give her the time of day though.
“I see you’re popular here with the ladies,” Arzumand Jahāngīr teased taking a sip of her water.

Sakīnah Āftāb scoffed.
“Yeah I guess, but there is one lady who won’t give me a chance at all.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr felt Sakīnah Āftāb’s blue eyes pierce at her.
She cleared her throat changing the subject.
She’d hoped Sakīnah Āftāb would just accept the fact that she’d never be interested in her.
But most of all she’d hoped she’d never find out about who Arzumand Jahāngīr was in fact in love with.
Arzumand Jahāngīr didn’t want to face her extremely orthodox immensely unreasonable Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān parents that she loved me, a Hindu.
Yes, her parents, Noor Jahān Jahāngīr Durrānī and Jahāngīr Jalāluddīn, both loved me very much as their ‘son’, but not to the extent that they would allow her permanent live in relationship with me.
The Hindus were nāpāk, filthy, in their opinion.
And I was a Hindu, after all.*

After lunch Arzumand Jahāngīr and Sakīnah Āftāb headed back to work.
Wājidah Akbar could see them driving up through the window in the library.
She felt her heart breaking.
It seemed like this Arzumand Jahāngīr bitch was just teasing Sakīnah Āftāb.
She must be one of those kinds of women who like to drag people’s heart around and then just move on to the next victim.

Sakīnah Āftāb and Arzumand Jahāngīr walked back in laughing and making Wājidah Akbar want to just burst out crying.
Arzumand Jahāngīr passed by Wājidah Akbar’s desk feeling her smile fade, while the blonde gave her hateful stares.
Arzumand Jahāngīr felt bad deep down knowing this girl loved Sakīnah Āftāb.
Arzumand Jahāngīr hurried back to her car that evening hoping it would turn on.
No luck.
It just made loud sounds that almost made her ears bleed.
Durgesh ! I’m gonna call Durgesh !

She ran back up to the building to call me hoping I’d already be home.
Wājidah Akbar sat at her desk talking to Al Rashīdah Al Shams.
Arzumand Jahāngīr passed quickly by them.
“That’s her!” Wājidah Akbar hissed pointing out Arzumand Jahāngīr to Al Rashīdah Al Shams.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams frowned.
“Wājidah Akbar, you shouldn’t even worry about her. She looks so plain.”
“Well, plain or not, your cousin obviously likes her!”
“What is she still doing here?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams asked in disgust.
“I don’t know she probably forgot to give Sakīnah Āftāb a lesbian eat and she is rushing back to do it.”
Both girls laughed at Wājidah Akbar’s comment.
“Shit Wājidah Akbar, that was a good one!”
The phone was ringing and no answer.
“Shit!” Arzumand Jahāngīr whined.
She then went ahead and tried my cell phone.
She’d hoped I wasn’t in the shower or on the other side of town.
“Hello?” Arzumand Jahāngīr finally heard my voice pick up.
“Durgesh! Oh sweetie I’m so glad you picked up! Listen my car won’t start! Could you pick me up from work?”
“Yes! Of course! What building you in?” I asked.
Arzumand Jahāngīr gave me directions and I’d advised her I’d be there in a few minutes since I was myself close to the university then.
Arzumand Jahāngīr decided to just wait in her office for a while.
She didn’t want to walk by Wājidah Akbar and her friend again.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams and Wājidah Akbar were still at the front desk gossiping about other innocent people.
Wājidah Akbar was mostly talking about Sakīnah Āftāb like always.
In a way Al Rashīdah Al Shams would get tired of hearing her friend whine about her cousin, but she was her best friend after all.
They were talking loudly until Al Rashīdah Al Shams heard someone walking up the stairs.
She turned to see a medium handsome young man with my eyes on her.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams felt her breath being taken away.
Allah! Oh my God! Fuck he is hot!
Wājidah Akbar watched curiously at her friend gawking this young man.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams just stood there with a silly smile.
“Can I help you?” Wājidah Akbar went on.
“Yeah I’m here looking for Arzumand Jahāngīr.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams all of a sudden felt disappointed.
Did this Arzumand Jahāngīr bitch also have this gorgeous guy under her possession?
Wājidah Akbar on the other hand, felt more relieved.
Maybe this guy was Arzumand Jahāngīr’s boyfriend.
She only hoped so.
“May I ask who you are?” Wājidah Akbar prayed I’d say ‘a boyfriend’.
“I-I’m Durgesh. Durgesh .”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams’s smile returned and Wājidah Akbar’s disappointment continued.
“Oh? Well let me go tell her you’re here.” Wājidah Akbar stomped out to get Arzumand Jahāngīr.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams couldn’t stop grinning.
The young man just made her feel like a little University girl.
“So? You’re Arzumand Jahāngīr’s Hindu boyfriend? Well Arzumand Jahāngīr is a really good worker, so I hear.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams lied.
“Really? You know my Arzumand Jahāngīr?”
“Well not really, but Sakīnah Āftāb, my cousin, has a huge crush on her and I told me herself that she is a hard worker.”
I stared closely at the dark haired Musalmān Beauty.
She looked devious and mean.
Was she actually trying to set up her cousin with Arzumand Jahāngīr?
I’d have to ask Arzumand Jahāngīr about that.

Arzumand Jahāngīr was getting her purse ready to walk downstairs.
She saw Wājidah Akbar standing there.
“Your Durgesh is here asking for you.” She said in a cynical tone.
“Thanks.” Arzumand Jahāngīr rushed to see her utmost experienced Hindu lover.
She paused for a Moment as I was talking to Wājidah Akbar’s friend.
This girl seemed to be flirting with Durgesh !
Luckily, it seemed like Durgesh wasn’t paying much attention to her.
My face lit up as I saw Arzumand Jahāngīr.
“Hey Arzumand Jahāngīr.” I said quietly.
“Thanks for picking me up Durgesh, my Hindu Love.” She felt herself blush.
“Oh Arzumand Jahāngīr, is it?” The dark haired girl asked.
“Yes?” Arzumand Jahāngīr replied confused.
“I’m sorry; I’m Al Rashīdah Al Shams. Sakīnah Āftāb’s cousin.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr shook the girl’s hand.
“Nice to meet you Al Rashīdah Al Shams. Well we gotta get going.”
“OK. Nice to have it you Durgesh . And you too Arzumand Jahāngīr.” Al Rashīdah Al Shams said watching us walk away.
She felt Wājidah Akbar staring at her.
“What?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams asked innocently.
“Were you just being nice to my biggest enemy?”
“No, not really.”
“Shit Al Rashīdah Al Shams! You like Durgesh , don’t you?” Wājidah Akbar asked furiously.
“What? Durgesh and me? No way!” Just keep lying Al Rashīdah Al Shams.

Al Rashīdah Al Shams drove home with Sakīnah Āftāb once again that evening.
She was quiet this time.
She couldn’t get Arzumand Jahāngīr’s utmost experienced Hindu lover Durgesh out of her mind.
I had a look that was so sincere and loving.
Not only that but I was so fuckin’ hot!
Now she felt trapped.
She didn’t know whether to get Arzumand Jahāngīr and Sakīnah Āftāb closer so she’d have a shot with me , or keeping her word to her best friend about helping her get Arzumand Jahāngīr out of Sakīnah Āftāb’s life.

Arzumand Jahāngīr and I drove to her parents’ house in silence.
Arzumand Jahāngīr wondered what Wājidah Akbar or Al Rashīdah Al Shams had said to me about Sakīnah Āftāb.
I was never silent unless I was thinking.
“DURGESH? You OK?” Arzumand Jahāngīr asked softly placing her hand over mine.
I sighed.
“Yeah I’m fine but that Al Rashīdah Al Shams girl mentioned something about her cousin having a crush on you?”
“Well, yeah, that’s the guy I told you about. I already told you that I got that situation under control babe. She knows I’m seeing someone. That someone is you.”
I still didn’t feel comfortable.
I didn’t like the fact that my beautiful maternal cousin was working with some girl who would obviously try to hit on her.
The fact that I really couldn’t do anything about it worried me off even more.
“I guess I just get anxious thinking some girl might lure you away from me.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr smiled.
“No way! That will never happen. I’m yours Durgesh darling, méré Hindu Piyā, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, hum Musalmān ħasīnāon ké Hindu Kħasam, Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! All yours.”*

We arrived at Arzumand Jahāngīr’s parents’ house a little before seven.
Arzumand Jahāngīr felt her heart sink as she saw two cars in the driveway.
She recognized one of the cars. It was
Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb’s car!
She looked at me and saw my face go grave.
I slowly turned to Arzumand Jahāngīr with an apologetic look.
“I didn’t know Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb was going to be here, Arzumand Jahāngīr.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr took a deep breath.
“I didn’t either. Look she is your past. Let’s just get this night over with.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr and I walked in the house immediately hearing Noor Jahān Jahāngīr Durrānī’s boisterous voice.
We could hear the laughter of Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb and Arzumand Jahāngīr’s parents in the dining room.

Arzumand Jahāngīr knew her parents always wanted me to end up marrying Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb, and I knew that as well.
Wasn’t it?
Arzumand Jahāngīr’s immensely orthodox, extremely backward utmost communal Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān parents didn’t have any objection that Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb, an ardent Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān girl, would marry a Hindu.
Yet, it was certain almost that they would object to Arzumand Jahāngīr’s live in relationship with me.
Arzumand Jahāngīr retorted sarcastically.
“Arzumand Jahāngīr! Durgesh ! Come on in! Look who’s here!” Noor Jahān Jahāngīr Durrānī shouted seeing us arrive.

Arzumand Jahāngīr forced a smile as she greeted Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb’s parents Imāmuddīn Wahāb and Nādirah Muħammad Yåqūb.
They loved us as Arzumand Jahāngīr’s own parents did.
They used to sometimes baby sit Arzumand Jahāngīr when she was a little girl.
To me and Arzumand Jahāngīr, Imāmuddīn Wahāb and Nādirah Muħammad Yåqūb were considered Arzumand Jahāngīr’s second parents, just as Jahāngīr Jalāluddīn and Noor Jahān Jahāngīr Durrānī were to Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb.

Yet, I felt my stomach didn’t turn to knots.
I looked at Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb.
I had to admit she looked very beautiful.
Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at me.
Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb stood up from her chair and walked over to greet me.
She was wearing her dark navy blue pants and a white and blue shirt that clung on to her nice Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body.
“Hey there.” She said softly giving me a hug.
“Hey how you been?” I asked quietly.
I held her in my strong Hindu arms feeling her move her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body closer to mine.
I felt immensely hardened for her.
Yet, still, holding Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb was nothing compared to holding Arzumand Jahāngīr.
Arzumand Jahāngīr eyed me holding my ex-girlfriend.
She felt a twinge of jealousy for a Moment.
Ok stop it Arzumand Jahāngīr, Durgesh loves you now, she reminded herself.
“I’ve been good. I don’t know if your Ammījān told you or not, but I finally finished my lady doctor’s degree. I’m working at one of the largest hospitals downtown.”
“Yeah, she told me. Congratulations. I always knew you’d achieve your dream.”
Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb‘s pretty face turned red.
It’d been so hard to get over me, after our wonderful live in relationship we’d had.
She knew deep down she loved me still and she’d go back to me in a heartbeat if I ever asked her.
I found her right palm once again closing around my Uncut Hindu Penis.
In courtesy?
Courtesy to our wonderful former live in relationship?
I wasn’t sure.
Her grip on my Uncut Hindu Penis was immensely inviting actually, rather than pure formal courtesy only.
“Thanks! Hey, Arzumand Jahāngīr looks great! I hear she is working at one of the local University s in town huh?”
I nodded feeling proud of Arzumand Jahāngīr. My ardent Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān lover.
“Yeah and she loves her job so far.”

Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb took one look at Arzumand Jahāngīr and went to greet her as well.
Arzumand Jahāngīr always admired Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb for being so smart and beautiful.
She’d never really paid attention to her and my relationship until now.
It was weird to be friends with someone, who used to be with the person, you were in love with now.
“Arzumand Jahāngīr sweetie, how are you?” Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb squealed giving her a hug.
“I’m great and you?”
“Well, just been working a lot. This is my first day off in a while. I mean University was nonstop and I just started working a few weeks ago so I finally got my day off today.”
“It’s good to see you Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb,” Arzumand Jahāngīr said almost lying.
“You too Arzumand Jahāngīr. We need to hang out like we used to.”
Arzumand Jahāngīr almost cringed at that media.
How would she be able to hang out with Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb, knowing Sājidah Imāmuddīn Wahāb would talk about how she and Durgesh used to kiss, touch, and everything else.
She didn’t want to hear that at all.
That was my past.
Arzumand Jahāngīr was my future.

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