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 Chapter 12

Durgesh Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an

Durgesh Jāhnavī Dīxit

Durgesh Arzumand Jahāngīr

The sight of Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an was unbelievable.

Her Ammī was Saůūdī Årab, Al Tawħīd Al Islam.

Her father was Indian Brāhmañ, Brahmdév Sharmā.

It was a great combination.

She had the straight black hair of an oriental, but the face was a sweet mix of the two.

I don’t know where the body came from, I was just glad that it was here, now. *

Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an was only eighteen, and one of Jāhnavī Dīxit’s best friends.

It was a surprise what Jāhnavī Dīxit found in a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān girl that was even ten years younger than her.

The only thing I could think of was she was her husband’s daughter from his first wife, Al Tawħīd Al Islam

She was also asking me out on a date.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, how did I get out of this?

Or did I want to?

I knew the risks, but couldn’t help myself.

I was at Jāhnavī Dīxit’s apartment, where she was living with her Brāhmañ husband, Brahmdév Sharmā, while attending college.

Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an was attending another school not far away, and the two girls and their other friends were constantly getting together to talk and laugh, just as they had been doing since they started hanging out in junior high.

I knew all the girls, of course, but had always had a feeling that Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an was just a bit different than the other girls from the start.

It would appear I was right.

I had just agreed to help Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an find a car this Saturday.

She needed a new car and had hoped that her father could come and help her find one.

She didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

However, he had to work and she wanted a man to go along and make sure that she didn’t get screwed by some used car salesman.

I couldn’t blame one if he tried.

All of the girls were attractive, especially because of their smooth young skin and tight little bodies, but Ilāhī Ħabīb Qur’an was the only one who was out and out SEXY.

She didn’t even appear to try, but it was there.

Nice round pointy tits, flat waist, flaring hips, sweet tight little ass and long legs.

All of that and very pretty besides.

I was lost.

I was already thinking that at least I could ogle her all day while we were looking for her a different car.

How the Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had changed me successfully, I myself wonder.

I was sixty three now.

Yet I was craving for a girl just eighteen.

Just eighteen to thirty.

That was what Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan meant from ‘Jet’ in Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad.

J: Just

E: Eighteen

T: Thirty

“And what about the Musalmān Beauties over thirty?” Fātimah Vaqār Taymūr smirked, “They don’t deserve Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund? Their above thirty Musalmān Cunts don’t qualify for Durgesh’s unique legendary Uncut Hindu Lund? A sixty three years old Uncut Hindu Lund is serving Jet Musalmān Cunts. It’s not needed in above thirty years Musalmān Cunts. They  can search of other suitable Uncut Hindu Penises. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan the new Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånhā has declared the new policy of her Jannat-e-Firdaus. Lāhaul vilā qūvat.”

Nāzimah Yåqūb smiled at Kħadījah Al Tāhirah.

She was so bold now that she damn cared if the entire humanity watched her fucking her Brahmā Vishñu Mahésh.

Mahéshvar Bachhalyā was similarly on his back.

Nāzimah Yåqūb was similarly straddling Mahéshvar Bachhalyā.

“Congratulations Nāzimah Yåqūb Bājī.” Kħadījah Al Tāhirah cooed, “It’s not easy to snatch away a Bachhalyā from the ever jealous Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs. Mahéshvar Bachhalyā is however successfully you have excluded to serve you first.”

Nāzimah Yåqūb winked at Kħadījah Al Tāhirah cunningly and smiled triumphantly.

“Nothing is impossible if we try to achieve sincerely. Thank you Kħadījah Al Tāhirah.”

Sidrah Aħmad Bājī have come here. They told me at Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club.”

Nāzimah Yåqūb was surprised.

“You are coming from Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club?”

Sidrah Aħmad Bājī is the Chairperson of Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club. Isn’t she? It was only natural for me to go there to meet her.”

“She had come here.” Nāzimah Yåqūb told Kħadījah Al Tāhirah, “We discussed our new strategies to ‘Cuckold your Musalmān husband’ movement. But Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī called her on her mobile. Sidrah Aħmad immediately went to Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī. I don’t know why.”

Sidrah Aħmad Bājī didn’t tell you?” Kħadījah Al Tāhirah was somewhat disappointed.

“She said there was some emergency. She didn’t have the time to explain me everything in detail.”


Nāzimah Yåqūb smiled at Kħadījah Al Tāhirah.


“To me?” Kħadījah Al Tāhirah was surprised, “For what?”

“You have understood how to tame your Musalmān husband. Now you are free.”

The plane from London had just landed on the airport of Jaipur.

Kħadījah Al Tāhirah was glued to the cabin window.

It was the first time she was traveling to India and she had dreamed of it for years.

She had been fascinated by India, the beauty of the landscapes, the splendor of the palaces but even more by the glamour of Indian men in Hindutv pride even when they were doing daily chores among garbage heaps.

She had drawn in her India dream, her husband since two years.

He had offered her several salwar kameez and a series of sarees along with plenty Indian jewelry baubles for belly Dance.

She had occasionally worn them for Eīdul Fitr or other family parties.

She wore more often the jewelry, when she had a belly Dance performance in public.

Kħadījah Al Tāhirah was a Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān.

Her husband Al Muħammad Al Imām was too similarly, though Kħadījah Al Tāhirah had always dreamed of an Indian Hindu husband as most of the Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauties did.

At the time, she was 47 but she was taking so much attention to her skin and body that she looked ten of fifteen years less.

She had no wrinkles.

In addition, she had kept constant attention to her immensely arresting Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān body for the last six years.

She suddenly had decided to lose weight and asked for the help of a dietician.

Often such treatment helps you to lose a few pounds you win back shortly after but she had an inordinate force of will.

She had decided her ideal weight, 108 pounds and she had clung to her goal.

She had lost in fifteen months forty pounds and watched her weight daily since.

As Kħadījah Al Tāhirah had been practicing belly Dancing around six hours a week and several more at home, her skin had not sagged at all.

She had just lost some breasts to 36B and her measures had fallen to 36-30-36, not so bad for a Musalmān Beauty  of her age with two grown Hindu sons from Durgesh the unique.

Yes she was lucky enough not to enjoy only sex with Durgesh but to have my Hindu sons for her too.

But she still felt herself fat.

Clothes size had followed her weight loss and she could easily exchange sweaters with her husband’s daughter.

His thoroughly incompetent Saůūdī Årab Sheikħ Musalmān husband, as the most of the Årab Sheikħs were, could not give her any son, only daughters and daughters, damn him.

“Honey, it’s fantastic, we are in the dream country of you Musalmān Beauties, India, at last and did you hear the pilot? The temperature is 30¡ Celsius. In France, when we boarded the plane, it was freezing.” Al Muħammad Al Imām smiled at his prize beautiful Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān wife.

“Al Muħammad Al Imām, you idiot, you my extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān ass licker, I wish you have followed my advice just to pack something warm for the return and take only light clothes.”

“ I took two salwar kameez and one saree. Don’t be angry, please, my lady luck.” Al Muħammad Al Imām touched her feet to please her.

Since his wife has succeeded to fuck the most amazing Hindu multi zillionaire Durgesh, Al Muħammad Al Imām was too much afraid of her.

Feeling tremendously insulted, Al Muħammad Al Imām wanted to divorce her, but Kħadījah Al Tāhirah managed him to be ass fucked by Shankar Mahāpralayankar.

Al Muħammad Al Imām gagged feeling Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s Uncut Hindu Lund tearing his Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān ass, buried to the hilt.

“Sālé, musaddé,” Shankar Mahāpralayankar grabbed his beard fucking his till virgin Musalmān ass violently, “I’m not Durgesh, the softie. I’m the ardent follower of Dr. Ali Sina. I fuck you Musalmīn too in your anti humanity Musalmān ass. I don’t fuck Musalmān Beauties only, as Durgesh does. Durgesh is the Live in Relationship Partner of my own real Saůūdī Årab  Wahābī Musalmān sister and other countless Musalmān sisters too. If you even think to harm Durgesh ever in any way, I’d proudly kill you fucking your terrorist Musalmān ass.”

Al Muħammad Al Imām could not speak even a word.

He knew very well that Shankar Mahāpralayankar was actually a Hindu underworld Don.

The Muslim underworld Dons were Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s Hindu ass lickers.

Shankar Mahāpralayankar fucked their Musalmān houseladies.

And they couldn’t do anything to Shankar Mahāpralayankar ever.*

“It s amply sufficient, we will buy what we need when we arrive at our first stopping place. Our travel guide will tell us where to find what you need.” Al Muħammad Al Imām murmured to his thoroughly successful wife Kħadījah Al Tāhirah.

He knew now very well that she has successfully joined the utmost dangerous club of Musalmān Beauties and their Hindu lovers, Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club.

Sidrah Aħmad was its present president.

Nāzimah Yåqūb, Al Fātimah Al Wahāb and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī were its great patrons.*

Muħammad Åbbās still remembered when he first saw his friend, Durgesh, squeezing his Bahū Bégum’s chūchiyān in the kitchen & then next time taking her to a hotel.

He was furious to the extent to slap me.

His friends were right.

They had warned Muħammad Åbbās.

Durgesh has already fucked most of our extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān houseladies. Now, it’s your number.”

“Yet,” O.P. Dīxit commented gravely, “What can we do?”

Vikram Rājpūt, Mr’tyunjaý Chauhān, Milind Joshī, everyone sighed his helplessness.

Muħammad Åbbās was surprised somewhat.

“What do you mean? Durgesh has fucked your Brāhmañ houseladies too?”

Brāhmañ houseladies, Rajput houseladies, Jain houseladies, Christian houseladies, Jew houseladies, atheists houseladies― Durgesh has fucked almost our entire houseladies those are beautiful.”

Muħammad Åbbās couldn’t believe it.

“I thought Durgesh was actually humiliating us Musalmīn only.”

“It’s not a matter of humiliation at all, Åbbās.” Akbar Mujāhid couldn’t stop himself, “actually Durgesh is doing it because he is our friend and he doesn’t want our houseladies vagabond here and there. He wants to keep their adultery unto himself and hush hush.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“It means,” Muħammad Åbbās said at length, as if fallen from the seventh sky, “it means Durgesh is really our friend and he is keeping our honor instead of disgracing us?”

“That’s right.” Akbar Mujāhid said with almost choked voice, “He has raped my daughter, Ruqayyah Mujāhid recently. Not because he had lust for her. She was falling for Brahmdév Sharmā instead.”

Brahmdév Sharmā?”

“Yes, the Minister, the Congressman we voted for. He was after my just eighteen daughter.”

Everyone was again dumbfounded.*

When I woke up I was tied down to a bed with a ball gag in my mouth I tried to shout for help but it was muffled by the ball gag.

It was very dark in the room but in turning my head to try and see if I could get free I noticed the clock and it was 4:12am.

I was very worried about this as I was sure by now all my friends would have left and that I was probably the only one left.

I then heard a voice talking to someone it was a guy talking to the girl that had obviously drugged me.

She said bye to him and from what I could tell he left as I heard the door close.

After this, the door to the room I was in, opened and the bitch came in to the room.

I struggled to get free but it was no use.

she then said to me,

“We are going to have a lot of fun tonight, Durgesh darling, méré Hindu Piyā, Hindu  Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam, Hindu  husband of us Musalmān Beauties!”

As she said this I thought that this might actually turn out to be not that bad as I was sure she just wanted to have sex with me and she was so hot that I really didn’t care at all that she drugged me.

She then told me that she would be back soon.

About ten minutes or so later I heard the door bell go and heard another few girls’ voices.

I actually started to get quite excited about what I thought was going to happen.

The door opened again and Sājidah Imām the girl that had tied me up was standing with another two girls wearing latex dresses.

They came in and Sājidah Imām left.

One of them went in to her bag and brought a syringe out and injected it into my left arm which knocked me out cold.

I woke up hanging up spread eagle in a cellar dungeon.

Nothing fancies really just a big overhead beam with a couple posts out to the sides and a nice easy chair with a table on the side.

I had locking cuffs on my ankles that were chained out to the sides so my feet, which have 5 inch stiletto heels tied on them, are held about two feet apart so that she has free access to my Hindu crotch.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad raping me again?

I couldn’t believe it.

Yesterday I’ve raped Ruqayyah Mujāhid myself.

And today I’m being raped.

My Bhogchakr was really even beyond my control.*

Samīnah Ħabīb was exhausted as the cheerleading coach dismissed them from practice for the day.

Since transferring to City High a month ago, her life had certainly changed.

She had found herself making friends easily and had won a position on the cheerleading squad after her first tryout.

As she made her way to the locker room with the rest of the Musalmān Beauties, she wryly thought about how hard she had thought it was going to be to leave the University and friends she had known all her life to begin anew.

It sure had been a lot easier than she had imagined.

Even her Hindu Lover, Durgesh, had found it easy to fit in to the new University and routine.

Even as she started to undress to take a shower, Durgesh was out at football practice competing for the quarterback position.

As she undressed, Samīnah Ħabīb looked around the locker room at her fellow cheerleaders.

This was supposedly the cream of the crop, the best looking, most athletic Musalmān Beauties  in the University.

They sure were a diverse bunch, she thought.

There was Sherī Åbbās, a tall, dark-haired girl with big, upright tits, dark nipples that always seemed to be hard whenever Samīnah Ħabīb had seen them, slender waist with her hips flaring to her legs, which tapered down, long and slim, a dark thatch of hair filling the juncture of her thighs.

Always with Sherī Åbbās were Padminī Tripāŧhī and Della Christ, Padminī Tripāŧhī with blonde hair, not quite as tall and big as Sherī Åbbās, but her pale tits ended in large, cream-colored nipples and her hips were big.

Della Christ was a redhead, just like herself, but unlike herself, Della Christ’s hair was cropped short, almost like a boy’s haircut, causing her totally freckled body to really stand out.

She had nice, firm tits with pale, cherry nipples at the end.

Her fiery red bush was not very dense, allowing you to get a peek of pale skin underneath.

Samīnah Ħabīb self-consciously examined her own body in the mirror.

Her tits were nice and firm, very upright with big, dark-cherry nipples on the end. Her waist was very slim, showing a nice flat belly with her thick bush of red hair sticking out below. Her long, thick red hair hung down past her shoulders. She couldn’t see anything to complain of, so she joined the others in the shower.

Sherī Åbbās Padminī Tripāŧhī and Della Christ were laughing together as they soaped up and began to work lather up.

Samīnah Ħabīb began to shower at the shower next to them, listening to their conversation.

Sherī Åbbās was talking about her date the night before with me, the other boy trying to become the quarterback on the Literary team.

Sherī Åbbās was talking about how it hadn’t taken me any time at all on our date to begin trying to kiss her and feel her up.

She laughed as she described how desperate I had seemed as she thwarted my attempts to feel her up.

She related how, as the evening passed, she had relented somewhat and began to make out with me, kissing me and sucking tongues together.

She commented that I was really a good kisser with a really long tongue.

Padminī Tripāŧhī and Della Christ laughed as she said this.

Sherī Åbbās commented that she was going to go out with me on Friday and that she planned on letting me go a little further this time, maybe even letting me play with her tits a little bit.

As she said this, Sherī Åbbās reached up and gave both of her soapy tits a good squeeze and massage, pinching her nipples for good measure.

Padminī Tripāŧhī and Della Christ laughed.

Della Christ reached over and pinched one of Sherī Åbbās’s nipples, causing her to squeal as she tried to pinch her back.

Laughing, they all finished showering and got dressed.

As they dressed and began to leave the locker room, Samīnah Ħabīb moved over next to Sherī Åbbās to ask her a question.

“Sherī Åbbās,” she asked, “how do you control guys so that they don’t go too far?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” she replied. “You just make sure that they think there’s a chance that they might succeed and they’ll go along with anything.”

“But what happens when things start to get too far along?”

“Well, either you like them and go along or you don’t like them and you fight like crazy,” Sherī Åbbās laughed.

“Yeah,” Della Christ commented, “when was the last one you fought like crazy because you didn’t like him?”

“Well,” Sherī Åbbās answered, “at least I know before I go out with them if I’m going to like them. Not like you, finding out when it’s too late to do anything about it.”

Della Christ grimaced.

“Dearie, Durgesh and even the other Hindus are not so easily available to us Christian and Jew Beauties as they are available to you Musalmān Beauties.”

Sherī Åbbās laughed.

“We Musalmān Beauties  know you Christian and Jew Beauties are immensely jealous of us.”

“You mean you’ve let some of them do what they want?” Samīnah Ħabīb inquired.

“Of course I have,” Sherī Åbbās responded. “If I didn’t, they’d all know that I was just a tease and nobody would want to go out with me.”

“Hah,” Della Christ said, “you do it because you love it and you know it.”

“Well, so what,” Sherī Åbbās retorted, “at least I get it from people I choose, not just whoever chooses me.”

“I like the guys I go with,” Della Christ replied. “What about you, Samīnah Ħabīb, ever had been with a guy?”

“No, not like that. I haven’t. I mean, I’ve made out with some of the boys I’ve gone out with, I’ve just never gone any further.”

“Well, neither have I,” Padminī Tripāŧhī chimed in. “I’m sure I will when I’m ready, I just wasn’t born always horny like these two,” she said laughing.

“I wasn’t born horny, I just ended up that way,” Sherī Åbbās laughed. “I’ll bet that before the University year is out, both of you end up losing your cherries. Face it, you’re cheerleaders now. Every guy in University wants to be with a cheerleader. You’ll have your pick of them, after I do, of course, then you’ll end up doing it with someone.”

“I don’t know,” Samīnah Ħabīb said. “I always thought it’d be with someone special the first time.”

“Who’s to say it won’t be,” Della Christ replied. “It can be really nice. Believe me, I know. It doesn’t have to be tawdry at all.”

“There’s nothing tawdry about me,” Sherī Åbbās declared, “I just like boys. I’ll tell you what,” Sherī Åbbās said with a sly grin, “Friday night I’ll let you guys hide in my house and you can watch Durgesh making out with me. My parents are away for the weekend so they won’t be there. What do you say? You can hide in the study and I’ll get Durgesh  to make out with me in the living room.”

“I’ll be there, you can bet on it,” Della Christ said laughing. “How about you two, you going to join me?”

“Sure,” Padminī Tripāŧhī said. “I think it’ll be funny that Durgesh won’t know we’re watching him. You gonna come, Samīnah Ħabīb?”

“I guess so,” she replied. “It seems sort of weird though, peeping on people making out.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Sherī Åbbās said. “Maybe you’ll get some pointers.”

With that they all went their way as they walked home.

As Samīnah Ħabīb lived in the opposite direction from the other three, she walked home by herself, reflecting on her new friends.

They were always nice to her but she still felt a little like an outsider.

Face it, she was.

I’ve only been here a month, Samīnah Ħabīb reminded herself.

They’ve known each other for years.

As she continued on her way, Samīnah Ħabīb thought about how happy her parents had been to move to Friend, Nebraska.

She couldn’t believe it when they had told her and Durgesh that they were moving from Portland, Oregon to Nebraska.

It had seemed like a move in the wrong direction.

Midterm 2012 was due in India now.

Samīnah Ħabīb was worried that her Abbū, Muħammad Ħabīb might lose to her own Ammī, Attāhirah Al Kulsūm.

Her Abbū, Muħammad Ħabīb, was stupid enough not to resign from Indian National Congress.

He still thought inanely that UPA would return to power.

Samīnah Ħabīb’s Ammī, Attāhirah Al Kulsūm, laughed.

Anna Hazare and his team have already caused Indian National Congress to lose Assembly Elections in five states, Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Mañipur. You still believe UPA can return to power. You are foolish.”

Padminī Tripāŧhī watched her father, Rām Sharañ Tripāthī.

He was fighting from Ayodhya parliamentary seat from Indian National Congress.

Padminī Tripāŧhī was worried that there were more than ninety percent chances he could lose to the BJP candidate.

Muħammad Åbbās was fighting from BJP there.

He has promised to his voters to build Rām Mandir at Ayodhya.

Now it seemed as though she could hardly remember Oregon anymore.

Nebraska was really nice, open and no rain all the time.

The people were a lot more open than they had been back in Oregon and it wasn’t as square as she had been led to believe.

Just as she got to the street she lived on, Samīnah Ħabīb heard her name shouted from behind.

Turning around, she saw it was I, marching to catch up to her.

Samīnah Ħabīb really loved me.

I was so good- looking and nice.

Everyone seemed to like me.

I was medium, yet athletic, always did great at everything I tried.

As I caught up to her, I grabbed her in a big hug and swung her around.

“I’m going to be the starting quarterback,” he announced gleefully. “They told us today.”

“Oh, Durgesh, I’m so happy for you,” Samīnah Ħabīb said, hugging me fiercely. “Now I’ll really have a reason to cheer.”

“How’s cheerleading going?” I inquired. “Is it as much fun as you hoped it would be?”

“Well, it’s a lot more work than I thought, but I like the Musalmān Beauties and it’s a good workout. In fact, I’m going out with some of them Friday night,” she said, deciding that it was going to be fun watching Sherī Åbbās in action.

“What about you, any dates in mind yet?” she asked me.

“We’ll see,” I smiled. “I want to see what being quarterback brings my way. You found anyone yet?” I teased, knowing how shy she was.

“I’m not in any hurry,” Samīnah Ħabīb said. “Besides, no one’s really paid any special attention to me yet.”

“They will, especially when they see you out there jumping around in your cheerleading outfit.”

Then we went into the house where Samīnah Ħabīb’s Ammī, Attāhirah Al Kulsūm, was beginning to fix dinner.

As Samīnah Ħabīb began to help with the dinner, she told her of her day in University, I being especially proud of having earned the starting quarterback position on the Literary team.

“Muħammad Ħbīb will be real proud of you,” Attāhirah Al Kulsūm said. “He called and said he’d be a little late tonight, so we’ll eat before he gets home.”*

My rhythm, increased feeling Arzumand Jahāngīr’s nectar drip out of her hole and onto my Uncut Hindu Lund.

I had replaced my fingers with my Uncut Hindu Lund.

I had to.

Arzumand Jahāngīr was adamant.

It was like warm water running down my Uncut Hindu Lund.

I’d never felt a Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot like this.

It was just so sweet and soaked.

I could feel her tense up as she slightly lifted her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body up.

‘Is she cumming?’ I wondered.

I looked closely as she was quivering with delight.

Her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī excellent exquisite Pakistani Sunni Musalmān head was tossed back as she whimpered as quietly as she could.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, oh my God, she is cumming!” I watched as my maternal cousin climaxed on my Uncut Hindu Lund.

Her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot was throbbing as her orgasm finished.

I loved the way she felt inside I didn’t even want to remove my Uncut Hindu Lund from her hole.

I left my Uncut Hindu Lund inside her until she slowly seemed to recover.

Arzumand Jahāngīr felt herself smile shyly at me.

I was moving closer to Arzumand Jahāngīr.

I wanted to kiss her again as I’d done the other night.

We were about to lock lips when we heard loud noises.

It was the car behind us honking.

It looked like the streets were open again.

I quickly put the car on drive and I raced home.

I was going to make love to Arzumand Jahāngīr tonight.

There was no doubt about that.

Arzumand Jahāngīr knew what was going to happen as well.

She was ready for it.

She was prepared to have I make love to her.

The siblings drove home full of raging desires for one another.

This time we weren’t going to let anything stop us.

The rain had stopped by the time Arzumand Jahāngīr and I got back to the apartment.

The sky above us looked clear as if it had never rained.

Arzumand Jahāngīr was eager to get inside and show I just how much she loved me.

Putting my car in park, I rushed to run around my car and open up Arzumand Jahāngīr’s door.

I held her hand as she got out of the car.

I wanted to kiss her now, but knew there were peering eyes bound to catch us.

We kept quiet as we headed up to the apartment.

Arzumand Jahāngīr felt her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot wet from her unbelievably erotic orgasm.

She watched me nervously fumble with the keys as I ppened the door.

She took a deep breath as I stepped aside to let her in.

This is it!

Arzumand Jahāngīr knew me t was time to let I love her.

Arzumand Jahāngīr stood in the hallway hearing me close the door behind and locking it.

I turned the lights on.

She closed her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes as I put my arms around her from behind.

My body felt so strong, so good against her petite body.

“I love you Arzumand Jahāngīr,” I whimpered in her ear as I pushed her hair aside letting my lips brush against the back of her neck.

My hands were on her shoulders and she reached with her own hands to place them on me.

“I-I love you too Durgesh,” she said nervously.

My hot breath was gliding on her skin so gently.

My lips kissed her skin tenderly and Arzumand Jahāngīr could feel My Uncut Hindu Cock hard as I stood behind her.

She felt me slide my arms around her waist holding her tight.

I loved the way my little maternal cousin felt.

She felt so fragile and innocent.

I could smell the light touch of her perfume as the aroma dazzled me.

I was finally getting my fantasy to come true.

I had her to myself, finally.

“Arzumand Jahāngīr, I want you. I want you so bad!” I spoke softly.

Arzumand Jahāngīr felt me turn her around to face me.

I looked at her childlike face.

Her skin felt as flawless as I cupped her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān face.

I leaned down to kiss her.

Her red crimson quivering juicy Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān lips met with mine and we shared an intense kiss.

Arzumand Jahāngīr let herself go, accepting me kiss once again.

My kiss had left her wanting me more.

My tongue slithered in her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth as we touched tongues exchanging saliva from our eager mouths.

Arzumand Jahāngīr and I both moaned while we kissed so erotically.

Arzumand Jahāngīr wasn’t sure if it was the fact that, she was kissing me that got her so turned on, or the fact that she was truly in love with me.

I  didn’t see Arzumand Jahāngīr  as my maternal cousin , I saw her as a beautiful young Musalmān lady that wanted me .

And I wanted her.

Arzumand Jahāngīr broke our kiss and tightened her hold she had on my waist.

Durgesh, let me make love to you.” Arzumand Jahāngīr didn’t believe it herself that she was speaking out her true feelings.

My eyes widened.

My little maternal cousin wanted to ride my Uncut Hindu Cock!

She had already succeeded.

She made me to do it in the car.

Yet, it was not enough.

She actually wanted to slide her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot up and down my aching Uncut Hindu Cock.

Oh, fuck that was hot!

I grabbed my maternal cousin and lifted her up in my arms.

Arzumand Jahāngīr gasped at first taken by surprise.

“Let’s go to my room,” I said as I carried her.

In my room, I kicked off my shoes and moved towards Arzumand Jahāngīr like a mad man.

Arzumand Jahāngīr didn’t resist my touch.

We kissed with hungry kisses and Arzumand Jahāngīr was losing herself more with me than with any other man she’d ever been with.
Arzumand Jahāngīr pushed me towards my bed.

She wanted to have my Uncut Hindu Cock in her right away.

She’d been keeping all her feeling to herself but tonight she was going to let me know everything she felt for me.

“Oh I ! I wanna see your Uncut Hindu Cock!” Arzumand Jahāngīr blurted out putting her hand on my Uncut Hindu Cock over my pants.

“Get it out of my pants darling.” I said in a lustful rage.

I just let myself fall back on the bed with my hard Uncut Hindu Cock showing through my slacks.

Arzumand Jahāngīr stood above me looking shy but very curious.

She zipped down my pants and pulled out my aching throbbing Uncut Hindu Cock.

Arzumand Jahāngīr looked down and her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes grew wide looking at my Uncut Hindu Cock.

It was everything she’d fantasized it would be.

My thick mushroom head was slimy with precum.

The glow of my precum was making her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān mouth water.

She stepped back and took her sandals off.

She let her own shaky hands pull her panties down.

I watched my little maternal cousin get on top of me.

Her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body felt so light, so beautiful.

She leaned down to kiss me softly as my hands brought down her spaghetthe straps from her dress.

Her amazing breasts fell out right away.

They were a c-cup size.

Arzumand Jahāngīr’s nipples were small and thick in a dark pink color.

I reached up to put one of my maternal cousin’s breasts in my palm.

Arzumand Jahāngīr tossed her head back moaning as I squeezed her nipple.

She could feel my fingers on her nipples.

She was so ready for anything I was willing to give her.

She’d never really had a chance to make love to a man she really loved.

But now she was here with a man she loved with all of her heart.

Arzumand Jahāngīr could feel my Uncut Hindu Cock twitching as I squeezed her nipple.

My precum was getting all over her legs but she didn’t care.

She loved my Durgeshly juices on her.

Though she kept wondering what my Hindu cum would feel like inside her.

“Mmmm yes! Squeeze my nipples Durgesh darling,” She rasped out.

I moved from one nipple to the other taking turns squeezing them.

I cupped each breast with one hand as I kissed them.

Arzumand Jahāngīr looked down as she watched me kiss her erect young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts.

My palm was hungry for her tits.

I couldn’t take any more.

“Arzumand Jahāngīr, fuck me. Fuck my Uncut Hindu Cock darling,” I said roughly.

Arzumand Jahāngīr tossed her hair to the side and lifted her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body up enough to get my big Uncut Hindu Cock ready to go inside her.

She grabbed it with her hand and felt it pulsing as she lightly stroked it.

I put my hand over hers as she looked at me.

“Are you on birth control or do you want me to wearing protection?” I asked in the heat of the moment.

Arzumand Jahāngīr just gave me a devilish grin.

“I’m on the pill, dear.”

“Oh, fuck! Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, God, I want you Arzumand Jahāngīr! I want you!” I moaned anxiously.

Arzumand Jahāngīr straddled me and slowly slid her tight excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot on My Uncut Hindu Cock.

“Mmmmgggghhhh,” she wailed loudly as My Uncut Hindu Cock was piercing her tight little hole.

She could feel my manhood creeping inside her, opening her up.

“Yes baby, that’s right. fuck big Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock. Do it Arzumand Jahāngīr. I love you!” I was holding on tightly to her waist.

“Oh I love you Durgesh. I love you so much!” Arzumand Jahāngīr was now shrilling loudly as she finally got all of my Uncut Hindu Cock in her.

She started moving her hips around seductively savoring the feel and length of My Uncut Hindu Cock.

I had never felt a tighter excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot than this.

She seemed so innocent, yet she knew damn well what she was doing.

Arzumand Jahāngīr slowly began to grind her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot on My Uncut Hindu Cock.

I felt so incredible!

She could feel the veins of my Uncut Hindu Cock massaging her inside.

Moving her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body faster she was now on a rampage fucking My Uncut Hindu Cock.

I  held on to her erect young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts pinching her nipples as I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock being smashed by my maternal cousin ‘s warm juices.

Her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot glided gracefully up and down my long Hindu shaft.

I felt each stroke of her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot pulling my skin up and down making me want to explode hard in her.

Arzumand Jahāngīr was feeling the sensation of my Uncut Hindu Cock as she rode it.

She couldn’t believe she was finally here, making love to me .

Her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot was now adjusting to my size and more letting her enjoy this wonderful lovemaking.

“Yes! Oh, that’s it! Keep riding me baby!” I was breathless.

“Mmmmm your Uncut Hindu Cock feels so good!” Arzumand Jahāngīr exclaimed as she fucked My Uncut Hindu Cock harder now, pouncing her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot so hard making my balls move up and down.

She’d clench her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot on my Uncut Hindu Lund making me want to lose control.

I suddenly felt my balls tighten with sperm ready to shoot out into my maternal cousin’s excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

I was going to cum hard.

I just knew it!

I shut my eyes tightly for a few seconds as I was starting to release my Hindu cum.

“Mhmmmmm Arzumand Jahāngīr! I’m cumming! I’m fuckin’ cumming!” I groaned loudly.

Arzumand Jahāngīr accelerated her speed and felt me shooting out my Hindu cum all inside her.

She felt her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body jolt for a minute as she took my shot of cum.

It was incredibly sexy.

I felt as if I was shooting out gallons of cum.

I’d shot out at least 6 times long angry ropes of cum.

I’d wanted Arzumand Jahāngīr for days now and now I saw what she could do to me.

“Oooh yes! Put your Hindu seed in me Durgesh. Ooooh I have it in me! Look I’m taking it! Oh fuck!” Arzumand Jahāngīr felt her own body tense.

She was reaching an amazing climax right there on my Uncut Hindu Cock.

I felt her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot clasp my Uncut Hindu Lund hard and her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body shook madly.

She looked at me as she came.

“Yes baby, cum on my Uncut Hindu Cock. Fuck yes!” I grabbed her erect young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts harder feeling her nipples erect more as she was finishing her orgasm.

Arzumand Jahāngīr felt herself weaken after an intense orgasm.

She laid her head down on my chest.

She could hear my heart beating rapidly.

She was so out of breath and spent.

I just ran my Uncut Hindu Lund through her hair as I held her close to me.

“You’re amazing Arzumand Jahāngīr,” I murmured.

Arzumand Jahāngīr moved looking up at me.

“I love you Durgesh. I think I love you more than I’ve ever loved any man.”

I smiled.

“Arzumand Jahāngīr, I want to be with you.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr kissed my lips lightly. “I’m scared Durgesh darling. What if we fall deeply and madly in love?”

I didn’t respond.

I just stroked her pretty face and let her lay her head back on my chest. “It’s too late Arzumand Jahāngīr. I’m already deeply and madly in love with you,” I finally responded.

Arzumand Jahāngīr sighed brushing her red crimson quivering juicy Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān lips on my chest.

She was fearful of what the future had in store for us, yet she was so intrigued by being her my lover.4

Arzumand Jahāngīr rested on top of me feeling my Uncut Hindu Cock soften inside her.

She brought herself up laying down next to me as we stared into each other’s eyes.

She kept thinking of all the times we used to fight when we were younger.

I used to pull her bra and she’d chase me around the house.

I used to tease her when she wore her braces. Arzumand Jahāngīr smiled to herself as she recalled those Moments.

Never in her life had she imagined she’d be like this.

In love with me.

“How do you think we can get away with this relationship?” Arzumand Jahāngīr asked as she ran her finger on my lips.

“I don’t know. We have to be very careful Arzumand Jahāngīr.” My gaze was on her pretty face with my hands on her erect young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts.

“You mean we have to sneak around?”

“Well sort of. Yes, I guess you can say that. At least for the time being.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr’s eyes saddened.

“I hate the fact that we’ll have to sneak around. I’d love to be able to tell anyone how much I love you.”

“Even Mumānījān and Māmūjān?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

Arzumand Jahāngīr  sighed as she cringed. “Well I guess not everyone.”

I held Arzumand Jahāngīr closer to me.

I’d watch her grow up to be a beautiful young lady.

She had grace, style and beauty all in one package.

How could any guy resist her?

“Arzumand Jahāngīr.  We’ll worry about that later. Right now, I just want to have you next to me. Like I have been wanting for that past week.” I said kissing her forehead.

“DURGESH, it’s so strange how we fell in love, don’t you think?” Arzumand Jahāngīr asked stroking my hair.

I kissed her red crimson quivering juicy Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān lips tenderly.

“Yes it is. I wish the circumstances were different.”

“Oh Durgesh, why does life have to be so cruel, yet so kind? I mean I think it’s cruel for it to fall madly in love with you, and kind that I’ve found a man like you to love, to cherish.”

I just held Arzumand Jahāngīr tightly feeling her warmth.

She felt so womanly, yet so much like a young child.

The aroma of our sex was all over the room and I loved the sense it brought.

“I’m gonna take a shower Durgesh.” Arzumand Jahāngīr said sitting up.

I raised myself up from the bed.

“Can I take one with you?”

Arzumand Jahāngīr blushed.

“I’d love to have you in the shower with me.”

“Alright then!” I cheered.

We walked into the shower, still half clothed.

Arzumand Jahāngīr turned on the shower making it a nice hot one.

The water started to run warm and then hot making the room steamy.

I stood before my maternal cousin and slowly raised her dress.

My hands slid on her firm bottom feeling it, fondling it.

Arzumand Jahāngīr giggled as I touched her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass.

“Mmmm I never thought you’d be touching my butt like this.”

I lifted her dress up over her taking it all off.

“Well, I never thought I’d want you so much.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr stood there completely naked.

Even though the room was hot, her nipples were hard.

I was almost breathless looking at my maternal cousin naked.

Eīshān, God, she looks delicious I thought to myself.

Her erect young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān breasts so firm, her tummy so flat, her skin so soft and delicate.

“You’re so beautiful, Arzumand Jahāngīr. I’m falling more in love with you each second.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr held me close to her naked skin. “I love you Durgesh. I love you so much.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr began pulling out the rest of my shirt.

Somewhat of it was still tucked in my loose open pants.

I stood back as Arzumand Jahāngīr unbuttoned my shirt.

She did each button slowly never taking her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes off me.

Finally, with the last button my shirt came open exposing my hard chest.

Arzumand Jahāngīr’s eyes devoured my manly body.

Her hands moved down to my pants sliding them off leaving me in my boxers.

I stepped out of my pants and took off my socks.

I grabbed Arzumand Jahāngīr ‘s hands and put them on my waist pushing them down slowly removing my boxers.

She felt herself gasp looking at me there, completely naked.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was hard again.

Arzumand Jahāngīr smiled modestly.

“Come on; let’s get in the shower, before the hot water runs out.” I said playfully.

We both stepped into the steamy water together.

I stood behind Arzumand Jahāngīr holding her under the waterfall.

I watched her hair get wet as the water hit us.

Her wet young adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body was close to me.

I ran my hands up and down her young adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body.

Arzumand Jahāngīr closed her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes feeling my hands roaming every part of her.

She reached out to grab the spring smelling bar of soap lathering it in her hands.

I grabbed it from her hand.

I glided my hands on Arzumand Jahāngīr’s breasts letting the soap suds run down her chest.

Arzumand Jahāngīr leaned her head back and our lips met for a sensual kiss.

Arzumand Jahāngīr’s hot young adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body tingled with feelings of hot lust for me.

Yes, touch me more. Don’t ever stop Arzumand Jahāngīr thought to herself.

I kept lathering up more soap and ran my hands down Arzumand Jahāngīr’s body making sure she was covered up with soap bubbles.

The scent of soap filled the room reminding us that it was just us, alone in the shower.

Arzumand Jahāngīr turned around letting her extremely beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān eyes meet with me.

She pressed her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body against my letting the suds get on my body.

We began to kiss losing ourselves under this wonderful rain of water that covered us, protected us from the real world.

The soap was washing off our bodies slowly.

I looked over to my right to grab the bottle of shampoo.

I smiled down at Arzumand Jahāngīr as she looked up at me with admiring eyes.

I poured some of Arzumand Jahāngīr’s apple smelling shampoo on the palm of my hands and placed it on her hair.

Arzumand Jahāngīr chuckled softly as I began to wash her hair.

My hands massaged her head as I rubbed my Uncut Hindu Lund lightly on her hair.

I stared down at Arzumand Jahāngīr.

She was so gorgeous standing there naked as I washed her hair.

Arzumand Jahāngīr tossed her head back slightly letting the water wash off the shampoo.

I just observed this beautiful sight.

The shampoo ran down her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body slow like honey.

I grabbed the bar of soap again lathering it up once more to start rubbing Arzumand Jahāngīr ‘s excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot with it.

Arzumand Jahāngīr whined softly feeling me washing her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

My hands gently ran up and down her wet slit.

She got a hold of the soap and returned the favor.

She got a handful of suds and placed her hand on my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

She stroked it up and down washing me up.

I bit my lip enjoying Arzumand Jahāngīr’s touch.

Arzumand Jahāngīr took the bottle of my shampoo and got a handful of it as she started washing my hair.

I laughed as she reached her little arms up lathering up my hair.

I picked her up a little as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

“I love being here with you,” I whimpered.

“I want this moment to last forever, “Arzumand Jahāngīr responded holding me tightly.

I dipped my head under the water letting the shampoo wash off my hair as it fell onto us both.

Arzumand Jahāngīr helped by rinsing my hair out.

I carefully turned around as I carried Arzumand Jahāngīr in my arms.

I placed her back against the tile wall.

“I want to be inside you again Arzumand Jahāngīr.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr kissed me softly.

“Yes. Make love to me again Durgesh.”

I adjusted her young adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body and immediately plunged my Uncut Hindu Cock inside her sensitive excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Arzumand Jahāngīr let out a loud moan as I entered her once again.

I began to thrust my hips madly as my Uncut Hindu Lund quickly entered and exited her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

We kissed passionately as we made love while the water continued to bathe us.

I loved the way Arzumand Jahāngīr’s excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot swallowed up my Uncut Hindu Cock.

I could feel her still so tight and warm.

I never wanted to take my Uncut Hindu Cock out of her.

I wanted to be in her eternally.

Arzumand Jahāngīr held on to me tightly as I made love to her.

It was so erotic making love in the shower.

She’d always fantasized about doing that someday, but now that day was here.

She was glad to be able to share it with such an amazing person, DURGESH, her Hindu lover.

“You feel so good. I want to explode in you again, Arzumand Jahāngīr.”

Arzumand Jahāngīr looked at me with love.

“Do it Durgesh, my Hindu Love. Just let yourself cum into me. I want to take it all again.”

A few more thrusts and I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock spurting out cum right inside Arzumand Jahāngīr’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Each shot of my Hindu cum that Arzumand Jahāngīr took from me, made her shudder.

 Chapter 13


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