A rapist Hindu Piya:1

A rapist Hindu Piya


Chapter 1

I was now a 60 years old retired person.

My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī, had a daughter and a son.

My Musalmān daughter Raziyah Nasīm (32) was married and living happily with her husband and a kid.

My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī’s son Salmān Nasīm (34) was working for one of the major software firms.

Two years back, he married a sweet girl Åāýéshah Imrān (26).

My Daughter-in-law, Bahoo Bégum, Åāýéshah Imrān; was a PhD but she had chosen to stay away from jobs and be a good homemaker.

So at home, it’s I along with My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī, Salmān Nasīm and Åāýéshah Imrān.

They were a happy couple but there was a problem.

It was My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī’s long desire to see my grand child, the heir of our family.

But even after 2 years of marriage, they didn’t have a child.

I suggested them to consult the doctor.

My Musalmān son, Salmān Nasīm, was very busy with his work.

So after the test he went to office and asked me to collect the report.

When Åāýéshah Imrān and I went to collect the report, the doctor, Fareedah Jalāl Sheikħ, revealed that my son, Salmān Nasīm’s Musalmān sperm count was very less to make Åāýéshah Imrān pregnant.

This fact made My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī very sad, as he couldn’t fulfill her wish.

I made sure that none of the others, including even my own son and Musalmān daughter Raziyah Nasīm, would know about Salmān Nasīm’s inability.

I took the promise from Åāýéshah Imrān that she would not reveal this fact to him.

She too loved him a lot and hence agreed not to say anything about this.

So we kept it as a secret.

I could see that she was deeply disappointed.

As everyone knows, it is the ultimate desire of any lady to have a child, but with this problem running she was deeply hurt.
I could see the saddened face of my Bahoo Bégum, Åāýéshah Imrān; each and every day after Salmān Nasīm left for the office.

After a month Salmān Nasīm had to go to US for some project work.

The project duration was 6 months.

He wanted to take Åāýéshah Imrān  along with him, but due to Visa problem, Åāýéshah Imrān  could not join him.

So after Salmān Nasīm left, it was Åāýéshah Imrān and I at home, with My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī, of course.

Now each day I was wondering how to solve this problem.

Each day my mind was constantly thinking of this matter.

One day early in the morning, I answered the doorbell as my Bahoo Bégum, Åāýéshah Imrān; was having a bath.

It was the milkman.

As he sat down to remove the milk and pour it into my vessel, I noticed that he had a very good body, strong with heavy muscles.

He was wearing a banyan, singlet; and a lungi.

He was a Muslim.

I noticed that he wanted to say something to me, but could not gather the required courage.

I smiled,

“Muħammad, you want to say something to me?”

Muħammad tried to smile, but I noticed that he was still afraid of me.

“Sāħab,”he tried to say, but stopped in the middle.

“Yes, go on.”

“Well, Sāħab, I’ve a family problem.” He told me ultimately in a somewhat frightened voice.

“Yes. Tell me if I can help you in its solution.” I encouraged him, smiling.

“You’ve seen all my daughters, Sāħab!”

“Yes, Muħammad! I’m proud of you that you gave the highest possible education to your daughters. I can understand that it was not easy for you.”

“You helped me, Sāħab, otherwise—”

“It’s all right, Muħammad! Tell me what more you want from me.”

“You’ll be angry with me. You may think that I’m asking for something beyond my limit.”

I smiled,


“I wouldn’t have disturbed you, if I had another option.”

My Bahoo Bégum, Åāýéshah Imrān, suddenly appeared from inside,

“Papaji, Muħammad Māmūjān is suffering from the same problem we are suffering from.”

“What?” I almost jumped.

Muħammad fell on my Bahoo Bégum, Åāýéshah Imrān’s feet,

“Béŧī, save me lillāh. Save my seventeen daughters.”

“Seventeen daughters?” I smiled, “All the seventeen daughters?”

Durgesh ,” My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī also joined us, “one by one, all his seventeen daughters have been returned by their impotent Musalmān husbands and Musalmān in laws.”

“What do they want?”

“The impossible. Muħammad’s daughters  are not giving to their husbands and to their in laws, even a son .”

I looked at My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī,

“I see.”

“I advised Muħammad, the idiot, to let his daughters sleep with you.”

“Papaji,” Åāýéshah Imrān told, “that’s the only solution to us both. Allow Muħammad Māmūjān’s seventeen daughters, as well as me too, to sleep with you, and make us all the eighteen pregnant.”

“Nonsense, Åāýéshah Imrān, your mother in law and her suggestions! Shanno Mitrah sham Varuñh, shanno bhavatvaryyamā. You are my Bahoo Bégum.”

“Salmān Nasīm is not your son.” My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī flared,

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, was 40 years old.

“I was only twenty eight then.

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, was full twelve years older than me.

“Yet, I was married to him, because Muħammad Naåīm was my Chachāzād Bhāījān and he was working in a private company.

“There was one man Arvind of around 45 years old, working under my husband, Muħammad Naåīm.

“But he was much senior to my husband, Muħammad Naåīm in the company.

“Naåīm found some fraud in his records and according to rules of the company, he suspended him after issuing show cause notice.

“Arvind was very fat heavy built and it was heard he was criminal type.

“Many times, he had gone to jail also for fighting with his neighbors.

“After getting suspension letter from my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, he came to his office in the evening and warned Muħammad Naåīm,

“Sāħab, lettter vapas le lo, nahīn to anjām bahut bura hogā.”

“But my husband did not mind him and asked him to reply the letter.

“Same day, my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, had to go to his head office, out of station, for some official work.

“He was busy in making some papers ready.

“Any way, he reached our house and asked me to make suit case ready as he was leaving that night for head office.

“He was not happy and said that I had to stay alone in the bungalow as our neighbor was away from town.

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, further told me to manage for 2 nights only. He was to be back with in 2 days.

“Third day morning, my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, came back from head office and reached to his office.

“After seeing his table papers, he called Arvind and asked him about the reply of letter. Arvind told my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, very humbly,

“Sāħab, aaj sham Ko office ke bad main aap ko de donga.”

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, agreed.

“In the evening, even my husband forgot to ask him about the reply.

“He was busy in some work. It was late 7.30 pm.

“I called Muħammad Naåīm.

“He told me that he might be late because of work. All other staff had already closed for the day. Only an office peon was around.

“Suddenly, Arvind entered in my husband’s office, with 2 other unknown outsider men.

“He said,

“Sāħab, hamko maaf kar do.”

“Along with him, other two men also started begging my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, to forgive him.

“In the mean time, the peon of my husband’s office entered and said,

“Sāħab, aaj hamko bahar jana hai. aap der tak baiŧhoge kyā?”

Before my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, said any thing, Arvind told him,

“Tum jao. Office main band kar doonga. Mujhé Sāħab ke sath meeting karna hai.”

“And he left with him.

“After 5 minutes he came back and put office keys on my husband’s table,

“Sāħab, maine main channel gate band kar diya hai.”

“They again started begging my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, for forgiveness.

“Suddenly, in very proud voice, Arvind said,

“Achchha Sāħab, main aap ko ek cheez dikhana chahta hoon. Usko dekhne ke båd aap mujhe zaroor måāf kar doge.”

“My husband was surprised what he wanted to show him. His requesting order, “Sāħab, conference room mein aao.” my husband, Muħammad Naåīm could not tolerate.

“They all 4 reached conference room. My husband’s office conference room was a small room with a screen for dvd projector and around 20 chairs in 4 rows.

“ They made my husband, Muħammad Naåīm sit in front row and they all three sat in second row behind him.

“Arvind was having dvd remote. He came to my husband, Muħammad Naåīm, and said,

“Sāħab, is film ko dekhne ke båd jo aap ko achchha lage, karna. Per ek baar ise poora dékh lo.”

“Any way, in that situation my husband did not have any other option.

“He was also curious to see what he wanted to show him. He switched on the film and switched off all other room lights.

“The film started.

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, saw main door of our house. His nameplate was there. One hand rang the bell.

“After 3, 4 minutes, door opened.

“I was in red sari and black blouse, slim, 34 breasts, sari tugged, open hair falling on my shoulders.

I asked,

“Yes, aap ko kisse milna hai?”

“Arvind’s voice,

“Bhābhījān, main Arvind hoon. Sāħab ke office mein kaam karta hoon. Sāħab hain?”

“I told,

“Nahīn, wo bahar gaye hain.”

“Voh bahar gaye hain, Tabhi to ham aaye hain.” suddenly one man said and came in picture frame.

“He held my mouth by one hand and was putting his other hand on my bare tummy.

“Other man came in and put one knife on my throat.

Arvind’s voice,

“Chal Sālī, apne bed room mein le ker chal, jahān us sālé se too chudti hai.”

“I was shocked.

“Even then, I was trying to get free, but no use. They closed the door from inside too.

“My husband, Muħammad Naåīm, noticed that those 2 men were the same men sitting and watching the film with him and it was Arvind, shooting the movie.

“They took me to my bed room and threw me on the bed.

“They slapped me 3 or 4 times very hard,

“Sālī, jaisa kahoon, kartī jā. Chillāne se koi labh nahīn. Aas pass koi bhi nahin hai.”

“I stopped fighting.

“But I was frightened and crying with tears in my eyes.

“You were one of them then, Durgesh!

“You said,

“Tere Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, ne hamāré ék dost ko suspend kiya hai. Ham tujhé chod kar uskā badla lenge. Sala phir kabhi kisī ko suspend nahīn karega.”

“Both you and your friend, Rājesh Rājpoot, sat together on my double bed. You held my one hand.

“I was standing in front of you both.

Durgesh, you were moving your hand on my Musalmān buttocks over my sari. Suddenly, you took your hand down to my butts and pinched me hard.

“My voice,

“Uiiii Allah uiii Allah Yā Allaaaaaaah!”

“Rājesh Rājpoot laughed.

“Both of you were wearing kurta and pajama. You both removed your kurtas showing your bare Hindu chest with plenty of hair and hard good muscles.

“Rājesh Rājpoot asked me with a slap,

“Apne yar ko bahar nikaal kar choos.”

“I did not know what to do but due to fear of beating up again, my slim bountiful Musalmān hand moved on the nāđā of your pajama.

“I pulled the string.

“Pajama had gone down but still you were in underwear.

Durgesh, you smiled and pushed my hands on the nāđā of your underwear.

“I hesitated, but pulled the string.

“You, kind to me even then, helped me to push it down.

“You made me sit in front of yourself. Rājesh Rājpoot held my hair from back tightly and pulled my head back.

“I cried with pain,

“Aaaa! Aaaa!”

“And your 8” Uncut Hindu tool was in my Musalmān mouth, first time in my life.

“I could not imagine then that I’d love you ever, my Hindu rapist; and even that to the extent to leave my own Musalmān husband for you, my Hindu rapist.”

I looked at Nasīm Siddīqī gravely,

“I can understand your then psychology, Nasīm darling!”

Åāýéshah Imrān was smiling at me,

“Papaji, you really raped Nasīm Ammījān then?”

“Yes.” Nasīm Siddīqī smiled proudly, “I was very beautiful then.”

Then?” Åāýéshah Imrān was suddenly naughty, “You are still extremely beautiful, Ammījān! That’s why Papaji is not interested even in me.”

“Nonsense, “Nasīm Siddīqī laughed.

But there was self-pride in her voice, even when she said,

“If I were you, Åāýéshah Imrān, my dear Bahoo Bégum, I’d had raped Durgesh myself.”

“Shut up.” I rebuked now my Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī, “you Sālī!”

“I’m not your Sālī; I’m your Musalmān ghar wālī, now, my kaŧŧar Hindu Piya!”

My Musalmān ‘wife’, Nasīm Siddīqī continued,

“You started forcing my extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth on your Uncut Hindu Penis in and out with your hands.

“After 5, 10 strokes, your full Hindu length was in. You enjoyed half an hour, and with a sound pushed my head very hard on your Uncut Hindu Lund. I was shaking my head as your Uncut Hindu Lund started spanking into deep of my Musalmān throat. I could not get a chance to spit even. You were over but still kept pushing my head on your Hindu tool I was trying hard to get free. I was I’d vomit. In the mean time, Rājesh Rājpoot brought his Hindu tool too near me and inserted it in my mouth after your heavy explosion there, and strated fucking my Musalmān mouth in the same way.

“I could not get chance even to spit your Hindu cum, and had gulped it all. Rājesh Rājpoot  was also over with in 10,15 minutes and he left me free.

“I ran to the attached toilet of my bed room and started vomiting. After a long vomit, I tried to come out from toilet but Arvind handed over camera to Rājesh Rājpoot and pushed her back inside of the toilet he also entered and closed the doors from inside.

“In the conference room, Arvind stoped the dvd and switched on the room lights.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was ashamed then intensely, and not in a position to say any thing.

“Arvind broak the silence,

“Sāħab, iske båd ki film bhi mere pass hai, jismein térī extremely beautiful Musalmān bīvī kā pūrā nanga ħasīn Musalmān jism too dékhégā.  Per abhi tere liye ye hi bahut hai.”

“It was 9.30 night.

“Without saying any thing to Arvind, My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, started getting ready for leaving office. When he reached to his car Arvind came to him,

“Sāħab, achchha yahi hoga ki aap letter vapas lé lo. Kyon us bechari ko badnam karoge? Izzat to uskī luŧ hī chukī, ab kyā badnām bhī karoge apnī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī ko? Voh ab teen teen Uncut Hindu Lund ké maze lé chukī hai, voh bhī poore ék mahīné tak.”

“What?” My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, jumped.

“Ghabrā mat, Sāħab, ék mahīné tak nangī térī Musalmān bīvī sirf Durgesh ké sāth rahī hai, méré aur Rājesh Rājpoot ké sāth nahīn.”

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was weeping silently.

“Hum teenon térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī ko chod chuké.” Arvind winked at my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, “Lékin térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī ko sabsé zyādah pasand DurgeshUncut Hindu Lund aaya. Rājesh Rājpoot kā Hindu Lund second number per, aur mérā Hindu Lund third number par rahā.”

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was weeping silently, but he didn’t say anything to Arvind. It was of no use moreover.

“Arvind continued,

“Sab kuchh luŧā hī nahīn luŧā hai, Sāħab, aap kā. Ék kħushkħabrī bhī hai. Térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī garbhvatī hai. Durgesh sé, Rājesh Rājpoot sé, mujhsé? I don’t know. Sorry. Térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī kī shāndār chust kasī huī Musalmān Choot mein hum teenon ké Uncut Hindu Lund kħoob mastiyān karté rahé hain. Térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī kī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān gānđ bhī hum teenon ne kħoob jamkar mārī hai. Sālé, too kabhī yeh lutf nahīn lé sakā. Aur hān, térī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān bīvī, Nasīm Siddīqī hum teenon ké Uncut Hindu Lund choos choos kar blowjob mein bhī kħoob expert ho chukī hai. Ab too bhī uské sāth yeh lutf lé saktā hai.”

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, reached our house with in 40 minutes. While taking with me, he tried to read my face but he did not find any changes in my expression, neither had I told him any thing about the incidence. I was pretending to be more normal instead. Next day My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, took his letter back from Arvind.

“Arvind was very happy and gave him warm thanks.

“He said,

“Aaj sé hamara aapka dosti. Koi bhi kaam ho, main aap ke liye jaan de doonga.”

“Few days had passed.

“During this, Arvind was very humble to my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, but whenever he was meeting him my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, always observed his smile and his eyes were making him naked.

“Any way one saturday my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, called all of his office staff and asked them to come on Sunday morning 9 am to 12 for over time to complete pending as there was head office inspection on Monday.

“But Arvind requested him personally that he had to go to somewhere and he will reach office by 11am.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, agreed as for work, he was not having much use of him.

“Next day in hurry my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, left for office at 8.45am. When he reached office, he observed that he forget his cabin keys in his house. He allocated work to every body and told them,

“I am going to my house to collect my keys.” and left for the house. Before reaching house, he saw your car parked outside our house.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, parked his car 100 meters away from our house and walked to the house.

Durgesh, he was thinking what you were doing in our house. Any way when My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, reached at our gate, he saw doors of our house were open. He entered in our house through gallery. When he reached the lobby My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, heard some voices from our drawing room.

“Without wasting any time, he entered in our bed room. Durgesh, he was sure you were there with his wife in drawing room. My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, tried to hide him in our bedroom but could not get any thing to hide.

“Suddenly, he heard some voices. He thought that they were coming from the bedroom so My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, entered under the bed.

“There was enough space under the bed to hide him as it was a big double bed.

“Now My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was in the position to watch all things. Three or four feet up from the floor, there was a dressing table mirror from where My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was in a position to see part of the top of the bed.

“After few minutes, he saw 4 legs entering in the bed room, in which 2 were of his wife’s, mine I mean; and 2 were male legs.

“But what is this?

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, heard a sound like somebody was closing main doors of our house.

“It meant there was one more person who was closing the doors.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was right. One more pair of legs entered the bedroom. Voice of Arvind,

“Nasīm Bhābhījān, kyon sharmati ho? Main to tumhen chod bhī chuka hoon. Tumhārī wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān gānđ bhī mār chukā hoon. Bus aaj mere dost Durgesh ka bahut man thā. Jaise tumhén Durgesh kħoob pasand aaya hai, vaise hī tum bhī Durgesh ko kħoob pasand aaī ho. Vaise tum us din iska choos bhi chuki ho. Aur poore ék mahīné tak nangī bhī rah chukī ho tum Durgesh ké sāth.”

“I said,

“Nahīn nahīn, aaj meri tabīyat ŧhīk  nahīn  hai, aur méré  Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, bhī kabhi bhī  aa sakte hain”.

“Arvind laughed,

“Aré, wo 2 baje se pehle nahīn pahunchegā. Inspection mein laga hai”.

Durgesh, you sucked my Musalmān lips.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, heard my voice “uuuuu uuuuuoooooonnnn” and you lifted me up.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, could see my extremely beautiful Musalmān legs 6, 7” above the floor. With this, you threw me on the bed.

“Now only 2 pair of strong male legs were there on floor.

“Arvind continued his conversation,

“Ab main aur mere sab Hindu dost bhi tere pati hain, Sālī Bhābhījān, Nasīm Siddīqī, ab hum sab Hindu tujhe chodéngé. Tujhé sabko khush rakhna hai. Yā phir ék kām kar. Sālé téré us Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, sé chudvānā band kar. Sirf Durgesh sé chudvā. Bol, kyā chāhtī hai? Méré tamām Hindu doston ké Uncut Hindu Lund jaisā térī friend Sidrah Aħmad ko béħad pasand hain, yā phir sirf DurgeshUncut Hindu Lund? Bol, Sidrah Aħmad banégī, tamām Uncut Hindu Lund térī is wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān Choot aur Musalmān gānđ ki sair kiyā karenge. Yā phir sirf DurgeshUncut Hindu Lund térī is wafādār, balā ki ħasīn, chiknī, gorī, béħad mazédār, Musalmān Choot aur Musalmān gānđ ki sair kiyā karega. Sālī, kisī Musalmān sālé kī to ab main tujhé rahné nahīn doonga. Vaise tujhé bhī to Uncut Hindu Lund hī pasand hai. Hai na?”

” I tried to get down from the bed but both you and Arvind pushed me back.

“Both of you sat on the bed with legs down and started removing your shoes. Both of you left your shoes on the floor.

“And removed your trousers, shirts and threw it on the floor.

“To my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, the hanging legs disappeared on the bed.

“I begged both of you,

“Please please mujhé chhođ do.”

“Ultimately, as I did not have another option, I begged both of you to come one by one. On this, Arvind said ok and he went down the bed.

“You, Durgesh, started to kiss my extremely beautiful Musalmān lips. I said, “uuuuunnnn uuuunnnneeeee.”

“The bed was shaking.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was afraid that we should not catch him down. Any way after long shaking of bed My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw my  green sari thrown from up. It fell down on the trousers of you Hindu guyes. Arvind was sitting on a chair near our bed. He said,

“Durgesh, idher aaja ise apne aap utārné dé.”

“Durgesh, you went down and sat down with Arvind. I was still on bed.

“I tried to come down.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw my white Musalmān legs down in light petticoat.

“Arvind got up, reached near the bed, and pushed me down.

“But my legs were still hanging down. He shouted,

“Chal, Sālī, kapđé utaar.”

“He was sitting near me on the bed as both pair of legs was hanging together and Durgesh, you were still on front chair. I started removeing my remaining clothes.

Arvind cheered,

“Dékh, Durgesh, ise apne gore hathon se apné blouse ke button kholte dekh tujhse pahle ise chodne ka man kar raha hai.”

Then my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw my blouse coming down on my sari.

“Arvind made me stand, kissed me and asked,

“Mérī pyārī Musalmān rānī, petticoat ka nāđā bhī kholo.”

“With in few minutes, petticoat fell down around my white Musalmān legs.

“Durgesh, you also got up from the chair and came near me.

“I was in bra ant panty only now. Both you Hindu guys started kissing and pressing me.

“It was clear even to My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, from the sounds in the room and my voice,

“Hāyé Allah, Hāyé Allah, uuuui uuuuon.”

My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was able to see 3 pair of legs one of his wife white slim soft smooth, other 2 thick strong hairy rubbing each other.

“Suddenly, both of you pushed me on the bed and climbed on the bed. No one was visible to my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, only bunch of collective clothes lying on the ground.

Two pair men’s trouser & shirts with his Musalmān wife’s sari, blouse & petticoat. Voices of his wife,

“Uuaaaahhh no please leave me.”

My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, thought you both were tourchering his wife.

“Suddenly My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw my bra & panty fallen down together. Bra was lying on one shoe of you guys and panty on another.

“As nothing was visible to My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, he tried to see in the mirror.

“But one was in the mirror as my mirror covered only down 3 feet.

“One Hindu guy removed his underwear and threw it down.

“Suddenly, My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw you, Durgesh, in the mirror.

“You were sitting on your knees at my leg side. You pulled naked my naked legs.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw my legs up my thighs only.

“You put my legs on your shoulders and tried to enter.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, heard my loud voice,

“Plsssssssssss ahhh.”

“Your each powerful Hindu thrust was bringing loud voice from my mouth but again nothing was visible to my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, in the mirror. Suddenly I shouted,

“Uuuuii Allaaaaaaaaaah aaaa aaa, Durgesh darling, mérī jān! Méré Hindu Piya! Hindu Al Buåūlatul Muslimāt, Hindu husband of Musalmān Beauties, hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam, daant mat gađāo, please, mérī jān!”

My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was feeling sorry for me but he was help less.

“Arvind was holding my upper body. And, Durgesh, you were fucking me hard.

“Bed was shaking badly with my voice,

“Uuuuaaaaooo no pls no.”

My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, was surprised that it continued the whole day.”

“You are extremely beautiful, Nasīm darling!” I winked at extremely beautiful Nasīm Siddīqī, “I can still fuck you like that till infinity.”

“Till infinity, Papaji?” Åāýéshah Imrān winked at me significantly.

“Åāýéshah, please!” I retorted, “You are my Bahoo Bégum, I say.”

“Papaji,” Åāýéshah Imrān winked at me again, “main aapsé chudvā kar rahoongī. Samjhé aap? Ammījān akélé sārā mazā nahīn looŧ saktīn. Kamāl hai! Ħad ho gaī nāinsāfī kī.”

“Åāýéshah, please!” I thundered this time.

“Muħammad Māmūjān,” Åāýéshah Imrān addressed Muħammad suddenly, “Agar aap mujhé Papaji sé chudvā dén, to main vådā kartī hoon ki main bhī aap kī tamām satrah Musalmān beŧiyon ko Papaji sé chudvā doongī. Main Ammījān kī taraħ kħudgharz nahīn hoon.”

Nasīm Siddīqī hakkī bakkī rah gaī,

“Aré, lađkī, ghazab kartī hai. Kuchh to Allah Miyān kā kħauf kar. Maine kyā kiyā? Main to kab sé téré Papaji sé darkħvāst kar rahī hoon ki voh kħud tujhé chodkar pregnant kyon nahīn karté? Aré, jab Trétāyug mein Ambikā aur Ambālikā ko chod chuke hain to—“

“Sālī, Nasīm Siddīqī kī bachchī,” I scolded her, “Hindu history kā zyādah gyān mat baghār. Ambikā aur Ambālikā Trétāyug mein nahīn, Dvāpar yug mein huī thīn.”

“Papaji, savāl yug kā nahīn hai.” Åāýéshah Imrān said curtly, “The question is why you can’t fuck me while you fucked Ambikā and Ambālikā in Dvāpar era. They were NOT married to you. They were married to your anuj, your younger brother, Vichitr Vīrý. Were they not?”

Nasīm Siddīqī continued,

“After five minutes, with the bed sound, my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, saw 2 pairs of legs in the mirror. It was you, Durgesh, who rolled over and took me on your nude Hindu lap up with your Uncut Hindu Penis still inside.

“My legs were in the reverse direction on the bed and were being stretched by you, Durgesh, by your legs.

“Arvind got down from the bed, and climbed from the side of the bed. He was visible to my Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm, in the mirror. He removed his under wear. I guessed what he was going to do. I shouted,

“Please, ék sāth nahīn. PLSS PLSS no no pls!”

“I was almost crying. But he did not listen and climbed on me.

Now I was sandwiched between two Hindu monsters.

“You, Durgesh, were fucking me for the whole day non-stop ‘saŧāsaŧ bhakābhak’, and as Arvind penetrated me into my gorgeous Musalmān ass, from behind, I shouted “o aaaaawwww” on each powerful Hindu thrust from both of you.

“Bed was shaking with our ghamāsān and dhuāndhār fucking. My cries continued for 15 minutes more. After that, all was quite. Only I was sobbing. Both you Hindu guys got down from the bed and started getting ready. You, Durgesh, immediately went, out of the room.

“I was still laying on the bed sobbing.

“Arvind collected my clothes and threw it on me. He said,

“Pahan lé. Hum jaa rahe hain. Phir milenge, phir chodéngé. Abhi darwaza bund karlé, mérī jān! Bhābhījān!” and he left.

“After around 10 minutes, I got up and went in side the toilet.

“My Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Naåīm got chance and went out of our house.

“Hr reached office with heavy heart. After 30 minutes, Arvind reached office. He came in his room and said,

“Sāħab, kaise hain? Aur Bhābhījān kaisī hain?”

“There was no blood in my Musalmān husband, Muħammad Naåīm’s rotten impotent Musalmān body.”

Chapter 2


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