Fa qatulū almusharikīn: 18

Fa qatulū almusharikīn


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Chapter 18

Durgesh Āmnah Azhar

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī

Durgesh Al Samīnah Al Faraħ

Durgesh Sāliħah Faisal

I smiled.

“According to Al Qur’an Al Karīm itself, Al Qur’an Al Karīm is actually, Tafsīl Al Kitābi. Tenth Soorat, Soora-e-Yūnus, Āyat 37. We Hindus think Ved is Alkitāb.”

Āmnah Azhar laughed impishly,

“We Musalmīn don’t. Maulānā Saiyad Abul Aålā Maudūdī raħamatullāh ålayhi, himself has written in his world famous tafhīm, Tafhīmul Qur’an:

Umm al-Kitab”: the “Original Book”: the Book from which all the Books sent down to the Prophets have been derived.

In Surah (56)AI-Waqi`ah the same thing has been described as Kitab-um-Maknun (the hidden and preserved Book) and in Surah (85)AI-Buruj 22 as Lauh-i Mahfuz (the Preserved Tablet), that is, the Tablet whose writing cannot be effaced, which is secure from every kind of interference.

By saying that the Qur’an is inscribed in Umm al-Kitab, attention has been drawn to an important truth.

Different Books had been revealed by Allah in different ages to different Prophets for the guidance of different nations in different languages, but aII these Books invited mankind to one and the same Faith: they regarded one and the same thing as the Truth; they presented one and the same criterion of good and evil; they propounded the same principles of morality and civilization; in short, they brought one and the same Din (Religion).

The reason was that their source and origin was the same, only words were different; they had the same meaning and theme which is inscribed in a Source Book with Allah, and whenever there was a need, He raised a Prophet and sent down the same meaning and subject-matter clothed in a particular diction according to the environment and occasion.

Had Allah willed to raise the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be His peace) in another nation instead of the Arabs, He would have sent down the same Qur’an in the language of that nation.”’

“What do you want to say actually, Āmnah Azhar?”

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t understand.” Āmnah Azhar smiled, “I would never believe. You are too wise that no one can believe you didn’t understand.”

“I see,”

Maulānā Saiyad Abul Aålā Maudūdī has clearly written ‘inscribed in a Source Book with Allah’. Ved is not with Allah. It’s with you, Hindus.”

“And why does Allah need to keep this Source Book with him?”

“Simple, so that there could never be any alteration Allah doesn’t want in the Source Book.” Āmnah Azhar smiled triumphantly, “Stupid question. I never thought you can’t understand even such a simple necessity.”

“I see.” I smiled patiently, “So, you think Allah can save this Source Book, Alkitāb, from any unwanted alteration only if it’s with Him? As soon as it’s out of His exclusive possession, Allah is, Shanno Mitrah, never capable to keep it safe from it? You really think Allah is that much incapable, Shanno Mitrah sham Varuñah shanno bhavatvaryamā!”*

Her partner and Al Samīnah Al Faraħ had just broken up.

It wasn’t that big of a deal, but she had probably been the one Al Samīnah Al Faraħ was most ready to settle down with.

They’d been together for a year.

Al Samīnah Al Faraħ had thought that they were on a great track that had a promising future.

Al Samīnah Al Faraħ was optimistic that within the coming years there would be equal rights and at least general acceptance of their lifestyle.

However, when Al Samīnah Al Faraħ told her that she didn’t think that Al Samīnah Al Faraħ was truly a “lesbian”, she took offense.

It didn’t matter that Al Samīnah Al Faraħ was genuinely attracted to her, or that they had great chemistry.

In the end, Al Samīnah Al Faraħ wasn’t “real”.

Her bisexuality was a problem and it brought to an end what seemed so bright only days before.

As a result, Al Samīnah Al Faraħ ended up back home over New Year’s Day weekend.

That’s kind of how Al Samīnah Al Faraħ got into the situation that she currently found herself in.

Al Samīnah Al Faraħ was thinking that Al Samīnah Al Faraħ would just get some time away from the pressures of office and the break up and take a breather.

Her sisters, normally her support crew, were off enjoying their own lives in different parts of the world and were probably out working it with someone special for the big January 1.

Not Al Samīnah Al Faraħ.

Al Samīnah Al Faraħ would just be home alone with me.

That’s the other part of her situation, I.

Despite being extremely loyal to the Pseudo Islam and Kashmir valley, Al Samīnah Al Faraħ loved me to death, but sometimes I was a bit over mature.

Growing up with a coop immensely full of hens, I learned almost everything about them.

Three daughters and their Ammī.

Naturally, I got quite clued in.

When Al Samīnah Al Faraħ asked to come over for the holiday, I had promised her a fun care-free time.

And I had delivered.

I managed to take her mind off her break up, her ex, and getting acclimated to a life of singleness all over again.

Course, I managed to do that by getting us both smashed.

Al Samīnah Al Faraħ had driven the hour from office to the house Al Samīnah Al Faraħ had grown up in and had arrived to find a sizable amount of alcoholic beverages and liquors spread out across the counter tops.

Typical Ammī.

Never surrendered to me for keeping Alcohol out of their life.

The Mujāhidāt were never as against the liquor as even the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu, Durgesh, was.

Sometimes, Al Samīnah Al Faraħ thought whether Durgesh is really right.

Countless Mujāhidāt were never against wine and sex with Hindus.

They wanted to establish Islamic supremacy on Hindus either this way or that way.

Fortunately, Hindus themselves had their Imām Nārīm Sukr’té dadhāt and Indro nirjyotishā tamaso gā aduxat movements.

Pseudo Musalmīn always used these two movements for establishing Pseudo Islam.

Yazīd Malåūn lånat ålayhi was never a Muslim at all.

No MUSLIM could do ever what Yazīd Malåūn lånat ålayhi deliberately did to massacre true Musalmīn and to degrade true Mujāhidāt-e-Islam.*

Āmnah Azhar was lying entirely nude on her until Musalmān husband Al Nādir Al Ghāzī.

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī was neither nude nor he needed to.

I was nude and serving his extremely beautiful young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife, Āmnah Azhar with my Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund penetrating her young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot profoundly.

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī was lying on his back on the bed.

His nude twenty eight years old wife was lying on him in such a way that Al Nādir Al Ghāzī’s mouth was immediately below her beautiful Musalmān ass.

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī was licking her extremely beautiful Musalmān ass penetrating it with his expert tongue.

Āmnah Azhar wasn’t alone enjoying his such services.

Al Nādirah Al Ghāzī was the everfirst that used her younger brother’s tongue for it.

Then it was Al Waħīdah Al Ghāzī, their Ammī.

Then their beautiful Musalmān houseladies.

Then their beautiful Musalmān ladyfriends.

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī enjoyed it so much himself that he professionally adopted it to other needy beautiful Musalmān houseladies and their beautiful Musalmān ladyfriends too.

His tongue was so expert in this service now that he was more popular among needy beautiful Musalmān houseladies and their beautiful Musalmān ladyfriends as a tongue service provider than as a normal man even.

Al Nādir Al Ghāzī even enjoyed our Ashvinātam sexual orgasms when our secretions naturally fell into his open mouth.

I knew their activities were not normal.

They wanted to punish Musalmān terrorists, Musalmān criminals and criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn in this way.

After Narendr Modi won the election 2014 and became the 15th Prime Minister of India, Al Nādir Al Ghāzī’s such services were so  much in demand that he approached other similar minded Pseudo Musalmīn friends of him and started a regular tongue service providing commercial network.

Shankar Mahāpralayankar, Sidrah Aħmad and Rājesh Rājpūt were approached, and they delightfully congratulated Al Nādir Al Ghāzī and his similar cuckold Musalmān friends for providing such superb services to Hindus and their Musalmān beloveds.

Shankar Mahāpralayankar laughed fucking Fātimah al Wahāb.

“It’s a totally new approach. Of course, Durgesh, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, and similar over humane Hindus would never appreciate it, but the Hindu society is not made of such ever impractical persons only.”

“Let’s get you ready,” Lākhan Singh said.

He stood in front of Shamīmah Iftikħār and expertly pulled her nightgown over her head.

Shamīmah Iftikħār couldn’t believe this was happening.

Now Shamīmah Iftikħār was breathing so hard it felt like panting.

Lākhan Singh put his hands on her ankles.

“Relax,” he said.

Then he propped her legs up on the couch so Shamīmah Iftikħār was spread wide open.

He smiled at Shamīmah Iftikħār and planted a firm but almost polite kiss on her young Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot slit.

Her young Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot  was on fire.

Shamīmah Iftikħār ached for release.

Shamīmah Iftikħār had already gotten herself going before, now this was something out of a fantasy.

Shamīmah Iftikħār tried to grab his head and keep it there.

Lākhan Singh laughed, pulling away. “Not yet, Shammo!.”

He took her hand and stepped aside.

Shamīmah Iftikħār realized someone was standing there- no, five people.

The crowd outside was now in the house.

And undressing!

Lākhan Singh squeezed her hand reassuringly as the first one approached Shamīmah Iftikħār.

He was maybe twenty-five with a smiling, eager face.

Brown hair, average build, and naked.

His Uncut Hindu Lund was in his hand.

Shamīmah Iftikħār stared at it.

4-5 inches long.

Already hard.

Her stomach felt tight, her hands shook a little.

He stroked himself for a few seconds, eyes locked on her naked skin.

Shamīmah Iftikħār saw a tiny drop of precum on the tip of its head.

Shamīmah Iftikħār closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing.

This is what Shamīmah Iftikħār wanted, right?

But Shamīmah Iftikħār can’t!

Not like this.

Not when-

Suddenly Shamīmah Iftikħār felt that strange Uncut Hindu Lund sliding up and down her Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot slit.

Her breath stopped.

Indian Uncut Hindu Lund.

In her Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Time stopped.

Shamīmah Iftikħār felt Lākhan Singh squeeze her hand again.

Then the strange Indian Uncut Hindu Lund entered Shamīmah Iftikħār’s Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Well, that’s what they said was at stake!

It was her sacrifice for the cause of Kashmir valley!
Shamīmah Iftikħār kept her eyes closed at first, as if it was some kind of dream.

Vīr Vikram Pratāp pushed all the way in, then slowly started fucking Shamīmah Iftikħār in a steady rhythm.

Her whole Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body quivered. Shamīmah Iftikħār will never get over the feeling of a new Indian Uncut Hindu Lund  inside her.

If one isn’t an experienced Pakistani Sunni Musalmān woman, of Indian Uncut Hindu Lund, she has no idea.

Each one felt different.

Each experience was amazing.

Rājesh Rājpūt laughed.

Shamīmah Iftikħār is getting gangbanged not by BJP men, by Bajrang Dal men instead, on the strategical request of PDP.”

Shamīmah Iftikħār watched Rājesh Rājpūt scornfully,

“We Pakistani Sunni Musalmān women love Durgesh, but we hate you, Rājesh Rājpūt! Shankar Mahāpralayankar! Sidrah Aħmad! You are crazy persons. Durgesh is of course radically different from you communal animal Hindus.”

Shankar Mahāpralayankar laughed.

Rājesh Rājpūt, Shamīmah Iftikħār, the great Pakistani Sunni Musalmān politician loves Durgesh, the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu, instead of us. Durgesh is really a miracle. Entire beautiful Musalmān houseladies want to get his Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund into their Musalmān Choots without any single exception even.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan Bājī and her ever enthusiast Young Musalmān Lady Brigade  is managing it all. they cunningly, shrewdly and intelligently plan to advertise the fantastic attributes of Durgesh’s Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund. I see even every beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot is crazy to get it inside her.”*

It was still dark outside when I opened my eyes.

Sāliħah Faisal, my friend, Muħammad Naåīm’s wonderful, extremely beautiful, Panjvaqtah Namāzī, Pakistani Sunni Musalmān wife, was lying on her stomach asleep under me.

My Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund  was still buried entirely into her still miraculously tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.

Alas, Muħammad Naåīm couldn’t give her what I could, neither money, nor sex.

I could feel her wonderful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass filling my nude Hindu lap.

I smiled to myself as I looked at it.

It was the 3rd night of our ten-day vacation in Kashmir valley.

To both of our pleasure I had thoroughly ravaged her last night and it culminated with me cumming in that beautiful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass of hers.

It was the reason Sāliħah Faisal separated herself from Muħammad Naåīm.

“It’s wrong. It’s a sin in Islam.” Muħammad Naåīm had refused Sāliħah Faisal outright.

“Well,” Sāliħah Faisal thundered, “I’m your wife, and I love it.”

Muħammad Naåīm was startled

“Sāliħah Faisal!”

“Isn’t my ass extraordinarily beautiful?”

“Of course, it is. Of course, it is. But it doesn’t mean…”


“What do you mean ‘Why?’? It’s wrong. It’s a sin.” Muħammad Naåīm was quite surprised.

“I hinted you before our marriage.” Sāliħah Faisal said curtly.

“I know.”

“You said you’d see to it.”

“That’s right, Sāliħah Faisal, but…”

“No but, you promised me. I need it.”

Muħammad Naåīm didn’t oblige her and it brought Sāliħah Faisal ultimately to me.

Still smiling, I quietly slid out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself.

Turning the light back off before I opened the bathroom door into the bedroom, as not to disturb Sāliħah Faisal, I quietly grabbed my robe from the chaise at the foot of the bed and slipped it on.

Opening the door of our room, I quietly crept out and walked down the hall of our dull jheel side condo.

HVSI owned several beautiful enormous structures in Kashmir valley.

I always enjoyed this time of the day.

I enjoyed watching the sunrise before the world awoke and got its day started.

Making sure as not to make any noise and wake the kids up, I put some coffee on.

Once the kids were up our day would be nonstop.

Well, at least when the boys woke up.

My boys from Sāliħah Faisal, Devesh and Shubhesh, were 11 and 9.

Her oldest was Sāliħah Faisal’s daughter, Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm.

She was 19.

Once my coffee was ready, I poured myself a cup and walked to the sliding glass door that lead out to the deck.

I walked out on to the deck, quietly slid the door and closed behind me.

I pulled a chair close to the edge of the deck and sat down in it.

Promptly propping my feet up on the railing in front of me.

I inhaled deeply the aromatic aroma of my coffee before enjoying the first sip.

I was a man at peace.

I owned my own consulting firms under HVSI and it made a good living for my entire families.

My friend, Muħammad Naåīm’s wonderful extremely beautiful wife, of 22 years, Sāliħah Faisal, was a wedding consultant.

Between the two of us, our incomes afforded us opportunities I would have loved to have as a child myself.

As I reflected, I thought about our children.

Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm was 19 and was my girl to the core.

Her own Abbū, Muħammad Naåīm, was a loser in her eyes.

She was sympathetic for him, yet he wasn’t her hero, I was.

A loser can get sympathies, but none wants to be as him.

He was ‘poor Abbū’, as far as Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm was concerned.

She had graduated high school the year prior and was just completing her first year of junior college.

I was so proud of her.

No one could deny that Sāliħah Faisal’s oldest was a beauty indeed.

With her stunning looks, she had landed her first modeling gig at sixteen.

At 5’7, she had chocolate brown eyes and they were framed by long spiky lashes.

Her hair that hung just at her shoulder blades was thick and a light honey brown color.

It complemented her flawless creamy coffee complexion.

What made it worse, from a fatherly perspective, was how curvaceously shaped her body was.

Although she modeled, she was no string bean.

I had no idea her exact chest size or clothing size, but I did know that she had very full breasts, a curvy waist and an ass, that when she wore a bikini made men do double takes.

This didn’t bring comfort to me, however.

That was the baby girl they were ogling.

Nevertheless, what surprised me even more was how comfortable Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm was with her body.

Not that I wanted Sāliħah Faisal’s daughter, to have a distorted body image, but she was comfortable to the point that around the house she wore things that Sāliħah Faisal would have to remind her to cover up because she had brothers.

At the shore of the jheel, it was even worse.

The back of her bikini bottom, if one could call it that did little to hide her wonderful Pakistani Sunni Musalmān assets.

I always teased her and called her double trouble because she had brains and beauty both.

I would tell her she would be a formidable match for any man.

I didn’t worry as much about Devesh and Shubhesh as I did Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm.

Devesh was more a rough and tumble boy, whereas Shubhesh was the more sensitive one.

I chalked that up to the fact that Shubhesh was definitely an Ammī’s boy through and through.

Sāliħah Faisal babied him almost to a fault.

That was the one area Sāliħah Faisal and I, as parents, disagreed with each other the most.

I felt that she babied Shubhesh too much and was making him too dependent on her.

Sāliħah Faisal felt that I never came to her defense where Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm was concerned.

Sāliħah Faisal and Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm butted heads, the older Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm got.

That, however, doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a good mother daughter relationship, but Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm’s fiercely independent spirit definitely had its moments when it clashed with Sāliħah Faisal’s over protective mothering.

When Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm turned 18 and started being a bit less conservative, in her manner of dress, that was when they really started butting heads.

Less conservative meaning her clothes tended to accentuate that body that I was so cautious for her about.

However, I believed Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm to be an adult and she should be allowed to make her own decisions.

I was so lost in my musings that I didn’t seem to notice the time passing and the sky was just starting to lighten.

As my eyes scanned out on the shore of the jheel, I noticed someone out there.

My, I thought, someone’s out here even earlier than I am.

As my eyes focused, the person appeared to be maybe doing yoga out on the shore of the jheel.

It was hard for me to tell.

I leaned a bit forward in my chair and let my eyes focus.

It appeared to be a woman.

She was on her back with her legs tucked under her.

Her back was arched though pushing her chest high into the sky.

Her arms were stretched out beside her and her head resting on the sand.

The light in the sky was lightening up enough that I was starting to see a little clearer.

My eyes widened and my mouth gaped open as I discerned two things at once.

One, the woman wasn’t wearing a bikini top.

I could clearly see the definition of her full breasts.

Her nipples pert and pointing in the air.

But secondly, and more importantly, that woman wasn’t just any woman, it was Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm.

I was dumbfounded.

Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm was topless and doing yoga on the shore of the dull jheel.

As if completely oblivious to me sitting there, Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm got up from the position she’d been lying in.

She stood with her back to me.

I suddenly remembered Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.

And how she had seduced me three years ago, in the Moonlight.

Was Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm doing the same thing?

I, still sitting there now saw that she was not just topless but bottomless as well.

Something in my brain told me to get up and go in the house.

However, I sat there almost paralyzed.

I’d seen Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm’s butt before, but covered a little at least with a bikini bottom.

But now, with her back to me I had a completely unobstructed view, and the view was incredible.

Her cheeks were plump and full. The kind that a man could lose my load over doing her from behind.

I felt a distinct reaction to this thought.

My face didn’t froze, in horror, as I realized looking at Sāliħah Faisal’s daughter’s ass was giving me a hard on.

It was normal for me now.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Just Eighteen Just Adult and Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh movements had made my brain convinced that it was normal for me to lust and have sex with even Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān girls.

Moreover, nowadays almost every Musalmān was inviting me to take his Musalmān daughter’s cherry on her 18th birthday.

If I didn’t oblige them, they turned out to be my bitterest enemy.

While if I obliged them, they were my everbest friends instead.


Yet, true!

“It’s a delicate medical matter to take a cherry of a Just Eighteen Just Adult girl.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan argued, “It’s better the everbest sex therapist must do it, instead of an immensely inexperienced new learner.”

I suggest more.” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ said gravely, “She must have at least one year with her sex therapist to be used to it.”

I wasn’t startled to find out that their blind followers and fans immediately grabbed it as the utmost important medical necessity.

Without turning back, Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm walked toward the water.

I watched as Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm walked further into the surf.

The further she walked, the more of her body was hidden as it submerged in the water.

I made my getaway into the house when I watched her dunk herself under the water.

Almost in a daze, I made my way back to Sāliħah Faisal and my room. Sāliħah Faisal was just waking up as I walked in.

She smiled at me as I came through the door.

“Hey stud,” she said suggestively, all the while smiling.

Momentarily undecided, I had to pull my thoughts together.

“Good morning sexy,” I said to Sāliħah Faisal as I crawled on to our bed.

Once I settled myself beside Sāliħah Faisal, Sāliħah Faisal pulled herself up on top of my lap and straddled me.

She ground herself against me and was pleased at the reaction she got. Little did she know, though, my reaction wasn’t necessarily due to her grinding against me.

I hadn’t quite recovered from seeing Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm.

I saw the glint in Sāliħah Faisal’s eyes and I knew what she wanted.

I made the gesture to slide my pajama bottoms down and Sāliħah Faisal raised herself up enough for me to do so.

Once they were removed, she quickly impaled herself upon my erect Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund.

My eyes closed and my breath inhaled as I felt my friend, Muħammad Naåīm’s wonderful extremely beautiful wife, wrap around me.

Opening my eyes, I looked at Sāliħah Faisal and put my index finger in front of my mouth in a “shhh” motion.

Whispering, Sāliħah Faisal asked, “why?”

“”We don’t need the kids to hear,” I whispered back.

“They’re asleep, they’ll never know,” Sāliħah Faisal whispered back with a bit more volume.

I furrowed my brow at her,

“No, they’re not. Ħamd Muħammad Naåīm is awake.”

Sāliħah Faisal’s eyes widened,

“Oh, she’s up early,” she said as her hips continued to slide up and down my Sixty five years old, utmost experienced, utmost talented, ever extraordinary Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund.

She loved how rigid and hard I was as she slammed herself down harder and harder upon it.

Sāliħah Faisal kept this motion up as if endlessly.

Until my eyes signaled to her that, I was about to cum.

Chapter 19


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Bahoo Bégum: 3

Bahoo Bégum


Previous Chapters

Chapter 3

Durgesh Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm
Durgesh Al Åābidah Al Sultān

Her Ammī said on the mobile,
“I don’t care how you do it, just try and find out.”

She had phoned saying she had a delicate matter to discuss, and wanted a favor.

This was the favor:

She was concerned that her little brother, Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb, might be gay, or at least unsure of his sexuality.

She had been concerned at some of the friends he was starting to hang around with, some of the clothes he had started to wear, and some of the things he had started to say.

She was wondering, since Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb and Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm used to be close – well certainly the closest of her five offspring – whether Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb could come and stay with Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her Hindu husband, Durgesh, during the February school break.
Just for a week, during which Time Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm could perhaps have a chat and find out what was going on in his head.
Her words.

“Talk, or whatever. Whatever you need to do. However, you do it.”
Her words.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm agreed, against her better judgment.

Some background:

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm was twenty eight years old.
Married to me, sixty five, for four years, despite the tremendous opposition of her entire family.

Lived about ten miles from her parents and Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm had three older sisters.
Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb was the youngest, and was ten years her junior.
He was the surprise, the unexpected child.
They were not sure her parents planned to have anymore after Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm.

Anyway, as Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings were nearest in age Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings got on well as kids.
While her sisters were out partying and meeting Hindu boys, Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings learned how to change nappies and bath babies.
Again Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings lost interest by the Time Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm was fourteen.

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings worked part Time.
I worked full Time for sexual social services.
Everyone insisted persistently I shouldn’t ever change it, including the learned, highly educated and absolutely unbiased humanist Musalmīn even that actually wanted to cure Ummat-e-Muslimah from sexual and other abuses as Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam himself did.
They argued none else was as capable and as unbiased in this matter, as I was.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings liked her job.
Her co-workers were fun and Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm had to admit to enjoying looking at some of the fit young female students.
I was her one and only, in every sense.
She never enjoyed even looking anyone else!*

Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb arrived on Sunday afternoon.
She last saw him at Eīdul Fitr, he seemed well.

They used to be close but Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm didn’t know him that well.
They didn’t talk much and usually when they did, it was at family gathering.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm didn’t get the chance to really talk to him.
He always seemed a bit quiet, pre occupied.
A bit of a peripheral figure.

He settled in, they showed him his room.
He quietly found an armchair to make his base for the week.
He read a lot – something Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm didn’t know.

Sunday passed uneventfully, as did Monday.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and I go to work.
Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb just hung around at home.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm come back from work about 2pm, and we just watched TV, or read.

I told all this was quite funny.
When Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm told me, straddling and fucking me, her Ammī’s request, I just raised my eyebrows.

“That’s your Ammī all over,” I said gravely.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm raised her eyebrows, but I didn’t extend what I already had said of her still extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī ardent Musalmān Ammī.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm doubted her still extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī ardent Musalmān Ammī was too having a wild animal extramarital affair with me, as most of her beautiful Musalmān lady friends did.
Yet, Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm never liked they never needed it.
It was only their ever irresponsible sexual adventure that they wanted to keep enjoying.

On Monday night, we went to bed, leaving Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb downstairs watching TV.

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm awoke about two hours later, just hearing the TV still on.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm got up and crept downstairs.
The TV was on, football showing, but Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb was asleep on the sofa.

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm switched off the TV, shook him awake and led him to his bedroom.

This part of our immensely large house was compact, box shaped, two bedrooms and a small garden.

Downstairs you come in the front door, immediately left is a toilet. Through the small hall to an open plan kitchen, diner, living room and then French windows leading to the garden.

From the hall is a winding staircase up to the landing.
A bathroom, a store cupboard and the two bedrooms.

Tuesday followed a similar pattern to Monday.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm got home about 2 pm.
Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb was out, leaving a note saying he had gone for a walk to explore the neighborhood.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm was quite pleased that he wasn’t just sitting around all day, but making the effort to get out.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm decided she must take him out for lunch one day.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm didn’t start work till noon on Wednesday or Friday, and was off on Thursday.

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm went upstairs to her bedroom.
She removed her work uniform and went to have a shower.

Just as Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm came out the shower, the doorbell rang.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and her siblings wrapped a towel around herself and went downstairs.
It was Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb.

“Sorry Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm, I forgot her key,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm smiled. “It’s all right.”

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm went back upstairs to dress.

When I came in we had dinner, then I asked Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb if he would like to come along to the pool club with me.

Great idea Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm thought.
It would be good for them to bond a bit.
Maybe I could get some damn clue to save Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm having to solve her Ammī’s ‘problem’.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm had to admit Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm had almost forgotten the reason Al Nādir Al Aurangzeb was there.
Even though he was still quiet, Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and I were enjoying him being here.
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm couldn’t explain it but Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm thought he was enjoying it too.
Ammī could be quite domineering at Times.

Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm just couldn’t see how Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm and I were going to tackle THE subject.

That night in bed, Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm asked me if I had approached her Ammī’s topic.

“No,” I said abruptly. ” Poor lad, just needs to be left alone I reckon.”

“I do agree, but……”.

“I know I know, your Ammī won’t let it rest.”
“What are you gonna do then?” Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm asked me.

“Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm, I don’t know.”

“You could ask him outright.”

‘I’m not sure, that will probably piss him off.”

“What then? We both fuck around in front of him and see his reaction to it.” I teased Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm.
She didn’t get my point.

“Yeah right.” Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm beamed, “Why didn’t you go into his room naked one night and see if it gets him greedy for your Uncut Hindu Lund ?”
I looked at her,
“Nonsense, I don’t want to fuck any Musalmān in his ass. I’m not Shankar Mahāpralayankar, neither Rājesh Rājpūt. I never lack beautiful Musalmān houseladies and Musalmān Beauties to satisfy myself sexually.”
Al Zubaydah Al Nadīm smiled at me, teasing me,
Shankar Mahāpralayankar says even a Musalmān’s ass works as an anal rheostat when a Stavak Shaktimān Uncut Hindu Lund penetrates it.”*

Al Åābidah Al Sultān didn’t know why she did it.
She guessed she just wasn’t thinking.
She did it unknowingly.
It was either her increased Bhogchakr to her ultimate status, an Ummil åālmīn, or my increased Bhogyantrānk that provided her immense Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān beauty to let me enjoy her sexually.
I didn’t want to, if it were the second case.
Her husband was one of my Musalmān stepsons and I wanted to keep my Musalmān stepsons’ faith in me too.
Indian National Congress and the other pseudo secular anti Hindus were tremendously defeated in the recent Loksabhā Elections in 2014.
The Time Cycle of Midterm 2012 had resulted ultimately into complete destruction of the anti Hindus and pseudo seculars.
Even the Pseudo Musalmīn were returning to their pre 1857 attitude.
Perhaps even to more.
1857 didn’t have absolute Hindu leadership.
Now, it was too there.
I wanted the return of the faith of even Pseudo Musalmīn in Hindu leadership forever.
The British rule after 1857 had tried to destroy it their best.
It even succeeded even in dividing India and keeping Pakistan against India deliberately, determinedly and adamantly.
Previous Indian National Congress government of India stupidly let it happen.
Now an NDA, a BJP government actually, with complete majority, had come into power.
The Hindus must show their real big heartedness to not only to Musalmīn but to every minority even.
It would prove their unique competence to lead and make the world better constantly nonstop forever.
It was an opportunity for Hindus to prove the anti Hindu pseudo seculars wrong forever.
HVSI had brought it laboriously gradually eventually ultimately in two years approximately.
Now it was the time to act intellectually.
Hindus could retain their victory by acting intellectually winning the confidence and faith of the minorities forever and prove the anti Hindu pseudo seculars wrong forever.*

Farīdah Imām and I were looking into one another’s eyes very passionately.
Her beautiful nude Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān legs were around my nude Hindu male waist.
I was playing with her gorgeous ardent Musalmān buttocks.
“We can do now more than we did when Hindutv was not in power in India.” Farīdah Imām smiled.
“Let’s Narendr Modi start with Nawaz Sharif, Åbdullah Yāmīn, Ħāmid Karzaī etcetera affably. The region should come under peace once more.”
Al Farīdah Al Imām squeezed her vaginal muscles around my Uncut Hindu Lund.
“Don’t you think the Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists can try to destroy the glamour of the occasion?”
I felt the immense sexual bliss around my penis.
Al Farīdah Al Imām was expert in pleasuring me now tremendously.
Why couldn’t she?
She never married Nazīr Aħmad for him or herself even.
Moreover, she had expressed to everyone that actually she loved me, not Nazīr Aħmad extremely boldly.
If they didn’t like it, they should have objected at the very time when Al Farīdah Al Imām managed to sit on my lap openly for more than fifteen minutes even.
Yet, Saåīdah Anwar, Rashīd Aħmad, Nazīr Aħmad, no one objected then.*

We started with a run on our two treadmills.
Al Maimūnah Al kħālid’s industrial-strength sports bra didn’t completely restrain the bounce of her D-cup ardent Musalmān boobs.
She I loved me to watch them.
It was infuriating to her that I didn’t seem to notice.

Al Maimūnah Al kħālid’s big ardent Musalmān tits were a present from Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al kħālid’s husband, for her thirtieth birthday.
She told him she didn’t want to go through her whole life with tiny A-cup boobs, and he was happy to pay for an ardent Musalmān boobs job.
At the time she was also becoming overweight, as thirty-year-old women generally tend to, if she doesn’t care especially.
She joined me in my morning workouts.
She said I was her inspiration.
Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al kħālid’s husband, laughed on it.
“Okay, but I won’t guarantee you won’t fall in love with Dad. They call him Anant Muslimātchod Hindu.”
Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid felt her loyalty to her husband, her shauharparasī and her Īmān, both insulted.
As soon as Narendr Modī assumed office as the new Prime Minister Of India, Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al kħālid’s husband, had started taunting her more.
No doubt, being thirty, a Jet Musalmān Beauty, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid appreciated Narendr Modī very much.
But she wasn’t alone even in the Musalmān youth.
Was she?

Four years of workouts sculpted Al Maimūnah Al kħālid into a sleek and strong specimen of feminine perfection with platinum blonde hair.
34D-24-34. 5’6″ tall.
Long legs.
Perky round luscious utmost voluptuous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān butt.
Perky round proud ever erect excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān tits were high and firm, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
She closely resembled Nigār Sultānah, a heroine of yesteryears.
Google her and you’ll get the idea.

After running on the treadmills, we lifted free weights then finished with thirty minutes of yoga.
The yoga was Al Maimūnah Al Khalid’s idea.
I went along with it because it kept me flexible and it’s entertaining to watch her contort herself into all those poses.

When we were done, we cooled down for a few minutes on an old sofa in the basement.
“So, how are classes going?” I asked.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid was a college freshman at age 34.
She didn’t go to college at the normal age because she had her daughter to take care of.
My stepson, Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, knocked her up when she was only 16 and he was 20.
Her daughter, Al Jihād fil Islam, was eighteen now and a senior in high school.

Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, didn’t mind Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid going to college.
It amused him in fact.
Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid was kind of a bubble-headed blonde.
Not exactly the academic type.
Neither Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, nor I could picture Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid in a college classroom, but she wanted it so we supported her 100%.
She was a great person despite being a bit ditzy.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid inherited money from her wealthy family, but Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, was a banker and could afford to support them without dipping into Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s funds.
They had a good, prosperous life in Memphis, Tennessee.

Anyway, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s face lit up and she replied, “College is great, Durgesh. I’m having so much fun!”

“Good. You’re fitting in?” I asked.
She had been worried about fitting in with the other college freshmen because she was so much older.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid giggled.
“Yep. I told them I’m 22 and they believe me! They think your old Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid is barely older than you are! Not bad, huh?”

I wasn’t really surprised.
She had a young-looking cute face with high cheekbones and dimples, and her body was probably the envy of every girl in her classroom.
“It’s because you keep yourself in great shape,” I complimented her.

“And I have you to thank for that, honey. You’re my inspiration,” she replied and kissed me on the cheek. “I wish your stepson, Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, my husband, would work out with us.”

Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, was a little older than Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid, 40, exactly 25 years younger than me.
Yet he was overweight.
He never paid attention to keep himself fittest as we both did.
I never left my Stavans, Mandrs, and Satrs.
Similarly, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid never missed her Panjvaqtah Namāz.
Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd too never missed his Salawāt yet, he wasn’t fit nevertheless.
Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid teased her husband,
“Salawāt keep us Musalmān womankind fittest. You mankind need something more. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā reincarnated says, if Taħannus, Stavan, Meditation, isn’t added, Salawāt actually femalize Musalmīn.”
“Nonsense, damn your Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and yourself too. Allah Allah. And you call her Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā reincarnated? You are crazy. Lāhaul vilā qūvat.”
As a loan officer at the bank, he spent too much time sitting behind a desk.
“Good luck getting him to exercise,” I said.
Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, was a sedentary, inactive, sitting, kind of guy.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid sighed.
“I know, but I worry about his health.”
Then she brightened up and added,
“Speaking of your ever incompetent stepson Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, my ever imperfect husband, a funny thing happened yesterday.”

“What?” I smiled.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid giggled.
“I told Al Ůzrah Al Vaqār that you’re my husband,” she said.
Al Ůzrah Al Vaqār was Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s best friend at college.

“What?! Why would you do that?”

“I didn’t mean to. It was an accident,” she replied and giggled again. “Al Ůzrah Al Vaqār knows I’m married, and when she saw your photo on my phone, she assumed that you’re my husband.”

“Why didn’t you correct her?” I asked.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid looked at me as if I was a dunce.
“Your ever incompetent stepson, Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid’s husband, isn’t very believable as the husband of a young college girl, Durgesh!”

That was true.
40-year-old overweight men with receding hairlines rarely are married to college freshmen.
“So you let her think your sixty five years old Hindu father in law is your husband?” I asked incredulously.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid grinned and nodded.
“Isn’t it brilliant? It really helps me fit in. Al Ůzrah Al Vaqār thinks you’re hot, by the way. She thinks you aren’t thirty five even.”

“Is she hot? You could set me up on a date with her,” I kidded.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid frowned.
“You’re supposed to be my husband, Durgesh.”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid seemed to be annoyed with my joke, but a couple minutes later she hesitantly said,
“Al Ůzrah Al Vaqār invited us to go to spring break with her and her boyfriend Shankar Mahāpralayankar.”

My jaw dropped. “What? You and me? Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid, I can’t go to spring break with you.”

She pouted and whined, “Why not? I really really want to go. I won’t embarrass you, I promise.”

“No, Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid. It’s too weird.”

“Please?” she begged. “I never got to do stuff like this when I was your age.”

She left it unspoken that she didn’t do stuff like that because she was taking care of her daughter.
Was it a sin that, she must not get it even now, if she could get it?
I felt the weight of guilt crushing me.
Maybe this wasn’t too much to ask.
Going on a vacation with her wasn’t too weird, was it?
Moreover, it would make her happy.
Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid deserved to be happy.
“Okay,” I agreed.
I was sure I’d regret it otherwise.
I never wanted to regret ever for anything whatsoever if it could be avoided somehow.

Al Maimūnah Al Kħālid squealed with delight and jumped into my arms.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the ever best father in law, Durgesh!” She kissed me on both cheeks and the tip of my nose.

“Don’t you mean best husband?” I teased.

She giggled.
“Yes. Best spring break Hindu hubby.” She kissed the tip of my nose again.

“Has Al Shmasuddīn Al Saåīd, your husband, agreed to this trip?”

“Not yet. I was hoping you’d help me convince him tonight.”

Chapter 4
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What a pleasant change! 3

What a pleasant change!


Previous Chapters

Chapter 3

Durgesh Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad
Durgesh Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān
Durgesh Al Fātimah Al Muħammad

We both redressed to a degree of decency as I marched upstairs.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān, now decent but still looking delectable, went to the front door.
Unusually she asked who was there and got a querulous reply from Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad announcing herself.
Maybe it was more hesitant a voice.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān opened the door just a little, not sure what she was going to face.

“Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān, may I come and talk with you, please?”

Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān recalled her anger when she threw Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad out but felt some remorse immediately.
The presence of Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad in a light summer frock softened Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān immediately.

“Oh, do come in Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad, I’m really glad you’ve come round to see me.”

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad took in Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān, scanning her body in the summer frock she had picked out so carefully as projecting softness and openness to the woman she had had advances from.
She didn’t want to spoil this occasion with another rejection.

With the door closed, they stood very near each other with no more words expressed.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān raised her hand to Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s cheek and caressed it.
As soon as she did that, Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad fell into Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s arms and lapsed into a flood of tears in relief that she hadn’t been rejected.

Slowly, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān led Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad into the same room she and I had been getting off on and was privately relieved she hadn’t got the vibrator out with me.

I witnessed it all and it did nothing to dampen my Hindu erection.
I would have doffed a hat at Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s rapid adjustment of her behavior.
I moved again so I could still see what was happening between them.

Once in the room and still standing, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān lifted Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s face by her chin.
She saw a harrowed woman whose eyes betrayed even more sadness than she had endured.

Taking Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s cheeks in each hand, she drew her lips to her own and pressed them to her hoped for lover’s.
Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad responded by bringing her arms around Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s back and clinging to her as if it were her only chance.
Their tongues sought each other.
Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad wasn’t holding back and Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān sensed this.
Each other’s hands were all over buttocks, thighs, waists, shoulders.
Now Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān stepped back to view her lover, still holding her by her shoulders.

Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān decided that now it was not the moment for restraint.
She was going to put Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad to the test, to assess her commitment, real or feigned.
Withdrawing her arms she stood directly facing her.
Taking her frock buttons one by one, there must have been a dozen, she commenced to unbutton her top.
First thing she noted was the absence of a bra, but she didn’t open her up immediately as she got beyond her breast, merely her delightful cleavage to her ever erect Musalmān breasts.
Continuing and getting what she thought was approval, she came across a lovely pink silk suspender belt, so old fashioned but delightful.
Next was the slight plumpness of her lower tummy held in somewhat by her belt.
On and down and the first glimpse of hair voluminous and untouched with a very few speckles of grey amongst her dark brown hairs.
Then on downwards to soft white thighs, still close together but so inviting and on to her light brown silk stockings held up by those lovely garters.
Her unbuttoning was complete.
“Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad, I want you to open your frock for me, please.”

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad took each side of her frock, lifted it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I was watching all this from my vantage point outside the room.
I didn’t let Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān see me squeezing myself for self-control at this view of Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad and her new lover.

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad just stood before Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān a little uncertain of herself but now beyond a point of return.
She stood in her low heels, stockings and pretty suspender belt waiting for a move from Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.

Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān moved closer but not embracing Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad.
Instead she took her right index finger and placed it with firmness on Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot hairs.
With her other hand she took one breast and softly ran the flat of her other hand across Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s nipple.
Simultaneously she licked Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s lips with her own wet tongue.
All this was so brazen to Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad she was not quite sure of Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān was mocking her vulnerability.
She nearly retreated, it was so shameless.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān hadn’t even opened her gown.
Gradually, though this was happening in seconds, Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad tried to detract from herself even though the hands were doing their work on her very effectively.

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad asked if Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān would like to undress her.

“I’d love that Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad.”

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad only had to tug the loose knot that held Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s gown together.
It immediately gave way.
Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad took the liberty of drawing the silk gown apart.
She was taken away by the sheer beauty of Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s breast, much larger than hers not even sagging yet while she was even much older.
Scanning her body she took in Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s pantyhose and even noted that it was torn at her crotch.
She noted that but said nothing.
She pushed the gown off her shoulders so they were both near naked but so ravishing together.

“Play with me, Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad, I need you badly.” Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad responded by running her hands tentatively over Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s full breasts, teasing her nipples and not regretting her move to come and see Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān took one of Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s hands and pressed it through the handmade hole created just moments ago for her and my pleasure.
Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad allowed her hand to be pushed into another woman’s extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot for the first time in years since she had been with Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān felt wet and wonderful as she explored her swollen extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Clit and lower down to her extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
Her movements had their effect on Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān who hadn’t remained passive but had recommenced her caressing of Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s body.

Feeling assertive again she moved Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad backwards so that Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad was forced to retreat and fall back onto the couch.
Laying her out with her extremely beautiful immensely smooth Musalmān thighs wide open, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān ran her hands along Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s thighs beyond her stocking tops and began licking round Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s creases between her extremely beautiful immensely smooth Musalmān thighs and buttocks.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān was impatient.
She felt a need to seduce her so they would become lovers and so satisfy a long lost need.
Taking the succulent bait, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān slid her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān tongue in between those hairy covered but soaking labia into her inner lips and then onto her dark pink mound of flesh she knew instinctively Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad would love.
Quickly she brought her to a crescendo as she tongued her deftly around her swollen extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Clit.
She quickly found that Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad liked the indirect sliver of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān tongue to the direct absorption of Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s extremely beautiful excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Clit on her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān tongue

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad could not take in that she had finally given her body to Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān and she had no regrets.
As Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān ran her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān tongue round her little pinnacle, Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad reacted by letting go as well as holding Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s head so she couldn’t retreat.

“Oh Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān my love, I’m so glad I came to you. Hold me I’m cumming now, now, Allah, fuck, oh yes, yes.”
She continued screaming although she was slowly winding down from the best cum in years.

Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān slowly withdrew.
She knew she had done what she wanted.
She hadn’t cum herself yet but no hurry.

What to do if I was still in the house?
She looked round and saw me in the hallway.
She signaled me to get upstairs for she sensed Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad had not planned to stay so long, only to make up.

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad did indeed withdraw, apologizing for leaving so quickly and so selfishly after having her needs met but not Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s.
She promised to make it up to her and Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān held her to it.
What she hadn’t told Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān was that she wanted to be with Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s husband’s friend this evening despite her new found love.

I came downstairs.
Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān was still in a state of physical disarray and sexual need but she was also aware that I must be in a right state.

“Durgesh, do what you were going to do before we were interrupted. Come again soon so we can take our time and fuck because I too myself want you.”

“Are you okay with that, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān?”

“Absolutely, Durgesh.”

With that I stood over her rather exhausted body, fucked Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān in countless sex positions she had ever dreamed off.
She fucked me even more vigorously than even I fucked her.
I let Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān even win me in this competition deliberately.
I wanted her to forget lesbianism forever.
She demanded anal sex too.
I obliged Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.
“I’m immensely grateful and indebted to you, Durgesh. My bastard Musalmān husband never fucked me in my ass. He even never allowed me to suck him. I was never satisfied consequently absolutely. It made me gradually to hate even the entire mankind immensely. I had no other option except to surrender to lesbianism. Now, you have satisfied me in sex in every possible way I wanted to. Would you oblige me in the same way for the rest of my life? You are the ever first real man in my life. I would be immensely obliged, grateful and indebted to you, if you keep fucking me from now on till I exist.”
I kissed Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān still fucking her wildly.
“Don’t worry, Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān. I promise you that. That’s what I am made for, I think.”

Ultimately I let lose my long delayed sperm into her Musalmān Choot once more.
Kissing each other she let me out to satisfy Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad.

I ran round the vicinity in the opposite direction from home, so as to ensure Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad, I had been out for a run.
On arrival at home, I had built up a sweat to be more convincing.
In fact, I had enjoyed the immense fuck and my Hindu cum ultimately, into Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s ever ardent Musalmān Choot.
I would have liked to have more time with her but I also wanted to get back to see how Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad would be reacting to her new lover that afternoon.

I found Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad in the kitchen preparing some odds and ends for supper for both of us.
She had removed her heels and stockings and was working around the kitchen in her bare feet.
Glancing at Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad from her side, I noticed that she had removed her bra as well, for her ever erect huge beautiful Musalmān breasts now had their natural wilt but were still full in her thin frock even though she was displaying them pendulum style.
I felt a small surge below.

Eīshān, I just dropped my load into Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān, and now Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s got me going.
What is going on?*

Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad was in a calm and lovely mood, saying little, but happy with me, sitting around doing little, but sipping a beer from the fridge and enjoying the evening, both grazing rather than eating a full meal.
She hadn’t even mentioned being at Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān’s this afternoon.
I also had a sense that she hadn’t washed herself after being with Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān, just removed her underwear.
She bent down to reach into the fridge for another gin and tonic for herself.
Her frock tightened round her excellent exquisite gorgeous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks.
Gorgeous view for her 64 year old Hindu lover.
And no she wasn’t wearing panties either, just like this afternoon.

Without even a hint of flirt Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad was just perfectly relaxed from her frantic cum with Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.
She gave me no hint of our sexual sojourns with each other.
However, I did notice she had little energy and at one stage she fell into a two minute nap.

I decided I would encourage her to go to bed.
She looked emotionally exhausted, no doubt from her charged feelings for Al Kulsūm Al Ůsmān.
We watched TV for some time rather desultorily which put her in the mood for bed.
Kissing me lightly on my lips she wished me a good night and retired.
I decided to watch one of my DVDs I’d shared with Al Rashīdah Al Zahīr, got nice and horny and then went up to bed myself passing Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad’s room on the way.
She had left the door slightly ajar and was fully asleep with a light duvet for cover.

I rang my sexy Al Rashīdah Al Zahīr and filled her in on the story so far.
I couldn’t have had the same story for My friend’s wife, Al Fātimah Al Muħammad.
She wouldn’t have been able to cope with what was going on between Al Åāyeshah Al Siddīqah Al Muħammad and myself.
She wanted to have me for herself only, exclusively, though she herself had a husband too.
“Husband?” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad laughed, “Do you still think Ålī Muħammad is my husband? Why the hell I was a virgin when you fucked me in my Shab-e-Ůrūsī?”
“You should haven’t called him an impotent, Al Fātimah Al Muħammad. Who can bear that his newly wed wife call him impotent even in their Shab-e-Ůrūsī, in their Golden Night itself?”
“Oh, that?” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad asked me bitterly.
“Yes,” I said curtly, fucking Al Fātimah Al Muħammad wildly from her ever glorious Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān behind, “that.”
Al Fātimah Al Muħammad was herself thrusting her ever glorious ever glamorous ever whitish pink ardent Musalmān buttocks towards my nude Hindu lap, filling it with her ever glorious ever glamorous ever whitish pink ardent Musalmān buttocks, repetitively, constantly, endlessly.
We both loved this sex position immensely.
We fucked mostly in it usually.
“What should have I done?” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad laughed ironically, “The bastard had undressed me fully. I had undressed him fully. He had kissed and even licked my entire nude Musalmān body, including my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot, buttocks, ass too. Yet his cut Musalmān nūnī was still not erect even a bit, not even stirred. What should have I called him instead of an impotent, a stallion, a stud?”
I kept my patience fucking her as usual,
“Hadn’t Ålī Muħammad told you that Shankar Mahāpralayankar, Rājesh Rājpūt and some other communal anti-Muslim Hindus fuck him in his almost femininely beautiful ardent Musalmān ass?”
Al Fātimah Al Muħammad smiled, smirked and laughed.
“Yes, he told me that Shankar Mahāpralayankar, Rājesh Rājpūt and some other communal anti-Muslim Hindus fuck him in his almost femininely beautiful ardent Musalmān ass. But he told me his cut Musalmān nūnī was always erect when they fuck him in his ass. They laughed over it thinking he was enjoying their Uncut Hindu Lund in his utmost feminine Musalmān ass very much.”
“And you decided to marry Ålī Muħammad, didn’t you?”
“Yes, because I sympathized with him. He told me his cut Musalmān nūnī was erect but it was a dirty lie.” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad said contemptuously.*

I looked at Al Fātimah Al Muħammad bitterly.
“No, it was not, never. Ålī Muħammad is a victim of circumstances. He isn’t and never was a terrorist.”
“Because Ålī Muħammad lets you fuck his extremely beautiful Ammīs, his extremely beautiful Kħālās, his extremely beautiful Buās, his extremely beautiful Chachīs, his extremely beautiful Mumānīs, his extremely beautiful sisters, his extremely beautiful cousins, his extremely beautiful Musalmān houseladies.” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad said sarcastically.
“It’s not any big deal now.” I smiled urbanely, “Nowadays, it’s a virtue that I fuck a Musalmān lady, not a vice. Hadn’t you invited your Ammījān yesterday to join us while we were fucking and your Ammījān just innocently walked in?”

Al Fātimah Al Muħammad laughed.
“Why not?”
“Ammījān hadn’t come there innocently.” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad smiled cunningly, “Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad Al Åbdullah, my Ammījān is a cabinet minister now in the new NDA Government. She is as cunning as Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Al Safiyah Al Ghaus. Never underestimate my Ammījān. She came deliberately to get fucked by you immensely once more, after you fucked her the day before yesterday.”
“How do you know?” I smiled cunningly myself.
Al Fātimah Al Muħammad laughed openly.
“You ever naughtiest ever impish 64 years old Hindu scoundrel, you yourself wanted to fuck my Ammījān, Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad Al Åbdullah, once more. Didn’t you?”
I kept smiling cunningly as well as fucking Al Fātimah Al Muħammad wildly too.
“Well, it was only a courtesy fucking, only honoring your Ammījān’s immense Musalmān beauty, when I fucked her in that inaugural function.”
“A courtesy fucking, only honoring my Ammījān’s immense Musalmān beauty?” Al Fātimah Al Muħammad laughed, “You ever naughtiest ever impish 64 years old Hindu scoundrel, you were there to inaugurate her granddaughter’s Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Choot. Yet you fucked the granddaughter less than you fucked her extremely beautiful Ammī and even more beautiful grandmother, my Ammījān, Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad Al Åbdullah.”
“Well,” I said innocently, “what could I do? Your niece, Al Islam Al Qāsim Al Muħammad, couldn’t bear my then nine inches long immensely lusting Uncut Hindu Lund into her Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Choot, any longer. Your Bhābhījān, Al Tihārat Al Islam and your Ammījān, Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad Al Åbdullah, offered themselves to replace your Just Eighteen Just Adult niece, Al Islam Al Qāsim Al Muħammad. I couldn’t disgrace them by not accepting their so kind and immensely honoring me offers. Moreover, Your Just Eighteen Just Adult niece, Al Islam Al Qāsim Al Muħammad, was afraid of bleeding too.”
“Nonsense, Al Islam Al Qāsim Al Muħammad complained to me that her Ammī and her GrandAmmī didn’t let her get fucked by you optimum while it was her own Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Choot’s inaugural function. You were specifically invited there to fuck her, not her Ammī and her GrandAmmī. You ever naughtiest ever impish 64 years old Hindu scoundrel. You still love to have mature Musalmān Cunts more, swallowing your Uncut Hindu Lund, than Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Cunts, despite Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s and her Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah Brigade’s ever constant efforts.”

Chapter 4
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

The Extent:16

The extent


Previous Chapters

Chapter 16


He was still young.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb smiled to himself.
No, even Vedic Monotheist Hindus are not as ultramodern as Ǻlī Al Wahāb himself and his friends were.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan thinks she is using Ǻlī Al Wahāb.
Well, let her.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar was still fucking Ǻlī Al Wahāb in his utmost feminine Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.
Life is still stretched before Ǻlī Al Wahāb as a vast unchartered field, even its horizon lost in the distance.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb had been in Ved Nagar for ten years now.
The time had passed expediently.
Long Live Imām Muħammad Ħasan that dreamed of Ved Nagar.
The life anywhere else would have been immense problematic.
Sheikħ Al Abu Bakr was confident they would succeed eventually ultimately.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb had faith in Sheikħ Al Abu Bakr.
Muħammad Ůsmān’s ass was not as feminine before as it was now.
The ten years that passed have brought a miraculous change in their bodies.
None believed Muħammad Åbdullah when he told them that Assalāt, Salwāt, converted even a masculine body into a superb female body.
“It’s an anti-Islamic propaganda from the anti Musalmīn.” Imām Ůmar Fārūq had said, “For more than thirteen hundred years of Ummat-e-Muslimah we Musalmīn offered Panjvaqtah Namāz, five times Assalāt, Salwāt, yet our masculine bodies were never converted into female bodies.”
“How do you know?” Ǻlī Al Wahāb smiled bitterly.
“What do you mean?” all the three, Sheikħ Al Abu Bakr, Imām Ůmar Fārūq and Muħammad Ůsmān thundered at Ǻlī Al Wahāb simultaneously.*

Ǻlī Al Wahāb was prudent enough not to indulge in a harmful discussion with Sheikħ Al Abu Bakr, Imām Ůmar Fārūq and Muħammad Ůsmān ever.
He knew better.
Sheikħ Al Abu Bakr, Imām Ůmar Fārūq and Muħammad Ůsmān were not basically females in their male bodies, but Ǻlī Al Wahāb was.
He never enjoyed his male duties to his wife, Al Fātimah Al Wahāb.
He was very glad when his wife cuckolded him.
He always thought it was his actual dream life.
He loved his third position in the Triple of his wife, Al Fātimah Al Wahāb, Durgesh and himself.
He bubbled with pride when Durgesh fucked his wife Al Fātimah Al Wahāb keeping her on his nude Hindu lap, sitting on a chair.
His wife proudly used Ǻlī Al Wahāb as her pedestal, her footrest.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb loved it.
He himself too was proud of it.
Suddenly a sound penetrated Ǻlī Al Wahāb’s consciousness.
“To hell with Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah…We oppose Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah… To hell with Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah…We oppose Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah…”
It was rather soft and distant, but it brought him back to the present.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb’s legs involuntarily swerved and brought him over the low rise to the University Field.
It was used for ashvinātam sex calisthenics, sports and student oratory.
Despite immense oppositions and demonstrations from Pseudo Musalmīn, Muħammad Åbdullah had gradually, eventually, ultimately had cooperated with Ǻlī Al Wahāb in establishing a Triple University in Ved Nagar too.
He had ultimately managed to get the permission from the Ārsh Sadan of HVSI.
In the middle of the Field was a moderate sized crowd of students.*

They were chanting enthusiastically.
On a platform was someone, Ǻlī Al Wahāb didn’t recognize.
He was someone with a loud voice and a swaying rhythm.
It wasn’t Muħammad Yazdānī however.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb had never met Muħammad Yazdānī in person.
Yet, he had seen Muħammad Yazdānī on holovision a number of times here at Ved Nagar.
Ved Nagar was really a Dream City.
It had so many scientific gadgets there the rest of the utmost ultramodern cities too couldn’t afford to have.
Ved Nagar was a city of multi-millionaires at least.
There were too many billionaires, trillionaires, and zillionaires even.
The other cities didn’t have them in so many numbers.
They said Muħammad Yazdānī might destroy what Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had achieved with so nonstop tremendous efforts.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb never believed it.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was really Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā herself, reincarnated.
That’s she had such a tremendous nonstop success.
An ordinary Musalmān Beauty couldn’t achieve what Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā herself, reincarnated, had done.

After all, how many such accomplished Musalmān Beauties Ummat-e-Muslimah had in its entire history, entire Al Tārīkħ Al Islam?
Yet, Ǻlī Al Wahāb paid close attention to Muħammad Yazdānī whenever Muħammad Yazdānī was on holovision.
Muħammad Yazdānī was large and smiled with vicious camaraderie, vicious comradeship.
He had thick sandy hair and light blue eyes.
His father was a South African Hindu and his mother was a Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty.

This speaker was however small, if anything─ thin, wide mouthed, dark haired and loud.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb wasn’t listening to the words, though he did hear the phrase ‘power from the females to males’ and many voiced shout in response.
Fine, thought Ǻlī Al Wahāb, but just how does Muħammad Yazdānī intend to win the great Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā herself, reincarnated?
Is Muħammad Yazdānī serious?*

Ǻlī Al Wahāb was at the outskirts of the crowd now.
He looked around to find out if there was someone, he knew.
He spotted Imrān Hāshmī.
He was Ǻlī Al Wahāb’s fan.
“Imrān,” Ǻlī Al Wahāb called out.
“Sir, Ǻlī Al Wahāb,” Imrān Hāshmī stared at him for a moment and recognized him with some effort.
Imrān Hāshmī had almost never seen Ǻlī Al Wahāb not being fucked in his ass by either Shankar Mahāpralayankar or Rājesh Rājpūt.
One or two times even while Ǻlī Al Wahāb was not enjoying either Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s Uncut Hindu Cock in his ass or Rājesh Rājpūt’s, he was licking his Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful ardent Musalmān Houseladies’ Musalmān Cunts while Durgesh was still fucking them or had just fucked.
Imrān Hāshmī couldn’t remember, when in the recent past he had seen Ǻlī Al Wahāb alone, in this way.
He trotted over.
“Did you come to listen to this Pseudo Musalmān?”
There was immense hatred in Imrān Hāshmī’s voice for the Pseudo Musalmīn.
Despite the strict laws of never interference in other communities’ life, in Ved Nagar, the Dream City, the Muslim denominations had never stopped it altogether.
Every now and then, they were being punished by the Ved Nagar Administration, severely, for it.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb responded even more scornfully.
“Nonsense, I didn’t come here for any purpose but to find out what the noise was. Who the hell is he?”
Imrān Hāshmī smiled cheerfully, yet somewhat astringently too.
Muħammad bin Qāsim. He is speaking for Muħammad Yazdānī.”
“I hear that,” Ǻlī Al Wahāb said bitterly as he listened to the chant again.
It began each time Muħammad bin Qāsim made a telling point, apparently.
Ǻlī Al Wahāb kept asking,
“But who the hell is this Muħammad bin Qāsim? I don’t recognize his name. What department is he in?”
“Because he’s not a member of the Durgesh Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā Triple University, sir. Muħammad bin Qāsim is one of Imām Muħammad Yazdānī’s mujāhidīn.”
Ǻlī Al Wahāb was more furious now.
The Couple bastards were always adamant to interfere with the Triples.
Did the Triples ever interfere in the life of the Couple bastards?
The Triples were always law abiding.
That’s why even Muħammad Åbdullah, the Commissioner of Police here at Ved Nagar, supported them in the Ārsh Sadan of HVSI.
The Triples were not only gays now.
They included the Bisexuals, gays, Cuckolds and Lesbians as well.
Now even the nudists and feminists were also joining the Triples.
“He isn’t a member of the Durgesh Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā University? Then who the hell has permitted him to speak here? He hasn’t any damn right to speak here without a permit. Does he have one, do you suppose, Imrān Hāshmī?”
“I wouldn’t know, sir, Kħalīfatul Musalmīn, Amīrul Mominīn.”
“Well then, let’s find out.”
Ǻlī Al Wahāb started into the crowd.
Imrān Hāshmī caught his sleeve.
“Don’t start anything, Kħātimul Kħulfa-e-Rāshidūn razī Allāhu tålā ånahunn.”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s got goons with him.”
“For rough stuff, in case anyone tries anything funny.”
“That’s the main problem with these Pseudo Musalmīn bastards.”
“I beg your pardon, Kħātimul Kħulfa-e-Rāshidūn razī Allāhu tålā ånahunn.”
“The Pseudo Musalmīn bastards have never understood it’s not the reality of 1400 years ago anymore. The violence was effective only then. Not now any more. The humankind is living now in a far more advanced Multiverse.”
“That’s right.” Imrān Hāshmī chuckled, “But Kħātimul Kħulfa-e-Rāshidūnrzn is forgetting that’s why Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu tålā ånahā herself, reincarnated, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan has succeeded on the bastards Pseudo Musalmīn and still succeeding.”
Ǻlī Al Wahāb calmed down.
“That’s right. But it doesn’t mean we should keep them ignorant still now.”
“We can’t change them until and unless they don’t want to change themselves. We have Democracy here, ultimately, after all.”
Ǻlī Al Wahāb didn’t pay any attention to what Imrān Hāshmī said.
He was too irritated.
There were seven young men more behind Muħammad bin Qāsim, the speaker.
They were spaced rather widely, legs apart, arms folded, scowling.*

Chapter 17
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Ved Nagar: 27


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


Previous Chapters

Chapter 27

Durgesh Bābarah Åālamgīr
Durgesh Taufīq Fātimah
Durgesh Zubaydah Bābar
Durgesh Nishāt Nāzli

Muħammad bin Qāsim laughed apologetically and added.
“Sorry, Dūlhā Bhāī. Even while you are the Chairman of HVSI Group of Companies, and you are a multi zillionaire, my wife Taufīq Fātimah and my friend, Bābarah Åālamgīr, both wanted to be present here. Bābarah Åālamgīr is interested in…”
“My Uncut Hindu Lund into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.” I said curtly.
“Well,” Muħammad bin Qāsim hesitated somewhat, “she is already living with you with her lady friends even, so I thought…”
“You blame me usually that I am a communal Hindu. To satisfy my communal Hindu lust, I fuck the horniest extremely lovely Musalmān Beauties. You never believed it was exactly otherwise. Now, watch yourself. Bābarah Åālamgīr and your own wife, Taufīq Fātimah, both are using you to fuck me.”
Muħammad bin Qāsim was dumbfounded.*

Taufīq Fātimah laughed.
Bābarah Åālamgīr, I had warned you. Didn’t I?”
Bābarah Åālamgīr was startled.
“Sorry, Taufīq Fātimah. I couldn’t believe Durgesh didn’t fuck even you.”
“Well,” Taufīq Fātimah smiled, “Durgesh exactly never refused to fuck me. But he wants me to plead with him for it.”
“Nonsense.” I said.
Yet I didn’t tell him that Bābarah Åālamgīr was actually my witness and I understood it very well that Taufīq Fātimah was Muħammad bin Qāsim’s witness actually.
Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah and Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah wanted to be present themselves but I advised them not to do so.
“I suggest everyone to come to the point.” Bābarah Åālamgīr said, “Even if us Musalmān Beauties’ Hindu Piyā is right, he hasn’t come here to fuck us.”
“That’s right.” Muħammad bin Qāsim grabbed the opportunity.
However, he was gritting his teeth actually that Bābarah Åālamgīr and Taufīq Fātimah both were using him as a stepladder to fuck me.
It meant his Hindu Jījū’s claim was correct irrefutably.
It was really exactly otherwise than he claimed until now.
Durgesh wasn’t fucking Musalmān Beauties initially, Musalmān Beauties were fucking Durgesh actually.
Yā Allah!
Yā Allah!
How mistaken he was about the morals of the horny Musalmān Beauties even.
Bābarah Åālamgīr was the daughter of Jamīlah Aurangzeb, Durgesh’s live in relationship partner.
Durgesh thought Bābarah Åālamgīr was thus his stepdaughter somewhat.
He refused to fuck Bābarah Åālamgīr.
But Bābarah Åālamgīr wanted Durgesh herself.
She never accepted Durgesh’s refusal.
She is still trying to convince Durgesh that she is the perfect wife for him even while Durgesh is sixty three and Bābarah Åālamgīr is twenty nine only.
Taufīq Fātimah has married him on a condition that he would produce a porn movie costarring Durgesh and Taufīq Fātimah, Muħammad bin Qāsim’s own wife.
Moreover, his own Abbū, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim, will direct it.
Yā Allah!
Yā Allah!*

I laughed.
“Maybe I should say no just so I could watch.”
But even as I said it, I moved around to view the Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot offered to me.

“Come on, Durgesh darling, méré Hindu Piyā, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt; hum Musalmān ħasīnāon ké Hindu Kħasam, Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! Just do her a little. Make her cum then save the rest for later.” Bābarah Åālamgīr offered and reached out.
Moreover, to my surprise, Bābarah Åālamgīr grasped my Uncut Hindu Cock boldly and pulled it toward her friend’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.
I had little choice but to follow and soon found myself behind my new Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriend with Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr, guiding my Uncut Hindu Prick into her.

I slid in easily and Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās sighed as I hit the bottom.
Bābarah Åālamgīr had released me but drew her hand away wet with Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās’s juices and as she brought her hand to her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth, she licked it clean.
I watched the sight and started to work my Uncut Hindu Cock in and out of the Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān hole in front of me.
Bābarah Åālamgīr never moved away.
Now being bolder more and more, Bābarah Åālamgīr stayed right next to us, running her hands down her friend’s body and my body, occasionally around her front, to slide across a Musalmān tit or down between us, to touch my Uncut Hindu Cock on the backstroke.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā! This is incredible.’ I thought. ‘Here I am fucking a 29 year old Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Beauty and Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr, is watching and helping us. So Hot! Isn’t it?’
I felt Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās tighten up and clamp down on me as she came.
Then realizing how close I was to my own orgasm, I called out,
“I’m gonna cum!”
Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās immediately pulled herself off me and called out,
“In my mouth this time, please Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāon ké Hindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties!”
Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās dropped her quivering crimson Musalmān lips over my Uncut Hindu Cock and started to suck.
The little bit of pressure was all I needed.
I shot my wad into her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth.
As I finished Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās slid off me leaving a little string of cum running from her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth to my Uncut Hindu Prick.
She looked at Bābarah Åālamgīr, leaned over and kissed her in a passionate swapping of my Hindu cum.
Then they broke the kiss and both swallowed my Hindu cum greedily.
The sight nearly got me hard again.
The Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls giggled and kissed again before jumping out of bed.
“I’ll use the shower downstairs. I need to get dressed today and all my clothes are down there.”
Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās skipped out of the room.
Bābarah Åālamgīr leaned over and kissed me, smiled at me and she too walked out of the room.*

I looked at Muħammad bin Qāsim.
What a damn fool he was.
He was so obsessed with the extraordinary Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān beauty of a Hollywood star that he even consented to produce her porn movie with me.
He even convinced his own father, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim, to direct the bloody porn movie.
To what extent Pseudo Islam had brought down a Musalmān husband and a Musalmān father in law.
Eīshān Eīshān shammā shamīshān!
“All right, what’s your proposition, my dear Sālé, Muħammad bin Qāsim?” I asked.
I was careful not to smirk, however.
“Well,” feeling somewhat awkward, Muħammad bin Qāsim managed to say, “Jījū, Dūlhā Bhāī, of course, we don’t want to stand in the way and…”
“Never mind the preliminaries.” I smiled gallantly, “Bābarah Åālamgīr, Taufīq Fātimah, you and I, all of us must drop all the diplomatic approach among us. We know each other very well. Bābarah Åālamgīr is my live in relationship partner, Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter by her previous marriage. I’m feeling somewhat awkward to have sex with her. Yet she is adamant to win her live in relationship with me. She has managed to swallow my Hindu Vīrý even using her friend Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās. Bābarah Åālamgīr isn’t interested in business as much as she is interested in her permanent live in relationship with me, replacing her Ammī, Jamīlah Aurangzeb.”
“That’s right,” Bābarah Åālamgīr smiled boldly.
Muħammad bin Qāsim was startled.
Or, at least, he acted to be.
“Bābarah Åālamgīr, you said you need Durgesh to establish your own media empire as HVSI has successfully done globally even.” Muħammad bin Qāsim looked at Bābarah Åālamgīr quite surprised.
“Sure,” she smiled, “my Abbū, Aurangzeb Åālamgīr, have promised me to help in establishing Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah if I do establish my own media empire. I need Durgesh’s help in it. He is experienced. He has already done it for HVSI.”
“And why do you want to establish Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah?”
Muħammad bin Qāsim felt himself humiliated somewhat.
“Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan has successfully converted former Saůūdī Årab now in Al Jamhūriyat Al Årabiyat. I appreciate her stupendous success very much and I want her to help in her sacred movement to establish Democracy in the rest of the Pseudo Islamic countries as well.”
“I see.” Muħammad bin Qāsim said curtly.
I smiled.
“Similarly, your wife, Taufīq Fātimah, is not interested initially in business.”
“To hell with your damn business.” Taufīq Fātimah admitted bitterly, “I’m an actress and I love my profession more than even my life. Yet, I too want to enjoy a happy married life with Durgesh as my husband.”
“That’s what I suspected.” Muħammad bin Qāsim said, “You promised me if I produce a porn movie, directed by my Abbū, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim, starring you with Durgesh, you’d be as grateful to me as you’d never leave me being my wife.”
“I am true to my promise.” Taufīq Fātimah smiled, “I’m still your wife, am I not? Even while I know you love Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s and Rājesh Rājpūt’s Uncut Hindu Lunds in your feminine Musalmān ass.”
“Well, I accept I am a bisexual. And I am not ashamed of it.”
“So,” I smiled, “actually none of us is interested in business. I want to do what Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah is interested in, because she has cuckolded Muħammad Ůsmān for me, despite the fact I hate to cuckold anyone.”
Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah didn’t do any such thing.” Muħammad bin Qāsim laughed, “It was her younger sister Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah who kidnapped you and raped successfully. Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah never appreciated Muħammad Ůsmān. She convinced Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah to cuckold Muħammad Ůsmān for you. However, what’s wrong in cuckolding anyway? Isn’t it more human and lovelier to have a permanent threesome with your wife’s lover, if you can’t satisfy your wife sexually completely, yet you still love her?”*

I dressed to run my errands.
As I was preparing to leave, I called out to the Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls that I was leaving.
Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās ran up, in her panties and gave me a hug and kiss before I left.
“I know Zubaydah Bābar and Nishāt Nazli are going to try to bang you while I’m gone. It’s Ok if you want to. I don’t mind. So don’t think that you’ll be cheating on me, or anything. Just have a good time.”
As Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās turned to go she grasped my Uncut Hindu Cock through my pants and gave me a squeeze then returned to finish dressing.
Bābarah Åālamgīr leaned on the wall smirking at me.
“You’re getting more young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choots these couple of weeks, than you did the whole time you were living in Live in relationship to my Ammī. Aren’t you?” Bābarah Åālamgīr laughed. “Have fun, we’ll see you later.”
I left shaking my head.
‘Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr, sure as hell, grew up, didn’t she?’ I said to myself.
Then I remembered where we were really going.
My mood changed.
I found myself a happy man once more.
Happy at the thought that Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās and Bābarah Åālamgīr would soon have permanently here where I lived in my present body.
It was the logical thing for both of them to stay with me.
I would have them both full time.
Then I won’t have to care for their safety from the communal Pseudo Musalmīn, and/or terrorists and criminal/ criminal minded Musalmīn.
As I drove to my various errands, I rolled the events of the last few days around in my mind.
I realized I was as happy about Bābarah Åālamgīr staying with me, as I was for Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās.
I also admitted to myself that I was ready to surrender to even Bābarah Åālamgīr now.
Now it was no use to refuse anymore.
Bābarah Åālamgīr was determined to replace her Ammī as my new Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Live in relationship Partner.
She was deliberately winning me.
Now I really did want to make love to her, often.
I almost did this morning in the shower.
I was inches away from bending her over and slipping inside her then.
Honestly, I was just waiting for her to make one move in that direction, one come on, just one sign that she wanted it as she had told me the night before.
Then again, when Bābarah Åālamgīr had stayed with us, while I banged Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās, minutes later.
I had in fact intended on laying her down, as soon as I was finished with Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās.
However, when I came in Nasīm Muåāwiyah/Al Ħamd Al Åbbās’s mouth, I lost my hardness, which was a rare event.
Yet it was not surprising however, after the previous night and earlier in the morning.
Bābarah Åālamgīr was right.
I was getting more young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choots in the last week than I had had previously.
I returned home shortly before noon and found that Zubaydah Bābar and Nishāt Nazli had not returned from the beach yet.
I was surprised.
I half expected to find them both naked in my bed waiting for me.
I was actually relieved.
I wanted to be alone for some time now.
I had gotten up early and been running all morning, not to mention all the ashvinātam sex.
I was tired somewhat.
Yet, I changed into my bathing suit before I lay down on the bed to wait for them.
As might be expected, I dropped off to sleep almost immediately.

I woke later to find that Zubaydah Bābar and Nishāt Nazli had joined me.
Both were wearing their swimsuits.
Nishāt Nazli had her usual almost nothing thong and surprisingly Zubaydah Bābar was wearing a relatively modest bikini.
Both were asleep but apparently, lightly as when I moved they both woke.
“Hi,” Nishāt Nazli said muzzily, “you looked comfortable so we decided to lie down and wait for you. Too much sun and ocean. We got tired.” She reached her arm across my chest and ran her hand over me while she talked.

Zubaydah Bābar had her hand on my leg.
She was stroking my thigh.
“So are you hungry?” she asked. “We were, so we ate when we got back. We can have my cook make you something.”
“No thanks. I just lay down to wait for you and must have dropped off. I didn’t mean to make you miss the beach time.” I offered.
“That’s Ok it was nice lying here with you. You’re a good bed friend. You don’t roll around or snore, well at least not much.” Zubaydah Bābar teased.
“So are we going to the beach or what?” I asked.
“That depends on if “or what” includes getting naked.” Nishāt Nazli answered.
She was still stroking my chest and belly.
However, once she said it, she slid her hand down inside my swim trunks to run her hand over my hardening Uncut Hindu Prick.
I smiled at her.
“Don’t you ever think about anything, but getting laid?”
“Yeah, I think about playing golf and getting laid by you, and eating and getting laid by you, and drinking and getting laid by you, and dancing and getting laid by you.” Nishāt Nazli winked at me significantly.
Zubaydah Bābar did not want to be left out.
She had moved her hand up the leg of my trunks.
She was fondling my Uncut Hindu Cock and balls now.
As Zubaydah Bābar did it, I laughed at Nishāt Nazli’s joke.
Then I put an arm around each, drew them close, and kissed them each.
“If you Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls keep up what you’re doing you’re going to make me make a mess in my trunks.”
“That would be a terrible waste of good Hindu cum.” Zubaydah Bābar offered as she drew her hand out and started working the ties on my trunks.
As we loosened, she and Nishāt Nazli slid them off me and down to my knees, exposing my Uncut Hindu manhood in its entire splendor.
Nishāt Nazli reached out and took me in hand, as I leaned over and kissed Zubaydah Bābar with a passionate tongue-swapping kiss.
As I held her in embrace, I reached back and unhooked her bikini top freeing her large Musalmān breasts.
Together we removed her top and Zubaydah Bābar began to squirm out of the bottom of her suit as Nishāt Nazli worked my Uncut Hindu Cock in her hand.

Nishāt Nazli could not resist the Hindu monster she was holding for long, shortly dropped her beautiful Musalmān head down, and took as much of my Uncut Hindu Lund into her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth as Nishāt Nazli could manage and began to bob on me.
While she sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock, Zubaydah Bābar and I had managed to remove Zubaydah Bābar‘s suit.
I had taken one of her Musalmān tits into my palm while my other hand probed Zubaydah Bābar’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot sliding a finger deep inside her and using my thumb to tickle her ravenous Musalmān clit at the same time.
Zubaydah Bābar was humping herself onto my hand and already was lost in lust.
Nishāt Nazli was still working on giving me a grand blowjob when I reached down and urged her up to me.
She released my Uncut Hindu Lund and moved up to where I was playing with Zubaydah Bābar’s Musalmān tit.
I released her Musalmān tit and offered it to Nishāt Nazli.
She bent to her friend’s breast and began to lick and suck it into her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth teasing the large extended nipple.
I replaced my finger with my Uncut Hindu Lund buried into Zubaydah Bābar’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot working it and working her closer to orgasm.
I used my free hand to untie Nishāt Nazli’s top and free her from the confines of the tiny top she wore.
Then I turned my attentions to the thong she wore.
She tugged it down and off her, revealing her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot mound to me.
I pushed and urged the Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls together until Nishāt Nazli was perched on top of Zubaydah Bābar and still was sucking her Musalmān tits.
I had positioned them so that their Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Pussies were together.
Now while I was still Penising Zubaydah Bābar they began to grind themselves together.
I let my Uncut Hindu Lund slide from her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot and up into Nishāt Nazli’s to check and make sure she was as wet and ready as Zubaydah Bābar was.
Zubaydah Bābar whimpered at the loss of my Uncut Hindu Lund in her still ravenous Musalmān Choot.

But the loss was not long and soon she felt my Uncut Hindu Prick probing her tight little Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Twat, working its way up and down her tremendously attractive immensely pretty immensely smart, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān slit as I kneeled between her Musalmān legs.
Then without further warning, I pushed and began to slide in.
Zubaydah Bābar responded with a loud immensely happy grunt and arched herself against her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriend’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot that was still rubbing hers as my Uncut Hindu Cock worked its way inside Zubaydah Bābar.
It took me a bit of effort to get all the way inside, just as it had the night before in the hot tub, but soon I was all the way in and pumping away on her.
Zubaydah Bābar was lost in the grand sex with me.
She had my massive Uncut Hindu Cock filling her tiny Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Twat so full it almost hurt and her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriend and lover was mashing her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot into her own while she suckled on her breast.
She could feel her orgasm building as my Uncut Hindu Cock in her, pounded her Pakistani Musalmān insides, every stroke slamming against her cervix, bottoming out.
Soon it was there, her muscles wouldn’t respond and Zubaydah Bābar started to shudder then the release of fluids from her nether regions bathed my Uncut Hindu Cock in her cum, the word went gray and reality lost focus for a few seconds as her orgasm finished and spent itself.
The pounding slowed and lessened finally stopping as I withdrew from her.
However, I did not stop.
I raised my point of aim and slid all the way inside Nishāt Nazli with one stroke.
I held it there for a few seconds as she acclimated and stretched to accept me, before I started the relentless pounding in that Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.
Nishāt Nazli was busy enjoying the feeling of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriend’s body as I pounded her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.
She was sucking her massive Musalmān tits.
Licking the areoles then drawing the nipples into her tremendously attractive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān mouth to grasp them in her teeth and bite down to send little tendrils of pain through her friend’s breasts.
My Uncut Hindu Cock worked on Nishāt Nazli.
She could feel Zubaydah Bābar moving underneath her as my Uncut Hindu Cock forced its way back and forth and the movement created a friction on her own Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot that in reality wasn’t much more than a tease to her.

Chapter 28


1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā

Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā
Tujhé Chodā Mainé

Aur chodtā rahūn tujhé hai bas yehī duā

The fifteen days of intense sex, love and lust


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1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Ved Nagar: 20


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


Previous Chapters

Chapter 20

Durgesh Al Zakāt Al Qāsim
Shankar Mahāpralayankar Imrān Hāshmī

Imrān Hāshmī bit down hard on his lip to stop himself from crying out.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar was fucking him in his ass.
It was a great mistake that, Imrān Hāshmī thought the entire underworld was Muslim dominated.
Yes, most of the underworld consisted of Pseudo Musalmīn, but not the entire.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar was there too.
Imrān Hāshmī loved Rājesh Rājpūt that Rājesh Rājpūt must fuck Imrān Hāshmī in his ass, but when Shankar Mahāpralayankar announced to punish Imrān Hāshmī by himself fucking Imrān Hāshmī, even Rājesh Rājpūt couldn’t save Imrān Hāshmī.
He was Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s mare now.
Mare, not horse.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar was constantly pumping nonstop.
Allah målūm how Shankar Mahāpralayankar had succeeded in establishing that Imrān Hāshmī was dead now.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm had murdered him.
The dead body, Shankar Mahāpralayankar successfully established that it was that of Imrān Hāshmī was arranged by his persons from some hospital.

Pain, pleasure, Imrān Hāshmī was experiencing both.
Exquisite pain.
Almost unbearable pleasure.
Not yet…
Imrān Hāshmī could silence himself no longer.
He screamed.
His gay Musalmān body shuddered uncontrollably as Imrān Hāshmī climaxed.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar still didn’t withdraw his still erect Uncut Hindu Penis from Imrān Hāshmī’s feminine ass.
Imrān Hāshmī rested his feminine buttocks in Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s Hindu groin.
He knew Shankar Mahāpralayankar would fuck him again.
In the meantime, Shankar Mahāpralayankar stood up proudly and stared down at Imrān Hāshmī.
“So you say you haven’t murdered Muħammad bin Qāsim?” Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s Uncut Hindu Penis was still throbbing into Imrān Hāshmī’s round firm perfect feminine ass.
Imrān Hāshmī was panting.
“Señor, I’m a gay. More than ninety-nine percent I am feminine. How can I murder an underworld personality as successful as Muħammad bin Qāsim was?”
“Ummil Åālmīn, Al Zakāt Al Qāsim, wanted you to replace Muħammad bin Qāsim, didn’t she?”
Al Zakāt Al Qāsim smiled at Shankar Mahāpralayankar.
“Shankar, Muħammad bin Qāsim was my younger brother. Abbū tried his best to stop his underworld activities. That’s why I wanted Imrān Hāshmī to replace my younger brother Muħammad bin Qāsim.”
She was all-nude with me.
I was fucking Al Zakāt Al Qāsim from her gorgeous behind.
Imrān Hāshmī was licking my Uncut Hindu Penis when it came out of his sister, Al Zakāt Al Qāsim’s extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt .
It was Ved Nagar and Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog was normal here.

Shankar Mahāpralayankar smiled at me,
Durgesh, I don’t think Imrān Hāshmī can kill even a rat or fly.”
“Thank you.” Imrān Hāshmī gratefully pushed his feminine buttocks into Shankar Mahāpralayankar’s lap, surrendering his gorgeous feminine ass to Shankar Mahāpralayankar thus, in immense indebtedness.*

Muħammad Ibrāhīm knew Durgesh would never let down him.
How wrong he was.
He hated Durgesh because Durgesh was fucking Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s beautiful sisters, Jamīlah Nādir, Åzīzah Nādir, Fauziyah Nādir, Ghazālah Nādir, Zulékħah Nādir, Bilqīs Nādir and Tayyabah Nādir.
He was the only brother among seven sisters.
His Ammī, Kulsūm Åbbās, loved his only son very much.
Even his Abbū, Al Waħīd Al Muħammad, was very proud of Muħammad Ibrāhīm.
Al Waħīd Al Muħammad was in the Board of Directors in Al Qāsim Rolling, Casting and Engineering Company.
“Abbū,” Muħammad Ibrāhīm had protested, “we are millionaire. You have done very much for your children. All my seven sisters are highly educated and running their own businesses. Yet, their affair with the Hindu multi zillionaire Durgesh…”
Durgesh is your friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm.” his wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, interrupted Muħammad Ibrāhīm curtly.
Al Waħīd Al Muħammad smiled.
“She is right, Muħammad Ibrāhīm. Durgesh has a great contribution in not only our success, but our Bahū Bégum’s family’s success as well.”
“I know. But I can’t pay Durgesh with my sisters.” Muħammad Ibrāhīm said curtly.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled cunningly.
“Well, I am ready to pay Durgesh with my sisters for the prosperity and protection my family is receiving from him.”
Muħammad Ibrāhīm watched his wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, scrutinizing her.
“That’s all?”
“What do you mean?”
“You are ready to pay Durgesh with your sisters only for the prosperity and protection your family is receiving from him? Not with yourself too?”
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled prudently.
“I see. So you still doubt that Durgesh fucks me too?”
“I know Durgesh fucks his Musalmān friends’ extremely beautiful Musalmān Houseladies. Most of my friends have adjusted with the inevitable because their extremely beautiful Musalmān Houseladies themselves are adamant to fuck Durgesh. They shamelessly say:
Once with Durgesh,
all the rest is trash
Allah, my own sisters say so.”
Muħammad Ibrāhīm gritted his teeth.
Al Waħīd Al Muħammad smiled.
“Muħammad Ibrāhīm, your sisters are modern young ladies. All of them are highly educated and Durgesh helped them in establishing their own businesses.”
Their own husbands don’t mind it. Why the hell do you?”
“That’s what I am trying to tell your foolish son, Abbū.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān said curtly.
“Muħammad Ibrāhīm,” Al Waħīd Al Muħammad admonished his somewhat communal somewhat backward son, “It’s twenty first century. Your sisters have their own fundamental human rights and women rights too. Their sex life is their personal life. When their husbands…”
Their husbands are selling my sisters.” Muħammad Ibrāhīm thundered at his Abbū, Al Waħīd Al Muħammad, “They themselves have extramarital affairs. Why the hell they mind if my sisters are foolish enough to sell themselves to Durgesh to get financial support for their husbands and themselves too?”
“I see.” Al Waħīd Al Muħammad said curtly.
“I too.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān said.
“Durgesh has fucked your brains too.” Muħammad Ibrāhīm said furiously.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān cooed.
Thanks for the compliment, my dear husband.”
“It’s not a compliment.”
That’s what you think.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled at her foolish Musalmān husband, “I take it as a compliment that the great Durgesh, the multi zillionaire, the lifelong chairman of HVSI Group of Business Enterprises, is interested in me sexually. It means something else too.”
“That you are sexually incompetent.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān humiliated Muħammad Ibrāhīm deliberately.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm was too furious to respond his wife.
He always suspected Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān never had any platonic relationship with me.
No Musalmān Beauty with brains could have any platonic relationship with me ever.
When I was such a damnfool that I always establish my Musalmān women financially establishing their own separate business establishment, why the hell any Musalmān Beauty with brains wouldn’t get benefited from it?
Okay, let the Hindu damnfool fuck her.
Even their husbands and their inlaws supported them.
Money had its own ethics.
Doesn’t it?*

My one fourth Uncut Hindu Lund was already into Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān’s beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
It was rock hard.
“Bhābhījān,” I tried to say.
“Shut up.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān said, smiling into my eyes, “I never accepted the platonic relationship you always offered to me so obdurately. Durgesh, don’t you think ever that you were insulting me, thus?”
I fell as if from the seventh sky.
“All of my sisters, all of my cousins, all of my girlfriends, were enjoying grand sex with you and luxuries your never ending money could buy for them. Yet, I was still only your friend’s girlfriend for you.”
“Bhābhījān, how could I cheat Muħammad Ibrāhīm? He was my friend.”
“Stop acting the damn ethical.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān pushed her Musalmān Cunt again on my Uncut Hindu Prick.
My Uncut Hindu Prick entered her Musalmān Cunt half of it now.
I still couldn’t believe Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān herself fucking me.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm was in jail.
Muħammad Åbdullah had told me that Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān doesn’t want him out on bail.
I couldn’t believe Muħammad Åbdullah.
But now, I wasn’t so sure.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān perhaps never loved her husband, Muħammad Ibrāhīm.
I was mistaken.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm was also mistaken.
But why the hell then Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān married Muħammad Ibrāhīm?
Was she playing some deep game?
I should find out.
Was she behind it herself?
Did she herself mastermind her husband’s arrest?
Did she marry Muħammad Ibrāhīm to destroy him completely?
I should find out.
I should find out.
I should protect my friend from this mastermind bitch.
What a woman?
I never suspected her even while she was so openly unashamed of her activities.
Shakīlah Sultān always grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis.
She always winked at me lewdly.
Once she even unzipped me and entered her right hand to grab my Uncut Hindu Penis.*

I was startled.
“Oh, shut up, fuck me, you Hindu idiot.”
“Stop it, Bhābhījān; after all, there must be some limit.”
“Your friend is a religious damn fool. I married him only because he is a Musalmān and you are not. Now, didn’t you promise me that you’d personally take care of me if Muħammad Ibrāhīm ever failed?”
I was dumbfounded.
“I didn’t mean it to the extent you thought, Bhābhījān.”
“Why not? Your friend is an idiot. He fucks me in darkness only.”
“It’s a customary excuse most of you Musalmān wives use to justify your infidelity,” I laughed, “to justify your extramarital affair with us Hindus. Stop it, Bhābhījān. I know it isn’t true.”
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān had grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis and had already brought it out of my shorts.
Now she was squeezing it playfully.
It was rock hard.
“It is true. And you have to fill the gap now.”
“What do you mean?”
“Muħammad Ibrāhīm is a poor fucker. You are the best, they say. Now provide me what your friend is not providing.”
“You promised me you’d provide me everything Muħammad Ibrāhīm wouldn’t. Didn’t you?”
“Of course, but I never meant sex too.”
“Well, you never said that.”
“Well, wasn’t it obvious?”
“No. I still had your Uncut Hindu Penis in my hand when you promised me it.”
“Bhābhījān, try to understand me. You were crazy for me then. How the hell otherwise could I convince you to marry Muħammad Ibrāhīm?”
“You promised me specifically that if I married Muħammad Ibrāhīm I would have extramarital affair with you too. Didn’t you?”
“Because you wanted to fuck me then and there.”
“And I did it, didn’t I?”
“Yes,” I was furious now, “you fucked me. You made me unable to meet my eyes with Muħammad Ibrāhīm. He didn’t get your virginity, your cherry. You gave it to me.”
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled cunningly.
“It was nothing my dear. It was only a trailer. Don’t forget we entered a treaty, a written treaty that you’d provide me everything, including sex too, if Muħammad Ibrāhīm failed to provide me anything to my satisfaction.”
I watched her incredulously.*

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled at Shakīlah Sultān.
“So you want to fuck Durgesh before you marry Muħammad Ibrāhīm?”
Shakīlah Sultān winked at her.
“I want Muħammad Ibrāhīm cuckolded, but not at once. He must suffer gradually increasingly.”
“I thought you loved him.”
“I can’t love a Pseudo Musalmān.” Shakīlah Sultān said scornfully, “I hate the bastards immensely and love them all cuckolded to their Musalmān wives, their Musalmān Houseladies and their Hindu lovers.”
“May I ask why?”
“They are blots to Islam and I am an ardent Musalmān.”
“So you want to punish them?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled prudently.
“Don’t you?”
Cuckold Your Musalmān husband is my movement, dearie.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan laughed, “The Pseudo Musalmīn hate me immensely because I patronize Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club. It’s my Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan’s first international major success. Even the Western countries finance it because it keeps Hindu Muslim Unity shattered. After 1857, the Westerners are so afraid of Hindu Muslim Unity that they never want them united.”
“But Hindu Lund Muslim Choot union is itself Hindu Muslim Unity. Don’t the bastard Westerners understand it?”
“They believe that the name Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club would excite Musalmīn. They would feel humiliated and therefore never reconcile with Hindus.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was smiling cunningly.
“Well, what’s wrong in it if the Westerners think so? Aren’t Musalmīn so communal now that they can’t bear this name for an international series of clubs?”
“They are. They are. But it would arrange and increase Hindu Lund Muslim Choot union however.”
“But most of the Pseudo Musalmīn are Uneducated/Under Educated. They form the most of the underworld even calling it shamelessly Muslim Underworld too. Won’t they kill Hindus if they feel humiliated to the extent?”*

Long lashes swept upward, dark eyes regarded me with the unabashed frankness of a speculator looking over a piece of property.
She shifted her extremely beautiful nude Musalmān legs on my nude Hindu male shoulders.
My Uncut Hindu Penis once more vanished into her until virgin Musalmān Cunt to my balls.
She smiled at me cunningly.
“I’m going to like this case.” I smiled too.
“I hope you do, Muħammad Ibrāhīm Bhāījān needs a good lawyer.” Al Furqān Al Waħīd said, “Yet, the best lawyer he could have is now being attacked by his own Musalmān Houseladies nonstop.”
“Why are you so against your own brother?”
“Why is his own wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, is against her own husband?”
“That can’t be your own reason too.”
“That’s right.”
“Why do you want your own brother should get gas chamber?”
“He never helped my husband. He cheated him always.”
“Isn’t that what you yourself are doing now?”
“Cheating Abul Ħakam?” Al Furqān Al Waħīd raised her long lashes once more, “You don’t know me, my Hindu fucker. I can’t cheat Abul Ħakam ever.”
“What is this then? Your beloved husband is suffering from Aids and you persistently requested me to fuck you.”
Al Furqān Al Waħīd’s beautiful eyes were suddenly full of tears.
“He permitted me only when I feigned I was ravenously dying to get sex. Suffering from Aids, Abul Ħakam couldn’t do it himself, so…”
“What do you exactly want from me?”
“I want to test what Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī suggested me.”
My mouth was suddenly filled with extreme bitterness.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī?”
“Yes, now I don’t have another alternative.”
“Are you crazy? Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī both hate Pseudo Musalmīn deadly. They want them humiliated extremely. Don’t you know it?”
“I know,” Al Furqān Al Waħīd said patiently, “but I too think the criminals/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn deserve what Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī are doing with them.”
“How innocent are you!” I said sarcastically, “Don’t you realize they are actually cuckolding your Musalmān husband?”
“Under their Cuckold Your Musalmān husband movement?”
“What do you think?”
“Durgesh, well, they have a theory that my husband can survive if he himself allows me to have sex with you and cleans my private parts with his tongue after that.”
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī?”
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī.” Al Furqān Al Waħīd said.
“Are you really PhD?”
“I know what you are thinking of me. But what the another alternative do I have? I can do anything for his survival.”
“You are crazy.”
“No, I’m desperate.” Al Furqān Al Waħīd contradicted me, “A desperate can do anything whatsoever if there is even an infinitesimal possibility.”
“I can’t appreciate Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī, neither I can even forgive them for it. They are humiliating a person that’s already dying.”
“But he is recovering, méré Hindu Piyā.”
“What?” I was crestfallen.
I couldn’t believe her.
“That’s right. I know you won’t believe it. Even I couldn’t. But believe it or not.Since Abul Ħakam has allowed me to have sex with you and is licking my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt and Musalmān ass, Abul Ħakam is really recovering surprisingly fast. The doctors had decided Abul Ħakam should go through one more operation. But when we reached there, for the operation, the doctors have suddenly found the operation isn’t needed any more, at least now. Tell me if it isn’t the effect of what we are doing, our threesome I mean, why otherwise it’s happening?”
“It may be a coincidence only.”

Al Furqān Al Waħīd watched me attentively.
“Sorry, Durgesh, I don’t believe what you say. I respect you the most, but…”
“You respect me?” I looked at her quite surprised. My unique legendary Uncut Hindu Penis was diving into her until virgin Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt to my balls, remaining there enough to get content abundantly, coming out till only its head remained inside, and then again plunging more vigorously, till again it’s inside her tight Musalmān Cunt upto my balls to remain there again till I was entirely content with it abundantly, “You only respect me even now?”
Al Furqān Al Waħīd’s expressive eyes were suddenly intensely cold.
“’I see. You want to hear from me that I love you now. Don’t you?”
“Isn’t it natural?”
“I think so. But I respect you to the extent that I can’t lie to you even if I wanted to. It would never be convincing enough to you. Moreover, I would hate myself very much for it, so much that I can’t live normally with my lies to you. It would shatter down my own self respect in my own eyes.”
Al Furqān Al Waħīd, we are making love…”
Al Furqān Al Waħīd raised her right hand up, in my sentence.
“No, we aren’t.”
“We aren’t making love. I don’t love you. Neither I am capable to love anyone else except Abul Ħakam. Sorry.”
“The hell we aren’t making love.” I said somewhat irritated, “I’m fucking you vigorously…”
“That’s right.”
“What’s right?”
“That you are fucking me.”
“I didn’t get you.”
“We are fucking each other. That’s it. We are fucking each other. That’s all. I respect you the most for it that you are kind enough to fuck me. I need it. I need your unique legendary Uncut Hindu Penis into my Musalmān Cunt very much. But that is the all you can get from me in return. I honor you. And I’d honor you the most till Abul Ħakam and I do exist anywhere. Abul Ħakam does also honor you not less than I do.”

Chapter 21

1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Ved Nagar: 17


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


Previous Chapters

Chapter 17

Durgesh Al Safiyah Al Ghaus
Durgesh Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī
Durgesh Shakīlah Sultān
Durgesh Rukħsānah Firdaus

Al Safiyah Al Ghaus couldn’t control herself any more.
“That’s the problem.” she fired her husband.
The ever-incompetent idiot.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs smiled patronizingly.
“What’s the problem?”
“That I married you.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus blurted out. “Shame on you. You can’t fuck your own wife.”
“What the hell you mean? I haven’t fucked you ever? You are a virgin still now?”
“Thank you very much.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus said tartly, “And for your kind information, Al Nadīm Al Quddūs, I was a widow in Las Vegas, Nevada, when you proposed me. I wasn’t a virgin even then.”
Pratāp Bachhalyā interfered,
“Well, well, well, Bhābhījān, Bhāījān, Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī and Durgesh have come here for a definite purpose.”
“Damned if you aren’t right.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs grabbed the opportunity.
It was troublesome for Al Nadīm Al Quddūs that he had to watch his own sisters being fucked so thoroughly by three Hindus.
Damn Hindus and their Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog.
No problem yoga was being appreciated now throughout the globe.
But Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog!
Allah Allah!
“Just what do you want, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs asked me.
Pratāp Bachhalyā squirmed fucking his extremely lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim.
“Just a minute, Bhāījān. We unanimously decided that Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān would talk with Durgesh on our behalf. Didn’t we?”*

Al Nadīm Al Quddūs smiled.
“Then why the hell have we called our lawyer, Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī Bājī?”
“It’s alright, Al Nadīm.” Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī cooed. My Uncut Hindu Penis was still wildly visiting her ever-tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt. “I can understand. Pratāp has his faith more in Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān, than in me. I’m still here. Let Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān talk with Durgesh on Pratāp Bachhalyā’s behalf at least.”
“Well,” Vikram Bachhalyā said, “I can’t help that my wife, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim and Pratāp’s wife, Al Lubnā Al Qāsim, still have faith in Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī Bājī. I don’t. Pratāp is right. Almost every woman of Durgesh shamelessly says:
‘Once with Durgesh,
all the rest is trash.’
Don’t they?”
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī laughed.
“I don’t blame you, Vikram Bachhalyā. My sister, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim was never as money minded as she is now.”
“What do you mean?” Vikram Bachhalyā asked curtly.
Al Safiyah Al Ghaus prudently avoided the hostility being developed more and more among her sisters and their Bachhalyā Hindu husbands.
In Ved Nagar, despite every effort from me and other Dvij Hindus, the Bachhalyās were still becoming a dominant influencing force now.
The Brāhm Sampradāý, the Brāhm denomination of Hinduism, had opted for the Bachhalyās’ leadership of them.
“Just what do you want Durgesh, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt?” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus asked me shrewdly.
“Well,” I said, “I’ve come here as a lawyer representing a client that has an interest adverse to you.”
“Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd?”
“I can’t disclose my client’s name without his express permission.”
“His? Or ‘her’?”
“That’s also a part of privileged communication between a client and a lawyer.”
“What do you want to talk about?” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus smiled at me patiently.
“Imrān Hāshmī is dead. I want to ask you about circumstances that may have led to his death or…”
“Imrān Hāshmī is dead?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs asked with cold disbelief, “Well, wasn’t he the husband of Dr. Raziyah Siddīqī?”
“That’s right.” I replied Al Nadīm Al Quddūs.
“He can’t be dead.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs said curtly, “It would greatly embarrass us. Are you certain of your facts, Jījū?”
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs regarded me as though he expected me to wither, to weaken, and crawl under the table under the impact of his disapproving stare.
I winked at Al Nadīm Al Quddūs.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs immediately avoided meeting my eyes.
He looked elsewhere immediately.
Damn the Hindu scoundrel.
The ever-confident rascal.
If only the womankind never supported Durgesh…
“Imrān Hāshmī is quite thoroughly dead. Someone fucked Imrān Hāshmī in his ass and then stabbed him.”
“I never knew Imrān Hāshmī was a gay.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs said angrily.
“He never told you?” I asked him feigning surprise, “Perhaps he didn’t know every gay has informed you already that he is a gay. Imrān Hāshmī should also have done the same.”
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs looked at me irritably.
“I didn’t mean that.”
“Al Nadīm,” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus admonished her husband coldly, “Durgesh never said Imrān Hāshmī was a gay.”
“The hell Durgesh didn’t. He said Imrān Hāshmī was fucked in his ass, didn’t he?”
“It doesn’t necessarily mean Imrān Hāshmī was a gay. It may also be that Imrān Hāshmī was raped.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus said.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar? Rājesh Rājpūt?”*

Al Safiyah Al Ghaus again admonished her husband.
“The trouble with you, Al Nadīm Al Quddūs, is that you believe on publicity more than your own investigation.”
“What do you mean?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs retorted.
He never liked that a woman, however intelligent she might be, would dominate him ever.
He felt his maleness hurt.
He was unable to understand that wisdom and prudence dominates, not maleness or femaleness.
Musalmān Beauties were prudent enough to understand the ultimate success of Hindu males.
They have successfully established the ever-miraculous global city, Ved Nagar.
Today Musalmān Beauties were ruling on Ved Nagar after Hindus.
The Musalmān Beauties were smarter than Musalmīn.
They had replaced Musalmīn in their sex life with Hindus.
They were adamant to establish Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had vowed to do it.
It was now her Mission of life/existence.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs knew it and he had vowed to oppose it.
He was a successful screenplay writer and storywriter.
He had understood how the goal of Ved Nagar was achieved by HVSI Group of Business Enterprises.
Today, HVSI Group of Business Enterprises is controlling every business whether retail or otherwise.
Originally, it was started by Vishvās Shakr Mānav, the utmost brilliant father of Durgesh.
Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Wahāb PhD loved Vishvās Shakr Mānav.
She wanted to destroy Pseudo Islam and replace it with True Islam, everywhere.
Vishvās Shakr Mānav wanted to destroy Pseudo Hinduism.
They found true Hinduism was actually True Islam.
It was the fact that made Hindu Muslim Unity so perfect before 1857 that even the British Empire couldn’t face it.
Even the British Empire needed complete ninety years to destroy it.
Even then, most of the Musalmīn never left India.
The Hindu Muslim Unity was so strong.
Mughal-e-Åāzam, Shahanshāh Jalāluddīn Muħammad Akbar, had set India successfully on the path that couldn’t be reversed even by the great British Empire.*

When my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter first asked if she and her friends could have a ‘sleep over’ in honor of their graduating from high school I wasn’t too happy.
The thought of a bunch of kids making noise all night, keeping me awake didn’t appeal to me.
But, my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, said sure, no problem so what could I say?
I was angry somewhat with myself that I said her to get permission from her Ammī.
I never anticipated her Ammī would permit it.
Well, it was their house.
My friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm, was in jail now.
Despite my every effort, I could not get him out on bail.
Muħammad Åbdullah said,
“He doesn’t deserve it, Durgesh. Please stop taking his side. If you are really sympathetic to his wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, why the hell you yourself don’t fuck her now?”
Muħammad Åbdullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I shouted, “how the hell did you suggest it?”
Muħammad Åbdullah was furious.
“Hasn’t she grabbed your Uncut Hindu Penis even while Muħammad Ibrāhīm and I were present there?”
“You challenged Shakīlah Sultān, Bhabhijan, didn’t you? You called her a chicken.”
“I did that purposefully. Muħammad Ibrāhīm has killed Imrān Hāshmī. He tried to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd. I would never allow him out on bail even.”*

I watched Muħammad Åbdullah harshly.
“Now I understand, Muħammad Åbdullah.”
“Oh,” Muħammad Åbdullah said curtly, “now you understand. Now the hell you understand.”
Muħammad Åbdullah,”
“Don’t try to discipline me. I never took any discipline from you. If I had, my entire sixteen nudist feminist sisters were disgracing me still now everywhere.”
“You want to punish Muħammad Ibrāhīm, don’t you?” I charged Muħammad Åbdullah angrily.
“That isn’t any secret now.”
Muħammad Åbdullah, he says he is innocent.”
“And you believe it?”
“Didn’t he try to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd?”
“Someone tried to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd.” I amended Muħammad Åbdullah patiently, “It’s more likely that Al Nadīm Al Quddūs did it. His sisters did it. Al Muħammad Al Qāsim had a billion at least. And they have already tried their best to disinherit Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd.”
“You think Al Muħammad Al Qāsim has really been murdered?”
Al Muħammad Al Qāsim wasn’t anybody’s fool. I know he met you before he vanished.”
“Vanished.” Muħammad Åbdullah said stubbornly, “the dead body they claim to be that of Al Muħammad Al Qāsim, certainly resembles him, but…”
Al Muħammad Al Qāsim has a son in law, Prañav Yogéndr Divyānand. He is himself shrewd enough to troubleshoot Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s every trouble.”*

I never told Muħammad Åbdullah that Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, has in the meantime fucked me.
I knew Muħammad Åbdullah himself encouraged Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān to fuck me.
The day Muħammad Ibrāhīm was refused to be out on bail, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān plunged on me, undressed me herself, and straddled me.
“B..bh.. Bhābhījān,” I gasped, “I respect you very much.”
“Damn you.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān thundered at me, “I’m your friend’s wife. Am I not?”
“Sure, Bhābhījān, but…”
“He is in jail. Now replace him. You promised Muħammad Ibrāhīm that you would take care of his wives, his daughters, his sisters and his entire household. Didn’t you?”
“Of course, Bhābhījān, but…”
“Your Bhābhījān wants your legendary Uncut Hindu Lund into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot now. Give it to me.”
I still couldn’t believe Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān had come to me entirely nude.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, even at her forty what a dazzling Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty she was.
I had noticed her attention to me.
It was not of a friend’s wife’s ever.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm had also noticed it miserably.
What the hell could he do?
Durgesh was behaving with Shakīlah Sultān perfectly.
But Shakīlah Sultān herself was behaving suggestively.
Allah, wasn’t she satisfied with him?
Did she also want to fuck Durgesh?
Allah Rabbil åālmīn.
Durgesh is a love magnet to Musalmān Beauties.*

Nude Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was straddling on nude me.
My Uncut Hindu Lund was in her extremely beautiful right hand.
She was playing with it.
“Bhābhījān,” I tried to say, “Please, control yourself. Muħammad Ibrāhīm is innocent.”
“If you wouldn’t fuck me, I would testify against your friend.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled at me cunningly.
“Close the door, please.”
“Hey, I want to show everyone that I’ve found my new husband already.”
“Are you crazy?”
“I have so many women friends that are married to your Musalmān friends.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled suggestively.
“So?” I looked into her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān eyes coldly.
The woman was making me unable to meet my eyes with Muħammad Ibrāhīm.
She wasn’t any different ultimately from my other Musalmān friends’ Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives.
Most of them were already fucking me.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was an exception to them.
I respected her therefore very much.
Muħammad Åbdullah was never confident Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān would never fuck me.
“Sooner or later they would all fuck you.” Muħammad Åbdullah had predicted.
I knew Muħammad Åbdullah was right.
But I didn’t want to break Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s heart.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was rubbing my Uncut Hindu Prick’s utmost experienced head now between her labial lips.
Bit by bit she was pushing herself on me.
“Bhābhījān, we Hindus think a Bhābhī is as if a mother.”
“Nonsense.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān winked at me, “You have already fucked almost entire Musalmān wives of your Musalmān friends that are extremely beautiful. What do you think I was born yesterday?”
She positioned my Uncut Hindu Prick between her ravenously quivering Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān labial lips and pushed herself.
My Uncut Hindu Lund immediately entered into her Musalmān Choot upto its head.
I felt my Uncut Hindu Lund burning inside her.
So dazzlingly beautiful Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was that despite my efforts not to fuck her, I now wanted to grab her and fuck her wildly till we both existed.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, now perhaps I myself wanted to fuck her more furiously.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān thrust again and my Uncut Hindu Lund entered into her tight Musalmān Choot almost one fourth.
“Bhābhījān,” I protested.
“Shut up, you idiot, enjoy, and let me enjoy too.”
“Bhābhījān, please!”
“I wanted to fuck you right when I saw you first.”
“That’s why you fell in my lap deliberately?”
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān winked at me.
“You scoundrel, you squeezed my boobs and buttocks inadvertently, then and there, didn’t you?”
“Inadvertently, Bhābhījān, inadvertently. You said yourself . You are so beautiful that I couldn’t resist myself at all. And when you grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis feigning it was an accident, I’d just gone crazy.”
“I wanted to hold it, I wanted to play with it, I wanted to suck it. My so many girlfriends were already enjoying it. And they had challenged me I couldn’t enjoy it before my marriage with Muħammad Ibrāhīm.”*

A week before the party my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, found out she was going to be out of town, presenting at some conference, and wouldn’t be there for the ‘big event’.
This meant that I would be the chaperone.
When I brought up the idea of postponing the sleep over until my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, would be around to ‘heard’ the kids, I again was outvoted.

Saturday morning finally arrived and my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter, Noor Islam, was up early getting things ready for the party.
I went with her to the grocery store to load up on food and drinks.
When we got home, we went to find out whether the pool was clean and make sure everything was ready.
By about 4:00PM we were ready.

The girls started arriving at about five.
I knew a few of them by name, others looked vaguely familiar and several I had never seen before.
I stayed in my den, watching TV and surfing the web.
About seven, Noor Islam popped her head in the door.

“Uncle, I need your help.” She said, “We can’t get the barbeque going.”

I let out a big sigh, as if she was really imposing on me, got up from my chair and headed to the backyard.
It took no time at all to get the fire going.
When I looked around for my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter she was nowhere to be found.
Shrugging, I watched the servants piling the hamburgers and hot dogs onto the grill and figured that I had an excellent chef in my services.

Within a few minutes, the eight girls came, flying out of the house, headed for the pool.
As I watched them running by, I began to think that being the chief host for this party wasn’t going to be too bad after all.
All of the girls wore little thong bikinis and from where I stood there wasn’t a bad looking one in the bunch.

It was a perfect evening, fairly warm so everyone was in and out of the pool as they laughed, talked and had a good time.
After a while I noticed that every now and then one or two of the girls would head into the house for a couple minutes and then come back.
At first, I thought it was to use the bathroom, but it seemed the girls were now heading to the house about every 15 minutes.
Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and about 5 minutes after my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter and her friend Rukħsānah Firdaus went inside, I followed them.*

I didn’t see anyone as I entered the living room.
That’s when I heard laughter coming from my den.
I walked quietly to the door and peaked in.
There was Noor Islam and Rukħsānah Firdaus downing shots of her Ammī’s private stock of Tequila.
From the looks of it the girls had been drinking for a while.
The bottle had been unopened and was now almost empty.

My first thought was to barge in and give them hell.
Then I figured that they were all over 18 and it was a party so why should an old prude and spoil things.
My only concern was if one of them decided to go for a drive.
Stepping into the den, I said in a very stern tone,
“The cost of the Tequila is everyone’s car keys.”

Rukħsānah Firdaus had been bringing a shot to her lips.
She spilled the tequila all over her chin and chest as she jumped when I began to speak.
Both the girls turned toward me, as they quickly set the shot glasses down on the desk and then stood in front of the bottle and glasses.

I let them fidget for a minute before saying,
“I said I want everyone’s car keys – NOW – or the drinking and party stops!”

Rukħsānah Firdaus was the first to get it.
“If we give you our car keys you won’t care if we drink?” she asked is a very shy voice.

“That’s what I said” was my reply.
They almost ran over me!
Both the girls flew out of the room and within two minutes Rukħsānah Firdaus was back with eight sets of car keys.
She was out of breath from running and her chest was heaving as she gasped for air.
The fact that she was wearing a very skimpy bikini and that her superb ardent Musalmān tits looked like they were ready to burst out of the thin material was not wasted on me.
I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock begin to stir as I enjoyed the view.

Apparently Rukħsānah Firdaus had had quite a few shots of the tequila already, she was swaying pretty well as she stood in front of me with a crooked little smile on her face, both hands full of car keys.

“Hereyago,” she mumbled bringing her hands up to her chest she held out the car keys in front of her.

Thinking she was going to drop them, I automatically raised my hands to catch the keys.
At the same moment, Rukħsānah Firdaus swayed in my direction.
The net effect was that her hands hit my chest causing her to drop the keys to the floor while my hands ended up full of her superb ardent Musalmān tits.
As much as I knew, I should have let go of Rukħsānah Firdaus’s tits and back away, yet my hands refused to obey.

“Mr. Durgesh!! You shouldn’t be doing that,” Rukħsānah Firdaus said impishly.
But she did nothing either to push my hands away or back up.
It seemed to me that she pressed her taught 34B’s a little harder into my hands.
“Sālī,” I winked at her, “I’d fuck you till you exist.”
“Really?” she cooed, “you are most welcome. That’s my own dream, however, since I saw you fucking my Ammī vigorously. Allah, how she was enjoying your Uncut Hindu Lund in her ardent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot. I envied her very much.”

Feeling her nipples growing under my fingers, I pinched both of them. Rukħsānah Firdaus let out a little moan deep in her throat and brought her arms up to my shoulders, resting her hands on the back of my neck.
As she pressed against me, my hands came off her superb ardent Musalmān tits , sliding around her back until we were in a tight ashvinātam embrace.

I could feel her nipples now pressing into my chest like two pencil erasers.
My hands slid down her back to her lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān ass.
The thong bikini did nothing to cover her as I took an ass cheek into each hand and began to squeeze.
My Uncut Hindu Cock was now fully erect and pressing against her firm belly.
Looking down into her lovely eyes, I saw her part her lips as she pulled my face to hers.
Our lips met – then our tongues as the kiss became more passionate.
Pulling her to me I could feel her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt against my thigh as she wrapped her legs around mine.
Rukħsānah Firdaus dropped one of her hands between us and began stroking my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels good” she whispered, “I want to see that big Uncut Hindu Cock of yours Mr. Durgesh.”

We pulled far enough apart for both of her hands to reach between us and in no time, she had loosened my belt, unsnapped by trousers and pushed them down my legs.
Her hands then went to my rigid Uncut Hindu Cock, slowly rubbing up and down my 8 inches.

This was too much for me.
My own hands went to work consequently.
I easily brushed aside her skimpy bikini top with one hand and reaching one of her superb ardent Musalmān tits; I begin pinching and pulling on her hard nipple.
My other hand burrowed under Rukħsānah Firdaus’s bikini briefs sliding my fingers thru the fine down of pubic hair until my finger slid over her erect Musalmān clit and then into her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Pulling my hand back a few inches I thrust it forward again repeating the action.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt was so wet my Uncut Hindu Lund slid into her with almost no resistance.
I fucked her.
This caused Rukħsānah Firdaus to moan even more as she dropped one of her hands to my heavy balls and began massaging them.

I was quickly approaching the point of no return.
Any thoughts of how wrong this was were long gone.
The only thing I could think of now was shoving my Uncut Hindu Cock into this hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Sex godess’s drooling Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Grabbing the thin material, I yanked off the thong covering Rukħsānah Firdaus’s hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.
Then circling her waist with my arm I lifted her up off the floor.
It was two steps to the wall to steady us.
As we moved I dropped my other hand to my Uncut Hindu Cock and positioned the head at her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy and lowered her onto my fat pole.
The whole process took just a few seconds.

Rukħsānah Firdaus’s eyes opened wide as she felt her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy lips being stretched by my huge Hindu erection.
She was about to say something when I relaxed my hold on her, causing her to slide all the way down on my waiting Uncut Hindu Cock.
She was now impaled on my Uncut Hindu Cock with her back against the wall and her feet dangling several inches off the floor.

“Allah, Måshā Allah! Subħān Allah! Oh God, you’ve got a huge Uncut Hindu Cock!” she hissed as I lifted her up and dropped her on my Uncut Hindu Cock again. “It feels like you’re splitting me in half.”

Rukħsānah Firdaus’s arms were now back on my shoulders helping raise and lower her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt onto my steely Uncut Hindu Cock.
She had closed her extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes and was shaking her beautiful head slowly from side to side, as our fucking tempo increased.
Soon sweat broke out across her forehead and upper lip and I could see just the tip of her tongue sticking through her clinched lips.

Her breathing became erratic and her face flushed.
Rukħsānah Firdaus brought her legs up and locked them behind me.
This gave me a better angle at her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt and with the next thrust I went even deeper up her slick Musalmān hole.

That was all it took.
She spasmed in my arms, jerking her head back and letting out a long moan of pleasure.
We fucked for hours, wildly, passionately and assaulting on each other nonstop.
Ultimately, this sent me over the edge and my Uncut Hindu Cock erupted in her tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Shooting glob after glob of my cum deep into her grasping Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

We held onto each other for several minutes riding the crest of our mutual orgasm.
Finally, Rukħsānah Firdaus unlocked her legs from around my waist and I eased her to the floor.
My Uncut Hindu Cock slid out of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy, followed by a thick stream of cum.
Our breathing returned to normal and Rukħsānah Firdaus looked up into my eyes as a huge grin crossed her face.

“Allah, Måshā Allah! Subħān Allah! God Mr. Durgesh, you’re still hotat your sixty three!! Wallah!” she said, “You have got one huge Uncut Hindu Cock and boy do you know how to use it. I haven’t cum like that in a long long time. We have GOT to do this again as much as we can.” She pulled my face to hers, gave me a quick passionate kiss and slid out from between the wall and me.

“Now I need to find my suit, clean up this bucket of cum you shot into me and get back to the party.” Finding her thong Rukħsānah Firdaus disappeared in the direction of the downstairs bathroom.*

Chapter 18
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā-4

Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā Tujhé Chodā Mainé

Aur chodtā rahūn tujhé hai bas yehī duā

‘The fifteen days of intense sex, love and lust’


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Doosrā Din

Nāzish Khan phaphak pađī.


Tab Shāheen Khan ko pahli baar aħsās huā ki måāmlā shāyad sachmuch serious hai.

“Aré! Aré! Ro mat! Ro mat!”

“Main kisi Musalmān se nikāħ nahīn karoongi.” Nāzish Khan roti huī phunphkarī.

Shāheen Khan stabdh rah gaī.

“Mat karnā. Hargiz mat karnā. Goli mār Musalmānon ko. Naser― Nāser ne phir kuchhh kiyā?”

“Nāser Rājesh se gaanđ marā rahā hai.”

“Allah! Allah! kyā bakti hai?”

“Vohi bak rahī hūn jo sach hai.” Nāzish Khan chīkħkar bolī, “Yaqīn nahīn aata na? Chalo, chal kar apni aankhon se dekh lo.”

“Nāzish! Nāzish! Lillāh chup rah!”

“Mujhe aap se yeh ummeed nahīn thī Bājī!”

“Aré! Maine kyā kiyā?”

“Nāser kā rishta originally tumhare liye aaya thā.”

“Nāzish!” Shāheen Khan baukhlā gaī buri taraħ.

“Tum ne kħud ki zindgi bachāne ke liye apni chhoŧī   bahan ki zindgi―”

“Nāzish! Shut up! Main kahti hūn ekdam kħāmosh ho jaa varnā merā haath uth jāyegā. Mujhe nahīn måālūm thā ki Nāser åmalé qaumé Loot karāne kā shauqeen hai.”

“Hai. Chalkar dekh lo. Aur voh bhī kisse? Seedhe ek RSS wālé se! Rājesh Rājpūt RSS kā member hai. Musalmānon ko khulé åām Maa bahanon ki gaaliyaan deta hai. Kahta hai, ‘In Musalmānon ki maaon ko chodoon, In Musalmānon ki bahnon ko chodoon, In Musalmānon ki bīviyon ko chodoon, In Musalmānon ki gaanđén māroon―”

“Maar bhī to rahā hai.” Shāheen Khan jalti huī āvāz men bolī, Jo kahtā hai, voh karke bhī to dikhā rahā hai.”

“Bājī! Main kyā karoon?”

“Jootiyān uthā aur achchhe se tājposhī kar Nāser ki, gaandū ki.”

“Main― main― main―”

“Kyā bakrī ki taraħ mimiyā rahī hai. Laat maar kameene ko. Abhi tera kyā usse nikāħ ho gayā jo is taraħ ro rahī hai? Yeh to achchhā huā jo nikāħ ke qabl hi måālūm ho gayā varnā―”

“Tum ko sachmuch måālūm nahīn thā ki―”

“Aré! Pāgal! Mujhe måālūm hotā aur main tujhe Jahannum men jhonk deti?”

“To phir tumne usse nikāħ karne se inkaar kyon kiyā thā?”

“Isliye ki main Satish se Muħabbat kartī thī.”


“Haan! Thī. Thīīīīīī. Sun liyā?”

“Ab nahīn kartīn?”

“Ab main merī sandles se uski tājposhī kar chuki hūn. Jitna main chāhtī thī utna kħūb jee bharkar.”

“Tabhī aajkal Durgesh ke aage peechhe ghoomne lag gaī ho.”

“Nāzish! Merī pyārī chhoŧī   bahan! Durgesh jaisa koī nahīn.”

“Aesa hi tum Satish ke mutålliq bhī kahā kartī thin.”

“Bewaqoof thī main.”

“Aur iska kyā suboot hai ki ab tum samajhdār ho gaī ho?”

“Kabhī na kabhī to bewaqoofon ko bhī åql aa hi jati hai, merī Banno!” Shāheen Khan hansee, “Aa, tujhe Durgesh se milaati hūn.”

Main chaunkā.

Lekin iske pahle ki main sambhal saktā, darvāzā khulā aur Shāheen Khan ne apni chhoŧī   bahan Nāzish Khan ke saath andar qadam rakhā.

Nāzish Khan baukhlāī huī si bolī.

“Aadāb! Aadāb! Durgesh Sāħab!”

“Tasleem!” Main apne aap ko sambhāl kar muskurāyā, “Aré! Tū bhī hai?”

Antim prashn maine Naziya Khan se kiyā thā jisne un donon ke peechhe peechhe andar qadam rakhā thā.

Ghazab ki ceez thī Sālī.

Raat bhar choda thā maine use.

Savere tak chodā thā.

Merā Brahm Stavan tak Naziya Khan ko chodte hué hi kiyā thā maine.

Kintu abhi phir use dekhte hi merā Hindusthani Hindu Lund tatkāl khađā hokar use phir salute maarne lag gayā thā.

“Achchhāāāāā!” Naziya Khan jhunjhlā kar bolī, “Raat bhar mujhe chodte rahe aur ab ‘tū bhī hai’?”

“Dekh! Kitna fayda huā tujhe raat bhar mujhse chudvāné  kā!”

“Lāħaul vilā qoovat illā villāħ! Kyā fāydā huā?”

“Dekh kitni samajhdār ho gaī hai tū?”

“Kaisi samajhdār?”

“Itni der tak tū baahar khađi rahī. Shāheen aur Nāzish kitni baaten kartī rahin, lekin tū ek lafz tak nahīn bolī.”

“Ise samajhdār hona kahte hain?”

“Yåni ittifāq se chup rahī, varnā hai darasal bewaqoof hi?”

“Aré! Tumhārī to main―” Naziya Khan kichkichākar mujh par jhaptī.

Maine hanste hué use mere prabal Hindu bāhupāsh men bharkar choom liyā.

Naziya Khan ne sharmākar mere Hindu purushvax men apna ħooron ko bhī sharmsār kar rahā Pakistani Musalmān chehrā chhupā liyā.

Phir merā Hindu Lund kaskar dabochti huī bolī.

“Kar lo mujhe jitna tang karnā chahte ho. Maine bhī agar gin ginkar badle nahīn liye to Naziya Khan na kahna mujhe.”

“Bhāī! Main to abhi se hi tujhe Naziya Durgesh kahna shurū kiye deti hūn.” Shāheen Khan Naziya Khan ko aankh maarkar muskurāī.

“Naziya Bājī! Main bhī. Mubārak ho! Bađā lambā haath mārā hai aapne!” Nāzish Khan ne bhī hanskar kahā, “Yahān Shāheen Bājī taapti hi rah gain. Aur aapne vahan Pakistan se aakar Durgesh ko apna bana bhī liyā.”

Shāheen Khan ne apne daant peese.

“Kħabardār Nāzish! Durgesh ko Doolhā Bhāī kahna shurū kar de varnā teri khair nahīn.”

“Doolhā Bhāī kyon?” Naziya Khan ne apni baayeen aankh dabāyee, “Seedhe Doolhā hī kyon na kahe Nāzish bhī Durgesh ko hum donon ki taraħ?”

“Aré! Nāzish abhi nābāligh hai.”

“Kħvāh makħvāh!” Nāzish Khan jhunjhlākar bolī, “Aur abhi parson merā unneesvān Janmdin nahīn manāyā sab logon ne? unneesvān Janmdin yåni athārah saal mukammil nahīn ho gaye?”

“Sunā?” Naziya Khan Shāheen Khan ko thahokā mārkar bolī, “Hamaari pyaari pyaari chhoŧī   bahnā ko bhī yehi chāhiyé!” Naziya Khan ne merā Hindu Lund baahar nikal kar Shāheen Khan ko dikhāyā.

Poore 12” lambā aur 5” motā merā hyper sexual Hindu Lund Naziya Khan ke haath kā sparsh hote hi kisi steel rod ki taraħ seedha tan gayā thā.

Naziya Khan ne fakħr se use sahlaya.

Ab yeh lajawab Hindu Lund haméshā haméshā ke liye use ħāsil ho chukā thā.

Durgesh baar baar kahtā rahā thā use raat bhar chodte hué,

“Sālī! Tujhé to main merī zindgi ki ākħiri saans tak chodūngā. Apni Pakistani Musalmān Choot ki kħair manā.”

“Aré! Tum manāo apne Hindusthani Hindu Lund ki Kħair! Samjhe? Tum agar Hindu ho to main bhī kuchhh kam nahīn hūn tumse. Main bhī ek Pakistani Musalmān lađkī hūn. Tumhāré Hindusthani Hindu Lund ko aesa jakađ kar rakh lūngi merī Pakistani Musalmān Choot ke andar ki båqī sab tumhārī Musalmān Maħboobāyen apni Musalmān choot khujlātī rah jāyengī.”

“Sirf apne aap ko sherni mat samajh. Voh babbar sherniyan hain. Samjhi? Apni ħifāzat karnā kħūb achchhī taraħ jāntī hain.”

Merā Hindu Lund dekhte hi Nāzish Khan sharm se dohrī ho gaī.

Usne chor nigaahon se Naziya Khan ke daahine haath men phanphana rahe mere Hindu Lund ki oar dekha.

Allah! Itna lambā lund?

Aur itna motā?

Ek baar usne Satish ko apni bađī bahan Shāheen Khan ko chodte dekha thā.


Usne socha thā kitna lambā aur kitna motā lund hotā hai Hinduon kā.

Katvāte bhī nahīn Musalmānon ki taraħ.

Jab poora bina katā andar samaata hogā to kitna lutf aata hogā in Hinduon ki åuraton ko.

Aur yahan hum Musalmān åuraten hain.

Hamārī qismat men to yehi aadhi adhoori kati huī Musalmān nooniyān hi hain.

Us vaqt pahli baar uske zahan men ek nāmurād baaghī kħayāl ne sar uthāyā thā.

Inshāallah! Kabhī na kabhī voh is bina kate samooche Hindu Lund se bhī chudvākar zaroor dekhegi.


Vaise Almās kah rahī thī ki har Musalmān lađkī aur har Musalmān åurat kabhī na kabhī kisi na kisi Hindu se zaroor Chudvātī hai.

“Bakvās!” Nāzish Khan tađap kar bolī thī.

“Kyā bakvās?” Almās Khan ne muskurate hué Nāzish Khan ki taraf dekha thā.

“Yehi ki har Musalmān lađkī aur har Musalmān åurat kabhī na kabhī kisi na kisi Hindu se zaroor Chudvātī hai.”

“Tujhe kaise måālūm ki bakvās?”

“Aur tumhen kaise måālūm ki bakvās nahīn?” Nāzish Khan kā dimāgh kħarāb ho gayā thā.

Islam ki sakħt tauheen maħsoos huī thī use is baat men.

Kaisi Musalmān lađkī hain yeh Almās Bājī bhī.

Kitne fakħr ke saath bataa rahī hain ki har Musalmān lađkī aur har Musalmān åurat kabhī na kabhī kisi na kisi Hindu se zaroor Chudvātī hai.

Zara si bhī dīnī khuddārī nahīn hai inmen.

“Achchhā Nāzish! Yeh batā. Tū us din batā rahī thī ki Shāheen Satish se chudvā rahī thī. Kyon chudvā rahī thī?”

“Almās Bājī! Aap mujhse is taraħ ki baaten na kiyā karen.”

“Rahī vohi bachchhi ki bachchhi! Athārah saal ki hone jaa rahī hai. Abhi bhī is taraħ ki baaten nahīn karegi to kab karegi? Jab qabr men jaane lagegi tab?”

“Mujhe nahīn karni kabhī bhī is taraħ ki Musalmān gānđ  ī baaten.”

“Ae wāh! To dekha kyon thā apni sagi bađī bahan ko ek Hindu se chudvāté.”

“Maine nahīn dekha thā. Yūnhī nazar pađ gaī thī.”

“Aur phir vahin pađī rahī? Tū hatā thođé hi sakti thī teri nazar vahan se. Hai na?”

Nāzish Khan kuchhh bhī nahīn bol saki thī.

“Sharm aatī hai tujhe yeh jaankar ki har Musalmān lađkī aur har Musalmān åurat kabhī na kabhī kisi na kisi Hindu se zaroor Chudvātī hai. Hai na?”

“Haan! Aur aapko bhī aani chāhiyé.”

“Kyon? Mujhe kyon aani chāhiyé?”

“Aré! Kaisi Musalmān hain aap?”

“Main bhī vaisi hi Musalmān hūn jaisi Båqī Musalmān lađkiyān aur Båqī Musalmān åuraten hain. Aur sirf hum Musalmān lađkiyān aur sirf hum Musalmān åuraten hi kyon? Kħud Musalmān mard tak Hinduon se apni Musalmān gaanđén marāté hain.”

Nāzish Khan tađap kar uth khađi huī.

“Bahutho chukā, Almās Bājī! Aap to Musalmānon ki naak hi kaatkar Hinduon ke shreecharñon par rakh dene par tulī huī hain. Sharm aani chāhiyé aapko!”

Almās Khan khilkhilākar hans pađī.


“Haan! Aap!”

“Main Musalmānon ki naak kaatkar Hinduon ke shreecharñon par rakh dene par tulī huī hūn?”

“Haan! Haan! Haan!”

“Maine kab chudvāyā kisi Hindu se?”

“Abhi tak nahīn chudvāyā na sahi, lekin chudvāné ke liye marī to jaa rahī ho.”


“Satish se. Aur kisse?”

“Aré! Satish se kyā main akélī chudvāné ke liye marī jaa rahī hūn? Kyā saare college ki Musalmān lađkiyān―?”

“Bas! Bas! Ab Durgesh mat banā denā Satish ko bhī.”

Almās Khan hans pađī.

“Nahīn! Durgesh to kħair, nahīn hai Satish. Lekin Durgesh ke båd―”

“Durgesh ke båd Satish hi hai. Bolo bolo!”

“Kam az kam mere liye to hai hi.”

“Kyon? Tumhare liye bhī kyon hai? Tum seedhe Durgesh ko hi kyon nahīn jaa pakađtīn?”

Almās Khan phir se hans pađī.

“Aré! Merī Banno! Tū kuchhh nahīn jāntī. kuchhh nahīn samajhti. Tū abhi doodh peeti bachchhi hai in måāmlāt men.”

Nāzish Khan kā dimāgh kħarāb ho gayā.


“Haan! Tū.”

“Main abhi doodh peeti bachchhi hi hūn in måāmlāt men?”

“Aur nahīn to kyā? Tū samajhti hai Durgesh ko ħāsil kar sakna itna aasan hai?”

“Kyon? Kyā huā? Use nahīn pađtī hum Musalmān lađkiyon ki zaroorat kyā?”

“Nāzish! Merī pyari bachchhi! Durgesh ki aesi zarooraten poori karne ke liye Saůūdī Årab aur doosre tamam Årab mumālik ki Musalmān lađkiyān raat din se uske chakkar kāttī rahti hain. Hum Indian Musalmān lađkiyān to uske paas phatak tak bhī nahīn saktīn.”

“Aré! Durgesh hamāré ghar aata hai.”

“Ghar aana aur baat hai, merī bachchhi! Aur tujhe chodnā aur baat hai.”

“Lāħaul vilā qoovat illā villāħ! Mujhe nahīn chudvānā Durgesh se.”

“Isiliye to kah rahī hūn ki tū abhi bachchhi hai. Nāser se nikāħ ke liye haan kah di hai na tū ne?”

“Nāser hamārā māmūzād bhāī hai.”

“Nāser Khan! Rājesh ki Bīvī!”


“Aur nahīn to kyā? Nikāħ ke båd Rājesh hi chodega tujhe bhī.”

“Almās Bājī!!!!!!!!!!” Nāzish Khan chīkħī.

“Bachchi! Abhi tere doodh ke daant nahīn toote! Tera hone wala Shauhar Nāser khan Rājesh Rājpūt se apni gaanđ marātā hai aur tujhe iska ǐlm tak nahīn hai. Allah itna bhī andhā na banāye kisi ko.”

Us din kħūb jamkar lađī thī Almās Bājī se voh!

Lekin aaj?

Aaj kħud apni aankhon se dekh liyā thā usne ki Almās Bājī ne ghalat nahīn kahā thā.

Uskā hone wala Shauhar, Uskā māmūzād bhāī, Nāser Khan sachmuch Rājesh Rājpūt se apni gori chikni Musalmān gaanđ marā rahā thā.

Nāzish Khan ki aankhon ke aage andhera chhā gayā thā.

Qareeb hi rakhe ek sofe kā sahārā agar na liyā hotā usne to shāyad voh to gir hi pađī hoti chakkar khākar.

Jaise hi sambhli thī fauran dauđkar ghar pahuchī thī.

Ammī se måālūm huā thā Shāheen Bājī ghar par nahīn hain.

“Kahān gaī hain?” Nāzish Khan ħalaq phāđkar chīkħī thī.

“Kahān jāyegi?” Begum Jabeen Khan muskurāī thin, “Mullah ki dauđ Masjid tak.”

“Aur Shāheen Bājī ki dauđ?” Nāzish Khan phir se ħalaq phāđkar chīkħī thī.

“Jaise kħud kuchhh nahīn jāntī! Durgesh tak! Aur Kahān?”

Nāzish Khan ek jhatke se Naziya Khan ki taraf muđī thī.

“Bājī! Aap chalengi mere sāth?”

“Use ghar aa jaane de, Nāzish!” Naziya Khan ne mashvirā diya thā, “Baahar tamāshā karnā thik nahīn hai.”

“Aré! Merī zindgi ko tamāshā banā dālā hai aap logon ne. Aur mujhse kahtī hain main baahar tamāshā na karūn. Main poochhti hūn aap mere sāth chalengi yā nahīn?”


Nāzish Khan aavesh men baahar ki taraf bađhī.

Naziya Khan ke paas iske ålāvā aur koī rāstā nahīn bachā ki voh apni Kħālāzād chhoŧī   bahan kā sāth de.

Naser Khan hamen dekhte hi buri taraħ chhtpataaya.

“Chhođ do. Lillāh mujhe chhođ do. Main vohi karūngā jo tum kahoge. Lillāh merī gaanđ mat māro, Rājesh! Please! Main tumhen kyā samajhta thā , aur tum kyā nikle!”

Rājesh Rājpūt ne apna Hindu Lund shishnāgr tak bāhar nikālā, aur phir kaskar jađ tak Naser khan ki Musalmān gaanđ ke andar pél diyā.

Naser Khan buri taraħ uchhla.

Kintu Rājesh Rājpūt ne use phir se daboch liyā.

“Saalé!” Rājesh Rājpūt Naser Khan ko buri taraħ dabochta huā bolā, “Uchhal mat. Varnā teri gaanđ ke baaje bajā kar rakh dūngā.

“Voh to vaise hi baj rahe hain.” Naser Khan bebasi se Rājesh Rājpūt se apni Musalmān gaanđ burī taraħ kas kas kar marātā huā bolā.

“Tujhse kahā thā saalé! Ki ekādh Pakistani Musalmān lađkī kā intezam kar. Merā Hindu Lund ab kisi Pakistani Musalmān Choot men ghuse baghair nahīn mānné wala, lekin tū hai ki―”

“Aré! To main kyā karoon?” Naser Khan bilbila kar bolā, “Main Kahān se laun Pakistani Musalmān lađkī tumhāré liye? Main kyā koī Pakistan men rahtā hūn?”

“Tum Musalmānon men se anekon ke nikāħ Pakistan ki Musalmān lađkiyon se hué hain, ya nahīn, saalé?”

“Hué hain. Hué hain.” Naser Khan burī taraħ baukhla kar bolā.

Rājesh Rājpūt ne prashn karne ke sāth sāth apna kħūb lambā aur kħūb motā Hindu Lund shishnāgr tak bāhar nikālā thā, aur phir punah kas kar burī taraħ jađ tak pél diyā thā.

Naser Khan ki Musalmān gaanđ vaise hi Rājesh Rājpūt ke Hindu Lund ki tab na lākar phati jā rahī thī.

Naziya Khan ne mujhe thahoka mārā.

Maine Naziya Khan ki taraf dékhā.

Usne Nāzish Khan ki taraf ishārā kiyā.

Nāzish Khan bade shauq ke sāth is taraħ Rājesh Rājpūt ko apne hone vālé Shauhar, Naser Khan, ki Musalmān gaanđ mārté hué dekh rahī thī, jaise uskī sadiyon ki dil ki murād  poori ho rahī ho.

Naser Khan se use zara si bhī hamdardi nahīn thī.

Uskī ħaseen Muslim aankhon men Rājesh Rājpūt ke liye heroworship ke bhāv the.

Shāheen Khan pahle to muskurāī, phir usne apni chhoŧī   bahan, Nāzish Khan, ko chheđā.

“Nāzish Khan! Tū to is taraħ kħush ho rahī hai, jaise tera nikāħ Naser Khan se nahīn, Rājesh Rājpūt se hone vala ho.”

Nāzish Khan ne kichkichākar apni bađī bahan ki taraf dékhā.

“Tum kyā samajhtī ho, Bājī! Main yeh sab merī aankhon se dekh kar bhī is zaleel shakħs se nikāħ karūngī?”

Shāheen Khan hansee.

“Koi pāgal Musalmān lađkī hī hogī, jo kisī gāndū Musalmān se nikāħ karnā chāhégī.”

Naser Khan tađapkar bolā.

“Bājī! Main gāndū nahīn hūn. Mujhé koī shauq nahīn hai kisī  Hindu sé mérī Musalmān gānđ marāné kā, jaisā gay Musalmānon ko hota hai. I’m not a gay Muslim at all. Rājesh Rājpūt sāħab zabardashtī merī Musalmān gānđ mār rahe hain, mujhe aur hum tamām Musalmānon ko zaleel krne ke liye.”

“Main Musalmānon ko hargiz nahīn chhođūngā.” Rājesh Rājpūt kichkichākar bolā, “Sālé yahān Hindusthān mein rahté hain, aur terrorists aur Pakistani Musalmānon kā sāth dété hain.”

Main gambhīr svar mein bolā.

“Sab Musalmān aese nahīn hain, Rājesh!”

“Main  āp sé sahmat nahīn.”


“Main jāntā hūn. Āp ék Multiversalist Humanist hain. Āp Musalmānon ko bhī insān mānté hain.”


“Sorry, Jeejū! Pārvatī dīdī āpsé pyār kartī hain, isliyé Main āpkī izzat kartā hūn. Lekin āp ék béħad raħamdil insān hain. Āp apné dushmanon ko bhī  måāf karté rahnā uchit samajhté hain.”


Nāzish Kħān talkħ lahjé mein bolī.

“Rājesh sāħab! Måāf kījiyé. Main āpsé nahīn, Durgesh sé muttafiq hūn.”


“Āp jaisé Hindu sirf Hinduon ké kām ké hain. Hum Musalmān lađkiyon aur hum Musalmān åuraton ké kisī kām ké nahīn hain āp log. Āp Musalmān mardon ki Musalmān gānđén mārkar kħush huā karté hain. Āp logon ko hum Musalmān lađkiyon aur hum Musalmān åuraton kī kyā  zaroorat?”

“Nāzish!” Naziya Kħān ne Nāzish Kħān ko dāntā.

“Måāf kījiyé, Bājī! Main Rājesh Rājpūt sé nahīn, Durgesh sé chudvānā  zyādah pasand karūngī.”

Naziya Kħān sannāŧé mein aa gaī.

Shāheen Khan né apnī chhoŧī   bahan ko lpakkar gale lagā liyā.

“Shābās, Nāzish! I’m proud of you.”

“Kyā kartī hai?” Naziya Kħān né apnī Kħālāzād bahan ko tonkā, “Durgesh pahlé sé hī béshumār Musalmān lađkiyon aur Musalmān åuraton ko chod raha hai. Main usko Pakistan le jāné wālī hūn. Vahān merī beshumār sahéliyān aur cousins intezār kar rahi hain ki main kab un sabko Durgesh sé chudvāūngī?”

“ Aré!  To kyā sirf ék meri bahan hī rah gaī hai, jisko Durgesh nahīn chod saktā?” Shāheen Khan jhallā kar bolī, “Tumhārī voh Allahmārī beshumār sahéliyān aur cousins kyā Nāzish sé bhī zyādah aham ho gaī hain ab tumhāré liyé?”

Naziya Kħān ne jaldī sé apné āpko sambhālā.

“Nahīn. Ab aesī bāt to nahīn.”

“Aesī hī bāt hai.” Balā ki ħasīn Nāzish Kħān ne lapak kar nihāyat hī  bébākī sé is taraħ mérā Full Uncut Hindu Lund pakađ liyā,jaisé yah kām āj voh koi pahlī bār na kar rahī ho. Haméshā sé kartī chalī aa rahī ho, “Naziya āpā! Āpko āpkī Pakistani beshumār sahéliyān aur cousins āpkī apnī chhoŧī   Kħālazād Bahan sé zyādah pyārī ho gaī hain.”

“Kyā baktī hai?”

“Baktī nahīnfarmātī hūn. Dékhén āp kħud. Sarħad par donon mumālik ki ifwāj jo tånāt hone lagī hain. Āpko yåd āné lagā hai ki āp Pakistani hain, aur hum log Hindustani.”

“Kyā baktī hai?” Naziya Kħān ne usko dānŧā, “Hum sab kā Kħasam to Hindustani hai, tum logon ki taraħ. Voh tum logon ki sunégā yā mérī?”

“Main Durgesh sé chudvānā chāhtī hūn.” Achānak hī Nāzish Kħān faislā létī huī bolī, “Āp sab log is bāt ké gavāh hongé ki Naser Kħān apnī marzī sé mujhé  Durgesh sé chudvāyéngé.”

Naser Kħān tađap kr bolā,

“Main aesā karné ké pahlé mar jānā pasand karūngā.”

Rājesh Rājpūt ŧhaŧhākar hans pađā.

“Yeh bāt to tooné us vaqt bhī kahī thī, sālé! Jab mainé térī Ammī aur bahnon ko chodā thā. Kahān marā sālé!too? main to térī Ammī aur bahnon ko abhī bhī rāt din sé chod rahā hūn. Méré sāth hī rahté ho tum sab log.”

Nāzish Kħān ne zameen par thook diyā,

“Thoo hai, Naser Kħān! Térī mardāngī par. Too isi taraħ Rājesh Rājpūt Bhāī sāħab sé apnī Musalmān gānđ   marā. Main Durgesh sé chudvātī hūntérī zaleel ānkhon ké sāmné. Āj mérī sālgirah bhī hai. Chal, too āj mujhé méré  birthday par Durgesh kā Uncut Hindu Lund dé tuħfé mein.”

Naser Khan ne kamre mein rakhe TV ki aawaz tez karte hue poochha.

“kya tum apne anokhe tohfe ke liye tayyar ho?”

“Haan! Main tayyar hūn.” Nāzish Kħān  muskurāté hué boli.

Us ki āvāz mein ghor upéxā thī apné bhootpoorv hone wālé shauhar ké liyé.

Apnī Ammī aur bahnon kā nām sunté hī Naser Kħān ki sārī akađ jātī rahī thī.

Kaise juthlā saktā thā Naser Kħān is ħaqīqat ko ki Rājesh Rājpūt ké Pitā, Sinhdév Rājpoot ne uskī buāon ko Bajrang dal ké logon sé bachāyā thā, yeh kahkar ki voh un sāton Musalmān ħaseenāon ko chodté hain.

Bajrang dal wālon ne uskīi sāton buāon ko bāqāådā Rājesh Rājpūt ké Pitā, Sinhdév Rājpoot sé chudva kar dékhā thā ki  Sinhdév Rājpoot sach bol rahé hain yā nahīn.

Naser Kħān ki sāton buāon ne is par Sinhdév Rājpoot kā aħsān mānā thā aur Sinhdév Rājpoot ko hī apnā nayā shauhar tasleem kar liya thā.

Vaqt par Sinhdév Rājpoot ne un sabko chodkar  un sabko bachāyā na hota, to Bajrang dal wālon ne Allah måālūm kyā kyā na kiyā hotā un sāton ké sāth.

Nikāħ nahīn huā thā  to kyā huā, Sinhdév Rājpoot ab bāqāådā Naser Kħān ké Phoophājī thé.

Nāzish Kħān  bed ke pas khađī thi aur main use bahon mein bhare usko choom raha tha.

main kabhī uske honthon ko choomta aur kabhī phir uski gardan choomne lagta.

Mere choomne ki ada ne Nāzish Kħān  ko garma diya tha.

Main use uske ħaseen Musalmān koolhon se pakađ kar apni oar khīnchtā aur zor se choomta.

Nāzish Kħān  maħsūs kartī ki mérā Full Uncut Hindu Lund uski ħaseen chiknī Musalmān janghon par takkar mār rahā hai.

Main ne dhīré se uskā top oopar uthā kar utār diya.

Phir use ghuma kar uski bra ké hook khol kar wo bhi utār di.

Uski Muslim choochiyon ko bhīnchté hué main ne Nāzish Kħān  ko aur apne qareeb kiya aur apnī jānghon ko uski jānghon ke sāth ragađné lagā.

Main apne hathon ko Nāzish Kħān  ki nangi peeth per pher raha thā.

Phir main ne apne hath se Nāzish Kħān  ki jeans ke button khole aur uski jeans ko neeche khiska diyā. Main ne use bistar ke kinare par bitha diya aur khud apne kapđé utarne lagā.

Phir ghutnon ke bal hokar main ne Nāzish Kħān  ki jeans utār di.

Tatpashchāt main  ne use halka sa dhakka dekar bistar par lita diya,

“Ab asli maza shuru hota hai.” main ne kaha.

Nāzish Kħān  ne apne jism mein phir garmi maħsoos kī, jab usne paya ki main ne use phir choomna shuroo kar diya hai.

Main ab uski Muslim choochiyon ko choom raha tha.

Ek hath uske ék Muslim uroz ko daba raha tha aur doosre Muslim uroz par main apni zabān pher raha tha.

Jab mérī  jeebh nipple ke chāron oar ghoomti to Nāzish Kħān  ke jism mein ek thirkan si utpann ho jati.

Wo mujko apni bahon mein bhar kar choomné lagī.

Main uski Muslim choochiyon ko choomkar neeche ki oar bađh raha tha.

Main ne Nāzish Kħān  ki nabhi par zabān pherni shuroo kar di.

Ab main zyādah samay uski nabhi mein zabān dal kar use choom raha tha. Nāzish Kħān  uttezna ke mare kanp rahī thi.

Méré  yatnon ne use aur kamuk kar diya tha.

Main ne uski panty ki elastic mein apni ungli phansa kar use bhi utar diya aur use poora nanga kar diya.

Naser Khan Rājesh Rājpūt sé apnī chiknī Musalmān gānđ marātā huā hī aagé bađhā  aur ék bađā sa takiya le aaya.

” Nāzish! Zara apne koolhon ko uthao jisse main ye takiya tumhare neeche lagā sakoon.” Naser Khan ne kaha.

Nāzish Kħān  apné aap ko oopar uthane mein diqqat maħsūs kar rahi thi.

Naser Khan ne uski madad ki aur takiya uske neeche lagā diya.

Ab Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot oopar ko uth chuki thi.

Main ab uski chiknī Musalmān jānghon ke beech aa kar uski jānghon ko choomte hué oopar ki or bađhā.

Ab main apni zabān Nāzish Kħān kī Muslim Choot ke aazoo bāzū phirāne lagā.

Nāzish Kħān  ki uttezna bađh rahi thi.

usse ab sahan nahīn  ho raha tha.

Naser Khan apni zabān uski Muslim Choot mein dal kar uski Musalmān Choot andar tak chāŧ raha tha.

Nāzish Kħān  ne uska  sir  pakađ kar use aur apni Muslim Choot par dabāyā.

“Yā Allllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” wo zor se siski.

Naser Khan zor se apni jeebh ko Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot ke andar bahar kar raha tha.

Nāzish Kħān  apné Musalmān koolhon ko utha utha kar uski is ħarkat mien uska sath de rahi thi.

Nāzish Kħān  ne apne jism ko akađta paya aur uski Muslim Choot ne us din ka pehla pani chhođ diya.

Naser Kħān Nāzish Kħān  ki Musalmān Choot kā voh poorā pānī pee gayā.

Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot mein zoron ki khujli ho rahi thī.

Usné ék siskārī lī aur mujh sé bolī.

“Durgesh! Meri Jān! Mere Hindu Piyā! Please, mujhé  kaske chodo.”

Main uski jānghon ke beech se uth khada hua aur uske honthon ko choomne lagā.

Mérā  ek hath Nāzish Kħān  ke Muslim urozon ko dabā rahā  thā  aur doosrā hath uske sir ko zor se pakđé hué tha.

Main ne apni zabān Nāzish Kħān  ke munh mein dal di aur uski jeebh se khelne lagā.

Phir Nāzish Kħān  ne apni chiknī Musalmān jānghon ke beech mujh ko maħsūs kiya.

Phir main apni zabān uski jānghon ke androoni hisse par pherné lagā.

Jaise hi Nāzish Kħān  ne kuchhh kehne ke liye apna munh kholna chaha, main ne uske honthon ko zor se choom liya.

Main ab uski Muslim Choot ko choom raha tha.

Uski uttezna phir bhađak rahi thi.

Itne mein Naser Khan uské bāzoo mein khađā ho gaya aur mérā khada Uncut Hindu Lund Nāzish Kħān ke surkħ Musalmān honthon par rgađne laga.

Naser Kħān ki zabān ki raftar Nāzish Kħān ki Muslim Choot per tez ho gayi thī.

Nāzish Kħān  ke munh se siskari phoot  pađī.

“ohhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhh” jaise hi Nāzish Kħān  ka muh khula, Naser Khan ne mera Uncut Hindu Lund us ke munh mein ghuséđ diya.

Nāzish Kħān ne méré Uncut Hindu Lund ko choosna shuroo kiya aur Naser Kħān ki zaban ki rafter uskī Musalmān Choot ké andar aur tez hoti gayi.

Nāzish Kħān ka jism akađ raha tha aur use apne aap ko rokna mushkil lag raha tha.

Wo uttezna mein aur zor se méré Uncut Hindu Lund ko choosne lagi aur uski Muslim Choot ne dobara pani chhođ diya.

Naser Khan ne mérā  Uncut Hindu Lund uske munh se nikal liya.

Nāzish Kħān bhi apni sanse sambhalne mein lagi huī thi.

“ohhhhhhh! ye sab kitna achchha lag raha hai.” Nāzish Kħān  soch rahi thi ki usne phir mujhko apni chiknī Musalmān jānghon ke beech maħsūs kiya.

“Ab chudai ka waqt ho gaya hai,” kehkar Naser Khan ne mérā Uncut Hindu Lund Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot par rakh thođā sa andar ghuséđ diya.

“ohhhhhhh Ammīīīīīīīīīīī!” uske muh se awaz nikli.

Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot itni gili ho chuki thi ki méré  halke se dabav se hi mérā  poora Uncut Hindu Lund Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot mein ghus gaya.

Main ab Nāzish Kħān  ko jam kar chod raha tha. Méré dhakkon ki raftār aur tez hoti ja rahi thi.

Nāzish Kħān  bhi ab apne donon gore chikné sudaul Musalmān koolhe uchhaal uchhaal kar mérī  tāl se tāl milā rahī thi.

“Agar main Naser Khan ki gaand pe jute nahin māré to mera naam Nāzish Kħān  nahīn.” wo apne aap ko bar bar yaad dila rahi thī,  jaise hi mera Uncut Hindu Lund uskī Musalmān Choot  mein zor se ghusta.

jaise jaise mérī raftār badhti Nāzish Kħān  ke jism mein kamukta aur bađh  jati.

us ki Musalmān Choot mere Uncut Hindu Lund ko zor zor se choos rahi thi.

Nāzish Kħān  ki Musalmān Choot aur zor se méré  Uncut Hindu Lund ko choosne lagi.

Main dhakke pe dhakke diye ja raha tha aur uski Muslim Choot pani chhođé ja rahi thi.

Nāzish Kħān  kħūb maze le rahi thi.

Vaisé bhī  chudāī kā  uskā ye pehla mauqā tha. Main ne bhi  kuchhh aur dhakkon ke bad Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot mein mérā pratham Hindu Vīrý  chhođ diya.

Nāzish Kħān  kichkichākar mujh sé lipat gaī aur pāgalon ki taraħ mujhé choomné lagī.

Main ne jaise hi apna Uncut Hindu Lund uski Muslim Choot se bahar nikala, Nāzish Kħān  ko bura lagā.

wo aur chudwanachahti thi.

Main ne use bistar par palat diya.

Ab wo pet ke bal ho gayi thi aur takiye par hone ké kārañ uski dilkash Musalmān gānđ thođā uth gayi thi.

Main bistar ke kinare pe aa gaya, jisse mérā  Uncut Hindu Lund āsānī se Nāzish Kħān  ke munh me ja sake,

“Nāzish Kħān!” Mainé usko ānkh mārī, “ab tum mérā Hindu lauđā chooso.”

Nāzish Kħān  ne mera virya rikt Uncut Hindu Lund apne muh mein le liya.

tabhi usne mere hath apni gaand pe maħsūs kiyé.

jaise hi maine apna Uncut Hindu Lund uski gili Muslim Choot mein pela, Nāzish Kħān  ne socha. “Yā Allah! ab Durgesh phir mujhe chodne wala hai.”

Uske andar ki aag itni bhađak chuki thi ki chudwane ke alawa uske paas koi chārā nahin tha.

maine uske dono koolhon ko pakad zor se apna Uncut Hindu Lund uski Muslim Choot mein dal diyā.

Main zor zor se Nāzish Kħān  ko chode ja raha tha.

Uska jism phir tan raha tha.

Main jitnā bhī mera Uncut Hindu Lund  andar tak dalta Nāzish Kħān  utna hi apne koolhon ko peechhé  ki taraf dhakel méré  Uncut Hindu Lund ko aur apni Muslim Choot ki jađ tak le leti.

Mera Uncut Hindu Lund bađā  tha aur Nāzish Kħān  ko uski Muslim Choot bharī si maħsoos ho rahi thi.

” Āj main Durgesh ke Uncut Hindu Lund ké Hindu Vīrý ki ek ek boond ko nichođ ke pee jāūnngi mérī Musalmān Choot sé.” soch kar Nāzish Kħān  aur zor se apnī kamar hilāné aur mérā Uncut Hindu Lund apnī Musalmān Choot ké anndar kħud ghuséđné lagi. Main apni poori taaqat se Nāzish Kħān  ko chod raha tha. jab Nāzish Kħān  peechhé  ko hoti to mera Uncut Hindu Lund jađ tak sama jata aur jab wo aage ko hoti to mérā Uncut Hindu Lund uske ħalaq tak pahunch jata.

Nāzish Kħān  poore ānand ke sath is chudai mien mast thi.

Wo ab mérī Musalmān ghođī banker  poore josh se chudwa rahi thi.

Main kabhī uski Muslim choochiyon ko masalte hué zor se usko chod raha tha aur kabhī main poore zor se Nāzish Kħān  ke dilkash chikné Musalmān koolhon ko pakađ kar dhakke lagā raha tha.

Mérā  Hindu kħoon ubāl mār raha tha aur Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot phir se ek bar pani chhođné ko tayyar thi,

“chooooooooodoooo, Durgesh! mujhe aur zor see chodo. Mere Hindu Piyā! Meri Jān!” Nāzish Kħān  chīkħī aur uski Muslim Choot ne pani chhođ diya. Nāzish Kħān  ne poori taaqat se apni gaand mere pét ke sath sata di aur usne mera Hindu Vīrý  chhootta maħsūs kiya.

Mere Uncut Hindu Lund ki pichkari itni tez thi ki Nāzish Kħān  ko lagā ki mera Hindu Vīrý  thik uski bachche dani ké andar chhoot raha hai.

Mere Uncut Hindu Lund se mérā itna Hindu Vīrý  nikla ki Nāzish Kħān  ki Muslim Choot poori méré Hindu Vīrý sé bhar gayi aur yahān tak ki mérā Hindu Vīrý uskī Muslim Choot se tapakne lagā.

Main ab bhi use chode ja raha tha.

Mera Uncut Hindu Lund tezi se uski Muslim Choot ke andar bahar ho raha tha.

Nāzish Kħān  takiye par leti sochne lagi,

“Yā Allah! kya Durgesh  phir meri Muslim Choot mein apna Hindu Vīrý  chhođégā?”

Maine Nāzish Kħān  ko balon se pakad kar apna Uncut Hindu Lund uski Muslim Choot mein jad tak sama diya.

Phir ek baar Nāzish Kħān  ne mere garam Hindu Vīrý  ki pichkari apni Muslim Choot mein maħsūs ki.

Nāzish Kħān  nidhal ho bistar par gir gayi aur apni tez sanson ko sambhālne lagi.

Use abhi bhi apne aap par yaqeen  nahīn  ho raha tha ki wo mujh se chudwa chuki hai.

Ek Hindu sé, us Durgesh sé jisse chudvāné  ké liyé aaj har Musalmān lađkī aur har Musalmān åurat burī taraħ pāgal hai.

Naziya Kħān aur Shāheen Khan donon kā burā ħāl ho rahā thā.

Voh donon Nāzish Kħān ki jagah apnā tasavvur kar kar ké burī taraħ garm ho chuki theen aur donon chāhtī theen ki main ab sab sé pahlé usko hī chodoon.

Main Naziya Kħān aur Shāheen Khan donon ko ankh marker muskurãyã.

Naziya Kħān jhallā kar bolī.

“Itné kħush mat ho’o. Abhī hum teen mein sé sirf ék ko chodā hai tumné. Abhī hum do båqī hain, samjhé?”

“Sãliyo!” Main Naziya Kħān aur Shāheen Khan donon ko ankh marker muskurãyã, “Yeh Durgesh kā Hindu Lund hai. Samjhīn? Tum jitnī bhī Musalmān launiyãyén ho, sabkī sab aa jão ék ék karke. Na sbko chod chod kar unki Ammiyãn yåd dilã deen, to Durgesh na kahnā mujhé.”

Naziya Kħān ko ghussā aa gayā.

“Yeh bāt hai?”

“Hān yehī bāt hai mérī Pakistani Musalmān Chhammak Chhallo!”

“Bahutnāz hai apné Hindu Lund par?”

“Sālī! Yeh Durgesh kā Uncut Hindu Lund hai, koi katī huī Pakistani Musalmān noonī nahīn. Samjhī?”

Naziya Kħān ne méré abhī bhī burī taraħ fanfanā rahé Uncut Hindu Lund kī oar dékhā.

Aesā lagtā hī nahīn thā kahīn sé bhī ki usne abhī abhī Nāzish Kħān ki kunvārī Musalmān Choot kā ghuroor choor choor kiyā hai.

Voh abhī bhī is burī taraħ dahāđ aur phunphkār rahā thā jaisé Nāzish Kħān ki sarvathā  kunvārī Musalmān Choot bhī uskī anbujh pyās bujhā sakné mein sarvathā asamarth rahī ho, jabki Nāzish Kħān last sī pađī thī bistar par.

Maine burī taraħ chod chod kar Nazish Kħān ko thođī dér ké liyé ékdum békār kar diyā thā.

Voh āsānī sé uthkar chal phir sakné lāyaq bhī nahīn rah gaī thī thođī dér ké liyé.

“Tum hum tamām Pakistani Musalmān ladkiyon ki Pakistani Musalmān Chooton ko challenge kar rahe ho?”

“Ħān, Sālī! Hān. Bulā lé térī jitnī bhī  sahéliyān aur cousins hain Pakistan mein. Āj main tum sab Pakistani Musalmān laundiyāon ko tum logon kī åuqāt kā aħsās karātā hūn.”

“Mujhé chodné ké båd.” Naziya Kħān dil hī

dil mein burī taraħ kħush hotī huī bolī.

Usné kabhī  kħvāb mein bhī nahīn sochā thā ki voh doosré din hī is burī taraħ kāmyāb ho jāyégī apnī  beshumār Pakistani Musalmān sahéliyon aur cousins kī barson kī murād poorī kar sakné mein.

Voh Durgesh ko shīshé mein utārné mein poorī taraħ kāmyāb ho chukī thī.

Durgesh uskī tamām beshumār Pakistani Musalmān sahéliyon aur cousins ko yahīn Hindusthān bulākar chodné ké liyé tayyār ho gayā thā.

Nāzish Kħān is beech sambhal chukī thī.

Ab usko Bahutsharm aa rahī thī apné aap par.

Kis taraħ besharmī se chudvāyā thā usne mujhse, apnī bađī bahan Shāheen Khan aur apnī Kħālazād Bahan Naziya Kħān ké saamne.

Naziya Kħān  ekdum sudaul aur gudāz jism ki Pakistani Musalmān lađkī thī.

Uska complexion gora thā.

Uski Pakistani Musalmān choonchiyon ka size bađā thā.

Uske Pakistani Muslim koolhe Bahutgudaaz aur bade the.

Main aur Naziya Kħān  sex ke mamle me Bahutkhule hue the.

Naziya Kħān  ne yahan Delhi mein mere liye ek 30 saal ki Pakistani Musalmān  lady secretary rakhwa di jo wiow thī.

subah Bahutjaldi aa jati thi aur raat ka khana mujhe khilane ke baad hi wapas jati thi.

Us ka naam Kulsoom tha.

Afshān Mecca gaī huī thī .

Kulsoom bilkul gori thī.

Patli thi.

Naziya Kħān  ne méré liyé ék Pakistani Musalmān secretary appoint karne ke baad mujh se hanste hue kaha,

“Durgesh! tumhara to temporary intezam maine kar diyā. Afshān ké aane pr bhī isko mat nikālnā. Maine isko permanent post ki guarantee di hai. Kyā farq padta hai? Afshān ké ålāvā ék Pakistani Musalmān secretary bhī rahne do.”

maine bhi Naziya Kħān  ko turant hanste hue jawab diyā,

“Naziya! tumko apne liye Pakistan, Karachi, me bhi koi temporary intezam karné ki zaroorat nahīn padegi kabhi. Meri Jān! mérā Hindu moosal tumhari Pakistani Musalmān  Choot ki servicing vahan bhī haméshā karta rahega.”

Naziya Kħān ne lapk kar mere donon Hindu Purushādhar choom liyé.

“Durgesh! méré Hindu Piyā! Chāhtī to main yeh hoon ki hum donon kā nikāħ ho jaye. Lekin main janti hoon ki yah mumkin nahīn hai.”

Maine pyār sé Naziya Kħān ki pyārī pyārī Pakistani Musalmān Choot choom li.

Naziya Kħān ne fauran mérā Uncut Hindu Lund apné ħaseen Pakistani Musalmān munh mein le liya aur use pāgalon ki taraħ choosne lagi.

Main roz lower pehan kar sota tha aur lower ke neeche underwaer nahīn pehanta tha.

Roz savere Kulsoom mujhe chai deti thī.

Main chai ke saath hi news paper padhta aur news channels dekhta thā.

Do teen din tak maine notice kiya ki Kulsoom mere pairon ki taraf sofe par baithi hui kafi der tak news channels dekhti rehti thi aur kankhiyon se meri lower ke bhitar dekhti rehti thi jisme se mere pair par pair rakhne se mera tana hua full uncut Hindu Lund use saaf saaf dikhta tha.

Maine socha shayad Kulsoom ko mera full uncut Hindu Lund dekhne me maza aata hoga isliye jab chauthe din Kulsoom phir kafi der tak news channels dekhne ke bahane se sofe par baithi hui chori chori mera full uncut Hindu Lund dekh rahi thi to yeh soch kar ki ek ħaseen Pakistani Musalmān  aurat bade dhyan se mera full uncut Hindu Lund dekh rahi hai, mera tana hua full uncut Hindu Lund bhi fan fana kar khada ho gaya aur us din Kulsoom ne mera poora khada hua full uncut Hindu Lund dekha.

Mai bhi usko apna full uncut Hindu Lund dikhata raha lekin use ye nahīn maloom hone dia ki maine usko mérā full uncut Hindu Lund dekhte hue dekh lia hai.

jab mai subah nahane ke liye bathroom me gaya to dekha Kulsoom wahan nangi ho kar naha rahi thi aur uski peeth meri taraf thi.

Bathroom ke darwaze ki kundi nahin lagti thi isliye shayad usne darvaza band nahīn kiya hoga.

Maine Kulsoom ko jab nanga dekha to thithak kar ruk gaya, lekin meri aahat Kulsoom ne sun li thi.

Kulsoom uthi aur turant darwaze par tange apne petticoat se apne saamne Muslim Choot ke hisse ko dhakte hue meri taraf munh kar ke kaha “Sir! Jaldi nahana hai kyā?”

Kulsoom peeche se abhi bhi poori nangi thi aur uske gore nange mote Pakistani Musalmān  Koolhe meri aankhon ke saamne the.

Maine kaha, “nahīn, pehle tum naha lo, main baad main naha loonga” yeh keh kar main wapas chala aaya.

Lekin gori chitti Kulsoom ke nange Pakistani Musalmān koolhe dekh kar mera full uncut Hindu Lund fan fana kar khada ho chuka thā.

aur meri lower ka tent ban chukka tha.

10-15 minute baad maine socha ki shayad Kulsoom ab tak to naha kar kitchen me chali gayi hogi.

Main phir se bathroom ki ore gaya.

Bathroom ka darvaza dhuka hua tha aur paani girne ki āvāz bhi nahīn aa rahi thi.

Maine jaise hi darvaza khola to dekha Kulsoom abhi bhi bathroom me hi thi.

Is baar Kulsoom meri taraf munh karke bilkul nangi khadi thi aur ek chhote tauliye se apne baal sukha rahi thī, jis kārañ tauliey se uska munh aur aankhe dhaki hui thin, aur woh mujhe nahin dekh pai. Meri nigah seedhi uski tāngon ke beech ja kar tik gayi.

Uski Pakistani Musalmān  Choot par ghani ghani kali jhanton ka jungle tha aur un jhanto ke beech uski Pakistani Muslim Choot phooli hui kachođī ki tarah lag rahi thi.

Kali kali jhanto ke beech uski Pakistani Muslim Choot ke dono honth saaf nazar aa rahe the.

Jaise hi usne tauliya hataya to Kulsoom mujhe samne dekh kar sharma gayi.

Usne tauilye se turant apni Pakistani Muslim Choot dhakne ki koshish ki.

Lekin uske bhari bhari Muslim Boobs, jhanghen aur Pakistani Muslim Koolhe abhi bhi mere saamne nange the.

Mujhe dekh kar Kulsoom sharamati hui boli “Sir, aaj office kya jaldi jana hai? andar aa jaao aur naha lo. Main to naha li.”

Yeh keh kar Kulsoom ek haath se apni Muslim Choot ke saamne chhota sa towel laga kā,r aur doosre haath mein apna petticoat le kar, nangi hi bahar aa gayi.

aur kitchen main chali gayi.

Bahar aate samay uski nazar shayad meri lower ke tent par thi.

Khair main bathroom mein chala gaya aur darvaza dhuka kar, nanga ho kar, nahane laga.

Roz ki tarah main sirf toliya le kar hi gaya tha.

Tauliya aur lower maine darwaze ke palle par hi taang di thi.

Maine nahane se pehle, apne khade hue full uncut Hindu Lund ko shant karne ke liyé, bathroom me khade khade hī, usko pakda hī tha, ki Kulsoom darvaza khol ke phir andar aa gayi.

Kulsoom ne ab sirf ek petticoat pehan rakha tha jo usne apne bade bade tarbuj jaise Pakistani Musalmān koolhon ko dhakte hue chhati par bandh rakha tha.

Usne mere full uncut Hindu Lund par nazar jamaye hue hi mujh se kaha,

“Sir!, lao utare hue kapde mujhe de do main dho dhungi.” yeh kehte hue usne lower darwaze se utar liya, lekin is dauran uski nazar mere 12” lambe aur 5” mote full uncut Hindu Lund par hi tiki hui thi. Main apne itne bade full uncut Hindu  Lund ko kisi tarah se bhi uski nazar se chhupa nahin sakta tha.

Usne jhuk kar lower ko pani ki balti me dala.

Lower pani ki baalti me dalte hue uski kohni mere full uncut Hindu  Lund se ragad kha gayi.

Lekin mujhe tab Bahuthairani hui jab usne lower ko baar baar balti me dal kar bahar nikal kar nichodna shuru kiya aur har bar uski kohni mere full uncut Hindu Lund se ragad kha rahi thi kyonki bathroom me jagah Bahutkam thi.

Beech beech mein Kulsoom nazar ghuma kar mere khade full uncut Hindu Lund ko dekh rahi thi.

Maine socha shayad yeh jaan bhoojh kar aisa kar rahi hai aur isne mera khada full uncut Hindu Lund dekh to liya hi hai.

Maine use kaha “Kulsoom….yeh tum kya kar rahi ho, mera to khada ho gaya, ab main kya karoon?”

Kulsoom meri ore munh karke khadi huī.

Maine dekha uski saanse Bahuttez chal rahi thin aur uski nazar mere khade full uncut Hindu Lund par tiki hui thi.

Maine apne ek haath se uska haath pakda aur apne full uncut Hindu Lund par rakh diya.

Maine socha who apna haath jhatak degi lekin usne aisa nahīn kiya.

Usne turant apne haath se mera khada mota full uncut Hindu Lund kas kar pakda aur phusphusate hue dheere se boli “Sir! aapka to Bahutmota hai.” Jaise hi usne mera full uncut Hindu Lund pakda mujhse raha nahīn gaya.

Maine jhat se Kulsoom ke petticoat ka nada khol diya aur bola “Kulsoom ise bhi utar do.” usne turant apna petticoat nikāl kar darwaze par tāng diya.

Maine uske bilkul nange Muslim jism ko nihara aur apne se lipta liya.

uske poore nange Pakistani Musalmān  jism par haath ferne laga main.

Uski saansen ab Bahuttez chal rahi thin.

Mera khada hua full uncut Hindu Lund uske pet se ragad kha raha tha.

Kulsoom ne abhi bhi mera full uncut Hindu Lund pakad rakha tha.

Tabhi Kulsoom dheere se bolī,

“Sir! aap mere saath kya karna chahte ho?”

maine ek haath uski jhaanton bhari Pakistani Muslim Choot par pherte hue uski Pakistani Muslim Choot mein ugli dali to dekha voh bilkul geeli ho chuki thi.

Kulsoom mujhse lipate hue bolī,

“Sir! nangi Musalmān aurat pehle kabhi nahin dekhi kya? Naziya bibi ko, båqī Musalmān lađkiyon ko, aur båqī Musalmān åuraton  ko kya andhere mein chodte ho?”

Mera full uncut Hindu Lund ab aape se bahar ho raha tha.

Kulsoom ne mere saare shareer par sabun lagana shuru kiya aur mere full uncut Hindu Lund aur dono andkoshon ko apne dono haathon mein le kar dhote hue bolī,

“Sir!, lagta hai aapko bađī chudas lagi hai. Office kya aise khade full uncut Hindu Lund ko le kar jaaoge. Aap chaho to mujhe chod kar apne full uncut Hindu Lund ko dheela kar lo.”

ab kya tha, turant naha kar main Kulsoom ko nange hi bed par le aaya aur maine uski taangen phaila kar apna ghode jaisa full uncut Hindu Lund uski Muslim Choot mein pel diya.

Usne chudate hué, apne Muslim Koolhe uchhaalte hué, mera poora saath diya.

Uske dono haath mere Hindu  nitambon ko kas kar pakde hue the.

lekin jaise hi usne apni zaban mere munh mein daali mere full uncut Hindu Lund se pichkari nikal padi aur dher sari Hindusthānī Hindu safed cream se uski Pakistani Muslim Choot labalab bhar gayi.

Mera uncut Hindu Lund dheela padne par maine apna full uncut Hindu Lund uski Pakistani Muslim Choot se nikal kar kapde se poncha aur kapde pehan liye.

Kulsoom ne bhi uth kar apne kapde pehan liye.

Mujhe nahīn malum Kulsoom is chudai mein jhađi thi ya nahīn.

Lekin chodte waqt uski Pakistani Muslim Choot Bahutgeeli aur laslasi thi.

Kapde pehan kar jab main nashta karne baitha to muskurate hue maine kaha “Kulsoom, sorry, main apne aap ko rok nahin paya.”

Kulsoom sharmate hue bolī,

“arre sorry kaisa Sir!, maine hi to aapko chodne ke liye bola thā.”

maine kaha,

“Kulsoom, mujhe laga tum bura man jaaogi.”

Kulsoom bolī,

“Sir!, aap yahan akele hain aur beebiji Pakistan, Karachi, me rehti hain. Mere ko béwā hue bhi 5 saal ho gaye hain. Aakhir jismānī  bhookh to rehti hi hai na. Mujhe aap se chudwa kar Bahutachchha laga. Aage jab bhi aapka man ho to mujhe behichak chod lena. Agar aap sharam karenge ya hichkichayenge to mujhe bhi sharam aayegi, nahīn to main bhi jab mera dil karega to aap se apne aap besharam ho kar chudwa loongi.”

Uske baad Kulsoom mujhse regular basis par chudwane lagi.

Qareeb qareeb roz din mein do ya teen baar hum dono bilkul nange ho kar chudai karne lage.

Maine yeh baat Naziya Kħān  ko bhi bata di to Naziya Kħān  bolī,

“isiliye to maine tumhare liye Kulsoom ko rakha hai.”

Maine Naziya Kħān  se kaha “Naziya Kħān  tum mera itna khyal rakhti ho, Pakistan, Karachi, mein rahkar bhī.”

Is par Naziya Kħān muskura di.

“Tum bhi to khoob jamkar Chodte ho mujhé, Durgesh! jab bhī Chodte ho.”

Doosre din Jab main Jabeen Mansion pahuncha to Naziya Kħān  mérā intezār hi kar rahī thi. Voh  mere liye chai banane lagi.

Lekin mujh se intezar nahin ho paya.

maine Naziya Kħān  ke kapde kheench kar usko nangi kar diya aur main bhi nanga ho gaya.

Naziya Kħān  bolī,

“arre aisi jaldi kya hai, chai pee lo phir saara time apna hai. Sari raat mujhe chodte rahna.”

Lekin mai usko chodne ke liye betaab tha.

Maine use bed par litaya aur uske oopar chađh gayā.

uski Pakistani Musalmān choochian masalte hue apna full uncut Hindu Lund uski Pakistani Musalmān  Choot ke oopar hi ragađne laga.

Abhi main apna full uncut Hindu Lund uski Pakistani Musalmān Choot   mein dalne ki soch hi raha tha ki door bell baj gayi.

Naziya Kħān  bolī,

“Lagta hai Shaheen aa gayi.”

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Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8


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14. Mérī mubārakbād qabool farmāýén, Ħazrat!

15. Méré Māmūzād Cousin kī Sasurāl mein main

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

17. Ahal-e-Bait-1