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Chapter 29

Hidden Intentions
Durgesh Saåīdah Yåqūb

I was Saåīdah Yåqūb’s older brother.
Of course, not real, her real brother’s friend instead.
It was unfortunate that Saåīdah Yåqūb’s real brother had left them.
Saåīdah Yåqūb knew it was all her Ammī’s fault.
Was it really?
Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, her Ammī, was a young woman still, after all.
“She should have married someone, Saåīdah.” her brother was furious, “How the hell can I bear my Ammī is a live in relationship partner of my own friend?”
Saåīdah Yåqūb watched him gravely.
“What’s wrong in it?”
Durgesh is my Abbū.”
“Oh, hadn’t our Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb, married our Ammī when she was Just Eighteen Just Adult and our Abbū was fifty six?”
“Certainly you are not telling me that Abbū could marry a Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Beauty but the same Musalmān Beauty can’t do it, when it’s her turn. She isn’t fifty six even. She is only forty two.”
“Are you crazy? Everyone is calling our Ammī a cougar.”
“So what? Isn’t Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī a cougar? Isn’t Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Réħānah Muħammad a cougar? Isn’t Doctor Rābiyah Altamash a cougar? Aren’t a large number of working sophisticated filthy rich Musalmān Beauties cougars now? If our ultramodern sophisticated society is still respecting them, what the hell else our Ammī is doing?”
“I don’t want to argue with you. I can’t bear that my friends tease me calling Durgesh my Abbū.”
“Well?” Saåīdah Yåqūb watched her elder brother with burning eyes, “What the hell you want? Distribution of our ancestral businesses and property? Tell expressly. Come out with your real vile hidden intentions.”*
Saåīdah Yåqūb never told Salmān Yåqūb, her brother, what her own vile hidden intentions were.
But there was a reason behind it.
For a long time she herself had a crush on me.
She favored her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, not because she was broad minded ab initio.
She had seen me fucking her Ammī actually.
Allah, what tremendous lovely nude pair her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, with Durgesh made!
Saåīdah Yåqūb honestly realized, first time, her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was not made for her Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb ever.
She was made for Durgesh actually.
What if Durgesh was thirty four?
What if her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was forty two?
If the fifty six years old Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb could marry Just Eighteen Just Adult Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, entirely unashamed of himself, why the hell forty two years old her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, can’t fuck thirty two years old Durgesh?
Saåīdah Yåqūb knew Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb, her Abbū, was old now.
He was fifty six already when her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was Just Eighteen Just Adult.
Now, her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was forty two.
She was entire twenty four years younger when she was married to her Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb.
Now, her Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb, was eighty years old.
He had stopped having sex with her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, when he was not even sixty.
Her parents enjoyed sex with each other only for one year.
One year?
Saåīdah Yåqūb overheard her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, telling Durgesh that her Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb failed even in their Shab-e-Ůrūsī, their very Golden night.
her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, fucked Durgesh first time then.
Was Durgesh only ten years old then?
And her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, fucked a ten years old Hindu boy to extinguish the sexual fire between her legs?
Saåīdah Yåqūb couldn’t believe it.
Had the entire other adult males died already?
Yes, her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was Just Eighteen Just Adult.
She could have compromised on an eight years younger Hindu boy even.
Moreover, Durgesh was a hypersexual boy ab initio.
It is said Durgesh was fucking extremely beautiful adult Musalmān Beauties too as early as he could fuck a girl/woman.

Nevertheless, her Abbū, Nawab Muħammad Yåqūb, was eighty.
What’s wrong there if her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, fucks an eight years younger Hindu male?
Her brother, Al Salmān Al Yåqūb, is communal.
He is jealous of his Hindu friend, Durgesh.

Well, none could say her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was forty two.
She looked ten years younger than her real age.
Durgesh thirty four.
her Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, thirty two.
What a perfect match!
Isn’t it?
To hell with her ever communal ever selfish brother, Al Salmān Al Yåqūb.*

I was pretty much the worst guy she could possibly be attracted to as far as Saåīdah Yåqūb was concerned.
Moreover, it was possible that I wasn’t interested in a Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Beauty while other almost infinite Musalmān Beauties were trying their luck with me.
Her own Ammī, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān, was providing immense sex to Durgesh.
Wasn’t she?
Moreover, her Ammī’s real sisters, her cousins, her Bhābhījāns and her extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriends were also serving Durgesh sexually with their ever gorgeous ever glamorous ever ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent female Musalmān bodies.
Why the hell Durgesh would pay any attention to a Just Eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Beauty, Saåīdah Yåqūb, then?

It wasn’t just that Durgesh was completely unattainable, that was pretty common for crushes as far as Saåīdah Yåqūb could tell.
It was always having me around, never getting a break from the fantasies floating around in Saåīdah Yåqūb’s head.
Every time she met me in the hallway coming out of the shower with my hair still damp and a towel wrapped around my waist, every time she watched me swimming laps in the pool in our backyard, thoughts would surface in Saåīdah Yåqūb’s head and drive her crazy.

I really was good looking, it wasn’t just Saåīdah Yåqūb who thought so.
Saåīdah Yåqūb’s friends talked about it sometimes, occasionally admitting their own crushes on me, but of course Saåīdah Yåqūb could never tell them how she felt.
That was one of the worst parts about it.
Saåīdah Yåqūb had nobody to talk to.

Moreover, despite all her persistent denials, Saåīdah Yåqūb still felt some inherent guilt that Durgesh was a Hindu and she, a Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty, was herself dreaming of Durgesh.

The guilt had been really bad when Saåīdah Yåqūb first realized how she felt about me, but that had faded over time.
These days the main concern she had as she lay in bed at night masturbating to images of mine was that someone would find out.
In Saåīdah Yåqūb’s mind that would be disaster.
Who would ever want to hang out with Saåīdah Yåqūb if they knew something like that about her?
Especially Durgesh himself.
I was a pretty good older brother to her, an optimum replacement of her real brother, Al Salmān Al Yåqūb.
Once I grew out of constantly picking on me but Saåīdah Yåqūb was sure if I ever found out about Saåīdah Yåqūb’s crush on me, I would want nothing to do with Saåīdah Yåqūb.
Durgesh was himself already adjusting with her Ammī.
After all, Al Siddīqah Al Salmān was his friend’s Ammī.
Wasn’t she?
It might be more troublesome to his morals to have sexual relationship with his friend’s sister too.

Fortunately I seemed completely oblivious to the attention Saåīdah Yåqūb paid me.
Given all the times I had caught Saåīdah Yåqūb staring at me, it was a wonder I hadn’t yet noticed.*

Saåīdah Yåqūb was lying out on a lounger beside our pool working on her tan, nothing uncommon for her during
the summer.
I was just finishing up mowing the lawn.
Saåīdah Yåqūb had of course been surreptitiously watching me whenever I came into view.
She had gotten quite good at leaving her eyelids open just enough to see through without anyone being able to tell.
And when that was too difficult she could always fall back on simply wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Eventually I put the mower away in the garage and came over to sit down on the chair next to her.
I didn’t speak for a minute or two, and Saåīdah Yåqūb did her best to pretend she didn’t even notice me.
“How’s the tan coming Saåīdah Yåqūb?” I asked.
Saåīdah Yåqūb shrugged,
“Not bad. Need more sunny days like this, it’s been too cloudy lately.”
“Should make sure you don’t burn,” I said casually.
“I’m being careful,” Saåīdah Yåqūb replied, completely failing to pick up on my tone.
“Just in case maybe we should cool you off.”
Saåīdah Yåqūb squealed as I picked her up, finally catching on to what I was up to.
“Durgesh, wait, I…”

I ignored Saåīdah Yåqūb and tossed her into the pool.
As she surfaced and pushed her hair back out of her face she saw me staring constantly at her, she started to blush.
“Could I have my top please?” Saåīdah Yåqūb asked quietly to her own immense surprise.

She had been lying on her stomach and had untied Her bikini top to avoid getting a tan line across Her back.
She didn’t realize that when I picked her up but she had definitely become aware.
“Yeah sure,” I mumbled before throwing Saåīdah Yåqūb Her top.
I turned away as she put it on, giving her what privacy I could.
“Sorry about that Saåīdah Yåqūb, I really didn’t… it wasn’t….”
“I know it wasn’t on purpose, it’s okay. Really.” Saåīdah Yåqūb cooed.
She probably should have been as embarrassed as she was, probably should have been at least a little upset; Saåīdah Yåqūb wasn’t though.
It really was just an accident, not like I was being mean.
Aside from throwing Saåīdah Yåqūb in the pool anyway.

I offered a hand to Saåīdah Yåqūb and helped pull her out of the water.
If she were feeling vindictive, unkind, Saåīdah Yåqūb would have given me a shove toward the pool as she stood there awkwardly.
Instead Saåīdah Yåqūb picked up Her towel and headed inside.
A new fantasy was already building in Her mind.
Saåīdah Yåqūb wanted to get to Her room as quickly as possible.
She forced Her self to dry off properly first, no point dripping water over the floor and getting in trouble later.
Once safely inside Her room with the door locked Saåīdah Yåqūb was naked on Her bed within seconds.
Various scenarios played out in Her head as Her fingers worked furiously on Her pussy.

Sometimes I would refuse to give Saåīdah Yåqūb Her top, forcing her to climb out of the water and try to retrieve it on Her own.
I would grab Her breasts as she passed me and Saåīdah Yåqūb would pretend not to like it but she would ignore me.
Saåīdah Yåqūb would end up on the ground running Her fingers through my hair as I kissed on Her nipples and stroked Her Just Eighteen Just Adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy with my hand.
Other times, it went much like it actually did, only she would admit to her that I liked seeing her breasts.
Saåīdah Yåqūb thought impishly that she would offer to let me feel them and eventually she would.
Saåīdah Yåqūb would just stand there as I felt her up, then our eyes would meet and Saåīdah Yåqūb would kiss me.
It would be gentle at first, then her tongue would press into my mouth.
My hand would hold Her head firmly against mine.

Somehow we always ended up fucking beside the pool, that was the part that turned Saåīdah Yåqūb on the most.
Saåīdah Yåqūb came three times just thinking about it and eventually had to stop masturbating for a while.

As she lay on Her back waiting for Her breath to return to normal she looked over at the clock beside Her bed.
Saåīdah Yåqūb had been at it for almost an hour which was a pretty long time even for her.
Her hand lazily stroked the side of Her thigh and worked its way back to her ardent Musalmān clit.
Saåīdah Yåqūb just had to hope she didn’t overdo it and pass out from dehydration or something, that would be extremely awkward.*

Saåīdah Yåqūb was talking to Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān on the phone when the story slipped out.
“You mean Durgesh actually saw you topless?”
Saåīdah Yåqūb hadn’t actually decided whether she should tell anyone about it, but Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān was Her best friend and Saåīdah Yåqūb knew she would keep it secret.
“Yeah. It was kinda funny actually when I realized what I did. I was so embarrassed,” Saåīdah Yåqūb said winking at Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān.
“Do you think its going to be awkward between you guys?” Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān asked.
“Nah, I don’t think its a big deal really. Durgesh probably doesn’t even care except that he might be mad.”
There was a pause on the other end.
Saåīdah Yåqūb almost thought they might have gotten disconnected.
“I dunno Saåīdah Yåqūb, Durgesh might have been embarrassed because he liked seeing you, y’know, topless,” Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān said hesitantly.

Her comment freaked Saåīdah Yåqūb out for a second.
She was worried that Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān somehow found out about Her fantasies.
She took a deep breath and tried to calm down.
Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān didn’t actually know anything, she was just speculating.
It might even have just been a joke except that it didn’t seem like something she would joke about.
“Yeah right, I’m sure Durgesh wants to see me naked,” Saåīdah Yåqūb shot back, hoping Her pause hadn’t been too long.
“Whatever you say. But it does happen Saåīdah Yåqūb, I’m just saying.”
Saåīdah Yåqūb chewed on Her lip as Her mind raced.
She didn’t seem to be bothered by the idea of me wanting to look at her.
The question was whether she would be bothered by what Saåīdah Yåqūb wanted to tell her.
Saåīdah Yåqūb was so tired of keeping it secret that the opportunity was too much to pass up.
“Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān,” Saåīdah Yåqūb said slowly, “I want to tell you something, but it has to be a secret. You can’t tell it to anybody, ever. And I really hope it doesn’t freak you out.”
“I promise Saåīdah Yåqūb, cross my heart.”
She sounded intrigued, excited even.
Only because she didn’t know what Saåīdah Yåqūb was going to tell her; the best Saåīdah Yåqūb could hope for, after that, was indifference.
“I kinda… have thoughts about Durgesh. Like bad thoughts. Where he’s… naked and stuff.” Saåīdah Yåqūb knew she was making a mess of what Saåīdah Yåqūb wanted to say.
It wasn’t coming out right.*

She replied.
“Oh, yeah. I figured,”
It took a moment for her statement to sink in, I couldn’t even comprehend its significance.
“Wait, what? You knew?”
That was bad.
That was very bad.
Not that she knew so much, she clearly wasn’t all that upset.
But she had never told anyone as far as she could recall.
It meant it must be obvious how she felt.
Fuck, maybe everyone knew.
Maybe they were all laughing about it behind Her back.
Saåīdah Yåqūb was just the girl with a crush on her own Hindu Stepfather.
Moreover, she couldn’t even keep it a secret.
“Yeah, sorry Saåīdah Yåqūb. I’ve been pretty sure for a while that something was going on there. You know how I say you talk in your sleep? Well Durgesh’s name comes up a lot when you’re dreaming. Among other things”
Saåīdah Yåqūb was relieved to say the least.
If Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān had only worked it out because of what Saåīdah Yåqūb said in Her sleep then Saåīdah Yåqūb was probably safe.
Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān was the only person who had slept in the same room with Saåīdah Yåqūb for a long time.
Saåīdah Yåqūb didn’t have to worry about anybody else knowing.*

The talks with Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān helped a lot.
Saåīdah Yåqūb didn’t feel almost so alone anymore.
All the worrying she’d done about telling Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān seemed silly in hindsight, since she was nothing but supportive toward Saåīdah Yåqūb.
If Ar Raħīmah Ar Raħmān felt anything negative toward Saåīdah Yåqūb at all, she had never showed as much as even a hint of the same.

The rest of Her life remained pretty consistent.
Saåīdah Yåqūb still fantasized of me and masturbated too much.
I was worried now.
It wasn’t good either for her health or morals.
Soon it might appear on her character even if it wasn’t cured.
Should I fuck Saåīdah Yåqūb?
If she wants me, let her too have me?
What the hell difference would it make to me?
Even my Practical Chief Wife now was Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, once my stepdaughter herself.
Saiyadah Fātimah PhD and Kħadījah Muħammad had almost given their active charge to Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.
Haven’t they?
If even my Practical Chief Wife today was once my stepdaughter, if a large number of my Live in relationship Partners now were once my stepdaughters, what’s wrong there if Saåīdah Yåqūb also joins them?
I must think of her character.
Must not I?

Saåīdah Yåqūb was unsurprisingly awkward around me at times, particularly when she was sunbathing.
Saåīdah Yåqūb ignored it for the most part since she assumed everything would get back to normal soon.

Everything did not, however, get back to normal.
Saåīdah Yåqūb was usually really good about keeping Her door locked when she was feeling horny.
Someone would have caught her masturbating long ago even if I would haven’t.
Obviously Saåīdah Yåqūb wasn’t quite as meticulous about it as she should have been.*

Saåīdah Yåqūb was just coming down from yet another self-inflicted orgasm when she saw me standing in the doorway.
My hand was still on the doorknob.
We stared at each other fascinated, as we shared a moment of ultimate intimacy, for what seemed like hours.
“I thought I heard my name…” I smiled boldly and looked at her.
“Allah, youuuuuuuuuuuuu? Get out!” Saåīdah Yåqūb shouted, finally reacting to the situation.
She pulled her blanket over her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī naked Musalmān body even though it was too late to do much good.
Then she pulled it over her head before burying her face in her pillow.
Hiding couldn’t help but she couldn’t think of anything else to do.
The floorboards creaked quietly as I approached the bed.
“Go away!” Saåīdah Yåqūb tried to yell but her words lacked the proper force.
Tears were welling up in her eyes.
I knew her secret now.
I heard her saying my name.
“Fuck me, Durgesh. Fuck me, Durgesh, please!!!”
Yā Allah!
Rabbil Åālmīn!

Saåīdah Yåqūb didn’t remember doing it, but it could easily have slipped out while she was cumming.
I definitely knew Saåīdah Yåqūb was masturbating when she said it too.
Maybe if she’d had clothes on at the time I could have passed it off as something else, but getting caught naked with her hand still lying on her cunt was pretty humiliating, and enormously embarrassing too.

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