Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/22: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’-17

Årab Mahā Bhārat:  1/22:

‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’

DSM Satyarthi

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Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā sucked my Uncut Hindu Penis passionately.

Though I was the third man in her life, my Uncut Hindu Penis was the first she kissed, licked and sucked ever.

She never sucked her Musalmān husband’s nūnī ever.

Yes, she never called it a penis.

She always called it a nūnī due to its tiniest shape, length and thickness.

I kissed her nude Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body.

Even in her sixties, it was still athletic.

They doubted I was anywhere between twenty-eight and thirty-two.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā appeared to be forty at least.

She sucked me until I blasted into her exquisite Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

She swallowed all of my Hindu semen.

She always found it tasty.

With Kħadījah Muħammad’s vaginal juices, it tasted more excellent.

She started to talk with me when I had fucked her in numerous positions to her heart’s content.

Her physical needs were more important than even her present predicament.

Allah, what a sexy woman she was!

She knew very well she was in a very serious dilemma.

Yet, instead of solving it, she was getting fucked in numerous sex positions.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā could not believe she was the same sophisticated Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān woman, who hated infidelity very much once.

Her desire to have a son compelled her to deceive her religious Musalmān husband.

She herself seduced Sinhdév Rājpūt and got the young Sheikħ Sheikħ Al Zabīr from him.

Sinhdév Rājpūt loved Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā very much.

Kħālidah, forget Sheikħ Al Aħmad, please!” Sinhdév Rājpūt suggested, “He gave you numerous daughters. I promise to give you numerous sons.”

“No, Sinhdév, I’m sorry. I’m grateful to you that you gave me my only son.”Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā looked at Sinhdév Rājpūt gravely, “I’d never say ‘no’ to you. Whenever and wherever you want me to make love with you, I promise to do it. But, sorry. I can’t leave my innocent husband.”

Sinhdév Rājpūt was startled.

“Kħālidah, your husband maybe innocent. But he is not capable to fulfill your needs.”

“I’ve managed till now. Didn’t I, Sinhdév?”

“The hell if you didn’t.” Sinhdév Rājpūt said furiously.


Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā addressed me bravely at last.

Durgesh, I’m in the devil of a mess.”

I smiled still penetrating her vehemently.

“Okay darling. You are not alone. Your Hindu live in friend is always with you. Let’s have it.”

“I’m being blackmailed, Durgesh.”

“What? What for?”

“Zabīr is my son, but not from my husband, you know.”

“I see. Mahā Rudr Bachhalyā and his Kauravs—”

“They have nothing to do with it.”

“How do you know? Zabīr is out on bail now. And it’s not easy for Mahā Rudr Bachhalyā and his Kauravs to digest it.”

“Well, they are fighting it already. I think I’ve another enemy too.”

“A woman in your position has to have millions of enemies.”

“I know. But…”

“If you are so afraid of your political rivals, Kħālidah, I don’t think you deserve the political position you are enjoying now.” I admonished her ruthlessly.*

Sitting on the couch, the evening news played in the background as Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī ran things over in his head.
His friend, Sheikħ Aħmad, had told him that he was divorcing his wife, Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, to shack up with his twenty-five year old secretary, Attāhirah Assaiyad that put quite a damper on Eīdul Fitr.
It had hit his wife, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, hard who still cried privately some nights over the ending of her marriage.
Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā hated to cry where someone else was present.
However, she wasn’t crying because her husband, Sheikħ Aħmad was divorcing her.
He was useless as a husband now.
No, he wasn’t exactly impotent now.
He had suddenly turned into a cunt licker and ass licker more than he was a lover.
It was immensely surprising and shocking for her that the more the Musalmīn violated Islam, for their Årab Imperialism, the more they loved to be a cunt licker and ass licker than to be a real male lover.
Then they were falling more, to be a bisexual and gay ultimately before being impotent completely.
Even then their fall didn’t stop.
Their transformation into female started if they even then didn’t control themselves.

Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d spent his time since the last meeting ended bumming around the house while trying to cheer up his friend’s otherwise ever cheerful wife, Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā,.
However, it was his last summer to enjoy his freedom since Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d head the Mukherjī Creations next year and would need to become a responsible adult.

Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, walked in from the kitchen in her navy pajama pants and a simple white top with spaghetti straps.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d always thought her gorgeous and the years hadn’t changed his opinion.
She kept herself in shape and indulged in all those feminine things like spa treatments, facials and pedicures.
Her long, raven black hair was as luxurious as ever and the shirt she wore showed that her shapely C-cups hadn’t sagged even somewhat.
Most of all, she carried herself with a quiet elegance he admired and wished he could find in a woman.

“Bhābhījān,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’ asked, a stray thought coming to him. “Does Åbdul Aħad still have that house in Mecca?” Her brother Åbdul Aħad ran a successful construction business there catering to rich people who wanted expensive houses.

“I think so,” she mused, her voice warm despite the weariness in it. “Why?”

“Well, I was thinking. Why don’t you take a week vacation down to the shore like you always used to.”

“Oh, I don’t know… it wouldn’t be the same.”

Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was glad she hadn’t added ‘without your friend’s but the sadness showed in her beautiful face anyway.
“Actually, Åbdul Aħad is too my friend,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī looked at her gravely.
“I know,”
“Åbdul Aħad has called me. He needs me. I have to go there. I can’t let him down. Besides, you could use a vacation too.”

She looked at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī for a Moment without saying a word before walking over to the couch and throwing herself down next to Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī.
“It would be nice to spend some time with my brother.” A grin was on her beautiful face as she wrapped an arm around Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’s back and hugged Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī against her side.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī smiled.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī felt elated to see her smiling.
All through his acquaintance with her, she’d had a smile on her beautiful face constantly and was a constant optimist.
All of that had gone away since his friend, Sheikħ Aħmad, had admitted his affair and filed for divorce. “Great, let me call Åbdul Aħad and see if we can use it here soon and then we can get to planning things.”
Sheikħ Aħmad’s affair with his comparatively immensely younger, twenty-five year old secretary, Attāhirah Assaiyad!
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī knew it wasn’t the truth.
His twenty-five year old secretary, Attāhirah Assaiyad, actually fucked Durgesh and Sheikħ Aħmad licked her cunt and her Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān ass too, after Durgesh fucked his twenty-five year old secretary, Attāhirah Assaiyad.
Sheikħ Aħmad had asked his wife, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, to fuck Durgesh and let Sheikħ Aħmad lick her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt and Musalmān ass after it.
Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā couldn’t even digest the proposal.

Not wanting to give Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, a chance to change her mind, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī called Åbdul Aħad right away and, after chatting about life, found out he did indeed still have a place down in the City.
Even better, it was right next to the beach and his family didn’t have plans to go down for a month since Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was wrapped up in securing a new deal on a property in Center City.
Hanging up, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī discussed things with Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā.
They decided she’d put in to have off next week from her duties to her subject.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī would grab the keys from Åbdul Aħad by Friday so they could take off on Saturday morning for Mecca.

Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī couldn’t help noticing how upbeat Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, was the rest of the week.
They spent a lot more time talking or simply sitting on the couch watching movies.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī didn’t even balk once when she would put in a chick flick on occasion.
Even with the time together, the week took an eternity to get over for Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī who’d been restless for a while.

Friday finally came and he grabbed the keys along with the’ alarm code for the beach house from Åbdul Aħad.
He spent the rest of the day packing and loading the car up with his stuff and Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā’s bags she’d packed during the week.
When Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, finally got home, they had a nice dinner chatting about what they would do and he noted how she never mentioned going out on the beach.
Sleeping that night was difficult as Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī always had trouble getting rest before a trip because of nervous energy.

After a fitful night of sleep, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī got up, throwing on a pair of khaki shorts and a navy Henley, and began making breakfast.
The coffee was essential but the whole wheat waffles were more for Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, wanting to start her vacation right.
They had been close when Sheikħ Aħmad was with her but he had let the rebellious in him push them apart, only realizing afterwards just how much she had done for him, how much she’d given of herself.
Now, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī wanted to give back to her, to see her happy like she’d done for him.

Soon, the flapping of leather on wood sounded in the hallway.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī looked up at Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, amazed at how gorgeous she could look in the simplest of outfits. She wore a teal sundress that set off her tan skin and bared her fit shoulders and arms.
The hem of the dress stopped just short of her knees so her shapely legs were on display down to her sandal covered feet.
Nevertheless, the smile on her lips was what caught Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’s gaze, pleased to see it was becoming a permanent fixture again.

“Breakfast is ready,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī said, setting a plate of waffles on the center island.

“You’re going to spoil me,” she retorted, grabbing a cup of coffee.

“Beautiful women should be spoiled.” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī smiled at her hoping his ego stroking wasn’t over the top but she was in need of a boost.

“My ex-husband’s friend, my friend more I think, the charmer. Or is it the player.”

They both snickered at her comment knowing Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was never one to treat women like something to chalk up and prove himself.
Eating quietly, they were soon on the road heading through a grey, ugly City before the New Mecca countryside was passing by them.
The weather was beautiful for the trip with plenty of blue sky and sun as they took the back roads not wanting to deal with traffic on the Parkway. It let them stop along the way as they wished.

As they got closer, music from the Amitabh Rajesh days blaring from the speakers, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī glanced over at Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā.
“I was thinking we could hit the beach when we get there and leave unpacking for later. A dip in the ocean sounds good right now.”

She looked over at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī hesitantly as the smile slipped from her lips.
“You can do that,” she started, her words slow and quite. “But I didn’t bring a bathing suit as no one wants to see my old asks in one.”

The tires squealed on pavement as Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī hit the brakes and turned sharply into a parking lot.
He moved into the back of the lot before slamming the car into park, shifting in his seat to face the startled Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā. “Don’t talk like that,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī said more vehemently than he meant. “You are beautiful and any man would be ecstatic to see you in a bikini. I wish I could find a woman as gorgeous and elegant as you are. Sheikħ Aħmad was an idiot to leave someone as hot as you are, so stop putting yourself down.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I’m not. I’m being honest with you. I just don’t go around saying you’re hot because it’s weird.”

“No, it’s not weird. And thank you.”

Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā and Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī drove in silence for a little bit after that but they both had smiled on their face, the little exchange touching both of them.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was surprised when Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, suggested they stop at a little boutique to look for a suit for her.
It was near where they were heading so he headed that way hoping there were other stores in the area.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d gone shopping with Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, before and it could take a while so Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d have to find something to keep him busy while she looked. Traffic was heavy but thankfully, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d avoided some of the worst going the back ways and pulled the car into a spot near the store she wanted.

He got out and looked up and down the strip mall, trying to figure out where Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’d go, when Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, asked him to come in with him.
His curious glare provoked a giggle before she said he had to help since he thought she would look hot in them so she’d need some encouragement to pick one out.
Snickering, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī shrugged and headed into the store with her, the bell ringing as they walked inside to be surrounded by the perfumed air and racks of clothes.

They looked through the racks of swimsuits with Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī standing next to Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, looking at everything she paused on.
She kept quickly passing over the bikini’s and going for the one-piece suits as she slid the plastic hangers over the metal rack.
When she finally held up a simple black and white one piece, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī pursed his lips for a Moment before reaching past her to pull out a bikini that was a light green, as she liked.
“How about this one,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī’ asked.

She looked at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī suspiciously for a Moment before looking at the item again, a pained look on her beautiful face.
“I can’t wear that on the beach,” she said, not willing to bring up the ‘because no one wanted to see her in it’ again.

“Well, you can wear it at the pool,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī replied. “Åbdul Aħad said the place has a nice, secluded pool in the back. And it will save you the trouble of having to wash out one suit to use between the beach and the pool.”
He told himself it was just because Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī wanted to boost her body image that he pushed but Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī couldn’t help finding a strange thrill at Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, in the suit just for him to admire.

Grabbing the bikini, she took it with the swimsuit she picked out and headed back to the changing room with Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī following.*

Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī took a seat outside while she disappeared behind the door.
It was weird, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī thought, sitting there facing the door that was open at the bottom and top.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī could see Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, strip out of her dress and caught sight of the panties at her ankles just before she pulled them off.
It stirred the excitement inside him, feeling himself getting hard, before the guilt flooded him a short while later.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī shouldn’t be excited thinking about Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, that way.
She was his friend’s wife.
He called her Bhābhījān.
She had immense faith in Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī.

The door clicked and she walked out causing Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī to harden even more despite his guilt.
She looked gorgeous in the bikini as it held her lovely breast and displayed her well-formed body just wonderfully.
She turned around.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī saw her firm, Panjvaqtah Namāzī, gorgeous, glamorous, perfectly round, excellent, exquisite, Kuwaiti, Wahābī, Musalmān ass held back by just some thin material.
The natural curves of her firm, Panjvaqtah Namāzī, gorgeous, glamorous, perfectly round, excellent, exquisite, Kuwaiti, Wahābī, Musalmān ass well displayed by the tight bottom.
He had to swallow hard as she turned back around and looked at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī expectantly.
“You look wonderful,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī said, his voice sounding strained.

Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā stood there for a Moment looking at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī with a curious gaze before turning on her bare foot and going back in.
He heard her trying on the other suit but she never came out which added to the guilt Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was already feeling.
She must have seen his reaction to the suit and everything, thinking Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was some sick pervert getting hard because of Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī took deep breaths trying not to freak out despite his mind wanting to linger on the image of her in the suit.

Finally, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, unlocked the door and came walking out in her sundress, the suits slung over her arm.
She held out a hand to him that Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī looked at for a Moment before taking it, letting her lead him to the cashier.
Once she paid for both suits, she led him out of the door and paused to give him a kiss on the cheek, something she hadn’t done in a while.

They got back in the car and headed to the beach house as the day was getting late.
The house was a modern structure Åbdul Aħad had built just to his specifications.
It was a dark gray building with lots of windows and a large deck.
The pool was on the first floor out back and a hot tub was off the master bedroom on the deck.
It was a lot of black and metal in the kitchen and bathrooms, nice but not really either of their tastes.
Taking the bags in, Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī set them near the stairs while they looked around.

“I think it might be getting too late to go out on the beach,” Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, said, opening the sliding glass door that led to the pool area.

“Yeah,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī said sadly.

“Well,” she said, looking back at Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī. “It was a long day. How about we just order in some pizza and take a dip in the hot tub?”

Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī carried the bags up stairs and put them all in the large master bedroom that took up the back half of the second floor. Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was about to head back down when Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, appeared behind him, looking around the room curiously.
She walked over to the bed and gave it a push with her hands.

“You can take this room,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī said, nodding towards the bed.

“Don’t be silly,” Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī suddenly said, turning towards him. “You are not cramming yourself on that child’s bed in the other room and I’m not having you sleep on the couch. We can share the bed, it’s not like it’s the first time we have and we both are grown adults.”

Before Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī could argue, she grabbed the phone that was on the side table and called to order the pizza.

Chapter 18
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/22: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’-16

Årab Mahā Bhārat:  1/22:

‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Kħadījah Muħammad slipped inconspicuously into my in-home private office.

I looked up fucking Åāyeshah Siddīqah.

Kħadījah Muħammad smiled at Åāyeshah Siddīqah.

Åāyeshah Siddīqah also smiled at her in response.

“Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb to see you, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties!” Kħadījah Muħammad addressed me.

“Tell her to wait at least one hour.” I frowned, “You know I need sex very much. I’ve just started with Åāyeshah Siddīqah. And I need at least one hour.”

“I too.”Åāyeshah Siddīqah cooed.

Kħadījah Muħammad kept smiling.

“I told her. Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb hasn’t any objection to meet you, even while you are fucking Åāyeshah Siddīqah.”

“What?” I could not believe.

Even Åāyeshah Siddīqah looked at me incredulously.

Kħadījah Muħammad still kept smiling.

“Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb says she understands.”

Åāyeshah Siddīqah winked at me.

“Congratulations, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! I think the Wahābī Musalmān bitch also wants to get laid. Call her in.”

I tolerated raising my right hand.

“One minute. What does she say herself?”

“Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb? She says it’s highly personal and confidential.” Kħadījah Muħammad winked at me.

I was fucking Åāyeshah Siddīqah in missionary position now.

Her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān legs were on my nude Hindu shoulders.

I was on top of Åāyeshah Siddīqah between her nude Sunni Musalmān legs.

My Uncut Hindu Prick was penetrating Åāyeshah Siddīqah’s ever tight Sunni Musalmān Cunt deepest.

I was playing with her ever gorgeous Sunni Musalmān buttocks.

Åāyeshah Siddīqah was looking into my eyes, gratefully, indebted.

“Well,” I said, “Tell Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb to give you an idea of what it’s about if she wants to see me.” I sped up my penetrations to Åāyeshah Siddīqah more and more. My Uncut Hindu Penis was burning inside her, “And then make an appointment for…”

“Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb is Al Islam Al Wahāb’s Ammījān.” Kħadījah Muħammad interrupted me.

“Oh, oh— the incarcerated, the imprisoned Wahābī Musalmān virgin?”

“Exactly.” Kħadījah Muħammad said.

Åāyeshah Siddīqah laughed.

“Well, she isn’t virgin anymore. Durgesh has fucked her now to the extent that she has also decided to join us, Durgesh’s infinite Sex Empire of us extraordinary Musalmān Beauties.”

Kħadījah Muħammad also laughed.

“Well,” I contradicted, fucking Åāyeshah Siddīqah fervently, “it isn’t infinite.”

“The hell it isn’t.”Kħadījah Muħammad was irate, “even if it isn’t now, it’s going to be infinite, very soon.”

“Āmīn.”Åāyeshah Siddīqah said excitedly.

I let it go at that.

What was the use?

They all were obstinate to it.

Their argument was, it was not a Sex Empire.

It was actually a social service of my Uncut Hindu Penis to the sex starved, sex famished, ravenous Musalmān Beauties.

And it was very much in need, everywhere.

I let a grin spread over my face,

“Do you both know, Kħadījah Muħammad and Åāyeshah Siddīqah? I rather thought her Ammījān would come to me.”

“Conspiracy ?”Kħadījah Muħammad smiled, “First the daughter managed to have you inside her. Now the Ammījān has come to show her Wahābī Musalmān righteous indignation. So that to subside her, you fuck her too?”

“Isn’t it possible?” Åāyeshah Siddīqah contracted her Sunni Musalmān vaginal muscles around my ever-ravenous Uncut Hindu Cock.

“Never ask me such wild questions.” Kħadījah Muħammad said, “I think every Musalmān Beauty will enjoy Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Prick soon in her ever eager Musalmān Cunt.”

“Stop it, you ever smart, ever dreaming, Musalmān bitches!”I laughed fucking Åāyeshah Siddīqah more savagely now, “What does Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb look like at least?”

“Allah Allah!” Kħadījah Muħammad was immediately all praise, wide eyed innocently, “She says she is forty five. I doubt. She could be thirty-five only at the most. And Yā Allaaaaah! What a Wahābī Musalmān Beauty ! I bet you you’d fuck her as soon as Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb enters this office.”

“I’d never allow.” Åāyeshah Siddīqah protested, “Durgesh has to satisfy me first. My Sunni Musalmān Cunt is also ravenous for Durgesh’s savagest Hindu penetrations.”

“Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb is rather capable.”Kħadījah Muħammad said smiling, “She seems to have a lot of poise. Sophisticatedly dressed, enormously good clothes and she wears them well.”

“Stop it.” Åāyeshah Siddīqah protested, “Durgesh is hardening more and more inside me as you are describing Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb.”

Kħadījah Muħammad rebuked Åāyeshah Siddīqah.

“Idiot, even if Durgesh is hardening more and more inside you, hearing of Ilāhī Al Wahāb, what’s wrong in it for you? Why don’t you enjoy the more hardened Uncut Hindu Prick of Durgesh deepest into your ravenous Sunni Musalmān Cunt?”

I looked at Kħadījah Muħammad.

“Bring her in, Kħadījah. By all means. I think Åāyeshah Siddīqah is right. You’ve described her so seductively ..”

“I’ve described her so seductively? Just watch her and decide yourself.”

Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb was escorted into my in-house private office by Kħadījah Muħammad, at last.

She was really a dazzling Wahābī Musalmān Beauty.

Kħadījah Muħammad was absolutely right.

Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb moved with swift efficiency.

She must have been accustomed to move in offices.

Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb was certainly accustomed to meeting people.

“Well, well, well. Hello, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties!” Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled winking at me, “Enjoying your most favorite thing, sex, with one of your most devoted Musalmān Beauty? I suspected I’d find my daughter instead of Åāyeshah Siddīqah, under you.”

I smiled and returned her wink significantly.

“Feeling uncomfortable not finding your extremely beautiful Wahābī Musalmān daughter here?”

“Wrong. On the contrary, I wouldn’t have even entered here if my daughter were here with you.” Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb laughed cordially.

“I see.”

“You can’t see very well now. You are flying in paradise.”

“Thank you.” Åāyeshah Siddīqah thanked her even before I could reply Mrs. Ilāhī Al Wahāb.

“Don’t you feel awkward watching a stranger Hindu fucking a dazzling Musalmān Beauty?”I watched her dubiously.

Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled.

“You are not stranger now, to us Musalmān Beauties at least. Most of us even dream now of you fucking her passionately. You’re the dream Hindu lover of us Musalmān Beauties now, invariably, no matter to which sect of Islam we do belong.”

I watched her intently.



“He is still alive?”

“What do you think?”

“I can’t believe it.”

“I’m too beautiful to be deserted?” Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled.

“Sālī,” I gritted through my teeth, “I want to fuck you, here and now.”

“Allah!” Ilāhī Al Wahāb closed her extremely beautiful Wahābī Musalmān eyes gratefully, “Thank you very much, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! You don’t know these are the ever nicest words, ever sweetest words, ever kindest words I’ve heard in my entire life.”


“You don’t believe me?”

“No one can believe you.”

“I was not always as I’m now.”


“I was perhaps the coldest Wahābī Musalmān woman on earth as far as the sex is concerned.”


“I was not even normal. I hated sex very much.”


“My husband, Al Naåīm Al Wahāb, was a normal man. He was satisfied even with the least sex I could provide.”


“Being too much wealthy, a filthy rich, a gold digger decided to promise him more if he deserted me and married her.”

“I sympathize with you.”

“I never knew my Wahābī Musalmān Cunt was my best asset. I foolishly never realized its importance in a woman’s life. I lost my ever caring nicest husband to Al Jamāl Al Kamāl.”

“The gold digger?”

“I can’t blame her. It was all my fault. I learned my lesson in hard way.”

“And changed yourself?”

“Changed? Revolutionized my entire ideas about life and sex.” Ilāhī Al Wahāb laughed ironically, “I was never as smart and as beautiful as I am now.”

Panjvaqtah Namāzī?”

“Yes, still now. But not as foolish as I once was. Panjvaqtah Namāzī smart sexy Wahābī Musalmān dazzling Beauty now. Salats never make a woman as foolish as I was. I’m still Panjvaqtah Namāzī yet wiser now.”

“I’m sorry you have to learn these cold and hard facts of life, in such a hard way.”

“Thank you.”

“Not at all. I think I must thank you, instead.”

“What for?” Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled at me teasingly.

“I think now transformed you’ve decided to honor me.”

Ilāhī Al Wahāb chuckled.

“I’m already forty five.”

“I can understand. Al Islam Al Wahāb is eighteen. Her Ammī can’t be younger than thirty eight, naturally.”

“And you still want to honor me?” Ilāhī Al Wahāb asked me incredulously.

“It’s I who’d be honored.”


“You are an incredibly beautiful Wahābī Musalmān sex bomb now.”

“Yet, a mother of an adult young woman you are already fucking.”

“It doesn’t make any difference if you still want to honor me. Your daughter is an incredible Wahābī Musalmān bliss, but she is an immature teenager after all. I’d love her extremely beautiful Wahābī Musalmān Ammī more, with her now transformed personality, ideas and mature experiences.”

Ilāhī Al Wahāb laughed melodiously.

“If you really mean it, Durgesh, my daughter will be furious that you called her only an incredible Wahābī Musalmān bliss. And you credit me more.”

“Ilāhī darling, I’m myself sixty now. I love mature Musalmān Beauties under me more than I love the immature childish teenagers that refuse to listen to any sanity I propose. They always want me to do the wildest things I’m not interested in even.”

“Well, they are tighter.” Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled at me teasingly, “They are virgins.”

“The hell with them. They always demand the forbidden pleasures.”

“It’s natural, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! They are immature.”

“I don’t like to fuck them in their ass. And they always compel me to do it.”

“Because they are immature. Because it’s forbidden in Islam.” Ilāhī Al Wahāb smiled at me patiently, “Having sex with a Hindu, it’s natural for them to ask for it. Only a Hindu lover can provide them the oral and anal bliss strictly forbidden in Islam. Can’t you see?”

“But that’s nothing as compared with the vaginal bliss. And it’s natural moreover. Not forbidden in any religion ever.”

“That’s what you say. You are sixty already. You’ve experienced it all. They haven’t.”

“You think them right?”

“Don’t you?” Ilāhī Al Wahāb watched me astutely.

“Hell, NO.”

Ilāhī Al Wahāb laughed.

“Let them enjoy their life in whatsoever manner they want to. What’s wrong in it, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties? Why do you want them to accept your sexual morals?”


“Let them enjoy and enjoy yourself too. It’s your social service, Méré Hindu Piyā!”

Al Naåīm Al Wahāb was not unknown to us.

Kħadījah Muħammad and Åāyeshah Siddīqah both looked at me significantly when Ilāhī Al Wahāb mentioned him.

Yet, we never knew he was Ilāhī Al Wahāb’s husband and Al Islam Al Wahāb’s real Abbū.

The problem was we were already having a client related to Al Naåīm Al Wahāb.

“How do you do, Miss Lubnah?” I asked, “I’m Durgesh. I have this morning pretty well filled up with appointments.”

“I know.” Lubnah Furqān smiled, “You are a very busy person.”

“Thank you.”

“I’d never disturbed you if it was not so important and so urgent.”

I waited patiently.

Being sixty, now I was so well experienced of extraordinary Musalmān Beauties that I could almost read their mind.

A long chain of almost each and every type of experiences had taught me to be immensely patient with them.

Lubnah Furqān smiled.

“I won’t take any undue advantage from you.”

I smiled.

“It’s about a matter of ethics.”

“What sort of ethics?”

Lubnah Furqān indicated a suitcase she had brought with her.

“Can I open it legally?”

I smiled.

“You could have gone to any advocate to ask this question. Why me?”

“I think I can believe you more.”

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā! Thank you very much. Thank you very much. But do we know each other?”

Lubnah Furqān looked at me gravely.

“Not personally.”


“You are so renowned now to love us Musalmān Beauties, entirely unashamed of it, that we Musalmān Beauties find you nearer to us than you imagine even.”

“I’m immensely grateful to you Musalmān Beauties if you really find me so nearer to you.” I said gravely.

“I’m sorry our mankind is very much against you, but—” Lubnah Furqān paused significantly.

“I understand.”

“I thought I must take a chance.”

Kħadījah Muħammad and Åāyeshah Siddīqah smiled and looked at each other, rather with significance.

“I’m honored.” I said gravely, “does this suitcase belong to you?”

“Technically speaking, no.”

“Whom does it belong to?”

“Maulānah Al Naåīm Al Wahāb.”

“Who is Maulānah Al Naåīm Al Wahāb?”

“My maternal uncle and my boss.”

“I see.”

“I work as almost a secretary to my maternal uncle, but honorary, of course.”

“Do you have any idea what’s in the suitcase?”

Lubnah Furqān looked at me for some two or three seconds.

Perhaps she was debating whether, now that chips were down, she wanted to go through it or not.

Lubnah Furqān was a remarkably well shaped Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān young woman.

Her extremely beautiful Wahābī Musalmān eyes now showed apprehension.

Suddenly, she reached the decision.

“I think it’s money, Mr. Durgesh.”

I stopped myself, with efforts, to whistle from.

“And what about money?”

“I think it’s blackmail.”

I smiled.

Lubnah Furqān didn’t know there were some persons trying to blackmail even me.

Fātimah Ålī Sheikħ was the reason behind it.

“And what are you supposed to do with it?” I asked Lubnah Furqān.

“I’m supposed to deliver it to the blackmailer. I mean I’m to leave it where he can get it.”

“And what do you want to do?” my experienced eyes were probing now her extremely beautiful Wahābī Musalmān face, “Want to call the police or— ”

“Allah, heavens, no! I wanted to know whether I had the right to open the suitcase.”

I watched the Wahābī Musalmān Beauty gravely.

“For what purpose?”

From my long experience, I’ve found there were so many extraordinary Musalmān Beauties also, who were indulged in criminal activities, knowingly or unknowingly, and wanted to use me for their vested criminal interests.

The problem was, most of the Musalmīn were uneducated/under educated.

It was not only because they didn’t have the proper resources.

Most of them deliberately avoided modern education.

They believed it was grossly unislamic.

And hated it therefore accordingly.

They had to surrender to criminal activities consequently or at least to criminal psychosis, knowingly or unknowingly.

A large part of underworld was therefore filled with Musalmān criminals, both males and females.

They even called it Muslim Underworld with foolish and childish inhuman pride.

They used it illegally to de establish non-Muslim governments.

It was therefore very much necessary, to be alert, when dealing with Musalmīn and even with Musalmān Beauties.

Almost all the criminal/criminal minded Musalmīn used extraordinary attractive Musalmān Beauties for their vile unpatriotic interests.

They even trained them, and brain washed that it was a pious work in the path of destabilizing non-Islamic system and replace it with an Islamic one.

Therefore, actually it’s a great service to Islam.

It would take them right to Jannat, if they participate in it.

Countless Musalmān Beauties were being used, thus, for anti human activities, constantly, right from the counter-revolution against true Islam at Karbala.

It was natural for me to be watchful consequently.

Lubnah Furqān smiled seductively.

It was no give away however.

Almost all of them attacked me with all their feminine weapons sharpened.

It didn’t matter they had their connections with criminal/criminal minded Musalmīn or not.

My huge reputation that I was immensely hungry to fuck extraordinary attractive Musalmān Beauties, always enticed them to try it.

The seductive smile broadened.

“I want to see what’s in it.” Lubnah Furqān said.

“Why?”I asked gravely, still not sure how to deal with her.

If she was innocent, I had to help her.

If she was playing a preplanned role, I had to watch my every step cautiously.

Lubnah Furqān hesitated somewhat to answer my question.

I smiled.

“Would it be better if you please sit down and give me the details?”

“Thanks, but I think I lack the proper time.” Lubnah Furqān also smiled, now more seductively.

The Wahābī Musalmān bitch was not born yesterday herself.

She was more than ready to play the game with me.

“You may just sketch the highlights too.” I suggested.

Lubnah Furqān seated herself.

Her seductive smile had broadened more, to tell me that she knew very well, she was dealing with a Hindu lover of extraordinary Musalmān Beauties, and she herself was one of such Musalmān Beauties.

If necessary, she was prepared to use her every feminine weapon on me.

“I’m Maulānah Al Naåīm Al Wahāb’s niece, a daughter of one of his so many sisters.”

“So many sisters?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Yes! Here in Saůūdī Årab Creations, a Musalmān is authorized to have at least four Musalmān wives simultaneously.”

“Yes, I know that.”

“My maternal grandfather also had married four Musalmān Beauties simultaneously. Most of them gave him daughters, instead of sons.”

“I see.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing.” I smiled impishly somewhat, “I’m grateful to such Musalmīn.”

“Allah! Why?” Lubnah Furqān asked innocently, with immensely innocent wide eyes.

The bitch was teasing me deliberately, keeping her eyes between my legs, to register any erection, if there.

“Well, the more daughters they have the more live in partners I have.”

“Nonsense! All of them don’t sleep with you.”

“Yet!” I added significantly.

“Yet and never.” Lubnah Furqān teased me, with a challenging, yet still seductive, Wahābī Musalmān smile.

“Let’s wait and watch.”


I smiled significantly once more.

Lubnah Furqān deliberately avoided my inducement, yet with a rather charming smile.

“As it happens, Al Naåīm Māmū has confidence enough in me to deal with his mail. I’m doing it for six years.”

“Six years? How old are you?”

“What do you think?” she smiled significantly.

I watched Lubnah Furqān impishly.

“Anywhere between twenty eight to thirty two.”

Lubnah Furqān was pleasantly surprised.

“Allah Allah! You must be more successful lady specialist on us Musalmān Beauties than I surmised. I’m thirty two.”

“So you started it when you were twenty six?”


“Any particular reason why couldn’t your Al Naåīm Māmū trust a paid secretary?”

Lubnah Furqān smiled.

“You can’t make anybody trust you, if he/she doesn’t want to.”

“No particular reason?”

“Not at all.” Lubnah Furqān smiled benignly, “Only he thinks I know his every mood. I can read his mind.”

I glanced at Kħadījah Muħammad.

“I think every good friend can do that if s/he really cares for you, and loves you really.”

Kħadījah Muħammad hugged me gratefully to tell me silently she understood what I wanted to say, and she was indebted.

There were numerous Musalmān Beauties I could trust, but the extent to which I could trust them differed.

After my wife, Saiyadah Fātimah PhD, the most trustworthy Musalmān Beauty I had, was Kħadījah Muħammad.

She knew my every mood and she could even read my mind, if not entirely, the most at least.

Kħadījah Muħammad never let me down.

I was lucky enough that most of the Musalmān Beauties I lived with, in Live in relationship, never let down me.

However, the extent they loved me to, differed widely.

Lubnah Furqān smiled.

“I open Al Naåīm Māmū’s mail, all of his mail. I separate it and arrange it in the order of importance. He trusts me absolutely. As a maternal uncle and niece, we are as close as almost a father and daughter.”

I smiled.

“Doesn’t he have his own daughters?”

“Has. But, unfortunately, they love their Hindu boyfriends more than they love their Abbū, my Al Naåīm Māmū.”

“Haven’t you your own Hindu boyfriend?”

“Well, I love someone, but I don’t know whether he also loves me or not.” Lubnah Furqān watched me gravely, significantly.

I was careful enough not to ask who that lucky man was.

It was possible she was suggesting I was myself that lucky man.

But I hadn’t placed her till now properly.

Lubnah Furqān was deeper than I surmised first she was.

“I’m fortunate enough to be closer to Al Naåīm Māmū than even his daughters are.” Lubnah Furqān said.

“You live with your Al Naåīm Māmū?”

“Yes, obviously.”

“Why don’t you live with your own parents? Don’t they love you enough?”

Lubnah Furqān smiled.

“My parents never married.”

“Oh, why?”

“My Ammījān loved a Hindu. She belongs to the royal Al Saåīd family.”

“So what?”

“What do you mean?”

“So many Al Saåīd royal Beauties have married Hindus now successfully.”

“Yes, but they are not living with their parents.”

“Your Ammījān wanted to live with her parents?”

“Yes. Why shouldn’t she? When a son never leaves his parents why a daughter must?”

“Well, I’m not discussing morals of your Ammījān. You haven’t come to me for that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right. So you are very close to your Al Naåīm Māmū?”

“Yes, very very close. Even his own daughters are jealous of me.”

I smiled benignly.

Lubnah Furqān responded me with a seductive smile once again.

So extremely beautiful Lubnah Furqān was that I felt my Uncut Hindu Prick stirring now between my legs.

The Sālī was deliberately seducing me.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

“Your Al Naåīm Māmū is still married?”

“Of course. Why shouldn’t he?”

“Having four Musalmān wives?”

“Yes! Why not?”

“Aren’t they, your Mumānīs I mean, jealous of you, similarly as your Māmūzād cousins are?”

“I wouldn’t know, neither I care.”

“Why not?”

“As long as Al Naåīm Māmū is with me, even my Mumānīs can’t do anything against me.”

“Your Al Naåīm Māmū is so powerful?”

“He is almost as powerful as you Hindus are in your Hindu households.”

“I see.”

“Who is the Chief Wife of your Al Naåīm Māmū?”

“Al Jamāl Al Kamāl.”

“How long she has been married to your Al Naåīm Māmū?”

“Four years.”

“How are your relations with her?”

“Not very cordial. I’m sorry. She thinks I’m after Al Naåīm Māmū’s immense wealth.”

“Are you?” I watched her with my eyes narrowed slightly.

“Of course not. I’ve more money myself from my own earnings and from the gifts from my parents and elders. I don’t need Al Naåīm Māmū’s money. I want to love him back as he loves me, even more than his own selfish daughters.”

“I appreciate your selfless love for your Al Naåīm Māmū.”

“Thank you. You are the second man on earth who understands me, if you really do what you say.”

“Who is the first?” I smiled.

Lubnah Furqān also smiled seductively.

“You’ve nothing to be jealous of him. He is my Al Naåīm Māmū himself.”

I smiled at her teasingly.

“Why should I be jealous of him?”

Lubnah Furqān laughed melodiously.

Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! I was not born yesterday. I’m watching between your legs, you infamous Hindu playboy.”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course I love you. And don’t say you don’t know it. You knew it as soon as I came to you.”

“I know I’m lucky enough to have most of you extraordinary Musalmān Beauties love me. Yet, the fact is you are only thirty two and I’m sixty already.”

“So what? It never mattered to us Musalmān Beauties. We have the morals and ideal that Ummil Mominīn Ħazrat Åāyeshah Siddīqahrza married Ħuzūrs when sherza was only nine years old while Ħuzūrs were already near sixty.”

“I see.”

“We Musalmān Beauties have different morals and ideal in the matter concerned.” Lubnah Furqān smiled, “We think marriage is not for sex only. It’s basically for protection and experienced guidance to the women too. How a man can guide his wife if he doesn’t have more experiences than her? Moreover how can a husband have more experiences than his wives if he isn’t elder enough than them?”

“I see.”

“I’ve heard you always protest that immature teenager Musalmān Beauties are crazy to have sex with you, to the extent that they don’t even allow you to have enough sex with the Musalmān Beauties of your own age group. Why? It’s natural.”

“What?” I looked at her incredulously.

“I’m right. Your mature Musalmān Beauties have already have sex with you, even more than enough they need actually. It’s only luxury now they are after.”

“Lubnah Furqān, please!”

“But Lubnah Furqān continued, as if I hadn’t interrupted her at all.

“The teenager Musalmān Beauties haven’t experienced sex with you. They need it more. Why don’t you understand if you really claim it’s your social service to us Musalmān Beauties, not your sex adventures only?”

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā! Lubnah Furqān, you really believe it?” I looked at her incredulously.

“Well, what’s wrong in it, if I do?”

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā presented a congruent appearance as she entered my bedroom.

I was fucking Kħadījah Muħammad then.

“Allah, can’t you see me alone, Durgesh, ever?” Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā complained unsatisfied somewhat.

“Come on, Kħālidah, you know me better.”

“Why can’t you keep your Uncut Hindu Penis out of a Musalmān Cunt even for a while?”

“I can, darling, I can. But you ravenous Musalmān Beauties never allow me.”

Kħadījah Muħammad laughed.

She was under me in nude.

I was also naked.

We were in missionary position.

“Nonsense, Durgesh. I want to talk with you.”

“Just go ahead.”

“I need your full attention, please!”

“Kħālidah, Zabīr is already out on bail.”I pulled my Uncut Hindu Penis out of Kħadījah Muħammad’s still ravenous Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, till only its head was inside, and then plunged it savagely full into, back.

Kħadījah Muħammad cried out of immense pleasure.

“Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Once more, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! Once more please!”

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā controlled herself with so many efforts.

“I haven’t come for Zabīr. And don’t expect any gratitude from me for bailing him out.”


“You did it for Hudā and Assalāt, not for me.”

I was dumbfounded.

“Kħālidah— you…”

“I can understand. They are younger than me. You male animal— you…”

“Nonsense, Kħālidah, how dare you?”

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā thundered at me.

“How dare I? How dare I? You never listened to me until Hudā didn’t approach you herself. You never listened to me until Assalāt didn’t surrender herself to you. You are only a ravenous Uncut Hindu Cock, Durgesh. Aren’t you?”

“Nonsense, Kħālidah, I told you, Zabīr was not cooperating with me.”

“Sheikħ Ammī,” Kħadījah Muħammad supported me, “Zabīr refused to accept Durgesh even his lawyer. What Durgesh could do?”

“And yet,” Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā said ironically, “the same Zabīr consented as soon as Al Hudā approached Durgesh and Assalāt surrendered to him. You think I was born yesterday?”

I winked at still miraculously beautiful Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā.

“Sālī, you have extremely beautiful supporters. Why shouldn’t I enjoy them?”

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā plunged at me.

Kħadījah Muħammad laughed.

I grabbed still miraculously beautiful Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā, hugged her and kissed her on her still beautiful lips.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā put her arms around my neck and surrendered to me, closing her eyes in passion.

She grabbed my Uncut Hindu Prick, pulled it out completely from Kħadījah Muħammad’s still ravenous Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, and kissed it gratefully.

“How nice it is, Durgesh, that we Musalmān Beauties have at least you with us in every downturn of us.”

“Because you Musalmān Beauties have nicest ravenous Musalmān Cunts always to greet my equally ravenous Uncut Hindu Cock.”I squeezed Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā’s still erect breasts.

“Nonsense! You give us more than you take from us, ever.” Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā started to lick my Uncut Hindu Penis anointed with the vaginal juices of Kħadījah Muħammad and my Hindu Vīrý.

It was obvious, from her extremely beautiful facial expressions, that Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā loved the taste, very much.

It was natural.

When we love someone, we don’t feel any absurdity in even the otherwise dirty things related to him/her.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā swallowed my Uncut Hindu Penis and started to suck me passionately.

Kħadījah Muħammad smiled and went to the bathroom to clean herself.

I had already fucked her to her heart’s content.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā sucked me vehemently.

I undressed her in the meantime.

I was the third man in her life.

For a long time, after her nikāħ with an ardent Musalmān, Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā remained loyal to her religious Musalmān husband.

He was not very good at sex.

But so were the other Musalmīn as well.

Sheikħ Ammī Kħālidah Umm Mūsā controlled her lust successfully.

Her lady friends suggested her to revolt against the incompetent Musalmān husband, but she always smiled matronizingly and declined.

Chapter 17


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16. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–12

17. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–13

18. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–14

19. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–15

20. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–16

21. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–17

22. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–18

23. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–19

24. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–20

25. A deserving unfaithfulness

26. A deserving unfaithfulness-2

27. Yåqūb Family-1

28. They conspired against me

29. A secret Smile

30. A new young wife at sixty

31. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

32. The Beaming Knowledge

33. The three pregnants-1

34. The three pregnants-2

35. In the Moonlight

36. Sālī, Ammījān!

37. Now entirely secured and safe

38. She needed me extremely

39. Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh

40. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

41. Her Brilliant Decisions-1

42. Her Brilliant Decisions-2

43. Her Brilliant Decisions-3

44. Her Brilliant Decisions-4

45. No Hindu, Please!

46. Only Hindus, Please!

47. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

48. I do hate hypocrisy

49. I still love Durgesh, with immense pride

50. Hell, I revolt

51. She loved me all along

52. She told the untold-1

53. Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah: The untold history of our freedom fight-1

54. Making love and understanding everything

55. We both, Nādirah, and Arzumand, love Durgesh

56. After the death of my husband

57. The everbest wives-1

58. Ultimately, I’m an Ammī now

59. The most memorable Eidī of her life

60. It was 24×7, that was all we three cared

61. You are the best. You don’t know

62. I’m not defeated even yet-1

63. Misunderstanding: Everyone thought she’s my wife

64. Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?-1

65. Kħadījah Durgesh Åāyeshah:  I Lost My Sister And Wife To Durgesh

66. A rapist Hindu Piya-1

67. Åli Muħammad Satyarthi-1

68. I love my wife Kħadījah Muħammad

69. Raziyah Akbar Aurangzeb-1

70. I live with him

65. The only man she loved

66. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-1

67. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-2

68. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-3

69. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-4

70. My Hindu Dad’s two Musalmān Wives

71. It all happened just naturally-1

72. It all happened just naturally-2

73. Under Open Sky

74. Ammī the competent

75. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-1

76. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-2

77. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-3

78. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-4

79. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-5

80. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-6

81. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-7

82. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-8

83. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-9

84. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-10

85. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-11

86. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-12

87. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-13

88. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-14

89. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-15

90. The Extent

91.Ashvinātam intimacy-1

92.Ashvinātam intimacy-2

93. Three sons three Ammīs

94. Ahl-Al Bayt 1: College tour

95. Ahl-Al Bayt 2: The Aftereffect

96. Ahl-Al Bayt 3: The Aftereffect

97. Ahl-Al Bayt 4: Satisfaction

98. Ahl-Al Bayt 5: The Surprising Rest

99.  Ahl-Al Bayt 6: The Nude Day Arranged

100. Ahl-Al Bayt 7

101. Ahl-Al Bayt 8: The Uncut Hindu Obsession

102. Ahl-Al Bayt 9:The Obsession Continued

103. Ahl-Al Bayt 10: The Obsession Still Continued

104. Ahl-Al Bayt 11: One More Obsession

105. Ahl-Al Bayt 12: Obsession One More

106. Ahl-Al Bayt 13

107. Ahl-Al Bayt 14

108. Ahl-Al Bayt 15

109. Ahl-Al Bayt 16

110. Ahl-Al Bayt 17

111. Ahl-Al Bayt 18

112.Ahl-Al Bayt 19

113. Ahl-Al Bayt 20

114. Ahl-Al Bayt 21

115. Ahl-Al Bayt 22

116. Ahl-Al Bayt 23

117. Ahl-Al Bayt 24

118. Ahl-Al Bayt 25

119. Ahl-Al Bayt 26

120. Ahl-Al Bayt 27

121. Ahl-Al Bayt 28

122. Ahl-Al Bayt 29

123. Ahl-Al Bayt 30

124. The everincreasing infinite lust

125. The women in my life

126. My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

127.  A Deep Conflict-1

128. I’m never ashamed of it

129. Jahān Ārā Aurangzeb Bājī and a Fools’ Paradise

130. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 1

131. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 2

132. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 3

133.  Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 4

134. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 5

135. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:1

136. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:2

137. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:3

138. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:4

139.Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:5

140. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:6

141. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:7

142. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:8

143. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:9

144. They both serve me now

145. She protested

146. Durgesh Fātimah: A Day at the Beach

147. The threesome

148. You’ve proved your titles true

149. The Chairman: 1

150. The Chairman: 2

151. The Chairman: 3

152. The Chairman: 4

153. The Chairman: 5

154. An Underworld Don: 1

155. An Underworld Don: 2

156. An Underworld Don: 3

157. An Underworld Don: 4

158. An Underworld Don: 5

159. An Underworld Don: 6

160. An Underworld Don: 7

161. An Underworld Don: 8

162. An Underworld Don: 9

163. An Underworld Don: 10

164. Age no bar: 1

165. Age no bar: 2

166. The Absolute Surrender

167. Her Ultimate Decision: 1

168. Her Ultimate Decision: 2

175. Her Ultimate Decision : 3


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