HVS Law Internationals: 2

HVS Law Internationals


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Fātimah Rasūlllāh

As Fātimah Rasūlullāh sat in her jeep, she thought about me and tried to recapture our last meeting in her mind.

A smile came to her face as she recalled how I had made her laugh and how much she loved that I was spontaneous enough to meet her the next day after our first sex.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was soooo excited sitting there, waiting for me to show up, her stomach in knots wondering if I would be interested in her even now when she had nothing new to offer me, or whether I would not be attracted to her now anymore at all.

Then, I reached there.

Because of the sun, it was hard to see in through the windshield, so Fātimah Rasūlullāh waited for me to get out of the car.

The first thing to catch her eye, was an incredibly long arm with a tattoo on the shoulder and then..

Fātimah Rasūlullāh saw me.

I smiled and Fātimah Rasūlullāh melted.

She had known I was cute, but Fātimah Rasūlullāh had no idea, before I fucked her, that I was going to be so well built.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh found herself saying hello, but wanting to run her hands under my shirt and pull it up over my head so that she could look at my bare Hindu chest.

She deserved it now after so hot a sex session with me in her own house.

I wanted to meet her at the place where Åbdul Raħmān was murdered.

And she was here.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh secretly hoped that I would have a bit of chest hair, enough that she could play with, twirl with her fingers, and lay her head against.

There was no hug, at first, just the two of us smiling at each other and enjoying the company while we batted some balls around.

And after goofing around, hitting and missing some balls, getting a little winded, we went for some dinner at Kħātūn-e-Jannat Pizza.

It was so nice to see Fātimah Rasūlullāh friendly with the waitress and the people around us.

After dinner, we found ourselves back at the golf course late at night, all alone in the parking lot.

We got out of the jeep and were standing leaning against my car when we decided to go for a walk on the course.

As we walked in the open field, we finally had our first kiss today, quick but nice and left Fātimah Rasūlullāh wanting for more.

She had been thinking all night about how she wanted my arms around her, for me to pull her in close so Fātimah Rasūlullāh could open her mouth and body to my touch.

We walked back to the cars and the more we talked, the closer we moved towards each other.

At one point, she was leaning back against my truck, with my body pressed against her.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh could feel our chests pressing together and she wanted to feel more, feel my hands all over her, feel me pushing up her shirt and grabbing her breasts.

Oh and that tongue of her, the way she circled my lips with her tongue – darting in and out – starting so gently and then pushing her tongue in deeper and harder just made me so hot thinking of me pushing into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy with my Uncut Hindu Cock.

As I leaned my back against the car, Fātimah Rasūlullāh turned her back to me and leaned against me, allowing me access to her body, wanting my hands to feel every inch of her.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh spread her legs.

She bent forwards and started rubbing her ass up and down and in circles on my Hindu crotch – rubbing me through my jeans – feeling my Hindu hardness as I pressed against her.

Then as Fātimah Rasūlullāh leaned up against me, she felt my hands forcing their way down her jeans, down over her stomach, down into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh heard her moan when my fingers hit her wetness and her gasping as she felt my fingers slide up and down her Sunni Musalmān Pussy lips, hearing the wetness and then when they pushed into her, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was helpless.

Leaning against my body for support, Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt my fingers sliding up and down over the lips, pressing deeper and deeper inside her.

My other hand moving to her breast and gently pinching her nipple.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh put her arms around my neck, allowing me to touch whatever I liked as she moved her body against mine, wriggling under my fingers, as I brought her closer and closer to cumming.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh tried to be quite but she wanted to moan louder, scream out my name as my fingers moved quicker, pushing in and out… feeling my squeezing her breast and feeling her nipple in between my fingers, rolling and pinching her nipple, until Fātimah Rasūlullāh could take no more, could hold on no longer as she felt the warmth start to spread through her body, the clenching of her Sunni Musalmān Pussy, the shaking as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh slumped against me, her chest open to the air, my hand down her pants, her legs feeling rubbery.

I moved her aside quickly as I opened her truck door and turned her around.

I quickly unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and off her legs.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was now bare from the waist down.

I sat Fātimah Rasūlullāh down in her front seat, facing outwards.

I unzipped my pants, pulled them down, just enough for her to see the huge Hindu bulge in my pants.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh then saw my Uncut Hindu Cock spring out when I pulled my pants down even farther.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh couldn’t see my face, just my Uncut Hindu Cock in front of her, hard, pointing towards her.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt my hands reach in, gently grab her head and move it towards me.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh eagerly opened her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth and tasted me today for the first time.

She touched the tip with just her tongue, tasting the saltiness as I too was ready for me and had just a bit of precum at the end.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh dipped her tongue into me and then started swirling her Sunni Musalmān tongue around and around moving her mouth down my Hindu shaft.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh could feel my hands in her hair, gently but firmly pulling her closer to me as I began to fuck her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth – slowly.

My hips were moving back and forth, as Fātimah Rasūlullāh opened her mouth wider for me, felt me go further down her throat, could hear me moaning louder as I called out that I was close to coming.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh wanted to please me as I had her.

She wanted to hear me cum.

She needed me to come inside her.

As Fātimah Rasūlullāh sucked me harder and moved her mouth up and down quicker, she felt me pull out and roughly tell her to turn around.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh quickly turned around and bent over so that her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān ass was in the air, her knees on my seat and her head bent down in the passenger seat.

She felt my fingers at her legs, pushing them apart further and then felt my Uncut Hindu Penis on her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

She could feel my Uncut Hindu Penis rubbing her lips from behind, travelling from her Sunni Musalmān Pussy all the way up to her ass and back down again.

Back and forth, not penetrating but driving Fātimah Rasūlullāh crazy with the sensation – wanting me to push in anywhere, getting wetter and wetter with wanting me in her body.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt my Uncut Hindu Penis gently slide into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy for just a quick second and then just as quickly I pushed into her butt hole and started moving my Uncut Hindu Penis in and out.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh couldn’t help pushing against me, wanting more… calling out ‘Durgesh, I need to feel you inside me, please, please put your Uncut Hindu Cock into me, anywhere just get inside” and then Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt the Uncut Hindu Penis come out of her.

And she felt my hands on her hips as I pushed deep and hard into her Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh screamed with the sensation, of my filling her so hard and quickly.

My strong Hindu arms held her there, as I grabbed her hips and thrust into her.

It was slow at first, then Fātimah Rasūlullāh could feel my hips moving in circles and once again, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was close to cumming.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh told me that she couldn’t hold on much longer, as I continued to thrust into her, again and again.

She could tell by my breathing that I was too getting closer.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh started to push back against me, go in time with me, squeezing her muscles inside, making her Sunni Musalmān Pussy as tight as she could.

As Fātimah Rasūlullāh heard me tense up, she heard me say ‘oh Fātimah” as I started cumming and Fātimah Rasūlullāh could hold on no more as she moaned with me, once again feeling an orgasm rip through her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān body.

As Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt me pull out of her body, she saw me move over to her jeep and sit down in the seat.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh came out to me, grabbed my head in her hands as she gave me a deep long kiss.

And then she moved down my body, over my chest, down to my Uncut Hindu Cock, resting against the side of my hips.

I smiled up at Fātimah Rasūlullāh , as I knew that she wanted to taste both my juices, and hers.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh took me into her mouth.

As I sat there resting, Fātimah Rasūlullāh tenderly sucked on me, drawing me into her mouth, her tongue taking huge long licks up my Hindu shaft, up my chest and back down to my balls.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh gently took my balls one by one into her mouth and then once again, she took a long, slow, wet lick up and down my Uncut Hindu Cock and up my chest to my nipples.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh kissed gently on each nipple and travelled back down.

She felt my hands on the back of her head as she  settled down, happily sucking on me, feeling me in her mouth, soft and tasty, taking her time, enjoying me.. Until, Fātimah Rasūlullāh felt it start moving in her mouth, felt as I started to harden once more.

I fucked this good-looking Sunni Musalmān chick Fātimah Rasūlullāh nonstop.

She was a pint-size Sunni Musalmān blonde with big, firm tits never encumbered by a bra and an absolutely perfect extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān ass.

Frankly, she was a great suck, a great fuck, and she did have an exactly effervescent personality.

Moreover, she thought I set the sun, and she sure loved to fuck me at least once a day, so I hung with her nonstop.

I casually mentioned I liked to have sex outdoors, and she seemed immensely thrilled, immensely interested, especially enthused.

She said she’d love to do it with me outside too.

Consequently, we were driving by the golf course, and I was pleasantly surprised when she said that might be a good place for love al fresco.

A storm was brewing, and the players were running towards the clubhouse for cover.

Well, weather notwithstanding, since Fātimah Rasūlullāh was usually sexually adventurous, I decided to seize the moment.

I pulled over on a side street, and we made haste toward the middle of the course until we found an immaculate green with no one in sight.

It was one of those summer storms that you really can’t tell if it’s going to rain right where you are or not.

We looked up at the sky and decided it was going to blow over, so we quickly stripped off what little clothes we had on and proceeded to get down to business.

A few big drops began to fall as Fātimah Rasūlullāh performed her usual fantastic Sunni Musalmān blowjob to me.

That has always been my favorite oral sex position with any Sunni Musalmān girl, but it was particularly appealing with Fātimah Rasūlullāh because it afforded a great view of her spectacular derriere.

So young and firm but pliable, it had that perfect heart shape that, in this position, flared out to the sides to grip and pull apart for easy cunnalingual access.

Of all the Sunni Musalmān girls, I’ve had sex with; Fātimah Rasūlullāh was unique in this, to me extremely appealing, goose pimple reaction.

Anyway, it was time for the old Uncut Hindu Dick in the young extremely attractive Sunni Musalmān hole, as thunder rumbled and more giant drops of rain began to plop down.

So, I chucked the pin out and steered the tremendously stunning Fātimah Rasūlullāh down flat of her back.

I must say, with her long, curly blonde hair splayed back against the green grass, her clear blue eyes peering back at me, and that sharp-toothed ultra-white half smile, Fātimah Rasūlullāh really did look enormously outstanding.

“Poke that big ol’ Uncut Hindu Dick in here and fuck me,” Fātimah Rasūlullāh said, parting her Sunni Musalmān gash with both hands to reveal the wet Sunni Musalmān pinkness within.

I scooched her a couple inches back so that her Sunni Musalmān Pussy was right over my Uncut Hindu Penis and commenced to bang her.

Because Fātimah Rasūlullāh had such a superb Sunni Musalmān butt, I really preferred to fuck her doggie, but I was at that moment hung up on the “Sunni Musalmān hole in one” thing, so I had her in a missionary position, holding her skinny legs up high and wide.

Though Fātimah Rasūlullāh was always vocal, I had never seen her so carried away, as Fātimah Rasūlullāh was biting her lips so hard I thought they would bleed and ripping tufts of Bermuda from the green.

To prevent further destruction, I bent her legs forward to hold them and her wrist against the ground, kissed her Sunni Musalmān titties during this brief period the nips were hard, as I fucked Fātimah Rasūlullāh hard, deepest, and fastest.

“That’s right, you fucker; you greatest Hindu fucker of us Musalmān Beauties, you fuck that damned Sunni Musalmān Pussy of mine GOOD! Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me good!”

I always got a kick out of her talking like that during sex, as Fātimah Rasūlullāh never cursed at all any other time.

I liked her sexy talk, but what I really wished was that Fātimah Rasūlullāh would simply fuck back, put her hands to good use somewhere on my body, nibble GENTLY on my lip or ears, anything, really.

No matter what position we were in, I did most all the work, and Fātimah Rasūlullāh just lay there cussing like a sailor.

Of course, I’ve never been averse to hard work, especially when there’s an orgasm as compensation.

Anyway, there I was banging the cursing-to-the-top-of-her-lungs, lip-gnashing Fātimah Rasūlullāh on the 11th hole, par 3, dogleg right, for you golf aficionados, when there’s an ear-splitting crack of thunder simultaneous with her eyes’ becoming big as plates.

I experienced a weird magnetic feeling all over, what little body hair I have stood straight on end, and a “wah-wah-wah-wah-wah” sound pulsed in my ears.

And for an agonizing few moments, I could not move at all, neither breathe nor swallow.

Fortunately, my Uncut Hindu Dick stayed rock hard deepest inside Fātimah Rasūlullāh’s tight Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Then I heard a loud ripping sound from behind me, followed by limbs crashing down around us, though nothing but small branches swatted us. “Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā!” I was finally able to holler.

Lightning had struck the huge white oak tree off the green in the rough behind us, splitting it in half.

Realizing we narrowly averted being zapped dead, but thankful to be alive and uninjured, our terror quickly turned to giddy Ashvinātam joy.

And what do you do at such times, when your hard and happy Uncut Hindu Dick is already deepest inside a wet and horniest Sunni Musalmān Pussy?

Resume fucking as if a bear gone mad, of course!

And in minutes, we both simultaneously came tumultuously huge orgasms.

Looking me straight in the eyes as Fātimah Rasūlullāh climaxed, Fātimah Rasūlullāh veritably screamed,

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaaaah! Durgesh, you’re filling me full of hot screw-spew, you fucker you!”

I laughed out loud.


Never heard that before.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was always the best fuck, and I gotta say, that particular orgasm was incredibly intense.

Still on the ground, Fātimah Rasūlullāh wriggled back into her shorts and tee, wadding up her panties and stuffing them into a pocket, as I put my shorts and polo back on.

We’d barely got redressed and stood up above the downed foliage when a couple guys came running up the fairway yelling and hollering if we were OK.

I guess it appeared we’d been struck.

Why else would people be down on the ground on a golf green after a lightning strike?

We told them we were fine and then all went over to the giant, smoldering tree, agreeing it was an awesome act of Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā and a close call for us.

Being gentlepersons, or perhaps because they were attracted to my bra-less blonde Sunni Musalmān cutie with the booty, they offered to carry our clubs.

Of course, we had no clubs.

With Fātimah Rasūlullāh in sandals and me in running shoes, we didn’t look like we belonged on the links at all.

Fucking out there was a spontaneous thing, so I had no story.

The silence was deafening.

Like perfectly normal heterosexual males, the guys were staring at Fātimah Rasūlullāh’s puffy plums quite visible through the damp, tight tee-shirt.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was standing beside me, and since they were facing us only about ten feet away, it was easy to see what they were looking at.

I was fumbling to concoct some story about taking a short-cut when I noticed their eyes, at the exact same time, drop down and get bigger.

Her Sunni Musalmān ass was pointed 180 degrees away, so what were they gazing at now with such interest?

I followed their sight lines and saw that a big glob of cum had appeared from the wide leg of Fātimah Rasūlullāh’s shorts and was migrating down her inner thigh.

It lodged on the knob of her knee.

Never has a mass of sperm been more obviously a wad of ejaculate than that one.

That was a pretty clear explanation of what we were actually doing on the golf course, for they asked no further questions and just stood there silently ogling the extra-cute Fātimah Rasūlullāh they knew I had just fucked madly intensely outdoors.

I would have just loved it if Fātimah Rasūlullāh’d carved the wad off with a finger and licked it clean, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen because Fātimah Rasūlullāh even though loved my Hindu cum in her Sunni Musalmān mouth very much, was enjoying now the jealousy the Musalmān Beauties were watching her with.

Instead, Fātimah Rasūlullāh was entirely unembarrassed to the max, and, having a very light complexion, blushed red as a beet before I grabbed her hand, and we sprinted back across the course towards my car.

They just stood there I’m sure taking in the view of her perfect, panty-less buns jiggling beneath rain-moistened, semi-transparent white shorts.

Were we out of the woods?

Oh, no. Hail– appropriately, golf-ball size–pummeled us mercilessly the whole long way back to my car, but, of course, we did not even think about stopping to take Shelter beneath a tree.

For Fātimah Rasūlullāh, it was, a favorable first-time do-it-outside experience, so that was the endless beginning of us having sex outdoors.

For me, too, that “Sunni Musalmān hole in one” was the best sex I ever had with Fātimah Rasūlullāh and among the better orgasms with any Sunni Musalmān girl.

Being outside had something to do with it, but I’m sure the electricity from the lighting was the prime factor.

Maybe second best was when we got back to my car.

That incident with the cum running down her leg in front of the two strangers, one Hindu man one Musalmān Beauty, had really revved me up.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh, on the other hand, was turned on again because Fātimah Rasūlullāh was relieved to be back alone with me in the privacy of my big Buick Wildcat.

Further, the effects of the deafening noise of the hard rain and hail pounding the car, heavy breathing from the run, and writhing around soaking wet on the vinyl seats had ramped up our Ashvinātam horniness even more.

We ripped each other’s clothes off, and I fingered her twat while Fātimah Rasūlullāh gave me a hand job with one hand as Fātimah Rasūlullāh used the other to smoke a cigarette.

Yes, you really must be a nicotine addict to smoke in an enclosed car while having sex, but I really didn’t care until the smoke became so thick I couldn’t breathe.

So, I rolled down the windows a bit on both sides to get a little circulation, and a big hailstone bounced in.

Like manna from heaven, I immediately slipped it between her Sunni Musalmān Pussy lips, then punched it in deepest with my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Wow! That felt great!

A warm Sunni Musalmān Cunt with an ice-cold ending.

I’d gotten many ice-in-the-mouth blow-jobs from other Sunni Musalmān chicks before, but this was a first, and felt similarly wonderful.

The ice melted pretty quick, but there was plenty of hail all over the ground, so every time Fātimah Rasūlullāh was ready for a “refill,” I’d just crack the car door and pick up the biggest stone I could find.

It’s surprising how long it takes hail to melt, even in eighty-plus-degree temperatures, when it’s lying on the grass, which, because of the way the car was parked, was only on her, passenger, side.

We really got it down to a science.

I had her on her knees doggie in the front seat so that Fātimah Rasūlullāh could simply reach out the passenger-side door, pick up a fresh piece of hail, stick in it her Sunni Musalmān Pussy while I pulled out, then I’d ram myself back in on to the end of her vashe, fuck her until the ice was gone, and then repeat the drill.

The cold had the effect of prolonging my ejaculation more, and we must have screwed in that same doggie position for at least ten hours.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh came so many times I didn’t bother to count, each time, as always, her nipples becoming hard and skin plucking up into thousands of goose pimples all over her body, so delightful on that perfect Sunni Musalmān ass.

Foregoing a hailstone reload when it was melted, I gradually worked up to very deep, very fast jackhammer fucking as Fātimah Rasūlullāh cussed so nasty a Marine would blush.

Angling my Uncut Hindu Cock against her tiny but rock-hard nubbin’ to make sure Fātimah Rasūlullāh came, too, I finally blasted an intercontinental ballistic Hindu load of man juice into that quivering Sunni Musalmān slit, spurting squirt after squirt after squirt of my Hindu cream into her Sunni Musalmān box until it was filled up like a Twinkie.

“Better put your panties on this time. You wouldn’t want that my Hindu sperm to reappear unexpectedly.” I advised.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled,

“How do you know?” She cooed.

I looked at her stunned.

Sālī was enjoying it more actually, than even I did.

I never realized Fātimah Rasūlullāh loved outdoor sex with me to such extent.

Was she one more Kħadījah Muħammad in my life?

Kħadījah Muħammad, my Outqueen, was actually my Outdoor Sex Queen too.

So many extremely beautiful horniest Musalmān Beauties exerted their utmost efforts to defeat her in outdoor sex with me, but none succeeded ever.

Kħadījah Muħammad always defeated all of them even without any exception.

She was the craziest Sunni Musalmān Beauty for outdoor sex with me ever.

Durgesh darling,” Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed, “I don’t know why I’m crazy to have outdoor sex with you publicly. But I want to do it as much as I can.”

It was a beautiful waterfall.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh was all in her fours, nude.

I was also nude, riding on Fātimah Rasūlullāh from her behind.

My extra ordinary rock hard Uncut Hindu Penis was visiting her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Cunt proudly deepest.

Her gorgeous Sunni Musalmān buttocks were filling my nude Hindu male lap with my every penetration of her.

“You are not alone, Fātimah darling.” I kissed her passionately, fucking her madly.

“What? There are others too who love to have outdoor sex with you?”Fātimah Rasūlullāh was pleasantly surprised.

“So many of you Sunni Musalmān Beauties.”

Sunni Musalmān Beauties? You mean Shiåā Musalmān Beauties do also love to have outdoor sex with you?”

“Of course! Moreover Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties too love to have outdoor sex with me.”

“Yet, we Sunni Musalmān Beauties are more in numbers who love to have outdoor sex with you, than even the Shiåā Musalmān Beauties and the Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties?” Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed proudly.

Her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān eyes were sparkling with her great Sunni Musalmān pride.

“There are some reasons for it, Fātimah.” I smiled somewhat gravely at her penetrating Fātimah Rasūlullāh deepest.

Fātimah Rasūlullāh kissed me back more passionately and pushed back her exquisite Sunni Musalmān buttocks swallowing my Uncut Hindu Penis once more deepest into her lovely and wonderful Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

She loved my Uncut Hindu Penis deepest into her Sunni Musalmān love tunnel.

“So you’ve studied it too?”

“How can I ignore my darling?”

“Yes, you can’t. You enjoy comparing us Sunni Musalmān Beauties with the wretched Shiåā Musalmān Beauties and with the more wretched Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties. Don’t you?”

“Oh, come on, Fātimah darling. Don’t envy the Shiåā Musalmān Beauties and Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties. I love you Sunni Musalmān Beauties more.”

Åāýéshah Abu Bakr’s Ammī is a Shiåā Musalmān Beauty. Do you know?”

“Oh, oh!”

“Didn’t you?”

“No. Thanks for telling me.”

“Åāýéshah’s Abbū, Abu Bakr is not very popular among us Sunni Musalmeen, do you know?”

“Only because he married a Shiåā Musalmān Beauty?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh laughed ironically.

“A Shiåā Musalmān Beauty? Only a Shiåā Musalmān Beauty? Never only, fuck your Musalmān Beauties, Durgesh. Learn about them too, as much as you can.”

“You think it’s necessary?”

“Necessary? It’s quite vital. You can’t even avoid it.”

“Sorry, Fātimah. I can’t follow you.”

“Your Shiåā Musalmān Beauties and your Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties are not actually Musalmān Beauties even.”


“They are Kāfirs. Do you understand?”

“Fātimah, I didn’t know you are so communal.”

“I’m not communal, you idiot. If I were communal you wouldn’t have fucking me, even so openly outdoors.”Fātimah Rasūlullāh flared, “I’m warning you. Be careful when you fuck your Shiåā Musalmān Beauties and Aħmadī Musalmān Beauties.”


“They are after you only because we Sunni Musalmān Beauties are after you.”

“I can’t believe you, Fātimah, really.”

“They are jealous of us Sunni Musalmān Beauties.”


“They fuck you because we fuck you.”

“Fātimah, please! It’s 21st Century, darling.”

“So what?”

“So you must understand most of us haven’t chosen our faith of our own free will.”


“Most of us belong to some faith, because we are born in that faith.”

“What the hell difference does it make?”

“It makes all the differences. Why should anyone of us be punished for something we haven’t chosen of our own free will?”

“Well, aren’t we getting its benefits?” Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled.

She was still pushing back her gorgeous Sunni Musalmān buttocks into my nude male Hindu lap, nonstop.

My Uncut Hindu Penis was thus penetrating Fātimah Rasūlullāh’s extremely attractive Sunni Musalmān Cunt deepest in each of my powerful Hindu thrusts.

I’ve already understood that Fātimah Rasūlullāh was one of those nudists, feminists and exhibitionists Sunni Musalmān Beauties who were extremely proud of their extra ordinary extremely beautiful female Sunni Musalmān bodies.

No Musalmān could ever satisfy them sexually.

The Musalmeen, as Musalmeen, never loved nudity in public.

They even couldn’t tolerate it.

Moreover, the Musalmeen were right in the matter.

Public nudity destroyed sexual discipline Islam advocated.

Islam advocated even veil to keep sexual discipline in the society.

Islam was strict in it, no matter be it Sunni Islam , Shiåā Islam or Aħmadī Islam .

No sect of Islam did ever differ in this matter.

So Musalmeen, whether they be Sunni Musalmān, Shiåā Musalmān, or Aħmadī Musalmān, as Musalmeen they were against public nudity, feminism, and exhibitionism.

Moreover, they had to if they were really Musalmeen.

Musalmān Beauties who were proud of their nude female Musalmān bodies, therefore, could never live with Musalmeen.

They had to seek Hindu lovers for them.

The Musalmeen could object, but they couldn’t stop it ever.

“I saw the gun, in the drawer, two days ago.” suddenly Fātimah Rasūlullāh said, as if she suddenly remembered it, “Or, maybe three days ago. I was cleaning out one of the other drawers. I wanted to place some things there. I debated whether to put them in the drawer with the gun. I remember that the gun was there.”

I smiled fucking Fātimah Rasūlullāh outdoors proudly,

“And you hadn’t opened the drawer since then?”

“Allah, Durgesh darling, I just don’t know. I’m trying to think now because you are giving me all the bliss I wanted and dreamed of ever. I want to pay you back by helping you.”

I smiled,

“You wanted sex with me outdoors here at the waterfall?”

Fātimah Rasūlullāh smiled too, proudly,

“It was one of my dearest dreams. I want you to fuck me everywhere in public, always, if it’s possible anyhow.”

Chapter 3


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4.The Extramarital affair: Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah:Social Service

5.   Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–1

6. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–2

7. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–3

8. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–4

9. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–5

10. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–6

11. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–7

12. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–8

13. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–9

14. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–10

15. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–11

16. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–12

17. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–13

18. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–14

19. A deserving unfaithfulness

20. A deserving unfaithfulness-2

21. Yåqūb Family-1

22. They conspired against me

23. A secret Smile

24. A new young wife at sixty

24. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

26. The Beaming Knowledge

27. The three pregnants-1

28. The three pregnants-2

29. In the Moonlight

30. Sālī, Ammījān!

31. Now entirely secured and safe

32. She needed me extremely

33. Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh

34. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

35. Her Brilliant Decisions-1

36. Her Brilliant Decisions-2

37. Her Brilliant Decisions-3

38. Her Brilliant Decisions-4

39. No Hindu, Please!

40. Only Hindus, Please!

41. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

42. I do hate hypocrisy

43. I still love Durgesh, with immense pride

44. Hell, I revolt

45. She loved me all along

46. She told the untold-1

47. Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah: The untold history of our freedom fight-1

48. Making love and understanding everything

49. We both, Nādirah, and Arzumand, love Durgesh

50. After the death of my husband

51. The everbest wives-1

52. Ultimately, I’m an Ammī now

53. The most memorable Eidī of her life

54. It was 24×7, that was all we three cared

55. You are the best. You don’t know

56. I’m not defeated even yet-1

57. Misunderstanding: Everyone thought she’s my wife

58. Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?-1

59. Kħadījah Durgesh Åāyeshah:  I Lost My Sister And Wife To Durgesh

60. A rapist Hindu Piya-1

61. Åli Muħammad Satyarthi-1

62. I love my wife Kħadījah Muħammad

63. Raziyah Akbar Aurangzeb-1

64. I live with him

65. The only man she loved

66. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-1

67. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-2

68. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-3

69. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-4

70. My Hindu Dad’s two Musalmān Wives

71. It all happened just naturally-1

72. It all happened just naturally-2

73. Under Open Sky

74. Ammī the competent

75. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-1

76. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-2

77. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-3

78. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-4

79. The Extent

80.Ashvinātam intimacy-1

81.Ashvinātam intimacy-2

82. Three sons three Ammīs

83. Ahl-Al Bayt 1: College tour

84. Ahl-Al Bayt 2: The Aftereffect

85. Ahl-Al Bayt 3: The Aftereffect

86. Ahl-Al Bayt 4: Satisfaction

87. Ahl-Al Bayt 5: The Surprising Rest

88.  Ahl-Al Bayt 6: The Nude Day Arranged

89. Ahl-Al Bayt 7

90. Ahl-Al Bayt 8: The Uncut Hindu Obsession

91. Ahl-Al Bayt 9:The Obsession Continued

92. Ahl-Al Bayt 10: The Obsession Still Continued

93. Ahl-Al Bayt 11: One More Obsession

94. Ahl-Al Bayt 12: Obsession One More

95. Ahl-Al Bayt 13

96. Ahl-Al Bayt 14

97. Ahl-Al Bayt 15

93.. The everincreasing infinite lust

94. The women in my life

95. My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

96.  A Deep Conflict-1

97. I’m never ashamed of it

98. Jahān Ārā Aurangzeb Bājī and a Fools’ Paradise

99. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 1

100. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 2

101. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 3

102.  Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 4

103. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 5

104. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:1

105. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:2

106. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:3

107. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:4

108.Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:5

109. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:6

110. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:7

111. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:8

112. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:9

113. HVS law internationals : 1

114. HVS law internationals : 2

115. HVS law internationals : 3

116. HVS law internationals : 4

117. HVS law internationals : 5


More creative adult sex in Hindi/Urdu from Durgesh:

1. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 1

2. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 2

3. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 3

4. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 4

5.Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 5

6. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 6

5. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 7

7. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 8

8. Karwā Chauth kā Rozā

9. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-1

10. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-2

11. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-1

12. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-2

13. Eidul Fitr-1

14. Mérī mubārakbād qabool farmāýén, Ħazrat!

15. Méré Māmūzād Cousin kī Sasurāl mein main

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

17. Ahal-e-Bait-1

18. Main térī dīvānī

19. Al Jihad: No incest: 1

20. Buniyādī insānī ħaq

21. Majājī Kħudā: 1

22. Majājī Kħudā: 2

23. Majājī Kħudā:3

24. Majājī Kħudā:4

25. Majājī Kħudā: 5

26. Majājī Kħudā: 6


Science Fictions from DSM Satyarthi:

1. The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 1

2.  The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 2

3.  The Foundation Story Coninued: Chapter 3

4 . The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 4

5. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 5

6. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 6

7. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 7

8. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 8

9. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 9

10. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 10

11. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 11

12. The Foundation Story Continued: Chapter 12

13. The Foundation story continued: Chapter 13

14. Prelude to Ten Commandments-1

15. Prelude to Ten Commandments-2

16. Prelude to Ten Commandments-3


Commentary on Ved from DSM Satyarthi:

1. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

2. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 2

3. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 5

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 8

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 1

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 2

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 3

7. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 4

8. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 5

9. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 6

10. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 7

11. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 8

12.R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 9

13. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 58| Mantr 6

14. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 20

15. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 46

16. R’gved: Mandal 2| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

17 R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

18. R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 6| Mantr 2

19. R’gved: Mandal 4| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

20. R’gved: Mandal 5| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

21. R’gved: Mandal 6| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

22. R’gved: Mandal 7| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

23. R’gved: Mandal 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

24. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

25. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 63| Mantr 4-5

26. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

27. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 85| Mantr 42

28. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 1

29. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 2

30. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 3

31. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 4

32. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 11| Mantr 1

33. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 13| Mantr 4

34. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 23| Mantr 3

35. Saamved: Mantr 1

36. Sāmved: Mantr 641: Mahānāmnyārchik| 1

37. Sāmved: Mantr 650: Mahānāmnyārchik| 10

38. Sāmved: Mantr 651: Uttarārchik

39. Atharv Ved: Kaand 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

40.  Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 3

41. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 4

42. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 6

43. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 6

44. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 7

45. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 8

46. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6

47. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

48. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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