The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-17

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 17

Durgesh Noor Islam
Durgesh Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī
Durgesh Nādirah Ůsmān

It was Friday.
I loved Fridays.
Fridays were the days when most of Musalmān houseladies who couldn’t let me fuck them in the knowledge of their mankind, successfully used to manage it as their mankind attended Assalāt-e-Jumå’.
It was the best time for them to let me fuck them freely to our heart’s confent.
I had the house to myself.
It was about the only time.
My friend Åbdul Ħamīd’s sister’s bed spread was some kind of fabric that was very soft and silky smooth.
It felt fantastic to fuck one of her extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriends and their Ammīs even, there.
I piled up a few pillows under my present sex partner’s waist and increased my pace fucking her delightedly.
She put her nude legs on my shoulders, and winked at me, swallowing my entire Uncut Hindu Prick into her tight beautiful Musalmān Cunt.
Eīshān! it was a good day.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, Durgesh??!!!!” yelled Nādirah Ůsmān.
I smiled.
It was exactly as I had anticipated.
She was home early!!
It was exactly as I had planned it.
Åbdul Ħamīd would never knew it was all pre planned by me.
Even if he knew anything about it, he would suspect Nādirah Ůsmān instead.
He was already suspecting Nādirah Ůsmān that she was ravenous to fuck me herself.
Well, Åbdul Ħamīd sympathized with his sister.
Nādirah Ůsmān’s husband was in jail facing the charge that he was a terrorist.
Nādirah Ůsmān that hated Hindus once very much, now hated the Musalmīn immensely.
“Why the hell every Musalmān is a terrorist nowadays?”
Åbdul Ħamīd had patted her.
“Not every Musalmān, Nādirah Ůsmān, not every Musalmān.”
“But even then, most of us Musalmīn.” Nādirah Ůsmān shouted.
“Nope!” Åbdul Ħamīd said curtly, “Only some of us who don’t have proper education.”
“Muħammad Ikħlāq is a PhD.” Nādirah Ůsmān shouted, “I wasn’t foolish enough to marry an uneducated/under educated Musalmān scoundrel.”
“Uh, um…” I murmured as cum shooted out of my Uncut Hindu Cock into her friend’s Ammī’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
I was scrambling to get away, but cum was shooting out.
It hit on the bed…
Nādirah Ůsmān was hollering something at me.
She got hit with a spurt…
I acted as if I was truly embarrassed.
But actually being a tough guy… I really wanted to fuck her right there.
Well, I was acting a sensitive guy now, as if this was not my friend’s sister, my own sister instead , and this really embarrassed me very much.
I run into my room with her friend’s beautiful Ammī, still in nude, still penetrating her, cuming into her, and tried to shut the door.
Nādirah Ůsmān was right there calling me “Filthy Hindu pervert” and stuff and threw the magazine at me.
She wanted to know more about this.
“I’m sorry. I was just… I was…”
“I know what you were “just” doing. Don’t do it in my fucking room! And what are you doing with my bathing suit? You fucking Hindu pervert! And my foolish brother Åbdul Ħamīd thinks you are his real friend, despite my every warning to him…”
She yelled at me some more, I don’t know what about.
Slamming the door, she stomped off yelling “Wait till Ammī comes home.”
Her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī?
She will make my life a living hell if she heard about this.
Eīshān, she was already blackmailing me to fuck almost her every beautiful Musalmān ladyfriend, whether I wanted to fuck her or not.*

Later, Her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī was supervising the making of dinner.
Nādirah Ůsmān knocked on the door and said to me to come.
The table had been set.
I told her I was not coming.
I’ve some important work to do.
She said I better, or else.
Plus, it was meatloaf.
For all of her Ammī’s faults, she made a killer meatloaf.
I dragged myself out to the kitchen, and made nice with her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī.
Nādirah Ůsmān hip-checked me into the cabinets.
Her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī asked if I was alright.
Yeah, just tripped.
She was prattling on about her stupid day at work.
Nādirah Ůsmān was behind her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī as her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī was at the stove.
Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī couldn’t see her.
Nādirah Ůsmān made the international sign for fucking off, thumb and fingers in a circle, stroking up and down, and pointed to her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī.
She was hinting that I fuck her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī.

I made an exaggerated face, as if I was disgusted, which I was definitely not.
That was fucking gross.
Nādirah Ůsmān nodded her head at me, as if “yes you do”.
She held her hands in front of her, as if she was holding enormous boobs, pointed to me as if I wanted Her Ammī, Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī’s boobs.
I shook my head, No!! Nādirah Ůsmān then made a peace-sign, puts it up to her mouth, and sticked her tongue in, as if I was “Eating at the Y” and points at Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī as if that’s what I want to do.
I VIOLENTLY shook my head no.
I was also about dying as I was trying not to laugh.
Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī kept talking while Nādirah Ůsmān repeated a few of these motions, all the while mouthing the word ‘Pervert” to me.

“Hey Ammī,” Nādirah Ůsmān said. “Guess what I caught Durgesh doing today?”

Gulp. the fun just left the building.

“Oh, what was that, dear?”

“I came home early from office”, Nādirah Ůsmān continued. “And I found Durgesh in my room!”

I smiled at her.
“Your ex friend, Noor Islam Kħālājān, was also with him.”
“Well, Noor Islam is not exactly my ex friend, Nādirah Ůsmān. And what if Durgesh was making love to Noor Islam in your room? If Durgesh can make love to your Ammī there why can’t he do the same to Noor Islam?”
Nādirah Ůsmān was angry now.
“Well, he refused to be the eighteenth birthday present to my friend’s younger sister, Nāsirah Imāmuddīn.”
“He is already sixty four, baby.”
“Sixty four?” Nādirah Ůsmān thundered, “the hell he is. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan says he is thirty four only. And even if he is sixty four his Uncut Hindu Lund is still more erect for us Musalmān Beauties than the rest of the entire mankind. What the hell more we need anything else from him?”
Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī was stunned at Nādirah Ůsmān’s foul language.
Nādirah Ůsmān, watch your language. You are a highly educated sophisticated young Musalmān woman. Aren’t you?”
“His Uncut Hindu Lund.” Nādirah Ůsmān shouted in exasperation, “Your Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund of which he is immensely proud of.”
“Shut uppppppp.” Nafīsah Salāħddīn Ayyūbī shouted.*

Chapter 18
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