GOTRBHID MAHĀ BHĀRAT: Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté: 21

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


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Chapter 21

Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr
Durgesh Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan
Durgesh Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Sābirah Al Wahāb

Durgesh Sītā Bhārgav

That was what Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr is actually good at.
Al Kuwait Creations were almost similar to the Gāndhār of Mahābhārat period, if there was such a period.
He still didn’t know whether there were any Mahābhārat war, or not.
The Westerners never accepted there was.
They always claimed it was only a mythological tale, nothing else.
Yet, Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr wasn’t so sure now.
If Durgesh’s Time Cycle Theory were incorrect, how the hell was it possible for him to go in the Trétā era ever?
He met his real father Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī there.
Brahm Nārāyañ Mukherjī was exactly his identical.
Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr found he has so many real and half Brāhmañ sisters in Trétā.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan once more proved herself correct.
“If you lick your wife, Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Sābirah Al Wahāb, her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt
I mean, after Durgesh fucks her, you may get rid of your entire shortcomings gradually, eventually, ultimately.”
Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr smiled cunningly.
Kħātoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu Tåālā ånahā, reincarnated, you want to cuckold me too?”
“Do I need to, Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Kħātoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu Tåālā ånahā, reincarnated, smiled sarcastically.
Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr watched the utmost cunning young woman he had ever encountered with, in his entire life.
He could never decide who was using whom.
Sometimes he thought Durgesh was using Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, the Kħātoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu Tåālā ånahā, reincarnated, successfully, without letting her even realize what he was doing with her.
Yet, sometimes Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr himself doubted his own theory.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was getting more from Durgesh than Durgesh was getting from Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, the Kħātoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Saiyadah Fātimah razī Allāhu Tåālā ånahā, reincarnated.
How then Durgesh was using her?*

Mahārānī Rājmātā Kuntī Chaturvédī was neither Mahārānī nor Rājmātā then.
She was Rājkumārī Kuntī Chaturvédī only.
What a tragedy!
She had to leave her son, Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī, only because he was an offspring from her premarital affair.
She had numerous Musalmān lady friends that had their premarital affairs with Durgesh mostly, or at least with other capable Hindus.
They were even bold enough to revolt against their society.
Ayesha Ahmad, Dr. Ali Sina’s co-author, was a born Musalmān lady.
Yet, she bravely wrote against Islam.
Here, the traditional Paurāñik Brāhmañ of Chaturvédī Creations were obstinate not to let any Brāhmañ young lady have any premarital affair.
She was expected to be a virgin obstinately until she wasn’t married.
Rājkumārī Kuntī Chaturvédī loved Durgesh, a Bachhalyā.
Despite a large number of restrictions, she enjoyed premarital sex with Durgesh.
She deliberately conceived Durgesh’s child in her womb.
Gave birth to a handsome male child clandestinely with the help of ever revolting Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.
She had been extolled far beyond her deserts and the incident was never mentioned.*

After my Bachhalyā Lund had exited Dr. Sītā Bhārgav’s extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ  mouth the next few jets had landed mainly on her chin.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav‘s beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ fingers then released my Bachhalyā Lund.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav brought her my Bachhalyā cum covered fingers to her beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth and began to lick it clean.

My eyes were grave watching her.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav saw my Bachhalyā Lund jump in excitement.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav smiled.

In this Infinite BrāhmKalp now the lost glory of Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs even is returning fast.

Narendr Modi is being credited for it.

However, they knew, the entire Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs, that actually entire HVSI has brought it.

How excellently the time cycle, the Kālchakr, was working!

There were Brahm Apsarās again prominent in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif was number one, but it needed Saba Qamar too.

Infinite BrāhmKalp is now elevating Saba Qamar and other beautiful Pakistani Musalmān heroines in Bollywood.

Maryam Tanvīr Ålī is also one of them.

When she had her fingers cleaned off Dr. Sītā Bhārgav began to collect my cum from her chin and sucked it off them.
“Take off your shirt,” Dr. Sītā Bhārgav said as I immediately pulled my shirt off and sat naked before her on the couch.

She had seen me in bathing suits around the pool many times.

Naturally, she knew pretty well what my Bachhalyā male body looked like, but now as I sat before her basking in the afterglow of the first orgasm I didn’t give myself.

I looked sexy and appealing in a way she never would have dreamed possible.

Truly I was a fine man.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav reached up again to my Bachhalyā Lund and began to stroke it.

It was hard almost immediately and although she very much wanted to feel me in her Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth again and taste my Bachhalyā cum there was something else that she knew she needed more.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav slowly stood up before me and teasingly asked,

“Are you ready for more of your present?”

“There’s more?” I replied softly in excitement.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav slowly untied her robe and pulled it open before letting it drop to the floor behind her.

I stared at her naked, excited Bhārgav Brāhmañ body and smiled.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could feel my eyes exploring her and in her heightened lust they almost felt as intense as a pair of hands touching her.

A thick mat of dark, curly hair surrounded her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot and Dr. Sītā Bhārgav watched me stare patiently at the spot where her legs met.

Her exercising had kept her fit and she only had a small stomach that she knew was much smaller than any other women she knew her own age.

Her heavy tits even hadn’t started relenting to her age.

They were still where they rode on her chest.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav liked their shape and thought the even the slight dropping would give her a sexy, experienced look when naked.

It seemed like I agreed as my eyes spent several long Moments staring lustfully at her tits as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav stood still before me.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav stepped forward and straddled my Bachhalyā male lap before lowering herself toward my Bachhalyā Lund.

She reached down and easily guided my rock hard Bachhalyā Lund inside her letting herself fall down taking me all the way inside her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot with little fanfare.

Both of us let out long, intense groans as I felt something and Dr. Sītā Bhārgav felt something she hadn’t experienced ever before.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav leaned close to my ear and whispered,

“There is as much of this as you want.”

I smiled at her words.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav started riding up and down on my hard Bachhalyā Lund.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav threw everything into her fuck and she felt alive and excited like Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  didn’t remember was possible.

All feelings of wrong were gone now and were replaced only by a craving for more of this intense sensation.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav guided my Bachhalyā male hands around to her gorgeous Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass and I began to grope and feel it excitedly.

The sheer Bachhalyā male desire Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could feel from me, thrilled her and made her want my Bachhalyā Lund into her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot even more.

Again, this fuck was not shorter as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  had thought.

She had forgotten how excitable I could be and how little control she had the first few times I fucked.

She let out another cry as started to cum inside her pussy for the first time ever.

The sensation of her Bhārgav Brāhmañ cum bathing my still in action stiff Bachhalyā Lund  and the feeling of my body reacting so strongly to her orgasm triggered an orgasm in me too that was stronger and longer than any Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could remember having.

I opened my eyes and stared at her in pleasure as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav screamed out when her orgasm started.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav clutched me tightly to her Bhārgav Brāhmañ tits and drove my Bachhalyā Lund as far inside her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could, as her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot  exploded into a long series of spasms and twitches.

It seemed like there wasn’t a single part of her Bhārgav Brāhmañ body that wasn’t affected by her orgasm and when it finally passed Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  sank against her Bachhalyā lover in complete relief and release.

We sat in silence for a long while with my still rock hard Bachhalyā Lund still inside her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot before Dr. Sītā Bhārgav finally whispered,

“That was amazing.”

I smiled,

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to. It’s my pleasure, Bachhalyā Piyā.” Dr. Sītā Bhārgav kissed me passionately on my Bachhalyā male lips.

I sat up and looked at her before answering,

“I’m honored. Yet it can also be so much more.”

After my words she moved to me and we met in a new kind of kiss.

This was the deep, exploring kiss of lovers and not at all like any kiss we had previously shared.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav immediately let her tongue enter my mouth and soon our tongues were dancing a slow, delicious dance together.

We remained in this position kissing and just basking in being naked together for a long time.

How much?

Neither of us knew nor cared to.

Then Dr. Sītā Bhārgav started her second round.

My ever stiff Bachhalyā Lund was already there completely buried into her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot.

She fucked me this time more vigorously.

Her Bhārgav Brāhmañ shame was diminishing now with more and more intimacy.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav fucked me for hours rising and sitting on my Bachhalyā Lund nonstop continually without even a single indication that she was tired even a bit.

Her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot kept swallowing my Bachhalyā Lund nonstop.

There was a third round too.

Then there was a fourth round.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

Then there was a fifth, sixth and seventh round.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav was fucking me as if endlessly.

My palms were playing with her gorgeous Bhārgav Brāhmañ buttocks constantly.

Eventually Dr. Sītā Bhārgav rose from my lap and held out her hand to me.

I stood, took her hand, and gravely followed her down the hallway.

For some reason Dr. Sītā Bhārgav stopped at my bedroom and led me into my own room.

My room was just a shade bigger than her own but had the same king sized bed her room had.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav didn’t know why, but something about being with me like this in my own room surrounded by the various posters of athletes, bands, and nearly naked women made the sensation more intense for her.

Since I never made my bed we didn’t even need to move the sheets as we crawled in together.

We resumed our deep kiss from earlier and kept that up for a long while before Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  decided it was time to let me explore.

I was lying on my back and Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  crawled onto her hands and knees over me.

Letting her heavy tits hang down on me Dr. Sītā Bhārgav began dragging them back and forth slowly over my chest and stomach causing me to groan in outright lust.

By the time she had them over my face I began kissing them.
She rolled over onto her back letting me kneel over her as I resumed exploring her tits.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav was getting very excited.
For what seemed like hours I explored her tits and Dr. Sītā Bhārgav happily let me.

When Dr. Sītā Bhārgav was so excited and wet that Dr. Sītā Bhārgav couldn’t take any more teasing she gasped,

“Touch me.”

I looked at her as if I was unsure what she meant.

She repeated,

“Touch my Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot.”

I reached down and tentatively ran my fingers through her curly pussy hair.

My curious touch was very thrilling and Dr. Sītā Bhārgav longed to see what I would do next.

But Dr. Sītā Bhārgav was too excited to wait any longer for her release.

She reached down putting her fingers over mine and guided me to her clit.

I gasped in seeming surprise at the heavy wetness I found there and let her guide my fingers to the area Dr. Sītā Bhārgav wanted.

“There! Touch me there!” Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  moaned.

I complied and began rubbing my fingers all over and around her engorged clit.

My touch was almost a turn on for her.

It didn’t take long with my fingers rubbing over her clit, even unknowingly, for her to explode into orgasm again.

I kept rubbing at her insistence and stared down at her watching her body tremble.

After she finished cumming I began exploring her pussy, tits, and stomach with my hands until she reached out and grasped my now rock hard Bachhalyā Lund.

“Fuck me,” she urged as she fondled my Bachhalyā Lund and spread her legs widely apart indicating where Dr. Sītā Bhārgav wanted me to be.

I moved between her legs.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav reached down and guided my Bachhalyā Lund to the entrance of her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot.

With a single push I drove myself all the way inside her.
Tentatively at first I began fucking her as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav gave herself over to me and let me do with her what I wanted.

After a while we reached a tempo that was easy for me to maintain and easy for her to compliment through her own Bhārgav Brāhmañ thrusts.

It felt so good for Dr. Sītā Bhārgav  to have a hard Bachhalyā Lund between her Bhārgav Brāhmañ legs that her head was spinning in bliss.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav watched me riding her as I pushed myself up on my hands to help my thrusting.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could feel me experimenting with different speeds and angles and most of all she simply basked in my desire and the feeling of my hard Bachhalyā Lund filling her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot so perfectly.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav wanted it to last all day and it did last much longer than she expected based on our earlier encounters.

It ultimately was her own Bhārgav Brāhmañ orgasm that triggered me this time again and not the other way around.

Part of her felt silly at having so little control over her own desire it felt so amazingly good she felt like Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could cum over and over all day long.

When Dr. Sītā Bhārgav groaned and her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot began twitching around my Bachhalyā Lund from her orgasm, it didn’t take long for me to start cumming.

There was no way I could resist the added stimulation of her orgasm and my began just as hers was reaching its peak.

Both called out and groaned over and over as we shared a mutual orgasm.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav felt completely drained and exhausted once we finished cumming and suspected I must have felt the same way.

I collapsed into her arms and we held each other closely.

She ran her hands over my ever young, strong back and caressed my tight hips as we exchanged a few kisses and mostly just stayed together.

I seemed reluctant to let her leave so she asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“Well,” I smiled, “I don’t want my present to end.”

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav smiled wickedly at me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. “Ohhh, Durgesh darling,” she purred, “This doesn’t ever have to end if you don’t want it to.”

The look of relief and excitement on my face made Dr. Sītā Bhārgav giggle.

“Come on, let’s continue till you want to,”

Her hair was still pulled up behind her head but was quite tussled and a bit of a mess.
Dr. Sītā Bhārgav smiled wickedly at her reflection in the mirror fixed opposite her and decided not to bother fixing her appearance only to get it messed up later when she planned on fucking me nonstop again.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav still wore the wicked smile as Dr. Sītā Bhārgav pulled me once again on her nude Bhārgav Brāhmañ young body.

It was good to have an utmost experienced Bachhalyā Lund into her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot.

Wasn’t it?

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav smiled wickedly once more enjoying my Bachhalyā thrusts once more inside her.*

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav was feeling drowsy, but not quite ready for bed.

She sat in her robe in front of the TV, sipping hot chocolate.

She’d meant to watch an educational program on the History channel, but flipping through channels she’d become interested in a trashier program gossiping about lifestyles of the Bachhalyās and their sex lives with Brahmkanyās, Brahmāñīs and Muslimāt.

She watched this now, half-bored.

It was the usual story shown already infinite times.

The Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs lack the fire in their ever over moral Brāhmañ female bodies the Muslimāt ever do by birth.

The Muslimāt are hottest genetically.

Moreover, the lifestyle of the Muslimāt is entirely different from the lifestyle of the Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs.


Dr. Sītā Bhārgav herself has satisfied Durgesh completely.

Being a Brahm Padminī, it wasn’t easy for Dr. Sītā Bhārgav to be as aggressive in sex with Durgesh as she was deliberately.

Dr. Sītā Bhārgav could not understand how her Musalmān sisters could manage it.

Their Ammī was the same.

Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Åāyeshah Al Jalāl never believed in matrimony.

She was a profound feminist always.

She had sex with Durgesh even.

Yet she never surrendered to Durgesh even.

“He isn’t my husband.” Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Åāyeshah Al Jalāl used to say, “Dr. Sītā Bhārgav, my dear child, you should have refused to your father to live with him. Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashānan Bhārgav is a good man. Yet, sorry, I can’t be his Najmah Mandodarī.”

“Ammī Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī,” Dr. Sītā Bhārgav said politely, “Dad is only named Dashānan Bhārgav. He has no similarities with the historical Swarñ Lankéshvar Rāvañ Vaishravañ Paulastý.”

Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Åāyeshah Al Jalāl laughed.

“Really? Only because Dashānan Bhārgav compelled me successfully to give you to him, you think Dashānan Bhārgav is a responsible father?”

“Dad didn’t took only me, Ammī Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī,” Dr. Sītā Bhārgav said bitterly, “He compelled you to give him his every offspring from you. Nevertheless, he always requested to take care of us. He always invited you to live there in Golden Creations, Golden Capital City. What the more is needed to prove that Dad Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashānan Bhārgav is a perfectly competent and responsible father? Even Swarñ Lankéshvar Rāvañ Vaishravañ Paulastý had not only abandoned his daughter, Brahm Jagdambā, Sītā Rāvañi Vaishravañ Paulastý.”

Chapter 22
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/22: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’-9


Årab Mahā Bhārat:  1/22:

‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter 4



Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Medina city and province

Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer paused, smiled warmly, and reached for the tumbler of water on the lectern beside him.

His audience had applauded his last remark.

“My good friends,” he resumed, “my very good friends and hosts, let me say that your kindness, your hospitality, as well as your devotion to Islam, is nothing new to us Musalmeen. It’s as old as Hijrat-e-Nabvīs . I cannot thank you enough. I mean it. At home, at Al Kuwait Creations; I have often spoken of the ideal of good old fashioned Islamic Brotherhood. Here, in Al Medinah Al Munawwarah, I am sure that you understand I meant nothing anti-Al Saåūd Creations, or anti-Al Saåeed Creations, whatever you want to call yourselves respectfully and with pride. It was nothing chauvinistic or provincial as well, by such remarks. By Islamic Brotherhood, I did not mean the non-supremacy of the Årab Creations as well with respect to the rest of the Islamic Creations. I meant morality and decency in the way Musalmeen treat one another.”

Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer stopped for a moment, and he looked over the audience.

Taking a swallow of water once more, to ease his otherwise hoarse throat, he stood nodding his acknowledgment on the dais.

It was a vast open ground in front of Al Masjid Al Nabvīs.

“I’ve always acknowledged this Great Tree of Islam had its first kernel and roots in this soil. Tonight we are met here on the eve of a momentous five-power meeting, a meeting at which the foremost powers of the Multiverse are meeting.”

Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer, the eldest paternal uncle of, Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Dr. Al Hudah Al Aħmad Al Zabeer, watched his audience once more.

His success in his own Creations, Al Kuwait Creations, depended on his success here in Al Saåeed Creations.

His utmost beautiful, mastermind, Saůūdī Årab Musalmān wife, Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Sābirah; had repetitively told him so.

“I’ve successfully established my sexual relations with Durgesh now, Ůmer! Now, Durgesh can’t go exclusively on Al Huah’s side.”

“Thank you, Sābirah.”

“You are most welcome.”

“Now I have done what you requested me to do. Let’s see what you can do now.”

Sheikħzādā Safdar Al Saåeed hates the ground Durgesh walks on. His beloved, Sheikħzādī Al Zubédah Al Waħāb; has punished him by making every beauty related to him sleep with Durgesh. He can’t befriend with Durgesh ever.”

“Oh oh!” Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Sābirah smiled significantly.

Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer continued to address his audience at Al Medinah Al Munawwarah,

“Your Sheikħ leaves for that crucial summit, tonight, at Jabalpur. Our Sheikħ Ammī is already there. You people wanted the young Sheikħ, Sheikħ Al Zabeer; not to represent our Al Kuwait Creations at that summit. It has been managed somehow, by the grace of Allah. Our Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā and your Sheikħ, Sheikħzādā Safdar Al Saåeed, represent our belief in Islam and in the possible future still to be shaped. They say there’s a Dr. Hari Seldon born in the 11, 988th year of the Galactic Era. It is disputed that he died in 12, 069 GE. Some say he died actually, some claim he did not. Hindu Vishv managed something sinister not only to save him but to save his so called lady robot wife as well. Anyway, he was born on Helicon, Arcturus sector. He early showed amazing ability in mathematics as our Durgesh did. Anecdotes concerning his ability are innumerable, though some are contradictory. Undoubtedly, his greatest contributions are in the field of psychohistory.”

Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed looked at his ambitious friend from Al Kuwait Creations.

He had too surrendered to Durgesh.

He himself has sent his most beautiful wife, Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Al Sābirah Al Waħāb, to woo Durgesh.

“The Hindu moron thinks he disgraces Musalmeen while he fucks the Muslimahs.” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer had laughed, “All the Musalmeen Creations have sent their representative Muslim Beauties to his Ħarem, to safeguard their poltical, economic and social interests. Why shouldn’t I?”

Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed smiled helplessly at his most credible friend from Al Kuwait Creations,

“We broke up before noon. We’re reconvening at two. Our gang stayed over there to eat, but a few of us slipped out on the media and the rest of them, and came over here to talk it out in privacy. I’ve been sitting in this beautiful Palace study. There are a number of household, extremely beautiful, lady robots here, assigned to us. The Hindus are hospitable enough to see that their guests are comfortable.”

“Sure.” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed remarked curtly, “Why not? Ultimately, they don’t want any complaint from our women when they sleep with them.”

“Nonsense! It’s Hindus’ Marriage Policy. The Bachhalyas/Vats people professed it to its optimum. The Dvijs also professed it.” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer laughed.

“And made Hinduism benevolent to the entire womankind and to the entire humankind thus in its due course, peacefully, without any violence whatsoever, at all?” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed asked ironically.

“Yes. They claim it to be so.”

“They claim it to be so.” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed repeated sarcastically, “What do you claim?”

“I’m not fool enough to differ with the almighties.”

“I hate you. How can you call the Hindus almighties?” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed retorted, “Aren’t you a Muslim anymore? There is only one almighty Allah Subħān wa Tåālā.”

“The Hindus are #1 now in every field. The Christians and the Jews are #2. We, the Musalmeen are #3.” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer smiled. We were #2 once and the Hindus were #3. The Hindus progressed under the disguised leadership of Hindu Vishv and Durgesh. They progressed constantly. They became #2 gradually leaving us behind as #3. They defeated us Musalmeen in every field. We could not stop them.”

“Valī Aħad!”

“Please stop calling me Valī Aħad, Safdar!” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer said, “You Saåeeds failed in leading us Musalmeen. What a tragedy, we still don’t have any alternative to you Al Saåeeds. You are still the most powerful family in us Musalmeen. You sided with the Chief Commissioner Linge Chen. And Linge Chen succeeded.”

“Don’t be so sure, Valī Aħad!” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed smiled, “There’s a doubt that the Emperor Cleon I is still alive.”

“And he may appear in the Summit?” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer retorted, “It’s only a diplomatic rumour Hindus have managed to keep us Musalmeen in line.”

“I’m not as confident any more as you are.” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed contradicted Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer.

“What do you mean ‘any more’?”

Princess Nauheedov Khrushchev of Smyrno has informed that she is enjoying the hospitality of Hari Seldon and Dors Venabili.”

“What?”Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer jumped almost.

Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed smiled,

“They are here on Trantor.”


“Incredible.” Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed smiled again, “Isn’t it?”

“Of course. Hari Seldon has been reported to be found dead, slumped over his desk in his office at Streeling University in 12, 069 G.E./1 F. E.”

Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed continued to smile,

“Apparently Seldon had been working up to his last moments on psychohistorical equations. His activated Prime Radiant was discovered clutched in his hand.”

It took a long time to Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer to digest the information, his best friend from Al Saåeed Creations, Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed, was providing to him.

He was on Trantor himself.

It was already known to him that Princess Nauheedov Khrushchev of Smyrno was also there.

Sheikħzādā Al Safdar Al Saåeed continued to say,

“According to Seldon’s instructions, the Prime Radiant was shipped to his colleague Gaal Dornick who had recently emigrated to TERMINUS. Seldon’s body was jettisoned into space, also in accordance with instructions he’d left.”

“Stop it.” Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabeer said in trance, “You are doing nothing except to reiterate the Encyclopedia Galactica.”

Al Zia Al Waħāb tapped one thronged sandal on the polished dance floor listening to the beats.

The heat seeping into the almost empty nightclub from the pavements was stifling.

Al Zia Al Waħāb wished that she were climbing down into the cool water of hotel beach or, better yet, was strolling in the morning air of Al Madinah Province of Al Saåeed Creations.

There were thirteen provinces in Al Saåeed Creations.

The original Saůūdī Årab also had thirteen provinces called the Emirates of Saůūdī Årab, Al Mamalkat Al Årabiyat Al Saůūdīiyat:

  1. Al Bahah, Capital Al Bahah city.
  2. Northern Border, Capital Arar.
  3. Al Jawf, Capital Al Jawf city.
  4. Al Madinah, Capital Madinah.
  5. Al Qasim, Capital Buraidah.
  6. Ha’il, Capital Ha’il city.
  7. Asir, Capital Abha.
  8. Eastern Province, Capital Dammam.
  9. Al Riyadh, Capital Al Riyadh city.
  10. Tabuk, Capital Tabuk city.
  11. Najran, Capital Najran city.
  12. Makkah, Capital Makkah.
  13. Jizan, Capital Jizan city.

The tinny recording was louder, the beat faster, and as she anticipated her cue, Al Zia Al Waħāb automatically snapped her fingers, hunched and weaved her shoulders in the professionally sexy all-with-it way, and took a step to the microphone.

From the corner of an eye, Al Zia Al Waħāb could see that the only other occupants of the nightclub were the proprietor Vikram Dev Tantresh and the director Arjun Yogendr Veerývān.

It was only a rehearsal now.

The director Arjun Yogendr Veerývān was standing behind the proprietor Vikram Dev Tantresh.

He was bending down to whisper something to him.

Al Zia Al Waħāb smiled and went on to her rehearsal.

She went on until the recording stopped and decided that, incongruous as it was to render the Årab sexy song, it was lively enough, noisy and swinging enough, for the highly charged atmosphere of the late show.

That was the hour when the nightclub was always overflowing, full of smoke and chatter, the Indian Hindu tourists finally getting their hands under the short skirts of their Saůūdī Årab Musalmān girl friends.

Breaking off, Al Zia Al Waħāb took the throat of the microphone and said matter of factly,

“That would warm them up, Vikram. Then I thought you could bring the lights down, put a soft green spot on me, and let the band go into ‘That Old Black Magic’. I’ll wear the new cocktail ensemble. There’s enough of it to take off and bring me to the end of the reprise.”

Vikram and Arjun looked at her.

Al Zia Al Waħāb went on,

“Something like this”

Humming the song briefly, Al Zia Al Waħāb began to pantomime her projected striptease,

“Sing-sing, then off with the green gloves and slow unbuttoning and off with the sequined jacket. Then sing-sing, a little pirouetting dance around the floor, right up along the tables, so they can see the blouse, high front but nearly backless and the skirt flares beautifully, so they’ll get a tidbit of my things and bottom. Then back to the mike.”

Both Vikram and Arjun were listening attentively.

Al Zia Al Waħāb went on,

“Sing-sing while I undo the blouse and pull it off. Next, unbutton and unzip the chiffon skirt. Step out of it. Then I’d shake out of the half-slip, next unhook the garter belt and get rid of my stockings. Now only music, no vocal, maybe humming or whistling, a few phrases I’d circle around the customers’ tablesmaybe a little banter instead of humming, whatever you thinkand all the while fumbling with the nylon bra, the skin-tone one, then return to this point, and off with the bra, give them the breasts and some kind of squirming dance for a chorus, then, picking up the lyrics, I’d turn my back or maybe you can start revolving the color wheel in front of the spot, and off come my pants, flesh briefs I think, and that leaves me with only the gold necklace and the gold patch, that’s au naturel enough.”

Both Vikram and Arjun were fascinated now.

Al Zia Al Waħāb kept on saying,

“After that, maybe glide to the centre of the floor, full spot, then arms up high, legs wide apart, head thrown back, hair loose, eyes closed, do a kind of undulating, ravished, pain-and-ecstacy-dance, all in one place, nothing moving but my body, kind of black magic of sex, and as the number ends, I’d burst forward, go down on my knees, head arched way back, and you cut the lights and I get off.”

Al Zia Al Waħāb had become so entrenched by her oral choreography, her creativity that she failed to realize she had been addressing no one but the microphone and herself.

Enthusiastically she turned to the proprietor Vikram Dev Tantresh and the director Arjun Yogendr Veerývān,

“What do you think? I think it can be effective. I’m tired of all the crazy, tricky stuff.”

“Marvellous.” the proprietor Vikram Dev Tantresh said.

“Mind blowing.” the director Arjun Yogendr Veerývān said.

Al Zia Al Waħāb started across the barren dance floor, as arrogantly as possible for the child-woman so long advertized as the Årab Creations’ Sex Goddess.

Passing the two Indians, Al Zia Al Waħāb continued to the front of the club.

Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā, threw aside her electric blanket and swung out of bed.

She stood up, straightening her green pajamas, stuck her feet into slippers, picked her robe off the chair and pulled it on.

Now in her sixties, she was still as beautiful as she ever was.

Her mature Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mannerism and speech had made her more popular among the Årab Muslims.

She knew, she was the only leader acceptable to both the followers of Islam.

The traditional Muslims wanted Al Saåeed Creations still their leaders.

The followers of European Islam were against it, not altogether, but still somewhat.

The young Sheikħ, Sheikħ Al Zabeer, represented European Islam more than the traditional one.

It was the main cause, he was facing the trial.

He was unable to understand it.

Even Al Hudah was unable to understand it.

She did not know why her own children were so foolish.

Or, Durgesh is right again?

He is also sixty now.

No one can say that Durgesh is more than thirty.

Åāýéshah Ħasan says Durgesh is not even thirty.

She claims that Durgesh is in his late twenties only.

Sheikħ Ammī, Sheikħzādī Kħālidah Umm Moosā laughed.

These teen agers and their madness!

The matron brought Al Islam Al Waħāb into the visitor’s room.

I regarded her with interest.

She was a young woman with childish innocence, a platinum blonde with a poker face, wide blue eyes, sexy, flawless skin and a very very attractive Årab American figure.

Her thoughts were not reflected on her innocent beautiful Årab American face, neither in her equally beautiful innocent Årab American eyes.

The doll-like Årab American Beauty would appeal to some Hindu men as unspoiled innocence, but an Indian Musalmān Police Officer, on the prowl, found her striking appearance for Carefully Planned Hindu Man Bait.

One thing was certain.

This Årab American girl would never be inconspicuous, not not noticeable.

Al Islam Al Waħāb might have been anywhere from seventeen to twenty-five years of age.

“Hello, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt!” she smiled.

She was as artlessly friendly as a young puppy.

“Good morning,” I smiled myself, “You don’t need a Hindu husband now. You need an attorney.”

“How do you know?”

My eyes became thoughtful,

“You need a Hindu husband?”

“As if you don’t know. Every Muslim woman needs a Hindu husband.”

“What can even a Hindu husband do if you are behind the bars?”

“He can get me out for him.”

“Oh, so you are not as innocent as you seem to be?”

“Nowadays, no girl of my age is innocent to that extent, Méré Hindu Piyā! If she acts she is, she is actually fooling you. Don’t be silly.”

I smiled,

“You are right, Al Islam Al Waħāb. I am here to represent you, however. And I am not your Hindu Piyā.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb smiled cunningly,

“Are you rejecting my sexual surrender to you?”

“Nonsense! I’m not here to welcome your sexual surrender to me. I said, I’m here to represent you. Moreover, I’m not in your age group too. I’m sixty now.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb smiled at me seductively,

“My friend Åāýéshah Ħasan does not agree with you. She claims you are in your late twenties.”

“Nonsense! What do you mean? I don’t know my age even?”

“You know, but you want to work among mature women. So you pretend that you are in their own age group. My another friend, Al Zubédā Al Wahāb too does not agree with you. She also claims you are in your late twenties.”

She is heavily biased against her Ammī Ħuzoor.”

“My still another friend, Al Sāliħā Al Saåeed too does not agree with you. She also claims you are in your late twenties. The most you can be in your earlier thirties.”

“She is a damnfool and so you are. I’m sixty, I say. I enjoy sex with beauties in my own age group more, than with beauties in your age group. Your age group is too immature for me. However, it’s neither here nor there.”

“Why isn’t it neither here nor there?”

“I’ve already said that. I’m here to represent you, understand?”

“OK, that’s nice. How did you know I was here?”

“A friend told me.”

“Girl friend?” Al Islam Al Waħāb laughed.

“That”I smiled, “I can’t tell you. It’s privileged communication. I hope you are intelligent enough to understand what I said.”

“Your friend?”

“I think, our common friend.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb shook her head,

“I haven’t any here, not in this city. I haven’t been here long enough.”

“Well, I’m going to get you out of here. Can you tell me what happened?”

“I was staying at the Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel. I went out to take a walk. I walked up the street for a while. Then I walked back. I didn’t have anything particular to do. This man came up. He wanted to know what I was doing. I told him it was none of his business. He pulled back his coat, showed me his badge, and the first thing I knew I was being bustled into a car and they charged me with vagrancy.”

“You must have been doing something, Al Islam.”

“I wasn’t doing any damn thing. However, what is this vagrancy anyway in your Hindu law?”

“In Hindu Vishv the term vagrant is a catchall for everything the lawmakers, Ārsh Sadan of Hindu Vishv I mean, couldn’t list elsewhere. A peeping Tom is a vagrant. A person who wanders about the streets at late or unusual hours of the night without any visible or lawful business is a vagrant. A person who lodges in a barn, in a shelter, shed, shop, outhouse, or other place without the permission of the owner is a vagrant. A person who”

“Well, they’ve got me arrested as a vagrant and that’s a damn outrage. I naturally can’t stand for it. It’s a false arrest.”

“Yes, I think so.”

“I want me out and prosecute the damnfool Musalmān Police Officer of your Hindu Vishv for false arrest.”

I observed her thoughtfully.

“He was a Musalmān Police Officer?”

“Yes, he himself told me so. He said he isn’t going to let me entertain some Hindu male.”


“You can understand. I am a Muslimah.”

“Our common friend claims you are a nice girl.”

“What do you think I am? A prostitute? These Musalmān impotents think every Muslimah who has a Hindu lover, is a prostitute. What should we Muslimahs do? Live an ascetic life forever, only because Musalmāns are impotents?”

“All the Musalmeen are not impotents.”

“Maybe, but we don’t like them. So what? We are prostitutes because we don’t like them?”

“If you are telling me the truth the Musalmān Police Officer must be crazy.”

“He is.”

“According to the records, you were on the streets without visible means of support. You were apparently soliciting Hindus. The arresting Musalmān Police Officer said you told him you were simply walking the streets.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell him where I was staying. He could make a lot of trouble for me, once he knew that. Can’t you see?”

“I can see.”

“It was none of business, I say. He is just jealous of Hindus. He wanted to know what I was doing. I told him I was walking. He wanted to know where I was staying. I told him I didn’t have any place to stay just to avoid further trouble from him. He enquired how much money I had. I told him it was none of his business.”

“It was possible he meant his duty honestly.”

“I don’t think so.” Al Islam Al Waħāb said curtly, “And don’t take his side.”

“I’m not taking his side. I’m stating only a possibility.”

“I don’t think you are here to state possibilities to me.” She said curtly again, “I think you are here to represent me, not the arresting Musalmān Police Officer.”

I sighed.

“You are right. However, I don’t like it.”

“What don’t you like?”

“The way you played the game.”

“Silly boy. I’m not playing any game.”

“Yes, you are. And I’m not any silly boy. I’m a mature man of sixty years.”

“That’s what you claim. No one agrees with you. You are in the earlier thirties at the most. So don’t act too wise to me.”

“Al Islam, I”

“I don’t think it’s necessary that we should argue the point here.”

I sighed again.

She was right again, but I did not say her so, this time.

“The arresting Musalmān Police Officer insisted that I was doing somethingwell, something that I wasn’t.”

“OK, I’ve put up bail in the sum of two thousand nishks for you. I’ll enter a plea of not guilty. I don’t think they’ll do anything more about it if you follow my advice.”

“Why shouldn’t I follow your advice? You are my attorney. Are you not?”

“That” I said, “remains to be seen. If you were really staying at Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel, if you really have your personal belongings there in the room, I don’t think there’ll be anything more to it.”

“What an attorney I have!” Al Islam Al Waħāb laughed sarcastically, “He doubts my word right from the beginning. And they say, he believes Muslim Beauties BLINDLY. To hell with the idiots.”

“You’re getting out on bail.” I smiled at her, “I’ll meet you outside.”

I signaled to the matron that the interview was over.

Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, regarded me wearily.

He was on night duty.

He was losing time out of his day’s sleep to appear as a witness against four or five arrests he had made the previous night.

“Hell, I don’t know.” Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, said irritably, “The Muslim dame was marching up and down the street and she didn’t look like a professional, butshucks, I was afraid she’d get herself in trouble somewhere and wind up in a vacant lot with one of her stockings tied around her neck. We don’t have many such cases here in our Hindu Vishv, but we can’t claim there’s not even such a possibility anytime.”

“I see.” I said gravely.

“She gave me the eye.”

“What?” I registered surprise.

“That’s God truth.”


“She gave me the eye. It may not have been a come-on, but it was certainly an eye. I asked her what she was doing. She told me she wasn’t doing anything. I asked her where she was staying, a natural question from a Police Officer. She said she didn’t have any place to stay. She didn’t have any money. She didn’t have any friends. She was just walking around. I really didn’t have anything on her, but there wasn’t much else I could do.”

I watched Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer,

“Soliciting?” I asked.

“She was looking the Hindu males over. I didn’t see her give any of them a come-on. I started questioning her watching her suspicious activities. It was mostly because she looked out of place. From her answers, I figured she was a good looking Muslim kid who’d had trouble from some wicked Musalmeen, and decided  to take what she thought was the easy way. I was afraid she’d even wind up as a corpse by some communal Muslims. I did what I did to save her from such fatal possibilities.”

I was still watching him gravely,

“Well,” I said, “she tells me she had a room at the Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel, that she’d just checked in, that she’d gone out to take a walk.”

“Well, why the hell didn’t she tell me that”? I’d have given her a word of warning and that would have been all there was to it.”

I smiled,

“She thought you were insulting her, said you rubbed her the wrong way.”

“So she went to spend the night in jail?” Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, said, “Phooey! that doesn’t make sense to me, even if it makes sense to you. I’ll bet you five bucks she never was near the Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel. If she was, she’d been there a while and was hustling. Still, the Kr’shñ-Āmnah’s a straight place. I don’t get it.”

“What if you take a ride with us?”

“What do you mean, Sir?”

“I’m going with her to the Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel, I mean.”

“Oh, that? Even then, why should I ride up there? I’ve got work to do. Let her tell it to the judge.”

I smiled suavely,

“If she is a respectable Muslim young woman, if she had a room at a hotel, if she was minding her own business, and you picked her up on a vagrancy charge, it might be just as well if the matter never came to trial. After all, she’s an attractive young Muslim girl and she has friends.”


“Why not?”

“The hell she does.”

“Well, I don’t think so; neither I think the judge will. I’m here.”

Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, suddenly regarded me with a puzzled appraisal.

“Damned if you ain’t!” he said with sudden incredulity in his voice,”Say, how did a high priced Barrister like you come to be mixed into a case like this”? Don’t say you are interested in Muslim Beauties to such extent.”

“Why shouldn’t I? She is a mind blowing Muslim Beauty. Can’t you see that?”

Captain Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, gave a low whistle,

“You and your Sex Adventures! Allah Allah Kħair Sallah. When do you want me to go?”

“I’m getting her out on bail.” I smiled, “She should be here right away.”

“Enjoyed her already ever?” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī winked at me significantly.

“Nope!” I also winked at him, “Not till now. But I’m certainly going to.”

“Yes, I can see that. Best of luck.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention it. You deserve these dazzling Muslim beauties. You certainly go even beyond limit to protect their interests in every field whatsoever. I’ll check on it all right.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī, the arresting Musalmān Police Officer, watched me thoughtfully, “I thought you were not interested in teen agers.”

“Well, I’m not only a man with a ravenous Hindu Penis. I’m a barrister too ultimately.”

“Yes, I can see.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s perhaps pure coincidence that you almost always have dazzling Musalmān Beauties as your clients.”

I laughed,

“How can I help it, Captain?” I laughed, “I can’t control the clients coming to me.”

“Why not? I can see how helpless you are in the matter.”

I smiled merely.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī also smiled,

“We understand each other perfectly, Durgesh. They say we are friends even.”

“Are we not?”

“I’m not fool enough to say we are not. We are certainly friends if you say so. My other stuff has all gone over. All pleaded guilty. I’ll just take a look at this. The more I think about it, the funnier it sounds. Maybe the dazzling Muslim girl wanted to have her handsome Hindu lawyer. She has a Muslim Cunt after all.”


“You know very well how crazy the teen agers are to sleep with you.”

“I’m sixty, Captain.”

“Yes, I can see it, but they can’t.”

“Come on. Let’s go.”

We picked up Al Islam Al Waħāb at the discharge room of the jail.

The officer and I entered.

She was signing a receipt for the manila envelope that contained her personal belongings.

She looked up.

Al Islam Al Waħāb smiled at me.

She saw the plain-clothes officer, regarded him for a moment with an expressionless countenance and then said,


“Hello,” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said and added inanely, mindlessly, “how are you feeling this morning?”


“Your barrister, Durgesh is fortunately my friend. He tells me you were staying at the Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel.”

“I’ve got a room there.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī smiled.

“It wasn’t any of your business.”

“You didn’t tell you know Durgesh even.”

“I don’t think I should have told you about my friends in need. I think that’s also not any of your business. The fact that you are a Police Officer does not authorize you to invade my privacy or that of anyone else. ”

“I see.”

“I didn’t like the way you acted.”

“You’d have saved yourself a lot of trouble, young lady.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said curtly.

“I’m a Musalmān young lady.”


“I don’t like to bow to anyone else than Allah Subħān wa Tåālā.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī merely smiled.

“You certainly went to a lot of inconvenience to register the fact that you didn’t like my approach.”

“It was a matter of principle.” Al Islam Al Waħāb said curtly, “I try to like people. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t like you even then. You don’t have any respect for women as the other Musalmeen do.”

“I see. You don’t like Musalmeen, I think.”

“Wrong again.”


“The Musalmeen don’t like me instead, neither they like other Muslim women like me.”

“I see.”

“They try to humiliate us Muslim Women. I try to humiliate such animals, my best.”

“I see. So, you were humiliating me?”

“Why shouldn’t I? You were humiliating me. What did you expect from me? To respect your autocracy?”

“Even then, young lady, it were you who spent a night in jail, not me.”

“Just wait. You are going to suffer for False arrest. I’m vowed to see that you are.”

I watched Al Islam Al Waħāb.

She was determined to make trouble.

Before Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī could recover from the blow from Al Islam Al Waħāb, I said,

“Come on, Al Islam. We are going to take ride with Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī. Let’s not insult him or try to pick a fight with him.”

“I did not insult him ever. He has insulted me. I surrendered to him when he exercised, he exerted, his Police powers unjustifiably on me. Now, it’s my turn and Vallāh! I’m determined to make him pay for it.”

“Al Islam!”

“I don’t forgive the persons who insult me. I spent a whole night in jail for nothing illegal I’ve done.”

“Well,” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī smiled, “There you are Durgesh. She has stated in clear words what she does expect from you. Being her lawyer you can’t go against her.”

“Let me talk with her.”

“Go ahead.”

“Al Islam, the Captain was doing his duty.”

“No, he was not. It’s not his duty to arrest young Musalmān Beauties who stay at respectable hotels and go out just to take a walk and find a suitable place to eat somewhere.”

“That’s not what you were doing, young lady!” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said tartly.

“I’m not arguing with you. I’m providing the facts to my attorney so that he can argue with yours in front of a suitable judge and make you pay for what you did to me.”


“I’m glad you remember Allah after all. It seemed to me you don’t know even He exists.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī looked at me helplessly.

I smiled at him.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Respect for women!” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī smiled sarcastically, “If you could see what I see, sisterHell!”

“Come on, Al Islam,” I said, “His car is outside. We’re going to take you to the hotel.”


“I want the Captain to see that you are registered there at the hotel and to see that your room is actually rented.”

“Why is it necessary for the idiot to see that?”

“Al Islam, watch your language.”

“I think he is an idiot, and I have every right to say so, if he has a right to act on the assumption that I was soliciting.”

“OK Durgesh. If it’s a fight, let’s fight as she wants to.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said curtly, “I think our friendship is mature enough to live it.”

“That’s right.” Al Islam Al Waħāb grimaced.

“He can arrest you again.” I warned Al Islam Al Waħāb.

“Not on the same charge. I’m on bail on that charge now.” Al Islam Al Waħāb smiled tartly, “if he does, he will suffer for contempt of court as well.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī looked at her gravely.

So did me.

She was absolutely right.

We left the jail.

“You got a car here?” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī asked me.

“No. I came in a taxi.” I said.

“OK. We’ll go up in the police car.”

On the road, Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī looked at Al Islam Al Waħāb curiously,

“I can’t make you out. How old are you?”

“Just eighteen.”

“The hell you are!”

She said nothing, only smiled tartly.

He drove the car to Kr’shñ-Āmnah Hotel, slammed it angrily into the curb, climbed out of the door and pushed his way through the revolving door of the Hotel.

I, paying required attention to my extremely beautiful client, was behind him.

Al Islam Al Waħāb brought up the rear.

Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī marched up to the desk,

“You got an Al Islam Al Waħāb registered here?”

The young woman clerk, in burqah, looked at him apprehensively,

“Why? Is anything the matter? Is?”

“You got an Al Islam Al Waħāb registered here?”

She looked at the register and said,


“What number?”


Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī jerked his thumb over his shoulder toward Al Islam Al Waħāb,

“Is this the party?”

“I don’t know.” the young woman clerk in burqah said, “I came on duty at nine o’clock this morning. The room was rented after eight o’clock last night. That’s after I go off duty.”

“You don’t know whether this is the Jane or not?”


Qurayshī jerked one of the registration cards from the leather holder, turned it over so that the blank back of the card was uppermost, pulled the desk pen from the holder, and handed it over to Al Islam Al Waħāb,

“Sign it.”

She signed in Arabic, in a firm feminine hand.

Qurayshī put the pen back in the container, said to the young woman clerk in burqah,

“OK, let’s take a look at her registration.”

The young woman clerk in burqah brought out the original registration card.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī, the young woman clerk in burqah, and me; bent over the signatures comparing them.

“There’s no doubt but what they are the same.” I commented gravely.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī turned angrily at the young woman clerk in burqah,

“Say, look at this card, gal. No address on it. Just the word ‘transient’. How come? Do you let people register that way and get rooms?”

“Just a minute,” the young woman clerk in burqah, said, “There’s a notation on the edge of this card.”

“What’s your name?”

“Mine?” the young woman clerk in burqah, asked in surprise, “Well, Najmah Ħabīb, if that’s any of your business really.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb laughed mirthlessly,

“That’s the problem with him. Just because he’s a Police Officer, he thinks everything of beautiful girls is his business. Extremely jealous of Hindu males, I think.”

Najmah Ħabīb laughed at Al Islam Al Waħāb good naturedly,

“It’s all right. It seems to me that he’s a loser.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī was instantly all-alert,

“I beg your pardon?”

“I think you are a Muslim.” Najmah Ħabīb, the young woman clerk in burqah, smiled at him.

“So what, if I am?”

“Simply that I don’t blame you as she is doing.”

“Why are you so gracious?”

“You Muslim males are losing us Musalmān Beauties to Hindu males fastest. Being a loser you must be forgiven for your inferiority complex.”

Inferiority complex? You think I have an inferiority complex?” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī was furious now at Najmah Ħabīb, the young woman clerk in burqah.

“Your entire behavior is proving me right at that.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb laughed insultingly at Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī,

“There you are, Captain.”

“Well,” I interrupted, “Young women, he is my friend, and I know personally from my own knowledge that he is a competent Police Officer.”

“Well, if you say so.” they both looked at each other and laughed insultingly at Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī again.

It took a great effort to Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī, to control himself.

His face was extremely red now out of sheer shame.

The humiliation he was facing from two extremely beautiful young women was more than he could take.

The greater trouble, he was in, was that he couldn’t humiliate them in my presence, in return.

I was his friend but they said me the Hindu Husband of Musalmān Beauties!  Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam!

And Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī knew at least it was somewhat true, even if not entirely.

“You say there’s a notation on the edge of this card.” He tried to bring them to the context again.

It was the only out he could think of.

Najmah Ħabīb observed the penciled notation again, then looked at a memo book and said,

“As it happens, this particular room was reserved by Kħātūn–e-Madīnah, Al Naåeemah Al Waħāb. She is the owner of the Hotel. She telephoned instructions to have the room reserved for Al Islam Al Waħāb. She said if Al Islam Al Waħāb happened to have no baggage it was quite all right even then. The room was to be reserved for her.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī grabbed the opportunity to avoid further humiliation, if any the dames were planning,

“When did this call come in?”

“About nine-thirty. That was fifteen minutes before Al Islam Al Waħāb checked in.”

“You got enough rooms so you can deal them out like that?” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī asked somewhat suspiciously.

“When the owner herself says so,” Najmah Ħabīb smiled at him confidently, “we always keep a couple in reserve for emergencies. This was an emergency room. Officially we were all filled up.”

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī turned to Al Islam Al Waħāb,

“Do you know the owner of the Hotel?”

Al Islam Al Waħāb shook her head.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said wearily to Najmah Ħabīb,

“Give me a key. We are going up.”

Najmah Ħabīb reached in the box and handed us the key to room 1115.

Al Islam Al Waħāb walked over to the elevators with us, as calmly and as naturally as though we were her trusted friends of her own family.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī snapped the floor number at the operator and the cage shot upward.

Waħeed stopped in the corridor just outside the elevator.

His eyes were crafty,

“Which way?” he asked Al Islam Al Waħāb.

“Left.”She answered without even any slightest hesitation.

We walked down the hall to the left.

Near the end of the corridor, we came to room 1115.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī inserted the key and opened the door.

The room was fresh, the bed undisturbed.

A small handbag stood on the baggage rack.

It was there apparently in the same position as it had been placed by a bellboy.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī calmly walked over, snapped back the catches on the handbag, opened it and looked at the meager assortment of feminine wearing apparel.

“This stuffs yours?” he asked Al Islam Al Waħāb.

“Yes.” Al Islam Al Waħāb answered him contemptuously and rushed to me,

Durgesh dear, let me be properly grateful to you.”

She put her arms around my neck, embraced me, and kissed me full on my lips, deliberately ignoring the presence of Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī there.

I put my palms on her extremely beautiful Muslim buttocks, pulled her to me, and kissed her back as savagely as if she was known to me all along for a long time.

We kissed passionately each other, kissed and kissed.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī watched it with hard eyes.

“You’ve got a driving license?” ultimately, he asked her again.

Al Islam Al Waħāb didn’t try to move out of my arms around her.

“No,”she said enjoying my intimacy, “I don’t drive.”

“Social security number?”


“Any identification?”

“I’ve some cards.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked curtly, “Arrest her all over again?”

“Why not, if I can?” he smiled brutally, “She wants to prosecute me for False arrest. Why shouldn’t I try to prove that it was not a False arrest at all, if I can?”

“Want to be punished for Contempt of Court too?”

“I knew it that you’d take her side always, though you are my friend.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī laughed, “She has a Musalmān Cunt for your ravenous Hindu Penis that I don’t. Sorry to say to you that as far as Musalmān Beauties are concerned, we Musalmeen know, no Hindu is reliable. You Hindu males are heavily biased against us Musalmeen in favour of the Musalmān Beauties, only because they have beautiful Musalmān Cunts to welcome your ravenous Hindu Penises into them.”

Al Islam Al Waħāb chuckled,

“If you know that why are you fighting with us Musalmān Beauties? Why don’t you accept our right to surrender our beautiful Musalmān female bodies to whomsoever we want?”

She grabbed my Hindu Penis and squeezed it showing Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī to humiliate him further.

“There’s something cockeyed here.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said curtly.

“I fail to see it.” I announced triumphantly, humiliating him further, “This young Muslim woman has a room in a local hotel. She has baggage. She goes out on the street for a place to eat and while she’s trying to size up a suitable restaurant, you pounce on her, browbeat her, and accuse her of soliciting. Naturally her feelings toward you are somewhat less than friendly.”

“Oh, save it for the jury.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said sarcastically, “She is extremely beautiful and she is holding and squeezing your greedy Hindu Penis significantly. Enjoy sex with her. Oblige the Musalmān Beauty.”

“You want to watch us while we are having sex with each other?”Al Islam Al Waħāb smiled at him sweetly.

“I want to see to what extent the Muslim women have fallen.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī gritted through his teeth.

“Not ‘fallen’, idiot, ‘liberated’.”Al Islam Al Waħāb said curtly, OK, Durgesh darling, he wants us to watch having sex with each other. Why don’t we oblige him? I want to humiliate him as much as I can. He made me to spend a night in jail, and Vallāh! I want him to punish for it.”

She unzipped my pant and brought out my throbbing Hindu Penis.

She kissed it, licked it, then swallowed greedily into her extremely beautiful Saůūdī Årab Musalmān mouth and began to suck me vehemently.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī laughed ironically and watched us with increasing interest.

Al Islam Al Waħāb undressed me fully.

I undressed her too.

“Remember, I’m sixty, Al Islam Al Waħāb.” I smiled, “You say you are just eighteen.”

She laughed,

“Let’s show him, Durgesh darling, what a Hindu can do even at sixty to a dazzling Musalmān beauty of eighteen. He must suffer and accept the great sex prowess of Hindus with us Musalmān Beauties.”

“You are crazy.” Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī said.

“I know.” Al Islam Al Waħāb laughed humiliating Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī more and more, “You all Musalmeen are suffering from great inferiority complex as Najmah Ħabīb says. We, the entire Musalmān Beauties, have rejected you impotent Musalmeen forever now in favour of brilliant and smart Hindus. We love Hindu Penis in our Musalmān Cunts now, exclusively. You want to see it? Go ahead, and watch it, impotent!”

She sucked my Hindu Penis, showing him proudly,  more and more.

I was kissing her entire extremely beautiful Musalmān female body.

I kissed her still virgin Musalmān Cunt even.

She closed her beautiful eyes in passion when I kissed her virgin Musalmān Cunt.

Then, I made her to lie on her back.

She smiled at Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī and put her beautiful nude Musalmān legs on my shoulders with a great exhibition to him.

I positioned my throbbing Hindu Penis between her greedy Saůūdī Årab Musalmān labial lips, rubbed it there, rubbed and rubbed.

Captain Åbdul Waħeed Qurayshī was watching it with burning eyes.

Then he saw that my Hindu Penis entered Al Islam Al Waħāb’s extremely beautiful Musalmān Cunt ultimately.

Chapter 10


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