The Audacity 5

The Audacity 


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Chapter 5

Imprudent Arrogant
Nādirshāh Durrānī
A Constant Deliberate Loser

Even At 62 years of my age, I was successful in keeping myself in a great shape.

Stavans and Trishapt however, nothing else.

I had always had my choice of my extremely beautiful Musalmān women even.

That’s why most of them were so brilliant, so smart, so devoted to Islam, yet so devoted to me as well.

Of course, I fucked all of them.

And that was why they came to me too.

But I never fucked their Īmān.

And they were grateful to me for it to the extent that even fucking me invariably; they never fucked my Hindutv as well.

I had been married for 36 years now.

But my sex life was even older.

I had made a lot of money, even to the extent that I was a zillionaire now, even a multi zillionaire, as some critics called me.

I was still very young physically.

My teenager Musalmān Beauties claimed that I was 32 only, not 62 at all.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had gone to the extent even to prove it so, successfully.

But she did it using all the astute and scrupulous means, however.

So many of my successes were mainly by pumping some crucial informations out of some very pretty Wahābī Musalmān wives of some supposed Musalmān friends and business colleagues.

The dodgy business deals resulted in my being a multi millionaire first, whilst my so-called friends were left with nothing, due to their un-education /under education.

Most of the Musalmīn were still suffering from it.

They deliberately avoided ultra modern scientific education declaring it against Islam.

Actually, it was not against Islam.

It was against Pseudo Islam.

But in the post Yazīd malåūn era, Pseudo Islam itself had been preached by then Pseudo Musalmīn as the true Islam.

Millions converted into billions, billions into trillions and so on.

Now I had zillions.

I made sure the Pseudo Musalmīn’s Musalmān wives did ok when they divorced the foolish Pseudo Musalmīn, but they were more interested in the continued sex they had with me.

I was soon the owner of numerous businesses and I had various extremely beautiful Musalmān female employees who lusted after me.

Sex and money, I could provide them both, more than anybody else could.

I was extremely strong even now physically, financially and intellectually, with dark hair and a tanned physique.

I knew I was too good for my PhD Saůūdī Årab   Wahābī Musalmān wife, Saiyadah Fātimah PhD, but there was one reason above all others why I knew I could attract young, gorgeous Musalmān women who were often in long term relationships.

My women circulated rumors about my Uncut Hindu Cock, knowingly and unknowingly, both.

Some of them were true, but some of them were purely their own fantasy.

I had a 6-inch Uncut Hindu Cock when soft that grew to a fearsome 10 inches when fully erect outside.

Some of them claimed it grew two inches more inside them.

I don’t know whether it was a truth or their own fantastic imagination only.

I never tried to find it out even.

Why should I have?

I had married into a royal family and even on the morning of my wedding, I had found my Ammī in law’s mouth around my Uncut Hindu Cock 20 minutes before I entered the court.

Saiyadah Fātimah PhD didn’t know it, but almost all of her Ammīs were already sleeping with me even before our marriage.

I noticed that it was when, her ‘my Uncut Hindu Cock sucking’ Ammījān, started comparing my Uncut Hindu Cock with her Musalmān husband’s tiny two incher cut Musalmān nūnī.

I finally blasted my endless Hindu cum all into her extremely beautiful Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

My wife, Saiyadah Fātimah PhD, bore me five sons in our married life.

Despite my so many efforts, some of my Musalmān Live in relationship Partners had succeeded in making my so many sons from them, Pseudo Musalmīn.

They were themselves following Pseudo Islam.

Most of their relations too were doing the same.

I wanted all of my sons, whether Hindus or not, to take over and inherit the family businesses.

Alas, their Ammīs, Māmūs and Nānās were obstacles in the way.

My so many Pseudo Musalmīn sons hated me that I was a Hindu and still enjoying their Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Ammīs and countless extraordinary Musalmān Beauties.

Nādirshāh Durrānī was also one of them.

I had named him Varchésh, but the name was used only by his Ammīs and me now.

For all the practical purposes, he was Nādirshāh Durrānī now.

He was ashamed of himself that I was his father.

He opposed me openly invariably.

Durrānī was his maternal surname he adopted deliberately.

His Ammī’s surname I mean.

Her name was Kħālidah Aħmadshāh Durrānī.

Her Abbū, Imām Aħmadshāh Durrānī named my son Varchésh, Nādirshāh Durrānī.

A modern Rāvañ?

I prayed Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā not to let me see any such result.

But, the fact was, Nādirshāh Durrānī, led Pakistan now in so many movements against India and Hindus.

He hated India and Hindus more, than he hated even me.

Kħālidah Aħmadshāh Durrānī was very ashamed of herself that she could not make Nādirshāh Durrānī Varchésh again.

It was only when the two of us were in the showers, after I had easily defeated my 19 year old son at squash, that I noticed that my son had clearly inherited the dominant genes of my wife’s family which had resulted in my son having a mere stub of a dick.

I tried not to chuckle at all the things my son would miss out on that I had enjoyed.

He could have cured it by being ardent in Stavans and Trishapt.

But he chose to practice Pseudo Islam instead of Hindutv.

He had deliberately chosen thus a life of loser, unknowingly and unscrupulously as well.

It was when my son mentioned, as we left the shower, that he finally had a girlfriend that I couldn’t help but think “poor girl”, she would prefer this – as I dried my huge Uncut Hindu Prick.

Two weeks later, she enjoyed her first sample of Nādirshāh Durrānī’s Hindu father’s supreme offering.

Sadly, for Nādirshāh Durrānī, that was quickly the end of their relationship.

Saåīdah Abu Ħasan preferred me on my Musalmān son, Nādirshāh Durrānī, formerly Varchésh.

She enjoyed me more inside her than she enjoyed Nādirshāh Durrānī.

Nādirshāh Durrānī was running one of my businesses in Pakistan.

I had so many of them around the entire globe everywhere, in every country without even any single exception.

My money, brain and my Ever-Increasing Bhogchakr were doing the miracles.

However, Nādirshāh Durrānī was doing a great job, in Pakistan in business.

It was a MNC, a Multi National Company, named Kħālidah Durgesh Constructions.

Nādirshāh Durrānī had hired an accountant, Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī.

Her job was to make sure; the financial side of the things was done properly.

Yet Nādirshāh Durrānī had also hired her, secretly, because she had the longest, sexiest legs and the best Pakistani Sunni Musalmān butt he had ever seen.

The third reason Nādirshāh Durrānī had hired Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was, Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was his Māmū Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī’s daughter.

Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī wanted Nādirshāh Durrānī to marry his daughter Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī.

Nādirshāh Durrānī was determined to have a successful relationship after a series of failures – unknown to him, all caused by his Hindu father’s Supreme Uncut Hindu Cock.

He told me how happy he was when Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī started going out with him and that they had been going out for a month.

I looked her up on the business website and swallowed hard.

How could my imprudent arrogant Pakistani Sunni Musalmān son have landed this ever-cheating extremely shrewd entirely selfish Pseudo Musalmān  girl?

She had long blonde hair, an incredibly pretty face and deep intelligent brown eyes that one could quickly fall in love with.

I had also heard on the grapevine about her figure.

I made sure, through an indiscreet secretary I employed for such purposes, that Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī got to hear about her Musalmān boyfriend’s Hindu father but in particular about my legendary Uncut Hindu Cock.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was perilous for my son Varchésh, Nādirshāh Durrānī or whatsoever; he wanted his name to be.

Nādirshāh Durrānī’s Māmū, Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī, was after his Bhānjā’s well-established Company through his daughter.

He was playing a deeper game.

Even his younger sister, my Live in relationship Partner, Kħālidah Aħmadshāh Durrānī, doubted his elder brother’s utterly selfish intentions.

“Save our son, Durgesh. He is a fool.”

“He has vowed to defeat his own father.” I said curtly, “Have you heard?”

“He is a fool, imprudent and arrogant.” Kħālidah Aħmadshāh Durrānī said heatedly.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī laughed.

There had to be some mistake as her boyfriend had the smallest dick she had ever seen and she already knew the relationship was doomed.

“I’m surprised why most of the Musalmīn are losing their manhood nowadays so fast.”Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī laughed at her equally shrewd, scrupulous and selfish friend Kulsoom Humāyūn.

Kulsūm Humāyūn winked at Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī.
“They were never a man, you idiot.”
“Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī laughed.
“Hey, you? Stop it. I know you are enjoying an Indian Uncut Hindu Lund now in your Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.”
“You know my foot.” Kulsūm Humāyūn rebuked her, “Every Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot is enjoying an Indian Uncut Hindu Lund now, and perhaps always even.”
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī laughed at her friend’s almost frustrated lewdness.
“Only Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choots? What about Pakistani Shiå Musalmān Choots ? What about Pakistani Aħmadī Musalmān Choots? You mean they are more patriotic, more loyal to Pakistan than we are?”
“They are not Musalmān even. Shiå Kāfir. Aħmadī Kāfir.”
“I’m talking of their loyalties, their patriotism for Pakistan.”
“And I am talking of their Īmān.”

Today I turned up at the office at 4 pm finally to meet Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī.
I found my son under a pile of papers moaning that he would be stuck in the office for hours.
Nādirshāh Durrānī dropped into the conversation that Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī had gone home early.
I decided it might be a good idea to stop by at my son’s house on the way home.
I called my ‘wife’, my Pakistani Live in relationship Partner, Kħālidah Aħmad Shāh Durrānī, to say I was in a meeting and would be a bit late.
“I asked you to protect our son’s interests in the Company and you are—”
“Kħālidah, have faith in me. Will you, please?”
“If Varchésh loses control I won’t forgive you ever.”
“I know Sālī. Believe me I don’t love him less.”
“He is practicing Pseudo Islam.”
“It doesn’t change the eternal fact that he is our son. Does it?”
“Certainly not.” She was all tears now, “Thank you. And Durgesh,—”
“I’m sorry if I was rude somewhat. Please forgive me.”
“Oh, it’s alright. I understand. You are his Ammī. But you forget that I’m his father—his real father.”
“Yes darling. I’m sorry already. Forgive our foolish and arrogant son.”
I sighed.
“Don’t worry, Kħālidah. I’m his father.”

Nādirshāh Durrānī found that his paperwork only took him a couple of hours.
He turned up at home at just after six and was surprised but pleased to see my Mercedes there.

As he unlocked the front door, I pushed another 3 inches of my huge Uncut Hindu Cock down Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī ‘s throat and looked down at this gorgeous young Musalmān woman who looked amazing as she desperately worshipped the biggest Uncut Hindu Cock she had ever seen.
I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes of her legs when I first arrived and the flirting had been intense.
Her tight miniskirt and bare tanned legs had me throbbing in my trousers and I had not attempted to hide it.
Why the hell should have I?
It was my ever best weapon against inhumanity, my Brahmāstr.
I was proud of it.
Why shouldn’t I?

When she saw my 9 or 10 inch ever erect Uncut Hindu Cock fall out of my trousers she had attempted to be cool by saying, “I have seen bigger”.
She wasn’t saying that now I thought as she fought with 12 inches of rock hard Uncut Hindu Cock whilst her hand worshipped the base of my Uncut Hindu Cock and my huge balls.

I was all alert as I heard the door.
I had a lot of experience of nearly being caught and it was more annoyance that I would have to hurry up rather than fear which caused me to pause.
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was also frustrated.
She wanted to be fucked but now she had been caught.

I called down to my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī, from the bedroom:
“I am just helping Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī with a little problem she has.”
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was coming up for air and had to stifle a laugh.
Nādirshāh Durrānī’s tiny dick was certainly a problem and my Hindu monster was the perfect solution.
“We will be down in 5 minutes” I added.

With no reason to distrust me Nādirshāh Durrānī put the TV on and called up,
“Fine, see you soon.”

I smiled an arrogant smile down at my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī’s girlfriend and said,
“Let me see whether I can fix that problem for you, Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī “.
With that I started to pound my huge Uncut Hindu Cock down her throat.
She looked so pretty as she stared into my eyes and worshipped my Hindu tool.

Ten minutes later Nādirshāh Durrānī thought he heard a bang upstairs and called up:
“Are you two nearly finished, Sal, are you ok.”

The banging had been the headboard hitting the wall hard as I thrust my Uncut Hindu Cock hard down her throat and was preparing to cum.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī pulled my Uncut Hindu Lund out of her mouth to answer but as she opened her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth to call him, I pushed my Uncut Hindu Lund back in.
She looked worried but I calmly called down:
“We are fine, Nādir. I underestimated the size of the problem but we will be down soon. Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī just has something in her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth right now.”

Innocently Nādirshāh Durrānī thought I meant food and returned to the TV.
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī could see and feel it twitching and throbbing and knew I was close.
What Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī didn’t know was that I prided myself on being able to cum on demand but could control myself when on the very edge for ages.
I enjoyed that feeling more than any other.
What I wasn’t counting on was what Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was about to say as she came up for air:
“You could fit 20 of my tiny little things into this monster. I am never touching Nādirshāh Durrānī’s inadequate little cut Musalmān nūnī again.”
The comparison reminded me of the wedding day and just like that day the result was the same.
I let out a grunt and Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī saw the end of my Uncut Hindu Lund flare dangerously and throb out of control.
“I bet Durgesh, you come more than Nādirshāh Durrānī does, too” she added.
She was right.

The first blast lasted 10 seconds.
I emptied myself into her mouth like letting off a pressurized firehose.
The jet plastered her mouth inside entirely.
I smiled.
” Nādirshāh Durrānī doesn’t cum that much in a month,” she said and giggled.
I smiled.
She has no idea how much I cum I thought to myself .
I put my throbbing Uncut Hindu Cock in her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth and started to cum again.
Just 4 inches, the rest she worshipped with her hands.
She swallowed desperately for 30 seconds as my balls released their charm.
Allah, God, she wanted to be fucked by me.
I had tried to control the pace of my release so that she could cope with the volume but there was only so much Hindu cum one Musalmān woman can swallow.
I slid my slick Uncut Hindu Cock into her mouth and the size of it dwarfed her as she licked it.

“Watch” I said. “Watch how my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī’s pretty Musalmān girlfriend makes me cum. Nādirshāh Durrānī! He called downstairs. At the same time my Uncut Hindu Cock started to cum.”
I was in heaven as I saw her transfixed on the weapon which had given me an advantage over every man I met, including my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī.

“Come upstairs. Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī has been busy and I am very impressed with her.”

As Nādirshāh Durrānī reached the foot of the stairs I had been cuming for a minute and a half and shots were still landing into her pretty Musalmān mouth.
She wondered what her boyfriend would make of the scene.

I finished ejaculating as Nādirshāh Durrānī reached the top of the stairs – 15 yards from the bedroom door.
“I never get caught” I whispered and stood up.
I pushed my huge Uncut Hindu Lund into my trousers – it was still hard and was pressing against me over my trousers.
Yet, as my shirt fell over, it was only slightly visible.
I grabbed a document from my briefcase which hid my chest and met my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī, at the door.
“We need to discuss this document whilst Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī gets ready for dinner,” I said as I directed my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī, to the office and caught my breath. “I am not sure she will still be hungry though after the amount of nuts and seeds she has gulped down this afternoon.” I said.
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī overheard me, smiled and scooped some of my more Hindu cum into her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth!
Half an hour later, Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī entered the dining room to have dinner with her boyfriend and me.
My Musalmān wife had been delighted to hear from her Hindu husband that I was making the effort to spend time with our Musalmān son when I had telephoned her to tell her where I was.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī had dressed to impress for dinner – but sadly not to impress her boyfriend.
Her pretty Musalmān mouth had just been fucked senseless by my huge 12 inch weapon and she was desperate for me now to fuck her properly.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī ‘s tight miniskirt revealed all of her long tanned legs and her top emphasized the firmness of her b cup tits as they were pushing out of a wonder bra.
By the time we sat down for dinner I could feel my Uncut Hindu Cock pressing hard against my trousers and Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī was prudent enough whilst chatting with her boyfriend to reach under the table with her left hand, unzip her boyfriend’s father’s trousers and release my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

I had to be careful that it didn’t spring above the level of the table and into full sight for my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī, to view.
I knew, as my hands slid all over Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī ‘s long legs that I was going to find a way to fuck her very soon.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī wanked me hard under the table and it turned us both on to chat away with Nādirshāh Durrānī who was quite oblivious to what was going on under the table.

As Nādirshāh Durrānī got up to take the plates to the kitchen we knew we would have a couple of minutes alone.
I let my weapon spring above the level of the table and Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī lowered her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth over it and at the same time cupped my huge balls with both hands.
I could last for hours when I needed to, but here I had only a couple of minutes.
I quickly lifted Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī off my Uncut Hindu Cock and placed her face down on the table.
I spread her fantastic legs apart and my huge Hindu weapon easily found its way past her thong and into her.
It slid 7 inches inside her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot on my first Hindu thrust and Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī grunted with immense unanticipated pleasure.
“How can you live with my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī’s 2 inches?” I said as I gradually pushed the remaining 5 inches into her and smiled as she had 3 orgasms before I was fully inside her.

“I can’t” she replied breathlessly. “I need your huge Uncut Hindu Cock. Allah, God, fuck me you Hindu stud”.
I built the pace up slowly so as not to hurt her but I smiled in satisfaction as I reached ramming speed and looked at my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī’s girlfriend’s fantastic Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān ass and legs clamped around my huge Hindu piston.
Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī needed to stuff a napkin in her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth to stop herself screaming with her intense female Musalmān lust and pleasure.

I called through to the kitchen:

“Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī and I have been chatting. I was very impressed with the work she did for me upstairs and I have offered her a promotion to work with me as my personal accountant. Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī agrees with me that her current position with you does not stretch her enough.”

I smiled down at her, thrust my huge Uncut Hindu Cock back into her and felt I could cum at any moment if I needed to.

“This is something we should discuss Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī, Dad, I will be through in a minute,” Nādirshāh Durrānī called.

I said quietly to Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī, “You know how much I cum. I better start now. Prepare to be filled.”

I, on demand, started spurting my hot Hindu seed deepest into her.

“I am going to take you on all my business trips, Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī , so you better get used to this.”

I continued to spurt my endless Hindu cum deepest inside her.

One minute later I pulled my still throbbing Uncut Hindu Dick out of her.
Two huge ribbons of cum shot across the room and landed behind the door before Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī could get her intensely beautiful ardent Musalmān mouth over the monster and started to swallow the last few powerful shots.
I heard footsteps through the hall and pressed Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī’s head down hard, on my Uncut Hindu Cock so that it was safely below the level of the table.
I looked into my son, Nādirshāh Durrānī’s eyes as he walked into the room.
I released shot after shot of the remainder of the contents of my huge balls down Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī ‘s throat.
I was somehow able to calmly say, “Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī has gone to the bathroom but could you make us all coffee before I go home.”

“Sure, Dad,” Nādirshāh Durrānī said and turned to go back to the kitchen.

Sāliħah Naåīmuddīn Shāh Durrānī came up for air looking like a gorgeous babe who had just been fucked at both ends – which was what she was.

“Wow, I’m dumping Nādirshāh Durrānī, as long as I have this, I’m happy” she said grabbing my still hard Uncut Hindu Lund.

“Not tonight though darling, I want to be 12 inches inside of you tomorrow when you tell me on the phone that I have the ever best Uncut Hindu Lund and you are dumping Nādirshāh Durrānī for a better man.”

I smiled and looked forward to tomorrow, and all my future business trips with her tanned toned Musalmān legs wrapped around me.

Chapter 6


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