The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-45

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 45

Al Raħmān Al Åbbās family

Durgesh Al Saåīdah Al Zāfar

Durgesh Al Asmā Al Salmān

It was too wonderful to stop.

Saåīdah Zāfar dropped her gown, and pulled it closed hiding me from view.

Knowing My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān,  was only a few feet away from me, while I was hidden under My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter’s silk gown, pounding vehemently her Panjvaqtah Namāzī young adult Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy with my utmost experienced Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Cock, in public, was probably the single most erotic experience anyone has ever had.

“Are you okay, Al Saåīdah Al Zāfar? You seem flushed. Why are you breathing so hard? Where’s our family Sex Therapist Anant Muslimātchod Hindu, Durgesh?” she asked Saåīdah Zāfar as I tried to move as little as possible while continuing to fuck her.

Durgesh is doing his duty. Ammījān.” Al Saåīdah Al Zāfar smiled bravely.


Sālī Just eighteen Just Adult.

What a brave girl.

I never knew she was so cunning.

She was tricking her own ever cunning Ammī, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān.

She was fucking me right under her nose.

In front of her Ammī’s own very eyes.

Yet, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān didn’t know.

“What do you mean?” Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān asked somewhat angrily.

Durgesh is doing Sex Therapy.”


“A wife needed him. He is coming soon.”

“A wife?”

“tortured sexually by her inconsiderate Musalmān husband.”

“Every Musalmān husband is inconsiderate. You don’t need to add the adjective ‘Musalmān’.”

Al Saåīdah Al Zāfar had wrapped her nude beautiful Musalmān legs around my nude Hindu waist tightly so that I couldn’t move it up and down.

My sixty seven years old Uncut Hindu Lund was entirely buried now into Al Saåīdah Al Zāfar’s Just eighteen Just Adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.

Yet, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān didn’t know it.

She couldn’t see what was happening under the gown of her Just eighteen Just Adult daughter.

“We were walking over by the woods and a skunk started to chase us. We had to run our asses off to avoid getting sprayed.” Saåīdah Zāfar said between gasps as I throbbed my immense experienced Uncut Hindu Lund into her Musalmān Choot without movement my waist.

She constricted her vaginal muscles gratefully around my Uncut Hindu Cock.

I heard her saying,

“Ammī, umm my…my legs are a bit un…unsteady. C…c…can you go get me a co…coke. I need th……the sugar aaaaa…nd the caffeine.”

“Sure honey.” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, said, heading to the vending machines around the corner.

Once my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, walked away, Saåīdah Zāfar whispered “Hurry Durgesh, I’m so close to cumming. I can’t wait. Finish me off. Fuck my pussy and fill it with your Hindu  cum my Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā.”

“Sālī Badmåsh, you misled my Bhābhījān.” I smiled fucking her vehemently.

“You fuck your Bhābhījāns. Wow.”

“They aren’t my real Bhābhījāns.” I told her.

“Nevertheless, they are your friends’ wives.”

“They pay me monthly heavy amounts in fee to take care of their beautiful Musalmān wives sexually. Your Abbū, Al Muħammad Al Zāfar too isn’t any different.”

I started to fuck my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter as hard as I could.

With one of my hands, I reached behind her, found her other crack, and began to explore this new area until I found what I was looking for.

Simultaneously fucking her hard and I started playing with her beautiful gorgeous Just eighteen Just Adult Musalmān buttocks.

She gasped and her body went rigid.

A second later, I rewarded her with a flood of my Hindu cream as her legs began to shake.

She grabbed my waist and mashed it against her sexpot.

Her Musalmān Cunt swallowed every drop it could and kept my Hindu nectar in the reservoir between her beautiful smooth Musalmān thighs.

Suddenly we heard my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, returning, so I stood up and marched around the corner out of sight.

I went into the mens’ room and looked at my Uncut Hindu Cock in the mirror.

It was covered in wonderful smelling teen Musalmān pussy cream, made all the better because I got it fresh from my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter.

I reluctantly washed it to hide the evidence of my infidelity from my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān.

Returning to the car, my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, and daughter were nowhere to be found.

I opened the passenger door and sat down to wait for them, wondering what they were doing.

Several minutes later, my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, showed up at the car sans daughter.

“Where’s Saåīdah Zāfar?” I ask concerned.

“She went to the bathroom.” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, said coldly.

“Something wrong?” I asked worried that My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter confessed what we did to My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, and she was processing it.*

I didn’t have anything going on.

I assumed I’d be able to get a look at Nādirah Åzīm’s friend Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān in her skimpy Halloween outfit.

I figured, why not?

“Sure, yār. It’s not as if I’m doing anything tonight, and I don’t want Nādirah Åzīm to miss out on something she’s been waiting for. Do I need a costume or something, though?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah, Dad. Just wear the one I got. I haven’t even worn it yet, and we’re similar builds so it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for doing this for me. Your temporary Bahū Bégum cum ultimate Musalmān wife will really appreciate it.”
“We don’t have any extramarital affair.” I said curtly, “Yes, Farīdah Imām etcetera are countless my Musalmān stepdaughters in law are my wives now. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean my every Musalmān stepdaughter in law has extramarital affair with me.”

Al Muħammad Al Raħmān smiled ironically.

“I haven’t any objection at all even if your temporary Bahū Bégum cum ultimate Musalmān wife declares her live in relationship with you publicly. Everyone already believes in your extramarital affairs with your entire temporary Bahū Bégum cum ultimate Musalmān wives. No need to hide it from me.”

Al Muħammad Al Raħmān, you…”

“Dad, will you do this favor to your Musalmān stepson or not?”

I smiled curtly.

“Okay. No problem. When am I supposed to be there?”
“Try to get there by six. I have to leave real soon, so I’ll leave the rest to you. Here’s the address. Have fun!” Al Muħammad Al Raħmān said, picking up my coat and briefcase, handing me the address before heading out the door.*

Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān turned and looked at me “How could you leave my daughter all alone after that experience?” she sounded annoyed.

I was confused for a second, then I remembered the cover story Saåīdah Zāfar used.

“She said she was fine and Pepe Le Peu scared the bejesus out of me. If I hadn’t run to the bathroom, my clothes would be unwearable.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

I was saved from answering when Saåīdah Zāfar walked around the corner.

I swung my legs into the car and My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān,  held Saåīdah Zāfar’s hand as she climbed in.

Saåīdah Zāfar sat on my left leg, with her legs over my right leg sitting almost sideways.

My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, walked around the car and started it.

“Wait, I left my soda on the roof”, Saåīdah Zāfar yelled, and jumped out of the car, before I could close the door.

I watched as she winked at me, put a single finger against her full pouty lips, and began to quickly strip out of her gown.

I was puzzled when she stood there naked for several seconds letting me look at her extremely beautiful Just eighteen Just Adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body, not as my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter, but as a desirable Musalmān woman I have fucked and still was going to fuck, and fuck soon.

Saåīdah Zāfar sat in the same position as before and I could see everything.

Her pussy was completely clean shaven and her lips were engorged and shiny from her earlier orgasm.

Her nipples were painfully erect and were ripe for being kissed.

Once she was in position, she draped the gown over us like a blanket, hiding anything we were doing from prying eyes, if there were any.

As soon as we were back on the interstate, her hand pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick out of my shorts and began to stroke it.

I leaned in and kissed her again as my hands began to freely explore her now entirely naked young Musalmān body.

We kissed, as my hands got intimately familiar with the flesh of her stomach and breasts.

My other hand was fondling her pussy that was still saturated in her Musalmān girl cream and my Hindu semen.

She broke the kiss and put her head on my shoulder, just as she did when she was a little girl.

The mock innocence of the gesture and the taboo nature of our behavior was a huge turn on.

Saåīdah Zāfar whispered to me.

“Take your shorts off Durgesh, I want the Uncut Hindu Cock that made me a woman from a girl to fill me again forever.”

I had to bite my tongue hard to stop myself from cumming when I heard those words and her warm breath on my ear. She lifted herself off me, and I lifted myself off the seat so we worked together to slide my shorts down my legs freeing my Uncut Hindu Cock and balls for her.

She pulled the dress aside and took a good look at my Uncut Hindu Dick.

She gasped and whispered in my ear,

Durgesh, it’s so big. I’ve never had before anything that big in my teenage Musalmān Cunt. I don’t know if it will fit again, but I wanna try.”

Before she could shift positions, I took advantage of the Moment.

Bringing my hand down, I captured her nipple and squeezed it.

She gasped in delight, as I squeezed it hard.

My another hand found her other breast which was still covered.

I began to pinch and yank on her nipple.

I could tell she loved it by the sounds she was making and the way her cream was gushing out of her body.

Her words didn’t register right away because I was preoccupied with not blasting my cum from job I was getting, not to mention enjoying the sensation of one nipple in my one hand, one in another, and my Uncut Hindu Cock playing with her sticky sweet Musalmān hole.

When her words penetrated the fog of lust shrouding my brain, I swelled with pride.

I knew I was unusually large.

What man doesn’t want to be told he has the biggest Uncut Hindu Dick his partner has ever seen.

Releasing her nipple from my hand, she carefully lifted herself off my leg and pushed my legs together.

She put one leg on each side of mine and grabbing my Uncut Hindu Cock, she slowly lowered herself towards it.

I was fighting not to cum too soon.

I didn’t want to explode before I had time to really enjoy her teenage Musalmān pussy to the extent she wanted.

As her extremely beautiful Just eighteen Just Adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body descended toward my Uncut Hindu shaft, Star Trek popped into my head.

As Family friend and my friend’s daughter we were about to break the final frontier again, now forever.

Then I felt it.

Her pussy had made contact again.

She paused and took a deep breath.

My head was twisted at a weird angle so I could watch my Uncut Hindu Cock enter My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter again, now forever as she declared.

She grabbed my Uncut Hindu Dick more firmly, and began to lower herself.

I gasped as I was enveloped in her velvety warm wet Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān slit.

She paused and lifted herself up a bit leaving only the head inside her.

With a loud sigh, she lowered herself taking my entire Uncut Hindu shaft.

My hands gripped the tops of her thighs, holding her in place.

“Don’t move unless you want this to end real quickly,” I breathe into her ear.

I lay my head back against the headrest and breathe deeply trying reducing my balls from boiling to simmer.

I began to mentally review client data from work to take my mind off the unbelievable ashvinātam pleasure coursing through my body.

After several minutes, I had myself somewhat under control and released Saåīdah Zāfar’s thighs.

My hands slid up her body to her breasts which I began to squeeze and rub, whispering in her ear,

“Go ahead baby; fuck your Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā Durgesh. Ride Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock  until he fills his friend’s little Musalmān girl’s Just eighteen Just Adult Musalmān Cunt with the same cream that gave life to everyone.”

Saåīdah Zāfar shuddered in a mini orgasm at my words.

She began to rotate her hips on my Uncut Hindu Dick as she surrendered to the passion that consumed us both.

I thrust into her, my movements limited by her weight on top of me, but any movement increased the pleasure I was feeling.

Saåīdah Zāfar began to match my powerful Hindu thrusts as we sped down the highway.

“Hey, you guys want a bite to eat? There’s a 24 hour drive thru at the next exit.”

“I could go for a nice big, hot, thick, juicy, wiener. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.” Saåīdah Zāfar replied, “And a thick, white, creamy milkshake to wash it down with.”

My Uncut Hindu Dick jumped at her words knowing what she was really saying.

While Saåīdah Zāfar was talking with her mother, she never stopped sliding her tight Musalmān Cunt on my Uncut Hindu Dick.

“What about you, Durgesh? You want somethin’ to eat?”

“What I want isn’t on the menu of any drive thru!” I replied.

My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter giggled and her Musalmān pussy muscles squeezed my Uncut Hindu Dick as she continued to rock her hips.

“Well when we get home, maybe that can be on the menu.” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, said.

“No more sex jokes please.” Saåīdah Zāfar said in a teasing tone, “I can’t fuckin’ take much more, and if you keep it up, I just might cum up with my own.” I made my Uncut Hindu Dick jump inside her to let her know I got her reference.

My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, laughed as she took the exit and followed the signs to the restaurant. “Seriously Durgesh, you want something?”

“Actually I have a sudden craving for a banana cream pie and a cream soda.”

“What!” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, said as My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughters laughter clues her in on the pun.

“Are you for real?” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, asked as Saåīdah Zāfar’s body shook with laughter making her tight teen Musalmān Cunt  spasm on my Uncut Hindu Dick.

“No! I’ll have a large order of onion rings, and a 7up.” then I whispered in Saåīdah Zāfar’s ear, “I have my wiener up your onion ring.” She moaned or groaned, I wasn’t sure but she kept riding my Uncut Hindu Dick as I played with her nipples that were so hard they could cut diamonds.

My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, pulled up to the speaker and placed our orders.

Then we pulled up to the window and waited for our food.

While waiting, I saw a video camera mounted on a pole pointing into our car.

“Hey baby want to put on a show for these poor fools stuck at work I said pointing to the camera.”

Saåīdah Zāfar looked up and seeing the camera she whipped the gown off our bodies and dropped it to the floor, exposing her whole body to the camera.

I moaned in pleasure and began to rock my hips to increase the joggle of her naked breasts, as she began to ham up her pleasure for the camera.

Several times, she pushed herself up so hard that my Uncut Hindu Cock escaped her warm wanton folds exposing my Uncut Hindu Dick to the lucky person monitoring the feed.

After several minutes of our public lewdness, I heard the cashier said,

“Here’s most of your food, just waiting on the onion rings to finish cooking. It’ll be another minute or so.”

Saåīdah Zāfar pushed herself off my hard Uncut Hindu Dick once again exposing me to the camera.

Somehow, she was able to turn her body around so she was facing me.

She put one knee on each side of my body and lowered herself onto my cock.

I gasped as her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy swallowed my Uncut Hindu Dick again.

As she began to furiously ride me making sure to come up high enough that the camera would record my Uncut Hindu Dick coated in her Musalmān juices fucking her Musalmān Cunt.

“Cum for me, Durgesh. I want you to cum on camera. I want the loser who’s stuck watching that camera to see my Durgesh‘s Hindu cum blast out of his big hard Uncut Hindu Dick, all over into my Musalmān ass and Musalmān Cunt in that order strictly.”

That was all it took.

I pulled my Uncut Hindu Dick out of her cunt, felt her trap it between her wonderfully firm Musalmān ass cheeks and keep the friction going as I bit my lip to keep from grunting.

As my Uncut Hindu Dick convulsed and shot hot cum into my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter’s back. The first blast landed between her shoulder blades, and started to run down her spine.

Each powerful blast landed on her back as my body spasmed in orgasm.

Just as the last of my load oozed out onto her ass cheeks, we started to pull away from the drive through.

I waved at the camera and Saåīdah Zāfar twisted around and blew it a kiss.

“For the third goddamn time, can one of you take this food!” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān’s annoyed voice came over the present that was acting as a barrier between her and the taboo fuck fest that My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter and I had been involved in for almost an hour.

“Oh sorry honey I was daydreaming and I think Saåīdah Zāfar fell asleep.” I replied reaching over to take the bags from her hand.

Saåīdah Zāfar had her hands wrapped around my neck and was holding me tight, on the verge of her orgasm.

If her Ammī hadn’t spoken at just that Moment, she would have been wracked with pleasure right now.

“Soon baby, soon, Durgesh will make you happy.” he just gripped me tighter and started to kiss my neck as I pulled out the food we had ordered. I put our drinks in the cup holders, figuring Missy had kept hers. Then I took out my onion rings, and her hot dog. Looking in the bag, I saw all that was left was a Large soft pretzel with a few packs of mustard and some cheese sauce.

Handing Missy’s food back to her, I said, “Thanks for this babe it really hits the spot.” While using some napkins to wipe my Hindu cum from my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter’s back.

“Yes it’s just what I wanted” Saåīdah Zāfar said as I cleaned her up.

“You guys are acting weird. You got a hot dog and onion rings and are acting like it’s Beef Stroganoff.” Missy said as we get back on the highway to finish our journey home.

“All the action wore me out.” Saåīdah Zāfar said. “I really needed a protein injection.”

“Saåīdah Zāfar!” My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, said in mock horror.

“I must be tired. I’m starting to make sex jokes like you guys.” she said rubbing her ass on my Uncut Hindu Dick.

“Besides babe, when we get home you can be the one Stroganoff the beef.”

Durgesh!” Saåīdah Zāfar said sounding just like her Ammī, and all three of us cracked up.

While we were all joking around, I secretly slipped an onion ring around one end of my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s daughter’s hot dog, and found another one that was the perfect size for an idea I had.

Saåīdah Zāfar squirmed around so she would be facing forward, and I handed her the hot dog.

She looked at it in puzzlement.

“My wiener, your Ammīs Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy and it goes in your mouth.” I whisper to her.

She didn’t say anything, but the way her naked Musalmān pussy began to rub on my Uncut Hindu Cock  told me she loved the idea.

“Go on baby! Show me what you want to do to Durgesh‘s Uncut Hindu Dick as it fucks your Ammī’s still extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.”

She licked the hot dog where it over hung the bun, right next to the onion ring.

I sighed as I envisioned this happening at home.

I had never before seen someone eat a hot dog so erotically.

I would never be able to visit a Nathans without getting a boner, but it was worth it.

Once she finished that, I was hard again and her pussy was resting right on top of my Uncut Hindu Dick, her lips hugging the shaft.

I wasn’t inside her, but my Uncut Hindu Cock  was still between her Just eighteen Just Adult Musalmān lips.

Durgesh, your hot Uncut Hindu Dick is rubbing my Musalmān clit.” she said rocking her hips on me to finish herself off.

It didn’t take long before she grunted and started to writhe around having finally reached the climax that had been building since we left the rest area almost an hour ago.

When she had control of her own body again, she leaned back against me. Sighing she said,

“How long before we get home?”

“About 20 or 30 minutes,” Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān  replied.

Durgesh, can I eat your last onion ring?”

“It’s all yours, baby.” I replied loud enough for My friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān, to hear.

Then in a low voice only she can hear,

“I saved it for you…” I picked it up with my left hand and reached for her left hand with my right.

Taking her left hand in my right, I held up the onion ring and slid it onto her ring finger. “…with this ring, I thee bed.” I paraphrased the famous line we had heard just a few hours ago.

Durgesh?” she said looking at her finger and then me.

“That is my promise that you will always be welcome to join me in my bed, no matter what.”

“Oh Durgesh,” she said as tears filled her eyes. “ I’ve wanted to be your lover since I was 15, and was always jealous of Ůzrah thinking you two were lovers.”

I kissed the top of her head and whispered,

“I’ve never made this sort of love to anyone but your Ammī since she got married to your Abbū, until tonight…well, except that one night on our honeymoon, but that’s another story. No woman has ever filled me recently with the passion, the desire, the animal lust as you did tonight. I promise you that one night soon our little fantasy will happen.”

Saåīdah Zāfar twisted around and kissed me on the mouth her tongue even more aggressive than the first time we kissed.

My cock which had started to get erect shot to full size in record time.

Breaking the kiss, she said,

“No Durgesh! We can’t. You need to take care of Ammī when we get home.”

I knew she was right, but I still wanted to fuck her tight wet Musalmān twat now as much as she wanted.

I resigned myself to playing with her tits as we turned off the interstate and begin the journey through the surface streets to our house.

While I squeezed and fondled Saåīdah Zāfar’s breasts she kept lightly rubbing my Uncut Hindu Cock, to keep it hard and ready for my friend, Muħammad Zāfar’s wife, Al Asmā Al Salmān Bhābhījān,  when we got home.

Saåīdah Zāfar knew just how to touch me to keep me hard and horny without going so far that it would lead to another blast of cum on her naked Musalmān skin.

Turning onto our street, less than a mile from our house, Saåīdah Zāfar went into a panic.

Her dress was on the floor, and there was no way either of us could reach it to cover up and my shorts were around my ankles and under her gown.

What the hell are we going to do?” she asked as our house came into view.

Chapter 46


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