Mid Term 2012 Revised: 1

Mid Term 2012


Chapter 1

Durgesh Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad
Durgesh Kħadījah Muħammad

Muhammad Zahīr hadn’t another alternative.
Until now, it was okay.
Now what the hell could he do?
How the hell could he convince Durgesh to fuck his daughter in law, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad?
He remembered his past.
Being three years older than me, Muhammad Zahīr was born in 1946.
Durgesh always teased him that he was born a slave.
“I will fight the election only if I get ticket from BJP.”Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad said gravely.
Muħammad Aqīl laughed.
“She is crazy, Abbū. She knows she can’t win.”
BJP isn’t coming into power, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad.” Muhammad Zahīr said patiently.
“I am not claiming that BJP would alone come into power.” Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad smiled, “I am talking of NDA.”
“And what about IAC, India Against Corruption?”*

Muħammad Aqīl smiled.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad was twenty-eight only, yet she had joined Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad recently.
His Ammī, Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī, was furious.
She never wanted her daughter in law to compete with her in politics.
Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī had successfully defeated her husband, Muhammad Zahīr, usually.
“You are a damn fool, Muhammad Zahīr.” Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī used to smile at him, “You could never understand the so called Indian National Congress has always cheated not only us Musalmīn, it has cheated all of us Indians too.”
“I do agree with Ammījān.” Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad interfered entering there.
Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī was an ultramodern Musalmān Beauty, a PhD in ‘Modern Musalmān Women’.
Yet, she never supported Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad’s social and political emancipation.
She wanted her to live in the house at least in the thoroughly orthodox traditional way.
Moreover, Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī was very strict in the matter.
She never allowed Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad, her Bahū Begum, her daughter in law, to wear ultramodern dresses in the house.
After all, Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī was the Lady of the House.
She was a multi millionaire.
Muhammad Zahīr was only a millionaire.
He was actually a retired government official.
Even his million was inherited by him, from his Abbū.*

Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad’s sex life was more or less satisfactory.
Muhammad Aqīl used to be out of home on business tours and Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad used to be alone very often.
He was also not so strict and had granted Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad freedom.
As her mother in law also had sex with Durgesh openly, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad could experience some sort of freedom.
There were only Muhammad Aqīl, her daughter, her father in law, Muhammad Zahīr, Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad and I living together.
Her mother in law Ħabībah Isrār Qurayshī was interested in active politics.
As she went away to campaign for her Parliamentary seat in the sudden Midterm 2012, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad was the only lady in the house and had no one to comment on her.
Then Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad brought changes on her especially in her dressing.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad loved wearing saree but not covering all her extremely beautiful young excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body parts.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad started wearing sexy and transparent sarees that Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad was forbidden before wearing it.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad bought sexy blouses having strings at back that exposed her backs.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad loved wearing saree below navel.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad had sexy, deep and round navel.
Her belly was flat so her navel and belly looked sexy.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad loved to expose her belly.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad had bouncing proud Musalmān boobs and she had noticed men staring at it.
Yet while going out, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad normally wore Shalwār qamīz and simple sarees not that exposing.
While at home, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad loved to wear sexy sarees.
As Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad wanted to make her sex life with Muhammad Aqīl interesting, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad tried to attract him towards her.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad wore sarees in sexy manner but he didn’t show much interest.
Muħammad Aqīl was more interested in business than he was interested in sex with his immensely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife.
Consequently, to her extremely pleasant surprise, instead of Muħammad Aqīl, Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad suddenly found, that I was being attracted towards her.*

Kħālidah Ashraf was pleasantly surprised when she saw Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad.
“Well, well, well.” Kħālidah Ashraf said, “What a pleasant surprise. I thought you were too angry with me to see me again.”
“Nonsense,” Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad smiled, “Where’s Wasīm Kħālidah Ashraf?”
Kħālidah Ashraf looked at Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad.
“As if you really don’t know.” her voice was bitter somewhat, “I have seen you with him.”
“Well, I saw Wasīm Kħālidah Ashraf with Durgesh. I was surprised. Nadīm told me Wasīm Kħālidah Ashraf is not as friendly with him anymore as he was once.”
“You have forgiven Durgesh?” Kħālidah Ashraf watched Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad scrutinizing her.
“For what he did with my Ammī, Ibādat Saiyad Åbbās? Never. How the hell can I?”*

Kħadījah Muħammad smiled patiently.
“And, exactly what did Durgesh do with your Ammī, Ibādat Saiyad Åbbās? Will you kindly bother to tell me?”
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad whirled to Kħālidah Ashraf.
“You never told me, Kħālidah, that Kħadījah Muħammad Ammī is also here?”
Kħadījah Muħammad kept smiling.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad, Act rationally. Don’t be obsessed with your blind, illogical, irrational and entirely unjustified emotions.”
Kħadījah Muħammad Ammī, please,” Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad said suppressing her wrath somewhat; “I don’t want to dishonor you ever in my violent dreams even. I respect you very much.”
“Why?” Kħadījah Muħammad asked still patiently.
She had vowed to herself to be patient in the matter, no matter how unjustified my Musalmān beloveds act.
She knew almost every one of them wanted to revenge me.
I never told them I’d marry every one of them.
How could I?
I was always honest and sincere to them.
I told them honestly I would not marry them since it would be illegal.
I had a mission of my life.
I couldn’t afford to be illegal ever.
Nevertheless, they wanted me then on any cost whatsoever.
Now, they are trying to revenge me for what was their own mistake, their own illogical, irrational, emotional dreams.
Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad controlled herself.
“What do you mean ‘why’?”
“Why do you respect me?” Kħadījah Muħammad smiled.
“Well,” Nāsirah Ibādat Saiyad tried to maintain her composure, “You love Durgesh unconditionally.”
Love never imposes any condition, my child.” Kħadījah Muħammad smiled gracefully, “Love isn’t a business. Durgesh never promised me that he would marry me. In fact, Durgesh not even said to me that he loved me.”
“But he let you rape him, didn’t he?”*

Chapter 2