The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-50

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 50

Al Raħmān Al Åbbās family

Durgesh Al Nādirah Al Åzīm

Durgesh Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān

To me and Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s surprise, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān’s husband spoke up again. “Woah, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. There’s no way I’d let you doing that in front of everybody. That’s too crazy, even for us!”

“What baby? You’re joking right? Let her husband come on, Hey, you, Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s pride man, come on, fuck me! I know you’ve wanted to fuck me normally and then do anal too for like ever! She has managed successfully to give me to you as a gift from her. If I wanted I could still defeat her disclosing a secret of both of you, you don’t want to be disclosed. However, I won’t do it. When I play a game I play it fair.” she said, clearly getting impatient and obviously horny.

She waved her round Panjvaqtah Namāzī Iraqi Årab Musalmān ass back and forth, continuing to flash everybody with her pink, puffy beautiful Iraqi Årab Musalmān Cunt and waiting Iraqi Årab Musalmān asshole.

“No, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. Sorry. I’m not letting you do this.” Her husband said, turning to me and Al Nādirah Al Åzīm, revealing a tent in my pants. “We’re out. You guys win.”

“What baby?” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said, turning around. “No way! I want to win. Just let him fuck me right now!” she said, walking towards me and pressing her perky Iraqi Årab Musalmān breasts into my chest.

She grabbed my hands and placed them on her Iraqi Årab Musalmān ass, attempting to persuade me.

Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān‘s husband groaned audibly as I felt her Iraqi Årab Musalmān ass, but remained resilient. “Sorry, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. You can have sex later with him if you want to. I can’t let you do it in front of your friends.” he said.

I was leaning in to kiss her due to her own and Al Nādirah Al Åzīm’s constant pressure.


Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān whispered to me.

“Fuck me, otherwise I would disclose on everyone that you are her stepfather in law, Durgesh, not her husband, Al Muħammad Al Raħmān. And she has sucked your Uncut Hindu Lund knowing very well that you are Durgesh.”

I smiled.

I doubted Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān suspected it.

She was determined to take advantage of it as well.

Now she was blackmailing me clearly.*

I smiled.

“I’m glad that you feel for me that way, Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān. However, you don’t need to blackmail me for I fuck you. I myself want to fuck you and always wanted to.”

“I don’t believe you.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān looked at me incredulously, “If we both wanted to fuck each other really, none could have stopped us ever.”


“None at all.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān winked at me, “I am a free woman. And I never compromise that anyone can dictate me ever what I should do and what I should not.”

“Really? What about your husband?”

“He is too loyal to me to object.” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān said proudly, “When he proposed me I told him clearly that I loved you, the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā of us entire educated intelligent Musalmān Beauties. We can’t compromise to have an ever-backward Musalmān husband that always craves to live in a world of one thousand five hundred years ago. Most of the Musalmīn, however much they are educated, almost always tend to that life ultimately, sooner or later.”

“I’m sorry that your experiences about Musalmān husbands are so rotten. I have different experiences.”

Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān laughed sarcastically.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, the ultramodern Kħātūn-e-Jannat razī Allahu tåālā ånahā, had warned me that you are too over human to Pseudo Musalmīn even.”

“I can’t believe that you too are an anti-Muslim.”

“The ultimate leader of us Musalmān Beauties, your present Chief Musalmān Wife, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, warned me you term every critic of Musalmān husbands an anti Muslim. Well, we the followers of the ultramodern Kħātūn-e-Jannat razī Allahu tåālā ånahā, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, are not exactly anti Muslim. We are actually anti Musalmān husband.”

“Because you are obsessed with a Hindu husband/lover.”

“Not obsessed. Nope!” Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān watched me patronizingly, “We intelligently understand we need Hindu husband/lover, not a backward ever conservative Musalmān husband.”

“Every Musalmān isn’t either conservative or backward.” I said gravely, “Moreover, all the Hindus aren’t better husband/lover than Musalmīn.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan says you say that to please your countless Musalmān fathers in law, brothers in law, sālās I mean, your Musalmān cousins and your filthy rich Musalmān friends that pay you a heavy amount monthly regularly to have your sex services as their family Sex Therapist.”


“Isn’t it a fact that you have countless Musalmān fathers in law, countless Musalmān brothers in law, sālās I mean, Musalmān cousins and your filthy rich Musalmān friends that pay you a heavy amount monthly regularly to have your sex services as their family Sex Therapist?”

“I have.” I admitted, “But it doesn’t mean…”

Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān laughed melodically.

“Forget it. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is right. You are too pro Muslim to admit ever what they lack.”


Al Raħīmah Al Raħmān had taken my ever erect Uncut Hindu Penis in her right hand and she was playing with it now.

“I’m sorry to say, my Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā, that you aren’t doing anything good to them by closing your eyes towards their harmful activities towards entire humanity either knowingly or unknowingly. It’s an Indian National Congress culture, not Hindu culture actually.”*

As we boarded the ship walking to our staterooms, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam turned, hugged me whispered into my ear,

“I love you so much Durgesh. Thank you I had a lovely night.”

She reached up, tenderly brushed her lips against mine and lingered parting her mouth as her tongue crept into my waiting lips.

Our embrace lasted for just a few moments but felt as if nothing else existed.

Rāħīlah Sultān too kissed me on my lips as well saying her good night and smiled telling me as we continued our walk toward Al Tawaħīd Al Islam’s cabin,

“Good night and yes I will take very good care of our little angel tonight.”

I watched as they entered and closed the door.

A nightcap would be nice to end this night, so I headed to the bar.

Much to my surprise, the closer I got to the bar, the more noise I heard.

As the door swung open and I entered, Al Noor Al Islam said,

“Welcome to the party, Durgesh! Can I get you a juice?”

I nodded yes as I scanned the room seeing the entire crew was there and from the looks of it, and been parting for quite a while.

Al Noor Al Islam handed me a juice, my usual, as she pulled me into the fray.

Turning to face me, she immediately started swaying along with the music.

I took a gulp of my drink, looked at the sexy Musalmān body in front of me and glanced over my shoulder, seeing no one close; I tossed my glass and reached to pull Al Noor Al Islam into my body.

As we danced, we began to grope each other.

She reached up to the buttons on my shirt and ripped them off as if her intent was to rape me.

One of the sailors, not sure which one said,

“Now the party really begins!”

No sooner has he yelled out those words the crew went wild tearing, pulling yanking their clothing off and in seconds, everyone was nude.

There were people from other ships, shore people and all were getting a good old-fashioned buzz on.

Al Noor Al Islam had taken her top and skirt off dancing in her bra and panties.

Her beautifully erect breasts were swaying back and forth, up and down almost hypnotizing me to where I could not look away.

She commented,

“I am showing you mine, how about showing me yours?”

Without giving a thought, I unfastened my pants, stepping out of them as they hit the floor and suddenly Amīnah placed another juice into my hand.

Moving past me and standing behind Al Noor Al Islam, she reached around Al Noor Al Islam and cupped her tits lifting and squeezing as if to tempt me to bury my face into the huge Musalmān cleavage.

Al Noor Al Islam’s tits were clearly natural and had to be an E-cup standing out from her narrow waist with no noticeable sag.

There could be no wonder her shirts had always looked a size or two to small.

Amīnah said,

“What do you think of these beautiful mountains? I personally love them and when we are fucking, I can’t help tying them up and abusing these beautiful nipples.”

“Who would not want to titty-fuck them?” I said.

Amīnah suggested we go to their cabin and see what happens.

As we walked out of the bar, I noticed that everyone had gone into full party mode.

Women being double-teamed, a few more woman-on-woman and yes a few of the men were clearly plating boy –on- boy,

Clearly not my thing.

When we reached their cabin, and the door opened, Al Noor Al Islam walked over to the closet and opened it.

Going into the back of the closet, she brought out a few different whips, cattails, and paddles.

I felt right at home.

Amīnah looked at me and said,

“Would you like to have the honor of tying the slut on the cross or do you want me to, Master?”

Feeling right at home, I stepped toward Al Noor Al Islam who had already placed her hands into the restraints awaiting her Dom to complete the process.

After her hands were strapped in, I leaned down biting her neck on down to her e-cup tits biting hard on them to stimulate and tease.

I kissed my way down even farther to her beautiful Musalmān Pussy.

I stood, walked to a chair and sat down telling Amīnah to pour us a drink and to sit on my lap when she brought our drinks.

While Amīnah sat on my lap, I played with her B-cup breasts with one hand, as I teased her clit with the other.

My Uncut Hindu Cock had been pushing against her outer thigh.

She slowly stroked it by her tantalizing movements raising and lowering her beautiful Musalmān ass on my lap.

We verbally teased Al Noor Al Islam by telling her how good it felt by teasing each other and how we were going take our time as to how we would abuse her taking turns on the punishment to her restrained body.

Amīnah stood, went back to the closet, retrieved a vibrating egg and inserted it into Al Noor Al Islam’s wet dripping Musalmān Cunt.

Then she quickly handed me the remote.

Turning the egg on to the lowest setting caused Al Noor Al Islam to moan a little more than she had been.

Amīnah knelt between my legs and instantly inserted my throbbing Hindu manhood into her warm, wet, hungry beautiful Musalmān mouth.

I turned the egg all the way to high, and set the remote on the table.

As Amīnah sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock, the egg in Al Noor Al Islam vibrated her to orgasm repeatedly.

I wondered how it could be any better than this.

I stood and walked toward Al Noor Al Islam on the cross; I tweaked her clit and brought screams of pleasure and pain.

Amīnah crawled in behind me, using her amazing tongue to trace around my asshole as her hands pried the cheeks apart.

I never liked these type of activities.

These were primitive under evolved animal activities actually.

Nevertheless, to the further evolution of these underevolved womankind I had to compromise to some extent with them.

Their life was somewhat sluttish.

To uplift them, it was necessary to win their confidence, first.

Most of the sophisticated males hated them.

Nevertheless, hatred wasn’t any solution of it.

Such sophisticated persons criticized me vehemently for my such Pavmān Som activities.

They criticized me for my constant almost nonstop sex with the needy Musalmān Beauties.

They termed those ravenous Musalmān Beauties sluts.

I never agreed with such over pious critics.

They never understood:

Ut dévā avhitam dévā unnayathā punah,

utāgashchakrusham dévā dévā jīvayathā punah.’

‘1Divine onesDivine ones2! Raise up the downtrodden3.

And, Divine onesDivine ones4! Make him to live again, who hath done evil5.’

Post Yazīd malåūn Islam wasn’t Islam at all.

It was actually a travesty of Islam.

It was an Årab Imperialism actually.

Original Islam wasn’t any Imperialism at all.

It was a movement against everything evil and harmful to humankind.*

Chapter 51


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2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam


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