The only man she loved

The only man she loved


Āb-e-Ħayāt: Ever youth-1

I live with him

During last summer, my new Musalmān ‘wife’, Kħadījah Sheikħ, with her younger daughter, Saiyadah Fātimah Muhammad,  had gone to see her sick mother at her home town and was likely to come back after four days.

Her elder daughter, Zainab Muħammad, was studying in a university in another city.

She had come home for summer vacations and on that Friday night, after having dinner with me had gone to her bedroom for her studies.

It was 10.00 PM and I was lying alone in my bed.

As usual, I was playing with my Uncut Hindu Dick in my loose shorts waiting for someone of my countless Musalmān beloveds to come there, so as to release its tension.

It was a normal ritual for me before I go to sleep, particularly if any of my Musalmān ‘wives’ is away.

Usually I sleep in my shorts and without any shirt.

Suddenly my door opened and my Musalmān daughter, Zainab Muħammad, entered my bedroom.

I pulled my hand out of my shorts and smiled at her.

I was not sure whether she had noticed my movement or not.

She cried that her air-conditioning unit had gone out of order and if I could fix the problem.

I was still feeling aroused lying with my legs squeezed to hide my swollen Uncut Hindu Dick and was not in a position to get up.

I told her to go down in the living room for studies and I would try to fix it in the meanwhile.

Zainab Muħammad, however, insisted to check it immediately as she wanted to sleep a little early instead of studying.

Having no other option, reluctantly, I got up, tried to hide my bulge in my legs and moved with her.

Zainab Muħammad was watching my move curiously.

But she refrained to ask any thing.

After checking her air-conditioning unit, we found ourselves helpless in fixing the problem.

I told her to sleep in the living room.

But Zainab Muħammad refused to go down alone and instead insisted that either I should also go down or else she would sleep in my bedroom.

Despite seeing my negative expression, she, without further discussion brought her pillow and blanket and looked ready to sleep on the carpet.

Thirty minutes passed and I still found her uncomfortably changing her sides due to hard floor under the carpet.

I asked her to sleep on the bed with the intention that I either could go down in the living room or would sleep at her place on the carpet.

Zainab Muħammad was not my real daughter.

Yet, still being my loving daughter, she did not want me to be uncomfortable.

She requested me to sleep on one side of my double bed.

I reluctantly agreed, compromising my freedom in the bed.

She laid herself down quietly on right side of my bed turning her back towards me.

Very soon, I heard her snoring.

Feeling relaxed I once again put my hand in my shorts and started stroking my Hindu Member.

I was controlling myself, when all of a sudden, I felt Zainab Muħammad changing her side towards me.

I immediately stopped my movement and pretended to sleep.

While rolling towards me her extremely beautiful Musalmān body had come in complete contact with my ravenous Hindu body.

Her right arm was over my stout Hindu tummy and her right leg was on my Hindu thigh.

I was cautious, as my hard and firm Uncut Hindu Dick was now pressing under the upper part of her leg, generally touching inner part of her thigh.

Thinking that she was my new Musalmān ‘wife’s Musalmān daughter, from her Musalmān husband, my sexual desire was controlled by me and soon my Uncut Hindu Dick became soft.

However, I was unable to catch my sleep as her soft leg was still pressing my soft Uncut Hindu Dick.

Zainab Muħammad was wearing loose shorts and a loose shirt with top two buttons opened.

With dim lights on, in my bed, I could see the cheeks of her white boobs.

My goodness she was without a bra like her Ammījān while sleeping.

She was looking gorgeous.

I started feeling aroused and my Hindu Member was once again becoming bigger and bigger under her soft leg.

Realizing our relationship, I was watchful.

Like any Eastern father, I could and even now I can lay my life for the honor and happiness of my daughter but that scene was making me crazy.

She was not my real daughter, after all.

I tried to turn my attention towards my business and other routines but just one unintentional move on her part again brought my attention back to the same point.

She moved her legs away for a while and I remained unmoved thinking that the nightmare was over.

But soon her right leg was back, this time a little more up with sharp bend in her knee, making her beautiful round Musalmān ass in loose shorts visible and her boobs touching my right arm.

With this movement of hers, my right hand was trapped between her legs.

Sexual desire was overpowering my passionate love for her.

My heart was thumping heavily in my chest with the next thought I had in my mind.

Ultimately, my Hindu lust and courage prevailed and I, cautiously, put my hand on the naked part of her leg.

For quite some time, I remained unmoved trying to assess the next situation and her reaction.

Seeing no move on her part, I started slowly messaging upper part of her leg.

This lasted for about ten minutes and then I gradually moved my hand towards her back and gave her slow message over the shirt.

With still being cautious, I gathered some courage and inserted my hand under her shirt.

I kept messaging her naked back up and down the spine for quite some time.

She was still sleeping or God knows pretending to sleep, which gave me some more courage and slowly I moved my hand towards her extremely beautiful round Musalmān ass.

Carefully giving her Musalmān ass a sound message, I tried to locate her ass cheeks with my finger.

Still seeing no reaction or disapproval, I started caressing her ass cheeks with slow movement of my finger, rubbing it from bottom to top.

Touching her asshole over her shorts, turned me on and I could feel the sensation in my whole Hindu body with a drop of pre cum juicy water oozing out from the tip of my Uncut Hindu Dick.

The love now overpowered my precautions and I started rubbing her Musalmān ass cheeks with little more vigor.

I pulled her right leg a little further up thereby parting both legs sufficiently.

That was the time to feel the touch of her heavens hidden between her sexy legs in the loose shorts.

I again put my fingers in her Musalmān ass cheeks and gently rubbed them down to her Musalmān Pussy.

I could feel the wetness in her shorts.

She just mumbled a bit which made me vigilant and I stopped my movement.

She moved a bit and then changed her side turning her back towards me.

I remained unmoved till she started snoring again in couple of minutes.

I once again took the courage and placed my hands on her thighs.

Her back was naked.

I inserted my hand in her shirt and moved my hand slowly towards her naval.

Zainab Muħammad quivered a bit which made me alert once again but I did not stop and gradually moved my hands to feel the touch of her Musalmān breasts.

In the meanwhile, I unbuttoned her shirt discreetly.

Oh my goodness, those medium size round boobs with small hard nipples in my hand were enthralling.

I wanted to see them, feel them with my lips and kiss them badly.

But I could not muster sufficient passion to pull her towards me or make her lay on her back facing up side.

Pressing her nipples with my thumb and index finger was enough to make my Uncut Hindu Dick rock hard, oozing my juices in my shorts.

I moved my hands down and slowly pulled her shorts down to her knees.

I could see Zainab Muħammad’s beautiful white Musalmān ass for the first time.

I started caressing her naked Musalmān ass cheeks and slowly moved down to her wetland.

I touched her wet Musalmān Love Hole with my finger but could not see it.

Then I moved my hand towards her tummy and slowly leapt down to touch her Musalmān Pussy.

I could feel velvet like bush in her pelvic region.

I was so amazed to feel her soft bush that I started playing with it.

Gradually my index finger moved further down to feel the Musalmān heaven of heavens.

I had to move slowly to avoid any repercussion and reaction, as Zainab Muħammad being part of a modern family, but still from conservative eastern society, was supposed to be a virgin.

I gently pulled her left leg towards me to have a clear access to her Musalmān Love Hole.

I could easily feel the juices oozing out of her wet Musalmān Pussy.

What did it mean?

Was she awake?

Was she enjoying and welcoming my activities?

After rubbing her Musalmān Pussy lips and Musalmān Clitoris in a slow motion, I advanced to insert my finger inside.

To my surprise and good luck, my finger slid inside without much difficulty and I started pumping my finger in her juicy Musalmān Cunt.

I noticed a quiver in her body, followed by a mumble and a moan.

I pulled my finger out and put it in her mouth.

To my surprise, the taste of her pre cum was so nice that Zainab Muħammad licked it all.

I was shocked and surprised to notice that her Musalmān Hymen was already broken.

I felt relieved and happy considering she had already broken her hymen through cycling, running or masturbation, whatsoever, for which I was not to be blamed.

I made my fingers moist with my swab and this time tried to insert two fingers together.

I tried to part her legs a bit more but before I could do it she again moved and this time she lay straight on her back with her legs already apart making a big V shape.

Her boobs were out of her shirt facing the sky as I had unbuttoned her shirt.

Her neatly trimmed bush was covering the upper part of her Musalmān Pussy.

A thin line indicating her pink Musalmān Pussy lips between her naked legs was becoming unbearable for me.

Seeing her in that position for the first time, I could not control myself and violently came in my shorts, oozing out every drop of my cum.

Feeling wet, I went to the washroom, cleaned myself and then came out without my shorts.

My Uncut Hindu Dick still painfully hard, was looking for some messiah to relieve it from that agony.

Though still watchful and cautious, I thought to end that episode right there and then.

But my young sexy Musalmān girl was still lying in the same position with her naked round Musalmān breasts and rosy nipple buds, perhaps waiting for the best time ahead.

Further, down her flat tummy with deeply engraved naval, neatly trimmed pubic hair and rosy Musalmān Pussy lips with Musalmān Clitoris jetting out of her Musalmān Cunt lips encouraged me to explore all the regions a little more.

I carefully climbed the bed from her side, adjusting my position between her legs with my face right over her Musalmān Pussy.

My heartbeat increased with my intentions.

I slowly pulled her shorts further down and finally removed them completely.

The little angle was now absolutely in the dress which nature had designed for all of us.

I moved my face further down and smelled her Musalmān Pussy.

It seemed so good that I wanted to kiss it badly without any delay.

My warm breath perhaps touched her Musalmān Pussy and she moved her hips a little up.

Accidentally my nose touched her Musalmān Pussy lips and I could feel her mumble and moaning.

I brought my Uncut Hindu Penis out and mildly touched the cleavage in her legs.

I could now feel her hips rising up to feel the touch of my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Encouraged by this positive nod, which I thought so, I gave a long stroke to her Musalmān Pussy lips with my juicy Uncut Hindu Penis.

Zainab Muħammad moved a bit but there was no further action.

With that, I started giving her deep strokes with my fleshy Uncut Hindu Penis and started inserting it inside her.

Zainab Muħammad was reciprocating by thrusting her hips up and down rhythmically.

I opened her Musalmān Pussy lips with my thumbs and now inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis deep inside her wet land.

Her hips were dancing to the tune of my Uncut Hindu Penis movement.

I moved my Uncut Hindu Penis deep down her Musalmān asshole and felt the tightness of her Musalmān anus with my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, it was really amazing.

I fucked her both Musalmān Love Holes in one stroke for quite some time.

I put my Hindu lips upwards, kissing her naval, tummy, and then her beautiful melons with rosy nipples.

Zainab Muħammad was mumbling.

Down town, my Uncut Hindu Penis now again entered her Musalmān Love Tunnel.

I started pumping her Musalmān Pussy like a drill machine.

Zainab Muħammad quivered and then her body jerked violently.

Her legs firmly closed and she squeezed my Uncut Hindu Penis inside her Musalmān Pussy.

I could feel her Musalmān Pussy walls contacting around my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, Zainab Muħammad was Cuming and Cuming.

Her legs, Musalmān Pussy and all the pelvic region was flooded with gushing Musalmān water coming out of the Musalmān tunnel.

Never before, I had seen so much cum on my Uncut Hindu Penis.

I did not want her to get up feeling wet, go to washroom for cleaning purpose and feel embarrassed.

I cleaned Zainab Muħammad with a cloth, her Ammījān and I used for the purpose.

I continued cleaning her wetland for five minutes or so, till I had cleaned all the heavenly juices.

While I was cleaning her Musalmān Pussy, Zainab Muħammad started rhythmic move once again with her hips moving up and down.

I knew she was ready for my love, but not even once, she opened her eyes.

The shy Musalmān child never wanted to either get herself embarrassed or make me feel embarrassed.

Believe me, this time it was not lust but sheer love and affection for each other.

We were willing to cooperate and fulfill each other’s love needs in a secretive manner.

I slowly and passionately entered my Uncut Hindu Penis in Zainab Muħammad’s Musalmān Vagina.

With our genital parts already sufficiently lubricated, my Uncut Hindu Dick conveniently entered her Musalmān love canal and soon we were pumping together.

I put my hands under her extremely beautiful Musalmān buttocks, raised them up and started pumping her fast with my lips kissing her ear lobes.

Her face was on one side, still sleeping or pretending to sleep but her lips were clinched.

Her butts were squeezing, clinching, contracting and expanding with every move of my Uncut Hindu Penis inside a place, which hitherto was a no go, zone for me.

My heart was throbbing fast and so was my Uncut Hindu Dick.

I could also hear her heartbeat and increasing speed of her breathing.

Her Musalmān body movement was becoming violent and so was mine.

I was about to cum and was feeling her contraction and increasing force around my throbbing Uncut Hindu Penis.

Zainab Muħammad was also about to cum.

But with all decency, we never moaned loudly.

The moment I felt my Uncut Hindu Dick pressed around its neck with contracting force of her Musalmān Pussy walls and getting my balls wet with flooding juices coming out of Musalmān Love Hole I also jerked with full force and came inside Zainab Muħammad’s Musalmān Pussy.

I cummed double than what I usually cum, and still the Hindu water was flowing out of my Uncut Hindu Dick.

With last drop of my Hindu juices coming out of my Hindu body, I felt I was more alive.

We kept lying for some time with my weight over her frail Musalmān body.

Zainab Muħammad didn’t move, still looking peaceful and fast asleep.

I got up, cleaned her with the same cloth, and slowly put her shorts back covering all those heavenly Musalmān parts.

I closed the buttons of her shirt with extreme care, making sure that I did not wake her up.

She immediately changed her side with her back towards me and never moved throughout that night.

I slowly cleaned myself in the washroom, put on my shorts and went to a deep sleep, until we woke up next morning.

Next morning, I got up exactly at 9.00 AM, which is a normal practice for our family during the weekends.

Since it was Saturday, I decided to take a break from my business.

I immediately went down, gave a call to my assistant, Kħadījah Muħammad, to take care of the business and directed her to call me only in case of emergency requirement.

Subsequently, I went to kitchen, fixed a very nice breakfast keeping in view Zainab Muħammad’s choice and started waiting for her on the dining table.

After thirty minutes or so when she did not turn up, I decided to go to my bedroom where she was still sleeping.

May be she was tired of the last night exercise or due to feeling of shyness, guilt or shame.

I smiled looking at her extremely beautiful Musalmān face and was really not even a bit ashamed of making eye contact.

I opened the door carefully and entered my bedroom.

She was lying in the middle of my bed with her arms over her eyes.

I called her slowly, alert for a reaction to what had transpired last night,

“Hello darling, aren’t you getting up for the breakfast?”

“Yes papa, I am coming.” Zainab Muħammad removed her arms from her eyes and replied confidently as nothing had happened last night, or maybe she just pretended to be totally ignorant of the last nightstand.

Anyhow, she had breakfast with me, appreciated my cooking skill, although I only warmed the food of her liking, and got busy with her studies in the living room.

She was still in her shorts and open shirt and didn’t care changing it.

Since her Ammījān was away, she didn’t mind her dress in my presence and I had noticed this practice in the past as well.

Seeing her confidence level, I also became normal.

While studying she was bent on her book and I could peep into her low-neck shirt whose top buttons were still open.

Deep cheeks of her milky Musalmān breasts created a stir in my shorts but I immediately left the room and went into my study room.

The day passed as a routine until I fixed lunch.

At 2.30 PM, I saw her yawning in the sofa chair.

I knew the reason of her sleeplessness, so I suggested,

“Why don’t you have a nap doll? I think you are tired and need a sound sleep”.

“But papa what about my Air conditioner?” She inquired.

I immediately gave a call to the company in Blue Area Islamabad.

However, the company was unable to send the technician until Monday due to excessive demand and the coming weekend.

I said,

“Darling, you can take rest in the living room or in my bed room.”

“But what about you papa? You also take siesta regularly.” She replied.

I told her not to worry about me.

But she suggested that we could sleep together as we had done last night.

I agreed and told her to go and sleep in my bed, as I would join her later.

In fact her innocent invitation had caused swelling in my shorts and I wanted to go into my bed after minimum of thirty minutes, so that she was fast asleep by then.

After she left, I could not wait for even ten minutes and slowly entered my bedroom.

I noticed as if Zainab Muħammad was still awake and on seeing me, she turned her face towards other side.

I called her name quietly but found no reply.

I slipped into the bed and kept lying without any movement.

Within a minute, I heard her snoring, perhaps artificial, and I could wait no longer.

I slowly touched her leg with mine.

Seeing no reaction, I turned myself towards her back and my thigh touched her extremely beautiful Musalmān buttocks.

Zainab Muħammad didn’t move.

I gradually moved closer and put my one leg on her legs.

Still there was no movement.

Fully encouraged, I pressed my thighs against her Musalmān butts and at a moment when my Uncut Hindu Dick had already hardened, I gently pressed my Hindu meat against her Musalmān ass cheeks.

Zainab Muħammad was still unmoved.

I was convinced now that she was either sleeping.

Or Zainab Muħammad really wanted her Hindu papa to love her, to fondle her, to caress her, to suck her, to lick her, to explore her and above all to fill her Musalmān Love Tunnelwith Hindu juices oozing out of the tip of her papa’s Uncut Hindu Penis, due to sheer and passionate relationship, recently developed between a caring Hindu father and a loving Musalmān daughter.

I was desperate to act and soon I put my left arm around her beautiful Musalmān waist.

I started messaging her belly, stroking her groins, belly button and the curves of her Musalmān breasts.

With this, I stared unbuttoning her shirt and gently removed it from her left shoulder.

I used more courage and pulled her thighs closer to me, in order to make her lay straight facing the ceiling.

Zainab Muħammad obliged.

I removed her shirt easily and pulled her shorts down.

She was laying absolutely naked straight like a Jannat kī ħoor, an angel from the heavens.

A beautiful Musalmān sex goddess created by the Allah himself.

Her pinkish cheeks, rosy lips, arousing curves, fully blossomed Musalmān breasts with chocolate colored Musalmān tits, beautifully curved belly, deep and sexy belly button, round Musalmān buttocks, creamy and fleshed legs and thighs, curved pelvis, slightly raised Musalmān pubic region, nicely trimmed and shining pubic bush, long legs and artistically designed pink Musalmān Pussy lips with beautiful and moist rosy Musalmān Clitoris jetting out of Zainab Muħammad’s Musalmān Pussy, like a rose bud.

I straightway adjusted my position in between her legs and started messaging her nipples with my juicy tongue.

After kissing Zainab Muħammad’s nipples and gently biting them with my lips for ten minutes, my tongue moved down to her belly button and fondled it for another ten minutes.

My Uncut Hindu Penis automatically found its way down her legs and touched her inner thighs up to the corners of her Musalmān Pussy lips for another ten minutes or so.

I could feel her hissing, moaning and murmuring sounds along with quivers and jerks in her extremely beautiful Musalmān body.

Gently my Uncut Hindu Penis made its way down to her Musalmān Love Hole, where my dearest and loveliest Zainab Muħammad was waiting for.

My Uncut Hindu Penis was doing the magic and my Zainab Muħammad’s Musalmān ass was rhythmically moving up and down, thrusting her warm and juicy Musalmān Pussy against my fleshy Uncut Hindu Penis.

I opened her legs further apart, adjusted my position in between her legs while completely lying on the bed.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was now pressed between my legs and the silky bed.

I entered my whole Uncut Hindu Penis with full thrust in her wet Musalmān Pussy and started fucking my sweet Zainab Muħammad, my Musalmān daughter whom I love the most.

Her hips were dancing to the tune of my Uncut Hindu Penis movement.

Zainab Muħammad was soon losing her control and suddenly burst on my Uncut Hindu Penis.

I literally watched her white Musalmān cream oozing out of her Musalmān Love Tunnel.

Watching Zainab Muħammad Cuming so violently and fucking her out was really amazing.

I fucked Zainab Muħammad for another one hour complete, until she again started rubbing her vulva against my Hindu groin.

Seeing Zainab Muħammad hot and steamy again, I only pressed my Uncut Hindu Dick against my velvety bed and came violently in the ultimate depths of her welcoming Musalmān Cunt.

I went to the washroom, peed like a shooter and cleaned myself.

Within minutes, I was back, applied lubrication and adjusted my position with my legs around hers as she had already squeezed and closed them, may be because of shame, guilt or shyness.

I held my 8 inches long Uncut Hindu Penis in my hand, gently touched her Musalmān Pussy lips with its tip and felt her Musalmān thighs rising to welcome her loving Hindu papa.

I was feeling difficulty in inserting my Uncut Hindu Penis in her Musalmān Pussy that was squeezed between her legs.

Without realizing the consequences, I unintentionally and suddenly spoke to her,

“Doll, open your Musalmān legs so that I can give you the real pleasure of life.”

And with equal surprise, I saw her obliging to my request.

She opened her legs to the maximum. Her rosy Musalmān Pussy petals opened like a tulip, inviting me to exchange our pure, affectionate and passionate Lovemaking.

I was so jubilant that I immediately held my hard rock Uncut Hindu Penis in my hand and inserted it with full thrust in my Musalmān doll’s warm, moist and tight Musalmān Pussy.

That felt like being in heavens.

I had never ever enjoyed such a pleasure in my whole life.

She took it easily and started slowly moving her hips up and down.

My lips were now pressed against hers, kissing her passionately and wildly while gently screaming,

“Oh — my loving Musalmān baby, Hindu papa ki Musalmān jaan, papa’s doll, I didn’t know you needed my love so badly. How could I have deprived my jaan, my loving Musalmān daughter, a piece of my heart, from the true love of a Hindu father, a true pleasure which only a passionate and a caring Hindu father could introduce and give to his virgin teenager and unmarried Musalmān daughter”.

I was so obsessed with her love and passion that I pulled her legs up, making her to lie in a frog position.

My Uncut Hindu Penis’s whole Hindu length was in the Musalmān Love Tunnel of my baby Musalmān girl.

I was pumping Zainab Muħammad’s Musalmān Pussy as a piston moves in the chamber of a car engine.

Her eyes were still closed but she was continuously moving her hips up and down.

“Does my Musalmān baby really love her Hindu papa?” I whispered in her ears while licking her ear lobes.

“Yes papa.” she replied quietly when I repeated the question.

“Is my baby annoyed with papa?” I further inquired.

“No papa, why should I be? I love you, why are you asking these silly questions?” She protested.

“If you really love your Hindu papa then open your extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes, my darling.” I demanded her and she opened her eyes.

For the first time I felt I was not doing something wrong or unwanted.

I was doing what my sweet Musalmān daughter wanted me to do.

I pulled my Uncut Hindu Penis out of her juicy Musalmān Cunt.

It was wet with her fragrant Musalmān juices.

I showed it to her.

Zainab Muħammad only smiled shyly.

It was really a big Uncut Hindu Cock for the size of her tiny Musalmān Pussy, but she could take it easily and she was doing it willingly now.

I told her to touch it and feel it and she did it accordingly.

I never asked her to take it in her mouth right away as she could have refused it.

Slow and steady always wins the race.

So I asked her whether to restart to which she nodded affirmatively and said, “As you desire papa, you are always very nice to me.”

I inserted my Uncut Hindu Dick in her Musalmān Pussy with one jerk and started pumping her Musalmān womb right away.

Zainab Muħammad was also reciprocating enthusiastically.

Her Musalmān Pussy lips were expanding and contracting around the neck of my Uncut Hindu Penis and she was shaking in a violent manner.

Same was the case with me.

“Papa, something is happening to me, oh God, Allah, papa help me, or else I will die.” Zainab Muħammad cried loudly.

“Nothing will happen to you my baby, did anything happen last night? It is the real pleasure the nature has in store for us. Cumm out honey, ejaculate the whole lot of love from your sweet Musalmān Pussy. Papa needs it on his Uncut Hindu Penis.”

And Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, Zainab Muħammad was Cumming with the help of her own Hindu papa’s Uncut Hindu Penis, and papa was Cumming in the deep Musalmān Love Hole of her own lovely little Musalmān girl.

How amazing the experience was?

I pulled my Uncut Hindu Penis out of her heavenly Musalmān Love Hole and she was watching my Uncut Hindu Penis anointed with our love juices curiously.

I immediately went to wash room for cleaning it and came back in few minutes.

While Zainab Muħammad was cleaning her Musalmān Pussy, I suspected and asked her “Baby darling what if your Ammījān comes to know about it?”

“Are you going to tell her papa?” Zainab Muħammad asked worriedly.

“No honey, I am afraid if you, may be you tell her— accidentally — mistakenly – or out of innocence,” I replied.

“I am not that insane papa, don’t worry about me, you have to be rather careful as you always share everything with Ammījān.” she made me satisfied.

“Okay papa ki jaan, your papa is now happy with you and he will reward you more as he knows lot many new techniques of love making, and if my baby Musalmān girl is really interested, papa will teach you everything after
dinner. Are you interested, my baby?” I asked her and she just smiled with her pressed lips, showing a great deal of willingness.

I took her hands in mine, helped her to rise and come out of the bed.

We were now standing naked and not feeling shy anymore.

I gave my 8 inches long Uncut Hindu Penis which had become a little softer by then in her lovely little hand and told her to play with the tool which gives ultimate pleasure.

Zainab Muħammad did so for quite some time.

I made her sit at the edge of the bed and touched the tip of my Uncut Hindu Penis first with her Musalmān tits and then moving slowly up towards her lips.

She looked into my eyes enquiring what to do, perhaps understanding my wish.

I nodded with a smile and she hesitantly took the tip of her Hindu papa’s long and fleshy Hindu meat in her soft, warm and wet extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.

Zainab Muħammad was innocent and didn’t know how to work with this Hindu monster.

I pulled my meat loaf out of her mouth, gave her a deep kiss at her lips, followed by a gentle kiss at her nipples and then down at her genitals until I guided her to the washrooms.

Zainab Muħammad was at least ready to learn how to eat out her Hindu papa’s Hindu meat loaf during our next session at night after an early dinner.

Zainab Muħammad was taking a shower while I went down to the kitchen for preparing snacks for a light dinner.

After 30 minutes or so, she came straight to the kitchen.

She was wearing black shorts and a red mini shirt revealing her breast cleavages, belly button and fleshy sides of her extremely beautiful Musalmān thighs and long legs.

“Hello papa, what’s going on?” Zainab Muħammad smiled and kissed me on my Hindu lips as if she was my duly married wife now.

“Fixing something light for dinner.” I replied and asked her carefully without looking towards her, “Honey, do you have a boy friend?”

“No papa, why?” Zainab Muħammad rather counter questioned.

“Do you love somebody?” I further enquired.

“No papa” she replied while enjoying my questions.

“Have you ever made love with someone?” I asked and she smiled,

“Ohh papa, never—, but except with you.” she replied and gave me a big hug at my back, pressing her fleshy meats against my ribs.

“But you have already lost your—-” I was about to say something when she replied herself, “Virginity? That —, papa sorry—-I did it myself, please don’t tell Ammījān, I in fact, mas—ter—ba—ted with an artificial —-, I am so sorry papa” she felt embarrassed.

“Come on honey, don’t repent, almost everybody does it at your age. Even your Ammījān  had been doing it when she first saw me, but didn’t have me. You rather made everything easy for your Hindu papa.” I consoled her, “Did you ever have a crush on somebody?” I enquired.

Zainab Muħammad shyly smiled and nodded, looking in my eyes,

“Papa I love you only, you are my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh and I always had a look at your stout and sportsman type Hindu body. I always admired your Hindu body and felt pity, as you were not being rewarded by Ammījān sexually. What about you papa did you — ever?”

I took her in my arms, hugged her passionately, pressing her fleshy melons against my chest and gave her a nice and wet kiss at her lips.

My hardened Uncut Hindu Dick pressed against her vulva, the sexiest Musalmān Pussy I had ever felt and tasted in my life.

“Well, despite having a strong desire for jerking and stroking my genitals after seeing your breast cleavages and at times sexy legs, I couldn’t do anything being cautious for your suspicion and reaction.” I remarked.

“Oo papa, why didn’t you tell me before? I was your Musalmān daughter, not the real daughter. Why were you afraid of me?” She smiled without breathing.

I picked her up in my arms and made her sit at the dining table like a lovely toy.

Then I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her shorts down.

Meanwhile I pressed my Uncut Hindu Dick against her Musalmān pelvis and then groins but she placed her hand in between my Uncut Hindu Dick and her Musalmān Pussy.

Swiftly she put her hand on my Hindu bulge and mildly rubbed my Uncut Hindu Dick with her hand.

Gradually her tiny Musalmān hands moved around my nuts.

Zainab Muħammad was soon playing with my balls.

All of a sudden, she had become bold and with a jerk, she pulled my short a little down.

I helped myself and threw it of my feet.

I was already topless.

Now we both were absolutely naked.

I sat between her legs, pulled her legs a little apart and gently took her Musalmān Clitoris in the tips of my index finger and thumb.

Zainab Muħammad hissed and closed her extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes.

I slowly pinched her pink rose petals around the Musalmān Clitoris and then opened the lips of her Musalmān Pussy with my fingers.

Her Musalmān Pussy looked like a beautifully blossomed tulip.

I kissed her petals followed by gentle rubbing under the Musalmān Clitoris bud.

After giving her light pleasure, I switched my attention towards dinner and came out of kitchen with the intention to go down in the basement.

Zainab Muħammad came closer to me and sat in my lap,

“I love you papa, do you love me?” She murmured and placed her lips on my lips.

I explored her warm Musalmān mouth with my Hindu tongue and in turn, Zainab Muħammad thrust her Musalmān tongue in my Hindu mouth.

“Would you like to watch a movie”? I asked her. “I am not much interested but as you wish.” she said.

I took a DVD from my personal Locked collection and inserted it in the home theatre.

It was a triple x movie that I used to watch with her Ammījān.

The movie begins with two young lovers, later revealed as a Hindu young man and a Musalmān young woman both in their late teens, passionately making loving with each other in 6/9 position.

Suddenly a mature Musalmān woman in her early forties entered the room and said,

“Hello children, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes Ammījān!” both the children replied simultaneously.

“Would you like to join in Ammījān? We are ready.” the young man asked.

“Yes honey!” the Ammījān replied.

The three were now in real ecstasy.

The young Hindu man was kissing the young Musalmān woman’s wet Musalmān Pussy and the Ammījān was sucking her Hindu son-in law’s swollen Hindu meat.

They were like in the heaven of heavens, when all of a sudden, a Hindu man in her early late forties also entered the room.

Young Musalmān girl noticed his arrival and said, “Hi Hindu papa, come on, the family is waiting for you.”

Zainab Muħammad was watching curiously with her mouth open asked,

“Is this all real papa, can it happen in our part of the world?”

“I am sure honey!” I replied, “Now with our new relationship, I am surer this may happen.”

Zainab Muħammad just smiled, sat on the floor in between my legs, held my half erect Uncut Hindu Penis in her hand and said,

“I think you are right.”

Zainab Muħammad had started eating my Hindu meat for the first time.

Her Musalmān tongue was doing a nice job as she was copying exactly what the Musalmān girl was doing to her Hindu dad in the movie.

She was licking my Uncut Hindu Penis from length to breadth and from tip to the base.

She gently licked my balls from all around.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā, I was about to burst.

“Just leave me baby or else I will shoot in your extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.” I cried with ecstasy.

“Please shoot papa, your little baby will now reward you for what you have done to me, come, cumm in your Musalmān daughter’s warm Musalmān mouth.” Zainab Muħammad invited me.

And I could not control my Hindu load.

Soon with a big splash, my whole lot of Hindu load was in my Musalmān baby’s mouth.

It splashed out, but she tried her best to lick as much of my creamy Hindu soup as was possible.

I just bent on my knees, took her face in my hands and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Let’s come on the sofa chair baby, it’s my turn to please my Musalmān daughter now.” I requested.

She stumbled a little and stuffed herself in the sofa chair.

I sat in-between her legs and touched her Musalmān Clit with my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Zainab Muħammad licked my Uncut Hindu Penis and gently inserted it in her Musalmān Pussy.

I pulled it back.

Zainab Muħammad licked the creamy soup of her, lubricated it and inserted in her Musalmān Pussy, again.

Zainab Muħammad was groaning, moaning and crying with pleasure.

I inserted my Uncut Hindu Penis in her juicy Musalmān Cunt.

Zainab Muħammad groaned with ecstasy and pleasure.

I pulled my Uncut Hindu Penis back, touched her Musalmān Pussy with the tip of my fleshy Uncut Hindu Penis again.

Zainab Muħammad groaned with ecstasy and gave a thrust to her Musalmān Pussy towards my groin.

I placed her legs over my shoulders, took her round butts in my hand cups and inserted my long Uncut Hindu Penis in her Musalmān Pussy lips.

It was already steamy, moist and warm.

Zainab Muħammad moved her Musalmān Pussy up and down fine-tuning with the move of my hands and Uncut Hindu Penis.

She was nearing a violent orgasm,

“Oh papa, papa, papa, I am coming, should I? Should I papa, O o o , o oo papa!” and then she off loaded her cheesy Musalmān cream on my Uncut Hindu Penis.

It was really amazing.

Zainab Muħammad cleaned me with her tongue

I took her in my arms like a loving dad and kissed her passionately pressing my soft but fleshy Uncut Hindu Penis against her Musalmān Pussy.

“Look papa!” Zainab Muħammad suddenly pointed towards the next scene in the movie, “The man is inserting his meat without any condom in her daughter’s Musalmān Love Hole.”

“She might be on birth control my baby!” I replied.

She looked curiously and I explained the techniques of pregnancy control to her.

“That means Ammījān takes those pills?” She asked.

I nodded and then we moved up to our living room, still in god and goddess dress.

Zainab Muħammad straight went to our bed room and when she returned after 5 minutes, she was holding a small bottle,

“Yes, Ammījān takes these pills, I have read how to use these, and I have taken the first on.” She pointed towards the bottle exuberantly and then started looking towards the floor ashamedly, “Just in case, papa, after all we are human being and not the angels—- we are prone to make mistakes.”

I just smiled at her foresightedness and innocence.

She was ready for the ultimate ride. “Papa, why don’t you make Ammījān hornier? Just show her these movies, after all you deserve more.” she questioned.

“Okay honey, I will do it.” I replied.

“Have you ever done it with little sis Fātimah, after all she is more fleshy and sexy.” she asked.

I was surprised and replied,

“I can’t until any of my Musalmān daughters herself desires.”

“I think she will be, she has a list of nude movies on her laptop since long, most of the time she remains naked in our room, so I will make her ready.” Zainab Muħammad provoked me, “In fact papa, she took my virginity.” she continued.

To me it was a new surprise.

I had never thought of these little jonnies taking advantage of the modern technology.

“Is she lesbian”? I enquired.

“No papa, she invites me sometimes only when she gets real steamy after watching those movies”. Zainab Muħammad replied.

“Has she seen incest or orgy movies”? I asked.

She didn’t know about orgy and incest so I explained her, to which she said,

“Yes, may be all types.”

“Okay honey, then we can have a threesome.” I replied.

“What if Ammījān comes to know about it, which will ruin our strong family.” Zainab Muħammad asked me fearfully.

Then she herself said boldly,

“You have only one responsibility papa, prepare Ammījān for the great family fun, and I will prepare Fātimah.” she suggested, “I know your task will be hard to accomplish.” she further said.

I only nodded with a smile.

“By the way, have you seen my Uncut Hindu Dick before?” I asked.

“Only accidentally papa, but Fātimah has bumped into your bed room many a times intentionally and seen you in awkward position, perhaps fucking Ammījān. She told me you have a very nice Uncut Hindu Dick, I think even bigger than anyone else, papa, as per Fātimah’s estimates.” She replied confidently.

I felt proud of myself.

I can attract any Musalmān girl, even my Musalmān daughters.

I was already fucking a large number of them.

I just smiled.

I was always running for huge business and earning wealth.

Kħadījah Sheikħ was always busy in her social services and Ultimate status. And our children were after seeking pleasure from me.

Zainab Muħammad, my beloved Musalmān daughter had opened a new vista of life for me and the family and I was destined to take the family to a great fun which would become a binding force between the family Members.

We were still naked.

It was almost 2.00 AM in the morning.

I switched on the dim lights and peeped out of a big windowpane while removing the curtain.

It was raining heavily outside.

I looked into the patio, switched off outer lights, opened the glass door and invited Zainab Muħammad for rain bath with me.

Zainab Muħammad accompanied me happily.

The two souls absolutely naked, a Hindu father and a Musalmān daughter were standing in open sky.

We both wet under the splashing rain clung together, kissed and licked each other for 30 minutes and then we were ready for the ultimate ride.

We came inside lounge, took a light shower together and after drying each other came to our bed.

Zainab Muħammad was lying straight with her legs wide open,

“Come on papa, I want you all inside me.” Zainab Muħammad asked.

I kissed her Musalmān Cunt a little bit to make it juicy, and she lubricated my Uncut Hindu Penis with her wet Musalmān mouth.

Then I penetrated my long and rock hard Uncut Hindu Penis in her juicy Musalmān Love Tunnel.

We were pumping together passionately, both moaning loudly, groaning with extreme pleasure and ecstasy.

I taught her how to make a doggy position and Zainab Muħammad obliged.

I came towards her Musalmān Pussy, opened its petals and sniffed like a dog.

I kissed her Musalmān Pussy lips and her neat and clean Musalmān buttocks, which smelled nice.

Zainab Muħammad moaned with true pleasure of love.

Slowly I shoved my Hindu meat in her Musalmān Love Hole and started pumping in her Musalmān Cunt.

Zainab Muħammad was reciprocating with even more Musalmān enthusiasm.

She was almost at the verge of her explosion, when I lied on my back and told her to ride on my Hindu rod.

Zainab Muħammad did so and now she was jumping over my Uncut Hindu Dick.

I was also pushing my hips up and down regularly to give her the maximum pleasure.

She was about to explode when I told her lie on her back.

Zainab Muħammad did so.

I opened her legs and pushed my Uncut Hindu Dick with a big thrust in her Musalmān Pussy.

Zainab Muħammad screamed with pleasure, thanks god the house was completely sealed and the noise of rain suppressed her scream.

Her extremely beautiful Musalmān legs were clenched around my Hindu thighs, my left hand on her shoulder and right hand on her breast nipples.

Zainab Muħammad was in real ecstasy, extreme pleasure and in a new world of lovemaking, and the same was the case with me.

I was pumping my Hindu meat in her juicy Musalmān Cunt, thrusting my Uncut Hindu Penis in and out.

Her butts were now in my hands and I pressed her hungry Musalmān Cunt towards my groins fiercely.

Our bodies were sweating, her forehead was shining with pearl like droplet of sweat.

I could feel her Musalmān ass and butts squeezing, contracting and expanding, her heart beat increased swiftly and her fucking speed enhanced miraculously.

I was also feeling as somebody was squeezing my whole body including my anus like a lemon.

I felt Zainab Muħammad was about to splash her juices out of her Musalmān Pussy which was eating out my Hindu meatloaf.

I was continuously pumping her Musalmān womb.

Zainab Muħammad was moaning, groaning and crying,

“Papa, papa, please, papa please give me everything you have inside your balls, come in my Musalmān Uterus, offload every drop of your Hindu love juice in my tummy, papa please, your Musalmān baby wants your whole lot of Hindu load”. Zainab Muħammad cried desperately.

“Oh baby, papa will never disappoint you, I know you can take your Hindu papa’s Hindu load.”

And then we both exploded together.

I ejaculated and sprinkled my Hindu load, every droplet of my sperm in Zainab Muħammad’s little Musalmān Love Tunnel.

It took me a complete minute to empty my Hindu load.

“Oh papa, I love you, I can feel your love still slipping down my Musalmān womb deep inside my Musalmān Uterus and tummy.” she clenched her arms around my thighs, giving a final thrust to my buttocks.

I kissed Zainab Muħammad at her lips.

Zainab Muħammad cleaned her Musalmān Pussy lips and deep inside her Musalmān Love Tunnel with her handkerchief.

Then Zainab Muħammad gratefully cleaned my Hindu meat with her lovely little Musalmān mouth.

Next day was Sunday, so we decided to sleep till late noon clenching each other’s arms.

Soon she went to sleep, her butts were now facing towards me with her knees bent.

Her little Musalmān Clit was visible from behind her ass cheeks that again created a stir in my Hindu body.

I knew the little soul was tired and she needed a sound sleep, I didn’t want to disturb her any more, after all, she is my lovely little Musalmān daughter.

She will not run away.

She cares me a lot, even willing to bring other family Members on board for the final ride and the great family fun “The Roller Coaster.”


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