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Chapter 29

Durgesh Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk

Durgesh ACP Suraiyā Jamāl

Durgesh Nauhīd Niyāzī

The gun imh 59786 was still in my hand.

I was still fucking Nauhīd Niyāzī, if she was Nauhīd Niyāzī, to save her life from the drug that was causing her body temperature fall down.

The condition was now under control.

Yet, Nauhīd Niyāzī was still unconscious responding to my wild Hindu sex kicks unconsciously.

I pushed the catch of the .22 HVSI revolver.

It released the cylinder.

I swung out the cylinder and said,

“One empty cartridge case in the cylinder.”

“Now I suspect this young lady may be being framed for something she hasn’t done.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl said gravely.

I watched her cunningly.

“How can you say that? Neither you know her, nor I.”

“Isn’t it obvious? Damn it.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said angrily, “Thanks Allah, ACP Suraiyā Jamāl is herself a Musalmān lady. My employer is being framed because she is against terrorists and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Pseudo Musalmīn. I demand protection for her.”

“We Musalmān Beauties call you ‘Durgesh darling, méré Hindu Piyā, Hindu  Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam, Hindu  husband of us Musalmān Beauties!’ Don’t we?” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl said furiously, “You are already fucking her. Don’t you? Now go ahead and protect her from the Criminal/ Criminal Minded Pseudo Musalmīn. They are trying to frame her because she is promoting Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club being a major shareholder there.”

“How do you know I won’t?” I myself asked furiously.

Both of them looked at each other.

Then relaxed somewhat, they both tried to smile,

“Sorry.” They said simultaneously.

“Let’s assume someone planted this revolver here really to frame Nauhīd Niyāzī.”

“She isn’t Nauhīd Niyāzī.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk immediately said, “She is Shaguftah Rashīd. I don’t know why you are calling her suddenly now Nauhīd Niyāzī. What do you think; I don’t know my employer even?”

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled.

She extended her right hand to me once more.

Fucking Nauhīd Niyāzī, if she was really Nauhīd Niyāzī, I looked at her hand.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl had two more passports in her hand.

I looked questioningly at her.

“These are two other passports I found here more.”

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk smiled.

“One of them must be my passport.”

“You keep your passport with your employer Shaguftah Rashīd/ Nauhīd Niyāzī?”

“Sure.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk smiled benignly, “Shaguftah Rashīd is not my employer only. We are close friends too.”

“I doubt both of you, your employer, Shaguftah Rashīd/ Nauhīd Niyāzī and you, belong to Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl said curtly.

“Well?” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk looked at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl questioningly.

“What if even your doubt is right?” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk smiled indifferently, “Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan isn’t any organization of us Musalmān Beauties that is terrorist, Criminal/ Criminal Minded. Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad is an organization of us Musalmān Beauties that is devoted to educate ourselves as high as we can. We hate crime unconditionally. It’s included in the constitution of Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad never to compromise with the terrorists, Criminal/ Criminal Minded Pseudo Musalmīn. Any soft corner for any of them, if proven, terminates the membership of Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad. What’s wrong in its membership?”*

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled urbanely.

“Isn’t it a fact, Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk that you were charged in Saůūdī Årab being on the payroll of Sultanate of Oman?”

“I’ve never hidden any fact about my present or past.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said righteously, “Not from either government of India, government of Saůūdī Årab, nor even from my employer, Shaguftah Rashīd.”

“The name of your employer according to her passport is Nauhīd Niyāzī.”

“I doubt it can’t be her passport.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk denied it contemptuously, “Aren’t you jumping on conclusions, ACP Suraiyā Jamāl? Shouldn’t you be more patient and more investigating instead of jumping on baseless conclusions?”

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl watched Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk scrutinizing.

“Let me ask you a direct question, Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk! Are you really on the payroll of Sultanate of Oman?”

“The charge was never proven against me.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said bitterly, “You must know it as well, as you know that I was prosecuted on the charge.”

“I know.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled cunningly, “However isn’t it a fact too that you were expelled from Saůūdī Årab and now you are a citizen of Sultanate of Oman instead of Saůūdī Årab?”

“Yes, why not? Certainly.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said fearlessly, “Only I wasn’t expelled from Saůūdī Årab ever. I left Saůūdī Årab after my trial there, on my own accord. Being a Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān yourself, I don’t need to tell you that not only in Saůūdī Årab, in entire Pseudo Islamic Countries as well, once a suspect is always a suspect. Why should I risk my life in Saůūdī Årab if I could live freely in India as a citizen of Sultanate of Oman?”

“I see. How interesting it is however that you have the citizenship of the same country you were charged to be on payroll of.”

“You don’t know the present Sultan of Sultanate of Oman. Do you?”

“Certainly not, my dear, certainly not.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled tartly, “I’m only an ACP here, not even the Commissioner of Police. A friend and sālā of Durgesh, Muħammad Åbdullah has the honor. How can I know any Sultan of any Årab Sultanate, including the said Sultanate of Oman?”

“He is a very good man.”

“Sure. Why not?” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled sarcastically, incredulously as well, “The trouble with me, Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk, is that I know there’s Absolute Monarchy in Sultanate of Oman.”

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was smiling patronizingly now.

Unitary Islamic Absolute monarchy. So what?”*

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled.

“Nothing. You left Saůūdī Årab because you wanted to get rid of the Pseudo Islamic atrocities of Pseudo Islamic Countries. Didn’t you?”

“Shouldn’t I have?”

“Sure. The point I’m making is different somewhat however.”

“I see.”

“You wanted to get rid of the Pseudo Islamic atrocities of Pseudo Islamic Countries. Yet you opted for the citizenship of another Pseudo Islamic Country, Sultanate of Oman.”


“Why didn’t you opt for the citizenship of some democratic country instead of a Unitary Islamic Absolute monarchy?”

I looked at Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was still assaulting the inner vaginal depths of Nauhīd Niyāzī/Shaguftah Rashīd.

Yes, I’ve fucked Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk now to unlock the Eīshān Vaigyānic lock used to lock the room we were inside now, but I didn’t know anything about her.

Obviously, ACP Suraiyā Jamāl had already investigated widely of Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

She couldn’t provide me that information before.

But she is providing me the same now indirectly by cross-questioning Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk herself.

What did ACP Suraiyā Jamāl wanted to convey to me?

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was really an agent of Sultanate of Oman?

Does she represent Sultanate of Oman here in Ved Nagar?

Should I be more attentive to Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk myself?

My basic policy was:

‘Be cautious, but never treat others as your enemy until their enmity to you isn’t proven beyond any doubt.

Never mistake making the others your enemy if they are not already, by doubting their honesty and sincerity to you.’

It was continuously being reported to me from various sources I had access to that, the present Sultan of Sultanate of Oman was a better human being than his contemporaries were.

He was reported to be even better than his own predecessors were.

Majlis-e-Oman, i.e. Council of Sultanate of Oman, was a bicameral parliament.

It consisted of member of State Council and Consultation Council as stipulated in Article 58 of the Basic Law of the State.

At present, it had 167 members of the parliament.

Fifteen of them were women.

One hundred fifty two were males.

Not balanced very much.

Yes, but so were the other democratic parliaments even.

Weren’t they?*

The old wood cabin was surrounded by darkness.

The shades were drawn.

A dog lay motionless on the front porch.

A thin stream of smoke flowed out of the chimney and headed north.

It was Makkah Mukarramah itself.

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was not a doctor then.

She was Just eighteen Just adult.

Sitting silently in front of the fireplace, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was shoving stacks of paper into the hot flames.

She was one of the young Just eighteen Just adult Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauties that hated kingdom not only in Saůūdī Årab, in entire Pseudo Islamic Countries as well rather.

She was, moreover, one of the young Just eighteen Just adult Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauties that hated Pseudo Islam as well.

Damn Yazīd Malåūn.

He destroyed the great Islamic revolution only because his clan hated the clan of Ħuzūrs.

In his over enthusiasm to establish Islamic morals and discipline Saifullah Ħazrat Kħālid bin Walīd razī Allāhu tålā ånahu didn’t Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūq, Fārūq-e-Åāzamrzu, actually unknowingly encouraged Ħazrat Muåāwiyahrzu?

Durgesh says John Elray is wrong that Ħazrat Ůmar Fārūqrzu couldn’t forget the ancestral rivalry with the clan of Saifullah Ħazrat Kħālid bin Walīd razī Allāhu tålā ånahu.

John Elray isn’t impartial.” I said gravely, “Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, John Elray couldn’t understand the Islamic movement at all.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan watched me scrutinizing.

“There are some persons who say even you don’t understand the Islamic movement of Ħuzūrs.”

“Well, they might be right.”

“What?” my duly married wife, Saiyadah Fātimah PhD, looked at me curtly.

I smiled.

“Fātimah,” Kħadījah Muħammad smiled ironically, “our Hindu husband is becoming more humane and more idealist now, once again, than being practical even infinitesimally.”

“Yes,” Saiyadah Fātimah PhD said tartly, “he is humane to even terrorists and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Musalmīn.”

I smiled teasing them.

“Once a humane always a humane.”

“Damn you.” Kħadījah Muħammad said harshly, “Fātimah and I never succeeded due to your over humane approach to the terrorists and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Musalmīn.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan never cared to get your appreciation.” Saiyadah Fātimah PhD said, still curtly to me, “Kħadījah Muħammad and I always cared for childishly. The result is we failed and Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is succeeding.”*

I looked at Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah.

“We Hindus are not tired of you Musalmān Beauties. Neither we are ever afraid of terrorists and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Musalmīn. You know it very well. The conspiracies of Muħammad Ůsmān are not proven still now.”

“If Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī would have suffered as a victim of the accident and had been crumpled you’d taken it more seriously. Hadn’t you?”

I controlled myself.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said again.

“We’ve tried to be civilized about the thing. I knew you think we Musalmān Beauties are unduly, unjustifiably, harsh on our Musalmān mankind. You think we enjoy them punishing unduly when we get support from you Hindus. Why don’t you understand they deserve it?”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah.”

“What do you want Durgesh?”

“Stop humiliating Musalmīn until they aren’t proven guilty.”

“Your sense of justice―”

“Unjustified? Impractical? Unreasonable?”

“You must peruse Dr. Ali Sina and his co-authors at faith freedom.org more attentively.”

“I’ve studied Al Qur’an Al Karīm and Aħādīs-e-muqaddasāt myself. I’ve studied Al Tārīkħ Al Islam too deeply. I’m sorry to say I don’t agree with Dr. Ali Sina and his co-authors at faith freedom.org absolutely.”

“We Musalmān Beauties ourselves don’t agree with Dr. Ali Sina and his co-authors at faith freedom.org absolutely.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said, “Yet he and his co-authors are not absolutely incorrect. Are they?”

“Their conclusions that, the present day Pseudo Islam is the original Islam Ħuzūrs preached isn’t correct.”

“But the activities of the Musalmīn they discuss so fearlessly are entirely correct. Aren’t they?”

“The activities of the present day Musalmīn, isn’t Islam.” I said patiently, “Islam is what Al Qur’an Al Karīm and Aħādīs-e-muqaddasāt say.”

“That’s what we Musalmān Beauties also insist on.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah too said patiently, “Does our mankind follow them?”

I smiled.

“I never said that.”

“Yet you never stopped favoring them.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah charged me, “You think Muħammad Ůsmān maybe innocent. Well, if he is innocent why the hell he is maintaining so many households in different Pseudo Islamic Countries as well as in the other countries too?”

I looked at her gravely.

“You really don’t know?”

“What do you mean?”*

I looked at Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah gravely.

“You know very well Muħammad Ůsmān isn’t alone that’s maintaining so many households in different Pseudo Islamic Countries as well as in the other countries too.”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said curtly,

“Yes. There are so many other Pseudo Musalmīn too. The bastards pretend they marry only four Musalmān wives. But they never tell anyone that they maintain so many households in different Pseudo Islamic Countries as well as in the other countries too. In every household they have their different set of four Musalmān wives.”

“Well, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah, you’d again charge me that I’m favoring Pseudo Musalmīn.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think we Hindus and you Musalmān Beauties haven’t left another alternative for them except to resort to it. What the Pseudo Musalmīn can do? Their Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives hate them because they aren’t ultra-modern, sophisticated and well educated. Sooner or later they join either my bed or the bed of other powerful and capable Hindus that can take care of them perfectly and protect them from their incompetent Pseudo Musalmīn husbands.”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah looked at me patiently.

“Working for our Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad, we adopt various pretenses to reach the appropriate Jet Musalmān Beauty. We have an assigned territory. I too have. I pretended to have a series of books that are designed to give the newly wed, and still unwed, Musalmān Beauties how to deal with an orthodox Musalmān husband and ultramodern Hindu lover simultaneously.”

“I see.”

“The books are so cleverly arranged that there is really no age limit.”

“Not even just eighteen to thirty you call Jet?”

“Not even just eighteen to thirty we call Jet.”

“Go on.”

“You aren’t taking optimum interest.”

“You are mistaken.”

Durgesh, I doubt Muħammad Ůsmān is trying to implicate me in a murder to get rid of me.”

“Nonsense. He is already cuckolded. He can’t even imagine taking any risk that his videos of cuckolded life style be released at the movie theaters and multiplexes of Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club, Ashvinātam Gangbang Club, Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad etcetera.”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah looked at me harshly.

“I think even at your sixty three you have still to learn too much about the Pseudo Musalmīn and their tactics.”

“You’ve read Dr. Ali Sina and his co-authors too much, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah.”

“What about Nonie Darwesh?” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled ironically, “What about Mona Eltahawy?”

I smiled.

“Go on.”

Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan gives us members all sorts of sides helps, does advertising and secures lists of live prospects so that we don’t have to waste our time in fruitless door to door canvassing. These prospects are sent in at the rate of about ten a day. Sometimes they mail them in, sometimes they telephone them.”

“I see.”

“The members of Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan are supposed to make a schedule of ten new calls a day, in addition to follow ups.”

“What is a live prospect?” I asked.

“A family in the income group of at least six thousand US dollars a year on up, with a Jet Musalmān Beauty or more, they are more progressive.”

I nodded.

Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī and Muħammad Ůsmān have a very nice house. They have some spare rooms as well as a guesthouse. Every spare room has its own washbowl and toilet. Yet, it also has a connection with the downstairs bath. Now, listen to me carefully, Durgesh, it’s very important.”

I nodded gravely.

“I’m listening to, don’t worry. Muħammad Ůsmān is not my responsibility. Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah and you are my responsibilities. If Muħammad Ůsmān is really planning some conspiracy against anyone of you both, it’s my responsibility to protect both of you.”

“Thank you.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah sighed somewhat assured now, “Muħammad Ůsmān never liked me. Yet on the persistent insistence of Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī sometimes I have to stay with her even at night, you know.”

I nodded.

Muħammad Ůsmān is away from home a lot.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah went on, “He claims he is some kind of a business sharpshooter. Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī has always been rather indefinite about what he himself does. Despite Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī inquiring him so many times, Muħammad Ůsmān never told her his true whereabouts. Anyhow Muħammad Ůsmān travels a lot.”

“I see.”

Muħammad Ůsmān travels a lot.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah nodded, “and makes investments. He has misappropriated Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī’s money already to the extent that now he always seems to have plenty of money. Even then, I’ve never been able to find out exactly what my ever shrewd ever Criminal/ Criminal Minded brother in law does.”

I kissed Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah.

She was on her back now.

Her nude magnificent legs were on my shoulders.

My Uncut Hindu Prick is still visiting her ever enticing Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt avidly.

“You said you’d put some shadow on him?” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah squeezed my Uncut Hindu Prick with her ever-tight vaginal grip around its entire length and thickness.

“It was necessary.” I said gravely, “You both had cuckolded him despite my persistent objections. He is shrewd. I had to put some shadow on him to know of his whereabouts.”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled,

“His newly married fourth wife, Åāliyah Muħammad Åbbās?”

I smiled too.

“Any objection?”

“None whatsoever. Yet, you put one more shadow on him, his secretary Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm. Didn’t you?”

“He is too shrewd to be shadowed by only his new fourth wife.”*

Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm put a suitcase down, and then she rushed to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips.

I hugged her and squeezed her excellent gorgeous Omani Årab Musalmān buttocks.

“This is the suitcase?” I asked.

“This is the suitcase.” Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm chuckled mischievously.

Kħadījah Muħammad was smiling at Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm in appreciation.

“I’m satisfied that Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan hasn’t filled her Jet Musalmān Beauties Squad with worthless girls.”

“Thank you, Bājī.” Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm smiled at Kħadījah Muħammad.

“Is it legal and ethical, Durgesh, as Muħammad Ůsmān’s secretary, to bring this suitcase to you?”

“In dealing with terrorists and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Musalmīn we can’t limit ourselves to act legal and ethical always, Naushād Åzīz Ibrāhīm.” Kħadījah Muħammad laughed.

“The point is, Bājī, we still don’t have even a single evidence that Muħammad Ůsmān is a terrorist and Criminal/ Criminal Minded Musalmān.”

“She is right.” I said gravely, “Muħammad Ůsmān may still be innocent, Kħadījah.”

Kħadījah Muħammad laughed.

“Sorry, Durgesh. I believe Dr. Ali Sina more that every Musalmān is a potential terrorist, even if he isn’t terrorist in his own knowledge.”

I laughed sarcastically.

“Then tell me why Sāħir Ludhiyānvī left Lahore Pakistan in 1949, immigrated to Delhi and never returned to Pakistan?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t studied about your Sāħir Ludhiyānvī ever so minutely.”

 Chapter 30


1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

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Previous Chapters

Chapter 28

Durgesh Shaguftah Rashīd

Durgesh Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah

I hadn’t another alternative.

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was right.

To hell with every ethics whatsoever.

A human life is more important than everything is, including ethics too.

That’s what even Hinduism believes in.

Why otherwise Lord Vishñu had deceived his sisters in law, his Salhajs, Vr’ndā and Tulsī and made love to them?

Wasn’t it to destroy their Satītv and Pātivratý to Shankhchūđ and Jalandhar?

Wasn’t it to save humanity from the totalitarians Shankhchūđ and Jalandhar?

Who says it was incest?

No, it wasn’t incest.

It was not done to fulfill his own male animal desires at all.

Why did Lord Rām kill Vāli hiding behind a tree?

Why did Lord Kr’shñ made Yudhishŧhir to lie that Ashvatthāmā had been killed?

Hinduism never had impractical ethics detrimental to humanity.

Yet, even then, I was careful enough not to forget there might be movie/ video cameras and/or other devices to frame us, all the three of us.

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk was undressing Shaguftah Rashīd as fast as she could.

I looked at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

She was already busy in searching the surroundings with a fine-toothed comb.

How pleasant it is to have an utmost competent police officer with you to assist you when you need very much.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl had already suspected the same, as I did it was more than evident.

Even in her unconsciousness, Shaguftah Rashīd had spread her legs as if inviting me to make love to her.

I approached Shaguftah Rashīd between her legs.

How beautiful she was.

I was already hardened abundantly.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā had given me everything I needed ever quite in abundance.

Her nude Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān female body was extremely beautiful.

I kissed her enticing Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.

Both Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk and ACP Suraiyā Jamāl winked at me and raised their right thumb.

They smiled as if wishing me ‘best of luck’, as well as success in saving Shaguftah Rashīd’s life.

I put my extremely hardened Uncut Hindu Prick between the quivering labial lips of Shaguftah Rashīd and started to rub my knob there.

Shaguftah Rashīd smiled in unconsciousness as if enjoying it very much herself.

I didn’t know what her own reaction would be that I made love to her to save her life, after gaining consciousness.*

Even though it was abundant now that Musalmān Beauties were themselves wooing Hindu men to have sex with them, having their own lavish reasons, I couldn’t deny the fact that so many of them changed their tune after enjoying Uncut Hindu Prick to their hearts’ content.

And why shouldn’t they?

The Pseudo Musalmīn were always after them.

Even the terrorists were also after the Musalmān Beauties having sexual relations with me and/or other Hindus.

Both the terrorists and Pseudo Musalmīn thought it was their disgrace as well as the disgrace of Pseudo Islam too.

Unlike true Islam Pseudo Islam could never afford it.

Pseudo Islam was a communal and imperialist movement.

Humanity was its death.

That’s why all the true Musalmīn and the Musalmān Beauties having marital/sexual relations with Hindus, were always with Hindus and other humanists against terrorists and Pseudo Musalmīn.

I entered my Uncut Hindu Prick into Shaguftah Rashīd’s extremely enticing Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Cunt ultimately.

It vanished entirely to the hilt.

I kissed unconscious Shaguftah Rashīd feeling completely content now.*

Well, why shouldn’t I?

Yes, I was saving her life from her extremely communal inhuman Musalmān husband/ unknown enemy.

But why can’t I enjoy it as well?

To hell with the impractical moralists, unreasonable moralizers, unrealistic preachers, unfeasible critics, unworkable philosophers, unrealistic puritans, impractical saints, and impractical prudes, if they criticize me on it.

Most of them had only thought of it.

They never experienced it.

I started fucking Shaguftah Rashīd passionately and wildly rather.

Being an utmost successful Sex Therapist I knew she needed it.

Even in her unconsciousness, Shaguftah Rashīd was not only enjoying my passionate Hindu sex kicks very much, she was also cooperating with me, rather responding my passionate Hindu sex kicks even more passionately and more wildly.

She was thrusting her Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt toward me lying on her back.

She had already put her legs on my shoulders.

Suddenly ACP Suraiyā Jamāl addressed me.

“Well, Durgesh darling, I think you would like to see it.”

I looked at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl fucking Shaguftah Rashīd more and more passionately.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl looked at Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

She was also busy in searching the surroundings.

Ostensibly, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk wasn’t interested in what ACP Suraiyā Jamāl had found out.

It was a passport however.

I looked questioningly at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl used her eyes to warn me that she wanted her finding to hide from Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

I didn’t look at Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk with tremendous effort and extended my right hand to get the passport ACP Suraiyā Jamāl was advancing to me.

It again took a tremendous effort not to give away when I saw the passport had the photo of Shaguftah Rashīd okay, but her name on the passport was not Shaguftah Rashīd.

It was Nauhīd Niyāzī.*

Before I could pull myself together, Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk also twisted at me and extended a gun to me.

“What?” I stopped pulling my Uncut Hindu Prick out of Shaguftah Rashīd’s/ Nauhīd Niyāzī’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.

It was fully embedded into her.

“I’ve found it in her dressing drawer.” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said gravely.

“What the hell you are talking about?” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl whirled at Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk didn’t answer ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

She waved the gun at me.

Durgesh darling,” Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said curtly, “I’m quite certain it’s one of the guns Imām Muħammad Ħasan keeps at Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club for the protection of his Musalmān Beauties and Hindu male members from the terrorists and Pseudo Musalmīn.”

My Uncut Hindu Prick was throbbing into Nauhīd Niyāzī’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt fully embedded still now.

There wasn’t any indication on Nauhīd Niyāzī’s extremely beautiful face that she was conscious at all and understanding how incriminating evidences both ACP Suraiyā Jamāl and Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk had found against her.

She was still unconscious and enjoying my Uncut Hindu Cock into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Vagina.

“How do you know?” I asked Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk taking the gun from her hand.

I had wrapped a handkerchief however before taking the gun from the hand of Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk looked at me gravely.

“I have seen the guns Imām Muħammad Ħasan keeps there.”

“You are also a member of Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club as your employer is?”

“Of course, and I also own quite a stock of shares there too.”

“I see.” I started fucking Nauhīd Niyāzī once again.

However, I wasn’t certain even now that her real name was Nauhīd Niyāzī.

She had acquired a property at Ved Nagar in the name of Shaguftah Rashīd.

It was never possible if her real name was not Shaguftah Rashīd.

Ved Nagar was not only what it appeared to be ostensibly.

It wasn’t easy to pull wool on the eyes of the security authorities of Ved Nagar.

I watched the gun in my hand.

It was a .22 caliber HVSI revolver, more beautiful, yet similarly more dangerous, than a similar Smith and Wesson revolver.

It was stamped with a number in its metal, imh 59786.

The number evidenced that the gun was made on the special order from Imām Muħammad Ħasan, imh was its proof.

Dr. Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk might telling the truth.

Yet, none could guarantee Imām Muħammad Ħasan was the only person working for Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club having the initials imh.

The gun was of a special make exclusively made for Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club.*

Kħadījah Muħammad and I could hear the rapid click clack… click clack… click clack of heels in the corridor.

Kħadījah Muħammad was in her rukū and I was fucking her once more from her behind.

I indicated to Kħadījah Muħammad to open the door.

She did it gravely.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled at both of us.

“Thank you so much for waiting, Durgesh, I’m sorry I’m late. I just couldn’t make it any sooner.”

I looked at Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah over carefully and said,

“Come in Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah. You know Kħadījah Muħammad, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled, “fortunately. The lucky lady, enjoying the great Durgesh.”

Kħadījah Muħammad smiled too.

“Well, Durgesh has just cum into me. You may take over, if you want to.”

“Hey, thank you. Thank you very much. I never thought you’d be so nice.”

I pulled Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah in my arms.

“You are my role model.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled at Kħadījah Muħammad.

“Nonsense, don’t try to imitate Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan.” Kħadījah Muħammad laughed, “She is crazy to imitate me.”

“Yes, and that’s why she is successful now in eliminating the age old kingdom of Al Saåūds from Saůūdī Årab. Even on the pathway of establishing Democracy everywhere in entire Pseudo Islamic Countries.”

“You too appreciate Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan?”

“Who doesn’t of us Musalmān Beauties whether Wahābī, Sunnī, Shiå, Aħmadī or else?”

“You are right.” Kħadījah Muħammad smiled.

“Thank you. However there is some difference between the ways Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and I imitate you.”

“Allah, you both are trying to make me something more than I myself feel to be.” Kħadījah Muħammad tried to be modest.

“I appreciate your modesty.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said, “However, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan imitates you blindly while I tried to do something more you didn’t, yet Durgesh deserved to be done with.”

I laughed.

“Hey you two! What the hell you think I am?”

“The greatest Hindu lover of us Musalmān Beauties in the entire history of humanity. Kħadījah Muħammad raped you when she met you first. But I kidnapped you first, and then raped you.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah winked at both of us.

“Mar béħayā!” I kissed Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah on her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān lips.

“Thank you.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah kissed me back gratefully, as if highly indebted to me.

I myself undressed Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah and then I started fucking her.

“Thank you once again.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah looked gratefully at Kħadījah Muħammad, “I never thought you’d honor me by gifting Durgesh to me.”

“You are most welcome.” Kħadījah Muħammad smiled at her big heartedly, “He is fucking me nonstop for hours. I wanted some time to breathe myself. You are an Allahdād opportunity.”

“Thank you.”

“I notice you’re breathless and excited. How about some juice, or even some drink if you prefer?”

“Well, that’s very nice of you. However, no thanks. Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Penis into my ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt would give me everything I need.”

Kħadījah Muħammad smiled.

“That’s what I thought.”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for it.”

“It’s alright. Go ahead and enjoy. What’s the problem anyway?”

My Uncut Hindu Prick was already lubricated from the Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān vaginal juices of Kħadījah Muħammad.

Now, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah was herself wet too.

My Uncut Hindu Prick was fully embedded now in a new Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah had pushed her extremely beautiful glorious gorgeous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks into my male Hindu lap and was enjoying my Uncut Hindu Cock entirely vanished into her eagerly responsive Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān vaginal depths.

Durgesh, my Hindu love, it’s a long story.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said.

“Go ahead. Nothing to worry. Tell me everything. Dump it to me and forget it.”*

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled.

“Well, you know, Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī and I started the Ruqayyah Fātimah Flower Shops. That was before Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī was married. We each had half of the stock except a small block of five shares. We gave it to Nafīsah Salmān Ammī. I’ve always liked her. Nafīsah Salmān Ammī is rather naïve. But her shrewd daughter Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan full of endless tact now has managed to pick up the five shares of stock that we had given to Nafīsah Salmān Ammī.”

I smiled.

“And you think Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan wants to pry in your business?”

“I thought so at the time.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said bitterly, “When your JetMusalmān Beauties Queen, your utmost dearest Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, the entirely shameless nudist feminist, the new everfirst President of Saůūdī Årab, handed over the stock for transfer, she joked about being a silent partner. But I think there’s something far more sinister back of it.”

I kissed Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah passionately, pulled my Uncut Hindu Cock out of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, till only its head remained inside between her ravenous quivering labial lips, squeezed her boobs and then thrust my Uncut Hindu Cock all the way inside wildly.

She jumped on her back enjoying the miraculous Hindu sex kicks very much.

Her legs were on my nude Hindu shoulders and I was on top of her between her beautiful legs.

My Uncut Hindu Cock vanished into her extremely ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt to the hilt.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled her indebtedness to me, thanking me with her extremely beautiful eyes.

She kissed me passionately responding my loving Hindu attacks.

I was playing with her plump Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan wouldn’t be any problem to you. Don’t worry, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah. Leave the Sālī to me.”

“She is very dangerous, Durgesh.”

“Not to my women.”

“You protect Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan despite her every naughty activity. She must be disciplined, Durgesh, at least to you.”

“Okay, relax now. Forget her. Leave Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan to me. I’d tell her not to interfere with you anymore.”

“The problem is Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī married Muħammad Ůsmān a little over a year ago, about eighteen months ago.”

“I understand.”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah made a little gesture.

It was more expressive than words.

“The bastard manages my sister’s money.”

“Not any more, dear.”

“He doesn’t need to.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said bitterly.

“What do you mean?”

“I think Muħammad Ůsmān isn’t a fool enough to wait indefinitely. As soon as her plan to kill Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī, in that accident, backfired he went to his other alternative. He has already done he wanted to do. Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī, in my opinion, has already lost her stock.”

“You haven’t any proof against Muħammad Ůsmān, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah. Never forget it. You only suspect him.” I said gravely.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah watched me apprehensively.

“What do you want to say, Durgesh? I should forget he staged that accident? Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī would have died in it if her subconscious mind hadn’t received my warnings and acted accordingly.”

“That’s right. But we haven’t any evidence that it had been staged by Muħammad Ůsmān.”

“Do you want to say that he is innocent?”

“No, certainly not. We haven’t any evidence either that he is innocent even.”


“We must be cautious. Yet, we must not forget that even Muħammad Ůsmān maybe innocent.”

“I don’t think so.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said curtly.

Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah knows the true state of her finances?”

“Now she is.”


“Now.” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah said bitterly. “Muħammad Ůsmān is himself not a damnfool. He still flatters Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī and complains that we have punished him unjustifiably. We haven’t given him even any benefit of doubt.”

“Well, I myself told you so when you both the sisters were adamant to cuckold him.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s ‘Cuckold Your Musalmān husband’ movement had blinded us.”

“Now, think, if Muħammad Ůsmān turns out innocent, how would we face him?”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah laughed ironically.


Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah.”

“I appreciate his daring and patience, however.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even now, when we’ve cuckolded him, Muħammad Ůsmān acts righteous. He says Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s ‘Cuckold Your Musalmān husband’ movement has blinded us both more than even you are. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is your living sex goddess, yet you still don’t support Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan blindly. You still give Musalmīn the benefit of doubt that most of us Musalmān Beauties even don’t.”

“I agree with him.”

“Nonsense! Muħammad Ůsmān understands the attentions women crave. You know how it is with a Musalmān when his Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wife has money, as Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah Bājī has. It isn’t a shame for Musalmīn they learn it eagerly.”

“Not only Musalmīn, there are other non Musalmīn that also act similarly.”

“And that solves our problem?” Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah smiled ironically.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Are you tired of protecting us Musalmān Beauties from our oppressor Musalmān husbands?”

“Not yet.” I smiled impishly.

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah squeezed my Uncut Hindu Cock contracting her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān vaginal grip around it on its entire length.

“Ouch! What are you doing?” I moaned.

“Stop acting impish when you fuck me.”


“Are you really sixty three?”

“What do you mean?”

When I kidnapped you, you were only thirty one and I was twenty eight.”

“I contradicted you even then.”

“I have checked your entire electoral record, income tax record, sale tax record etcetera. You were born on 2nd February 1979.”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan has managed to change my entire papers everywhere.”

“No one believes you. You lack to provide optimum evidence for it.”

“What do you want to say, I’m thirty three only?”

“That’s what your every record in India proves, and even your record elsewhere.”

“Ask Kħadījah Muħammad when she raped me.”

“Isn’t she crazy for you enough, to vouch for everything you say?”

“Well?” I looked at Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah tartly.

“Play ball with us JetMusalmān Beauties, Durgesh. Don’t try to avoid us. Don’t you ever think your obsession for mature Musalmān Beauties has already gone far afield?”

I gritted my teeth.

“Are you a member of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s JetMusalmān BeautiesSquad?”

Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah laughed.

“Only because I’m thirty?”

“I’ve told you the other activities from you already, haven’t I?”

She winked at me.

“Fuck the entire JetMusalmān BeautiesSquad of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and enjoy méré Hindu Piyā.”

“I would have cheerfully if Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan  were not using it for her political purposes.”

“I don’t believe you. Peruse what Dr. Ali Sina and his co-authors write on faith freedom.org. When you prove them wrong we Musalmān Beauties would accept the Pseudo Musalmīn are not punishable by ‘Cuckold Your Musalmān husband’ movement of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan. Never before it. Muħammad Ůsmān isn’t a moderate Musalmān because, there doesn’t exist any moderate Musalmān.”

“According to Dr. Ali Sina.”

“According to facts, damn it. Don’t tell me now that you Hindus are now tired of us Musalmān Beauties. I can’t believe even you Hindus are now afraid of Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists, Criminals/ Criminal Minded persons.”

Chapter 29


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2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

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Previous Chapters

Chapter 27

Durgesh ACP Suraiyā Jamāl

Durgesh Shaguftah Rashīd

DurgeshLily Turner

Al Sāliħah Al Rashīd was also proud of her daughter, Lily Turner.

Despite Shaguftah Rashīd wasn’t her real sister, Lily Turner didn’t love her lesser.

There was a grand difference of age between Lily Turner and Shaguftah Rashīd.

Shaguftah Rashīd was twenty-eight now, while Lily Turner was twenty-eight while she first met me.

Yet, due to my Svarūpé Avasthānam, none of us looked aged.

Lily Turner still looked anywhere in her late thirties.

Actually, she was sixty-two now, on the brim of completing her sixty-three even.

Shaguftah Rashīd, her younger half sister, was twenty-five years younger to Lily Turner.*

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl turned to me.

“The bastard.” She said.

I smiled fucking her more passionately,

Imām Muħammad Ħasan doesn’t know where Shaguftah Rashīd lives?”

“No. He says there are certain female shareholders who don’t want to come in the open, supporting Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club. Imām Muħammad Ħasan doesn’t have their addresses. They are kept secret.”

“And Shaguftah Rashīd is one of them?”

“And Shaguftah Rashīd is one of them.”

“Maybe he is really not entrusted. Yet, it sounds goofy to me.”

“To me too.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl roared.

“Anyway, that’s his story.”

The door from the manager’s apartment opened.

Raziyah Najmul Ħasan, wearing a housedress, came toward us.

Her face had been given a generous application of rouge somewhat evenly applied.

She smiled at us,


Raziyah Najmul Ħasan turned toward the door.

We followed her gaze.

Through the plate glass, we saw a slim waisted young man run up the porch stairs, and jab a key into the lock of the door.

Raziyah Najmul Ħasan had time to say, before the door opened,

“This is Iqbāl Rashīd now.”

We waited until Iqbāl Rashīd was well on his way toward the elevator.

I noticed his half running pace and the excited tension that seemed to grip him.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl asked.

“Putting out a fire?”

Iqbāl Rashīd apparently saw us for the first time.

He jerked to a standing stop, and stared.

Raziyah Najmul Ħasan said, ingratiatingly,

Iqbāl Rashīd, this is…”

“Let me handle it.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl interrupted.

She stepped forward and jerked back the lapel of her coat so that Iqbāl Rashīd could see her badge and stars.

Iqbāl Rashīd’s reaction to it was instantaneous.

He half turned back toward the big plate glass door as if about to run.

By an obvious effort Iqbāl Rashīd caught himself and turned to ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

His face was white.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl was ominously, threateningly silent.

She watched Iqbāl Rashīd’s countenance.

It began to twitch.

Realizing he was trapped, Iqbāl Rashīd took a deep breath.

Even I could see his hands clenching into fists.

“Well,” he asked, “what is it?”

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl took her time in answering.

I also studied Iqbāl Rashīd.

He was a small boned slim hipped man.

His coat was heavily padded at the shoulders.

The even tan of his face indicated that he habitually went without a hat and was much in the open.

His hair, black and glossy, waved back from his forehead with a rippling regularity that suggested the touch of a professional hairdresser.

His height was medium and he didn’t weigh much more than a hundred and thirty pounds.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl’s voice had the rasping belligerence of a police officer dealing with a law violator.

“What’s the hurry?”

“I wanted to get to bed.” Iqbāl Rashīd controlled himself surprisingly.

He even managed to smile at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl feigning good manners even.

I warned ACP Suraiyā Jamāl in an eyes-to-eyes message.

She reassured me similarly without using even a single word.

“You certainly steamed up about it.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl watched him sharply.

Iqbāl Rashīd managed to smile sophisticatedly.

He didn’t comment.

“We want some information.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl said aggressively.

“Sure, ma’am. Whatever I can help the law.”

Shaguftah Rashīd is your sister?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“We’re trying to locate her. We got a lead to you.”

“Well, Shaguftah Bājī doesn’t live with me.”

“Where does she live?”

“She has her own residence, Shaguftah Rashīd Apartments.”

“I see. Your Bājī is that Shaguftah Rashīd?”

“My Bājī is that Shaguftah Rashīd. Don’t I appear to be her younger brother, ma’am?” Iqbāl Rashīd tried to be cheerful now.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl maintained her impersonal belligerent police behavior.

“When did you see her last?”

“Last? Why? Is there something abnormal, officer?”

“Don’t try to question me, young chap. Just answer me. When did you see her last?”

“A week ago? An hour ago?” I too asked.

“Oh, probably yesterday sometime. She’s at the Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club. I too am manager there.”

“At Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club?”

“Yes, ma’am. Is there anything wrong?”

“Not that the police know of. Yet, there are so many Musalmīn that think the name of the club is disgraceful to them. Don’t you yourself think so?”

“The Musalmīn that think so, don’t know the Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club is actually owned by internationally renowned and well established zillionaires, trillionaires, billionaires and at least multi-millionaires Musalmān Beauties.  The Hindus have a too much negligible shareholding in the club. So even if it is a disgrace to the Musalmīn, the Hindus are not responsible for it. The internationally capable, accomplished, talented, proficient, skilled, gifted, adept, skillful, clever, and influential, powerful Musalmān Beauties are accountable for it. Most of them are feminist nudists. They don’t think the name of the club is disgraceful to them. Instead, they think it’s disgraceful to the Hindus, not to Musalmīn. ”

“What? Disgraceful to the Hindus? How?”

“Ask them, the owners of the Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club I mean.”

“I see.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“You deserve to be a manager there. Quite efficient. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Never mind. Okay. Go on to bed. We shan’t need you anymore. Thanks for your cooperation. The Shaguftah Rashīd Apartments is on Brahmarshi Street, isn’t it?”

“That’s right ma’am.” Iqbāl Rashīd said good-naturedly.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl nodded to me,

“Okay, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, let’s go, I think.”*

Leaving the CIA building for the White House in her chauffeur driven black limousine, Lily Turner had entered the west basement.

After nodding good morning to several National Security officers, Lily Turner hastened up a narrow flight of stairs to the office of Dr. Shāhidah Ashraf, the recommended Chief of Staff of White House.

The office was two doors down from the President’s Oval Office.

Inside, three of Dr. Shāhidah Ashraf’s aides, informally attired, were lounging about discussing the contents of a speech President of USA, Jimmy Carter, would soon deliver on cuts in domestic spending.

Lily Turner hadn’t seen Durgesh praising any President of USA as much as he was praising Jimmy Carter now.

Were the rumors true?

Is Durgesh really capable to replace anyone after his so-called Svarūpé Avasthānam?

President Jimmy Carter was really now Durgesh in his one of the infinite projected bodies?


How is it possible?

How a person can has his two bodies so drastically different in almost everything?

What’s there common between Durgesh and President Jimmy Carter?

Wasn’t Karl Marx right when he said that Religion is opium of people?

Yes, Soviet Union isn’t the friend of USA.

But it doesn’t mean that everything whatsoever the Soviet Union believes in is wrong.

After returning the greetings Lily Turner looked significantly at Dr. Shāhidah Ashraf, the recommended Chief of Staff of White House.

Dr. Shāhidah Ashraf dismissed the aides, postponing the conference on speech for later in the day.

At the moment both Lily Turner and she were expected in the president’s Oval Office to give Evelyn Carter a general picture of the lunch with Durgesh, the Mayor of Ved Nagar.


Hell, Durgesh is actually representing not only India now.

Durgesh is actually representing both the Secular Hindus and Secular Musalmīn spread everywhere internationally.

Yes, Durgesh doesn’t say so in so many words.

But it may fool only the morons, not Lily Turner.

Seated across from Evelyn Carter, Lily Turner felt at ease.

She had known Evelyn Carter a long time.

A PhD from Harvard University, Lily Turner, was very confident she could use Evelyn Carter to the best interest of United States.

She knew she was extremely beautiful.

When Durgesh fucks her, she understood how obsessed he is to fuck Lily Turner.

Since her first sexual intercourse with Durgesh, Durgesh’s obsession in fucking Lily Turner has increased the more he fucked her.

Heavens, how wildly Durgesh thrusts into her Baptist Christian Cunt his Vedic Monotheist Uncut Hindu Cock.

She always felt a great triumph of her Baptist Christian Cunt on my Vedic Monotheist Uncut Hindu Lund whenever I went so wild fucking Lily Turner.

Brilliant, smart and pleasant, with a constantly benign expression, Lily Turner’s affability suited Evelyn Carter.

So did her intellect and her ability at organization.

Now Lily Turner tried to fill Evelyn Carter in on the situation in Ved Nagar, my Svarūpé Avasthānam , the fact that I was the democratic head of Hindu Vishv Underground when it dissolved into Vyom.

Evelyn Carter appeared to be only half listening.

She gradually managed to turn the subject matter to the sex championship contest in Washington D.C. between Musalmān Beauties and Christian Beauties.

I was the male partner, and officially that was the reason I was there.

“Who do you think, Lily Turner, would win?” Evelyn Carter had asked after Lily Turner’s extensive briefing of her on my Svarūpé Avasthānam.

Lily Turner was neither sure nor actually, she was interested.

What the hell difference does it make?

She double-talked.

She knew only who would lose if Lily Turner didn’t get Evelyn Carter back on the rails about Ved Nagar and my Svarūpé Avasthānam.

Evelyn Carter was impatient somewhat.

“Look, Lily Turner, let’s go to Ved Nagar and Durgesh’s so called damn (Shanno Mitrah!) Svarūpé Avasthānam later. Do I have to hear it all twice? Let’s go over it at the cabinet meeting. Then it’ll be fresh in my mind when I settle down to lunch with Durgesh.”

Evelyn Carter,” Lily Turner grunted, “we are preparing you for the next president. If you don’t want to…”

Evelyn Carter laughed.

“We have four years now for it, dearie, haven’t we?”

Lily Turner held Evelyn Carter’s hand and twisted it somewhat.

“Ouch!” Evelyn Carter jumped up, “what are you doing?”

“Trying to make you listen to me, you moron.”

Evelyn Carter winked at her.

“I’m dying to watch Durgesh fucking us Christian Beauties.”

“He’d fuck Musalmān Beauties as well. And the Musalmān Beauties would win the contest.”

“Damn you! How do you know?”

When Lily Turner returned to her quarters, annoyed at her failure to get anywhere with Evelyn Carter, she considered phoning Dr. Åārifah Mustafā, Secretary to Secretary of StateCyrus Vance, and Dr. Shāhidah Ashraf, the recommended Chief of Staff of White House, to pick up on the speech about cuts in domestic spending.*

The Shaguftah Rashīd Apartments was a little walk up.

Here again ACP Suraiyā Jamāl and I encountered a locked door, a series of mailboxes and call bells.

There was no answer at Shaguftah Rashīd bell.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl summoned the manager again.

She ordered her to follow us up to the apartment with a passkey.

We climbed two flights of stairs, as the elevator wasn’t in working order temporarily then.

All the three of us, ACP Suraiyā Jamāl I and the beautiful manager of Shaguftah Rashīd Apartments, walked down a narrow, yet heavily carpeted corridor, fragrant with wonderfully pleasant aroma and the lighted emanations that fill an excellent ventilated place where people were sleeping.

It was noticeable that the immigrant apartment owners were providing more facilities to their tenants and customers in Ved Nagar than even the original residents.

They had to.

They had to win the tenants and customers from the original residents.

It had started a healthy competition between the immigrant apartment owners and the original residents of Ved Nagar in providing more and more facilities to their tenants and customers.

My administration there was encouraging it more and more.

It was impartial.

We wanted to encourage immigration.

Shaguftah Rashīd’s apartment was in the middle.

A light showed over the transom.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl knocked.

There wasn’t any answer.

She nodded to the beautiful manager.

“Okay. Open it up.”*

The beautiful manager of Shaguftah Rashīd Apartments hesitated a moment, then looked at me.

I nodded.

The door had Eīshān Vaigyānic lock.

While it was locked from inside it needed the Eīshān Vaigyānic rays emanating either from Shaguftah Rashīd’s own Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt or from the Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt of the beautiful manager.

My Vedic Monotheist Uncut Hindu Lund generated the required Eīshān Vaigyānic rays entering these Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunts.

The beautiful Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān manager, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk, unzipped me and I undressed her myself.

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk sucked me and as soon as it was ready enough to fuck her, I nodded her to go into rukū.

Then I started to fuck Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk from her gorgeous Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān behind.

It was her first time with me.

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk felt immensely honored.

I fucked Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk wildly until the required Eīshān Vaigyānic rays emanated from our wildly active genitals.

Even then, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk whispered.

“Please honor my femininity by coming into me.”

I obliged her.*

The door clicked back.

The figure of a blond woman dressed in a tweed skirt and jacket stockings and rubber soled gold shoes, lay sprawled near the door.

The telephone had been knocked from a small spindly-legged stand to the floor.

A box of the chocolate creams was open on the table, and some wrapping paper.

It was evident that in the wrapping paper the chocolate box had been tied folded itself neatly around the edges of the box.

The cover lay slightly to one side.

On the cover, there was a chocolate smudged card.

It said:

‘These will make you feel better.’

The card was signed with the initials ‘FMA’.

The chocolates were cradled in little paper cups.

A blank space in the upper tray furnished the sole clue as to the number that had been eaten.

I made a swift survey.

I estimated that eight or ten were missing from the top layer of the box.

The lower layer seemed untouched.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl bent over the young woman, felt her pulse and twisted to the manager of the apartments, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

“You must be a highly qualified doctor to qualify for being a manager here in Eīshān Vaigyānic areas. Are you?”

“Sure.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk immediately was all-alert.

“I’m going downstairs. I’ve to call Inspector Pratāp at headquarters. I’ve to tell him I’ve found Shaguftah Rashīd and the candy. It’s evident that she’s been poisoned. I’ve to order Inspector Pratāp to rush out the fingerprint staff and an ambulance.”

“We may need your decisions as a competent police officer for what to do in certain medical turn outs while checking her.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk protested, “Why don’t you use your mobile here to instruct your staff necessarily?”

“I may have to instruct my staff clandestinely.”

“That can wait. Your presence here is far more necessary. It can’t wait.”

“Okay. Go ahead. Check her.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl immediately decided.

I dropped to one knee to look down on the unconscious Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty.

“Should we straighten her out?” I looked at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl and Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

Without answering me Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk took my already out Uncut Hindu Cock and shoved it into Shaguftah Rashīd’s extremely beautiful Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

To my immense surprise, the unconscious Shaguftah Rashīd immediately responded and started to suck my Uncut Hindu Cock in her very unconsciousness.

I started to harden once more.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled and winked at me.

I looked at Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

Then both of us, Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk and I smiled at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

“I think it’s Eīshān Vaigyānic first aid? Isn’t it?” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled.

“Sure. That’s right.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk confirmed.

“What if it were a man?”

“The men need different sort of first aid in Eīshān Vigyān.”

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk felt Shaguftah Rashīd’s pulse.

Shaguftah Rashīd’s face was slightly congested.

Her breathing was slow and seemed labored.

The skin was surprisingly cold to the touch.

“Looks more like a drug than an active poison.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said, “I think if you fuck her immediately perhaps we can bring her out of it without any more medical help.”

I looked at ACP Suraiyā Jamāl.

There was a legal question in my eyes.

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl immediately took the necessary decision.

“Go ahead Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt, fuck her.”

“Nonsense. She is unconscious. She may hate me for what you both tell me to do with her.”*

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said curtly.

“You didn’t hesitate when you’d to fuck me.”

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl laughed.

“You are more beautiful than Shaguftah Rashīd, if she is really Shaguftah Rashīd.”

“Nonsense.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk said, “And she is really Shaguftah Rashīd. Naturally you don’t think I don’t know my employer even.”

ACP Suraiyā Jamāl smiled.

“Well, she has spread her legs. Perhaps even in her unconsciousness she is inviting you to go ahead and fuck her.”

“Is she married?” I asked Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

“Yes. Why did you ask?”

“Call her husband. He must consent first in writing that I can fuck his Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife to treat her medically in Sex Therapy.”

Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk laughed bitterly.

“How do you know it wasn’t her husband that has drugged her to death? Musalmān Beauties don’t join Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club if they maintain healthy married life with their wretched Musalmān husbands.”

“Well,” I hesitated.

“Fuck her.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk shouted, “She is losing the temperature of her body. She has been drugged to die of coldness, I think.”

Durgesh, go ahead. Damn it.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl also shouted, “I think when she was telephoning you her husband had heard somehow and succeeded in drugging her.”

“Do you know her husband’s name?” I looked at Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk.

“Fahīm Muħammad Åbbās.”

“FMA.” ACP Suraiyā Jamāl roared.

Durgesh, to hell with your ethics.” Ħāfizah Kalām-e-Pāk roared, “I request you medically to fuck her to save her life.”*

Chapter 28


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