I’m never ashamed of it

I’m never ashamed of it


I am Nādirah Altāf, a 27 year old, beautiful, Musalmān woman.

I’ve been married since four years.

Of course, it’s an arranged marriage.

My husband works in a private company and I am a house wife.

My father-in-law lost his wife long back to his Hindu friend, Durgesh.

It was to the extent that his son, Åbdul Waħāb, my husband, also left him to live with his Ammī and his new father, Durgesh.

So, actually Durgesh was my father in law now, for all practical purposes, living with us.

Anyone could easily find out on seeing him that my new father in law Durgesh was the sexiest male one have ever encountered.

I mean it sexually.

For about a year we were a happy couple, we toured around many places, hanged out well, everything was fine.

It was off late that I noticed changes. A lot of changes, primarily in our relationships.

Sex was boring and ordinary and sort of a routine ritual.

I needed some spice in it.

Also, there was a notable change in the way my new father-in-law saw me.

I noticed a change in the way he looked at me, the areas he stared at.

In particular his eyes, were peeking at my bouncing Musalmān breasts  and my shaky Musalmān ass when I moved around the house.

Well, I don’t like to boast about myself but I am not bad in those departments.

My Musalmān breasts  are firm enough and protruding, almost an invitation to grab them and squeeze them hard.

I normally wore sarees at home, mostly casual cotton ones, occasionally I appeared in those silky ones which were more transparent and clinging to my body, showing off my beautiful Musalmān curves.

Durgesh used to stare at my  Musalmān boobs, and my Musalmān cleavage, especially when I bent down.

My saree goes slightly off the place, giving him a view of my cleavage and my melons.

While serving him food, I stand near him and bend whenever I need to put food in his plate, he would never miss a chance to look at my hidden Musalmān treasures, but he always does that in a clever way as if he is Mr. Innocent and knew nothing.

Then came a time when my husband, Åbdul Waħāb, had to go out of station on some training purpose.

He said he would return in about 10-15 days.

For my new Hindu father-in-law, Durgesh, felt it like what a hungry, starving voyager lost in a desert would feel when he finds an Oasis.

His acts became bolder.

He gave stares which were obvious.

One day he asked me to help him in taking his bath; he said he wanted me to clean his back for him.

I agreed.

He sat in his shorts.

I entered the bathroom.

I was wearing a cotton saree.

HE asked me to give him a head bath.

I turned on the shower and though I took precautions not to get wet, I couldn’t, I got wet partially.

I was applying shampoo to him, standing in front of him.

His still handsome Hindu face was straight in front of my Musalmān breasts .

My saree got wet and my blouse was clearly visible along with the contents inside it.

He could trace the shape of my Musalmān breasts , size and the location of the nipples.

I tied my saree to a side, in such a way that my navel area was exposed.

I was sure it was a feast for him, but I continued.

I was rubbing his head applying shampoo.

It was moving to and fro in such a way that it almost touched my Musalmān breasts  in that process.

It was steaming hot in the bathroom and I was wet partly due the water and partly due to my sweat.

He could feel the Musalmān aroma emanating from me.

I got carried away and I was moving his head more and more into me, I was letting his Hindu face touch my Musalmān breasts .

It was a see-saw movement, his Hindu face was kissing my Musalmān breasts , and I was literally crushing his Hindu face into my Musalmān breasts .

He must have felt the softness of my  Musalmān boobs.

He laid his face buried in them, almost restless and just my hands were moving.

Few minutes later I regained my senses and moved away from him.

I finished the cleaning work soon.

I got a towel and I was wiping his head.

Again his Hindu face was pushed into my Musalmān breasts  while I dried his hair with a towel.

I was applying force to dry so he had to hold me for support.

He laid his hands on my stomach, above my Musalmān buttocks and caught me.

He was laying both hands on me, taking full support from his hand grip on my Musalmān Tummy area.

He was pressing me hard.

I was dumb struck for a few Moments.

I finished that work soon, before it went too far.

One afternoon, he complained that the AC machine wasn’t working in his room.

And I asked him to sleep in my bedroom.

In the middle of my sleep I felt someone touch me.

I woke up, but didn’t open my eyes fully.

I could feel his Hindu hand on my Musalmān Tummy.

I opened my eyes and saw him.

He was deep asleep, the hand wasn’t moving.

I thought it was accidental and it happened in sleep.

I closed my eyes and resumed sleeping.

Few minutes later, the hand started moving!

He was feeling my stomach, its softness and started to press it gently.

Later, his hand started to move upwards!

His hand was now lying on my Musalmān breasts .

He put it there motionless for few minutes.

Then he started gripping one of my Musalmān breasts  with his Hindu palm.

He began to assess the shape and size of it.

He could feel its softness in his hands.

It started to become stiff and firm.

He began to squeeze my breast, gently; the way an auto/bus driver blows the horn.

He was now getting bolder and was squeezing it much harder.

I moved slightly and let out a feeble moan but I continued to act as if I were amidst a deep sleep.


I didn’t know.

Perhaps, in my deep unconsciousness, I was also enjoying it, as Durgesh was an expert in sex games, and my duffer Musalmān husband, Åbdul Waħāb, was not.

I was still Nādirah Altāf for him, not Nādirah Åbdul Waħāb, as the conventions were.

Durgesh located my nipple and started to draw circles around it, along the aureole.

That act was miraculous, sending shivers throughout my entire female Musalmān body.

Durgesh took a nipple between his thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at first, later a little harder than earlier.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and I had to break free.

I acted as if I woke up just then.


Again the same reason.

Perhaps, in my deep unconsciousness, I was also enjoying it, as Durgesh was an expert in sex games, and my duffer Musalmān husband, Åbdul Waħāb, was not.

His hand was inside my saree palloo, right on top of my blouse, fingers almost catching my nipple.

Durgesh shut his eyes but kept his hand there itself.

I acted as if I was shocked to see his hand there and I took it off away from me.

Durgesh was now sleeping very close to me; his breath was almost felt by me on my face.

I turned to the other side, facing away from him.

I closed my eyes but I was still thinking of his acts.

It was not late before he laid his hand again on my stomach, now he was catching it from backside.

He moved close to me almost grinding his Hindu groin into my beautiful tight Musalmān ass.

I could feel his erect Uncut Hindu Member touch my Musalmān ass.

His hand was feeling my Musalmān Tummy and its softness.

I slipped a knowing smile as I was turning away and he couldn’t see my face anyway.

He began to feel my soft Musalmān boobs once again.

It was thrilling for me to be touched by such an elderly Hindu man in that way.

I felt strange but I liked it.


Why shouldn’t I?

Durgesh moved his Hindu face closer to mine.

He was breathing my Female Musalmān Aroma due to my sweat.

Feeling my hair and seeing the smell of it.

Then his Hindu nose was touching the bare Female Musalmān skin on my back which is in the blouse cut area in the back just below my neck.

Durgesh planted a gentle Hindu kiss there.

His hands now came down feeling me all the way; actually they moved a lot down now.

Almost about to enter my panty area.

No  one knows how I feel when someone touches me in that area below my navel.

His hand was trying to enter my saree hold above my panty area.

Durgesh slipped his hand inside finally and viola!

He was touching my Female Musalmān pubes!

I think everyone of us must have experienced an electric shock at some point of time in our life.

I was experiencing it then.

His bold Hindu touch was like an electric shock to me.

I had to move my Female Musalmān groin instinctively backwards, digging my beautiful tight Musalmān ass much deeper into his Hindu groin.

Durgesh must be aware by now that I was awake and conscious of all his bold Hindu acts.

He continued exploring deeper.

He must be surprised when Durgesh felt me wet there.

I was almost giggling now with shivers passing through my Female Musalmān body.

Durgesh was rubbing my Musalmān Clit and was feeling my wet Musalmān Pussy.

He was manipulating me well.

Well enough that even my duffer Musalmān husband never manipulated me like that.

Allah, Hindus are hot and Musalmāns are duffers in sex.

I was in heaven.

Durgesh inserted a finger into my Musalmān Pussy which was fully wet by now.

He began to finger fuck me vigorously.

Though we both were aware of each other’s position it was done with me staying there numb as if I was asleep.

Durgesh was moving his Hindu finger in and out and sideways, almost all the possible directions.

He was literally drilling me.

I think he came then.

He left me and went to his room.

We acted normally as if nothing happened until night, when he had to sleep in my room.

At about mid night he started doing the same things again.

He started feeling me up and squeezing my  Musalmān boobs.

Now as its night time, we could not see each other’s faces, for that matter nothing was visible.

I was wide awake while this was happening.

Durgesh grew bolder and was now kissing my neck area.

He went on lower and started to remove my palloo aside and was kissing my Musalmān boobs over my blouse.

He was squeezing one and was kissing the other.

He was trying to squeeze it too.

He was desperate now so he started to remove my blouse.

Durgesh ripped it apart soon, made short work on my bra and there were the Musalmān mangoes he had been dying for so long.

Durgesh felt them fully naked and started rubbing his Hindu face into them madly.

He was squeezing them and kissing them hard.

I was moaning loud now.

I was encouraging Durgesh with my hands pushing his head into my Musalmān breasts.

He began to kiss me all over my Female Musalmān body, my face.

We  tried the French kiss.

Durgesh began to kiss my Musalmān Tummy, my navel, went even lower too.

He removed my saree totally now.

Dragged my panty down and began to kiss my Musalmān Pussy.

Durgesh was inserting his Hindu finger into it and was fucking me with his Hindu finger.

I was thumping my Musalmān buttocks and banging them up and down on the bed.

I was trembling in my Female Musalmān lust and pure passion.

I was dreaming of this for years with Durgesh.

Who doesn’t?

My Musalmān husband was duffer and therefore totally useless for me.

My mother in law, Begum Jahān Ārā Siddeeq, understood it, and encouraged me.

And finally this happened.

I was asking Durgesh to fuck me.

Durgesh was groaning and obliged my request, took his nude unprotected Uncut Hindu Dick and shoved it hard into my Musalmān Pussy.

I didn’t even care about any protection at that time.

I was in my full Female Musalmān lust and total ecstasy.

Durgeshe was ramming his Uncut Hindu Cock harder and harder.

To my surprise he was a lot longer than ‘his’(?) Musalmān son!

Durgesh fucked me for about ten hours that night.


I was never fucked that much by my duffer Musalmān husband.

Durgesh fucked me whole night, continuously, and even after that.

He came only thrice during it.

Durgesh finally collapsed over me.

We slept like that stark naked.

I was the one to get up first the next morning.

Durgesh was just beside me, hugging me, my chest clinging into his.

His hand was over me and his face was near my neck.

I tried to move away.

I woke him.

Durgesh caught my breast with his hand and squeezed it for one more time, looked at me and smiled.

I couldn’t look at Durgesh.

I was shy.

I turned away and I was trying to get off the bed.

Durgesh moved down to my Musalmān Pussy and felt me near that area.

I giggled and I left the room.

I got dressed and I was preparing breakfast and coffee.

Durgesh came into the kitchen slowly and hugged be from behind.

I froze and stood still.

His Hindu hands started playing with my Musalmān breasts  again.

Durgesh was enjoying them very much.

He began kissing me on my neck from behind and continued pressing my  Musalmān boobs.

He said let’s take a bath together and dragged me into the bathroom.

I pleaded, saying that I had to prepare the breakfast.

Durgesh ignored my requests and said I was enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He turned on the shower and we both became wet.

He said he still did not see me nude in day light.

He wanted to see me totally nude.

I started kissing him now and hugged him tightly.

This really turned him on.

Durgesh almost ravaged me.

He swiftly removed my saree, almost tore my blouse open and caught my Musalmān breasts .

They were wet hence slippery.

Durgesh said I had a good pair and kissed them to his hnnheart’s content.

I allowed him to relish on them and asked him to do whatever he wanted to.

I said, “I am all yours”.

Durgesh made me nude completely and I removed his shorts and caught his Uncut Hindu Dick.

It was huge.

It  was one hell of a Uncut Hindu Dick with good length and width as well.

I moved it to and fro for a while and Durgesh started to fuck me while standing in the shower.

He was holding my Musalmān buttocks and started to fuck me.

He lifted me onto him.

He  was almost holding me with his hands and his Uncut Hindu Dick in my Musalmān Pussy.

It needs great strength to give a standing fuck.

We moved to the bedroom and continued our fuck there.

We were having a fucking marathon all those days when my hubby wasn’t around.

Later on we continued to have sex during daytime and whenever and wherever we got a chance.

Durgesh would feel me up at times, sometimes we have oral sex, and we continue to have a good sexual relationships.

I get fucked by those two men almost daily.

One is a Hindu and the second is a Musalmān.

I’m a Musalmān myself, but I’m sorry to say that I enjoy my sexual intercourses with the Hindu more, than with the Musalmān, though the Musalmān is my own husband.

Sorry, my Musalmān husband is nowhere in existence ever, as compared to the even far more older  Hindu, in sexual intercourses with me.

I love you more, Méré Hindu Piya!

Yes, I’m a Musalmān Beauty.

So what?

I love a Hindu, and am never ashamed of it.

Why should I?

My Musalmān husband must be ashamed of himself for it.

Mustn’t he?


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3. Aheism can’t win Hinduism/Ved

4. Casteism is NOT an intgral part of Hinduism:’Samaanee prapaa sah vonnabhaagah’ ”Same drinking same share of food.’

5. Hinduism builds its society on SUKR’TS/Noble doers:’Imaam naareem Sukr’te dadhaat’


7. One should not wish to die: Ved hates death

8. RELIGIOUS DEMOCRACY in Hinduism: Ekam sadvipra bahudhaa vadanti

9. Sanyas is not the goal of Hinduism

10. Sati tradition was an Aasur Tradition, not Vedic at all