The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-44

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 44

Durgesh Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb

Durgesh Al Tawaħīd Al Islam

As the sun shone through the wall of windows, I could not help admire the extremely beautiful young Musalmān body of my little princess sleeping next to me.

Remembering the night before, as the most beautiful woman I knew recently, had told me about her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, training her to be my new lover and to help me enjoy my life with the two of them more.

The last thing I could remember about our talking was that her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had left some tapes for her use and had left one for her to give me if this day had ever came.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam had placed it into the player and said, “We are not to watch it until after our first night.

Well, our first night was over and guilt was starting to rise in Al Tawaħīd Al Islam.

A daughter should never surrender to lust, step or else and she is only 19-year-old with her own stepfather Hindu or else.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam had the most handsome stepfather.

My but perfect frame so close to Al Tawaħīd Al Islam that not even air could slip in between our bodies and my Uncut Hindu Lund still buried in her tender wet Panjvaqtah Namāzī young adult Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot was something Al Tawaħīd Al Islam had never thought possible.

She slowly moved away from the sleeping Anant Muslimātchod Hindu next to her so as not to wake me, but as my Uncut Hindu Lund slipped out of her delicious Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān  warmth, I moaned somewhat, but remained asleep.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam eased out of the bed and covered her body to … Well she did not know why Al Tawaħīd Al Islam covered me other than shame of a stepdaughter.

She went to the bathroom, did her morning piss and turned on the shower letting the water warm.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam brushed her teeth, and stepped into the shower.

During this time, her thoughts were on the tapes, her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān and me.

What a conflicted series for a girl to be thinking, while having these thoughts, with the Viagra still coursing through Durgesh’s body, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam had to have answers.

Drying herself, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam glanced at her Hindu husband of sixty seven years while she herself was only nineteen, still sleeping.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam pulled on her robe and went toward the player with the tape.

There was her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, sitting in her favorite chair.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān beauty was shining and Al Tawaħīd Al Islam knew before she spoke that she knew why I loved her.

She still kept her smile and appearance.

The sparkle in her extremely beautiful extremely loyal to me Musalmān eyes, the hue of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān skin, the total package, all in a woman that knew she always had infinite time to share her undying Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān love for her Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā.

Another Mastānī of Bājīrāo?

Another Nargis, Fātimah Rashīd, of Sunīl Dutt?

Another Réħānah of Subhāsh Ghaī?

Another Saåīdah Kħān of Brij Sadānā?

Another Zarīnah Wahāb of Āditý Pancholī?

Another Sārah Åbdullāh of Sachin Pilot?

Another Dimple Kapadia of Rajesh Khanna?


For the next three hours, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam set while the tape ran with her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān telling her that her Daughter and she had spent the last few years learning to be.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān told me about how she had suggested to Al Tawaħīd Al Islam about things from birth control to applying make-up and most other things a mother and daughter would talk and share.

The stunning part for me was when Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān stood up but the camera did not rise with her.

It revealed her body. During the filming of this video, she had been completely naked.

On the table beside her, was her rather large collection of toys. Her large breasts (35in with a D-cup) showed no sign of drooping, her 26in waste and that beautiful gorgeous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass at just over 36 inches of glorious sexy willing to please.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān told me that she had shown our child clips of our pleasure time and informed her that Ammī wanted but never demanded, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam to look after me and to kick start my life if I still miss her whenever she isn’t with me.

It was to be at Al Tawaħīd Al Islam‘s own pace and stressed, only if she was willing to join in the kinky lifestyle Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān and I were sharing.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān wasn’t my wife.

She was my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah’s wife.

But Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān is actually more than a wife to me.

Whenever she was with me, she never allowed me separate from her.

We both were always nude entirely.

My Uncut Hindu Lund was always either into her ever tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot , in her gorgeous Musalmān ass, in her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth or at least in her beautiful Musalmān hand.

She was always my integral part whenever she was with me.

Can Al Tawaħīd Al Islam also continue these great traditions her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān had started with me?


Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān informed me that she had other tapes that were to be viewed, and shared only with Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and me as a couple.

That they were fuck tapes as well as masturbation and some group and yes even of her lesbian side.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān said that if she knew me as well as she thought she did, I would be feeling a mix of emotions about now and that was unnecessary because everyone was an adult and consented to the world of pleasure.

The next scene was of Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān placing the camera on a tripod.

At that point, she reached out, took hold of a hand, and pulled it toward the center of the room, showing her cinematographer to be her fuck buddy me.

She looked into the camera and said Al Tawaħīd Al Islam this one is especially for you because I know how much you love to watch me suck and fuck Durgesh the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā of us entire beautiful Musalmān houseladies whether we are married to him or not.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān dropped to her knees, reached out, grabbed my belt, slowly unfastened it and with one quick movement unsnapped my pants, pulling them down along with my underwear.

My Uncut Hindu Cock plopped out smacking her in the face.

She wrapped her fingers around the massive Hindu shaft and started stroking with smooth gliding caressing movement.

The tips of her fingers genteelly tracing the veins of the swollen Uncut Hindu Prick of mine, as it jumped and strained in her expert Musalmān hands.

The flowing movement of her sensual Musalmān strokes worked the excitement to a fevered pitch.

The moans from her Hindu lover were becoming more frequent and louder as she played.

She placed kisses on the tip, as I thrust to get closer to the heaven called her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

There has never been a doubt about how Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān was my Uncut Hindu Cock  worshiper.

If she had been able to there would have been my Uncut Hindu Cock surrounding her 24/7.

She was a giving lover, and willing to show her appreciation by pleasing me if I would allow.

As my Uncut Hindu Cock started to pulse more, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān took just the head into her mouth and used her tongue as a whip.

She licked, sucked, stoked, and with her other hand, cupped my balls all the while keeping her eyes on my face looking for the signs of a man in ecstasy, knowing that my release was going to be her pleasure.

As she cupped my nuts, she pushed forward only pulling back to where he was close to falling out of her magical lips before taking in more and more and then pulling back just to do it again.

Each forward push, more of my 9-inch Uncut Hindu Cock would disappear into her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth and throat.

Her favorite thing was to hum all the while keeping the sucking and licking going.

If I wasn’t careful and with extraordinary sexual prowess it was never possible  that even I could last under her expert dick sucking more than 10 minutes.

Once she had her throat opened and relaxed, she would take both of her hands, place them on my hips pull my Uncut Hindu Cock  from her mouth and tell me to pound her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth as hard as I could.

She was my wonderful cocksucker.

After just a few moments of the pleasure she gave her reward came in the massive load of my Hindu cum shooting down her Musalmān throat, swallowing as much as she could.

Moreover, when some overflow happened she never let it go to waste, her hands were there to catch it and she licked and cleaned her hands like a cat, savoring its pungent aroma and salty flavor.

I knew she enjoyed it as much as me who exclusively had the chance to fuck her extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth, not even her husband, my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah.

After watching her suck my massive 9-inch Uncut Hindu Cock, she spent the next 45 minutes spreading her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot , showing how her lips would gleam and swell, contract, pull and push my Uncut Hindu Lund in and out.

When she would ejaculate, there was so much and as mine, it shot over 3 feet away.

Until you have seen me ejaculate in her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot , you have never seen the true eighth wonder of the world.

As soon as she had finished her orgasm, she flipped over, spread her ass cheeks, showing her tight brown star to the camera and requested me to shove my Uncut Hindu Lund  into the dark asshole without stopping to lube it.

With that, I buried my Uncut Hindu Lund to the pubic hair.

At that time in the tape, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān told me to turn and look at Al Tawaħīd Al Islam lying in my bed and know that she was her final give of love and to enjoy as if Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was my fuck toy and to love her as I loved I had loved her.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was as hard as it has ever been recently.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam slowly walked to the bed and pulled the covers off me.

Lovingly Al Tawaħīd Al Islam placed her hand on my ever erect Uncut Hindu Lund, bending over to kiss my lips and forced her tongue into my mouth.

I started to moan, and kiss back.

Breathing hard, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam stood up grabbed my engorged Uncut Hindu Cock and put it on her waiting Musalmān lips.

She slowly opened her mouth and before I could react she said, “once I grab your hips Durgesh, pound me like you do my wonderful Ammī, your Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, make me choke and swallow your Uncut Hindu Cock until you cum. Make me your Uncut Hindu Cock sucker!”

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was not as good at sucking my Uncut Hindu Cock as her wonderful Ammī, my Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, but then again, she did not have the experience yet.

She worked and enjoyed having her young Musalmān mouth filled tasting my man-meat, keeping the eye contact and trying to take as much as was fucked into her warm wet my Uncut Hindu Cock-sucking Musalmān lips.

The experience would come with the more opportunity to practice, after all no one is great naturally.

As I pounded her willing Musalmān mouth, I wondered about how far I could push my princess Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.

As she was working over my Uncut Hindu Dick  inside her glorious Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth, I tweaked her 34 C-cup Musalmān tits.

I rolled her pretty pink nipples to cause the moaning from pleasure and pain run from her throat to my cock and in turn forcing me to pound even harder between her slobbering Musalmān lips.

I was telling her how good it felt to slam my pubic hair against her nose and my balls swinging into her chin.

Once again I wondered if she would be able to handle all my cum building in my Hindu scrotum and would it catch her by surprise?

Could her willingness overload her talent and desire?

Would I cause her reel away from all that was going on in this moment or would she enjoy and become more like her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān?

I thought all of these things as well as the football scores, the stock market bulls and bears, whatever it took to keep me from Cuming, as I wanted this to last as long as possible.

When I could no longer think about anything other than cuming, I howled,

“Suck me you fucking my Uncut Hindu Cock sucker, swallow my nut. Oh, Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, my God, you are so fucking hot, my little baby. Don’t stop until you get it all, bitch!” Then it came. Arrrrrrrrgu, I came and it was as if the sky had gone dark, I saw stars flying toward me and at the same time moving away.

My knees turned to rubber and I grabbed her head to steady myself.

When I recovered, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was holding and comforting me, smiling from ear to ear. She said,

“My goodness Durgesh, I think you enjoyed that as much as I did!” and to my surprise Al Tawaħīd Al Islam picked up the phone and ordered, “breakfast for two in the master suit, and bring some oysters as well because we will need them.”

She was amazing with her complete control as she climbed out of bed turning to kiss me before slipping into the bathroom turning on the shower and singing as her morning began.

She was just finishing in the bathroom when the steward knocked on the door.

The steward said,

“My name is Amīnah, and I am your morning steward, we did not have a chance to introduce ourselves yesterday but as we serve you we will each tell you who and what we are here to do to make your voyage aboard “Down on Me II” more pleasurable.”

At that moment, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam came out of the bathroom and replied to Amīnah saying,

“Thank you so much, but today my husband and I will be staying in and fucking all day. If we need anything, we will definitely let you know and hopefully we will see more of you!”

I was aghast at how open Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was about our plans and not a second of remorse or shame as to who we were.

Ashvinātam Sex has always happened only in private without the prying eyes of society because people have this ability to judge others.

As Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and I sat eating our breakfast, we talked about last night, her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, the tapes, the itinerary, as well as the entire crew.

I found out that Al Tawaħīd Al Islam had flown to Tampa and met the crew, made all the arrangements, chose the menus for every meal, made choices for everything except the weather, after all this was the Gulf of Mexico.

The most surprising thing was that she had paid for everything from the special account her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had sat up for her.

I found out that Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān had the forethought to take care of her baby in every way. Her schooling and enough money to last a lifetime without ever having to ask me for anything.

That was however not a disappointment for me after all I was the one who had made all the money, although Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān had pushed me to be the very best businessman I could.

Therefore, money would never be a problem.

In addition, it did not hurt when we struck oil on not one but 786 of our land deals.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān offered her Salāt-e-shukr for every deal separately whenever it was known there was oil.

They were her special Salawāt.

I was continuously fucking her in them performing my Stavans simultaneously.

Of course, we both were nude entirely then.

However, it wasn’t anything new.

Most of my Musalmān live in relationship partners, my Musalmān wives, my Musalmān Sex Therapy clients and even my Musalmān lady friends offered their Salawāt in the same way everywhere.

As we finished our fruit cups, Princess stood and dropped her robe, showing her perfect Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body saying,

“If you want to thank me Durgesh, you can but you know what I want and how.”

During our meal, I made a decision that I would keep to myself for now at least. that would be to play with my baby and tease her by being the slow-handed lover that would take her to the point, then just stop short of taking her over the edge every time until she would be begging for total commitment.

I would make her cum but only not the biggest, never to the brink so to speak.

When an older Hindu man is with a younger Musalmān woman, he has one thing a younger man does not and that is patience as well as experience.

As she lay on the bed, I followed her steps, knelt beside her and kissed her tenderly with enough passion to allow her body to warm and start feeling desire for my touch.

I lightly placed my hand against the side of her angelic face drawing low moans from her.

Tracing down her cheek toward her delicate neck still tracing the long slops of her golden skin kissing everyplace my hand had been running my fingers down lower to her ample breasts cupping each one separately, just brushing across her nipples and tweaking each with a slight pinch to force them to stand at attention.

For my reward, she could only exhale with little coos and ahhhs.

I smiled while thinking this will teach her to use a “mickey” on dear Anant Muslimātchod Hindu.

When my mouth rested at her nipples, the salty sweet taste kept me there for a longer time than I had planned.

Her pink nipples were beginning to turn a more darkish reddish pink and appeared to strain against her skin to the point of causing discomfort but I stayed kissing, adding a little twist as well.

Her moans became loader and more rapid, yet I stayed.

When her hands reached around my head and tried to push me father down, I stopped and went up kissing her beautiful Musalmān lips again.

Much to her surprise she was not in control; I was.

When she realized that I was the one pleasing her, and she stopped trying to force me, she would receive more.

She was now aware that her Durgesh was much more than her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had said.

I gave her tits a quick firm slap but not enough to bruise on my way to her tiny belly button.

Her squirming became uncontrollable and yet I stayed, still lingering, while kissing, and smelling her sweet but salty sweat as the beads began to build giving me full knowledge of her arousal.

Then it happened I started to move down again and she must have thought I was moving to her pubic area, I had to chuckle as I skipped down past her “V” and past her knees all the way to her feet.

As I massaged each of those lovely feet, I started moving up even slower than I moved down kissing behind each of her calves up to the bend of each knee kissing and tickling each until she began to moan out in open defiance yelling, “Please Please, Durgesh, you are driving me crazy. I need you NOW inside me!”

I froze and calmly said,

“No, you are not getting off that easy Princess.” I went back to the knees and started over.

I had never told her, “No” before and it shocked her more than anything I could have done.

My eyes had focused on her steamy wet Musalmān Cunt and that touch of a blond landing strip just above that dripping Musalmān snatch as it opened and closed to the beat of her heart.

The outer lips were swollen and not been touched as of yet, when they spread open the inner lips were clutching at air trying to find something to wrap around and pull into the abyss.

Slowly I worked my way up her inner thighs tasting and smelling the juices as they splashed around because of her movement.

When I reached the v of her thighs I slowly exhaled across her lips and saw them quiver in anticipation to be bestowed by my Uncut Hindu Lund.

There was just a moment when I thought about skipping back down but her body would not have stood for it.

My lips kissed her cunt lips and there it was.

She ejaculated with just one kiss.

The floodgates had opened and there was no stopping the creamy sweet cunt juice from gushing out.

I had never had a woman recently cum so much from just my lips touching hers.

I had won the battle even if she knew nothing about it.

She had passed out and when she woke, I was lying beside her.

I asked her a very simple question,

“Are you ready?”

She replied,

Durgesh, I am yours to do as you wish, without any reservations.”

I went back down to her open legs and started kissing and tonguing her slit and as I did reached up, finding her cobra hood surrounding her protruding clit.

Once I found it and lightly touched the magic button, juice started flowing and did not stop.

I felt her quiver repeatedly until she said.

“No more playing Durgesh! Fuck me, make me your Hindu cum hungry Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān sex goddess fuck over and over in every hole I have, but first stick your Uncut Hindu Lund  into my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot  and fuck me till I pass out and then keep fucking me until you fill it with your Hindu cum!”

When I first entered her last night it was for a quick one to end the virgin part of her life I really did not think things would come this far.

That all changed when I watched the tape her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had made for me and I knew that this young woman, my princess, my friend Muħammad Åbdullah’s daughter would be my long-term lover, my endless lover.
When I entered her still soaking Musalmān Cunt, it was slow and steady, not the rush to get it over with, to make it loving and tender for her enjoyment.

Something she would remember for as long as she lived.

As I pushed into her little hot Musalmān fun spot, I looked into her eyes and she back at mine.

I felt the love growing stronger between the two of us.

A bond, if you will, that can never be broken.

With each Hindu stroke of mine in and out, over and over she began to understand the love, between a Hindu man and a Musalmān woman and this was the first time she allowed emotions to show, her tears were not of sadness but joy and pleasure of knowing that her first time was with someone that loved her without conditions.

She knew what her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, felt after all the questioning and fear she had hidden to please her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān.

She felt as if her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had given her all the information as a cold fact.

Now she understood the heart of her loving Ammī  and knew the love her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had for her and her Durgesh.

As I pushed my Uncut Hindu Lund into her tender young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot , I could not remember the last time a Musalmān Choot felt this warm and wet, as tight as this was.

I knew that Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān had a special Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān daughter and I could not wait until I had the chance train her to for my total Hindu enjoyment.

I knew that Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān had told Al Tawaħīd Al Islam that I was a dominate and she had been a submissive sex goddess, but I did not know if Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was going to be a submissive for me as well.

I knew that if the training were right, she would follow in her wonderful Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān’s path.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam came so many times that I lost track , but I was working to make sure that she would sleep for a while because if she did not rest soon, her body would give out and I would be back to no sex until she recovered.

The monster awakened.

She came one last time screaming out begging for me to fuck her faster and when she came her legs already wrapped around my waist pulling me in with each stroke of my Uncut Hindu Cock, suddenly started to squeeze me so tight I felt my breath leaving my body.

When she finished I started to cum and I pumped hard strong and as fast as I could.

When my nut filled her, I was so deep inside her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān womb, there was no movement from either of us for what seemed like an eternity and we collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam again woke before I did and had ordered lunch.

She had started the shower, and then woke me saying.

Durgesh, my Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā, do you want to wash my back for me? I can’t reach my back.”

I laughed and said.

“Well as sore as my body is, I don’t think I could wash any part of myself. So I may need your help as well.”

We showered and simply held each other as the water washed over our bodies and we just poured the body gel on our heads and let the water foam it up and wash our bodies.

It seemed the steward knew when we had finished; she knocked on the door and Al Tawaħīd Al Islam said,

“Come in.”

Once again, Amīnah entered pushing the cart but, something had changed, or should I have said Amīnah had changed.

She had lost every stitch of clothing with nothing hidden.

I looked at Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and she burst into an uncontrolled laughter.

She was giggling as she tried to tell me what was going on, but she could not get a single word out because of her laughing.

Amīnah spoke,

“We were told that if you shared your bed with your lovely young Musalmān wife, we were to shed our clothing until we reached the next port and when we are out to sea it would be no clothing.” She looked at Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and said, “Isn’t that right?”

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam laughed and said,

“I had forgotten about that part. I hope you do not mind?”

I smiled and said,

“I hope I can keep from being slapped by this beautiful Musalmān lady because of my wondering Hindu hands.”

Amīnah looked at the both of us and replied,

“We are here for your total pleasure no matter what it may be, day or night. Everyone of the crew is willing to participate, so feel free at any moment.”

I said,

“Well now this just got even more interesting! Right now, though I think we need to relax and rest up. At least I do but Princess if you feel the need to please, feel free!”

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam commented,

“As sore as my kitty is right now, it may be a while for me as well.”

The three of us laughed and Amīnah left us to enjoy our lunch.

After finishing our lunch, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam wanted a drink.

I left Al Tawaħīd Al Islam to relax and nap if she wanted, while I went to the bar more to stretch my legs more than for a juice.

When I got to the bar, the other steward was cleaning the room after what appeared to be a wild party.

As I walked to the bar I noticed she was nude as well and her body was as hot as Amīnah.

She looked at me and said,

“Good afternoon Mister Durgesh, my name Al Noor Al Islam and I am your afternoon steward.”

I took a stool at the bar staring at the beautiful Musalmān tits and equally beautiful Musalmān ass in front of me as I spoke,

“Helloooo Al Noor Al Islam, please call me Durgesh.”

She replied,

“Do you like what you see or do you want something else?”

I said,

“The sight is fantastic, but I could use a juice while I enjoy the fresh air and the view.”

Al Noor Al Islam was an excellent bartender and good company.

At this time, I was worn out to partake in anything other than a stiff drink.

We just sat and talked.

Al Noor Al Islam reminded me that we would be stopping in New Orleans shortly so everyone would be required to dress if we were going to shore or above deck.

I smiled and thanked her for the juice and the reminder.

After my juice, I went back to my cabin.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was up and in the shower again.

I reminded her that we’re about to hit port and she said she had to leave ship for a short while and that a surprise was coming for me, but when she returned, she wanted me well rested for a night on the town.

We would be in port for two nights.

It was my turn to sleep and catch up on my energy.

That was my plan.

Plans seem to fail when needed the most.

As I slept, I felt movement in the room and slowly opened my eyes, the bright white shirt of one of the stewards was there bending over to straighten items on the table.

She was quietly arranging things, as was part of her daily responsibilities.

I watched as she turned and bent forward away from me leaving me a perfect view of her pear-shaped gorgeous Musalmān ass.

It was magnificent.

I felt the familiar pulse of blood rushing to my Hindu cockhead.

The more I watched the more the blood rushed. Suddenly she turned and caught my eyes glaring at her chest, the two-button closure that held her shirt closed.

It was Al Noor Al Islam, she smiled and said,

“I am sorry, I did not want to wake you but this is the only time we can clean the rooms. Most of our guests go ashore and we work.”

I smiled and told her,

“It’s ok, but I hope you don’t mind that I watch as you work!”

She smiled and replied,

“Would you like to pretend that we are still out to sea and I wear my other uniform?”

I sat up, reached out, as I pulled her shirt a little closer and started unbuttoning the last of the buttons on her shirt, saying,

“I would love to see that uniform.”

When the last button of her shirt unfastened, the cabin door opened, and Amīnah stepped into the room with an arm full of towels.

She smiled and said,

“Sir, we thought you had gone ashore!”

There I was lying on the bed with a hand on Al Noor Al Islam’s shirt and she smiling as she twisted her beautiful Musalmān body to let the top fall from her shoulders.

Amīnah stated,

“This is much better than shore leave.”

As she sat the towels into a chair, she pulled at her own buttons.

Very quickly, three of us were on the bed and Al Noor Al Islam had reached for my rapidly growing Uncut Hindu Dick and was shoving it into her beautiful Musalmān mouth while Amīnah had climbed into the bed behind me and had her mouth pressing on my ass cheeks.

When she had enough moisture on her lips she started licking the crack of my ass and her Musalmān tongue worked its way toward my asshole.

Once Amīnah had found my brown star, she tried to force her tongue into the hole.

Before I could say, “that is an outy only!” she buried it as far as she could, forcing me to ram forward deep into Al Noor Al Islam’s throat, causing her to gag.

But instead of pulling away, Al Noor Al Islam reached behind me, yanked Amīnah by the hair pulling the tongue deeper while pushing my Uncut Hindu Lund  farther into the bottomless abyss.

I came way ultimately, although I stayed hard.

After spending the last 27 hours fucking Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew.

I had to be honest, my Uncut Hindu Cock  wasn’t sore as hell, still now.

Do not let anyone bullshit you, no one can fuck and abuse their cock as I have, so I finally said,

“I need to stop and rest for a while.”

I pulled my dick out of Al Noor Al Islam’s beautiful Musalmān mouth, pushed myself off the bed and fell into the chair just as the cabin door opened once again.

This time Al Tawaħīd Al Islam walked in, saw me sitting, and the two Musalmān beauties lying in our bed.

Putting her hands on her hips, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam laughed,

“Well it looks as if you have been a bad Durgesh while I was away.”

Before I could answer, she said,

Durgesh, here is your surprise, I hope you like it.” Sidestepping out of the way, her best friend in the world appeared.

“Rāħīlah Sultān, how are you? I can’t remember the last time I saw you and look at how you have grown!” I started to stand and remembered that I had nothing on, so I sat back down.

Rāħīlah Sultān was 19 years old and was about 5 inches taller than Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was but was much smaller everywhere else.

She had the blackest hair I had ever seen and behind her black-framed glasses were green Musalmān eyes that could see the soul.

Her breasts were a solid A-cup, but they were real, not store bought, so they matched slender body that she kept hidden under baggy outfits.

I had known her almost as long as I had known Al Tawaħīd Al Islam.

I knew she was my princess’s lover and that she hated men, although she had a deep emotional bond toward me, more later.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and Rāħīlah Sultān looked toward the bed seeing the two women naked and clearly not bashful, they quickly stripped, walked toward the bed-smiling saying,

“An all Musalmān girl party would be fun, can we join you?”

I took this opportunity to lock myself in the bathroom and turned on the water filling the hot tub for the first time, climbed in and soaked, don’t ask me how long because I slept.

When I woke, it was dark outside and I was wrinkled but relaxed.

When I came out of the bath, drying Al Tawaħīd Al Islam and Rāħīlah Sultān were sitting, laughing, doing the friendship thing.

They looked at me and said they thought about waking me but I looked relaxed and our trip was just starting and how they wanted me to relax and enjoy everything.

We all dressed and decided to go ashore and have supper in the French Quarter at a nice restaurant.

We strolled down Bourbon St. as most tourists do and enjoyed a jazz club until after 3 a.m. and a leisurely stroll back toward our ship.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam asked me,

Durgesh, do you mind if I sleep in my stateroom with Rāħīlah Sultān tonight?

I quickly answered,

“No honey, I could use a break.”

The rest of our walk we just held hands and breathe in the salt air.

I smiled with Al Noor Al Islam and Amīnah on my mind.

Are they still awake and should I find out?

Well, they both were available.

Chapter 45


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