The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies: 1- Of my Musalmān friends-40

The Stunning Musalmān Houseladies

1: Of my Musalmān friends

Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat


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Chapter 40

Durgesh Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb

Durgesh Al Tawaħīd Al Islam

I am not a sailor and I had never been more than a mile from shore in my life until my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah’s daughter, Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, said she wanted a month’s vacation on the Gulf of Mexico.

Now when it comes to my little princess, it is hard to say,

“NO I do not want to go”.

Muħammad Åbdullah allowed his wife, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb, to have sex with me, because he wasn’t interested in sex, at all, anymore.

I felt embarrassed in fucking a lady I called Bhābhījān sometimes.

“Nonsense,” Muħammad Åbdullah said, “Al Jāsiyah is still young, Durgesh, méré Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Bahnoī. She still needs sex very much. I can’t afford to divorce her.”

“But I called her Bhābhījān.” I protested.

“What the hell difference does it make? You follow Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam. Don’t you?”

“Don’t try to take advantage of my Īmān, Muħammad Åbdullah.” I said somewhat angrily, “I’m not a Panjvaqtah Namāzī, I accept. Nevertheless, I have an ever-indomitable Īmān on the Kħātimul Rasal, Muħsin-e-insāniyat, Nabī Ākħiruzzamān, Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam. Nevertheless, he never had sex with any of his friend’s wife he used to call Bhābhījān.”

Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam  never had sex out of wedlock.” Muħammad Åbdullah said gravely, “Yet you do. Don’t you?”

I had to surrender ultimately when Muħammad Åbdullah told me,

“Al Jāsiyah has consented not to have Kħul’å from me only if you consent to provide her as much sex as she needs.”

I twisted to Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān.


“Shut up,” Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān interrupted me, “You idiot, Am I not beautiful?”

“Of course, you are beautiful, Bhābhījān. You are extremely beautiful. But I never saw you with sexual intention in my mind.”

Al Jāsiyah Bhābhījān smiled.

“That’s why I call you an idiot, Durgesh. I never saw you platonically.”

I was stunned.


“You are the only man I loved sexually in my entire life. Not Muħammad Åbdullah.”

I was dumbfounded.

“And…and you never told me?”

“Nope!” she contradicted me vehemently, “I always told you. But you never believed me.”

“Bhābhījān, I always thought you were only kidding me.” I said quite offended.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān laughed sarcastically.

“You are forgetting Durgesh, that you enjoyed shab-e-ůrosī with me when Muħammad Åbdullah married me, not Muħammad Åbdullah.”

“I thought that was your madness for me. Once you’d have your honeymoon with me you’d forget me and would be ever loyal to my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah.”

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān again laughed sarcastically.

“After our tremendous wild honeymoon for complete one year? Are you crazy?”


“You always tried to stop sex with me. Yet I never allowed doing it. Didn’t I?”

“You never loved Muħammad Åbdullah?” I asked her gravely.

“He is a damn fool.” Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān laughed open heartedly, “He married me even while I told him I love you and none else. He was too obsessed with my divine mesmerizing Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān beauty that he accepted to be cuckolded to us both and even to the extent that he cleaned me licking my sexual organs after I have sex with you. You think any sane Musalmān woman can love such an impotent ever?”

There was immense venom for Muħammad Åbdullah in her voice.

“You never understood why the hell Muħammad Åbdullah allowed his every beautiful Musalmān houselady to have sex with you. You thought he is making sacrifices for you. You idiot, he does nothing of the sort. Actually he is an obsessed voyeur that loves to watch your extremely experienced Uncut Hindu Cock visiting beautiful Musalmān Cunts and beautiful gorgeous female Musalmān ass. You think he is a man? How the hell he is?”

Muħammad Åbdullah,” I twisted at him.

“She hates me intensely, Durgesh.” Muħammad Åbdullah said gravely, “I’m immensely grateful to you that you kept fucking her until now for me. Now please continue. For my sake. She never loved me. She is right. She has cuckolded me for both of you. Remember she uses me as her footstool even while you fuck her. Doesn’t she?”

“Divorce her, Muħammad Åbdullah.” I said gravely, “Be a man.”

“And what about Al Tawaħīd Al Islam? She is my daughter from Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb. Isn’t she?”

“Why the hell Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān allowed you to have sex with her if she never loved you?”

“Because I wanted a daughter from her. I told her if she didn’t give me a daughter of my own, I’d divorce her anyway.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe it.

Muħammad Åbdullah was too obsessed to divorce Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān ever.

He watched her having her shab-ůrosī and even her entire honeymoon with me.

She compelled him to take even the videos of our sexual intercourses everywhere in every possible and impossible sex positions.

Muħammad Åbdullah was actually her sex slave, her cuckold entirely.

Yet he threatened her to divorce?

And Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān surrendered?

“Surprised?” Muħammad Åbdullah smiled sarcastically, “Don’t. She is now obsessed with my licking her sexual organs after you fuck her. She can’t live now without my tongue into her Musalmān Cunt and Musalmān ass. She needs it now as much as she needs your unique infinitely experienced Uncut Hindu Cock there. She has led this abnormal life now so much that now it’s her normal lifestyle. She needs both of us for her healthy survival.”

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā! I’ll be damned.” I murmured.

However, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān wasn’t alone such an abnormal woman.

There were plenty of them.*

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was about to turn 19 and it was her last year before college.

I agreed with her as a birthday present to spend her vacation at sea.

She told me she would take care of everything and I should not worry about anything.

Of course, when it came time to pay, that was my job.

I did not question her choices on the subject.

She has a way of getting me to do things that I would never think of doing except for her.

When she bats her big sky blue eyes and pouts her bottom lip, as a stepdad and a man, no one could deny giving her the world.

About Al Tawaħīd Al Islam,

Let me say that as far as women go, she is above all of them in every manor one could list.

She is short in stature at just less than 5 feet in her bare feet.

If she kept her clothes on and was soaking wet she still would not weigh more than 100lbs. and most of that is in her tits, (32C cup) and ass, a perky little bubble below her tiny waist that would make an M&M candy melt without being your mouth.

Pixie blond hair just above her shoulders topping her off.

For the past few years, I found she was attracting the boys; some were older than she was and I had spent many days chasing them away.

She would always try to reassure me that “I am a good girl Durgesh, but then when the time is right, look out because I will be so good at being bad!” Those were her words not mine.

On her 18th birthday, I gave her some audio and video tapes from her mom, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, as guide for her life.

Therefore, my life had been easier to deal with as well, but I never passed up spending time with my princess, not work, not golf or dating would come between her and me.

Our port of call was Tampa FL and when we went to board, I knew that she had a plan of some sort because of the crew.

We were informed; that we had a crew of seven sailors, two busty female stewards, a chef, plus Captain Al Rashīdah Al Waħīd would be at our command and only she and I as passengers on a 200ft yacht named “Down on Me II”.

One of the pretty stewards gave us a tour of the boat, and she then led us to our staterooms.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, told me to get ready for the sea life and she would meet me on deck in half an hour.

I dressed casual, went topside to the dining room, and had a drink waiting on my little girl so we could have diner.

She entered and when I saw, her, my mouth hit the table.

She had on a very elegant dress that one would expect to see at maybe the Oscars.

One of the Hollywood starlets would wear but she would have made them look shabby in comparison.

Her gown was shear in places, split in other places, and showed her body to be that of a woman on a mission.

Two of the sailors and both of the stewards were on a small stage playing music, very romantic music, as she walked across the room.

I stood up and yes, I pulled out her chair, as a Hindu man would do for a lovely Musalmān woman on a date.

Out of nowhere, an older woman came and introduced herself as the chef and server, I had no idea she was even on board nor at that moment did I care.

She brought a bottle wine.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, said,

Durgesh, would it be ok if I have some wine with you tonight?”

I replied “Princess, thank you for asking and yes if you drink in moderation you can drink anytime we are on the ship.”

I knew I couldn’t stop her from taking wine however.

She wasn’t my daughter exactly after all.

She loved her Ammī more.

Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān especially instructed Al Tawaħīd Al Islam.

“Take anything from Durgesh, but never his ethics. They are utopian. If I’d taken his ethics as well as tremendous sex from him, I would have died until now, celibate.”

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam smiled at me and confirmed her Ammī.

“Never worry, Ammī. I’m your daughter. And I’m proud of you. You never did anything wrong. Even in cuckolding Abbū. He loves cuckold life with you and Durgesh. He enjoys it. He hates to have sex as a man now ever, as much as Durgesh loves to have it, every time everywhere with every Musalmān Beauty Durgesh can manage to.”

She just smiled and nodded her pretty head as she sipped her wine.

The chef informed us of what our meal was to be for the evening and said if we would like anything, she could change the menu, but the menu was prepared in advance when Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, booked the ship, and of course, I said it would be fine.

This was to be Al Tawaħīd Al Islam’s last meal as a high School girl and at midnight; she would be 19 so she wanted to be tipsy when that day came as she had said on a few occasions.

While she sat looking so beautiful, I felt the love for her.

Even my heart began to ache thinking that she would soon be leaving me to find her way in life.

My heart was breaking and I felt a tear in welling up in my eyes.

I controlled myself immediately.


Stop being unduly sentimental.

Act practical.

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt.


I stood up, but before I stepped forward, she herself stood up too, and asked me,

Durgesh, My dear, would you care to dance with a young lady that loves no man else more than you?”

I smiled.

“Yet you love your Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, even more than me. Don’t you, you naughty girl?”

“Sure,” Al Tawaħīd Al Islam laughed proudly holding her head high, “Ammī is my ideal and ideal of millions of us young Musalmān ladies. She is an important executive in Cuckold your Musalmān husband Movement of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan the ultramodern Kħātūn-e-Jannat razī Allahu tåālā ånahā.”

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam smiled at me as she reached for my hand.

We danced as I held her we talked and laughed it was one of the greatest dances I can remember.

Holding her close and her perfume rose as if flowers were all around us and I pulled her closer.

My hand on her back was touching her smooth, silky skin and as I looked down into her blue eyes, I became aware of movement in my casual shorts I had on and suddenly I felt under-dressed.

It was as though I did not have enough material between this lovely creature and the devil growing down lower.

I started to put some space between my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah’s daughter, and my body but as I tried to move back, she held on even tighter.

There I was with a growing presence in my shorts and my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah’s daughter, holding on ever so close!

What was I doing!

Nevertheless, I was never ashamed of it.

It was a normal reaction of any Hindu to the amazingly beautiful young Musalmān lady as Al Tawaħīd Al Islam was now.

Neither I was afraid of what Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, would think about me, getting an erection while dancing with her?

She would feel proud of herself instead that she could turn on even as experienced a man sexually as I was.

Was I a pervert?

Certainly not.

I never thought of having sex with her.

Had I?

Would she ever want to dance with me again?

Why not?

She loved every moment of it.

Didn’t she?

The music stopped.

I sophisticatedly guided her back to our table.

As I sat down, I have to admit that I neither felt flushed nor embarrassed doing everything to keep from not looking at her.

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, made it simple by talking about the plans she had made.

She told me about what we would be doing when we made landfall around the Gulf.

The different cities and fairs she had heard of during her research for this trip.

I nodded my head and smiled gravely.

I had hoped sitting down would give my erection and my erotic thinking a break but it was no avail.

I was still erect.

For Al Tawaħīd Al Islam?

Not necessarily.

For any beautiful Musalmān houselady.

Anyone could satisfy its need.

Why Al Tawaħīd Al Islam alone?


Al Tawaħīd Al Islam said something and it caught me by surprise.

I had to ask her to repeat what she had just said.

She said,

Durgesh, I know that you love me and you miss Ammī now. I understand it would have been better if Ammī had been with you instead of me. Yet I’m myself a young Musalmān lady now and it’s bad manners to keep reminding me that you aren’t comfortable with me. I want to help you move on from your Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān complex! That is why I have put Viagra into your food. I hope you will forgive me.”

My reply was shock at first.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

Was she as crazy too as her Ammī, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān is?


In my food?


What the hell she is after, after all?

She kept talking.

I knew her intentions were meant to help but there would be little chance of fixing my loneliness on board the ship.

That is when she said,

“Remember the tapes Ammī gave me when she allowed me to come with you?”

I said,

“Yes darling, I don’t know what was on them but yes I remember.”

She said,

“Ammī told me that she knew you love her and that you would have trouble getting on with your routine life whenever she isn’t with you. And she wanted you to enjoy your time till you two would be together again.”

I smiled.

My Princess kept talking,

“Ammī made a lot of tapes with different topics on them and she left other things as well. She had a space set aside in the old barn that was for my private place to watch and listen to her so I could enjoy and laugh and whatever else I needed to do. She said that if I reached 19 and you had not moved on then she wanted me to help you return to your former ways. She taught me different things to help you and during this cruse, we are to do those things. Ammī said only if I wanted to, so I want you to know that what we do on this trip is my choice and of course you have to be willing to allow me to carry out Ammī’s wish list for you.”

I was shocked.

Yet I felt my friend, Muħammad Åbdullah’s wife, Al Jāsiyah Al Wahāb Bhābhījān, had more insight into me than I had ever thought possible.

It seemed she knew me better than even I knew myself.

I was immensely grave!

Al Tawaħīd Al Islam, came to my side, hugged me, and ran her tiny fingers through my hair to calm me.

She lifted my face to hers and then to my surprise, kissed me!

It was not a father daughter kiss.

It was an open mouth lover type, very soft and tender, yet passionate!

My head was spinning, not quite realizing the true meaning of all that she said.

It was not what I was expecting but I just held her and enjoyed the Moment.

I was Sixty-Seven now.

I was already living in relationship with most of the daughters of my beautiful Musalmān live in relationship partners too, as well as with themselves.

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was the most prominent of them.

She was practically now my present Chief Wife.

Her sister, Tawaħīd Muħammad Ħasan, was also my wife along with their beautiful Ammī, Nafīsah Salmān.

There were millions of them with their beautiful Ammīs as well.

It wasn’t anything new now for me.

Even it wasn’t abnormal for me now.

It was absolutely normal for me.

Almost daily, I was inaugurating now beautiful Just eighteen Just Adult Musalmān young ladies even with grand fanfare from their parents.

I was the utmost admired utmost invited sex therapist now every educated family wants to inaugurate their daughters.

They were afraid of inexperienced invasion of their daughters causing some potential problem in future in their sexual and family life.

It was better to let the utmost successful utmost experienced Sex Therapist take their cherry for their potential inexperienced husband/lover.

Even their minimum one-year honeymoon with me, continued with their inauguration, was suggested now by their family medical experts.

It was not a marital honeymoon however.

It was an inaugural honeymoon instead medically necessary for their future happy life.

Sex with me was a medical necessity now to keep family life happy and vibrant.*


I knew very well however what the real necessity of it behind these entire medical iterations.

The true facts was the continuously increasing disinterest of the males in physical sex.

They wanted to hire me to provide the necessary sex to their womankind, they themselves neither had time nor interest in.

The matter-oriented life had tired most of them to keep pace with.

Nowadays even husbands were hiring me not even to provide optimum sex to their wives but even to impregnate them.

“Why do you want my son from your Bahū Bégum instead of your own son’s?” I asked gravely Dr. Jalāluddīn Ibrāhīm Shékħ himself.

He smiled.

“You know very well Durgesh, Muħammad Jahāngīr isn’t my own son. He is my wife, Asmā’s son from her previous marriage. After Farīdah Jalāl Shékħ I married Asmā you know.”

“Your Bahū Bégum is ready to have sex with me to get pregnant?”

“I haven’t another option.” Asmā Farħān smiled at me indignantly, “He is suffering from Aids.”

“What?” I kept myself forcibly from jumping.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā!

Have I now even to impregnate Aids affected persons’ wives?

Family virtues are not in vogue now anymore?

The parents hire me to inaugurate their Just eighteen Just Adult daughters with one year inaugural honeymoon with entire expenses fully paid separately.

The husbands hire me to provide optimum sex to their beautiful wives so that they are busy not to interfere in their business.

The business is more important now than family virtues.

The in laws hire me to get their Bahū Bégum inseminated to have their grandson.

The son is not interested in having sex with their Bahū Bégum.

They are hiring me to keep their Bahū Bégum sexually satisfied.

Is it the twenty first century?

Sex is so insignificant now?

Chapter 41


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3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Eidul Fitr: 3

Eidul Fitr


Previous Chapters

Chapter 3

Durgesh Mumtāz Maħal
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr

Card uŧhāyā mainé.
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr?”
“Sir, āpné kahā thā, rokā na jāyé,” Jamīlah bolī, “Lékin āpké sāħabzādé āpsé sirf ék shart par mil sakté hain.”
“Yah baat Aurangzéb Åālamgīr Sāħab né appointment lété vaqt kahī thī?” mainé sanjīdagī sé sawāl kiyā.
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb kasmasāī.
Durgesh, appointment darasal Aurangzéb Åālamgīr né nahīn, Mumtāz Maħal Bājī né liyā thā.”
Mainé mobile uŧhāyā,
Mumtāz, Durgesh,”
“Tumhārā béŧā aa gayā hai.”
“Shāhjahān né usko barbād kar diyā hai. Durgesh, please, apnī Pakistani Musalmān bīwī kī paréshānī samjho. Main tumhāré Hindustan mein nahīn rahtī.”
“Sāħabzādé farmā rahé hain ki voh sirf ék shart par mujhsé mil sakté hain.”
“Pāgal huā hai kyā? Voh tumsé milné gayā hai, yā tum ussé milné gayé ho?”
“Yah bāt apné badtamīz béŧé ko kyon nahīn samjhātīn?”
“Aré, voh kahān taslīm kartā hai mujhé apnī Ammī? Uské liyé to voh kambakħt smuggler Shāhjahān Muħammad hī sab kuchh hai.”
“Voh kambakħt smuggler Shāhjahān Muħammad Pakistan kī maujūdah sarkār mein King Maker kī ħaisiyat rakhtā hai, Samjhīn?”
Mumtāz Maħal sharārat sé hansī,
“Lékin phir bhī béchārah aaj tak méré Hindu Kħasam kī ék jhā..sorry, ék pubic hair tak nahīn ukhāđ pāyā.”
“Voh to hai,” main hansā, “Ākħir Kħasam kiskā hūn.”
“Arzumand Bāno Mumtāz Maħal ké.” Voh shān sé bolī, “Anant Muslimātchod, bas isī taraħ hum Muslimāt ko chod chod kar kħush rakhté raho, phir dékho hum log tumhén kahān sé kahān tak pahunchātī hain. Never forget, you too need us for your ashvinātam sharīr yantrs.”
Main hansā,
“Mujhsé madad chāhtī hai, yā mujhé blackmail kar rahī hai?”
“Donon, main kyā tumsé dartī hūn?”
“Bilkul nahīn,” main hanstā huā bolā, “Mumtāz Maħal kyā Shāhjahān sé dartī thī?”
“Aurangzéb Åālamgīr ko jitnī tamīz sikhānī ho, sikhāo, lékin kħabardār jo usko phir uské smuggler bāp ké paas wāpas bhéjā.”
“Don’t worry,” main gambhīr hokar bolā, “Shāhjahān Muħammad sé téré is jihad mein main téré sāth hūn, aur haméshah rahūngā.”*

Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb kī taraf dékhā mainé.
“Kyā shart hai sāħabzādé kī?”
“Voh tumsé ék Psychological Engineer kī ħaisiyat sé milné āyā hai, tumhārī apné shauhar sé alħadah rah rahī bīwī ké béŧé kī ħaisiyat sé nahīn. Isliyé voh tumhén is professional consultation kī mukammil fees adā karégā. Tum ussé ék Psychological Engineer kī ħaisiyat sé hī bāt karogé, uskī multi-millionaire Ammī, Bégum Arzumand Bāno Mumtāz MaħalLive In Relationship partner kī ħaisiyat sé nahīn.”
“I see. Aur kuchh?”
“Nahīn, Aurangzéb Åālamgīr counter par ék blank check jamā karké uskī receipt ħāsil kar chukā hai. Tum usko voh blank check Wāpas nahīn karogé.”
Muskurāyā main.
“Mujhé kyā pāgal kutté né kāŧā hai?”
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb ék dabī huī hansī hansī,
“Mujhé to lagtā hai, usī kambakħt ko kāŧ gayā hai koī pāgal kuttā.”
“Sāħabzādé ko andar bhéj do,” main hanstā huā bolā, “Kħayāl rahé, usī taraħ pūrī izzato aħtarām ké sāth, jis taraħ dūsré clients ké sāth hum log pésh āté hain.”
“Jī, Janāb,” Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb hanstī huī mukammil sanjīdagī kī adākārī ké sāth bolī.
Mainé Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb ké madmast Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān kūlhon par ék chapat lagāī,
“Ab jā, Sālī, usko bhéj.”
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb né mérā Uncut Hindu Lund pakađkar masal diyā,
“Aréy, to mujhé kyon mārté ho? Apné Musalmān laundé ko hī kyon nahīn mārté kambakħt pāgal ko?”

Aurangzéb Åālamgīr nihāyat hī sharāfat sé pésh āyā,
“Mujhé Ammī né āpké paas bhéjā hai.”
“Baiŧho.” Maine méré sāmné rakhī leather chair kī taraf ishārah kiyā.
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr né palaŧkar darwāzé kī taraf dékhā.
Darwāzah uské pīchhé band hokar lock ho chukā thā.
“Uskī fikr mat karo. Voh ab bāhar sé tab tak nahīn khul saktā jab tak main yahān andar sé uskā special lock na kholūn.”
“Jī, main vohī confirm kar rahā thā ki jab aap apnī clients, secretaries aur receptionists waghairaham ko yahān chodté hongé, to zāhir hai ki darwāzah band karké hī chodté hongé. Aisé mein agar koī bīch mein darwāzah kholkar aa jāyé dafåtan…”
“Mujhé koī farq nahīn pađtā.” Main nihāyat hī sanjīdagī sé Muskurāyā, “Hān, jab tumhārī Ammī yahān pahlī martabah aaī thien,…”
“Jī, Janāb, Abbū kahté hain ki sharmo ħayā aur tahzīb ké måmlé mein āpkā muqāblah koī nahīn kar saktā, chodné ké måmlé mein to hargiz nahīn. You are unique, legendary, matchless.”
“Kitnī sharm kī baat hai yah tamām nāmardon ké liyé? Hai na? Lékin kyā kiyā jāyé? Åurat kī zarūrat sirf isī taraħ pūrī hotī hai. Iskā koī alternative nahīn hai. Aur yah Åurat kī itnī bađī zarūrat hai ki agar uskā shauhar uskī yah zarūrat pūrī na kar pāyé, to voh apnī yah zarūrat pūrī karné ké liyé apné aisé shauhar aur yahān tak ki apnī aulād tak ko chhođné par majbūr ho jātī hai.”*

Aurangzéb Åālamgīr kā chehrā saféd pađ gayā thā.
Mujhé mérī nihāyat hī gandī, past, girī huī aur zalīl ħarkaton ké liyé jitnī zahnī taiyāriyān karké āyā thā voh, voh sab kī sab rakhī rah gaī thien.
In dalāil, in tarkon, in arguments kā, apnī activities ko justify kiyé jāné ké måmlé mein usné kabhī tasavvur bhī nahīn kiyā thā.
Ammī ŧhīk kah rahī thien.
Durgesh uské tasavvur tak sé kahīn bahut aagé kī chīz thā.
Kambakħt is painsaŧh saal kī ůmr mein bhī abhī tak itnā ghabroo naujawān thā ki aŧŧhāis sé tīs tak hī ānkī jā saktī thī uskī ůmr abhī bhī zyādah sé zyādah.
Kaisā kasā huā athletic Hindu muzakkir jism thā kāfir kā.
Koī bhī apné bémisāl ħusn par naaz karné wālī maghrūr sé maghrūr Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān ħasīnah tak Durgesh ké talvé chāŧné mein fakħr maħsūs kar saktī thī apné liyé.
Aur kar kyā saktī thī, tamām åālmīn mein har jagah kar rahī thī bāqådah.
Lékin kyā Durgesh vāqaåī kāfir thā?
Uskā zamīr abhī bhī yah mānné ké liyé taiyār nahīn thā.
Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam kā jaisā adab-o-aħtarām usné Durgesh ko karté dékhā thā, kisī Musalmān tak ko karté nahīn dékhā thā.
Kyā koī kāfir itnī bémisāl adākārī kar saktā thā har vaqt, 24x7x365 apné Musalmān honé kī?
Itnī shāndār ki bađé sé bađé Musalmānon tak ko us par fakħr maħsūs honé lag jāyé?
Kyā uskī Ammī saħī hain?
Bégum Arzumand Bāno Mumtāz Maħal?
The multi-millionaire?
Pakistan mein Businesspersons kā ék bahut bađā tabqah uskī Ammī ko Al Kħadījah Al Daur-e-Jadīd kahā kartā thā.
Al Kħadījah Al Daur-e-Jadīd,
Yånī Modern Kħadījah.
Yahān tak ki jab uskī Ammī, Bégum Arzumand Bāno Mumtāz Maħal, né uské Abbū, Maulānā Shāhjahān Muħammad kā dāman chhođkar Durgesh kā dāman pakđā thā to taqarīban tamām Businesspersons of Pakistan ké munh sé béakħtiyār njkal gayā thā,
“Ab is Kħadījah ko uskā Muħammad mil gayā. Ab is Kħadījah Group of Industries ko International banné sé koī nahīn rok saktā.”
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr ké tan badan mein aag lag gaī thī.
“Daulat hī sab kuchh hai kyā? Sharm nahīn ātī in logon ko? Ék kāfir kā comparison Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam sé kar rahé hain.”*

Aurangzéb Åālamgīr kī bađī bahan, Jahān Ārā Shāhjahān Muħammad ék talkħ hansī hansī thī.
“Kyā jāntā hai ré nāmurād, tū us kāfir ké mutålliq? Allah målūm kitné åālim-o-fāzil Musalmān shahīd hué hongé tab yah ék kāfir paidah huā thā.”
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr ħalaq phāđkar chīkħā thā.
“Hān, āp to aesā kahéngī hī. Chudwātī jo hain us Anant Muslimātchod Hindu sé.”
“Jaisī Ammī vaisī uskī béŧī.” Aurangzéb Åālamgīr kī Dādī Ammī, Bégum Nūrjahān Meharunnisā, tađapkar bolī thien.
“Jī, Dādī Bégum,” Jahān Ārā Shāhjahān Muħammad turkī baturkī bolī, “Jaisī Sās vaisī uskī Bahoo, jaisī Dādī vaisī uskī potī. Yah bhī to farmāiyé.”
Dādī Ammī, Bégum Nūrjahān Meharunnisā, tađapkar bolīn,
“Jahān Ārā Shāhjahān Muħammad,”
“Burī lagī na mérī baat? To phir yah kyon bhool jātī hain ki Ammījān, Bégum Arzumand Bāno Mumtāz Maħal, ko pahlī martabah Durgesh sé kħud āpné chudwāyā thā.”
Aurangzéb Åālamgīr sannāŧé mein aa gayā.
Allah, kyā aesā bhī ho saktā thā?
Kyā vāqaåī ék Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Sās kħud apnī Bahū Bégum ko kisī Hindu sé chudwā saktī thī?
Jahān Ārā Shāhjahān Muħammad Bājī bakwās kar rahī hain.
Aesā hargiz nahīn ho saktā.*

Bégum Nūrjahān Meharunnisā ko yaad thā.
Muħammad Jahāngīr sé uskā nikāħ do saal bhī nahīn chal pāyā thā.
Usko lag rahā thā ki Shāhjahān Muħammad kā aslī baap Muħammad Jahāngīr nahīn, Durgesh hai.
Nūrjahān Meharunnisā ghussé sé pāgal ho gaī thī.
Muħammad Jahāngīr ko talāq déné par ađ gaī thī voh.
“Mujhé yah aétrāf karné mein koī sharm nahīn hai ki Durgesh sé méré aisé tåālluqāt hain, lékin yah baat to tum us vaqt bhī jānté thé jab hum donon kā nikāħ nahīn huā thā.”
“Lékin tab mujhé yah målūm nahīn thā ki tum nikāħ ké båd bhī Durgesh kī aulād paidah karogī méré ghar mein.” Muħammad Jahāngīr sard lahjé mein bolā thā. “Tum Durgesh se kitnā chudwātī ho, kaisé chudwātī ho, kahān chudwātī ho, issé mujhé koī matlab nahīn. Lékin tum Durgesh ké béŧé ko méré sar par nahīn mađh saktīn.”
Nūrjahān Meharunnisā jalī kaŧī āwāz mein bolī thī.
“Itnī guarantee kaisé hai tumko ki Shāhjahān Muħammad Durgesh kā hī béŧā hai, tumhārā nahīn. Tum kyā nāmard ho, Muħammad Jahāngīr?”
Muħammad Jahāngīr né bađī mushkil sé apné aap par zabt kiyā thā.
“Nāmard to kħair nahīn hoté hum Musalmān, lékin jis taraħ ké ghair muhazzib mardon kī zarūrat tum zyādahtar Musalmān modern tjtliyon ko hai, us taraħ ké mard sirf Hindu hī hoté hain, aur sirf Hindu hī ho bhī sakté hain. Koī bhī Musalmān mard us pastī tak girné ké mutålliq soch bhī nahīn saktā. Tum Lund chūsnā chāhtī ho, tum gānđ marwānā chāhtī ho. Hindu hī kar sakté hain tum Musalmān sluts ké sāth yah sab. Yah sab Islam mein sakħtī sé manå hai. Yah jānwaron ké kām hain, insānon ké nahīn.”
“Yånī insān to sirf nāmard hī ho sakté hain, hai na?”
“Mardānagī kī tum educated pađhī likhī modern Musalmān titliyon kī definition aur hum ‘tyrant’ kam pađhé likhé daqiyānūs Musalmānon kī definition alħadah alħadah hain. Tum log usko mard māntī ho, jo kħatnah na karwāyé, tāki jab uskā Uncut Hindu Lund tum logon kī jadīdtarīn tålīmyāftah Musalmān Chooton mein bār bār ghusé to tum logon ko har martabah uskī foreskin kbulné aur band honé kī bépanāh lazzat ħāsil ho.”
Koī taklīf hai ismein āp ‘muhazzib’ Musalmānon ko?”
“Sirf yah ki kħatnah Sharīåt-Muħammadī kā ék nāqābil-e-alāħidah ħissā hai. Koī bhī Musalmān apnī jān dé dégā lékin Sharīåt-Muħammadīkoī rattī bhar bhī inħirāf hargiz nahīn karégā.”*

Nūrjahān Meharunnisā kā dimāgh kħarāb ho gayā.
Phir bhī nihāyat hī sabr ké saath voh bolī.
“Aapné kabhī Dr. Ali Sinawebsite dékhī hai?”
Muħammad Jahāngīr āvésh mein aa gayā.
Lékin yah usko bhī målūm thā ki āvésh mein āné sé koī maslah ħal honé wālā nahīn hai.
Ŧhandé dimāgh sé voh bolā.
“Dékhiyé is taraħ kī websites dékhnā kisī bāīmān Musalmān kā kaam nahīn hai.”
“Qurbān jāyé tamām Ummat-e-Muslimah aap kī is bahādurānah policy par. Jo Musalmān kabhī itné bahādur thé ki nisf duniyā unhoné kuffār sé maidān-e-jang mein lađkar jītī thī ab aap unké Īmān ko lājwantī kā voh paudhā banā dénā chāhté hain, ki voh ab ék website tak nahīn dékh sakté, varnā unkā Īmān chalā jāyégā. Chūđiyān pahannā aur burkah ođhnā kab tak shurū’ kar déngé aap Ħazrāt? Bisexual, Transgender aur Gay bankar aap logon mein sé béshtar Ħazrāt hum Musalmān åuraton sé competition to shurū’ kar hī chuké hain, Hindu mardon ko ħāsil karné ké måmlé mein. Lånat hai aap logon par. Is maidān tak mein apnī måsūm Musalmān åuraton ké ħuqūq par dāqā dālnā nahīn chhođā aap logon né.”

Muħammad Jahāngīr sannāŧé mein aa gayā.
Ħuqūq? Apnī måsūm Musalmān åuraton ké ħuqūq par dāqā dāl rahé hain hum Musalmān is taraħ?”
Nūrjahān Meharunnisā muskurāī.
“Bahut ħairat huī mérī baat sunkar?”
“Aap…āp yah māntī hain, Bégum, ki Hindu mardon/Durgesh sé chudwānā, unké Uncut Hindu Lund chūsnā, aur yahān tak ki Hinduon/Durgesh sé apnī intehāī ħasīn-o-jamīl Pāktarīn, Muqaddastarīn, Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān gānđ marwānā tak aap måsūm Musalmān åuraton kā ħaq hai? Aur jo bisexual aur gay Musalmīn is måmlé mein aap måsūm Musalmān åuraton ké saath ħissā banŧāté hain, voh darħaqīqat aap måsūm Musalmān åuraton ké ħuqūq par dāqā dālté hain?”
“Bilkul,” Nūrjahān Meharunnisā sakħt lahjé mein bolī, “Ismein ghalat kyā hai.”
Muħammad Jahāngīr dam bakħud rah gayā.
Yah SUNNI Nūrjahān Meharunnisā to us original Shiå Musalmān Nūrjahān Meharunnisā sé bhī zyādah Anti Sunni thī, jisné Mughal Emperor, Nūruddīn Muħammad Salīm Jahāngīr ko taqarīban bédakħal karké Hinduon kī madad sé apnī Shiå ħukūmat qāyam kar lī thī.*

Mughalon ké zamāné mein bhī Sunni Shiå donon pahlé kī taraħ hī āpas mein lađté rahé aur Hindu bhī iskā fāyedah pahlé kī taraħ hī uŧhāté rahé.

Humāyūn bhī Yazīd Malåūn aur uské gurgon kī siyāsī sāzish ko nākām kar sakné mein usī taraħ nākām rahā, jis taraħ aur Musalmān ħukmrān nākām rahé.

Kħūbsūrat måsūm Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pākīzah Musalmān åuratén usī taraħ uŧhāī jātī rahīn, aur capable Hinduon ko béchī jātī rahīn, jis taraħ voh qabl-e- Islam béchī jātī thien.

Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam kī tamām Muħsin-e-insāniyat koshishon ko jis taraħ nām nihād Musalmīn né pāmāl kiyā thā kħud Kuffār tak kabhī nahīn kar pāyé thé.


Muħammad Jahāngīr sé rahā nahīn gayā, jab Nūrjahān Meharunnisā né Āsifah Ħamīd ko tålīm ħāsil karné ké liyé Hindustān bhéjné kā faislah kiyā.

Hindustāāāāān?” Muħammad Jahāngīr pāgalon kī taraħ chīkħā, “Ålīgađh Muslim University? Why? Kyon? Pakistan mein ab kyā universities tak nahīn hain tumhārī bhānjī ké liyé?”

Nūrjahān MeharunnisāMuħammad Jahāngīr ko jawāb tak nahīn diyā is åetarāz kā.

Āsifah Ħamīd Hindustān aa gaī.

Vikram Dev Bachhalyā Āsifah Ħamīd ké Kħālū thé.

Unkā office 113vīn manzil par thā Ved Nagar mein.

Āsifah Ħamīd né mujhé pahlī martabah lift mein dékhā.

Aŧŧhāis sāl ké āspās kā balā kā kħūbsūrat naujawān.

Unh, hogā koī.

Usé kyā.

Lékin jab Āsifah Ħamīd né dékhā ki voh bhī usé dékh rahā thā to Āsifah Ħamīd muskurā dī.

Uskā hamůmr naujawān thā.

Itnā etiquette to bantā hī thā na.

Main bhī muskurā diyā.

Āsifah Ħamīd ko aesā lagā jaisé voh nihāl ho gaī ho.

Uskā dil huā ki voh béakħtiyār mérī bāhon mein aa jāyé.


Yah kaisā pāgalpan thā.

Itnī kamzor to voh hargiz nahīn thī.

Tabhī Āsifah Ħamīd ko yād āyā, usné apnī Kħālā sé poochhā thā,

“Khalājān, ék bāt poochhoon? Aap burā to nahīn mānéngi?”

Khalājān, Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood; muskurā dīn,


“Nahīn, pahlé aap vådah kījiyé ki aap burā nahīn mānéngi.”

“Aesā kyā savāl hai ré, Āsifah Ħamīd, térā, jo itnī lambī chauđī tamhīd bāndh rahī hai?”

“Pahlé aap vådah karén na, please!”

“Ŧheek hai. Main ék shart par yeh vådah kar saktī hoon.”

“Jee?” Āsifah Ħamīd ħairānī sé bolī, “Shart?”

“Sirf yah shart, Āsifah Ħamīd, ki tumhāré savāl mein koī badtamīzī shāmil nahīn hogī.” Khalājān, Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood; muskurā kar bolīn.

Āsifah Ħamīd bhī muskurākar bolī,

“Jee, Khalājān, main sirf yah daryāft karnā chāhtī thī ki ākħir āpné ék Hindu sé nikāħ kyon kiyā? Aur voh bhī ék Hindustānī  Hindu sé?”

Khalājān, Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood hans pađīn,

“Oh, to ab hamāri béŧī bađī ho gaī hai? Bāligh rishton ko samajhnā chāhtī hai?”

Āsifah Ħamīd thođā jhijhak kar, lékin himmat karké bolī,

“Jee, agar aap isé mérī badtamīzī aur badtahzībī tasavvur na karén, to haan.”

Khalājān, Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood; ne pyār sé Āsifah Ħamīd kī péshānī choom lī,

“Savāl hī nahīn uŧhtā isé tumhārī badtamīzī aur badtahzībī tasavvur karné kā. Tumhārī yah ħaqīr Kħālā,  Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood; yah samajhti hai, béŧā, ki tum kħud bhī ab bāligh ho chukī ho. Is taraħ ké savālāt ab tumhāré bāligh zahan mein uŧhnā ék bilkul måqool aur fiterī bāt hai.”

Iské båd jo jawāb Khalājān, Al Ħabeebah Al Maħmood; ne Āsifah Ħamīd ko diyā thā, voh Āsifah Ħamīd ko ék gahrī nīnd sé jagākar ékdum hosh mein lā déné wālā sābit huā thā.


Āsifah Ħamīd mujhsé ékdum bāzoo mein saŧkar khađī  thī.

Usko aħsās bhī nahīn huā ki aesā kab ho gayā thā.

Aur ħairat kī baat yah thī ki aesā us Aŧŧhāis sālā naujawān ké Āsifah Ħamīd ké paas aané sé nahīn huā thā.

Ulŧé Āsifah Ħamīd kħud hī Allah målūm kab khinchkar us lađké ké paas chalī aaī thī.

Allah Allah!

Kaisī jāduī shakħsiyat thī us lađké kī.

Kyā Āsifah Ħamīd pāgal ho gaī thī jo kħud us lađké ké paas jākar ussé saŧkar khađī ho gaī thī?*


Lift bahut bađī thī jismein Air Conditioner bhī thā.

Tīsrī manzil aané par aunty utar gayeen.


Ab hum donon hi thé akélé lift mein.

Mainé uskī taraf dékhā.

Usné bhī mujhé dékhā.

“Aap kī smile bahut hī achchhī hai.” Main muskurā kar bolā.

“Thanks,” Āsifah Ħamīd bhī muskurāī.

Dafåtan lift ruk gaī.*

Āsifah Ħamīd kī ħairat kī intehā na thī is par ki iské bāwajūd usé koī dar nahīn lagā.

Ulŧé voh itnī mutmaåīn thī jaisé voh qataåī kisī ajnabī ké sāth nahīn, balki apné kħud ké manakūħ shauhar ké sāth hī ho.

Aur phir jab apnā kħud kā manakūħ shauhar hī apné sāth ho to phir kāhé kā dar? Kāhé kā kħauf?

Āsifah Ħamīd kī ħairat us vaqt aur bađh gaī jab iské båd bijlī bhī chalī gaī aur tab bhī usko mujhsé koī kħauf maħsūs nahīn huā.

Andhérā chhā gayā thā lift mein.

Kuchh dikhāī nahīn dé rahā thā.

Āsifah Ħamīd béakħtiyār méré purush vax sé is taraħ lipaŧ gaī thī jaisé voh vāqaåī mérī mankūħah bīwī ho aur main vāqaåī uskā manakūħ shauhar hoūn.

Mainé bhī béakħtiyār Āsifah Ħamīd ko apné purush vax sé is taraħ lipaŧā liyā ki mérā bāyān hāth uskī pusht par thā aur dāyān hāth Āsifah Ħamīd ké ħasīn gudāz sudaul Pakistani Musalmān kūlhon par.

Mérā Uncut Hindu Lund sīdhā khađā hokar uskī donon ħasīn chiknī jānghon ké darmyān dastak déné mein mashghūl ho gayā thā.

Āsifah Ħamīd ké donon hāth béakħtiyār uŧhkar mérī gardan ké āspās burī taraħ kas gayé.

“Shukriyah,” Āsifah Ħamīd phusphusāī.

“Nonsense. It’s my pleasure.” Main mérī téz ho aaī sānson ké bīch bolā.

“No, it’s mine.” Āsifah Ħamīd phir phusphusāī, “Ab main tumko pahchān chukī hūn. Tum Durgesh ho. Ho na?”

“Ab?” main hansā.

“Hān, sorry. Dékhté hī nahīn pahchān pāī main tumhén.”

“It’s alright.”

“Tum hum pađhī likhī tålīmyāftah Musalmān lađkiyon aur Musalmān åuraton mein kis burī taraħ mashhūr ho, iskā ŧhīk ŧhīk andāzah ghāliban tumko bhī nahīn hogā, Anant Muslimātchod Hindu.”

Eīshān Eīshān shammā shamīshān! Yār, tum to jitnī zyādah kħūbsūrat ho, utnī hī zyādah ultramodern aur ħamlāvar bhī ho.”

“Aur nahīn to kyā ħamlah karnā sirf tum Hinduon ko hī ātā hai?”

“Aur kisī Hindu kī baat to tum jāno, lékin main kahān ħamalāvar hūn tum Musalmān Beauties par? Tum Musalmān Beauties hī ulŧé mujh par ħamalāvar ho. Kah do ki main ghalat kah rahā hūn.”

Āsifah Ħamīd kā dāyān hāth mérī gardan sé haŧkar méré Uncut Hindu Lund par pahunch gayā.

“Abhī to ħamlé yah kar rahā hai, mérī Jān.”

“Lékin tumhārī shalwar aur panties karné kahān dé rahī hain?”

“Aré to dékh kyā rahé ho? Utāro na donon ko. Aur main tumhāré pant aur underwear kā janāzah nikāltī hūn.”

Thođī dér mein hī hum donon lift mein pūrī taraħ Mukammil nangé thé, ék dūsré sé lipaŧ rahé thé aur ék dūsré ko choom aur chaaŧ rahé thé.

Bijlī kabhī kī wāpas aa chukī thī.

Lékin lift abhī bhī rukī huī thī.

Eīshāno vishvvédasah, Allah målūm kyā wajah thī.

Aur kis kambakħt ko pađī thī wajah jānné kī.

Hum donon to hamārī Suhāgrāt, hamārī Shab-e-Ůrosī manā rahé thé.

Āsifah Ħamīd ghuŧnon ké bal baiŧh kar mérā burī taraħ phanphanā rahā Uncut Hindu Lund choom aur chāŧ rahī thī.

Main uskī kunwārī Pakistani Musalmān Chūt choom chukā thā.

Lékin kambakħt Āsifah Ħamīd né zyādah dér tak choomné nahīn dī thī mujhé apnī Pakistani Musalmān Chūt.

Fauran ghuŧnon ké bal baiŧh gaī thī aur mérā burī taraħ ŧhanŧhanā rahā Uncut Hindu Lund apné bémisāl ħasīn Pakistani Musalmān munh mein lékar usko is taraħ chūsné lag gaī thī jaisé voh mérā Uncut Hindu Lund na ho, koī ice crème ho.

“Aré, chodné dé, Sālī,” main jhunjhlākar bolā, “Abhī lift chal pađégī to tū bhī pyāsī rah jāyegī aur main bhī.”

“Maré mat jāo. Yah lift abhī kam az kam kal tak to nahīn chalné wālī.”

“Kyā bak rahī hai?”

“Durust farmā rahī hūn. Mainé iskā pukħtah intezām pahlé kiyā hai. Båd mein hamāré kapđé utarvāyé hain.”

Main gadgad ho gayā.

“Kamāl kar diyā yār, tūné to!”

“To aur kyā kartī? Kitnī martabah to tum sé ishāron ishāron mein kahā ki Anant Muslimātchod Hindu, yah Musalmān lađkī bhī ab jawān ho chukī hai, aao. Āsifah Ħamīd ko bhī chod lo, please. Lékin tum to mérī Musalmān lady friends ko hī chodné mein itné busy thé ki Āsifah Ħamīd tumhén dikhāī tak nahīn dé rahī thī.”

Chapter 4

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