Ammī, you toooo? 2

Ammī, you toooo?


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

I walked to the edge of the water then set Al Åārifah Al Aslam down,

“You don’t think I’d actually throw my own Bahū Bégum in the water, did you?” I asked with a wry grin.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam breathed a deep sigh of relief and then smiled at me,

“You should have,” she grinned as she pushed me into the water.

I bellowed as I tumbled in the water and surfaced quickly, a big grin on my face.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam shrieked again as I popped out of the pool and started to chase after her.

She ran around the backyard before I scooped her up into my arms and carried her over to the pool.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam gave me the puppy dog look as she squirmed in my arms,

“You wouldn’t throw your dear little Bahū Bégum in the pool, would you?”

I grinned,

“My dear Bahū Bégum? No. My hot young Bahū Bégum… yes.”

And with that, I jumped into the pool while still holding Al Åārifah Al Aslam, letting her go as we hit the water.

I laughed as I came up for air.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam surfaced a Moment later.

She wiped her hair from her face and giggled as she splashed me.

We both splashed and played in the pool before we wound up in the shallow end.

I sat on the steps as I pulled Al Åārifah Al Aslam on top of me.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam straddled me in the water as we caught our breath.

“So you think I’m hot, do you?” she smiled.

My hands slipped over her extremely beautiful young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body and Al Åārifah Al Aslam didn’t stop me,

“I do. Not exactly breaking news.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam grinded against me as she leaned into me,

“Well, there aren’t exactly a lot of men breaking down my door,” she breathed.
“You have to take the padlock off the front door first, Åārifah Aslam,” I replied.
“Are you telling me you want me to do that?” Al Åārifah Al Aslam asked.

I didn’t break eye contact with Al Åārifah Al Aslam as she stayed on my lap,

“Hell, no.”
Al Åārifah Al Aslam grinned widely,

“I didn’t think so.”

I held Al Åārifah Al Aslam close and then leaned in to kiss her, finally tasting her young red crimson Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān lips.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned as she kissed me, I held her tightly and kissed her with heat and passion.

Her arms went around my neck as she grinded against my growing Hindu hard-on, our lips locked in a hot taboo embrace.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam and I kissed like teenagers as we pressed against each other in the pool, my tongue slipping inside Al Åārifah Al Aslam as I succumbed to my lust.

“Mmmmmm, Åārifah Aslam,” I moaned as I broke our kiss.

“Allah! Oh my God,” Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned, “That was so hot. I’ve wanted that for so long.”

My ever-efficient Uncut Hindu Cock throbbed as I heard Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s words and she felt it.

“Me too,” I said.

We started to kiss again only to stop just as quickly, “what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I want this so bad, but I can’t. It’s wrong. I’m your Bahū Bégum,” she said.

“It’s ok, Åārifah Aslam, I too want this now. I too want you. You aren’t only that wants me.” I replied.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam extricated herself from me,

“It is wrong. We can’t do this,” she said as she pulled away from me and ran inside.

I watched Al Åārifah Al Aslam run inside and went after her.

I went upstairs and heard her crying in her room, “Åārifah Aslam?” I called as I knocked on the door.

“Not now Durgesh. It’s wrong, we can’t do this, I’m your Bahū Bégum,” she cried.

Durgesh turned the knob and went inside,

“We need to talk.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam looked at me,

“Durgesh! Please! I’m embarrassed enough!”

I walked over to the en suite bathroom to grab a towel and some tissues.

I came back into the bedroom, and wrapped the towel around Al Åārifah Al Aslam.

And handed her a tissue.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Åārifah Aslam,” I said as I sat down beside her.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam sighed deeply as she leaned against me, “I’m such a fool.”

I rubbed Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s arms through the towel, “Don’t be silly Åārifah Aslam, you’re perfect.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam looked at me and started to talk when I stopped her,

“Let me speak,” I said.

“A few weeks ago when I was fixing your laptop I found your online profile,” I started as Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s eyes bulged in surprise.

“It was wrong but I checked it out and I’ve checked your profile every day since. I checked it so often I had to get my own … and then I couldn’t help myself and started chatting with you online. I’m the one you’ve been talking to, Åārifah Aslam. So if there’s something wrong with you there’s something wrong with me and we can be wrong together,” I said.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam was shocked as I revealed all,

“You mean…” she started.

“Yup,” I said. “We’ve been sharing our secrets, swapping pictures… nurturing our mutual desire.”

“You planned this?” Al Åārifah Al Aslam asked.

I shook my head,

“No. It just… happened. It was you. Deep down I guess I’ve always had you,” I said.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled for the first time,

“Me? So, you really want to…”

I nodded,

“I want to do whatever you want, Åārifah Aslam. But if you’re asking me what I really want, I want to fuck you, Al Åārifah Al Aslam.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s nipples instantly responded to my words,

“You want to fuck me?”

I nodded.

“Say it again,” she said.

“I want to fuck you, Åārifah Aslam,” I repeated.

“Again,” she said.

“I want to fuck you, Åārifah Aslam,” I smiled.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam grinned a lusty grin as she stood up and faced me.

She tossed her towel aside.

She reached behind her back and undid her top, letting it fall to the floor as her gorgeous breasts spilled free, her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī female Musalmān lust and desire now fuelling her actions.

I stared at Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s chest in wonderment, not believing this was actually happening.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled as I gawked at her, “mmmmmm Åārifah Aslam wants to fuck her big boy…” she moaned.

I pulled Al Åārifah Al Aslam back onto my lap and kissed her again, her naked Musalmān breasts pressing against my Hindu male chest as we kissed for a third time.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam and I kissed on the bed.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam straddled me and felt my growing Uncut Hindu Cock against her.

And it turned her on even more.

I fell back on the bed.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam stayed on top of me as we kissed hungrily.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam broke the kiss and looked down at me, “Did you really mean all the things you wrote?” she asked.

I nodded,

“Every single thing.”

“And that was really your Uncut Hindu Cock you sent me?”

I nodded again,

“Of course, you think I have lots of dick pics sitting around?”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam giggled,

“No, but it looked too good to be true,” she said as she kissed softly down my body until she reached my swim trunks.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam looked up at me as she slowly undid my swim suit and tugged it down my legs, letting my hard experienced Uncut Hindu Cock to spring free.

“Mmmmmm you weren’t lying,” she said as she licked her lips.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s lust grew as she grabbed my Uncut Hindu Cock and started to stroke me slowly.

Her smile grew even larger when I groaned softly as she stroked my Hindu shaft.

“I bet the girls really love this Uncut Hindu Cock …” she hissed.

I smiled as I looked at Al Åārifah Al Aslam,

“They really do, but what I really want to know is if Al Åārifah Al Aslam likes it.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam had a mischievous glint in her eye as she stroked me slowly once more before her red crimson Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān lips approached my Hindu shaft and sucked me into her warm wet mouth.

I groaned loudly as Al Åārifah Al Aslam started to suck my Uncut Hindu Cock,

“Ooohhhhh fuck, yes, Åārifah Aslam.”

I watched as Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s beautiful young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān head bobbed up and down my Uncut Hindu Cock  as she expertly swallowed it, her lips gliding up and down my Hindu shaft.

My cock slipped from Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s mouth and she started to stroke me again,

“Does that answer your question?” Al Åārifah Al Aslam asked.

“Mmmmmm fuck Åārifah Aslam…” I groaned as Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s salvia glistened on my Uncut Hindu Prick .

Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled as she kissed and stroked my hard cock,

“Mmmm that will happen soon enough,” she teased.

I groaned again as Al Åārifah Al Aslam slowly dragged her tongue along my shaft and took my Uncut Hindu Cock  back in her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī young Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.

The sound of Al Åārifah Al Aslam blowing me, while I moaned, filled the room and turned us both on.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, I love how you suck my Uncut Hindu Cock…” I groaned.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled and continued to suck my cock, it was so big and hard, she loved the way it felt in her Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān mouth and she loved the taboo of sucking off me.

I ran my hands through Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s hair as she sucked and slurped on my Uncut Hindu Dick, I wanted to watch every second as Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s mouth pleasured my cock.

“I want you so bad Åārifah Aslam, even more than I did in the pool when you were sitting on my Uncut Hindu Cock. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you.” I said.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam started to stroke my cock as she sucked on my balls, her hand moving up and down my wet cock.

“Tell Åārifah Aslam what you’d do to her…” she moaned.

I smiled as I moved my hips, thrusting slowly against Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s hand.

“I’d fuck my Åārifah Aslam good and hard. I’d fuck her balls deep. I’d fuck Åārifah Aslam until my Uncut Hindu Cock was worn out,” I started.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān pussy was on fire as she toyed with my balls and stroked my Hindu shaft.

“I’m going to fuck you in every room of this house. I’m going to fuck you in my bed; I’m going to fuck you in this bed and fuck you better than Muħammad Ħabīb ever did. I’m going to fuck you while we eat breakfast, I’m going to bend you over the couch and fuck you in the family room. I’m going to fuck you in the shower, in the grass out back, on the washing machine and everywhere in between,” I continued.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned loudly as I went on and on all the places, I would fuck her, she took my Uncut Hindu Cock back in her beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth as my shaft throbbed.

She sucked my Hindu shaft with increased intensity now as her entire Musalmān body felt like it was on fire.

“Cum for Åārifah Aslam,” she breathed, “Åārifah Aslam wants to taste her infinite Muslimātramañ Hindu Piyā.”*

Al Navīdah Al Vasīm smiled at her daughter.

Despite her later thirties, she still didn’t understand what the present åālmīn, what the present day MULTIVERSE was.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam was still living in her mental hypocritical universe.

She thought the present day Pseudo Islam was the true Islam.

No, it wasn’t.

Yet, the Pseudo Musalmīn were very much more in number than the true Musalmīn.

It wasn’t that only Pseudo Musalmīn were manifold of the true Musalmīn in number.

Even the Christians were so, even the Jews were so, even the Pārsīs were so and even the Hindus were so.

“The Pseudo Musalmīn are actually a military power, Åārifah,” Al Navīdah Al Vasīm said fucking me vehemently, “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is its worst product. When Yazīd malåūn revived the pre Islamic military power of Årab people, he deliberately did it to snatch away its spiritual power Ħuzūrs gave it. He deliberately snatched away its oxygen, Taħannus. If Taħannus were still an integral part of Islam, as it was in the days of Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam, Yazīd malåūn couldn’t have converted almost the entire Musalmīn into military power.”

“I can’t understand the reason you are preaching me true Islam, Ammī.” Al Åārifah Al Aslam said curtly, “If you think you can justify in this way what you are doing with my father in law, you are quite mistaken.”

Al Navīdah Al Vasīm smiled,

Durgesh isn’t your father in law. Muħammad Ħabīb isn’t Durgesh’s son.”

“I know.”

“That’s why there isn’t any problem that you fuck Durgesh.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam was not easily controlling herself from losing her ever righteous Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān temper.

She laughed lightly.

“Previously I wondered, Ammī, why you extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān houseladies are crazy to invite other Musalmān houseladies who don’t fuck Durgesh, to fuck Durgesh either under this pretext or that.”

Al Navīdah Al Vasīm never lost her patience.

She always kept her mind cool when she argued about anything with someone.

She too laughed lightly.

“Now you are wiser?”

“You couldn’t control yourselves.” Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled contemptuously, “Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and her ever lier, her ever Durgesh obsessed, young Musalmān lady brigade, spread the lie that Durgesh is the ever best sex specialist, he fucks best. You tried to experience it and lost your chastity, your sanctity, to Durgesh in the process, as well as your Īmān too.”

“Īmān?” her Ammī, Al Navīdah Al Vasīm laughed open heartedly fucking me more and more vehemently.

“Yes!” Al Åārifah Al Aslam said contemptuously, “Īmān. That’s more precious than anything is. As your passion to fuck Durgesh fulfilled, you foolish yet beautiful Musalmān houseladies realize what the utmost precious thing you have lost forever. Your conscience reproaches you. To compensate it, you want the rest of the beautiful Musalmān houseladies also fuck Durgesh themselves, so that you can explain to your conscience that it’s nothing abnormal at all. It’s absolutely normal.”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam never even imagined then, what she was doing now, she would herself do some day.*


My Uncut Hindu Cock throbbed as I listened to Al Åārifah Al Aslam.

Her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth was driving me insane as I thrust my Hindu shaft deeper in her Musalmān hotness.

Her hard nipples rubbed against my skin as she sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock and slurped loudly on my hot Hindu rod.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam hadn’t been this hot since she and Muħammad Ħabīb went to our last swingers party years ago and none of the cock’s she’d sucked over the years made her as hot as mine.

I grunted and groaned loudly as Al Åārifah Al Aslam continued her taboo assault on my Hindu shaft until I couldn’t help myself anymore.

“Here it comes,” I grunted through gritted teeth.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned as she sucked me, her eyes bulging when I finally released and came hard down her Musalmān throat.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam sucked harder on my sprouting Uncut Hindu Prick as my Hindu sperm coated her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān tongue and throat.
Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned as she swallowed my Hindu  load, she hadn’t swallowed with Muħammad Ħabīb even, but she just had to taste me.

Her beautiful Musalmān lady friends claimed it was the tastiest thing they swallowed ever.

She licked her lips as she lifted from my shaft, a long line of spit connected my Uncut Hindu Cock to her beautiful red crimson Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān lips and she eagerly kissed my Uncut Hindu Cock head to clean it up.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned as my Uncut Hindu Cock still  stayed hard, she started to stroke me again,

“You taste so good, infinite Muslimātramañ Hindu Piyā.”

I smiled as I looked up at Al Åārifah Al Aslam,

“No one ever sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock like that Åārifah Aslam. No one ever made me cum that hard.”

Yes, it was a lie.

But Al Åārifah Al Aslam needed it.

And I never claimed to be Harishchandr, neither I ever wanted to be.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam smiled as she climbed up my nude Hindu male body, licking my Hindu male skin along the way,

“Mmmm well Åārifah Aslam knows how to take care of her Hindu protector…”

I pulled Al Åārifah Al Aslam up to me and kissed her again.

We kissed hungrily on the bed as I rolled Al Åārifah Al Aslam onto her back.

She felt my hand snake down to her soaked bikini bottoms and slip under them.

I smiled when I felt how wet Al Åārifah Al Aslam was and Al Åārifah Al Aslam moaned when I started to feel her up.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam looked at me,

“Åārifah Aslam is so horny, infinite Muslimātramañ Hindu Piyā.”

I slowly undid her bikini bottoms and tossed them away,

“Well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” I smirked.

Al Åārifah Al Aslam watched as I moved between her legs and spread them wide.

She had expected me to just fuck her like Muħammad Ħabīb would have after she sucked my cock but instead I dried her wet Musalmān Pussy with a napkin and then kissed her there passionately.

It was a long kiss itself.

I caused her to moan,

“Mmmm Allah, God, Durgesh, kiss Åārifah Aslam’s pussy…”

Al Åārifah Al Aslam started to pinch and play with her nipples as I kissed her there.

“Mmmm Master fucker Hindu, Åārifah Aslam is going to fuck you so good…,” she groaned.

Chapter 3


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Badchalan: 2


Previous Chapters

Chapter 2

Zāhidah Salmān kī kħushī chhupāyé nahīn chhup rahī thī.
Zubayr Yūsuf ko jo kħauf khāyé jā rahā thā, voh Zāhidah Salmān bhī kħūb achchhī taraħ samajh rahī thī.
Lékin aaj hī to Zāhidah Salmān ko mauqā milā thā.
Bahut burī taraħ béizzat kiyā thā Zubayr YūsufZāhidah Salmān kī Ammī ko.
“Ék Hindu sé, ék kāfir sé chudvāné wālī béħayā Musalmān åurat kyā jāné ki īmān par mar miŧnā kyā hotā hai.”
Yah kahā thā Zubayr Yūsuf né uskī Ammī ké mutålliq.
Ab Zāhidah Salmān dikhāyégī Zubayr Yūsuf ko, ki uské apné kħāndān kī Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān sharīfzādiyān kħud kitnī pāgal hain Durgesh kā Uncut Hindu Lund apnī chust kasī huī Musalmān Chooton ké andar jađ tak nigalné, aur qayāmat tak niglī rahné ké liyé.
Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān,” Zāhidah Salmān phir chahkī, “Durgesh aaj vāqaåī aa rahé hain?”
“Yah sawāl tum mujhsé savéré sé ab tak lātådād martabah kar chukī ho. Kyā baat hai? Jaisé jaisé Durgesh ké aané kā vaqt ho rahā hai, tumhārī bahādurī kā janāzah niklā jā rahā hai?”
“Main āpkī ānkhon ké sāmné chudvā kar dikhāūngī Durgesh sé.”
Zubayr Yūsuf ék tanziyah hansī hansā.
“Main kħud Durgesh par mārtī hūn.”
“To abhī tak jhakh kyon maar rahī thien? Us Hindu Sex maniac sé chudvā saknā kyā tum jaisī qayāmatkħéz Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ħusnparī ké liyé bhī dushwār thā?”
“Yahī to maslah hai, Bhāījān.”
“Kyā matlab? What the hell you mean?”
“Āp tamām Pseudo Musalmīn yah samajhté hain ki koī bhī balā kī ħasīn naujawān Musalmān åurat, jab uskā jī chāhé, bađī āsānī sé Durgesh sé chudvā saktī hai.”
“Chudvā nahīn saktī, chudvātī hai. Samjhīn?” Zubayr Yūsuf ék talkħ hansī hansā, “Har balā kī ħasīn naujawān Musalmān åurat Durgeshchudvātī hai.”
“Jis taraħ Taħannus Bhābhījān aur Rukħsānah Salmān Bājī Durgesh sé chudvātī hain?”
“Āpné kħud apnī ānkhon sé dékhā hai Taħannus Bhābhījān ko kabhī Durgesh sé chudvāté?”
“Main tumhāré bāp, Salmān Khan māmū jaisā béghairat nahīn hūn.”*

Zāhidah Salmān ké tan badan mein aag lag gaī.
Apné vālid Ǻllāmah Salmān Khan sé béħad muħabbat kartī thī Zāhidah Salmān.
Aur Zāhidah Salmān hī kyon, Ǻllāmah Salmān Khan kī tamām béŧiyān unsé bépanāh muħabbat kartī thien.
Imām Muħammad Ħasan kī taraħ ék misālī zindagī jīnā chāhté thé Zāhidah Salmān ké Abbū, Ǻllāmah Salmān Khan.
Imām Muħammad Ħasan ké role model thé Mustafā Kemāl Atāturk.
Jis taraħ Turkey mein Jamhūriyat lāī thī Mustafā Kemāl Atāturk né, Imām Muħammad Ħasan bhī usī taraħ Jamhūriyat lānā chāhté hain, lékin kisī ék mulk mein nahīn, tamām Islamī mumālik mein.
Yahī wajah thī ki Imām Muħammad Ħasan Ǻllāmah Salmān Khan ké role model ban chuké thé.
Sirf itnā hī nahīn, Ǻllāmah Salmān Khan né bāqāyedah ék taħrīk bhī shurū kar dī thī, Al Taħrīk Al Jamhūriyat Al Islam.

Pūjā Agnihotrī tađap kar uŧh khađī huī.
“Kyā kahā? Tumhārī yah majāl?”
“Apnī māmūzād bahan ko nahīn kahogī kuchh? Sabīħah Salmān kis taraħ chūs rahī thī Durgesh Jījū kā Uncut Hindu Lund? Tumhīn né ākar batāyā thā na mujhé? Aur zabardastī khīnch kar lé gaī thien mujhé voh sab dikhāné?” Arvind Pāŧhak né muskurāté hué apnī naī navélī sophisticated Brāhmañ patnī ko chhéđā.
Usko pūrā yaqīn thā ki Pūjā Agnihotrī usé kunwārī nahīn milī hai.
Is zamāné mein koī lađkī aŧŧhāis saal tak kunwārī rahé, itnā pāgal nahīn thā Arvind Pāŧhak ki isé sach samajhtā.
“Dékho Pūjā,” usné shādī sé pahlé hī saaf saaf apnī honé wālī bīwī, Pūjā Agnihotrī, sé kah diyā thā, “Durgesh Jījū sé jismānī tålluqāt aaj ék åām bāt ho gaī hai. Durgesh Jījū ké ålāvā agar kisī sé tumhāré tålluqāt rahé hon, to mujhé batā do.”
Pūjā Agnihotrī né nihāyat hī hamdardī ké sāth apné honé wālé pati par nigāh dālī thī.
“Yånī Durgesh Jījū ké sāth méré jismānī tålluqāt par tumko koī åetrāz nahīn hai? Thank you. Thank you very much.”
Arvind Pāŧhak né bađī mushkil sé apné āp ko sambhālā.
“Shādī ké båd tum sirf Durgesh Jījū ké sāth apné aésé tålluqāt jārī rakh saktī ho, méré ålāvā, aur kisī ké sāth hargiz nahīn.”
Pūjā Agnihotrī hansī thī.
“Bahut darté ho Durgesh Jījū sé?”
“Bahut izzat kartā hūn unkī.” Arvind Pāŧhak né nihāyat hī pursukūn lahjé mein jawāb diyā, “Durgesh Jījū mérī saat sagī bahnon aur kaī mamérī, chachérī, phuphérī aur mausérī bahnon ké iklauté live in relationship partner hain. Méré pūré kħāndān par anékon aħsānāt hain Durgesh Jījū ké.”
“Kitnī bahnén hain tumhārī jo is taraħ Durgesh Jījū kī live in relationship partner ban sakné mein kāmyāb ho chukī hain?” Pūjā Agnihotrī ko béħad ħasad ho rahī thī Arvind Pāŧhak kī bahnon sé.
Ghazab kī taqdīr likhwā kar lāī thien kambakħt.
Sab kī sab Durgesh Jījū kī?
Kamāl hai.
“Kabhī ginī nahīn.” Arvind Pāŧhak mand mand muskurātā huā, Pūjā Agnihotrī ko chhéđtā huā bolā thā.
“Phir bhī. Koī andāzah to hogā hī na?”
“Voh to hai. Hongī yahī koī déđh do sau sab milākar.”
“Lo, aur mérī Ammījān farmātī hain ki jitnī lađkiyān hum Musalmānon mein paidah hotī hain, utnī aur kisī society mein paidah nahīn hotīn.”
“Ékdam Durust farmātī hain tumhārī Ammījān. Mérī tamām mamérī aur mausérī bahnén Musalmān hī to hain. Aur unhīn kī tådād kul milākar ék sau bīs yā ék sau tīs sé oopar ho jātī hai. Mérī sagī, chachérī aur phuphérī Brāhmañ bahnén to mushkil sé bīs tīs sé zyādah nahīn hongī.”
“Khodā pahāđ, niklī chuhiyā.”
“Kyā kahā?”
“Kuchh nahīn, tumhārī bhābhiyon ké bāré mein poochh rahī thī.”
“Kyā poochh rahī thien?”
“Yahī ki unkī tådād to tumhārī bahnon kī tådād sé bhī zyādah hogī.”
“Béshak,” Arvind Pāŧhak ħairānī sé bolā, “tumko kaisé målūm?”
“Bas, samajh jāo. ‘Kħat kā majmūn bhānp lété hain lifāfā dékh kar’.”*

Arvind Pāŧhak ko Pūjā Agnihotrī kī yahī intehāī aggressiveness sakħt nāpasand thī.
Lékin voh kyā kar saktā thā?
Pūjā Agnihotrī sé pyār kartā thā voh, bépanāh muħabbat.
Usko kħūb achchhī taraħ målūm thā ki Pūjā Agnihotrī Durgesh Jījū kī ghulām hai.
Voh khulkar kahtī thī,
Durgesh Jījū né mujhé chodkar mérī jaan bachāī hai. Main jab tak zindah rahūngī, unké talvé chāŧūngī, unkā Bachhalyā Lund chūsūngī, unsé chudvāūngī, unsé mérī Agnihotrī Brāhmañ gaanđ marāūngī, unkī ghulāmī karūngī main zindagī bhar.”
Padminī Dīxit né Pūjā Agnihotrī kī pīŧh thapthapāī thī.
“Shābās, hum Brahmkanyāon mein Durgesh ké sāth sex ko lékar aesī dīwāngī lagbhag na ké barābar hī pāī jātī hai. Tum koī akelī lađkī, tum koī akelī åurat nahīn ho, jisé chodkar Durgesh né uskī jaan bachāī ho. Durgesh Anant Sr’shŧi Chod hai. Is yug kā sarvottam Sex therapist hai. Hum åuraton ko chodkar hamārī jaan bachānā uskā profession hai, duty hai, kartavý hai, farz hai. Samjhīn?”
“Main nahīn māntī ki Durgesh Jījū né mujhé sirf is wajah sé chodā ki agar voh us vaqt mujhé nahīn chodté to main mar jātī.”
Padminī Dīxit hansī.
“Kyonki tum mānnā nahīn chāhtīn. Tumné apné āpko self-hypnotize kar rakhā hai ki tum mein aesī koī exclusive, sabsé alag thalag, nirālī baat hai, jissé Durgesh tumhén chodkar tumhārī jaan bachāné ké liyé pāgal ho gayā thā.”
Pūjā Agnihotrī né pūrī sanjīdagī ké sāth Dr. Padminī Dīxit ko dékhā.
“Nahīn hai mujh mein aesī koī special individuality?”
Dr. Padminī Dīxit muskurāī.
“Voh to kħair, har åurat mein hotī hai.”*

Pūjā Agnihotrī hans dī.
Human Psychology mein PhD kī thī Pūjā Agnihotrī né.
Ék åjīb sī ghaŧnā ghaŧī thī Pūjā Agnihotrī ké parivār mein.
Us ghaŧnā né ék nihāyat hī kāmyāb Medical Specialist parivār mein paidah honé ké bāwajūd Pūjā Agnihotrī ko Human Psychology mein PhD karné kā sankalp léné par majbūr kar diyā thā.
Durgesh sé sakħt nafrat karté thé Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī.
“He is an incurable sex maniac.” voh kahté thé, “Us vyakti né apné intehāī sexy honé ko justify karné ké liyé na sirf Hinduism, pratyut tamām majāhib ko sex centred banā dālā hai.”
“Lékin, Rām, Durgesh is daur-e-ħāzir kā sabsé zyādah kāmyāb Sex therapist hai. Dr. Jacqueline Lincoln ko cancer ho gayā thā. Tamām Medical Specialist jawāb dé chuké thé. Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ né Dr. Jacqueline Lincoln ké Arch Bishop father William Lincoln ko approach kiyā. Voh nahīn mane, lékin unkī bīwī né Dr. Jacqueline Lincoln kī Sex Therapy kī ijāzat dé dī. Natījah, Durgesh né Dr. Jacqueline Lincoln ko ék mahīné ké andar chod chod kar ŧhīk kar diyā.” Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās né apné ghor karmkāndī Brāhmañ Hindu pati ko ŧonkā.
Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī itné kaŧŧar Hindu thé ki unhoné apnī ardent Musalmān bīwī, Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās, kā naam badal kar Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī rakh diyā thā.
Apnā yah nayā naam Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās ko bhī béħad pasand āyā thā.
Bhagwatī Sītā unkā ideal thien.
Lékin apné is nayé naam ké bāwajūd Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās né na apnā mazhab badlā thā, na Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī né hī aesī koī shart rakhī thī.
Kitnī åjīb baat thī!
Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī aur Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī kā na koī Lav paidah huā, na Kush.
Unkī sabsé bađī béŧī thī, Dr. Padminī Agnihotrī.
Unkī dūsrī béŧī thī, Dr. Ramā Agnihotrī.
Unkī tīsrī béŧī thī, Dr. Sudhā Agnihotrī.
Unkī chauthī béŧī thī, Dr. Prabhā Agnihotrī.
Unkī pānchvīn béŧī thī, Dr. Nandinī Agnihotrī.
Unkī chhaŧhvīn béŧī thī, Dr. Shubhrā Agnihotrī.
Unkī sātvīn béŧī thī, Pūjā Agnihotrī jo abhī Doctor nahīn banī thī, pađh rahī thī.
Tūfān us vaqt āyā jab Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ né Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī aur Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās ko approach kiyā.*

Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī né pāglon kī taraħ Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ kī taraf dékhā.
“What the hell you mean? Voh is Rām kī Sītā hai.”
Voh Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās hai, mérī bachpan kī sahélī.”
“Main jāntā hūn.”
“Jī,” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ sakħtī sé bolī, “main jāntī hūn, ki aap jānté hain.”
“Voh Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās mar chukī hai. Yah uskā dūsrā janm hai. Ab voh Bhagwatī Sītā ko apnā ideal māntī hai.”
Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ hansī.
“Brahm Bhagwatī Sītā Paulastý Rāvañi kal bhī uskā ideal thien.”
“Nahīn thien. Voh sirf zabānī jamā kħarch thā. Hotīn to Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās Durgesh ké sāth premarital sex ké mazé na lé rahī hotīn.”
“He is right, Farīdah,” Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās sanjīdagī sé bolī, “Brahm Bhagwatī Sītā Paulastý Rāvañi us vaqt bhī mérā ideal thien, lékin not as seriously as she is now.”
Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ muskurāī.
“Tum nahīn chāhtīn ki tumhārā apnā koī beŧā ho?”*

Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās né ék sāns lī.
“Bilkul chāhtī hūn. Lékin voh beŧā Durgesh kā nahīn, Rām kā honā chāhiyé.”
“Yånī ki ab tum mukammil taur par Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī ban chukī ho?”
“Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī bannā méré liyé fakħr kī baat hai.”
“Sun liyā?” Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī né vijayī muskān ké sāth garvpūrvak Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ kī taraf dékhā, “Tumhārī Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Ǻbbās ké liyé mérī Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī bannā fakħr kī baat hai aur méré liyé Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī kā mérī patnī honā fakħr kī baat hai.”
“Yånī ki Kħadījah Durgesh sé chudvā saktī hai, Sītā nahīn?”
“Hargiz nahīn.”
“Tum pāgal ho,” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ hansī, “Durgesh aaj lātådād Sītāon ko chod rahā hai aur unsé apné kaī Lav aur Kush paidah kar chukā hai.”
“You are right. But they are NOT Dr. Sītā Agnihotrī.” Dr. Rām Chandr Agnihotrī né ŧhandī āwāz mein kahā.*

Chapter 3
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Badchalan: 1


Chapter 1

Tang aa chukā thā main.
“Mérī samajh mein nahīn ātā, Ħamīd, ki agar Taħannus Bhābhījān vāqaåī vaisī hī hain bhī, jaisī tum kah rahé ho, to ismein ākħir tumhén kyā åetrāz ho saktā hai? Yah Taħannus Bhābhījān kā personal måmlah hai.”
“Hai nahīn, thā.” Ħamīd né jaltī āwāz mein kahā.
“Kyā matlab?”
“Tum yah isīliyé kah rahé ho na, ki Taħannus Bhābhījān tumhārī apnī sagī Bhābhī nahīn hain?”
“Mainé Zubayr Bhāījān ko kabhī sirf térā bađā bhāī nahīn samjhā, Ħamīd.” mérā lahjah sanjīdah ho gayā, “Tū shāyad yah bhūl rahā hai ki Sabīħah Kħālājān sirf térī Ammī nahīn hain, mérī Kħālājān bhī hain.”
Ħamīd ké dil mein āyā ki kah dé,
“Durgesh, main Ammījān ko téré oopar chađh kar kħud tujhé burī taraħ kichkichā kichkichākar chodté dékh chukā hūn. Voh kaisī Kħālājān hain térī, yah kyā main jāntā nahīn?”
Lékin Tabhī usko yād aa gayā ki voh yah baat pahlé bhī mujhsé kah chukā hai.
Aur us vaqt mainé Ħamīd ko kyā jawāb diyā thā, yah bhī Ħamīd ko yād aa gayā.*

Ħamīd Yūsuf un logon mein sé thā jo Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan ké zariyé vyāpak rūp sé sarvatr phailāyé gayé is jhūŧh ko sach samajhté the ki main chausaŧh saal kā nahīn, sirf chautīs saal kā hūn.
Ħamīd Yūsuf kħud chautīs saal kā thā.
Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān chhattīs saal ké thé, lékin voh mujhé chautīs saal kā samajhkar mujhé apnā chhoŧa bhāī samajhté thé.
Jabki ħaqīqat yah thī ki main Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān sé mukammil aŧŧhāis saal bađā thā.
Mérā Svarūpé Avasthānam mujhé haméshah haméshah ké liyé naujawān banā chukā thā.
Main aŧŧhāis saal ké āspās kī ůmr kā hī dikhāī détā thā, chausaŧh saal kā hargiz nahīn.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan né méré is Svarūpé Avasthānam kā pūrā pūrā fāyedah uŧhāyā thā.
Mérī apné āpko Senior Citizen sābit karné kī tamām koshishén békār sābit huī thien.
Ħamīd Yūsuf talkħ lahjé mein bolā,
“Lagtā hai Taħannus Bhābhījān ko tum bhī chod chuké ho.”
“Eīshān Eīshān shammā shamīshān! Aré béwaqūf, main bhī Taħannus Bhābhījān ko mérī Bhābhī hī manta hūn térī taraħ. Main Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān ké åétmād ko dhokah nahīn dé saktā. Mujhé kyā åuraton kī kamī hai? Taħannus Bhābhījān hī rah gaī hain ab méré liyé tanhā kyā?”
“I see.” Ħamīd Yūsuf tanz āméz lahjé mein bolā, “Isīliyé Taħannus Bhābhījān jab bhī tujhé dekhtī hain fauran kisī na kisī bahāné térā legendary unique Uncut Hindu Lund pakađ létī hain aur téré lākh isrār karté rahné par bhī nahīn chhođtīn. Hai na?”
Main talkħ lahjé mein bolā,
“Iskā matlab yah ho gayā ki Taħannus Bhābhījān badchalan hain?”*

Ħamīd Yūsuf hans diyā,
“Sorry, yaar, main to bhūl hī gayā thā ki jo tujh sé chudvātī ho, voh badchalan ho hī nahīn saktī. Koī ħasīn Musalmān phuljhađī kisī aur sé chudvāyé to badchalan, lékin agar tujh sé chudvāyé, to mazlūm. Uskā kambakħt Musalmān shauhar zālim. Kyā karé béchārī, agar tujh sé na chudvāyé to? Hai na?”
“Sālé, Ħamīd Yūsuf ké bachché, mainé kahā na ki main térī Bhābhī ko nahīn chodtā.”
“Sach? To Taħannus Bhābhījān isliyé térā Uncut Hindu Lund pakađtī hain ki voh tujh sé bhī chudvānā chāhtī hain?”
“Mujhsé bhī nahīn, sirf mujhsé. Sālé, tujhé vaham ho gayā hai ki Taħannus Bhābhījān badchalan hain.”
“Bajā farmāyā, Mayor Sāħab, Mérī Taħannus Bhābhījān to itnī Pākdāman aur Sharīf hain, itnī måsūm hain ki yah bhī nahīn jāntīn, térā Uncut Hindu Lund pakađné sé unkī namāz adā nahīn hotī.”
“Koī to vajah hogī na, Ħamīd Yūsuf, jo térī Taħannus Bhābhījān mérā Uncut Hindu Lund pakađtī hain.”
“Tūné vāqaåī nahīn chodā Taħannus Bhābhījān ko aaj tak kabhī?”
“Agar chodā hotā to tujhé batāné mein kyā nuqsān hai mujhé? Mujhé maar dālégā tū?”
Ħamīd Yūsuf ék talkħ hansī hansā,
“Itné sāré Hinduon sé chudvātī hain Taħannus Bhābhījān. Kis kis ko maar saktā hūn main? Aur kyon mārūn, jab kħud Zubayr Bhāījān tak ko apnī Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān bīwī aur apné Hindu clients ké aésé tålluqāt par koī åetrāz nahīn hai?”*

Taħannus Bhābhījān kuchh is taraħ dafåtan wahān dākħil huīn, ki Ħamīd Yūsuf burī taraħ hađbađā uŧhā.
Usko lagā ki Taħannus Bhābhījān chhupkar hamārī bātén sun rahī thien.
Apnī ħaqīqī bađī Bhābhī sé nigāhén milā sakné kī himmat nahīn ho sakī Ħamīd Yūsuf kī.
“Main…main chaltā hūn.” Ħamīd Yūsuf uŧhtā huā bolā.
Un tīkhī, sīdhé dil ké ārpār utar jāné wālī mukammil īmāndār, Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān nigāhon kī tāb lā saknā Ħamīd Yūsuf ké bas kī baat nahīn thī.
Ħamīd Yūsuf ko ħairat thī is baat par ki yah nihāyat hī badchalan åurat kaisé apné nihāyat hī Pākdāman, sharīf, åsmat-o-ůffat parast aur shauharparast honé kī itnī bahtarīn adākārī karné mein har martabah kāmyāb ho jātī hai.
Kaun nahīn jāntā aaj ki Shankar Mahāpralayankar Taħannus Bhābhījān kā khullam khulā practical Kħasam banā huā hai?
Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān tak is måmlé mein hathiyār dāl chuké hain.
“Kahān chāl diyé, Janāb?” Taħannus Bhābhījān né tanz āméz lahjé mein Ħamīd Yūsuf ko mukħātib kiyā.
“Jī? Jī, voh, Bhābhījān, mujhé Nadīm Bhāī ké yahān jānā thā.”
“Nadīm Bhāī?” Taħannus Bhābhījān talkħ lahjé mein bolīn, “Tum us zalīl shakħs ko abhī tak apnā bhāī samajhté ho jisné tumhārī Bhābhījān ko badnām karné kā mission chalā rakhā hai?”
“Bhābhījān, Nadīm Bhāī hamāré ħaqīqī bhāī hain.” Ħamīd Yūsuf sé bardāsht nahīn huā, “Āp jo tohmat Nadīm Bhāī par lagā rahī hain, voh sarāsar bébuniyād…”
“Kħāmosh, Ħamīd Yūsuf.” Taħannus Bhābhījān kisī intehāī zahrīlī nāgin kī taraħ phunphkārīn, “Tumhārā voh zalīl manjhlā bhāī tumhārī Ammī ké mānind ħaqīqī bađī Bhābhī ko Shankar Mahāpralayankar ké hāthon farokħt kar chukā hai.”
“Yah ék nihāyat hī ghinaunā ilzām hai, Bhābhījān.” Ħamīd Yūsuf burī taraħ uttéjit hokar bolā, “Nadīm Bhāī ko hamārī pushtainī jāyédād sé maħrūm karné ké liyé, unhén is Yūsuf Manzil sé bāhar nikālné ké liyé, un par itnā ghinaunā ilzām lagāyā hai āpné. Kyā samajhtī hain āp, Ammījān ko béwaqūf banā liyā āpné to Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān ko aur mujhé bhī béwaqūf banā sakné mein kāmyāb ho jāyéngī? Hum sab kħūb achchhī taraħ jānté hain ki āp Ammījān ko blackmail karké Yūsuf Group of IndustriesManaging Director banī hain. Zubayr Yūsuf Bhāījān āpké sāmné hathiyār dālné par isliyé majbūr hué ki voh Ammījān kī badnāmī kā risk nahīn lé sakté thé. Daulat hī sab kuchh nahīn hotī, Bhābhījān. Maghribī tahzīb né āpkī ānkhon par jo paŧŧī bāndh rakhī hai, voh jab khulégī to burī taraħ pachhtāné ké ålāvah aur kuchh nahīn kar sakéngī āp. Lékin tab pachhtāyé hot kyā jab chiđiyā chug gaī khét? Sab kuchh luŧā ké hosh mein āyé to kyā kiyā?”*

Taħannus Bhābhījān Ħamīd Yūsuf kī jānib dékhkar muskurāīn.
“Tum logon sé baħas karnā békār hai, Ħamīd Yūsuf. Jāntī hūn main yah. Tum tamām bhāī us Jāyédād par qābiz honé ké liyé maré jā rahé ho jis kī ħaqīqī mālkin, Ammījān, ké sāth haméshah tum logon né is wajah sé nafrat kī ki tum log Ammījān ké mankūħ Musalmān shauhar kī aulād nahīn ho.”
“Yah jhūŧh hai.”
“Yah ħaqīqat hai.” Taħannus Bhābhījān né Ħamīd Yūsuf sé bhī zyādah sakħt lahjé mein kahā, “Sab jānté hain ki Abbū, Muħammad Yūsuf, Vīr Vīréndr Group of Companies mein ék måmūlī sé mulāzim thé. Phir bhī Vīr Vīréndr Group of Companies ké Managing Director, Vīr Vīréndr Pratāp, né apnī tamām jāyédād Ammījān, Sabīħah Jalāl, ké naam kar dī.”
Ħamīd Yūsuf dūsrī taraf dékhné lagā.
Taħannus Bhābhījān muskurāīn,
“Tum batā sakté ho, Ħamīd Yūsuf, kyon kiyā Vīr Vīréndr Pratāp, né apnī tamām jāyédād Ammījān, Sabīħah Jalāl, ké naam?”
“Kyonki hum tīnon bhāī, Zubayr Yūsuf, Nadīm Yūsuf aur Ħamīd Yūsuf, main, hamāré Abbū, Muħammad Yūsuf, kī nahīn, Vīr Vīréndr Pratāp kī aulād hain?” Talkħ lahjé mein Ħamīd Yūsuf né savāl kiyā.
“Yah tum mujhsé poochh rahé ho?” Taħannus Bhābhījān tanz āméz andāz mein hansīn, “Agar aesā na hotā to tum tīnon bhāī, Zubayr Yūsuf, Nadīm Yūsuf aur Ħamīd Yūsuf, apnī Ammījān, Sabīħah Jalāl, sé nafrat kyon karté jabki Ammījān né tum logon ko bāqāyedah apné mankūħ Musalmān shauhar, Muħammad Yūsuf, kā naam dé kar Vīr Vīréndr Group of Companies kā naam bhī ‘Yūsuf Group of Companies’ kar diyā thā?”*

Ħamīd Yūsuf kuchh bhī nahīn bol sakā.
Yūsuf Manzil mein rahnā majbūrī thī Ħamīd Yūsuf kī.
Nadīm Yūsuf né saaf kahā thā ussé.
“Taħannus Bhābhījān par nazar rakhnā béħad zarūrī hai, Ħamīd. Hamārī béwaqūfiyon kī wajah sé Ammījān pahlé hī hamāré hāthon sé nikalkar Durgesh kī ho chukī hain.”
“Sirf Ammījān?” Ħamīd Yūsuf nihāyat hī ghazabnāk lahjé mein bolā, “Sirf Ammījān? Main kahtā hūn Ved Nagar kī taqrīban har Musalmān ħasīn åurat Durgesh sé chudvāné ké liyé Durgesh ké talvé chāŧtī rahtī hai. Yahān koī bhī Musalmān åurat Pākdāman nahīn rah saktī. Ék sađī machhlī hī tamām tālāb kī machhliyon ko sađā dālné ké liyé kāfī hotī hai. Yahān to mukammil tālāb hī sađī machhliyon sé bharā huā hai. Yahān to shāyad agar kħud Kħātūn-e-Jannat Ħazrat Saiyadah Fātimah rza bhī tashrīf lé āyén to voh bhī Durgesh sé chudvāyé baghair hargiz nahīn rah pāyéngī.Allah Allah, kyā bémisāl Uncut Hindu Lund hai kāfir kā. Har bémisāl ħasīn Musalmān åurat Durgesh sé chudvānā koī abnormal baat hī nahīn samajhtī. Uské liyé yah ékdam normal baat hai. Kamāl hai! Allah målūm kaisā jādūgar hai yah kambakħt Durgesh. Maine aaj tak aesī koī bémisāl ħasīn Musalmān åurat nahīn dékhī jo Durgesh sé na chudvātī ho.””
“Ŧhīk kahā tumné. Daulat mein bahut tåqat hotī hai, Ħamīd Yūsuf.” Nadīm Yūsuf né kađvé lahjé mein kahā.*

Ħamīd Yūsuf né apné bađé bhāī kī jānib dékhā.
“Yah sirf daulat kā måmlah nahīn hai Bhāījān.”
“Daulat kā hī måmlah hai, Ħamīd Yūsuf. Daulat kā hī måmlah hai. Durgesh aaj tamām Kāynāt-e-kul kā sabsé zyādah daulatmand shakħs hai. Kyā tum is ħaqīqat sé inkār kar sakté ho?”
“Main kisī ħaqīqat sé inkār nahīn kar rahā, Bhāījān. Lékin sirf daulat hī sab kuchh nahīn hotī. Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī Durgesh sé shāyad unnīs hī hogī daulat mein. Shāyad voh aaj tamām Kāynāt-e-kul kī sabsé zyādah daulatmand åurat hai. Log to yahān tak kahté hain ki Durgesh ko tamām Kāynāt-e-kul kā sabsé zyādah daulatmand shakħs banāné mein Durgesh kī Musalmān åuraton kā sabsé zyādah hāth hai.”
“Main aesā nahīn māntā, Bhāījān.” Ħamīd Yūsuf né nihāyat hī sanjīdagī sé kahā.
Nadīm Yūsuf hansā.
“Main Taħannus Bhābhījān ko Ammījān kī daulat par hargiz qābiz nahīn honé dūngā.”
Ħamīd Yūsuf jaisé āsmān sé girā.
“To yah sach hai ki Taħannus Bhābhījān badchalan nahīn hain. Āp unhén badnām kar rahé hain?”
“Ħamīd Yūsuf!” Nadīm Yūsuf sakħt lahjé mein bolā, “Tum apné bađé bhāī sé guftgū kar rahé ho. Bhūlo mat.”
“Lånat hai āp par.” Ħamīd Yūsuf talkħ lahjé mein bolā, “Āp badnām kar rahé hain Bhābhījān ko? Unkī daulat par qābiz honé ké liyé? Sharm nahīn ātī āpko? Chullū bhar pānī mein dūbkar mar nahīn gayé āp yah sab karné sé pahlé?”
“Ħamīd Yūsuf, pāgal mat bano. Voh badmåsh åurat tumhén béwaqūf banā rahī hai. Voh Durgesh sé chudvātī hai aur…”
“Enough! Bahut ho chukā, Bhāījān. Ab main sab samajh chukā hūn. Zubayr Bhāījān aur āp donon milkar Taħannus Bhābhījān ko badnām kar rahé hain. Isliyé badnām kar rahé hain ki voh majbūr hokar apnī daulat āp donon ké ħawālé kar dén.”
“Ħamīd Yūsuf!”
“Main aesā nahīn honé dūngā, Bhāījān. Main hargiz aesā nahīn honé dūngā. Main utnā hargiz nahīn gir saktā jitnā āp donon gir chuké ho. Main us måsūm Panjvaqtah Namāzī buland kirdār Musalmān åurat kā sāth dūngā jo āp donon daulat ké bhūkhon kā pūrī bahādurī sé tanhā muqāblā kar rahī hai.”
“Tum pāgal ho gayé ho, Ħamīd Yūsuf.” Nadīm Yūsuf sakħt lahjé mein bolā, “Hosh mein āo.”*

Zubayr Yūsuf ék kāiyān hansī hansā.
“Smart. Very smart.”
“Jī?” Nadīm Yūsuf né ħairat sé apné bađé bhāī kī taraf dékhā.
“Ħamīd hum tīnon bhāiyon mein sabsé chhoŧā hai. Lékin voh hum tīnon mein sabsé zyādah samajhdār aur chālāk niklā.”
“Main samjhā nahīn, Bhāījān.”
“Rukħsānah ŧhīk kahtī thī, Nadīm.”
Nadīm Yūsuf burī taraħ bhađak kar bolā.
“Bhāījān, āpné phir us zalīl åurat kā naam liyā méré sāmné?”
“Baat ko samajhné kī koshish karo, Nadīm. Rukħsānah Salmān tumhārī bīwī hai.”
“Rukħsānah Salmān mérī bīwī hai?” Nadīm Yūsuf pāglon kī taraħ apné bađé bhāī, Zubayr Yūsuf par lāl pīlā hotā huā bolā, “Rukħsānah Salmān mérī bīwī hai? Phir mujhsé kyon nahīn chudvātī? Durgesh sé kyon chudvātī hai?”
Durgesh sé sab chudvātī hain.” Zubayr Yūsuf mand mand muskurātā huā bolā.
“Chudvātī rahén, sab chudvātī rahén Durgesh sé. Jahannum mein jāyén ħarāmzādiyān. Mujhé kyā kisī pāgal kutté né kāŧā hai, jo main un sabkī fikr kartā rahūn? Voh sab mérī bīwiyān nahīn hain, Bhāījān. Lékin Rukħsānah Salmān mérī bīwī hai. Main yah hargiz bardāsht nahīn kar saktā ki mérī bīwī Durgesh sé chudvāyé.”
Nadīm Yūsuf kā chéhrā ghussé sé burī taraħ tamtamā rahā thā.
“Talāq dé do.” Zubayr Yūsuf ék kāiyān muskurāhaŧ ké sāth bolā.
“Talāq dé dūn? Talāq dé dūn? Voh mérī do béŧiyon kī Ammī ban chukī hai.”
“Dūsrī bīwī aa jāyégī.” Zubayr Yūsuf nihāyat hī pursukūn lahjé mein bolā, “Voh sambhāl légī tumhārī donon béŧiyon ko.”
“Aur iskī kyā guarantee hai ki talāq ké båd mérī béŧiyān méré paas hī rahéngī? Court unkī custody unkī Ammī ko nahīn dé dégā? Rukħsānah ék millionaire hai. Durgesh uskā vakīl hai. Har court mein aajkal vahī hotā hai, jo Durgesh chāhtā hai. Jabrā chodé talāq na léné dé.”*

Zubayr Yūsuf khilkhilākar hansā.
“Kahāwat yah hai ki Jabrā māré, roné na dé.”
Voh non Hindu jabré hoté hain jo mārté hain aur roné nahīn dété. Hindu jabré chodté hain aur talāq nahīn léné dété. Isi wajah sé to banā thā Pakistan.”
“Taubah hai Nadīm Yūsuf. Kahān kī baat kahān lé jākar paŧakħ dété ho. Kis wajah sé banā thā Pakistan?” Zubayr Yūsuf phir hansné lagā.
Musalmān åuratén Hinduon sé chudvātī thien. Jab Hindustan āzād honé lagā to samajhdār Musalmān ghabrāyé ki ab to ħukūmat bhī Hinduon kī ho jāyégī. Phir to Musalmān åuratén babbar shérniyān ban jāyéngī ki ‘Saiyān bhayé kotwāl ab dar kāhé kā’.”
“Lånat hai tum par.” ZubayrYūsuf hanstā huā bolā, “Kisī Pākistānī terrorist né sun liyā to sabsé pahlé tumhén golī sé uđāyégā phir kisī aur ko.”
“Main ħaqīqat bayān kar rahā hūn, Bhāījān.”
“Shut up. Bahut bakwās kar chuké. Ab kām kī baat suno.”

Chapter 2


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