Ved Nagar: 18


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


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Chapter 18

Durgesh Durdānah Aslam
Durgesh Noor Islam

I stood there for another minute or so, my thoughts spinning in my head trying to figure out what had just happened.
It then dawned on me that I was standing there with my pants around my ankles.
Reaching down I pulled everything back into place.
I’d better get back too, I thought.
Maybe nobody will notice I hoped as I turned around and took a step toward the door.
There stood my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter, hands on hips, shaking her head.

“Allah, God, Uncle, what am I going to do with you?” she said.

I tried to bluff my way through her question by giving her a quizzical look and saying,
“What do you mean Noor Islam? I don’t understand.”
It didn’t work however.

“I mean I leave you alone with one of my friends for a minute and the next thing I know you’re nailing her to the wall! That’s what I mean.” Noor Islam moved toward me.
As I backed into the den, she was now only about a foot from me.
“I’ve got to admit it was hot watching you. You DO have a very impressive nail Uncle. But, you can’t just go around fucking all of my friends.”

“It just sort of happened sweetheart. I don’t know what happened. One minute Rukħsānah Firdaus was handing me the car keys, then her superb ardent Musalmān tits were in my hands, then my Uncut Hindu Cock was in her hands, and then things just sort of got carried away.” I smiled entirely unashamed of myself.
Hell, why should I be ashamed of myself after all.
Her friend wanted me, I granted her request.
That was it.
That was all.
What the hell she expected me to do instead?
Decline her friend’s request?
Well, why the hell should I?

“OK, OK”, Noor Islam held up her hands to stop me from talking. “What’s done is done and from the smile on Rukħsānah Firdaus’s face she seems very satisfied with what happened. Just promise me that next time you’ll let me know if you want to fuck one of my friends – please?”

I raised my right hand and crossed my heart, “Done, I promise.”

Noor Islam went to the side table and grabbed a full bottle of tequila then turned to leave while I dropped down to my knees to pick up the car keys scattered all over the floor.

As she reached the door, she hesitated; looking over her shoulder said,
“I didn’t say you couldn’t fuck my friends Uncle. Hell, I know several here at the party that would do anything to have an Uncut Hindu Cock as big as yours pound them into the floor. I said you have to tell me before you fuck them. I want to be sure I’m there to watch all of the action, not just the last couple minutes.”

With that, she left.
I sat back on my heels too satisfied to do or say anything.
After a while I came to the realization that not only had my own friend’s daughter just told me that several of the hot teenagers by my pool wanted to fuck me but that she wanted to be there to watch!

Standing up I walked over to my desk and dropped the car keys into a drawer.
I turned around and headed back toward the pool wondering which girls Noor Islam was referring to and whether or not I could nail them before they headed home tomorrow.

When my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, was unexpectedly called out of town at the last minute I had not looked forward to my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter’s end of school slumber party. That is until her best friend Rukħsānah Firdaus ended up fucking my brains out AND my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter told me that several of the other girls at the party were interested in doing the same!

Now the party was becoming interesting as I tried to figure out which of these lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān young ladies was interested in me and see if I could fuck them before they headed home tomorrow morning.

I finally decided I needed to move.
I had been sitting in my den trying to make sense of what had happened in the last hour.
Picking up my bathing suit, I trotted upstairs and jumped in the shower.
As I stood under the hot spray, I remembered that I had left the barbeque unattended.
Not bothering to dry off I pulled my bathing suit on and headed out to the pool expecting to find the burgers and hotdogs turned into ash.

Slamming the gate to the pool open, I turned the corner toward the barbeque and slowed down to a normal walk.
One of the girls who I didn’t recognize when they all arrived was tending the grill.
As I got closer, I could see that she had everything under control.

“Hi, thanks for taking over.” I said as I stopped next to the girl. Her back was to me; she had short red hair and a nice looking Musalmān ass.

“No prob – – lem,” was her reply as she turned around to face me. “You must be Noor Islam’s uncle.” A smile began to grow across her face, as she looked me up and down. As her smile grew and her gaze moved from my face to my crotch and back, several times I began to get a little uneasy.

“Yeah, I’m Noor Islam’s uncle,” I replied. Nodding toward the girl, “Aah, it looks like you’re a pretty good cook. Glad somebody took over while I was in the house. I was afraid everything would be dust.”

She just kept smiling and looking at me.
I was now quite alert.
What the hell had the girls told her?
Did she know what Rukħsānah Firdaus and I had done?
Was she one of the ones that my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter was talking about?
Thinking about all of this, my Uncut Hindu Cock began to begin to twitch in my suit.
I became impish and turned quite mischievous.

Not knowing what else to do I stuck out my hand.
“I don’t think we’ve been introduced.” I smiled. “My name is Durgesh, what’s your name.”

“I’m Durdānah Aslam,” she replied as she continued to smile, enjoying my obvious mischievous mood. “Noor Islam has told me all about you. My friends call me Durdānah Aslam. If you want to be my friend you can call me Durdānah Aslam too.”

The thought ran through my head about how much I like to eat Durdānah Aslam. . . . . and how good Durdānah Aslam is for a man of my age…

Just then, one of the other girls walked up.
Durdānah Aslam, are you done playing with those wieners yet?” a strikingly beautiful blonde in a lime green bikini asked.
I remembered her name was Amy, Āmnah Ashraf.

“I’m not playing with them,” Durdānah Aslam protested, “I’m just making them hot.” Both girls began to giggle at Durdānah Aslam‘s quick response.
Durdānah Aslam then speared a hot dog with a long barbeque fork and put it on a paper plate.

“Oh,” sighed the blonde, “Look what you did – you made all the juice run out of the poor wieners. I wanted to do that.” Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, pouted, then turned and sliding right next to me, looked up into my eyes.
She said,
“Do you think it’s fair that Durdānah Aslam gets to play with a wiener that’s mine?”

I didn’t say a thing.
Only smiled.
I was acutely aware that my Uncut Hindu Cock had begun to stiffen, as I looked form the hot redhead to the gorgeous blond just inches away from me.
It seemed like hours, but I’m sure it was less than a minute before the girls cracked up and began laughing.
This caught my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter’s attention and she wandered over to see what was going on.

Looking from one girl to the other Noor Islam crossed her arms under her superb ardent Musalmān tits and in a loud voice said,
“Alright, who’s been picking on my Uncle? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

Everyone stopped laughing for about two seconds, looked at Noor Islam and then started laughing even harder.
The whole scene finally got to me and I started to laugh too.
Looking at Noor Islam I saw that she had cracked up too.
I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stand straight so I sat down on the grass next to the girl.
Next thing I knew Durdānah Aslam was sitting on one side of me still laughing while Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, dropped on the other side of me, tears streaming down her face from laughing so hard.
We were all leaning against each other trying to keep from rolling onto the grass.

Noor Islam did her best to control herself and between giggles she said,
“You can’t fool me Uncle. You started this just so you could get Durdānah Aslam and Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, to rub their tits on you.” She then broke out laughing again.
Durdānah Aslam raised her eyebrows, squared her shoulders and pressing her beautiful tits into my arm and side of my chest managed to say between giggles,
“If you wanted to feel these all you had to do was ask.”

Not to be outdone, Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, reached over taking my head between her hands pulled my face into her ample Musalmān cleavage.

“There, isn’t that better?” Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, cooed, as she ground my face into her superb ardent Musalmān tits .

As my mouth was raked over the thin material covering Amy, Āmnah Ashraf,’s left breast I quickly closed my lips over her hardening nipple and gave it a quick bite.

“He bit me!! He bit my nipple”, Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, cried out, pushing my face away from her chest. The girls, all but Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, laughed even harder.

“Serves you right for shoving those big things in his face.” Durdānah Aslam howled.

“Uncle!! I can’t leave you alone with any of my friends!! What’s gotten into you? Or maybe I should ask what have you gotten into?” Noor Islam giggled.

For my part, I just sat there.
I didn’t say a word, remembering how good Amy, Āmnah Ashraf’s tits felt and wondering if I would get another chance to pinch her nipples.
As the laughter continued Durdānah Aslam, who had been propped against my shoulder, moved forward just enough so that she slid down my chest, her head ending up in my lap.

Giggling, she looked up at me and intentionally moved her head back so that her cheek was pressing hard against my Uncut Hindu Cock.
She then began slowly rubbing her cheek against my Uncut Hindu Cock, causing it to stiffen.
Her eyes grew wide; she stopped laughing and licked her lips, which caused me to turn as hard as a rock.

Before I could do anything else or anyone took notice of what was going on, Durdānah Aslam sat back up and leaning toward me whispered,
“If that’s what I think it is and it’s that hard because of me, I want to know when I get it, please!”

By now Amy, Āmnah Ashraf, had gotten to her feet and was walking back toward the pool with my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter.
Durdānah Aslam got to her knees and using my shoulder to lean on, stood up right in front of me.
This meant my nose was maybe three inches from her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
I could see a small wet spot forming and inhaling deeply I could smell the musky sweet odor of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

Durdānah Aslam moved back to the girl and I pulled myself to my feet.
Because of my huge Hindu erection I faced toward the girl, with my back toward everyone by the pool.
The only one who could see the tent in my trunks was Durdānah Aslam.

“Allah, Måshā Allah! Subħān Allah! God, Rukħsānah Firdaus was right!” Durdānah Aslam murmured, “You are hung like a horse.”

At lease, I now knew where she got her information but it also made me wonder how many other girls Rukħsānah Firdaus had talked to.

Looking around Durdānah Aslam said a bit too loudly,
“Mr. Durgesh, can you show me where you keep the charcoal? The fire is dying out and we’ve still got lots of stuff to cook.”

Grabbing my hand, Durdānah Aslam led me toward the garage.
We exited the pool gate and as we neared the side door leading into the garage, she pulled me closer to her.
We were now side-by-side.
Her hand snaked out of mine and went around my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

We reached the garage door.
Durdānah Aslam went through the door in front of me and immediately turned around as she dropped to her knees.
As I entered she began tugging my trunks down to my ankles.
I had barely closed the door before her small but extremely beautiful young adult Musalmān mouth stretched wide to take half my Uncut Hindu Cock down her throat.

Leaning back against the door I let out a low groan as I looked down watching this 18-year-old suck more and more of my stiff Uncut Hindu Cock into her throat.
My hands went to her head, as I began fucking her face.

“That feels wonderful Durdānah Aslam. Suck my hard Uncut Hindu Cock. Take it down your tight little throat until I cum in your extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.”

Durdānah Aslam looked up at me and in a final push managed to bury her nose in my pubic hair.
Had I not cum about an hour before I’d have lost it right there.
As it was, my eyes rolled back in my head and I began fucking her pretty Musalmān mouth even harder.

This went on for about half an hour.
Finally, I had had enough.
grabbing her hair, I pulled her off my Uncut Hindu Cock.

“NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!! I want you to cum in my mouth!!” Durdānah Aslam whined.

“I will, I promise. But first I want to taste that wonderful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt of yours with my Uncut Hindu Lund.”

Picking her up, I sat her down on the hood of Jeep.
As I brought my hands down, I grabbed her suit and peeled it off of her.
Durdānah Aslam helped by lifting her butt a few inches, allowing me to pull the suit completely off of her.

Her body was gorgeous.
Cone shaped tits with large puffy areolas ending in hard little nipples.
Her areolas were almost transparent, just barley a few shades darker than her pink skin.
I could see she was a natural redhead.
Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, allowing just the edges of her labia to poke through.

I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as my Uncut Hindu Lund zeroed in on her sweet Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Her scent was wonderful and drove me even wilder.
As I reached her drooling Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, I shoved my Uncut Hindu Lund as far into her as I could.

“OOOohhhh yyyyeeessss” hissed Durdānah Aslam.
As she leaned back onto the hood of the Jeep her hands found their way to my head and she now began fucking my Uncut Hindu Lund as I had been doing to hers just minutes before.

My Uncut Hindu Lund found the button of her ardent Musalmān clit.
I took it on my Uncut Hindu Lund and alternated between rubbing it and pushing at it with my Uncut Hindu Cockhead .
She went wild.
Her fingernails dug into my hips as she slammed her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt faster and faster against my Uncut Hindu Lund.
I stayed with her, running my Uncut Hindu Lund across her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, then rubbing her clit, then rubbing it with my Uncut Hindu Lund as my Uncut Hindu Lund tickled her cute little Musalmān ass hole.

Durdānah Aslam finally could stand no more and wrapping her legs around my neck in a death lock, she pulled my Uncut Hindu Lund hard against her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt one last time.
She barely made a sound as she exhaled deeply and locked all of her muscles for what seemed like five minutes.

I was beginning to worry that we would both pass out when suddenly she inhaled and released the hold she had on my waist.
This gave me room.
Once I had broken the seal between her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt and my Uncut Hindu Lund her juices ran down the crack of her ass onto the hood of the car.
Pushing my Uncut Hindu Lund back against her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt I began rubbing her sweet nectar with my Uncut Hindu Lund head.

“Allah , stop!! I can’t take it any more” Durdānah Aslam cried as I continued to cause up the juice flowing from her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.
She used her elbows to pull herself out of the reach of my incessant Uncut Hindu Lund.

Smiling I stood up letting her legs drop to my sides.
I gently pulled her back to me until I was able to cradle her in my arms.
Durdānah Aslam was still shaking a little and her breathing was still a little on the ragged side.
After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal and her hand began to trace little paths around my lips.

“Mmmmm, I’d like to take your mouth with me. I’ve never cum that hard before.” She purred. “People can say what they want about older guys but nobody has ever fucked my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy like that.”

For my part, my hands were now moving all over her exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body.
First tracing light finger touches up her spine then reaching down to pinch a nipple.
We continued this caressing for a few minutes, each of us responding to the erotic massage.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was now so hard it hurt and I had to get some relief.
I picked up Durdānah Aslam from the hood and slid her down my body.
Her juicy slit sliding along my hard Uncut Hindu Cock caused us both to shudder.

Durdānah Aslam’s hands grabbed my Uncut Hindu Cock and began to slowly slide up and down its length as she said,
“I want to feel this thing in me but you’ve got to promise to let me drink your cum.”

I didn’t answer.
Instead, I once again picked her up and carried her to the back of the garage and into the laundry room.
Looking around I saw a large basket full of dirty clothes.
I kicked over the basket spilling the clothes onto the concrete floor.

Durdānah Aslam’s feet had barely touched the floor before she crumpled to the floor on her back and opened her legs.
I dropped to my knees then onto my hands.
Durdānah Aslam reached between us and guided my pulsing Uncut Hindu Cock to the entrance of her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
A single hard push and I was buried in her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
She wasn’t as tight as Rukħsānah Firdaus had been but felt about 100 degrees hotter.

“Fuck me Mr. Durgesh. Fuck me till I cum.” She sighed as I slowly began stroking my Uncut Hindu Cock into her waiting Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
The feeling was intense.
It felt like ice as I pulled my Uncut Hindu Cock out of her tight Musalmān hole and then felt like fire as I shoved my Uncut Hindu Cock deep into her.

Our rhythm quickened and I began fucking her harder and harder as I began to build toward an orgasm.
Soon my balls were slapping against her extremely beautiful gorgeous Musalmān ass as my Uncut Hindu Cock drove all the way to her cervix.
We fucked for hours.
Durdānah Aslam was in great ecstasy.
So was I.
Ultimately, I couldn’t believe that I was ready to cum again so quickly, but the time had arrived.

“I’m gonna cum now Durdānah Aslam” I said, “I can’t hold it any more.”

“In my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth.” she replied and I pulled my raging Uncut Hindu Cock out of her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Pushing forward I rested my balls on her superb ardent Musalmān tits and grabbing her short red hair I pulled her mouth to my Uncut Hindu Cock.
No sooner had she sucked in about two inches of my Uncut Hindu Cock than it erupted.

Gob after gob of hot Hindu sperm pulsed into Durdānah Aslam’s sucking Musalmān mouth.
All of it disappearing down her throat.
As my balls emptied, Durdānah Aslam continued to suck like a vacuum cleaner. Soon it was I asking her to stop.
Durdānah Aslam loved to suck my Uncut Hindu Lund that much.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while waiting for our senses to return to us.
Durdānah Aslam was the first to get up.
She walked first to my trunks, picking them up and tossing them in my direction.
Next, she went over and picked up her suit. As she stepped into it, she stopped.

“Uh oh” she giggled, turning in my direction. “I think you have some car repairs to get done.”

I gave her a questioning look, stood up and pulled on my trunks.
When I got to the Jeep I saw what she meant.
There were several dents in the hood, made as she was fucking my Uncut Hindu Lund earlier.

Smiling I looked into her green eyes.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got insurance.”

Durdānah Aslam laughed, picked up a bag of charcoal that was sitting just inside the garage door and headed back to the party.
I followed about ten feet behind her.
As I passed the fence and turned into the pool area I stopped and looked at all the girls.

I had fucked two of them in as many hours.
There were seven remaining, counting my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter.
I found myself wondering if I would get the opportunity to fuck any of the rest of them.
I went into the house to get a juice and rest.
It had been a long time since I had fucked two horny Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān teenagers within an hour or so of each other.

Chapter 19

Ved Nagar: 17


Volume 2

Ved Nagar


Previous Chapters

Chapter 17

Durgesh Al Safiyah Al Ghaus
Durgesh Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī
Durgesh Shakīlah Sultān
Durgesh Rukħsānah Firdaus

Al Safiyah Al Ghaus couldn’t control herself any more.
“That’s the problem.” she fired her husband.
The ever-incompetent idiot.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs smiled patronizingly.
“What’s the problem?”
“That I married you.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus blurted out. “Shame on you. You can’t fuck your own wife.”
“What the hell you mean? I haven’t fucked you ever? You are a virgin still now?”
“Thank you very much.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus said tartly, “And for your kind information, Al Nadīm Al Quddūs, I was a widow in Las Vegas, Nevada, when you proposed me. I wasn’t a virgin even then.”
Pratāp Bachhalyā interfered,
“Well, well, well, Bhābhījān, Bhāījān, Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī and Durgesh have come here for a definite purpose.”
“Damned if you aren’t right.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs grabbed the opportunity.
It was troublesome for Al Nadīm Al Quddūs that he had to watch his own sisters being fucked so thoroughly by three Hindus.
Damn Hindus and their Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog.
No problem yoga was being appreciated now throughout the globe.
But Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog!
Allah Allah!
“Just what do you want, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs asked me.
Pratāp Bachhalyā squirmed fucking his extremely lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim.
“Just a minute, Bhāījān. We unanimously decided that Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān would talk with Durgesh on our behalf. Didn’t we?”*

Al Nadīm Al Quddūs smiled.
“Then why the hell have we called our lawyer, Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī Bājī?”
“It’s alright, Al Nadīm.” Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī cooed. My Uncut Hindu Penis was still wildly visiting her ever-tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt. “I can understand. Pratāp has his faith more in Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān, than in me. I’m still here. Let Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Bhābhījān talk with Durgesh on Pratāp Bachhalyā’s behalf at least.”
“Well,” Vikram Bachhalyā said, “I can’t help that my wife, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim and Pratāp’s wife, Al Lubnā Al Qāsim, still have faith in Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī Bājī. I don’t. Pratāp is right. Almost every woman of Durgesh shamelessly says:
‘Once with Durgesh,
all the rest is trash.’
Don’t they?”
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī laughed.
“I don’t blame you, Vikram Bachhalyā. My sister, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim was never as money minded as she is now.”
“What do you mean?” Vikram Bachhalyā asked curtly.
Al Safiyah Al Ghaus prudently avoided the hostility being developed more and more among her sisters and their Bachhalyā Hindu husbands.
In Ved Nagar, despite every effort from me and other Dvij Hindus, the Bachhalyās were still becoming a dominant influencing force now.
The Brāhm Sampradāý, the Brāhm denomination of Hinduism, had opted for the Bachhalyās’ leadership of them.
“Just what do you want Durgesh, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt?” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus asked me shrewdly.
“Well,” I said, “I’ve come here as a lawyer representing a client that has an interest adverse to you.”
“Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd?”
“I can’t disclose my client’s name without his express permission.”
“His? Or ‘her’?”
“That’s also a part of privileged communication between a client and a lawyer.”
“What do you want to talk about?” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus smiled at me patiently.
“Imrān Hāshmī is dead. I want to ask you about circumstances that may have led to his death or…”
“Imrān Hāshmī is dead?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs asked with cold disbelief, “Well, wasn’t he the husband of Dr. Raziyah Siddīqī?”
“That’s right.” I replied Al Nadīm Al Quddūs.
“He can’t be dead.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs said curtly, “It would greatly embarrass us. Are you certain of your facts, Jījū?”
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs regarded me as though he expected me to wither, to weaken, and crawl under the table under the impact of his disapproving stare.
I winked at Al Nadīm Al Quddūs.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs immediately avoided meeting my eyes.
He looked elsewhere immediately.
Damn the Hindu scoundrel.
The ever-confident rascal.
If only the womankind never supported Durgesh…
“Imrān Hāshmī is quite thoroughly dead. Someone fucked Imrān Hāshmī in his ass and then stabbed him.”
“I never knew Imrān Hāshmī was a gay.” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs said angrily.
“He never told you?” I asked him feigning surprise, “Perhaps he didn’t know every gay has informed you already that he is a gay. Imrān Hāshmī should also have done the same.”
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs looked at me irritably.
“I didn’t mean that.”
“Al Nadīm,” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus admonished her husband coldly, “Durgesh never said Imrān Hāshmī was a gay.”
“The hell Durgesh didn’t. He said Imrān Hāshmī was fucked in his ass, didn’t he?”
“It doesn’t necessarily mean Imrān Hāshmī was a gay. It may also be that Imrān Hāshmī was raped.” Al Safiyah Al Ghaus said.
Shankar Mahāpralayankar? Rājesh Rājpūt?”*

Al Safiyah Al Ghaus again admonished her husband.
“The trouble with you, Al Nadīm Al Quddūs, is that you believe on publicity more than your own investigation.”
“What do you mean?” Al Nadīm Al Quddūs retorted.
He never liked that a woman, however intelligent she might be, would dominate him ever.
He felt his maleness hurt.
He was unable to understand that wisdom and prudence dominates, not maleness or femaleness.
Musalmān Beauties were prudent enough to understand the ultimate success of Hindu males.
They have successfully established the ever-miraculous global city, Ved Nagar.
Today Musalmān Beauties were ruling on Ved Nagar after Hindus.
The Musalmān Beauties were smarter than Musalmīn.
They had replaced Musalmīn in their sex life with Hindus.
They were adamant to establish Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan had vowed to do it.
It was now her Mission of life/existence.
Al Nadīm Al Quddūs knew it and he had vowed to oppose it.
He was a successful screenplay writer and storywriter.
He had understood how the goal of Ved Nagar was achieved by HVSI Group of Business Enterprises.
Today, HVSI Group of Business Enterprises is controlling every business whether retail or otherwise.
Originally, it was started by Vishvās Shakr Mānav, the utmost brilliant father of Durgesh.
Imāmzādī Sheikħzādī Dr. Al Kħadījah Al Wahāb PhD loved Vishvās Shakr Mānav.
She wanted to destroy Pseudo Islam and replace it with True Islam, everywhere.
Vishvās Shakr Mānav wanted to destroy Pseudo Hinduism.
They found true Hinduism was actually True Islam.
It was the fact that made Hindu Muslim Unity so perfect before 1857 that even the British Empire couldn’t face it.
Even the British Empire needed complete ninety years to destroy it.
Even then, most of the Musalmīn never left India.
The Hindu Muslim Unity was so strong.
Mughal-e-Åāzam, Shahanshāh Jalāluddīn Muħammad Akbar, had set India successfully on the path that couldn’t be reversed even by the great British Empire.*

When my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter first asked if she and her friends could have a ‘sleep over’ in honor of their graduating from high school I wasn’t too happy.
The thought of a bunch of kids making noise all night, keeping me awake didn’t appeal to me.
But, my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, said sure, no problem so what could I say?
I was angry somewhat with myself that I said her to get permission from her Ammī.
I never anticipated her Ammī would permit it.
Well, it was their house.
My friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm, was in jail now.
Despite my every effort, I could not get him out on bail.
Muħammad Åbdullah said,
“He doesn’t deserve it, Durgesh. Please stop taking his side. If you are really sympathetic to his wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, why the hell you yourself don’t fuck her now?”
Muħammad Åbdullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I shouted, “how the hell did you suggest it?”
Muħammad Åbdullah was furious.
“Hasn’t she grabbed your Uncut Hindu Penis even while Muħammad Ibrāhīm and I were present there?”
“You challenged Shakīlah Sultān, Bhabhijan, didn’t you? You called her a chicken.”
“I did that purposefully. Muħammad Ibrāhīm has killed Imrān Hāshmī. He tried to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd. I would never allow him out on bail even.”*

I watched Muħammad Åbdullah harshly.
“Now I understand, Muħammad Åbdullah.”
“Oh,” Muħammad Åbdullah said curtly, “now you understand. Now the hell you understand.”
Muħammad Åbdullah,”
“Don’t try to discipline me. I never took any discipline from you. If I had, my entire sixteen nudist feminist sisters were disgracing me still now everywhere.”
“You want to punish Muħammad Ibrāhīm, don’t you?” I charged Muħammad Åbdullah angrily.
“That isn’t any secret now.”
Muħammad Åbdullah, he says he is innocent.”
“And you believe it?”
“Didn’t he try to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd?”
“Someone tried to frame Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd.” I amended Muħammad Åbdullah patiently, “It’s more likely that Al Nadīm Al Quddūs did it. His sisters did it. Al Muħammad Al Qāsim had a billion at least. And they have already tried their best to disinherit Al Waħīdah Al Tawħīd.”
“You think Al Muħammad Al Qāsim has really been murdered?”
Al Muħammad Al Qāsim wasn’t anybody’s fool. I know he met you before he vanished.”
“Vanished.” Muħammad Åbdullah said stubbornly, “the dead body they claim to be that of Al Muħammad Al Qāsim, certainly resembles him, but…”
Al Muħammad Al Qāsim has a son in law, Prañav Yogéndr Divyānand. He is himself shrewd enough to troubleshoot Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s every trouble.”*

I never told Muħammad Åbdullah that Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān, has in the meantime fucked me.
I knew Muħammad Åbdullah himself encouraged Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān to fuck me.
The day Muħammad Ibrāhīm was refused to be out on bail, Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān plunged on me, undressed me herself, and straddled me.
“ Bhābhījān,” I gasped, “I respect you very much.”
“Damn you.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān thundered at me, “I’m your friend’s wife. Am I not?”
“Sure, Bhābhījān, but…”
“He is in jail. Now replace him. You promised Muħammad Ibrāhīm that you would take care of his wives, his daughters, his sisters and his entire household. Didn’t you?”
“Of course, Bhābhījān, but…”
“Your Bhābhījān wants your legendary Uncut Hindu Lund into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot now. Give it to me.”
I still couldn’t believe Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān had come to me entirely nude.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, even at her forty what a dazzling Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauty she was.
I had noticed her attention to me.
It was not of a friend’s wife’s ever.
Muħammad Ibrāhīm had also noticed it miserably.
What the hell could he do?
Durgesh was behaving with Shakīlah Sultān perfectly.
But Shakīlah Sultān herself was behaving suggestively.
Allah, wasn’t she satisfied with him?
Did she also want to fuck Durgesh?
Allah Rabbil åālmīn.
Durgesh is a love magnet to Musalmān Beauties.*

Nude Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was straddling on nude me.
My Uncut Hindu Lund was in her extremely beautiful right hand.
She was playing with it.
“Bhābhījān,” I tried to say, “Please, control yourself. Muħammad Ibrāhīm is innocent.”
“If you wouldn’t fuck me, I would testify against your friend.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled at me cunningly.
“Close the door, please.”
“Hey, I want to show everyone that I’ve found my new husband already.”
“Are you crazy?”
“I have so many women friends that are married to your Musalmān friends.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān smiled suggestively.
“So?” I looked into her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān eyes coldly.
The woman was making me unable to meet my eyes with Muħammad Ibrāhīm.
She wasn’t any different ultimately from my other Musalmān friends’ Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives.
Most of them were already fucking me.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was an exception to them.
I respected her therefore very much.
Muħammad Åbdullah was never confident Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān would never fuck me.
“Sooner or later they would all fuck you.” Muħammad Åbdullah had predicted.
I knew Muħammad Åbdullah was right.
But I didn’t want to break Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s heart.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was rubbing my Uncut Hindu Prick’s utmost experienced head now between her labial lips.
Bit by bit she was pushing herself on me.
“Bhābhījān, we Hindus think a Bhābhī is as if a mother.”
“Nonsense.” Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān winked at me, “You have already fucked almost entire Musalmān wives of your Musalmān friends that are extremely beautiful. What do you think I was born yesterday?”
She positioned my Uncut Hindu Prick between her ravenously quivering Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān labial lips and pushed herself.
My Uncut Hindu Lund immediately entered into her Musalmān Choot upto its head.
I felt my Uncut Hindu Lund burning inside her.
So dazzlingly beautiful Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān was that despite my efforts not to fuck her, I now wanted to grab her and fuck her wildly till we both existed.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, now perhaps I myself wanted to fuck her more furiously.
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān thrust again and my Uncut Hindu Lund entered into her tight Musalmān Choot almost one fourth.
“Bhābhījān,” I protested.
“Shut up, you idiot, enjoy, and let me enjoy too.”
“Bhābhījān, please!”
“I wanted to fuck you right when I saw you first.”
“That’s why you fell in my lap deliberately?”
Shakīlah Sultān Bhābhījān winked at me.
“You scoundrel, you squeezed my boobs and buttocks inadvertently, then and there, didn’t you?”
“Inadvertently, Bhābhījān, inadvertently. You said yourself . You are so beautiful that I couldn’t resist myself at all. And when you grabbed my Uncut Hindu Penis feigning it was an accident, I’d just gone crazy.”
“I wanted to hold it, I wanted to play with it, I wanted to suck it. My so many girlfriends were already enjoying it. And they had challenged me I couldn’t enjoy it before my marriage with Muħammad Ibrāhīm.”*

A week before the party my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, found out she was going to be out of town, presenting at some conference, and wouldn’t be there for the ‘big event’.
This meant that I would be the chaperone.
When I brought up the idea of postponing the sleep over until my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s wife, Shakīlah Sultān, would be around to ‘heard’ the kids, I again was outvoted.

Saturday morning finally arrived and my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter, Noor Islam, was up early getting things ready for the party.
I went with her to the grocery store to load up on food and drinks.
When we got home, we went to find out whether the pool was clean and make sure everything was ready.
By about 4:00PM we were ready.

The girls started arriving at about five.
I knew a few of them by name, others looked vaguely familiar and several I had never seen before.
I stayed in my den, watching TV and surfing the web.
About seven, Noor Islam popped her head in the door.

“Uncle, I need your help.” She said, “We can’t get the barbeque going.”

I let out a big sigh, as if she was really imposing on me, got up from my chair and headed to the backyard.
It took no time at all to get the fire going.
When I looked around for my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter she was nowhere to be found.
Shrugging, I watched the servants piling the hamburgers and hot dogs onto the grill and figured that I had an excellent chef in my services.

Within a few minutes, the eight girls came, flying out of the house, headed for the pool.
As I watched them running by, I began to think that being the chief host for this party wasn’t going to be too bad after all.
All of the girls wore little thong bikinis and from where I stood there wasn’t a bad looking one in the bunch.

It was a perfect evening, fairly warm so everyone was in and out of the pool as they laughed, talked and had a good time.
After a while I noticed that every now and then one or two of the girls would head into the house for a couple minutes and then come back.
At first, I thought it was to use the bathroom, but it seemed the girls were now heading to the house about every 15 minutes.
Finally, my curiosity got the best of me and about 5 minutes after my friend, Muħammad Ibrāhīm’s daughter and her friend Rukħsānah Firdaus went inside, I followed them.*

I didn’t see anyone as I entered the living room.
That’s when I heard laughter coming from my den.
I walked quietly to the door and peaked in.
There was Noor Islam and Rukħsānah Firdaus downing shots of her Ammī’s private stock of Tequila.
From the looks of it the girls had been drinking for a while.
The bottle had been unopened and was now almost empty.

My first thought was to barge in and give them hell.
Then I figured that they were all over 18 and it was a party so why should an old prude and spoil things.
My only concern was if one of them decided to go for a drive.
Stepping into the den, I said in a very stern tone,
“The cost of the Tequila is everyone’s car keys.”

Rukħsānah Firdaus had been bringing a shot to her lips.
She spilled the tequila all over her chin and chest as she jumped when I began to speak.
Both the girls turned toward me, as they quickly set the shot glasses down on the desk and then stood in front of the bottle and glasses.

I let them fidget for a minute before saying,
“I said I want everyone’s car keys – NOW – or the drinking and party stops!”

Rukħsānah Firdaus was the first to get it.
“If we give you our car keys you won’t care if we drink?” she asked is a very shy voice.

“That’s what I said” was my reply.
They almost ran over me!
Both the girls flew out of the room and within two minutes Rukħsānah Firdaus was back with eight sets of car keys.
She was out of breath from running and her chest was heaving as she gasped for air.
The fact that she was wearing a very skimpy bikini and that her superb ardent Musalmān tits looked like they were ready to burst out of the thin material was not wasted on me.
I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock begin to stir as I enjoyed the view.

Apparently Rukħsānah Firdaus had had quite a few shots of the tequila already, she was swaying pretty well as she stood in front of me with a crooked little smile on her face, both hands full of car keys.

“Hereyago,” she mumbled bringing her hands up to her chest she held out the car keys in front of her.

Thinking she was going to drop them, I automatically raised my hands to catch the keys.
At the same moment, Rukħsānah Firdaus swayed in my direction.
The net effect was that her hands hit my chest causing her to drop the keys to the floor while my hands ended up full of her superb ardent Musalmān tits.
As much as I knew, I should have let go of Rukħsānah Firdaus’s tits and back away, yet my hands refused to obey.

“Mr. Durgesh!! You shouldn’t be doing that,” Rukħsānah Firdaus said impishly.
But she did nothing either to push my hands away or back up.
It seemed to me that she pressed her taught 34B’s a little harder into my hands.
“Sālī,” I winked at her, “I’d fuck you till you exist.”
“Really?” she cooed, “you are most welcome. That’s my own dream, however, since I saw you fucking my Ammī vigorously. Allah, how she was enjoying your Uncut Hindu Lund in her ardent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot. I envied her very much.”

Feeling her nipples growing under my fingers, I pinched both of them. Rukħsānah Firdaus let out a little moan deep in her throat and brought her arms up to my shoulders, resting her hands on the back of my neck.
As she pressed against me, my hands came off her superb ardent Musalmān tits , sliding around her back until we were in a tight ashvinātam embrace.

I could feel her nipples now pressing into my chest like two pencil erasers.
My hands slid down her back to her lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān ass.
The thong bikini did nothing to cover her as I took an ass cheek into each hand and began to squeeze.
My Uncut Hindu Cock was now fully erect and pressing against her firm belly.
Looking down into her lovely eyes, I saw her part her lips as she pulled my face to hers.
Our lips met – then our tongues as the kiss became more passionate.
Pulling her to me I could feel her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt against my thigh as she wrapped her legs around mine.
Rukħsānah Firdaus dropped one of her hands between us and began stroking my hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels good” she whispered, “I want to see that big Uncut Hindu Cock of yours Mr. Durgesh.”

We pulled far enough apart for both of her hands to reach between us and in no time, she had loosened my belt, unsnapped by trousers and pushed them down my legs.
Her hands then went to my rigid Uncut Hindu Cock, slowly rubbing up and down my 8 inches.

This was too much for me.
My own hands went to work consequently.
I easily brushed aside her skimpy bikini top with one hand and reaching one of her superb ardent Musalmān tits; I begin pinching and pulling on her hard nipple.
My other hand burrowed under Rukħsānah Firdaus’s bikini briefs sliding my fingers thru the fine down of pubic hair until my finger slid over her erect Musalmān clit and then into her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Pulling my hand back a few inches I thrust it forward again repeating the action.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt was so wet my Uncut Hindu Lund slid into her with almost no resistance.
I fucked her.
This caused Rukħsānah Firdaus to moan even more as she dropped one of her hands to my heavy balls and began massaging them.

I was quickly approaching the point of no return.
Any thoughts of how wrong this was were long gone.
The only thing I could think of now was shoving my Uncut Hindu Cock into this hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Sex godess’s drooling Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Grabbing the thin material, I yanked off the thong covering Rukħsānah Firdaus’s hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.
Then circling her waist with my arm I lifted her up off the floor.
It was two steps to the wall to steady us.
As we moved I dropped my other hand to my Uncut Hindu Cock and positioned the head at her hot Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy and lowered her onto my fat pole.
The whole process took just a few seconds.

Rukħsānah Firdaus’s eyes opened wide as she felt her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy lips being stretched by my huge Hindu erection.
She was about to say something when I relaxed my hold on her, causing her to slide all the way down on my waiting Uncut Hindu Cock.
She was now impaled on my Uncut Hindu Cock with her back against the wall and her feet dangling several inches off the floor.

“Allah, Måshā Allah! Subħān Allah! Oh God, you’ve got a huge Uncut Hindu Cock!” she hissed as I lifted her up and dropped her on my Uncut Hindu Cock again. “It feels like you’re splitting me in half.”

Rukħsānah Firdaus’s arms were now back on my shoulders helping raise and lower her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt onto my steely Uncut Hindu Cock.
She had closed her extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes and was shaking her beautiful head slowly from side to side, as our fucking tempo increased.
Soon sweat broke out across her forehead and upper lip and I could see just the tip of her tongue sticking through her clinched lips.

Her breathing became erratic and her face flushed.
Rukħsānah Firdaus brought her legs up and locked them behind me.
This gave me a better angle at her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt and with the next thrust I went even deeper up her slick Musalmān hole.

That was all it took.
She spasmed in my arms, jerking her head back and letting out a long moan of pleasure.
We fucked for hours, wildly, passionately and assaulting on each other nonstop.
Ultimately, this sent me over the edge and my Uncut Hindu Cock erupted in her tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Shooting glob after glob of my cum deep into her grasping Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

We held onto each other for several minutes riding the crest of our mutual orgasm.
Finally, Rukħsānah Firdaus unlocked her legs from around my waist and I eased her to the floor.
My Uncut Hindu Cock slid out of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy, followed by a thick stream of cum.
Our breathing returned to normal and Rukħsānah Firdaus looked up into my eyes as a huge grin crossed her face.

“Allah, Måshā Allah! Subħān Allah! God Mr. Durgesh, you’re still hotat your sixty three!! Wallah!” she said, “You have got one huge Uncut Hindu Cock and boy do you know how to use it. I haven’t cum like that in a long long time. We have GOT to do this again as much as we can.” She pulled my face to hers, gave me a quick passionate kiss and slid out from between the wall and me.

“Now I need to find my suit, clean up this bucket of cum you shot into me and get back to the party.” Finding her thong Rukħsānah Firdaus disappeared in the direction of the downstairs bathroom.*

Chapter 18
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam