Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh: 19

Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh


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Durgesh  Shaguftah Åejāz

Drinking or losing?


Shaguftah Åejāz took a sip of the hot coffee, and then pulled tI photo envelope from her purse.

They were my pictures Shaguftah Åejāz had taken.

The one Shaguftah Åejāz liked the best was the one of her husband and me together.

Shaguftah Åejāz marveled at our appearance.

We were enough alike to be twins.

Was it possible her Ammījān in law, Nāsirah Altmash, also loved Durgesh’s Pitr’shrī Vishvās Shakr Mānav?

Was it possible her husband, Åejāz Muħammad, was not her father in law, Åejāz Muħammad’s real son?

Was her husband, Åejāz Muħammad, actually a result of clandestine sexual affair of her Ammījān in law, Nāsirah Altmash, and Durgesh’s Pitr’shrī Vishvās Shakr Mānav?

Well, why not?

Durgesh’s Pitr’shrī Vishvās Shakr Mānav is himself not less sexy and famous for his sexual relations with his matching age Musalmān Beauties.

Same muscular build, same dark hair and good looks, same stance, and although tI picture didn’t show it, the same hard, tight Uncut Hindu Lund, Shaguftah Åejāz thought with a chuckle.

Only a close up would have revealed Durgesh’s puffy, red rimmed eyes and less than tight features.

Drink was beginning to show more and more.

Durgesh always criticized her drinks.

But her husband, Åejāz Muħammad, never agreed with Durgesh.

“Hey, my sisters are your beloveds Durgesh, Shaguftah Åejāz isn’t. Shaguftah Åejāz is my wife. And please let her do what Shaguftah Åejāz does want to. I never had any objection with her drinking.”

“Åejāz, it’s against Islam too.”

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Durgesh, please! The reason our entire family greeted you, was that you are a Hindu. Don’t behave as the uneducated/under-educated Musalmīn do, uneducated/under-educated Mullahs and Maulavīs do. We are tired of their constant interference in our daily life. You’d disappoint us very much, if you’d also do that.”

“Åejāz, you are my friend.”


“It’s my duty to stop you from what is harmful to you.”

Durgesh,” Shaguftah Åejāz took my hand in her hand, “We are living in a modern society.”

“I understand Shaguftah.”

“I’m an actress. You love to see my films and drama serials. Yet…”

Shaguftah Åejāz left her sentence unfinished.

Yet, it affected her views and this week was tI last chance for them.

Shaguftah Åejāz had given Åejāz Muħammad fair warning that if he continued drinking Shaguftah Åejāz would divorce him.

Åejāz Muħammad and I had gone on ahead a week earlier to tI lodge where we were to enjoy a short vacation, to do a little fishing.

Tonight Shaguftah Åejāz would join us.

While Shaguftah Åejāz no longer loved Åejāz Muħammad, Shaguftah Åejāz was willing to keep the marriage going if Åejāz Muħammad would once again become tI lover he had been.

At thirty-six, Shaguftah Åejāz was in tI prime of her life and sex was a necessary part of it.

It had been six months since Åejāz Muħammad   had touched her.

Shaguftah Åejāz had to admit ultimately, though somewhat reluctantly, that Durgesh was right.

The drink was always making Åejāz Muħammad impotent and unwilling to try.

It provided him enough mental sex he needed.

That killed his desire even to enter into physical sex.

Moreover, in physical sex he had to adjust with Shaguftah Åejāz, while in mental sex, Shaguftah Åejāz adjusted with Åejāz Muħammad.

Åejāz Muħammad found it detrimental to his manly self-respect.

If he had quit drinking for this week as I promised, Shaguftah Åejāz was going to give Åejāz Muħammad the sex adventure of his life.

Shaguftah Åejāz finished her coffee and got back on the road.

It was still an hour’s drive to tI lodge.

Shaguftah Åejāz looked at her watch, 11:00pm.

Shaguftah Åejāz would be there after he had gone to bed, but Shaguftah Åejāz was sure Shaguftah Åejāz knew how to wake him.

The time flew by and suddenly Shaguftah Åejāz was there.

Shaguftah Åejāz identified herself at the desk and picked up the extra key to our room.

Shaguftah Åejāz checked with the clerk to be sure I had a room of my own.

Upstairs, Shaguftah Åejāz slowly stepped in, setting her bag inside.

The room was almost dark.

The drapes being drawn over the massive windows Shaguftah Åejāz knew overlooked tI lake.

TI light from the hallway showed two king sized beds, the right one was still made up.

Closing the door, Shaguftah Åejāz again plunged the room into darkness.

Cautiously Shaguftah Åejāz approached the empty bed.

Shaguftah Åejāz kicked off her shoes and removed her blouse.

Shaguftah Åejāz followed with her skirt and panty hose.

A quick flick of the front closure bra and it slid down her arms.

Her eyes were adjusting to the dark.

Shaguftah Åejāz couldn’t make out any detail, but Shaguftah Åejāz could see the other bed and the dark head against the white pillow.

There were neither signs of empty bottles nor the smell of liquor in the room.

Allah, maybe Åejāz Muħammad has really quit, Shaguftah Åejāz thought.

Shaguftah Åejāz hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them over her hips, letting them fall at her feet.

Softly Shaguftah Åejāz padded to the bed and leaned over the sleeping figure.

I had gone to bed only minutes earlier, heard the door open.

I was puzzled by the fact that the door had been opened with a key.

Åejāz Muħammad had liked my room.

It was closer to the bar and we had exchanged  rooms.

Åejāz Muħammad had given me the only key.

Finally, I saw the figure next to the other bed silhouetted against a stray beam of moonlight coming through a slight part in the drapes.

I realized suddenly that it was my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz.

Ostensibly, Shaguftah Åejāz had obtained the other key at the desk.

I was about to tell her that my Ever Inefficient  Pakistani Musalmān Sālā Åejāz Muħammad was in the other room, when Shaguftah Åejāz began to undress.

I was torn between what I should do and what I wanted to do.

My Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, had a great figure.

She was a successful actress, after all.

I knew from a mail order Shaguftah Åejāz had placed that Shaguftah Åejāz had a 36c 24 36 body.

Her auburn hair was her buttocks length, now rare somewhat.

Her legs were those of the dancer Shaguftah Åejāz had studied to be.

In short, Shaguftah Åejāz was a ten in my book.

Since I saw her, I had taken every opportunity to catch her in various modes of undress, mostly when Shaguftah Åejāz showered and was careless about closing her bedroom door.

Many a time I had sneaked in to her bedroom and watched as Shaguftah Åejāz soaped herself behind the glass shower doors.

At other times, I would get a peek of her panties as Shaguftah Åejāz crossed her beautiful long legs.

Once, when Åejāz Muħammad had been drinking, I had arrived home early and found them in the kitchen, my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, stripped to her panties and bra, struggling to get away.

I had been unable to take my eyes off her see through bra and thin panties showing the dark bush underneath.

I was immediately hardened.

My Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, had used my arrival to break free of Åejāz Muħammad’s embrace and flee to her bedroom, but not before Shaguftah Åejāz had looked into my eyes.

Shaguftah Åejāz knew instantaneously, I had seen most of her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān charms.

A quick glance at the Hindu bulge in the front of my jeans also showed her how aroused I was.

Now here Shaguftah Åejāz was in my room, undressing in front of me.

I strained to see, but tI light was dim and all I could see was her outline.

I watched as Shaguftah Åejāz removed each article of clothing and finally stood naked in the middle of the room.

Before I could think of how to tell her, Shaguftah Åejāz was in the wrong room, Shaguftah Åejāz was at the side of the bed and a second later Shaguftah Åejāz had lifted the sheet and slipped in next to me.

I gasped at the contact of her bare Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān female skin against my side.

“Shh,” Shaguftah Åejāz said. “You’ve been a good boy, so I have a surprise for you. Don’t say or do anything, let me do it all.”

“But . . .” I started to protest.

“Shush. For once in your life, Åejāz Muħammad, just shut up.” Shaguftah Åejāz hissed.

I was stunned into silence.

I felt her nude, Panjvaqtah Namāzī, Pakistani Musalmān female body press against my side, felt the wiry strands of her Pakistani Musalmān pubic hair against my Hindu hip.

And then Shaguftah Åejāz lifted her leg and laid it across my midsection, her knee resting on my stiffening Uncut Hindu Cock.

Shaguftah Åejāz ran her hands over the hard muscles of my chest and let her fingers trace small circles around first one nipple then the other.

Shaguftah Åejāz felt my Uncut Hindu Cock rise more and go harder under her leg.

Shaguftah Åejāz moved her knee up and down, now the whole eight inches of it.

Gradually Shaguftah Åejāz traced tI light hair trail down the front of my stomach and then stroked her fingers through the curls of my Hindu pubic hair.

I lay rigid as my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, moved her knee up and down my rigid Uncut Hindu Cock.

The sensation was better than I had ever fantasized about.

Her pussy hair tickled my hip and I wanted to turn so my massive Hindu hard on could contact that furry Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān slit.

Suddenly Shaguftah Åejāz moved up my Hindu body, her large breasts making hot trails up my belly and chest.

Then I felt her tongue licking my jaw from my ear to my chin.

Before I could react, her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth clamped on mine.

I felt her Pakistani Musalmān tongue dart inside and flick against mine like a striking snake.

I groaned and opened my Hindu mouth wide.

Shaguftah Åejāz wrapped her Pakistani Musalmān tongue around mine, as I grasped her in my strong Hindu arms.

Shaguftah Åejāz moaned against my Hindu mouth and pressed her hard Pakistani Musalmān nipples against my Hindu  chest.

We were lost in the tonguing and kissing.

Finally gasping for breath, Shaguftah Åejāz broke away and began kissing my chest.

Slowly Shaguftah Åejāz kissed down my hard flat stomach.

Then I felt the first contact, as her cheek bumped against the hard Uncut Hindu Cock now reaching almost to my belly button.

Shaguftah Åejāz raised her head and suddenly I felt her tongue flicking the head of my massive Hindu hard-on.

Inch-by-inch it traced tI length of my throbbing Hindu shaft.

Shaguftah Åejāz ran her Pakistani Musalmān tongue down my Uncut Hindu Cock shaft until her beautiful Pakistani Musalmān nose was embedded in the hair around my Hindu balls.

Shaguftah Åejāz gently cupped my two large nuts in her hand and massaged them as her Pakistani Musalmān tongue continued to lick my long Hindu rod.

I began to move, raising my Hindu  hips to meet her Pakistani Musalmān tongue working up and down the rock hard Hindu meat.

Shaguftah Åejāz liked to make me reach for it, liked the control it gave her.

Shaguftah Åejāz continued to tease by sucking up to the head then swiping once or twice around it but never taking it into her mouth.

I groaned in restlessness and raised my hips.

Finally, Shaguftah Åejāz relented, and on her next slide to the head, Shaguftah Åejāz hesitated, her Pakistani Musalmān tongue flicking against my Hindu  pee hole, then slowly Shaguftah Åejāz engulfed the massive Hindu head with her hot beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth.

Shaguftah Åejāz was surprised by the hardness of it and it even seemed longer than Shaguftah Åejāz remembered.

But it had been such a long time, and it was heavenly to feel my Uncut Hindu Cock slipping between her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān lips.

I raised my hips and drove my Uncut Hindu Cock deep in her sucking Pakistani Musalmān mouth.

Shaguftah Åejāz gagged, but kept her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth hard down on tI pumping bar of hot Uncut Hindu Lund.

Shaguftah Åejāz knew what her husband liked.

So Shaguftah Åejāz quickly shifted around and planted her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt directly over my face.

Gently, my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, lowered her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt to my waiting Hindu mouth.

For a Moment, I let it rest against my hot Hindu lips.

It was a fantasy position I had dreamed of many times as I beat my rigid Hindu meat in the middle of dark nights.

Now here Shaguftah Åejāz was pressing her wet, hot, fuzz covered lips against my face, smothering me in our hot moisture, filling my nostrils with her Pakistani Musalmān womanly odor.

I kissed her Pakistani Musalmān Choot passionately.

Now, it was not right to tell her I wasn’t her husband.

If she is so horny that she hasn’t realized even the difference of a cut Musalmān nūnī and an Uncut Hindu Lund, let her do what she wanted to do.

Let she realize it whenever she is in a position to realize.

At present, she just wanted to fuck me.

Let her do that.

Let her enjoy my Uncut Hindu Lund as much as she wanted.

She is already in action.

Shaguftah Åejāz groaned.

I began to kiss my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz’s opening lips.

Shaguftah Åejāz pumped her head up and down on my rigid Uncut Hindu Lund.

Shaguftah Åejāz sucked it into her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān mouth and began to move her mouth up, down and around the hard Hindu shaft.

Shaguftah Åejāz groaned in ecstasy as Shaguftah Åejāz felt the molten juices rising in her belly.

Shaguftah Åejāz had dreamed of this all day, had prepared herself for it.

Shaguftah Åejāz ground her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt against my greeting Hindu mouth.

“Ummmmmm . . . ummm” Shaguftah Åejāz hummed into my rigid shaft.

Shaguftah Åejāz increased her speed on my  Uncut Hindu Cock , as the hot fluid flowed up her channel and with a wiggle and thrusting against my  sucking mouth Shaguftah Åejāz flooded her passage with the first orgasm in many months.

She had removed her Musalmān Cunt just before it from my mouth to tease her husband.

I liked to lick and suck her juices very much, flooded into his waiting mouth.

Shaguftah Åejāz had frozen in mid stride on my meaty Hindu pole as the orgasm had roared through her.

Now, Shaguftah Åejāz again began the nibbling and sucking up and down the iron-hard Hindu organ.

I couldn’t believe what had occurred.

I had just kissed my Salhaj; Shaguftah Åejāz’s Pakistani Musalmān Cunt and caused her to have an orgasm.

Nor could I believe Shaguftah Åejāz was sucking my Uncut Hindu Lund.

I knew it would all be discovered sooner or later, but in the meantime, I too was going to enjoy as much of her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt as was possible.

And before it’s all over, I thought, Shaguftah Åejāz will know that I kissed her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt and made her cum.

But I was feeling the effects of her sucking and could feel my own Hindu fluid gathering in my Hindu balls.

The thrill of my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz, sucking my Uncut Hindu Cock raced through me.

It was a feeling like nothing I had ever experienced.

My Uncut Hindu Cock grew even harder than it already was.

Shaguftah Åejāz felt it too, and although Shaguftah Åejāz wanted me to shoot my hot Hindu cum in her mouth, Shaguftah Åejāz also needed to be fucked.

Shaguftah Åejāz needed to have my hot Uncut Hindu Cock deep in her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt that had not felt even her husband’s cut Musalmān nūnī for months.

Tearing herself away from my still kissing mouth, Shaguftah Åejāz switched positions and placed her knees on each side of my hips.

Grasping my Uncut Hindu Cock, Shaguftah Åejāz guided it to her dripping Pakistani Musalmān Cunt   lips and slowly lowered her Pakistani Musalmān Pakistani Musalmān Cunt on to my rigid Uncut Hindu Cock shaft.

Once Shaguftah Åejāz felt the Hindu head penetrate her Pakistani Musalmān channel, Shaguftah Åejāz quickly lowered herself until my complete hard bar of hot Hindu meat was buried in her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

Strange, Shaguftah Åejāz thought, it goes deeper than it ever did.

But Shaguftah Åejāz was not complaining about my fuller, harder Uncut Hindu Cock, whatever had caused it, it was welcome in her clutching Pakistani Musalmān passage.

Shaguftah Åejāz leaned forward and allowed her tight perky nipples to brush my lips.

Shaguftah Åejāz glued her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān lips to mine.

Our tongues entwined and thrust against each other as Shaguftah Åejāz began a slow glide up and down the now eight inch pole of rigid Hindu flesh, still growing larger, thicker and stronger inside her.

I couldn’t believe how tight Shaguftah Åejāz was.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking Shaguftah Åejāz and Shaguftah Åejāz was riding my  Uncut Hindu Cock  with her broad gorgeous Pakistani Musalmān ass bouncing against my braced legs.

In my wildest dreams, I had never imagined that fucking her would be this good.

My  Uncut Hindu Cock  felt like it was being grasped by a hand and every little bit I could feel her muscles clutch my  Uncut Hindu Lund , squeezing it as Shaguftah Åejāz raised and lowered her exquisite excellent firm round perfect Pakistani Musalmān ass that was engulfing my  Uncut Hindu Cock  head.

Then I heard her begin to grunt and groan, and rock her exquisite excellent firm round perfect Pakistani Musalmān ass from front to back, as Shaguftah Åejāz drug her Musalmān clit against my  Uncut Hindu Cock  base and this   time Shaguftah Åejāz cried out as the orgasm overtook her.

“Honey, I’m going to cum, going to cum, going to . .  Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!  Ohhhhhhh God, uh huh, uh huh, push, oh, honey, push.”

I didn’t need any urging to push my throbbing Uncut Hindu Cock into my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz’s clutching Pakistani Musalmān channel.

I was too near my own climax to be able to hold off anymore.

The newness of it all and the desire to prolong the fucking had allowed me to hold it all in, but now I could feel the juice starting up my shaft.

I thrust my pelvis up against her and groaned deep in my throat as the juice traveled up the tube.

“Ungggg, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh,” I  gurgled against her mouth.

Shaguftah Åejāz felt the thrusting and knew what it meant, Shaguftah Åejāz drove harder down against my Uncut Hindu Cock base.

As the first shot of my white Hindu cum hit her Pakistani Musalmān womb, Shaguftah Åejāz screwed her exquisite excellent firm round perfect Pakistani Musalmān ass against my Hindu pelvis and made sure my  Uncut Hindu Cock  was pressed tight into her as far as possible.

Shaguftah Åejāz clamped her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth against mine and our tongues fucked each other as I shot load after load of my Hindu cum into my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz’s hot Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

Each pushed against the other, trying to get as much of my Uncut Hindu Cock into her as possible.

TI pressure subsided and her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth slid from mine.

Shaguftah Åejāz allowed her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān lips to trace a line on my neck.

Shaguftah Åejāz lay half in a stupor.

The orgasm for both had been a mind-blowing experience and it took us some time to recover.

When Shaguftah Åejāz did become aware of her surroundings again, the first thing Shaguftah Åejāz noticed was my throbbing Uncut Hindu Cock still was filling her sopping wet Pakistani Musalmān channel.

Shaguftah Åejāz wiggled slightly and I answered with a thrust into her still engulfing Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Oh, my God,” Shaguftah Åejāz whimpered, “you’re still hard. I can’t believe it. Well honey, if you want some more you came to the right Pakistani Musalmān girl. Or should I say you came IN the right Pakistani Musalmān girl.”

A second later Shaguftah Åejāz was riding my Uncut Hindu Cock as Shaguftah Åejāz hadn’t been fucked in months.

Shaguftah Åejāz drove my Uncut Hindu Lund as far up her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt as Shaguftah Åejāz could get it, and then raising each time until the head was on the verge of coming out of her clasping lips before thrusting her weight down tI pole to bottom against my massive balls.

“So good, honey, so good,” Shaguftah Åejāz panted. “It’s been too long, I need that hard Cock every day, or twice a day, or more, you hear?”

I grunted as I drove into my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz.

Shaguftah Åejāz took that as an agreement to her desires.

I  thrust my  Uncut Hindu Cock  up into my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz’s Pakistani Musalmān Cunt  time after time, feeling the sides of her channel closing around it, as I forced my  Hindu meat up her sopping wet Pakistani Musalmān tube.

I had never felt anything so wonderful as my Salhaj, Shaguftah Åejāz’s hot inner Pakistani Musalmān lips wrapping around my massive Uncut Hindu Cock.

I wished I could fuck her forever.

Shaguftah Åejāz was moaning with my every Hindu thrust now.

Shaguftah Åejāz had never been fucked as good as Shaguftah Åejāz was being fucked now, and my Uncut Hindu Cock seemed to fit better than it ever had.

Shaguftah Åejāz knew if Shaguftah Åejāz got the chance, Shaguftah Åejāz could make me hard again and we could fuck again later.

Her thoughts caused her to speed up and try to get more and more of this   wonderful Uncut Hindu Cock into her.

We fucked for hours.

All the rest was forgotten by both of us.

Shaguftah Åejāz fucked me wildly kissing me repeatedly again and again.

I was fucking her wildly too, playing with her excellent exquisite Pakistani Musalmān buttocks and boobs.

Then Shaguftah Åejāz felt my balls twitch and I began to tense.

Shaguftah Åejāz knew I was ready to fill her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt again with my hot, white, sticky Hindu fluid and Shaguftah Åejāz wanted to cum with me.

But this   time Shaguftah Åejāz wanted to feel me driving into her.

“Over,” Shaguftah Åejāz grunted. “Over. I want you to fuck me . . . fuck me hard.”

I immediately rolled us over, almost without missing a stroke.

I pounded into her with all my might.

Shaguftah Åejāz began to thrash about under me , throwing herself up and down with abandon, flinging her arms out as Shaguftah Åejāz opened herself to my  massive meaty Hindu shaft.

Shaguftah Åejāz arched her back to take more of my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Her hand slammed against tI lamp on the nightstand, one of those lamps that come on when the base is touched.

Suddenly the room was bathed in light.

As Shaguftah Åejāz looked into My face, Shaguftah Åejāz felt the first shot of my Hindu  cum hit her Pakistani Musalmān cervix and felt her own orgasm send chills up her spine, shaking her nude, Panjvaqtah Namāzī, Pakistani Musalmān female body into a rapture Shaguftah Åejāz could no longer control.

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Oh my God, no, Durgesh  , nooo! Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Oh my God. Ohhh nooo . . . I’m gonna cum, Durgesh. I’m your Salhaj and I’m cumming on your…your Uncut Hindu Lund? Allah! Yā Allaaaaah!  Ohhhhh God we’re fucking and you made me cum! Made me cummmm. Ohhhh Durgesh!”

As Shaguftah Åejāz involuntarily raised her exquisite excellent firm round perfect Pakistani Musalmān ass off the bed, I buried my Uncut Hindu Lund  deepest in her Pakistani Musalmān Choot and shot load after load of my white Hindu juice into her.

“My Uncut Hindu Lund is in you, Shaguftah Åejāz. My Uncut Hindu Cock’s in you and I’m shooting my Hindu juice in you.”

Neither Shaguftah Åejāz nor I could stop the inevitable thrusting as we answered natures drive to get my Hindu seed deepest into her.

As we shot squirt after squirt from her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt and my Uncut Hindu Cock and our juices mixed, neither took our eyes off the face of the other, not realizing we were sealing a pact forever.

There would always be this   recognition between us that we had thrust our bodies together in the universal mating process and found the other an exciting partner.

I was lustful enough to cause Shaguftah Åejāz  to shoot her liquid to smooth the channel for my entrance, and Shaguftah Åejāz was lustful enough to cause her Hindu lover to shoot millions of his Hindu seeds into her Pakistani Musalmān womb.

And what was more, each had found mind-blowing satisfaction in the act, not once, but multiple times.

Our thrusting slowed, then stopped, and we lay drained, fulfilled.

My Uncut Hindu Cock still rock-hard once more, rested in her satiated Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

“Up. Get up please. Take it out,” Shaguftah Åejāz whimpered.

Shaguftah Åejāz put her hands against my chest and pushed.

“I have to get up. For Allah’s sake, Durgesh, pull it out, I have to get up.”


“Whaaaaaaat?” Shaguftah Åejāz couldn’t believe I was telling her to wait while she was under me, nude and my Uncut Hindu Lund was still embedded entirely into her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

“I said, wait.”

Durgesh, you—”

“Darling, you’ve fucked me for hours madly. Now—”

“Don’t mention it.” Shaguftah Åejāz gritted her teeth.

“I need some rest, Shaguftah Åejāz.”

“Yes. Yesssssssss! So do I. But not in this condition. Pull it out. And then take all the rest you need.”

“Yes, give me at least fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes? In this condition? Are you crazy?”

“Sālī, you fucked me for hours. The whole night. It’s broad daylight now. And you are objecting on me asking for fifteen minutes only?”

Shaguftah Åejāz was stunned and dumbfounded.

She never realized so much long time she had fucked me savagely.

Shaguftah Åejāz looked around.

Yes, it was broad daylight now.

Moreover, it was two pm of the day.


For how many hours Shaguftah Åejāz fucked me?

She again forgot everything thinking it.

Shaguftah Åejāz came to her senses when she felt me moving.

I rose up on my arms and pulled my still hard, still swollen Uncut Hindu Lund from her Pakistani Musalmān sheath.

Shaguftah Åejāz watched in fascination as the wet, red Hindu meat slid from her saturated Pakistani Musalmān channel.

The sucking sound was loud in the quiet room.

The sound was fantastically sexual.

Shaguftah Åejāz shivered.

In spite of herself, Shaguftah Åejāz couldn’t help feeling a stirring of lust deep in her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

Allah! Yā Allaaaaah! Shaguftah Åejāz thought, my Uncut Hindu Cock is the most satisfying thing she’d ever felt.

Shaguftah Åejāz chided herself.

Allah, Shaguftah Åejāz, he’s a Hindu.

He’s your Hindu Nandoī.

Fucking Durgesh was a mistake, even if he was good.

As I rolled off her on to my back, Shaguftah Åejāz sat up and swinging her feet off the bed, stood up.

I never took my eyes off her fantastic Pakistani Musalmān ass as Shaguftah Åejāz walked to the other bed.

Shaguftah Åejāz kept her back to me as Shaguftah Åejāz put on her skirt and blouse.

Shaguftah Åejāz tucked her panties, hose and bra into her suitcase.

“Where’s your Ever Inefficient Pakistani Musalmān Sālā’s room?”

“Third door down on the left, darling.” I smiled.

Shaguftah Åejāz looked at me furiously as if she hadn’t fucked me, I’d fucked her instead.

I kept smiling.

“Thank you.”

“Shut up.”

“It was wonderful.”

“Nonsense. It was a mistake.”

“Not from my side.”

“Shut up.”

“You are most welcome to repeat it whenever you want to oblige me more.”

“You are crazy.”

My eyes stared at her nipples outlined in her blouse.

“I have the extra key,” I said. “I’ll get it.”

I stood up and without covering me self walked to my pants on the chair and took the keys from the pocket.

My Uncut Hindu Lund, still rocketing hard, swung fabulously back and forth, as I moved across the room.

Shaguftah Åejāz followed the swinging Uncut Hindu Lund with her fascinated eager greedy Pakistani Musalmān eyes, her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt twitching with each step I took.

Foolishly, Shaguftah Åejāz almost told me to cover myself.

Then she realized the ridiculousness of the thought.

Shaguftah Åejāz picked up her suitcase and purse.

I handed her the keys.

Suddenly I moved closer, and, putting one hand behind her shoulders and the other on the mound of her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt, I kissed her full on the mouth.

I forced my tongue against her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān lips, and for a Moment Shaguftah Åejāz resisted, tried to pull her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt away from my probing Hindu hand, her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth from my tongue.

Then with a groan from deep inside, Shaguftah Åejāz opened her extremely beautiful Pakistani Musalmān mouth and her Pakistani Musalmān tongue found mine , and Shaguftah Åejāz thrust her still throbbing Pakistani Musalmān Cunt  against my  massaging Hindu palm.

We clung together, both aware that this time the taboo we were breaking was no accident.

Finally, I released her and stepped back.

“I loved making love to you, being inside you, kissing you, more than anything I’ve ever done in my whole life. I’ve wanted you that way since I saw you,” I said.

I opened the door, to allow her to leave.

Shaguftah Åejāz stopped in the doorway.

Durgesh, I’m your Salhaj,” Shaguftah Åejāz said.

“And I’m your lover,” I smiled at her confidently.

Shaguftah Åejāz hung her head.

“Yes, you are,” Shaguftah Åejāz said, “and I’ve never had a better one. You’re bigger, harder, more tender, you feel better inside me, and your lips thrilled me beyond anything I’ve ever felt. I should have known it wasn’t your Ever Inefficient Pakistani Musalmān Sālā  . . . maybe I did . . . I’ll have to think about that.”

Shaguftah Åejāz walked away down the hall.

Shaguftah Åejāz hoped Åejāz Muħammad   was asleep.

Shaguftah Åejāz didn’t want any prying eyes while Shaguftah Åejāz undressed and was wearing no bra and panties.

As Shaguftah Åejāz walked, her blouse rubbed on her nipples and her thoughts went back to the instant I had kissed her Pakistani Musalmān breast with my warm Hindu lips.

Shaguftah Åejāz felt her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt tingle at the thought.

Shaguftah Åejāz hesitated at the door to her husband’s room.

Finally, Shaguftah Åejāz unlocked the door and stepped inside.

The odor of stale beer hit her nostrils.

The bathroom light was on, and although the door was pulled part way closed Shaguftah Åejāz could see the bed and Åejāz Muħammad’s sprawled form laying crossways.

The sound of Åejāz Muħammad’s snoring ripped across the room.

He was again sleeping perhaps after his lunch.

It was the sound of the snoring drunk he had become.

Dropping her bag, Shaguftah Åejāz walked to the bathroom and pushed open the door.

Light flooded the main room.

Åejāz Muħammad   had only boxers on and they were urine soaked around the crotch.

Empty beer and liquor bottles were on the two nightstands and the bathroom Sink.

An ice bucket was turned over on the sink counter, its contents melting, the water running along the counter to drip slowly into the sink.

Shaguftah Åejāz stood staring at the mess around her.

The rage Shaguftah Åejāz had first felt on entering the room was gone; in its place was a pleasant calm.

Shaguftah Åejāz had known her marriage was over before this   week, but Shaguftah Åejāz had made an effort.

Now Shaguftah Åejāz no longer felt the necessity to continue the charade.

Shaguftah Åejāz walked to her purse and took out her little notebook.

Åejāz Muħammad: Don’t bother to come home. My lawyer will contact you at your brother’s home. I prefer not to see you again. I will drop your things off to you. Maybe you can explain to me why you preferred drink to me.

—Shaguftah Åejāz.’

Shaguftah Åejāz propped the note on the nightstand, and dropping the room key next to it, Shaguftah Åejāz picked up her bag, and went out the door.

Shaguftah Åejāz stood for a Moment in front of my room, then taking the key Shaguftah Åejāz still carried, Shaguftah Åejāz opened the door.

I was stretched out on the bed, uncovered, my head propped up with a pillow.

I was still naked.

Shaguftah Åejāz looked up and down my handsome Hindu body, then straight into my eyes.

“I’ve left your Ever Inefficient Pakistani Musalmān Sālā forever. I’m going home. I want you to come along. I don’t want you here with me when he is like this.

“Shaguftah Åejāz, it’s a six hour drive.”

Durgesh, I can’t stay here in the hotel under the circumstances. Get dressed, and come on, please, if you still love me as you loved me in the night.”

I stepped down from the bed.

My Uncut Hindu Cock was still rock hard.

I began putting on my  clothes.

Shaguftah Åejāz felt a stirring in her middle.

The feeling of My Uncut Hindu Cock buried in her came rushing back.

Shaguftah Åejāz shook it off.

Why worry about it anymore?

Five minutes later, I had checked out and leaving the car, Åejāz Muħammad and I had driven up to the lodge in.

Shaguftah Åejāz and I pulled from the drive.

Shaguftah Åejāz was driving.

After the first hour, when the car had been silent as each toyed with our thoughts, I  began to notice her legs where her dress had slipped up higher and higher as Shaguftah Åejāz worked the brake pedal.

Finally, I realized as we went under a street light that her bare Pakistani Musalmān Cunt was visible.

Shaguftah Åejāz still hadn’t put her panties back on.

I couldn’t keep from staring at her, and soon Shaguftah Åejāz became aware of my Hindu  gaze.

Looking down Shaguftah Åejāz saw her hair covered Pakistani Musalmān Cunt.

Durgesh,” Shaguftah Åejāz smiled, then teased me, “shame on you. Haven’t we had enough of that kind of problem tonight? Or have you forgotten that I’m your Salhaj.”

“Shaguftah Åejāz, I haven’t forgotten anything, that’s the problem. I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to have my Uncut Hindu Cock buried in your Pakistani Musalmān Cunt, nor what it tasted like to kiss your hot Pakistani Musalmān Cunt lips, and your clit. I haven’t forgotten what it felt like to have your mouth engulfing my hard Uncut Hindu rod, and your lips sucking around the red head of my Uncut Hindu Cock. And I don’t think you have forgotten it that easy either. I know you remember what we saw in each other’s eyes when I shot my Hindu load into your thrusting Pakistani Musalmān Cunt and you had an orgasm on my Uncut Hindu Cock. You liked fucking me as much as I liked fucking you.”

Durgesh, don’t be crude. You know I don’t like that word.”

“You didn’t mind using the word fuck when you were asking me to bury my Uncut Hindu Cock deeper into you.”

“Well, when people are doing it the word is descriptive. It’s used to help lovers convey feelings.”

“You mean it’s okay for me to use the word fuck when we are really fucking?”

“Yes. . .I mean no. . .I mean you aren’t supposed to be fucking err doing it to me so there is no time that you should use it,” Shaguftah Åejāz said.

Half an hour later, Shaguftah Åejāz sighed.

“I’m getting too tired to keep driving. Why don’t we find a motel, and stay the night.”

“Hey, Shaguftah Åejāz, I’m all for that.”

“Oh no you don’t, we’ll have separate rooms.”

Shaguftah Åejāz found a motel and pulled in.

“I’m sorry,” said the clerk, “but I only have one room left, with one king sized bed. We are right in the heart of the season, and I only have that room because someone else got sick and had to cancel.”

“Well, I guess we will take it..We haven’t any choice I think.” Shaguftah Åejāz sighed surrendering.

I was grinning from ear to ear.

In the room, it only took me a minute, to strip to bare skin.

Durgesh, put on Pj’s or something to sleep in.”

“I don’t wear anything to sleep in, so I didn’t bring anything. Besides it’s your fault that I’m so horny, you left me unsatisfied.”

My Uncut Hindu Cock was already half hard and swinging magnificently.

I walked to the bed and crawled under the covers.

Shaguftah Åejāz turned her head away.

Durgesh, it would be wrong for us to do anything. That is incest, and it’s shameful. I could go to shame in the society.”

“How would anyone ever find out? You wouldn’t tell anyone, and I’d be a fool to kill a good thing by telling anyone. No one would know what we did behind the closed doors. I love making love to you, and I know you loved what we did. Being inside you was the greatest thrill of my life.” I held up the blanket. “Come on, Shaguftah Åejāz, get under the covers, and let me kiss your Pakistani Musalmān Choot.”

“Oh, Durgesh, do you really want to do that to me.”

“Yes. I want to kiss your Pakistani Musalmān Choot and then fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

“What if I never get enough of your sweet Uncut Hindu Cock and never want you to stop fucking me?” Shaguftah Åejāz smiled now.

“Then I’d be the happiest guy in the world.”

“Then, be so.” Shaguftah Åejāz winked at me and laughed.

Shaguftah Åejāz reached down, unsnapped the catch on her skirt and it fell to the floor.

Shaguftah Åejāz stood facing me naked from the waist down.

Slowly Shaguftah Åejāz unbuttoned her blouse, and allowed it to fall to the floor, and Shaguftah Åejāz stood with her firm breasts with nipples pointed high in the air, and walked step by slow step toward the bed.

“If you’re really serious about wanting to make love to me, you can take off that blanket, honey, I’m going to make you so hot you won’t need it, because ,I  I’m going to fuck you until you can’t get it up anymore.”

Shaguftah Åejāz walked around the bed until Shaguftah Åejāz was on the same side I was.

Then Shaguftah Åejāz crawled up on the bed and spreading her legs Shaguftah Åejāz lowered herself down over my face until her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt was touching my Hindu mouth.

“Now kiss my Pakistani Musalmān Choot, Durgesh darling, as you promised.”

I thrust my lips to her Pakistani Musalmān Cunt, and I was rewarded by a low moan.

“This time these are my Hindu lips that are on your Pakistani Musalmān Choot kissing you, and I want you to know it, Shaguftah Åejāz, the last time you thought it was your husband’s Musalmān lips.”

“Wrong, Durgesh, the last time I knew it was you in that bed two seconds after I was in it, I just didn’t want to admit it. I wanted you to fuck me, honey. Just like I want you to fuck me now.”

“Shaguftah Åejāz, you’re using the word fuck.”

“Yes, honey, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, with your big great Uncut Hindu Lund, and fill me full of your Hindu juice, NOW!”

Chapter 20