Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


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Chapter 20

Durgesh Brahm Mahimā Sharmā
Durgesh Mantharā Bhārgav

I hugged my Brāhmañ Live in relationship Partner, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, fucking her constantly from her glorious exquisite Sharmā Brāhmañ behind.
I have to confess, the thought of having my Brāhmañ Live in relationship Partner Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, all to myself for several days really appealed to me.
She would miss her brothers, heck I might even slightly miss her husband, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl, but I spoke the truth when I replied, “I can’t imagine a more wonderful person to spend Shrāvañ Parv with, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, Mérī Jān.”
Brahm Mahimā Sharmā kissed me on my Bachhalyā masculine lips.

Before we left the grocery, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā insisted we do a little more shopping, fighting the other customers for last minute buys before the storm closed everything down.
From there, we managed to get the station wagon back to her old apartment building and into the back alley where the parking slots were located.
I usually used my space for storage, but stacking things up, we managed to squeeze Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s old boat of a car inside.
We lugged our food and shopping up the five flights of stairs and then collapsed on the couch.
On the big color television I kept in my studio apartment, the weatherman was gleefully assuring everyone that with a projection of now twenty inches of snow, we would be having a very white Shrāvañ Parv.
“So, just get comfortable and snuggle up with someone you love and enjoy the snow,” he advised. Brahm Mahimā Sharmā and I just grinned at each other, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s smile just a little mysterious.
I laughed and said,
“Let it snow, let snow, let it snow!” It was December 23, and I was spending Shrāvañ Parv with the woman I loved now.
Brahm Mahimā Sharmā wasn’t beautiful only, she loved me now even more than her beautiful Brāhmañ Nanads that were my Live in Relationship Partners.
Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s surrender to me was divine.*

Arjun Sharmā could not understand Shankar Sahajpāl when even after the enormous defeat of Congress, Shankar Sahajpāl refused to join Bhārtīý Jantā Party.
“I’m unable to understand, Mātr’Shrī, after what Shankar Sahajpāl now actually is.” He said.
Mahārānī Rājmātā Kuntī Chaturvédī smiled patronizing him.
“Arjun, you have to come out of the original Mahābhārat Kālchakr Praxép. It’s Shāshvat Satyug now.”
Yudhishŧhir Sharmā watched his traditional Purāñik Brāhmañ mother, Kuntī Chaturvédī meditatively.
Of course, she was more intelligent than the original Kuntī of Dvāpar era.
She has used Durgesh more successfully for her and her children’s benefits.
The original Kuntī of Dvāpar era could not use anyone for it.
Even Draupadī Kr’shñā was more successful than her.
Despite every effort from even the best diplomat of those days, Lord Kr’shñ, himself, Draupadī Kr’shñā successfully used Lord Kr’shñ to achieve her goal.
Even Lord Kr’shñ, the best diplomat of those days, could not stop the world war, Mahābhārat.
Now, it is Gotrbhid Mahābhārat.
Using Durgesh, Kuntī Chaturvédī has successfully brought her eldest son, Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī, to her children’s side.
She has successfully broken the original time cycle projection in numerous matters.
Entire five Chaturvédī Kauntéý Pāndavs appreciated their shrewd Chaturvédī Brāhmañ mother for it.
“The Brāhmañs never lost their battle to Bachhalyās.” Kuntī Chaturvédī used to say, “Brahm Jagdambā movement of Bhagvān Bhr’gu was their master stroke even Durgesh couldn’t defeat.”
Bhīm Vipr Sharmā interfered.*

Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl and Ghazālah Siddīqī had already finished their dessert, gâteau de riz, and now watched Ghazālah Siddīqī spoon the last of her rice caramel with vanilla sauce.
It was only 8.30, and, except for the proprietors and beautiful waitresses, Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl and Ghazālah Siddīqī had restaurant to themselves.
It was a Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot restaurant and Ghazālah Siddīqī was deliberately bringing Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl there, since his wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā had gone in trance.
Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl had protested first strictly.
But Ghazālah Siddīqī knew he couldn’t go on protesting for ever.
He needed sex very much and his wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, wasn’t available.
Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit both helped Ghazālah Siddīqī in this matter as much as they could.
“Bhaiyā, Ghazālah Siddīqī is a good girl. Why don’t you understand? Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī would never return to you now.” Umā Dīxit said sympathetically.
Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl looked at Mīnāxī Sharmā.
She was one of the many sisters, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā had.
Mīnāxī Sharmā immediately confirmed what Umā Dīxit had said.
“I’m sorry to say, Bhaiyā. But Umā Dīxit is right.”
“Bhaiyā,” Rādhā Pandit said sympathetically, “You aren’t born yesterday.
Once with Durgesh
All the rest is trash
You know it yourself very well.”
“Besides, Prabhā Shuklā said sadly, “Bhābhī is in trance.”
“Prabhā Shuklā, Umā Dīxit,” Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl watched them reproachfully, “I’d never forgive both of you what you have done to my wife.”
“Sorry, Bhaiyā,” Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit both said mischievously.
Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl stared at both of them.
“None of us both, neither your Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, nor I, ever interfered with your freedom. We knew what you were doing with Durgesh. Yet, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā always said, ‘it’s their private matter‘. She always respected your freedom. Yet, you both…”
Ghazālah Siddīqī is a good girl, Bhaiyā.” Prabhā Shuklā said quickly.
“Good girls never rape anyone.” Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl said curtly.*

Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl wasn’t a damn fool.
He understood very well that he had lost his wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā forever now.
He didn’t need Prabhā Shuklā, his sister, Umā Dīxit, or Rādhā Pandit, her friends, to tell him that.
He never needed Brahm Mahimā Sharmā for sex.
The Musalmān Beauties were crazy for him.
They provided Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl immense sex despite his every protest.
Ghazālah Siddīqī wasn’t alone that raped him.
There were numerous of them.
Being a gentleman Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl could never refuse to them despite his ever strongest monogamous ideology.
Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl hated polygamy immensely.
Yet, the Musalmān Beauties never allowed him to practice monogamy ever.
Brahm Mahimā Sharmā understand it.
She never blamed Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl for it.
Instead, she smiled.
“Let them have the pleasure, Rām, they want to have with you. As long as you love me exclusively it doesn’t make any difference how many girls make love to you unwisely.”
The more Brahm Mahimā Sharmā said it, the more Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl loved her.
Yet, Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit snatched away his love, his ever faithful wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, from him.
They made her to fuck his Jījū, Durgesh.
Durgesh’s morals immensely differed from the morals of Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl.
Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl was an immensely monogamous Brāhmañ ideologically even though he was never allowed to live according to his morals.
I was an ever righteous polygamist that never appreciated monogamy for noble men.
I claimed it they were running away from their duties to have the responsibilities of the needy women that needed them tremendously.

He suddenly heard Ghazālah Siddīqī asking him,
“Rām, whatever are you brooding about?”
“Brooding?” Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl came out of his thoughts, “Never. I was only thinking back─how we first met.”
Ghazālah Siddīqī gripped his arm more possessively.
But Ghazālah Siddīqī wasn’t alone that gripped his arm more possessively.
There were too many more.
“I never think of that.” Ghazālah Siddīqī smiled gracefully, “Only of now.”
“What of Durgesh, my Jījū?” Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl asked Ghazālah Siddīqī gravely.
Ghazālah Siddīqī smiled.
“Your younger brothers, Brahm Bhūshañ Shukl, Nīhār Ranjan Shukl, Umā Dutt Shukl, Pārvatī Charañ Shukl, everyone has understood they can’t stop their wives to flirt with their Bachhalyā Nandoī.”
“They aren’t flirting with Durgesh Jījū, Ghazālah Siddīqī,” Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl smiled ironically, “They are having sex with him. I hate to interfere in my younger brothers’ private life, but I am ashamed of them. They have compromised with their cuckolding even to their beautiful Brāhmañ wives and Durgesh Jījū.”
Ghazālah Siddīqī watched him sympathetically.
She deliberately didn’t tell Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl what his younger brothers tell in answer to that.
“Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl Bhaiyā is ashamed of us that our Brāhmañ wives too have sex with Durgesh Jījū. Yet, we are proud of it that our high moralist elder brother has a Brāhmañ wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī, that is traveling the entire creations in constant sexual union with Durgesh Jījū.”
Ghazālah Siddīqī didn’t want to hurt Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl more.*

Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī wasn’t surprised even a bit when Suyodhan Sharmā visited him.
Ignoring protocol Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī himself boarded the ship.
He wore a holographic identity card.
It displayed his handsome unbearded face with remarkable fidelity, and underneath it was his name,

Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī,
Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations

Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī still had a fresh and easy going look and manner.
He stared about the ship with clear amazement.
“How did you get down this fast, Suyodhan Sharma, my friend? We weren’t expecting you for two hours.”
“It’s a new model ship,” said Suyodhan Sharma, with non-committal politeness.
Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī stepped into the pilot room and said at once,
“With alternative Eīshān Vaigyānik arrangements.” Suyodhan Sharma said tonelessly.
He wasn’t foolish enough to deny anything that was so obvious.
Besides, he expressly wanted to impress Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī that he too can get from HVSI what the Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations get.
He wasn’t a damn fool enough to trust Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī that he would still remain loyal to his friendship.
Yes, he said with his Presidency on Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations, Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations would never fight against Sharma Brahm Hastināpur Creations.
But why should she?
With Durgesh Jījū and Arjun Sharma with her, why Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations would need ever to attack on Sharma Brahm Hastināpur Creations?
It was a wrong decision to divide Sharma Brahm Hastināpur Creations into Sharma Brahm Hastināpur Creations and Sharma Brahm Indrprasth Creations.
Sharma Brahm Hastināpur Creations, thus, lost the unimaginable Eīshān Vaigyānik warriors Arjun Sharma, and Bhīmvipr Sharma.
His ever infamous maternal uncle, Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr, never understood the importance of Arjun Sharma, and Bhīmvipr Sharma in these Eīshān Vaigyānik days, in this Eīshān Vaigyānik era.
Hey Bhagvān, how the morals changed so fast.
Polygamy replaced monogamy fastly.
Yet, LGBT also spread tremendously and cuckolding consequently.
It wasn’t limited to Pseudo Musalmīn now.
Even so many traditional Brāhmañs were suffering from it, so many Savarñs too.
Suyodhan Sharma was surprised that the Shūdrāntyaj Hindus were least suffering from it.
The cuckold life was a normal life for the LGBT now.
They were even proud of it.

Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī smiled.
“Very interesting. We hear of them but we never see them somehow. Motors in the hull?”
“That’s so.” Suyodhan Sharma said.
“Eīshān Vaigyānik Motors too?”
“Eīshān Vaigyānik Motors too.”
Bachhalyā Brahmkanyās Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs?”
“Hell, nope! They fail miserably. Hopeless entirely.”
“I see. Ashvinātam?”
“We haven’t another option. Bachhalyā Brahmkanyās Bachhalyā Brahmāñīs Yantrs are suitable optimum only in building families and running the administration in constructive manner. They don’t accept any cunning strategy even, while ashvinātam Yantr work smoothly everywhere.”
“I understand,” Suyodhan Sharma said gravely.
Kuntī Chaturvédī was smarter than all of them thought.
“It’s great that a Chaturvédī, Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī, is the new President of a Sharma Brahm Creations.” Suyodhan Sharma smiled to ease the high political tension somewhat.
The original Kuntī of Dvāpar era could never succeed in bringing back her eldest pre-marital son, Karñ, in her favor.
He died fighting for Duryodhan.
But Kuntī Chaturvédī had learned her lesson from it.
She also gave birth to a son before she was married.
She also abandoned him.
Yet, Kuntī Chaturvédī managed to watch him on her own yacht, traveling beside her son.
She knew where her son, Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī, was.
She managed to be friend of Rādhā, Adhirath’s wife, and kept an eye on her son constantly.*

Kuntī Chaturvédī put her beautiful nude Chaturvédī Brāhmañ legs on my equally nude shoulders.
She herself arched her waist, elevated it to receive my Bachhalyā penetration.
She had vowed not to let the world war, Mahābhārat again.
It was the Infinite Brāhm Kalp now, its everfirst Satyug, Sanā Kr’tyug.
She was worried that Gāndhārī Mukherjī Dīdī could not explain to her brother, Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr, that Shakuni was a failed person despite all his shrewdness and smartness.
Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr was still following Shakuni.
He didn’t believe that Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī would still work for his ever ambitious Bhānjā, Suyodhan Sharma.
My Bachhalyā Lund penetrated Kuntī Chaturvédī’s ever tight Chaturvédī Brāhmañ Choot.
It was a Yogdarshan now that I should use Bachhalyā Brahmkanyā Bachhalyā Brahmāñī Yantr for creative and constructive affirmations and transmissions.
It’s more appropriate than Ashvinātam Yantr is even for creative and constructive affirmations and transmissions.
“You are keeping watch on Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī, Durgesh?”
“Don’t worry, Kuntī Chaturvédī,” I smiled, “Karñ Kauntéý Chaturvédī isn’t your son alone. I’m too his real father. I too love my son.”
Kuntī Chaturvédī constricted her Chaturvédī Brāhmañ vaginal muscles around my entirely immersed ever creative ever constructive Bachhalyā Lund.
Suyodhan Sharma is your responsibility.”
“I’m afraid of the original Mahābhārat Time Cycle.”
“We are successfully changing it, darling,” I reassured her, “You’ve visited the ultimately improved Trétā now yourself. Has Kaikéyī succeeded? Has Mantharā succeeded?”
“Well, it took too many time slits however,”
“It was necessary.”
“I understand. Yet I wonder often how many time slits our Mahābhārat Time Cycle itself would require to make it entirely ineffective.”*

Suyodhan Sharma touched Pāndu Sharma’s feet.
Pāndu Sharma hugged him.
“How’s my ever smart nephew?”
“Eīshānasýānugraham, Pitr’výshrī,” Suyodhan Sharma smiled politely.
Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī also bent to touch Pāndu Sharma’s feet, but Pāndu Sharma stopped her as soon as she bent.
“No, my child,” Pāndu Sharma hugged her; “You are my daughter in law, not less than my own daughter herself. You don’t need it,”
Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī expressed her respect to Pāndu Sharma, nevertheless.
Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī was shrewder than Suyodhan Sharma even.
She had vowed not to let Suyodhan Sharma influenced by Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr’s dirty politics.
It was her own idea that they should visit Sharma Brāhmañ Indrprasth Creations.
Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī fucked me in front of Suyodhan Sharma.
She had numerous beautiful Musalmān girlfriends that she allowed Suyodhan Sharma to fuck even when Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī and I were enjoying sex.
“The damnfool,” Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī used to say scornfully, “He hates me for my comparatively inherent Brāhmañ coldness for sex. He loves to fuck my beautiful Musalmān girlfriends instead wildly.”
“Beware of Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr, however,” I had warned her fucking Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī gently, yet passionately, she needed my masculine Bachhalyā love very much, “Most of the Musalmān girlfriends you have are Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr’s commandos and duly trained professional secret agents.”
“I know. My father is a Tripāŧhī Brāhmañ, but my Ammī is a Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān that left Saåūdī Årab when Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan wasn’t her President.” Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī smiled, “She deliberately married me with Suyodhan Sharma because she wanted the original Time Cycle of Mahābhārat not let to repeat. She knew neither Suyodhan Sharma nor his rest of the ninety-nine younger brothers do understand what Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr is after.”
I smiled.
“You are prepared for them?”
“Sure, but Ammī wants me only to act on what you allow me to. She thinks you are yourself adamant not to let any inter Creations war happen. It’s better to work under your strategy, instead of devising our own that may conflict with what you are already acting on.”
Bhānumatī Tripāŧhī was straddling me.
She was a Brahm Padminī.
She never needed very much sex to satisfy her sexual needs.
Generally, until I was aroused, she had already had her orgasm.
It was the real reason why most Brāhmañs never wanted to marry Brahm Padminīs, despite their ever incredible immerse beauty.*

Mantharā Bhārgav was herself a Brahm Padminī.
Nevertheless, her sexual needs were higher than the rest of the Brahm Padminīs.
“You alright, Mantharā Bhārgav?” I spoke, softly stroking her hair before planting a kiss on the top of her head.

“Had a horrible day but I’m better now that you’re home,” Mantharā Bhārgav smiled, reaching out and linking her hand with mine.

“I’m sorry to hear that… want to talk about it?” I asked, stroking her face.
I didn’t say she succeeded in exploiting Kaikéyī Mukherjī.
It wasn’t a fact actually.
Kaikéyī Mukherjī herself wanted to send Rām Chaturvédī in exile.
She never believed Rām Chaturvédī had his Svarūpé Avasthānam ultimately.
Mantharā Bhārgav advised Kaikéyī Mukherjī that it was some political strategy of HVSI Creations.
HVSI Creations had actually kidnapped Rām Chaturvédī and I had replaced him.
Neither Mantharā Bhārgav could believe, nor Kaikéyī Mukherjī, they had really sent me in exile successfully.
Mantharā Bhārgav failed in Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā Creations, but she had succeeded here in Chaturvédī Brahm Ayodhyā Creations at least.

“No, not really. Just want a cuddle,” Mantharā Bhārgav replied with a small smile, gazing up into my warm handsome Bachhalyā eyes.

Sliding my arms around her young Bhārgav Brāhmañ Communist body and pulling her closer to me, I noticed how cold Mantharā Bhārgav was.
“Baby, you’re freezing,” I sounded concerned, as I tightened my grip on Mantharā Bhārgav and rubbed my hands over her back.

“It was pouring when I got off work and I didn’t have an umbrella with me,” Mantharā Bhārgav explained, “Think I’m just tired though.” Mantharā Bhārgav yawned, snuggling against my strong Bachhalyā arms.

“Do you want to go upstairs and share a long, leisurely bath?” I whispered against her hair, feeling her hands run up and down my upper Bachhalyā thigh.

“Mmm… that sounds good. It might be just what I need,” Mantharā Bhārgav sighed, already starting to feel much better now that I was home.
She could not believe I wasn’t really angry with her.
Had Durgesh blamed Kaikéyī Mukherjī only for what Mantharā Bhārgav too had planned and succeeded in doing?

“Come with me then,” I smiled as I removed the blanket from around Mantharā Bhārgav and pulled Mantharā Bhārgav to her feet.
Linking her fingers with mine, I slowly lifted each one in turn, kissing the back of each hand affectionately, before taking Mantharā Bhārgav with me upstairs to our master bedroom.

“Get undressed, baby and I’ll go run the bath,” I said, planting a soft kiss on her red crimson beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ lips and then disappeared into the en-suite bathroom.

Mantharā Bhārgav let her clothes fall to the floor in a heap at her feet, too tired to care about the mess.
All Mantharā Bhārgav wanted was to soak in the warm water in our bath, snuggled in my strong Bachhalyā arms and erase the memory of the day Mantharā Bhārgav had had.
Yet not everything of it.
Her extraordinary success on Durgesh himself must be celebrated.
A grand sex session with Durgesh himself!
What the hell could be better?

Wandering into the bathroom, a small smile tugged at her red crimson beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ lips when Mantharā Bhārgav found me leaning over the spacious bathtub, checking the water.

Leaning against the doorframe, Mantharā Bhārgav let her eyes drop and found herself staring at my firm buttocks.
The tight fitting dark jeans pulled even tighter as I bent over the bath.
The material snug around my toned buttocks making Mantharā Bhārgav itch to touch my Bachhalyā Penis. Stepping up behind me and circling her arms around my ever excellent, ever athletic, male Bachhalyā body, Mantharā Bhārgav smiled as Mantharā Bhārgav felt me alert slightly in her beautiful young Bhārgav Brāhmañ arms, having obviously not heard me come in.

“I missed you when I got home today,” Mantharā Bhārgav mumbled against my broad back, slipping her hands under the hem of my T-shirt at the front and running her hands across my muscular upper body, loving the feel of my chest hair tangling in her fingers.

Turning off the tabs, I straightened myself in her embrace and turned around to face her.
Wrapping my arms around her lithe Bhārgav young Brāhmañ body, my hands instantly gravitated downwards her toned bum, each hand grasping a buttock and gently kneading the peachy flesh.

“Missed you too, baby. But I’m here now…” I trailed off before leaning down and capturing her red crimson beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ lips in a tender and unhurried Bachhalyā kiss.

“Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, God, you’re so beautiful, Mantharā Bhārgav,” I murmured as I broke the kiss and looked down at her naked exquisite young Bhārgav Brāhmañ body, my jeans tightening around my Bachhalyā male groin.*

Blushing, Mantharā Bhārgav looked up at me through lowered lashes and I stared into her extremely beautiful young Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes for a while.

“Get into the bath, Mantharā Bhārgav, and I’ll join you in a second,” I smiled, letting go of her.

Making sure the water wasn’t too hot; Mantharā Bhārgav slowly eased herself into the bath and lowered her young Bhārgav Brāhmañ Communist body down, sighing as the warm water enveloped her young Bhārgav Brāhmañ Communist body.
Looking up at me, watching me the whole time, Mantharā Bhārgav smiled as she gazed at my naked body and felt certain parts of her another twitch.

Walking over to the bath, I supported myself on the marble edge of the tub as I stepped in and slowly sank down into the warm water behind Mantharā Bhārgav, pulling her young Bhārgav Brāhmañ Communist body close to mine.

“How are you feeling, baby?” I asked softly, running my hands up and down her arms in soothing motions.

“Much better,” Mantharā Bhārgav sighed, tipping her head back against my shoulder and giving me a loving smile.

Kaikéyī Mukherjī was constantly transmitting to her what she was watching.
It wasn’t entirely unexpected.
Even in his Rām Chaturvédī body Durgesh was the utmost popular man in Chaturvédī Brāhmañ Creations.
Most of the Chaturvédī Brāhmañ Creations that were prominent in business and other commercial activities had declared their immediate independence and their loyalty with Durgesh.
“It’s impossible to believe what the federal government is advertising. We have more faith in HVSI Creations federal government than we have in the federal government of Chaturvédī Brāhmañ Creations.
The minute our first lady, Kaikéyī Mukherjī, brought her friend, Mantharā Bhārgav, here, we knew the ever failed ideology, Communism, is overpowering here. We’ve already warned our federal government every now and then that it would be extremely dangerous to our business and commerce if we still continued in the federation.
“Communism is an ever failed ideology that never supported any viability to any business and commerce. Prior to it that the new federal order can harm it irrevocably, we declare our independence from the new federal order of Chaturvédī Brāhmañ Creations.”

Mantharā Bhārgav wasn’t worried however, neither Kaikéyī Mukherjī.

Grabbing my hands, Mantharā Bhārgav guided my arms tighter around her young Bhārgav Brāhmañ Communist body as Mantharā Bhārgav lay back against me and closed her extremely beautiful young Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes, enjoying the feel of my warm, wet skin against her own.
I pulled my strong muscular arms even closer around her young body.

“Good,” I replied, sounding a little relieved.
I always hated it when Mantharā Bhārgav was down or upset and left no stone unturned to make sure Mantharā Bhārgav felt okay. “Mantharā Bhārgav, I love you,” I whispered against her ear, my breath hot on her skin, which sent a shiver down her back.

“I love you too, Durgesh,” Mantharā Bhārgav muttered contentedly, snuggling further into my embrace, causing the water to gently lap between us.

Mantharā Bhārgav relaxed completely in my arms as my fingers softly stroked the wet skin on her upper arms and one foot lovingly caressed her leg.
Mantharā Bhārgav saw me smiling to myself as I gazed down at her face.

“What?” Mantharā Bhārgav demanded.
I shook my head.

“Just seeing how beautiful you look, lying here in my arms, illuminated only by the soft light,” I smiled.

“Hmm… I like the feeling of you naked against me,” Mantharā Bhārgav said all of a sudden.

Mantharā Bhārgav, I like feeling you naked against me too,” I laughed, my hands dipping below the water and cupping her beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ breasts in my palms, squeezing the soft flesh and playing with her nipples.

Opening her extremely beautiful young Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes, Mantharā Bhārgav pushed into my touch, biting her bottom lip as Mantharā Bhārgav felt my erection growing against her back.
Twisting her head, I brushed her red crimson beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ lips against mine, our tongues immediately coming out to play as they slowly slid over each other, tasting and licking and slipping in and out of our warm, familiar mouths.

As we continued to leisurely kiss, tongues wounding round their counterpart, I ran my hands over her taught stomach and down to her core, her quiet moans being swallowed by our kiss as my Bachhalyā Lund came into contact with her already erect Bhārgav Brāhmañ clit.

Mantharā Bhārgav gently spread her legs, giving me better access to her moist opening as I dipped in my immensely hardened Bachhalyā Lund, spreading her beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ lips while my Bachhalyā Lund slipped over her Bhārgav Brāhmañ clit, circling the erect nub with the tip of my Bachhalyā Lund, occasionally flicking it, teasing Mantharā Bhārgav.*

Kaikéyī Mukherjī was equally unworried.
She had already anticipated everything.
As soon as her son Bharat Chaturvédī would arrive, the entire revolt against Communism would calm down, eventually, ultimately.
Sheikħ Al Ůmer Al Aħmad Al Zabīr was quite capable in handling such matters.

Chapter 21
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam


Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


Previous Chapters

Chapter 18

Durgesh Rājéshvarī Rājpūt
Narottam Ahirwar

Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD
Durgesh Sunandā Ātréý
Durgesh Prabhā Shuklā
Durgesh Umā Dīxit
Durgesh Rādhā Pandit

Assistant Professor Rājéshvarī Rājpūt was cooking breakfast naked again, as Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD walked in.
Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD was on the phone with someone and sounded very happy this morning.
He wasn’t communal originally.
Yet his failure to get his love, Assistant Professor Doctor Rājéshvarī Rājpūt, in marriage had made him somewhat curt to the almost entire Savarñ community of traditional Hindus.
He deliberately converted himself into a tremendously successful playboy dating and fucking almost every Savarñ Beauty available to him.
His communal lust for Savarñ Beauties was so intense that he refused to Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD even when she herself asked him to marry him.
“I am honored, Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD,” Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD said gravely, “It’s a great honor for me. But I can’t fight with the criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn, terrorists and other crazy Pseudo Musalmīn that madly try to kill every Non-Muslim that marry any Musalmān lady.”
Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD smiled.
“You are living in a false, imaginary, reality your immensely wrong information has created in your mind only. Nowadays most of the Hindus are married with competent Musalmān ladies and even maintaining their Live In Relationship with us Musalmān Beauties.”
Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD smiled too.
“You are correct. But if you peruse them you’d find that most of them are Savarñ Hindus, not us Dalit Hindus.”
“What do you mean?” Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD asked smiling cunningly.
“Most of the Savarñ women are deliberately vegetarians, not palating even onions and similar vegetables that induce their sexual desires.”
“I see.”
“It has made them the coldest women sexually. Their Savarñ Hindu husbands are fed up of them. They want action that you Musalmān Beauties and Musalmān houseladies provide them.”
“It isn’t the case with you Dalit Hindus?”
“Nope! We Dalit Hindus are still fighting for our self respect.”*

Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD smiled.
“My information is different. The Savarñ women are marrying Dalit Hindus more nowadays according to my information.”
“Yes, I agree with you. The scenario is changing fast nowadays.”
“Nowadays?” Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD kept smiling, “Do you know Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā, anyway?”
Brahm Padminī Brahm Jagdambā Act? United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations?” Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD smiled gravely, “Who the hell doesn’t know him today? He surrendered his entire Brahm Padminī wives to Durgesh immediately as soon as they passed the Act.”
“You think Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā is a damn fool?” Professor Doctor Safiyah Sultān PhD watched Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD inquisitively.
“Certainly not.” Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD said gravely, “Neither Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā is a damn fool, nor the Brāhmañ husbands of United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations that extremely loyally surrendered their Brahm Padminī wives too to Durgesh. They were fed up of their ever coldest Brahm Padminī wives. It was a bliss for them to get horny Musalmān Beauties in exchange from Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan. The bloody caste system is making all these impossible and incredible things possible. It must be abolished at once, without any further delay.”*

Sunandā Ātréý couldn’t digest it any longer.
She had waited for Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD to return to her.
Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD married her not because he loved her.
He married her only because he was one of the immensely incurable communal Dalit Hindus.
Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD wanted his immensely incurable communal satisfaction having a beautiful traditional Brāhmañ wife.
He wasn’t Durgesh.
It wasn’t easy to be Durgesh.
Even most of the Brāhmañ humanists couldn’t compete with Durgesh in humanity.
Sunandā Ātréý still loved Durgesh immensely.
She was proud of it that she still maintained her clandestine extramarital relationship with me, as Sunandā Ātréý was maintaining when she wasn’t married to Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwar PhD.
I was the ever first man of her life, but alas, I couldn’t remain the last too.
Despite her Jātihīn Hindu SamājCasteless Hindu Society Movement, Sunandā Ātréý could not succeed in marrying me.
I married Saiyadah Fatimah PhD instead.*

Together we left the alley, and paused at a street vendor’s stand.
“Oh yes, shopping.” I repeated with a smile.
After purchasing some lemonade, we shared the sweet and tart beverage, while strolling down the sidewalk.
Coming to a rest, we looked at a reflection of ourselves in one of the shop windows.
Gazing at my reflection, Sunandā Ātréý took in my strong Bachhalyā features and confidence.
Staring back at Sunandā Ātréý was a man, so full of life and love.
A caring person who made a wish and somehow fate stepped in, allowing it to take place.
Sunandā Ātréý’s Ātréý Brāhmañ gaze traveled down to our hands, noticing how my hand was curled on top of her, protecting Sunandā Ātréý, sheltering Sunandā Ātréý, showing a sense of ownership.
With each pulse of Sunandā Ātréý’s magnificent Ātréý Brāhmañ body, Sunandā Ātréý could feel the need to keep us in this time and place.
Neither one of us wanted our 24 hours ended, but we knew it will, and we knew it had to.

Moving on we continued to walk past people and shops.
Each one was smiling at us as if acknowledging us as a matched set.
Sunandā Ātréý knew that Sunandā Ātréý was my soul mate and that somehow and for some reason we were not allowed to find each other through normal means.
Feeling my gentle pull of her hand, we moved into inside one of her favorite shops.
“Oh how wonderful,” the spark of excitement sounded in her voice.
I chuckled, opened the door and followed in behind Sunandā Ātréý.

The wind brought a mixture of melodies to her ears as it stirred the wind chimes, spread throughout the room.
Taking in the different colors and shapes, as well as all the different musical notes playing in the air, Sunandā Ātréý sighed happily.
I had touched her Ātréý Brāhmañ heart by bringing her here.
I had remembered one of her many passions.
Silently we moved through the displays.
Our hands softly stirred the wind chimes.
Closing her extremely beautiful Ātréý Brāhmañ eyes, Sunandā Ātréý heard each different note.
Her fingers stirred the bars and strings.
As sunlight poured through the window, rainbows were formed.
They danced across the walls, floors and her Bachhalyā lover’s strong Bachhalyā body.
The beautiful colors shimmered and shined bringing a sense of peace to the room.
Sliding from one to the other Sunandā Ātréý gazed over them, pausing beneath a beautiful glass blown chime.
A star, about the size of her palm, rested at the top.
Suspended from it were various shapes and sizes of more stars.
Looking at the tag and reading its title; Wishes.
Sunandā Ātréý realized we must have this one.
Bringing it down, placing it in my lover’s hands, I smiled my agreement.
I too knew the meaning of the chime’s name.
We moved together, paid for our purchase, returned to the sunny street and headed towards the clothing shop.

Her memory recalled what had transpired early this morning.
The arousing state of her Bachhalyā lover had spilled over into the alley.
Being made to love, with the brick wall pressed against her breast, would be one of many enjoyable memories.
Closing her extremely beautiful Ātréý Brāhmañ eyes Sunandā Ātréý breathed in the faint scent of our sexual release.
The tingles and shivers I had given Sunandā Ātréý ran through Sunandā Ātréý’s magnificent Ātréý Brāhmañ body again.
Sensing my eyes on Sunandā Ātréý, I too knew what Sunandā Ātréý was thinking.
Pulling Sunandā Ātréý close to me, my Bachhalyā lips touched her beautiful Ātréý Brāhmañ lips in a hard and heated Bachhalyā kiss.
Her fingers curled in my hair.
My Bachhalyā tongue slid forcefully against Sunandā Ātréý’s, making Sunandā Ātréý give me possession of her extremely beautiful Ātréý Brāhmañ mouth.
My teeth tugged, and pulled at her bottom lip.
Sucking it with firm pressure.
“Hey Bhagvān, Oh God,” Sunandā Ātréý moaned against my onslaught of Bachhalyā desire.
Her Brāhmañ legs weakened from my Bachhalyā masculine touch.
I pulled her perfect, round, firm, heavy, plump, gorgeous, extremely beautiful, Ātréý Brāhmañ buttocks closer against me.
Alas, even her perfect, round, firm, heavy, plump, gorgeous, extremely beautiful, Ātréý Brāhmañ buttocks could not keep her husband, Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwār PhD, to her.
Sunandā Ātréý often wondered whether it was a blunder to marry Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwār PhD despite infinite opposition from almost her every family member, friend, acquaintance and well-wisher.
Was Durgesh right in his perusal of Dalit Hindus?
“Sunandā Ātréý, Mérī Jān, Professor Doctor Narottam Ahirwār PhD is not the perfect match for you.” I had said Sunandā Ātréý pulling her on my lap.
Sunandā Ātréý was immensely glad to find that it wasn’t only a courtesy action from me.
She felt my erection for her between her perfect, round, firm, heavy, plump, gorgeous, extremely beautiful, Ātréý Brāhmañ buttocks.
Hey Bhagvān, Oh God, why Durgesh didn’t marry her?
Everyone thought Durgesh and Sunandā Ātréý would marry.
Even her Bhābhī, Brahmshraddhā Vyās, teased her.
“You marry him, Nanad Jī, I’ll fuck him.”
“Shame on you, Bhābhī,”
“Shame on your Bhaiyā, your Brother, Karñ Nārāyañ Vyās, not on me.”
Aréréré, Bhaiyā doesn’t fuck you properly?” Sunandā Ātréý teased her Bhābhī, BrahmShraddhā Vyās, feigning mock sympathy for her, “Your Ātréý Brāhmañ Choot too needs my Bachhalyā lover’s Bachhalyā attention?”
“Your knowledge of human history is too poor, Nanad Rānī. Every Brāhmañ Choot always needs Bachhalyā masculine attention.”
Doob maro chulloo bhar pānī mein jākar.” Sunandā Ātréý laughed mischievously.
“Very smart. You want to get rid of the competition with me for Durgesh’s unique legendary Bachhalyā Lund. You won’t succeed ever.”*

I lay on the bed on Prabhā Shuklā, beside Umā Dīxit, looking across at the totally sated and utterly relaxed Brāhmañ Beauties.
Prabhā Shuklā looked at me properly for the first time since this started.
“Thank you,” she said kissing me.
I could still taste Umā Dīxit on her lips as she did.
She bit at my bottom Bachhalyā lip, not drawing blood, but hard enough.
My Bachhalyā body was so sensitized I could hardly bear it, and groaned aloud.
Umā Dīxit was smiling with pleasure, almost purring as she watched us, like a very contented cat.
She slid up the bed to lie under Prabhā Shuklā, and we lay there, Prabhā Shuklā in the middle of the sandwich, arms intertwined, grasping whatever part of whoever was within reach, before the pleasurable combination of sex and sex took us all into sleep.

I woke in the night and realized I was alone in bed.
I got up and padded to the bathroom.
As I came back, I heard the familiar sounds of sex from the spare room.
I peered through the crack of the open door to see Umā Dīxit spread-eagled on the bed, being brought to climax again by Prabhā Shuklā’s expert hands.
Prabhā Shuklā looked up to see me and smiled happily.
“I didn’t want to wake you,” she said.
I was excited yet left the two of them to their pleasure.

Next morning when I woke again, Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit were back, one each side of me, sleeping the sleep of the happily excited, their arms thrown across my chest.
As I stirred, Umā Dīxit’s hand slipped down and caught my morning Bachhalyā erection.
It stiffened further as she clasped her hand around it, then she apparently drifted off to sleep again.
I looked across at Prabhā Shuklā.
She too was asleep, a happy smile playing around her extremely beautiful Brāhmañ mouth.
I leaned across and kissed her.
She opened her eyes and looked into mine.
“I didn’t know you had it in you”, I whispered.
She smiled sleepily, and reached down to my Bachhalyā Cock only to find it firmly in Umā Dīxit’s grasp.
She smiled again, cupping my Bachhalyā balls instead and hugging me to her.
“Thank you”, she said again, before drifting off to sleep again.

I lay there for another half hour or so.
Umā Dīxit’s hand idly playing with my Bachhalyā Cock, my hand gently teasing her ring or slipping into her Brāhmañ Pussy as Prabhā Shuklā snored gently on my chest, keeping my Bachhalyā Lund entirely buried deepest into her Shuklā Brāhmañ Choot.
Prabhā Shuklā never allowed Umā Dīxit to sleep having me inside her.
I was in Brāhmañ heaven.

Umā Dīxit stirred herself, stretching her full length.
Turning towards me, she gave my Bachhalyā Cock a squeeze, then kissed me full on the lips.
I stiffened as her exquisite Brāhmañ tongue probed my Bachhalyā mouth.
Prabhā Shuklā had slipped onto her back, so I turned gently towards Umā Dīxit, reaching out and cupping her backside in my hands, pulling her towards me.
I reached down between her legs and found her Brāhmañ Pussy, already warm and wet.
Parting her Brāhmañ thighs, I slipped gently in.
I could feel the Brāhmañ Clit pressing against the top of my Bachhalyā shaft as I pushed forward.
“Don’t move,” Umā Dīxit said, and then she clamped down on me, gripping my Bachhalyā Cock.
I groaned with intense Bachhalyā pleasure and tried to push deeper.

“No,” Umā Dīxit said, “leave this to me.”
For the next 20 minutes, we lay side by side, my Bachhalyā Cock held inside her, as Umā Dīxit clamped down and released it, playing with it as if she had a hand in there.
It was incredible.
Umā Dīxit loved my Bachhalyā penetrations of her Brāhmañ Cunt more when she was not under me.
If Umā Dīxit was on me instead, she loved it more.
Umā Dīxit loved to dominate me in sex while Prabhā Shuklā loved my domination on her more.
Yet, I was surprised when I felt slowly, ever so slowly Umā Dīxit edged me upwards, occasionally dragging a nail down my back or digging it into my Bachhalyā buttocks.
Once she seized my arm and pinched it, twisting.
I bit my tongue to stop myself making any noise.
As I got closer and closer to coming I could see, Umā Dīxit was on the brink too.

Then I came into Umā Dīxit’s tight Brāhmañ Cunt.
It was the most amazing sensation.
I had hardly touched her, no gymnastics, just gentle squeezes and yet I felt as if I had been turned inside out.
I couldn’t help it and Umā Dīxit cried out.
As I came, a hand slid around me from my back and caressed my chest.
“Someone’s having a good time,” said Prabhā Shuklā.
She reached out and teased one of Umā Dīxit’s nipples, which had been softening as we both came.
It sprang back again, stiff and proud.
I looked over my shoulder to see Prabhā Shuklā’s extremely beautiful Brāhmañ face close to me, smiling happily.
She kissed me gently.
“I want breakfast in bed.” she said.
“Can’t you see I’m busy, Brāhmañ Beauty?” I winked lewdly.
Prabhā Shuklā laughed and bit my shoulder.
“I” — bite — “want” – bite — “breakfast!”
“Alright, alright. I get the message.”
I sat up then climbed out of bed, making sure I climbed over Prabhā Shuklā letting my hard, dripping Bachhalyā Cock drag across her.
Prabhā Shuklā laughed again.
“Put that thing away — I know where it’s been. Umā Dīxit enjoyed it instead of me. Am I not your Brāhmañ wife anymore, Bachhalyā Piyā? ”
I stood and looked at the two of them, sprawled across the bed.
Both of them in totally relaxed abandoned comfort.
I bent down and kissed Prabhā Shuklā on the forehead, blew a kiss to Umā Dīxit, and started to fuck both of them one by one, as if a bear gone mad.

Umā Dīxit, my wife’s friend, was just full of surprises.
She had just gone through an elaborate salacious roll playing weekend in Atlantic City to pay off a bet we had, so that I wouldn’t get to have sexual relations with Rādhā Pandit and now she was presenting her to me as a birthday gift.
Well I was not stupid.
I was not about to ask her why she had changed her mind.
We could get into that conversation later.
For now, I was resolved to thoroughly enjoy the sensual sight set before me.
Umā Dīxit was wearing a black lace shelf bra that did little to nothing to contain her beautiful 36DD breasts.
I could tell she was very excited by the expectations of the night.
Her mocha nipples were fully erect and protruded past the outer confines of the shelf that her bra provided.
She also wore a matching garter and little black lace thong panties that left no doubt that she had shaved completely smooth.
Black thigh high stockings with a lace banded top and a pair of spiked Patten leather heels that completed her ensemble, accentuating her strong legs and making her curvaceous 5’7″ frame seem even taller.

Rādhā Pandit wore a smooth black and red corset that was laced up the front by a crimson ribbon.
The corset was synched tight at her waist by the ribbon but became looser as it reached her full 34D breasts.
The gap formed by the loosened lattice effect of the ribbon allowed the inside edge of her pink breasts to be visible as the half cups of the top supported her.
Allowing just the slightest hint of her pink areolas to be seen peeking over the top of the lace fringed edge.
She also wore black thigh high stockings that seemed to shimmer on her shapely Brāhmañ legs, and a pair of bright red high heels.

I could feel my Bachhalyā Cock instantly start to respond to the beautiful sight before me.
The exhibition of contrasts in stunning Brāhmañ female form and elegance was exquisite.

Umā Dīxit was tall with shoulder length golden blonde hair, and ice blue eyes.
Long graceful limbs and supple Brāhmañ body with fabulous full natural breasts.
Rādhā Pandit was shorter, yet more compact with a long thick mane of deep red chestnut hair, green eyes, and a luscious Pandit body with smooth flawless alabaster Brāhmañ skin.

This was truly a sight to behold, and any red blooded Bachhalyā would be aroused by seeing it.
Nevertheless, here I was in my living room with these two ravishing Brāhmañ Beauties both of which fully intended to service me.
WOW life was good… It was very good!

As Umā Dīxit and Rādhā Pandit walked across the room, side by side, there was a dizzying display of undulating Brāhmañ breasts, swaying Brāhmañ buttocks and gorgeous Brāhmañ legs.
Each of them was doing her best to be the sultry seductress.
I could feel their effect long before either Brāhmañ Beauties got to me, and I’m sure that’s just what they had in mind.

Umā Dīxit was the first to speak.
“Durgesh, méré Bachhalyā Piyā, Just sit back and enjoy yourself. Let us Brāhmañ Beauties take care of you now.”

With a devilish grin on her extremely beautiful Brāhmañ face Rādhā Pandit said.
“Yes, let us do all the work, big Bachhalyā. This is a birthday you’re going to remember for a long time.” Biting her lower lip, then with a sexy smile… “If you survive.” Both Brāhmañ Beauties giggled.
“Take your best shot, Brāhmañ Beauties. If I’m going to check out that’s how I want to do it.”
Umā Dīxit approached me on my left side and Rādhā Pandit was on my right, each Brāhmañ Beauty kissing my neck and not allowing me to taste their quivering Brāhmañ lips as the unbuttoned my shirt.
Working in tandem, they unbuckled my belt and opened my pants.
Finally, Umā Dīxit kissed me firmly on the lips, and whispered in my ear.
“Happy birthday, Durgesh, my Bachhalyā Piyā.”

Our tongues twined and twisted together as Rādhā Pandit’s hands moved over my chest.
As soon as the kiss with my wife’s friend broke, Rādhā Pandit moved in to take her place.

This was the first time I had kissed Rādhā Pandit other than a hello or goodbye peck.
The first thing I noticed was how soft her Brāhmañ lips felt.
Then her Brāhmañ tongue passed over my Bachhalyā lips and into my mouth.
I could feel her lustful urges as our tongues danced together.
Umā Dīxit was kissing my neck at the same time and I was in Brāhmañ heaven.
I moved a hand up each smooth Brāhmañ body.
I was feeling the differences and the similarities.
As my Bachhalyā hand moved over Rādhā Pandit’s firm Brāhmañ breast, I tugged at the material allowing her breast exposed.
I rolled her nipple between my fingers causing her to moan into my mouth as we kissed.

My left hand was moving over Umā Dīxit’s sleek Dīxit body and I wanted to see just how aroused this whole scenario had gotten her so I moved my hand between her Dīxit legs and up to her black lace thong panties.
My Bachhalyā finger pressed the sheer little lace patch against her wet Brāhmañ Pussy causing Umā Dīxit to moan deeply.
“Oh, Durgesh, Bachhalyā Piyā, fuck me. That feels good.” she kissed my neck and bit my shoulder.

Both Rādhā Pandit and my wife’s friend, Umā Dīxit, were dragging their nails across my chest as we continued to kiss.
Neither Brāhmañ Beauty had yet touched my swollen Bachhalyā Cock.
And at this point I was sure I wanted them to.
As that thought passed through my head, Rādhā Pandit broke our kiss and both Brāhmañ Beauties grabbed at my pants.
I asked them to slow down but they were beyond my reasoning with them.
Umā Dīxit smiled broadly, as my pants were pulled past my hips and told Rādhā Pandit’s watch this directing her gaze at my Bachhalyā crotch.
With one more tug, my Bachhalyā Cock quite literally sprang free right before their Brāhmañ eyes.
Umā Dīxit laughed,
“I love when this Bachhalyā Cock does that.”
“Wooo,” Rādhā Pandit looked at my Bachhalyā Cock for the first time and whispered to my wife’s friend, Umā Dīxit. “You weren’t kidding about the size. Were you? Hey Bhagvān, the Bachhalyā Cock is big.”

My wife’s friend, Umā Dīxit, smiled.
“Just ten inches long it is, and almost five inches around. It may take some practice to get it down your Brāhmañ throat but stuffing it in your Brāhmañ Pussy feels amazing!”
“Ummm Brāhmañ Beauties?”
“Oh yeah,” they both giggled again.
Rādhā Pandit wrapped her delicate fingers around my Bachhalyā Cock.
Her red nails stood out in stark contrast to the skin of my Bachhalyā Cock.
She looked up at me and in a soft voice.
“I’ve been waiting for this a long time.”
Rādhā Pandit lowered her full Pandit lips towards my hard Bachhalyā Cock.
Her lipstick matched her nails deep red color.
As she opened her Pandit mouth to accommodate my Bachhalyā girth she formed an almost perfect O with her lips, as her pink tongue reached for the first touch and taste of my Bachhalyā Cock.

Chapter 19
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam


Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


Previous Chapters

Chapter 10

Durgesh Nafīsah Salmān
Durgesh Brahm Mahimā Sharmā
Durgesh Prabhā Shuklā
Durgesh Umā Dīxit

Durgesh Padminī Bhārgav
Durgesh Vibhā Trivédī
Brahm Padminī Squad

Nafīsah Salmān walked, on her knees and elbows, down the sparkling corridor of the Hotel Bachhalyā BrahmKanyā Bachhalyā Brahmāñī.
I was on her gorgeous behind, as usual.
My Uncut Hindu Prick was penetrating her ever tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt sophisticatedly.
She found the door of room number 787, knocked once, waited three seconds, knocked twice, waited three more seconds, then knocked three times.
There was a moment of silence.
Then Nafīsah Salmān heard the sound of steps in the room.
A key twisted in the lock and the door opened slightly.
A safety chain, designed to keep the door from being pushed open, held the opening to a narrow crack.
A pair of green feminine eyes surveyed Nafīsah Salmān.
Then, silently a feminine hand moved up to release the safety chain and the door opened.
Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit nodded but both of them were careful not to exchange the word of greeting until after Nafīsah Salmān and I were physically in the room.
The door was closed equally silently and locked.
Nafīsah Salmān smiled at Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.
Every one there was nude.
I was fucking Brahm Mahimā Sharmā on the bed.
Her extremely beautiful Sharmā Brāhmañ legs were on my nude Bachhalyā shoulders and she was enjoying my Bachhalyā Lund proudly now into her Sharmā Brāhmañ Cunt, playing simultaneously with her extremely beautiful Sharmā Brāhmañ buttocks too.*

Prabhā Shuklā put safety chain into place and turned to Nafīsah Salmān.
“How are you, Buā Ammī? I didn’t know you were coming up.”
Umā Dīxit nodded in agreement with her ever best friend, Prabhā Shuklā.
However, neither Prabhā Shuklā was ashamed of what she did to her immensely ethical, immensely moral, Sharmā Brāhmañ Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, nor her ever best friend Umā Dīxit.
They were happy instead that they successfully made their Sharmā Brāhmañ Bhābhī fuck Durgesh.
Padminī Bhārgav wanted it done by hook or crook.
Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit did successfully what Padminī Bhārgav wanted them to do, irrespective of the fact what Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl had to face due to it.
“Don’t worry,” Padminī Bhārgav shoved her extremely stunning, extremely amazing, gorgeous Bhārgav Brāhmañ buttocks into my nude male Bachhalyā lap, swallowed my entire Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund into her ever tight Bhārgav Brāhmañ Cunt, squeezed her Bhārgav Brāhmañ vaginal muscles around the entire length and thickness of my Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund and smiled cunningly, “you both are selected for my Brahm Padminī Squad. You both are Brahm Padminīs, no doubt. But you have to complete your assignments too if you really want to remain in my Brahm Padminī Squad.”
Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit looked at each other and promised to complete the assignments allotted to them.
One of their assignments was to put their Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā for ever into my nude male Bachhalyā lap.
Ghazālah Siddīqī would replace Brahm Mahimā Sharmā in your brother’s, Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl’s life.” Padminī Bhārgav announced, “We need your Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī in our Brahm Padminī Squad too.”*

Nafīsah Salmān watched both the Brahm Padminīs, Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit.
They both were the exquisite example of Brāhmañ Beauties.
But Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan said,
“Their Ammīs are Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Beauties, Ammī. Aren’t they? In fact, according to Hindu History itself, Ummil Åālmīn Hazrat Allāh Rabbil Åālmīn is the ever first Ummil Åālmīn. The entire infinite Brahm Jagdambās are even the especially projected bodies of the original Musalmān Ummahāt Al Åālmīn.”
Nafīsah Salmān looked helplessly at her ever ambitious daughter.
She was adamant to establish Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah.
Every Muslimah is for a Hindu male at least, none else can even dream of her, let alone touch her.’ Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan used to say proudly.
“The Musalmīn are being cuckolded to their Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives and Durgesh/their Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives’ Hindu lover(s), because only Hindu males are made for Panjvaqtah Namāzī ever sacred Musalmān women, not the Pseudo Musalmīn. Islam does mean peace and no Pseudo Musalmān is ever peaceful. They are either terrorists, or criminals, criminal minded at least. How the bastards deserve a Panjvaqtah Namāzī ever sacred Musalmān wife ever? Are you crazy?”
Nafīsah Salmān couldn’t answer her daughter.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan never let her.
“I never imagined you were so selfish, Ammī.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan used to say contemptuously, “You want the Ever Best Hindu Husband for yourself, but not even a traditional Hindu husband for other more ever suffering Muslimahs. It’s a shame to be unable to forget that you are my Ammī.”
“Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan,” Nafīsah Salmān too said contemptuously, “Padminī Bhārgav claims only a Bachhalyā Penis when enters a Brāhmañ Vagina can provide Shaktipāt to a Brāhmañ woman, none else. She has invented Infinite BrāhmKalp Movement for it, a never ending Bachhalyā BrahmKanyā Bachhalyā Brahmāñī time cycle. Aren’t you doing the same thing proposing Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah?”
“I thought I’d look the setup over,” Nafīsah Salmān said to Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit, “How are things doing?”
“They are making almost every Brāhmañ Beauty a Brahm Jagdambā now.” Prabhā Shuklā said smiling cunningly, “You are right, Buā Ammī. It’s not a part of Infinite BrāhmKalp Movement even. It’s not even a part of Brahm Padminī Squad. It’s actually a part of Brahm Jagdambā Movement. Padminī Bhārgav Dīdī is not making a Brahm Padminī Squad. She is making every Brāhmañ Beauty a Brahm Jagdambā under the disguise of her Brahm Padminī Squad. Why the hell otherwise she assigned both of us to make Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī our co wife?”
Nafīsah Salmān controlled herself.
She tried her best not to lose her patience.
It was not a news to her.
Umā Jagdambā Pārvatī Chakrvartī had already warned her.
“Padminī Bhārgav is not after Brahm Padminī Squad, she is actually after a Brahm Padminī Brahm Jagdambā Squad to face Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Seven Movements that are preparing Musalmān Ummahāt Al Åālmīn Squad actually, either this way or that way. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is an ever shrewdest ever smooth politician now, but so is Padminī Bhārgav too.”
“Can’t you control Padminī Bhārgav, Umā, my child?” Nafīsah Salmān asked anxiously.
“I’m trying my best, Buā Ammī. But how the hell can we blame Padminī Bhārgav for it? Isn’t Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan doing the same thing under this disguise or that?”*

Late one evening, around 1:30 AM, Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā’s wife, Prgyā Agnihotrī, and Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā finished watching a series of DVDs they had rented.

They were both barely awake as the final movie was ending, when suddenly they heard a knock on the sliding glass doors leading from their bedroom to the back yard.
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā’s wife, Pragyā Agnihotrī, instantly panicked and rolled off onto the floor in just her panties, dragging the bedspread with her to cover her breasts.

Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā rolled in the opposite direction and grabbed his pepper spray from the night stand on his side of the bed.
As Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā crept towards the door, he saw a silhouette of whom he was pretty sure was Durgesh, I.
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā barely plucked the blinds back and sure enough he gave me a silly wave and smiled.

Pragyā Agnihotrī and Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā knew I had a big date this very evening, but wondered why at 2 AM I would be knocking on their door.
As Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā slid the door open, I immediately began to apologize saying,
“I’m so sorry to bug you, Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā, but I saw your lights on and, well, I’m locked out next door.”
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā immediately told me to come in, and I glanced to his right seeing Prgyā Agnihotrī getting up off the floor with the bedspread tightly clutched to her chest.
I again began to apologize for the intrusion.

Pragyā Agnihotrī began asking a flurry of questions,
“Why would they lock you out? Don’t you have a key? I thought you had a big date tonight? How’d that go?”

Being very comfortable with Pragyā Agnihotrī and Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā I explained,
“They locked me out because they are assholes. As far as my date, it went just like all the other great dates I’ve had recently… I heavily get laid every time.”

Pragyā Agnihotrī chuckled and said,
“If you keep getting laid on every first date, you’re setting yourself up for almost a male prostitute, instead of a Sex Therapist, don’tcha think?”

I smiled and replied,
“Well yes, but damn it, I’m 64 years old and have had sex infinite times in my life; and countless of those were with the new chicks usually, who insisted that I never wear a condom, but that I take it very slow so as not to break their female sexual organs. Then when I finished, I was to be ultra careful not to even take my Uncut Hindu Penis off unless I was five hours more inside her because
she said she can’t afford to lose me… Now, doesn’t that sound like a wild and satisfying sex life to you?”

Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā’s wife, Prgyā Agnihotrī, and Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā looked at each other and grinned as if to say,
“That was a little more information than we expected.”
Prgyā Agnihotrī jokingly said,
“Come here; at least I can give you a hug on that, Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā, I’m sorry. Please allow me.”
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā was dumbfounded.
Hey Bhagwān, God, his own 39 years old extremely beautiful Brāhmañ wife, Prgyā Agnihotrī, hugging Durgesh, the Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā?
Does her Brahmāñī instinct is longing for Durgesh’s Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund?
Padminī Bhārgav has already asked him for his extremely beautiful Brāhmañ wife.
“You must think of entire great Brāhmañ community, Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā. You are already fifty. What the hell you need Pragyā Agnihotrī for, now?”
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā was dumbfounded.
“Your Excellency, it’s a matter of my self pride, my honor…”
“Oh, come on,” Padminī Bhārgav said irritated, “Your wife, Pragyā Agnihotrī, is a Brahm Padminī. We need Brahm Padminīs for our Brahm Padminī Squad. You can marry someone else who isn’t herself a Brahm Padminī.”
Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā said bitterly.
“So, my younger brother, Shiv Shankar Sharmā, was true? You are making the entire Brahm Padminīs Durgesh’s Brahm Padminī wives forever whether they themselves want it or not? Whether their duly married Brāhmañ husbands want them to sacrifice for your cause, or not? Is it a Democracy? ”*

For the past fifteen minutes it had been apparent that Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, was marking time skilfully.
She was shoving her nude exquisite Trivédī Brāhmañ buttocks into my nude Bachhalyā male lap, swallowing every time my ever strong, Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund into her Trivédī Brāhmañ Choot.
I was fucking Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, because I had to, to follow the manners of Sharmā Brāhmañ Creations.
Vibhā Trivédī fumbled through papers, asked repetitious questions, and from time to time surreptitiously glanced at the clock on the wall of the courtroom.
Abruptly she straightened, constricted her Trivédī Brāhmañ vaginal muscles around my incredibly hard Bachhalyā Lund, and announced cheerfully.
“That’s all.”
Her vaginal muscles squeezed my Bachhalyā Lund beyond normalcy.
I gritted through my teeth,
“Sālī, Trivédī Brāhmañ Bitch!”
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, smiled cunningly.
Bachhalyā Piyā, this isn’t Ved Nagar. This is Sharmā Brāhmañ Creations. Your Musalmān Phuljađī Barristers can’t help you here.”
I grabbed her waist, pulled my Bachhalyā Lund until only its head remained in her Trivédī Brāhmañ Choot, and then shoved it back with my full Bachhalyā manly vigor.
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, jumped to bear the thrust, but I grabbed her waist again pulling her extremely gorgeous Brāhmañ bottom into my nude Bachhalyā male lap again.
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, squeezed her lower lip by her upper dental line, to control the involuntary scream ready to emit from her mouth.
It wasn’t good to her reputation to let it emit.
I realized the trap into which Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, had led me.
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, cooed with every politeness and every official courtesy,
“You may cross-examine, Bachhalyā Piyā.”
“If the court please,” I said affably, “it is twenty minutes to five on a Friday afternoon.”
“What of it, BrahmKanyā- Brahmāñī Ramañ?” Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā, one of the elder brothers of Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā, asked in his most respectful manner.
“It’s obvious to the Court too, your honor,” I said politely, fucking Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, savagely, “that the Court might not care to interrupt my cross examination of this witness with an adjournment. My cross-examination will, I feel, be rather protracted, rather prolonged. It’s thoroughly necessary in the interest of justice to my already extremely harassed client, my cross-examination should not be interrupted.”
“I object your honor,” Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, cooed, “to the phrase ‘already extremely harassed client’. Every defendant feels that way. It doesn’t mean…”
Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā, one of the elder brothers of Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā, raised his hand,
“The objection is sustained, Ms. District Attorney. You don’t need to argue further.”
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, brought her right hand back, between her thighs, and squeezed my Bachhalyā balls playfully,
“Thank you, your honor.”
I enjoyed Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney’s gorgeous nude perky, heavy, big Brāhmañ buttocks being shoved to my nude male Bachhalyā lap repetitively, fucked her optimum, and played with her big Trivédī tits,
“May I be heard your honor?”
Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā, one of the elder brothers of Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā, looked at me gravely.
BrahmKanyā- Brahmāñī Ramañ, you were requested by Rāj Kumārī Doctor Brahm Sītā Sharmā, the President of Sharmā Brāhmañ Creations herself not to defend the defendant, Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā. But you regretted her request, despite the fact that Madam President is your duly married wife too.”
“The defendant Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā has refused to sacrifice his Brahm Padminī wife, Prgyā Agnihotrī, for the cause of Brāhmañ community. It’s his fundamental human right.”
Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, smiled.
“It’s not the case at all, your honor. Moreover, the fundamental human rights differ widely from creations to creations, galaxies to galaxies, solar systems to solar systems, planets to planets and countries to countries. I myself was married to the President of Trivédī Brāhmañ Creations. But as soon as the United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations passed the resolution that in the interests of the people of United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations it would not be benevolent to make Brahm Padminīs available to anyone else except BrahmKanyā- Brahmāñī Ramañ, my ever faithful Trivédī Brāhmañ husband immediately sacrificed me to now my Bachhalyā Piyā. Why couldn’t Pandit Bhawānī Shankar Sharmā himself sacrifice his Brahm Padminī wife to BrahmKanyā- Brahmāñī Ramañ? He is already fifty. What the hell can he get from his Brahm Padminī wife any more?”
“It’s his fundamental human right.” I said gravely.
“Not here. Not in the United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations anywhere. No Brahm Padminī is available now here, in the entire United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations, to anyone except to you, Durgesh, BrahmKanyā- Brahmāñī Ramañ.” Vibhā Trivédī, the District Attorney, shouted angrily, “We need our every Brahm Padminī, every one, without even a single exception to meet a greater celestial catastrophe. We can’t spare even a single one. It’s not a verdict that was taken defeating the opposition. It was an unanimous decision of the Inter Creations Parliament of United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations. Every person that opposes it is a traitor, I say.”*

Padminī Bhārgav witnessed it all on Hyper 3D.
Vibhā Trivédī was her proud selection in Brahm Padminīs.
She really had brains too.
Padminī Bhārgav was not a damn fool to waste such a great Brahm Padminī talent.
Both Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī looked at each other.
Then both of them looked at Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār simultaneously.
“Now, we are alone, Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār.” Padminī Bhārgav smiled gracefully.
Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār controlled himself.
He was astonished that ultimately Bhārgav Brahm Jagdambā Padminī Bhārgav had allowed him to visit United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations.
It was the sparkling capital of United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations, Durgesh Padminī Bhārgav Nagar.
Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār hadn’t seen any City better, except Ved Nagar only.
Durgesh Padminī Bhārgav Nagar was almost Ved Nagar itself.
Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār had come here directly from Karosiā Brahm Creations.
His extremely beautiful 1008 Brāhmañ secretaries were also with him, as well as his Brāhmañ Mahārānīs, Mahārānī Viprmohinī Dīxit, etcetera.
Rājpitāmah CharmPratāp Charmkār was already there when Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār reached Durgesh Padminī Bhārgav Nagar.
“Sorry to stop you from starting discussions.” Vibhā Trivédī smiled, “Her Excellency prefers privacy in meetings.”
“I feel privileged.” Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār pulled his Ārý Samājī Charmkār Penis out of Mahārānī Viprmohinī Dīxit’s still tight Dīxit Brāhmañ Cunt till only its head was inside, then pushed it again entirely back, “We are honored that ultimately you accepted us as a negotiable political unit. Thank you very much.”
“It’s alright,” Padminī Bhārgav smiled, “Rājpitāmah CharmPratāp Charmkār himself came here in person to decide the agenda of our negotiations. It was a great honor. We had to respond to it positively at least.”
Rājpitāmah CharmPratāp Charmkār smiled fucking Rājpitāmahī Mahārānī Brahm Vaishñavī Pāŧhak.
Padminī Bhārgav considered them silently for a few moments.
It was not easy to her to digest watching two Charmkār Penises were invading so many Brāhmañ Cunts before her own eyes.
But she had to negotiate with Rājpitāmah CharmPratāp Charmkār and Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār to get at least Brahm Padminīs for United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations’ own good.
It was not enough to break the marriages of entire Brahm Padminīs in United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations only and make them Brahm Jagdambās legally whether they liked it or not.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was doing much more, very very much more to dominate BrahmKanyās and Brahmāñīs in Bachhalyā households.
Padminī Bhārgav had to bring entire Brahm Padminīs from everywhere, from entire Multiverse and make them Brahm Jagdambās.
It could not be done without establishing diplomatic relations with the political units that had Brahm Padminīs.
She had to make them to surrender entire Brahm Padminīs to United BrahmKanyā Brahmāñī Brāhmañ Creations for ever.
Padminī Bhārgav was ready to give any reasonable price for them in exchange.
And she could give them plenty.
Mahārānī Viprmohinī Dīxit, Rājmātā Brahméshvarī Kulkarñī, Rājmātā Mahārānī Brahmmālā Pāŧhak, and Rājmātā Mahārānī Sudéshñā Dubey were swallowing Amātý Bhīmdév Charmkār’s strong Charmkār Penis into their beautiful Brāhmañ Cunts entirely and watching Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī swallowing my Multiversal Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund in their Bhārgav Brāhmañ Cunt and Trivédī Brāhmañ Cunt proudly.
All the four Mahārānīs were feeling extremely jealous of Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī.
Was Mahārānī Viprmohinī Dīxit less beautiful than Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī?
Was Rājmātā Brahméshvarī Kulkarñī less beautiful than Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī?
Was Rājmātā Mahārānī Brahmmālā Pāŧhak less beautiful than Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī?
Was Rājmātā Mahārānī Sudéshñā Dubey less beautiful than Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī?
Was Rājpitāmahī Mahārānī Brahm Vaishñavī Pāŧhak less beautiful than Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī?
Certainly not.
Certainly not.
Then why Padminī Bhārgav and Vibhā Trivédī were Brahm Jagdambās and why they were Niyog Mahārānīs of a Charmkār Brahm Creation only?
Why they were condemned?
What the hell had they done after all?

Chapter 11
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat:5

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Durgesh Brahm Mahimā Sharmā

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā looked over at me with amazement and joy on her face.

“Hey Bhagvān! Look at it snow, Durgesh darling!”

We had just walked out of the mall.

We both were stark naked.

We had to be.

Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ had warned everyone concerned,

“If you want to save her life, we can’t separate them now.”

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was furious,

“Who the hell does want me to separate from Durgesh, my eternal Bachhalyā lover? After all, a Brahmāñī must have a Bachhalyā lover. She is authorized to have both legally and morally. Isn’t she?”

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was radiating happiness.

“Sure. After all, when a Musalmān Beauty, and why a Musalmān Beauty, when the entire Musalmān Beauties can enjoy their Hindu lover openly, why can’t Brahm Mahimā Sharmā enjoy her Bachhalyā lover?”

Nafīsah Salmān looked at her ever-revolting ever-aggressive Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān daughter.

She could not understand what she was after now.

The weatherman had mentioned snow might be in the forecast, but there were a few inches of the white stuff on the ground and in the dimming afternoon light, the clouds promised more snow, lots more.

As we walked on our fours, all nude, through the falling snow, I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful Brahm Mahimā Sharmā looked, her long black hair dusted with snowflakes.

She was not less beautiful than Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Nafīsah Salmān, Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ, Prabhā Shuklā or Umā Dīxit.

Even her Ammī, Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd, was so beautiful in her nude that I couldn’t stop myself fucking her when her daughter Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was asleep on the bed.

Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd was startled,

“You— you called me ‘Ammī’ Durgesh.”

“Yes, my dear,” I pushed my entire Uncut Hindu Lund into the still amazingly tight Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Choot of Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd, “but we have now only one mission. We have to save your daughter’s life at any caste. Don’t we?”

Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd was in a hell of an indecisive position.

She was a Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān woman.

She had never imagined an Uncut Hindu Lund in her ardent Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Choot.

Allah, Yā Allaaaaah! A Hindu is fucking her now at her forty-four.

She had never anticipated it.

Yes, Durgesh is thirty-two.

He is twelve years younger than she herself was.

But he was a Hindu.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was her daughter because her husband’s friend, Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā, could give her a son, her husband never provided.

Craving for a son, Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd seduced Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā herself.

Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd deliberately lied to Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā that his friend, her husband, Ambassador Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd, was semi impotent.

“Semi impotent?” Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā could not approve the idea, “Bhābhījān, I can’t understand actually what you do mean.”

“Your Bhābhījān, Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd, Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā, needs you very much. A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

“Anything for you Bhābhījān. Just order me and—”

“Fuck me.”

Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā was stunned.

He could not believe his ears,


“Fuck me, you idiot. Your friend can’t satisfy me. I need oral and anal sex too. He thinks it’s against Islam. I need a Hindu therefore to satisfy my physical needs.”

Dr. Al Furqān Al Saåūd was an immensely beautiful Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān young lady of sweet sixteen then.

Her first offspring was Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, an extremely beautiful daughter from Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā, Ambassador of India in Saůūdī Årab.

Ambassador Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd named her Al Qur’an Al Sultān Al Saåūd.

He thought she was his own daughter.

Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā, Ambassador of India in Saůūdī Årab, named her Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.

We took our presents to Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s old station wagon and went in search of a restaurant.

At a local steakhouse, we ordered steaks and from our window seat watched as the snow piled up.

“I think we might have made a mistake, Bachhalyā Piyā,” Brahm Mahimā Sharmā said. “Maybe we should have headed for home as soon as I got here.”

I looked at her and nodded, replying,

“Maybe so. Even the weather guy didn’t see this coming.”

I’d stopped at the bar on our way in and instead of sports; everyone was watching the weather reports on the Six O’clock News.

An unexpected collision of polar and humid fronts was giving birth to a major snowstorm.

The word blizzard was being tossed around.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā had driven down to drive me back for Shrāvañ Parv break.

I was a successful writer, Barrister, Sex therapist and Social Worker from India, visiting Chicago now.

It was tradition for Brahm Mahimā Sharmā to drive the four or so hours to pick me up for Shrāvañ Parv break.

We’d spend the day catching up, going shopping and having dinner before heading home for the Shrāvañ Parv gathering.

It was a chance for Brahm Mahimā Sharmā and me to have a quiet Moment together.

We left the restaurant with a couple of more inches of snow on the ground.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s station wagon plowed stolidly through the snow, but it was getting really messy now.

On the radio, the report was to expect somewhere between twelve and fifteen inches of snow by noon tomorrow.

Near my studio apartment, we stopped at a local Korean grocery and used the pay phone there.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā called home to discover that they were already snowed in.

Her husband, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl, wasn’t happy, fussing that Brahm Mahimā Sharmā should have known better and the roads there were in even worse shape.

He complained until Brahm Mahimā Sharmā cut him off, saying,

“Just get over it, my dear ever over caring Brāhmañ husband, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl. You and the twins can survive a few days without me. You’ll probably enjoy Shrāvañ Parv even more.” She rolled her eyes at me in disgust.

Yeah, her ever over caring Brāhmañ husband, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl, was a class act, bitching about his own possible discomforts rather than the safety of his wife.

Had she been normal, perhaps she had been surprised how he did agree to have his wife, always nude, in my always-nude lap, always fucking her.

If it were not his own sister, Prabhā Shuklā’s mistake, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl had never allowed it.

Hey Bhagvān, why Prabhā Shuklā did it?

His wife, in nude, is enjoying her world tour with nude Durgesh always fucking her.

How could he even bear the thought?***

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā spoke to her younger brothers and reassured them that she’d miss them, but that they and her ever over caring Brāhmañ husband, Professor Dr. Rām Chandr Shukl, would have a fun special Shrāvañ Parv all on their own.

I imagined, they weren’t too broken up about it.

Hanging up the phone, and wiping away a couple of tears, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā shrugged and said,

“Well, sweetie, my Bachhalyā Piyā, I guess it’s just you and me, your Brāhmañ Salhaj, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā; this Shrāvañ Parv.”

I winked at Brahm Mahimā Sharmā fucking her more passionately,

“It’s alright, darling. I love to fuck my extremely beautiful Salhajs, whether Musalmān Beauties or Brāhmañ Beauties whosoever they are.”

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā pushed her gorgeous extremely beautiful nude Sharmā Brāhmañ buttocks in my nude male Bachhalyā lap and swallowed my entire throbbing Bachhalyā Lund once more into her Sharmā Brāhmañ Choot.

My Bachhalyā balls were rubbing her inner Sharmā Brāhmañ thighs now.


Umā Dīxit was still sarcastic.

“She is teasing us, Durgesh. She is our Bhābhī. We know her better than you.”

Prabhā Shuklā was suspicious herself.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was her Bhābhī, her sister in law today, but she was her friend ab initio, from their childhood.

Prabhā Shuklā was childishly happy when Brahm Mahimā Sharmā announced that she prefer to remain a Brāhmañ, rather than a Musalmān.

“I’m glad that you prefer Brāhmañism on Islam, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.”

“Shshsh…”Brahm Mahimā Sharmā silenced her, “not so aloud. Ammījān would hear and would think I’m disgracing her religion.”

“Nonsense, Al Furqān auntie is not so undemocratic. She respects individuality and personal decisions of other persons even more than Ambassador Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd uncle does.”

Prabhā Shuklā, then you don’t know my Abbū, Ambassador Dr. Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd.”

“What do you mean?”

“He is widely hated in Saůūdī Årab for his ardent democratic views.”

Prabhā Shuklā was surprised,

“Widely hated? What do you mean? You Saůūdī Årabs hate democracy?”

“You haven’t gone our country ever?” Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was surprised.

“Hey, Saůūdī Årab is not your country.”

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā sighed.

“Yes, it is Prabhā Shuklā. My Ammījān lives there. My Abbū, Ambassador Dr. Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd, lives there. I’m a Saůūdī Årab citizen whether we like it or not.”

“But Ambassador Dr. Sheikħ Al Sultān Al Saåūd uncle is not your real father. Your real father is Ambassador Dr. Rām Pratāp Sharmā uncle, Ambassador of India in Saůūdī Årab.” Prabhā Shuklā protested avidly.

“What difference does it make? Who knows that?”

“Even then, isn’t it a fact?”

“Yes, a fact not recognized by law anywhere, neither in Saůūdī Årab nor even here in India. They respect marriages more than the Live in relationships everywhere.”

Prabhā Shuklā watched Brahm Mahimā Sharmā gravely,

“While, I think the Live in relationships represent true love between a man and a woman more than the marriages do.”

“Of course. Absolutely right you are. Even Hinduism, the ever practical, ever scientific, ever mathematical religion of us, boldly respects Live in relationships more than the marriages even.”

Prabhā Shuklā jumped out of sheer surprise,


Chapter 6


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2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat:4

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv

<a Durgesh

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv

Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Early in our Live in relationship, Prabhā Shuklā and I both had good jobs and no kids, so we had money to spare.

We bought a big house out in the sticks and gave lots of parties.

The Brāhmañs criticized Prabhā Shuklā very much that she lived in relationship with a Dalit ultimately.

Prabhā Shuklā laughed.

“I live in relationship with a Bachhalyā. Durgesh is a Bachhalyā and the original husband of us all the Brahmkanyās and the Brahmāñīs even. We the Brahmkanyās, and the Brahmāñīs even; are made for Durgesh only, and for no one else.”

Narottam Trivedī could not bear it any more.

His own younger sister Prabhā Trivedī was also living in relationship with this Bachhalyā, Durgesh, the Muslimātramañ.

“I’m unable to understand why the extremely beautiful Brahmkanyās, and the extremely beautiful Brahmāñīs even, crave for this dirty dalit Bachhalyā. He doesn’t love them. He is obsessed with fucking the extraordinary Musalmān Beauties.”

Prabhā Trivedī looked contemptuously at his elder communal Brāhmañ brother.

Sixty four years of the Independence of India even, could not change some Communals.

The Musalmīn were top of them, but the Brāhmañs were also not far behind.

Narottam Trivedī always disliked the Brahmkanyās marrying the Bachhalyās while it was the prevalent trend now.

The Brahmkanyās were fighting bitterly with the extraordinary Musalmān Beauties to have Bachhalyās as their husbands.

If it was not possible, the Brahmkanyās were living with the Bachhalyās even in Live in relationships, in a large number now.

After one particular sexy night, the two of us ended up at the end of the evening sprawled on the floor with our nude bodies in front of the fire.

The only other person left was one of her friends from University.

Umā Dīxit was a stunner.

Prabhā Shuklā had only renewed contact when she tracked her down for the wedding.

She was delighted to find she had recently moved back to her hometown.

It seemed that at University the pair was real hell-raisers.

I could believe that seeing Umā Dīxit in action.

Almost six feet tall before she put on her spike heels, she had the figure of a gymnast, well muscled with tight Dīxit Brāhmañ buttocks, flat stomach and pert Brāhmañ breasts.

She knew she looked good and dressed to show it.

On that night, she was in a very tight short skirt and a low cut blouse.

I could see through the loose fabric and knew Umā Dīxit had no bra.

Almost every time I saw her, she had on equally provocative clothing, which covered but hid nothing.

Watching her dance was quite an experience.

Dancing with her was unforgettable.

More than once she had pulled me up to dance and left, me exhausted by her sheer Dīxit Brāhmañ energy and aroused by her sensual Dīxit Brāhmañ grace.

I have seen other Bachhalyās quickly excuse themselves from a dance so that they could adjust their clothing to hide highly visible Bachhalyā erections.

Umā Dīxit of course knew exactly what she was doing and took great delight in the effect she had.

She had to win a Bachhalyā for her from the extremely sexy Musalmān Beauties.

It was not a joke.

Brother Narottam Trivedī was a foolish man.

Most of the Brāhmañs were not far better than Musalmīn even.

They thought their being Brāhmañs was more than enough.

They must be respected by every non Brāhmañ.


As Musalmīn were idiots, so were the Brāhmañs too.

Actually, most of the Savarñs were the same.

Only the Shūdrs were progressing now fast.

It was natural therefore that the Savarñās were after the laborious, intelligent, practical and progressive Shūdrs.

Prabhā Trivedī had belligerently announced,

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté.’

Only Savarñā wife, none else, is constituted for a Shūdr.’

—Manu Smr’ti: 9|157

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was furious,

“What nonsense, Prabhā Dīdī? We won’t allow it on any cost.”

“Are you crazy, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan? We Brahmkanyās, Brahmāñīs and Savarñās are delivering you Musalmān Beauties all the Brāhmañs, all the Xatriýs and all the Vaishýs expressly arranged beautifully on diamond plates. Take all of them, educated, intelligent and sophisticated.”

“Educated, intelligent and sophisticated, my foot.” Kħadījah Muħammad was also furious, “Prabhā Trivedī, Don’t try to play games with us Musalmān Beauties. Your damned diamonds plates don’t include Durgesh and the Bachhalyās.”

“Well, both of them are originally made for us Brahmkanyās and Brahmāñīs even. You can go through our history ab initio.” Prabhā Trivedī smiled innocently.

“And what about the rest of the Hindus?” Bābarah Åālamgīr asked sarcastically.

“You mean Shūdrs? Well,

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté.’

Only Savarñā wife, none else, is constituted for a Shūdr.’

—Manu Smr’ti: 9|157”

Prabhā Trivedī winked at them cunningly.

“Prabhā Dīdī!” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan gritted her teeth, “it won’t be so easy as you think. Okay, we’d war with you on the battle field.”

“You are forgetting the Shūdr Kanyās and the Shūdrāñīs.” Prabhā Trivedī kept on smiling, “You have already to accommodate or fight with them for Brāhmañs and Savarñs Live in relationship Partners. According to Manu Smr’ti, actually they have to marry the Shūdr Kanyās and the Shūdrāñīs too. ”

“The hell with your Manu Smr’ti.”Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan shouted, “Did you hear, Prabhā Trivedī Dīdī?”

Prabhā Trivedī laughed triumphantly.***

Pāndu Karosiā knew very well that even though Kuntī Pandit and Madrī Chatterjī were Communist Brāhmañs, the traditional Brāhmañs still believed it was their humiliation.

They were so Communals.

He was always prepared for the bad news that Kuntī Pandit and Madrī Joshī could leave him anytime to join my bed.

Durgesh would never do that for traditional Brāhmañs.” Madrī Chatterjī smiled to Pāndu Karosiā.

Durgesh can do anything to keep the self dignity of his Brāhmañ Live in relationship Partners.”

“They have nothing to do with us.”Kuntī Pandit also seconded Madrī Chatterjī.

“Yes, they do.”Pāndu Karosiā said, “I’m surprised why Durgesh hasn’t done something degrading to us already. You have given three sons to me, Kuntī Pandit and Madrī Chatterjī has given me two sons. While I had to change my 1008 Brāhmañ secretaries how many times, I can’t even recall it.”

Kuntī Pandit smiled.

“Because Durgesh had fucked them?”

“Without any exception. He thinks I’m a bad guy and I don’t deserve any woman companion whether Brāhmañ or else.”

“Why do you want Brāhmañ women as your sex partners?”Madrī Chatterjī teased him, “To satisfy your communal sexual lust?”

“Why shouldn’t I? The Brāhmañs have always humiliated us sweepers.”

“Well, you are not sweeper now. You are Karosiā Chakrvartī of Karosiā Brahm Indrprasth Creations.”

“But our forefathers were really sweepers once.”

“What difference does it make?”

Pāndu Karosiā couldn’t answer it rationally.

Arjun Karosiā could not believe his ears.

Brahm Pānchāl Creations had announced Swayamvar of Draupadī Pandit ultimately.

Draupadī Pandit was extraordinary beautiful.

They said Draupadī Pandit already had her sexual relations with me.

Yet, still the Swayamvar was announced.

“Mom,” Arjun Karosiā asked his mother, Kuntī Pandit, “You said you’ve watched your niece, Draupadī Pandit, fucking Durgesh herself.”

“Yes, so what?”Kuntī Pandit smiled, “Durgesh was fucking me when she suddenly entered my bedroom.”

Arjun Karosiā had, as if fallen from sky.

“What? Durgesh was… Durgesh was fucking youuuu?”

“Yes, me and Madrī Chatterjī both, simultaneously.”

“So,…so dad is mistaken that Durgesh hasn’t done anything mischievous with you and Madrī Joshī Mom?”

Kuntī Pandit laughed.

“Arjun Karosiā, my dear boy, act your age. You are twenty eight already. Durgesh fucked us after our marriage with your dad, even before our Suhāg Rāt, our Golden Night, with your dad.”

“Hey Paramātmā.”

Kuntī Pandit smiled triumphantly,

“We both are extremely beautiful and Durgesh couldn’t afford not to fuck us.”

“Hey Prabhu.”

“Why are you so surprised? Doesn’t our Brāhmañ beauty deserve Durgesh’s lovemaking with us?”

Arjun Karosiā was surprised to find that his Communist Brāhmañ mother was hurt somewhat finding her own son was not paying optimum tribute to her exquisite excellent Brāhmañ beauty.

Arjun Karosiā immediately controlled himself.

He was trying to see his Communist Brāhmañ mother in her true light, perhaps for the first time.

How different she was from other traditional Brāhmañs.

Yes, even traditional Brāhmañ ladies did not speak truth always to their husband.

Yet, cheating their husband was not so normal for them, as it was normal for Kuntī Pandit and Madrī Chatterjī.

Had Communism elevated their character from other normal traditional Brāhmañ ladies?

Arjun Karosiā did not think so.

Kuntī Pandit was proud of the fact that Durgesh fucked both of them and their husband Pāndu Karosiā didn’t believe it.

He still thought they were his loyal Communist Brāhmañ wives.


My foot, Arjun Karosiā thought.***

Other Brāhmañ Wives and Brāhmañ girlfriends were less happy, although some were amused by their Bachhalyā partner’s discomfort, especially those dragged from the room a few minutes later for a robust quickie in a quiet corner.

Others saw her, and frequently described her, as a lowlife tramp.

Such people were not invited to our parties again if Prabhā Shuklā had anything to do with it.

At work, she had a similar impact, although she wasn’t quite so outrageously dressed.

Normally she wore a trouser suit.

Had you seen it on a hanger, it would have looked suitable for a Bachhalyā, but once she was wearing it, any thought of masculinity, other than your own, vanished.

The jacket would emphasize her slim waist then flare out over her broad Brāhmañ buttocks.

It was almost always cut short, emphasizing her hard firm Shuklā Brāhmañ backside, each cheek clearly defined by tight fitting trousers.

Typically she wore the jacket buttoned, fastening just below her Brāhmañ breasts.

I could never see a bra, but somehow the Brāhmañ breasts would be uplifted, making them even more magnificent, with a deep cleavage.

Meeting her for coffee in town was always fun.

When she walked in, my eyes would follow her across the room as if magnetized and not a few Brāhmañ Beauties too.

She simply oozed her Shuklā Brāhmañ sexuality for me from her every Shuklā Brāhmañ pore.

Prabhā Shuklā knew it but would blithely ignore all the looks and stride over to me, bending forward to hold my head in one hand before kissing me on my Bachhalyā lips, flashing her Shuklā Brāhmañ cleavage at me as if by accident, but we both knew better.

I could feel every eye on me then, radiating sheer jealousy and hatred from Communal Brāhmañs  that I, a Bachhalyā, was the one with her, the one she touched.

On this evening, we lay sprawled on the floor with our nude bodies, staring into the fire.

The party had finished long ago, but we were comfortable and still had that pleasant buzz that comes from just great nonstop sex, taken at just the right interval.

I was especially relaxed, with Prabhā Shuklā on one side and Umā Dīxit on the other, their heads leaning against my shoulder.

Whichever way I looked, I saw a sexy Brāhmañ Beauty.

From my angle, I had a splendid view of Umā Dīxit‘s Dīxit Brāhmañ breasts,

They were standing firm without any sign of sagging.

Looking the other way I had a similar view of Prabhā Shuklā’s, slightly larger but softer and fuller.

Umā Dīxit’s skirt had slid up, so that almost her full length of leg was exposed.

I could just see the briefest sign of her panties.

Prabhā Shuklā had on a long soft summery dress, very sheer and I could see her long firm legs through the soft fabric, again with the tiny triangle of her panties visible.

I could have sat there all night, my arms around these glorious Brāhmañ Beauties but the music stopped.

Neither of them made any move.

Then Prabhā Shuklā nudged me to change the DVD.

Reluctantly I got up, and moved to the DVD player.

I turned round to ask what they wanted and saw that the two of them had shuffled up leaving me no room.

They lay back against the sofa, arms around each other, Prabhā Shuklā resting her head on Umā Dīxit’s shoulder with her eyes closed.

I left them to it and put on something soft and smooth.

As I turned back, I saw that Prabhā Shuklā was idly playing with the fabric of Umā Dīxit’s blouse. It had come out from her skirt and rumpled up exposing her firm flat midriff.

“Hey Bhagvān.” said Prabhā Shuklā suddenly, “you’ve got a belly button ring. Let me see, let me see.”

“That’s not all.” giggled Umā Dīxit. “I have other piercings too.”

“You, Dīxit Brāhmañ bitch, Show me, show me. Show our Bachhalyā lover simultaneously.”

Umā Dīxit unbuttoned her blouse and took it off altogether, to reveal that her left nipple had also been pierced.

“I also have one here.” she said, pointing to her Brāhmañ crotch.

Prabhā Shuklā’s eyes widened.

“What? I have to see that. Didn’t it hurt?”

Umā Dīxit looked over to me, still holding the DVD case in my hand, with pride, then at Prabhā Shuklā.

“Are you sure?” she asked significantly.

Prabhā Shuklā nodded excitedly, her lips parted and slightly engorged, her breath coming quickly and her nostrils flaring.

“What about you, Durgesh, Bachhalyā Piyā?” asked Umā Dīxit, looking at me.

I simply spread my hands and shrugged before pointing at Prabhā Shuklā.

“It’s her call.”

There was no way I was going say no to this gorgeous Brāhmañ creature stripping off in front of me.

Yet, they called me only Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam!

Wasn’t it a tyranny on me?

Umā Dīxit stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor, before stepping out of the tiniest pair of briefs I had ever seen on her.

She turned to face us, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic Dīxit Brāhmañ hair before gently spreading the lips of her Brāhmañ Pussy and exposing a ring through the hood of her Brāhmañ Clitoris and two others through the Brāhmañ labia.

I winced, but Prabhā Shuklā sat up with fascination.

“Can I touch?” she asked her voice husky.

I recognized that tone, it meant she was highly aroused.

Umā Dīxit simply nodded, breathing harshly.

Prabhā Shuklā knelt in front of her.

Neither of them were looking at me, Umā Dīxit was watching Prabhā Shuklā intensely while Prabhā Shuklā had her whole attention on the rings in Umā Dīxit’s Brāhmañ Pussy lips.

Umā Dīxit sat down on the sofa, legs spread wide.

Prabhā Shuklā reached out and gently twisted Umā Dīxit’s nipple ring.

Umā Dīxit cupped one of Prabhā Shuklā’s Brāhmañ breasts in her hand and tweaked the nipple.

Prabhā Shuklā’s nipples were very sensitive and doing that normally moved her very quickly into high gear so I was surprised and not a little turned on to see the same thing happen when a Brāhmañ Beauty did it.

Prabhā Shuklā moved closer, looking up into Umā Dīxit’s face then drew it down towards her and kissed her deeply.

The two pulled apart again, breathing hard.

Prabhā Shuklā sat back on her heels and gently parted Umā Dīxit’s Brāhmañ Pussy lips before leaning forward again and blowing across the clearly engorged Brāhmañ Clitoris.

She flicked at the Brāhmañ Clit ring and Umā Dīxit shivered with pleasure.

She leant forward and flicked again at the ring, this time with her exquisite Brāhmañ tongue.

I could see it flicking in and out, probing into Umā Dīxit’s Brāhmañ Pussy, working at each piercing in turn.

Both of them were breathing heavily by now and fully aroused.

I could see a flush spreading across Umā Dīxit’s neck and down across her Brāhmañ breasts.

I moved slightly to see better and could see that Prabhā Shuklā’s nipples were hard and full, standing out like marbles.

I rarely saw her so aroused.

Without looking at me, Prabhā Shuklā stood and pulled Umā Dīxit up from the sofa and led her to the door without a word.

It was as if I had vanished from the room.

As they went out, Umā Dīxit looked over her shoulder and held out her hand for me to follow, which rather proudly I did.

Prabhā Shuklā led Umā Dīxit up the stairs.

I stood back and savored the view as they went, arms around each other’s waist,

Prabhā Shuklā was caressing Umā Dīxit’s tight naked backside.

It was an entrancing sight, and I knew that even tonight, I was not to be just a voyeur.

We got to the bedroom, Prabhā Shuklā still watching me, entirely focused on Umā Dīxit.

She threw back the covers on the large bed, took Umā Dīxit’s hand and pulled her down so that they lay side by side, facing each other.

From my position, I could see them hip to hip, groin to groin, Brāhmañ breast to Brāhmañ breast, face to face.

I stiffened as they slowly caressed each other, each movement mirrored by the other.

Umā Dīxit ran her fingers lightly over each of Prabhā Shuklā’s nipples in turn while Prabhā Shuklā gently squeezed Umā Dīxit’s Brāhmañ breasts in her hands before running her hand down Umā Dīxit’s flat firm stomach and sliding a finger gently between her legs, teasing at the Brāhmañ Clit ring.

Umā Dīxit was panting already.

She lay back, parting her legs to allow Prabhā Shuklā’s questing, probing fingers to work their way further into her.

Prabhā Shuklā drew them out then kissed and tasted them one by one before gently feeding them back in.

I watched with pride as Umā Dīxit writhed with pleasure, her skin flushed, nipples hard and Brāhmañ labia swollen.

I knew they both were craving for me, actually, for a Bachhalyā.

Most of the Brāhmañ Beauties were craving for the Bachhalyās now, fighting bitterly with the extraordinary Musalmān Beauties.

They had to.

Musalmān Beauties were not leaving even the Bachhalyās for the Brāhmañ Beauties.

They wanted to invade the exclusive territories of the Brāhmañ Beauties even.

Brāhmañ Beauties, naturally, had to fight furiously with the extremely shameless extremely ravenous Musalmān Beauties to keep Bachhalyās to themselves.

It was the question of their own existence.

They had already given their Brāhmañ males to Musalmān Beauties.

How communal the Brāhmañ males were.

Where they wanted grossly impractical morals from Brāhmañ Beauties, they were falling head on foot for entirely shameless aggression of Musalmān Beauties on themselves.

The entirely useless Brāhmañ males with the Brāhmañ Beauties were fucking Musalmān Beauties as if the bears had gone mad.

Well, the Brāhmañ Beauties had no complaints.

They had their Bachhalyā lovers even more aggressive on their own Brāhmañ genitals.

I could take no more so stood up and undressed, freeing my rigid Bachhalyā shaft, swollen almost to bursting and began stroking it gently in time with Prabhā Shuklā’s own increasingly frantic fingering.

By now, Umā Dīxit was trembling and I watched as an orgasm grew to possess her whole Dīxit Brāhmañ body.

She threw her head back, keening in ecstasy.

Prabhā Shuklā did not let up though and kept her at this level for several minutes before slowly allowing her to subside.

She didn’t stop entirely and soon had Umā Dīxit groaning with pleasure again, her body rigid.

Prabhā Shuklā brought her to orgasm four times more, before relenting and letting her collapse exhaustedly on to the bed.

I watched in amazement as Prabhā Shuklā, admittedly a very passionate Brāhmañ Beauty, showed such skill in bringing her friend to such heights of pleasure.

“Now it’s my turn.” said Prabhā Shuklā.

Umā Dīxit looked at her wide-eyed.

“I don’t know if I have the energy,” she gasped.

“Nonsense — a good orgasm gives you energy.” Prabhā Shuklā threw herself back on the bed, legs apart.

I could see she was thoroughly aroused, her Brāhmañ labia as engorged as Umā Dīxit’s and her chest was flushed.

Umā Dīxit sat up and looked across at me.

Bachhalyā Piyā, Durgesh, I hope you are enjoying the Brāhmañ show. Yes, we are the coldest women they say, but you can see yourself. We are not coldest even for you. The Brāhmañs blame us for their own impractical pseudo moral demands and shortcomings.”

Umā Dīxit laughed, before kneeling and gently stroking Prabhā Shuklā’s Brāhmañ breasts, pinching one nipple while kissing the other, tongue swirling around the erect nipple, lapping at the soft skin just under each Brāhmañ breast before gently blowing on the engorged nipples again.

As she bent forward to do this, her Brāhmañ bottom rose up, exposing her own Brāhmañ Pussy, still warm and moistly pink from her exertions.

As she kissed and tickled her way down Prabhā Shuklā’s body, I watched her Brāhmañ buttocks swing from side to side.

In the end I could stand it no longer and stood up, moving towards her.

Prabhā Shuklā saw me as if for the first time and seeing her glance my way, Umā Dīxit looked back and saw me hovering, my Bachhalyā Lund standing to attention.

“Go on then.”

Waiting no longer, I seized Umā Dīxit’s Brāhmañ buttocks as they swung in front of me before thrusting my own swollen Bachhalyā Lund hard into her soft moist Brāhmañ Choot, feeling the Brāhmañ labia rings rubbing against my highly sensitized Bachhalyā shaft.

She cried out and redoubled her efforts to bring Prabhā Shuklā to orgasm as I in turn pumped away at her.

I was so aroused by now that I fucked both of them furiously one after another.

“Hey Bhagvān— Hey Bhagvān.”Both Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit were madly pushing their glorious gorgeous white Brāhmañ buttocks into my nude male Bachhalyā lap, swallowing my Bachhalyā Lund into their Brāhmañ Choots, entirely unashamed of them.

Their Brāhmañ Cunts were sucking my Bachhalyā Lund ravenously.

I fucked Prabhā Shuklā nonstop for hours.

She was on her knees and I was hammering Prabhā Shuklā from her behind.

At first Prabhā Shuklā herself was aggressive.

She pushed her buttocks back in wild savage movements for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes defeating even me in my lust for her.

Her lust for me was fiercer.

But, after all, Prabhā Shuklā was a Shuklā Brāhmañ Beauty.

She couldn’t compete with my immensely ever increasing Bachhalyā lust for her.

Her Brāhmañ lust for me soon satisfied, nude I rode on nude Prabhā Shuklā.

“Hey Bhagvān— Hey Bhagvān, no Durgesh, please. That’s more than enough for me. I’m not your ever ravenous Musalmān Beauty. I’m your Brāhmañ Live in relationship Partner. I can’t have so much aggressive nonstop sex with you. Fuck now Umā Dīxit, please.”

I smiled agreeing to grant her request.

Suddenly Prabhā Shuklā screamed as she came and as she came so did I, thrusting hard into Prabhā Shuklā, slapping my hips into her cheeks, letting everything go at once.

I heard Prabhā Shuklā call out too, then she collapsed under me and I came out.

I immediately poked my Bachhalyā Lund into Umā Dīxit’s eagerly waiting Dīxit Brāhmañ Choot.

Umā Dīxit’s arms were wrapped around her, clasping her tightly.

She smiled at me,

“Thank you, Durgesh, my Bachhalyā Piyā.”

“It’s my pleasure, Mérī Jān.” I kissed Umā Dīxit on her beautiful quivering Dīxit Brāhmañ lips and started fucking her furiously, resuming my pace.

Umā Dīxit was also aggressive at first, but after twenty or twenty five minutes at the most, Umā Dīxit also surrendered to me.

I fucked Umā Dīxit also nonstop wildly as I had fucked Prabhā Shuklā.

I fucked them alternatively.

But even then, they couldn’t accompany me any more.

Prabhā Shuklā called her Brāhmañ friends first to help her to satisfy her Bachhalyā Live in relationship Partner.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was startled,

“My husband will kill me, Prabhā. You should have told me on the mobile.”

“Hey, you requested me to share Durgesh with you.” Prabhā Shuklā rebuked Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.

Extremely beautiful Brahm Mahimā Sharmā blushed.

“Yes, I did. But—”

“But what?” Prabhā Shuklā scolded Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.

“Well, I never thought you’d really share Durgesh ever with me.”

“Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, you idiot. Why did you request me for what you never wanted to do? I need help from you to satisfy Durgesh. We both are exhausted. And Durgesh still needs a Brāhmañ Cunt.”

Brāhmañ Cunt?” Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was blushing, “Why Brāhmañ Cunt especially? Let me call Ghazālah Siddīqī. She’d love to satisfy Durgesh. You know Ghazālah Siddīqī raped Ram Chandr.”

“Ram Chandr Bhaiyā? Nooooooooo. Ghazālah Siddīqī raped him? Hey Bhagvān the Maryādā Purushottam Bhagvān Ram of today is raped by our modern Shūrpñakhā? Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī, he’d never forgive you. ”***

Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl watched me gravely,

“Well, Ghazālah Siddīqī is not the ever first Musalmān Beauty who raped me.”

“I see.”

“How did you know?”

I couldn’t tell him that his own wife had told me that.

I had surmised till then that any such revelation to him might destroy Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s marriage with him.

Professor Dr. Ram Chandr Shukl was one of those Hindus who lived in imaginary world of their own mental creations.

They wanted their own houseladies to be Bhagvatī Sītā Rāvañi Paulastý whether they themselves were Lord Ram or not.

The revelation that his wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, had even only expressed her desire to share me with her friend and Nanad, Prabhā Shuklā, could destroy Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s marriage.

The fact that his own sister Prabhā Shuklā pushed his wife, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, on nude me, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s unprepared quivering Sharmā Brāhmañ lips brushed against my Bachhalyā shaft, would certainly could be harmful to Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.

My Bachhalyā shaft was anointed with Prabhā Shuklā’s Shuklā Brāhmañ vaginal juices, my Bachhalyā Vīrý and Umā Dīxit’s Dīxit Brāhmañ vaginal juices.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s Sharmā Brāhmañ lips when brushed against my Bachhalyā shaft, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s extremely beautiful Brāhmañ mouth inadvertently opened in wild surprise.

It resulted in my entire Bachhalyā Lund entering her Sharmā Brāhmañ mouth involuntarily to her throat.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā gagged.

She never had any penis before in her mouth.

Neither she had ever imagined she’d have any.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā hated it very much.

No oral sex, please.

The Musalmān Beauties, Christian Beauties, Jew Beauties and other Beauties not only did it, so many of them even loved it.

Well, the bitches loved anal sex even.

Hey Bhagvān!

Yes, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā is modern.

Ultra modern even.

Yet, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā could never imagine sucking a penis or having it in her sacred Brāhmañ ass.

Hey Bhagvān!

Can’t they even imagine Western Culture without, oral sex, anal sex, lesbians, gays, and etcetera?

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā didn’t know she had swallowed my entire Bachhalyā Lund into her exquisite excellent Sharmā Brāhmañ mouth and without realizing what she was doing, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was sucking it passionately.

Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit both looked it, looked at each other significantly and smiled.

They started undressing Brahm Mahimā Sharmā.

They didn’t know Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was not doing it in her senses.

She was actually thinking against it furiously, while practically she was herself sucking me fiercely as if in trance.

It had gone to almost half an hour, Prabhā Shuklā’s Bhābhī and friend Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was sucking my Bachhalyā Lund madly, wildly and savagely.

She was so engrossed in her thinking that Brahm Mahimā Sharmā never realized even her Nanad, Prabhā Shuklā and her Nanad’s friend Umā Dīxit were undressing her for me.

When Brahm Mahimā Sharmā realized it, it was too late.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was also nude now as her Nanad Prabhā Shuklā, I, and her Nanad’s friend, Umā Dīxit was already.

She was as if fallen from sky,

“What — what did — why the hell did you undress me?”

Prabhā Shuklā laughed,

“It’s alright, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī. We promise we’d never tell it to Ram Chandr Bhaiyā. Just help us, yaar.”

“What? What do you mean? How dare you?”

“Oh, come on. Don’t tease us, please. You’ve already sucked Durgesh for almost half an hour. Now go ahead and fuck him.”

With this, Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit lifted nude Brahm Mahimā Sharmā up and made her to sit on my Bachhalyā Lund.

“Noooooooooooo.” Brahm Mahimā Sharmā protested, “Nooooooooo, please.”

But my throbbing Bachhalyā Lund was already into Brahm Mahimā Sharmā’s already wet Sharmā Brāhmañ Choot.

It slipped easily right to my groin.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was startled and dumbfounded.

She never even imagined it could happen ever.

Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit laughed and started raising Brahm Mahimā Sharmā up and down on my sky rocketing Bachhalyā Lund.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was straddling on my nude waist.

My Bachhalyā Lund was growing longer, thicker and stronger into her ravenous Sharmā Brāhmañ Choot, with every passionate penetration.”

“Your brother would kill me, Prabhā Shuklā, Umā Dīxit, what are you doing? Stop it.” Brahm Mahimā Sharmā shouted.

But Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit both could see very well, her Sharmā Brāhmañ Choot was ravenously greeting my Bachhalyā Lund into her.

Her words and her body did not tally.

To test it completely, Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit looked at each other, conspired in their eyes mutually, silently, and raising Brahm Mahimā Sharmā and making her to sit on my Bachhalyā Lund, swallowing it entirely, for twenty minutes more, they slowly removed their hands.

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was again in trance.

She continued her up and down movements, even increasing the pace, all the while protesting it,

“Nooooooooooooo, no, please, Prabhā Shuklā, Umā Dīxit, what are you doing? Stop it, please. I can’t cheat your brother. I can’t cheat Ram Chandr.”

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā was fucking me fiercely now, passionately, madly and wildly.

Umā Dīxit watched her incredulously,

Prabhā Shuklā, is she really in trance?”

“What do you mean?” Prabhā Shuklā was all alert suddenly.

“Can’t she act to be in trance?”

“Why? Where’s the need?”

“Yes, I think so. There isn’t any need for her to act to be in trance. But watch her. How naturally, how savagely, your Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, is fucking your Bachhalyā Live in relationship Partner.”

“Well, I’d be damned.” Prabhā Shuklā exclaimed, “You are right.”

“Watch her pace.”

“It continues to increase with every penetration.” Prabhā Shuklā said, not looking at Umā Dīxit.

“Every Bachhalyā penetration.” Umā Dīxit winked at Prabhā Shuklā, “Your Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, herself wanted to fuck your Bachhalyā Live in relationship Partner fiercely in her subconscious.”

“True, but I can’t blame her.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your Bhābhī, Brahm Abhilāshā Upādhyāý duly blackmailed Durgesh to fuck her. Brahm Mahimā Sharmā is at least better. Isn’t she?”

“That was another case.”

“Was it?” Prabhā Shuklā smiled sarcastically at Umā Dīxit.

“Of course. Ammījān wanted a son from my Bhābhī, Brahm Abhilāshā Upādhyāý. Brahmānand Bhaiyā lacks Y-chromosomes. To save her marriage, what else my Bhābhī, Brahm Abhilāshā Upādhyāý could do? I do appreciate her bold step.”

“Yet, she isn’t pregnant even yet.” Prabhā Shuklā smiled sarcastically.

“Hey, what do you mean? You sound somewhat sinister.” Umā Dīxit smiled significantly.

“My dear dumb girl, your Bhābhī, Brahm Abhilāshā Upādhyāý has stopped sleeping with your Brahmānand Bhaiyā. Hasn’t she?”

“She is angry with him.”


“Brahmānand Bhaiyā didn’t leave her another option except to blackmail Durgesh.”

Umā Dīxit, idiot, Hasn’t Brahmānand Bhaiyā openly announced that he doesn’t need any child at all?”

“Because Ammījān was already doing what he had to do.”

“Why are you so against your own brother?”

“He never helped his helpless wife, my Bhābhī, Brahm Abhilāshā Upādhyāý. He could have fought with Ammījān for his wife’s honor. Couldn’t he?”

“You mean Brahmānand Bhaiyā never opposed Ammījān?” Prabhā Shuklā asked incredulously.

“I think your Bhābhī, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā, would fuck Durgesh now till infinity.” Umā Dīxit was suddenly furious.

Prabhā Shuklā also watched her wristwatch.

“Hey Bhagvān, she is fucking Durgesh for seven hours already. ”

“And—she is still in trance.” Umā Dīxit commented wryly, “she is still protesting us not to force her.”

“Should we shake her out of her trance?” Prabhā Shuklā asked.

“Why? Let her fuck him till she wants to.”

Umā Dīxit, you idiot, I’m serious.”

“My Brāhmañ Cunt now again needs his Bachhalyā Lund.”

“Hey Bhagvān, Umā Dīxit—”

“Well, I can’t help it.”

“Okay, fuck Durgesh when Bhābhī is finished with him.”

“I don’t think she’d ever finish.”


“Want some lesbian sex?”

“No,” Prabhā Shuklā retorted, “I also want Durgesh inside me now.”

“After me.”

“Okay, after you. I’d wait.”

“Till infinity?”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be so impatient.”***

Brahm Mahimā Sharmā continued to fuck me even after five hours more.

She had stopped protesting but her fierce fucking had gone fiercer with every penetration.

I was alert now.

“Call Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ, Prabhā Shuklā.” Suddenly I said.

“What?” Prabhā Shuklā almost jumped.

“She is enjoying now.”

“She is enjoying ab initio.”Umā Dīxit said curtly, “Hey, Brahm Mahimā Sharmā Bhābhī, now finish your game, please. You are not alone here. Moreover, Durgesh is not your Live in relationship Partner. He is your Bachhalyā Nandoī only.”

I watched Umā Dīxit gravely and called Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ myself.

Prabhā Shuklā looked at me as if I had gone mad.

“You think there is some psychopathic problem?”

“It’s not normal.”

“The bitch is taking her revenge.” Umā Dīxit announced.

“Revenge?” Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ watched her carefully, “You’ve done something wrong with her?”

“Well, she is our sister in law.” Prabhā Shuklā explained, “It was only some mutual teasing. We teased her. Now, Umā Dīxit thinks she is teasing us instead.”

Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ was suddenly all alert,

“Tell me everything, please, right from the beginning. Don’t skip even an infinitesimal detail.”

“Farīdah, you mean—”

“I doubt what you suspect is true.”

“Farīdah.” I was dumfounded.

Prabhā Shuklā and Umā Dīxit looked at each other, then Prabhā Shuklā asked suspiciously,

“What do you suspect, my Bachhalyā Piyā?”

“Let the Doctor check her first.” I said gravely.

After a thorough checking of three hours, Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ announced.

“What Durgesh suspected is absolutely true. She has gone in trance to a no return level.”

“What?” Prabhā Shuklā was startled, “A no return level? What do you mean?”

Umā Dīxit was watching Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ incredulously.

“She did not want to fuck Durgesh. But you made her straddling Durgesh and to fuck him. She didn’t want to oppose her Nanad, Prabhā Shuklā. Her subconscious fought with her consciousness. Her subconscious constantly opposed but when you both constantly kept on what you were doing, ultimately her subconscious has surrendered. Now, she has another level of normalcy.”

“Another level of normalcy?” Prabhā Shuklā was suddenly all alert now, “What do you mean?”

“Her subconscious has now accepted that it’s natural that she fuck Durgesh. So she is doing it blissfully enjoying its every moment very much. But the problem is that her subconscious refuses now to return to previous state.”

“Whaaaaaat?” Prabhā Shuklā was as if fallen from sky.

Dr. Farīdah Jalāl Sheikħ announced gravely,

“I’m sorry. It’s now dangerous to her life if Durgesh stops fucking her. She needs nonstop Durgesh’s Bachhalyā Lund in her Brāhmañ Cunt now. We can’t afford it out ever.”

“What?” Umā Dīxit shouted, “Shāshvat Maithunyog? Nonstop lovemaking forever as Param Purush, the Absolute Man does in Param Vyom, the Absolute Space?”

“I’m very sorry, but— but that’s right.”

Chapter 5

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