It must be respected: 2

It must be respected


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Chapter 2

My thought about Al Waħīdah Al Yåqūb also made its own way to my desire of fucking her again.


Now, I thought to fuck all of them, not only Al Waħīdah Al Yåqūb, but Al Åāliyah Al Yåqūb and Al Jamīlah Al Yåqūb also.

Their Ammī, Al Islām Al Farīd, was constantly requesting me persistently.

“You already have sex with Al Waħīdah Al Yåqūb, Durgesh.”

“So what? You compelled me, Al Islām Al Farīd. I didn’t have another option. I want to keep you happy.”

Al Islām Al Farīd looked at me gravely,

“If you really want to keep me happy, Durgesh, please accept Åāliyah and Jamīlah too. You have your infinite bodies.”

“Oh,” I smiled ironically somewhat, “so now you think they are my infinite bodies. You don’t think any longer that they are actually humanoid robots identical to me?”

Al Islām Al Farīd smiled.

“Am I alone, Durgesh, that thinks your infinite bodies are actually not your infinite subtle bodies?”

“No, you are not alone; nevertheless, if you think I’m not a living being in those my bodies, why do you want your entire daughters to live in relationship with humanoid robots that are identical to me?”

“Because I’m not alone in this matter too.”

“I see.”

“If the entire womankind is happy to live in relationship with humanoid robots that are identical to you, why not my daughters too? If today mankind is incompetent enough to even live in relationship with a lady, it must worry the mankind themselves, why us womankind?”*

It made sense.

I felt it really difficult to hide my ever adamant Hindu hard-on looking her three beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān daughters roaming around, their shaking Musalmān buttocks, and their Musalmān cleavage peeping through their low cut- blouses or any dresses and such others.

I remembered a day inadvertently.

The day was a real head-turner.
I fired the computer when it was eight o’clock in the evening.

I never suspected Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat might come and watch me from the back of the room.

It was the common passage towards the terrace.

Al Islām Al Farīd and her family lived on the first floor and Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat’s family was in the ground floor.

I was fucking Réħānah Ashraf and I didn’t know Réħānah Ashraf had left the door opened.

Inadvertently or knowingly, I didn’t know.

Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat was passing the corridor by the room, and through the open window, the view attracted her.

She saw me fucking Réħānah Ashraf fervently.

She had not only heard of the beautiful Musalmān houseladies I fucked, but had also watched us whenever she was alone.

It was almost the common fate of the Musalmān women after some ten-fifteen years of marriage that their husbands grew passive in sex, and the women had to live in dilemma, suppressing their sexual frustration and needed.

Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat was no exception.

Watching me fucking Réħānah Ashraf, an idea hit her.

She felt horny.

The urge of a good satisfying fuck made her restless.

She came back, opened the wardrobe and thought what to wear for the night.

She was beautiful, no doubt.

Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat maintained her beauty going to parlors regularly, and was still in good shape.

She was thirty and still sexy, but her husband was never attentive to the sexual needs of her beautiful wife, never cared for her satisfaction, and now there she was.

She chose a knee-length green frock that looked like a schoolgirl’s play dress.

She put it on, shedding her usual nightgown, tied her hair in a pony-tale and came to see herself on the mirror.

Sexy was the only word she thought of herself. The sleeveless frock left ample part of her curvy Musalmān figure for imagination.

Her legs were good, but beautifully hairy!

She raised her arm.

The thick black bushes of her armpits spread a musky aroma.

She thought of shaving the armpits, but it was already ten, the time for dinner.

She had never cared for that shaving, either her armpits or the thick jungle under there around her Musalmān Pussy.

Her husband had never cared for those.

She reclined for it.

But thought it would be OK.

What she had seen today, was unexpected.

And once having seen the Uncut Hindu Dick, no woman can control her desire to have a fuck with the Uncut Hindu Dick.

Allah! Oh God!

It was so large and thick!

She prepared the dinner and called me to come downstairs and have it.

She looked herself once more on mirror.

Yes! That’s it that she wanted to look like!

No bra and the nipples piercing from under the frock, and no panty, to show her plump bums swing.

I entered, and she succeeded to turn my head.

I gasped at her but she tried to look as if nothing was wrong.

She served the dinner, stood by me while I ate and occasionally bent over me to give this and that and that made me wilder.

She could see the bulging hard- on of mine under the pants.

I was so huge!

She bit her lips.

I tried to control my hard-on but could not.

Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat was too beautiful.

I had never thought sexy about Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat.

She was beautiful, sexy and now turned to be a seducer!

I suggested her to dine with me.

She reluctantly denied.

I asked her again and she sat in front of me.

We finisheded the dinner quietly.

As the dinner was over, I thought to help her in washing and so I did deliberately cunningly.

While doing, my hands were brushing hers and on one or two occasions, she trailed her erect Musalmān nipples on my back.

I was out of control then.

I could not hide my tent in the pant, neither I wanted to.

She looked and smiled.

Then came the words from her sexy lips,

“It seems you are not fed totally. Are you?”

I smiled.

She turned to me and raising her boobs with both hands, asked,

“Are not they in good shape like your heroines you fuck?”

I didn’t gasp in surprise, deliberately.

Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat asked,

“Would you want to try them?”

That made sense. I took her in arms, and her lips found their way.

We kissed passionately.

We kissed really hard.

It was my first kiss to Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat, but being utmost experienced in sex already, I still did well.

I was squashing her firm beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass with both my hands.

She broke the kiss and whispered,

“Come on, Durgesh, take me to the bedroom.”

We retreated to the bedroom as we were kissing again, and she felt wetness running through her inner thighs! What was happening to her?

I lifted her on the bed and she urged to put out the lights.

I protested,

“Leave it, Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat. I want to see you. You are so beautiful!”

She giggled as I raised her hands on her head and brushed my lips on her hairy armpits.

She said,

“Oh Durgesh! You Hindus are so naughty!”

“Ok Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat. You are really beautiful.”

She felt a shiver running through her spine.

She moaned.

I began to caress her beautiful Musalmān boobs under her beautiful green frock.

I began to kiss them.

She urged,

“Oh Durgesh! Open the frock, please. Make me nude; make me your Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān woman, your Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān whore.”

“Never.” I said gravely, “I always respect my entire women, Musalmān or otherwise. They aren’t my whore ever. They are my ever respected life partners.”

She had learnt to use such words from the porn and the erotic Musalmān books.

The sexy words raise the sexual urge.

She felt her wetness running through her inner thighs to her legs until knees.

I helped her sit and tugging up her green frock; I peeled it off her head.

As she raised her hands, her firm breasts came into full view and I took them in hands.

I began kissing the pitch-dark areola.

She was moaning,

“Love me, Durgesh, love me, please.”

I went down to her tummy and kissed on the naval.

She shivered.

What the fuck was that?

What the fuck was the Hindu master of sex doing with her?

I brushed my hands on her mound.

I felt the thick bush there and my fingers touched the crack.

She shivered.

Her idiot husband never cared to touch her there.

I kissed on her Musalmān Pussy!

She just came.

It was hardly enough for her.

She urged me not to tease her anymore.

I settled down there between her beautiful long Musalmān legs.

The furious oral attention made her groan and she climaxed again.

It was so uncommon to her.

She never came so close.

“You are awesome! I love it. Come on, Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat, let me love you.” I urged.

“Then, it is the time my utmost experienced Hindu lover is ready to take me. Aren’t you? Oh, come on. Take me. Fuck me hard. I want to cum for you again, come hard. Come; fuck your Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat. Make her your whore. Come. Sorry, not whore, your life partner, okay?”

She lay on bed, spreading her legs apart inviting me between her legs.

I smiled, opened my pant, taking my erect Hindu shaft in hand, positioned myself.

I was throbbing now.

My Uncut Hindu Dick was huge, really huge.

It was some seven or eight inches long, and that thick to please any woman, gasping them in awe.

I began to rub my Uncut Hindu Cock up and down against her hairy, soft and watering Musalmān Pussy.

She was holding her Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt-lips apart with both hands, and I watched her Musalmān Pussy for the first time.

She was dripping, and it was red in there between her swallow lips.

She felt excited presenting herself before such an utmost experienced Hindu Lover of sixty-six with such a huge Uncut Hindu Cock.

She felt excited lying there on their marriage bed and doing sex with someone other than her husband.

She spread her legs and hung them up in air, making ample space for me to place myself.

I was examining her extremely beautiful ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy.

There were the outer lips and the pink inner hole that was too juicy.

I trailed my Uncut Hindu Cock up and down her crack, rubbing her clit.

She began to moan loud,

“Ohhh! Ughhhh! Ummm… fuck me… fuckfuckfuck…”

But I was still not in mood to enter.

She narrowed her eyes,

“You are teasing me too much, and you know that, Durgesh. Stop teasing now.”

“Why? Are you feeling hot? Then you must beg me to take you. Speak sexy, Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat.”

“Oh! No, not again. Stop teasing. Just put your big fat utmost experienced sixty six years old Uncut Hindu Dick in my Panjvaqtah Namāzī thirty years old young Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Pussy and fuck me hard. Fuck sweet Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat, Durgesh. Fuck the shit out of her. Fuck me, fuck me even like your Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān whore, and make me come again. Oh fuck…fuck…fuck…”

Putting my weight on my knees, I lowered my waist and led my Hindu shaft go into the Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān crack.

She gasped, I put the tip of my huge Hindu shaft in and she held her breath.

I looked tensed and wryly looked in her eyes.

She gave me an encouraging look and I thrust my Hindu length again.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān channel was slippery and I could put the whole Hindu length at one thrust.

She held her breath and let a deep moan pass through her lips,


I was excited to enter her Musalmān Pussy for the first time.

I was determined to please her.

And I began to pump her.

She raised her ass to meet my thrust while groaning deep and loud.

Who was there after all to hear them tonight?

As I drew back my Uncut Hindu Cock and thrust it all in one stroke, she screamed in pleasure and tangled her legs around my bare Hindu waist.

I began to fuck.

I felt it easy as she was lubricated already and she was helping me raising her extremely beautiful heavy Panjvaqtah Namāzī young Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass to meet my rhythm.

She was nearing another orgasm.

She felt the tension building down there.

And the sound made her feel good, the ‘thwap- thwap- thwap’ sound of my pumping in and out her needy Musalmān Pussy turned her mad.

She groaned and began to utter some meaningless words and she came again, this time she came so hard that she felt like she squirted.

She felt the throbbing of her Musalmān Pussy and the release was so unusual that it even surprised her.

She must had drained some juice that had already stained the bed sheet.

And just then, she felt my throbbing in her.

It meant I was to ejaculate.

I was pumping furiously and groaning after the long five hours fuck.

I was sweating and groaning loud, I came.

I released a lot of hot Hindu semen in her.

She gasped as I began to come and the sensation of the throbbing Uncut Hindu Cock releasing the hot Hindu Semen in her, made her come again.

We were so exhausted that we had hardly any time to part and felt asleep, I was in her and she was tangling me with both her hands and legs.

As we awoke, I felt my hard on in her Musalmān Pussy and she smiled sensing me getting hard again so soon.

She began to kiss me and we began to roll on the bed, she was up now and she began to kiss me on my lips, my cheeks and on neck.

I was caressing her firm breasts, and twisted the nipples that were hard again, hard as nails.

She began to moan and I helped her lay on all fours on bed.

She felt as if in heaven. How did she dreamt of being fucked in this position like a bitch and her husband would take her from behind like a dog.

And the dream was going to be fulfilled with her utmost experienced Hindu Lover of Sixty Six, of whom she could think it was hardly enough.

I fondled her beautiful heavy young Musalmān ass-cheeks and gave a passionate light slap.

She moaned deep.

She was juicy again.

And she badly needed a hard long Uncut Hindu Cock to go inside.

And she sensed it was going through her slippery Musalmān channel.

I was again ball-deep in her in one thrust.

My Hindu male abdomen was brushing on her extremely beautiful young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.

Our pubic hair met and I began a slow passionate fuck.

She could control her orgasm hardly, and she came violently, this time her orgasm was harder than before.

I thrust my Hindu shaft again.

I was doing it slow now; I allowed her time to recover.

Ultimately I was again feeling close to come.

I increased my speed.

By the time, she began to moan again.

I was furious.

Catching her slander Musalmān waist, I was pumping as if there was no tomorrow.

Deep groan was coming from her throat.

And while groaning, I came.

I smiled triumphantly,

“Oh! Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat, I’m coming, coming. Come for me darling… come, come…come.”

And she joined my groan.

She came again.

She was surprised, how free she felt by the fucking.

She had never imagined enjoying the series of orgasms at a time.

That meant she was a multi-orgasmic.

And no wonder, she had never felt it until she was thirty, after some twelve years of her marriage.

I found it always queer, how a Musalmān woman could live without fulfilling her so urgent sexual needs for so long.

I was surprised to find that night, that Al Sabīħah Al Nusarat had never enjoyed sex in that way.

She had never enjoyed the half of the orgasms she enjoyed with me that night.

She was surprised herself to find herself a multi-orgasmic.

She called herself a slut.

She felt hot to call her so.

I told her again and again it was natural.

She wasn’t a slut at all.

It was her normal reaction.

There was nothing in it to be criticized at all.

Instead, it must be respected being natural.

Shouldn’t even nature be respected?

Chapter 3


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It must be respected: 1

It must be respected


Chapter 1

I smiled.

Waħīdah Yåqūb was giving lecture to Jamīlah about female sex- hormones.

They knew their stepfather, Durgesh, was reading in the other room.

None of them appreciated the idea of their Ammī, Al Islām Al Farīd, to leave their Abbū, Imām Yåqūb Naåīmuddīn Chishtī and live in relationship with me.


Jamīlah was always vibrant, and she just asked, “Tell me, Bājī, how do men react while they are excited and want to have sex?”

“They just feel hard at their penis. The phallus turns harder and harder, gets erected and, pre-cum oozes out from the head.”

“And then the intercourse?”

“Yes. The penis goes into the vagina, erupts semen, and if the lady is on fertility –period, she finds herself pregnant soon.”

“And is it necessary that the woman must be excited or… you know… Ready?”

“Of course not! Only ready means, your vagina- channel gets lubricated and your clit is erect, you are wet there. But that does not count on pregnancy. You like or not, you ready or not, what counts are your fertility and the semen. Remember that always. You are adult now, and you must have sex now or then if you like or not… so, just mind to take protection before doing. Understand?”

“Ohhh! Bājī! Never mind…”

They hugged tightly and Waħīdah Yåqūb asked mockingly,

“So? Why is my loving sis asking so much detail? Are you going to do it, or have you already done that?”

“Oh! Bājī! You are being unfair. I have not done that, and have no source to do so…you know that! But tell me, have you done it already? Err, I mean, do you do it regularly?”

“Oh! No! None of your cup of tea!”

“Ya, I know, but MejBājī told that she has come to know the secret. You are a regular. You take Oral Contraceptives regularly. Don’t you? Please, please, Bājī… Tell…”

“Ya. She is right. I used to do it regularly. But, for the last nine months, I have not done that… you know.” Waħīdah Yåqūb felt shy as her secret was at last revealed.

“You are lucky, then. Bājī, please, tell about your first experience, I am excited to know about that.”

Waħīdah Yåqūb tried to avoid her but the youngest sister was pressing too much; and then joined the second one, Åāliyah Yåqūb.

She was more than enthusiast.

And Waħīdah Yåqūb almost blushed to remind that time.

She just told,

“The first time, you feel pain.

It hurts, you know, if you had not done all that masturbations with your fingers or something like that.

But once you pass the pain, it is the best thing that happens in your life, and once you are in habit, you are in heaven always.

The two sisters pressed her to share her first cherry-popping, painful experience, and Waħīdah Yåqūb, insisted that their stepfather, Durgesh, was in the next room, so they better leave the topic left for then and there.

But Åāliyah Yåqūb informed that she had just passed Durgesh‘s room, and he was sleeping, so they better carry on.

Waħīdah Yåqūb blushed again to remember the day some two years ago. She started:

“It was some three years ago, Jamīlah had not joined the college yet and I was in the final year. After the practical exam, almost all the students had gone to their houses, the college was almost empty, as the winter vacation was on. Åāliyah Yåqūb had also gone home after the semester. The day was charming, but too cold. It was raining all the day.

“I was in my room, when the caretaker called me that someone was waiting on line for me. I was surprised who it may be, and came downstairs to attend the call. It was Naushābah Jamīl, my classmate. She asked me to come immediately to the college office and meet her. It was urgent.

“So, I headed towards the campus in search of Naushābah Jamīl. It was raining. I reached the corridor and the silent campus seemed to be so ghostly, you know. I reached the first floor, where the office room is, as Naushābah Jamīl told she would be there.

“Suddenly a strange sound hit my ears. It was unusual, I was familiar with it. And it was Naushābah Jamīl, moaning in pleasure! The moan, that passes usually when a girl is sexually satisfied! I was not unaware of it. I was a regular masturbator with some or all the other girls in the college, hostel.

“Though some girls of the hostel were regularly going late nights and dating, these were not my kind. Everybody knew that I was sigh and did know nothing about sex. Only, my room partners knew that I was sensual, sexy and friendlier with my cunt and fingers or the thick- fat candles. And Naushābah Jamīl was the one of them.

“As I stood near the head- clerk’s room, the sound made me sure that there was something forbidden in the room. And I just peeped through the key- hole.

“What did I see, was totally a head-turner to me! It was Naushābah Jamīl lying stark naked on the table, and between her legs, it was Durgesh, our Hindu stepfather, also naked, pumping his marvelous unique thick, fat Uncut Hindu Dick in and out of my best-friend’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān  Pussy ! She was loud always, when she masturbates, and now, she was louder. With every thrust from Durgesh, she made a groan, approving how much she enjoyed. And they were sweating on the cold day!

“Heaving with every thrust! Durgesh was holding her ankles with hands high spreading as much as he could while fucking, and she was joining him with each thrust holding her beautiful young Musalmān  ass high to meet more appropriately.

“I was an uneasy observer, but my legs had already turned to jelly and I was struck there peeping at the wild sex- scene in the room. To be honest, I was already damn wet under my long skirt and white knickers. I was desperate to touch myself there, and I did!

“I slid one hand under the skirt and pulling aside the panty, I started rubbing my erected clit. I was dripping wet, the wetness began to flow my thighs. And rubbing my clit I came, desperately, my cum filled my hand and the panty, some squirted on the skirt too!

“I was to run back, but just then, the umbrella fell on the floor. Before I head back picking up the umbrella, the door opened and Naushābah Jamīl pulled me inside with one strong pull. She was all naked then; Durgesh’s extremely fragrant Hindu semen was flowing down her smooth Musalmān thighs, overflowing her now swollen Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt . `Oh! You made just an awful entry,’ she glared at me. `You! The sound made us scared and, you know, Durgesh just came inside.’

“I murmured, ‘ I’m sorry. Actually… .’

‘Just keep quite! You know, Durgesh had been dying for you. He just wants to have you at any cost. And today, you are not to argue. Understand? Come on Waħīdah Yåqūb, show Durgesh what a slut you are.’

‘Slut? Me? Naushābah Jamīl? Are you mad? I was still under haze after a sweet orgasm. I sensed, seeing Durgesh naked, quietly, was making me hot again.’

“I was a needy slut always, to be honest. Everybody knows me as a meek and mild girl, but about sex, I was desperate, only lacked the courage to take the initial step. The word `slut’ made me wet again. I gazed at the glistering Uncut Hindu Cock of Durgesh, now still erect between his legs. Naushābah Jamīl suddenly caught hold of my long, upbraided hair and furiously began to kiss me.

“I put my lips in hers while our tongues tangled brusher with each other in a deep sensual kiss we do often share. She began to caress my breasts with both hands. I decided to go through the situation.

“And then I realized Durgesh had stood up and had come behind me. He had started to embrace me from the behind. Our kiss broke as Durgesh turned me towards him and put a deep kiss on my lips. Uhh! The first ever kiss from a man! I opened my mouth as his lip trailed into my mouth, finding something desperately.

“I returned his kiss. We broke the contract just a while to catch the breath and again we were lost in a passionate kiss. He fondled my butt and then began to caress them. I let a deep sigh out- Allahhh..hhhsss.

“Naushābah Jamīl had by then lit a cigarette, and was smoking. She said, -hadn’t I told that your Waħīdah Yåqūb  is a real needy slut, a fucking hot girl? Now take her to all and make a fucking randy whore of your own just like me.’

Durgesh lifted me and put me on the chair. And he began to unbutton my cardigan. As he finished, Naushābah Jamīl kneeled before him, took a deep smoke and parting her lips, gave a sensual kiss on his now fully erect Uncut Hindu Cock. Durgesh was peeling me one by one. First came out the cardigan, then the top and the bra. He lowered his lips to kiss one of my breasts, and as his tongue licked my nipples, I felt, I came then and there on my panty. Allah! Oh God! It was so hot!

“Naushābah Jamīl began to lick his Uncut Hindu Cock, often smoking and gulping the whole Hindu shaft into her Musalmān throat! I was surprised to see her do so! I had seen such activities only in the pornographies which we, in the hostel used to arrange in our rooms now and then, ransoming the caretaker. But when I saw it real, made me hornier. I wanted to act as a real slut as she had told.

“I crawled down the chair and kneeled by her. With a mouthful of smoke she kissed me, letting the smoke enter me. I inhaled it and lowered my mouth on Durgesh‘s Uncut Hindu Prick. It was glistering with Naushābah Jamīl’s Musalmān Pussy-juice and her saliva. I planted a deep kiss on the tip.

“Then smoked from Naushābah Jamīl’s stuff and like I saw her doing, I opened my mouth and took the Uncut Hindu Prick into my ardent Musalmān mouth. I began to lick from top to the root, till his black, thick, curly pubic hair did not brush my nose. With one hand, I caressed his Hindu balls, letting him out a deep moan- ahhhh! Just do it.

“I was totally become a slut like Naushābah Jamīl by then and she was fondling my ass. A while later, Durgesh took me with both hands, kissed me, and lifting me holding my slander waist, let me lie on the table in the position I saw Naushābah Jamīl lying and fucking.

“I was in the skirt and sensed Durgesh lifting it upholding the hem to my waist. I put my ass up to help Durgesh get my panty out. He was in no hurry, but I was. He lowered his face and kissed me on there. Oh! It was a sensation. A shiver flew through my spine and I felt very wet there. He parted the outer lips of my Musalmān Pussy and licked hard.

“I moaned and moaned. My clitoris was getting hard; my nipples were by then rock hard. He was kissing and I was moaning for a quick fuck. Really the whole act made me a needy slut. I was thrusting my pelvis to his face up and with both hands had already clutched his hair. With one finger he had put into my Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt, he started to finger-fuck me.

“I was on the verge of a rocking orgasm. I could sense the tension building in me. His two fingers were already in me. I sensed my Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt-juice running through his Hindu fingers. With his finger satisfying me, I came then and there, vigorously, as hard as possible. It was the best one I had enjoyed then, more to come… you know.

“Our Hindu stepfather, Durgesh, looked up, came forward and kissed me on my lips. I kissed him too. And I sensed his rock-hard Uncut Hindu Cock was brushing through my ardent Musalmān crack. I shivered and as he was brushing it through, I surprisingly found that I came again! This time, the orgasm was more sensitive.

“I was moaning and suddenly, he put it into my Musalmān Pussy! First, the head came through the moist Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt- channel and he waited. Naushābah Jamīl crawled up on the table and straddled me on her knees, her Musalmān Pussy just on my face. She leaned to kiss Durgesh and I began licking her wetness.

Durgesh held my legs apart, clutching the ankles and raising the legs as far as to my chest. He asked, ‘Ready now? Waħīdah Yåqūb? It is going to hurt if it’s your first one.’ But I was in no mood to listen. He pushed the Uncut Hindu Cock in a little, and I moaned loud- Allahhhhhhsssss!

Durgesh increased the weight, and thrust again. I moaned louder. Then, suddenly, a thrust followed and I cried out loud, as his long thick Uncut Hindu Cock popped off my Musalmān cherry. It did not bleed as I had the hymen popped off a long time ago while masturbating with wood-pencils or candles, and with Allah knows with what, but it hurt.

“I was stung in pain, and my best friend just thrust her Musalmān Pussy on my mouth. She was wet, and I felt her now-swollen Musalmān Pussy lips so wet, that forgetting the pain, I began to lick her juice. And I sensed Durgesh had begun to pump me, my Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt that had by then adjusted the first insert, his thickness and his whole Hindu shaft.

“I was dripping there and he found it easy to pump me. The wet channel was burning for the shaft was really thick, but the burning of my sex was much more. He was really fucking me! And I was really enjoying! In my Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān mouth, there was the tasty Musalmān Pussy of Naushābah Jamīl, her hairy Musalmān Pussy was leaking her cum.

Durgesh was fucking me really carefully. He knew it was my first season and he was fucking slowly. But I sensed the urge of speed and began to moan- oh! Fuck-fuck me hard, you old Hindu scoundrel, fuck the Musalmān Pussy hard… faster faster….oh oh ufffff… ahhhhhh… And he began to fuck fast. I felt the tension coiling in the lower abdomen, and I was really going to cum soon.

Durgesh was rubbing my clit then, fast with the rhyme of the pumping in and out. And moaning loud, I came, harder than the previous one.

“But Durgesh was not done yet, and he was thrusting in and out furiously. I could hear the sound of the Uncut Hindu Cock going in and out of my slippery Musalmān Pussy, and his groaning was now heard loud enough. He was holding my hips and bouncing as if there was no tomorrow.

“His eyes were closed and teeth gritted as I sensed a hot flow of thick Hindu load squirting deep into my Musalmān vagina. It was vibrating and spreading the load and with the fall of the Hindu semen, I began to cum again.

“We could not catch our breath for a little while, and when we could, the first word I said, was, ‘Allah! Oh my god, it was so fucking well! Durgesh, the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā, you made me a woman now! Now I understand why Ammī left Abbū for you. Now I understand why we beautiful Musalmān houseladies are so crazy to fuck you. Allah! Oh God! It was amazing, just amazing. I never came so much for a day. Oh!’

“Naushābah Jamīl came down to my crotch and began to lick my Musalmān Pussy. She cleaned Durgesh’s Hindu semen with her Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān tongue and we kissed, tasting Durgesh’s hot Hindu load through our tongues. I was lying there and feeling little dizzy for some time only to get ready with the all licking and fingering of my friend.

“And, when I was wet again and was really in need of a little attention for my dripping Musalmān Pussy, Durgesh was ready with his hard-on which was now brushing through the crack of my Musalmān Pussy. And he just started the bouncing in and out, in and out, in and out, and after some five or six hours later we came together heavily, our release throbbed inside my Musalmān Pussy.

“I sensed the jerk in there, felt how hot his Hindu load was and as the dizzy feelings subsided, an idea suddenly panicked me. He came twice in me and I was not undergoing any birth control.

“I began to cry, feeling what will happen to me, my future, what my friends, family will think of me. Only then Durgesh spoke. He was silent all through the fuck. He just said not to be panicked and gave us two a packet of Morning-After pill each and also the instructions how to use. We kissed passionately and I stood up to put on my clothes. I took the bra, put it on and Durgesh did the hooking back.

“I wore the top, the cardigan and was searching the panty. It was lying on the chair and was almost soaking wet with my cum and the semen of Durgesh. He held it up and said,’ I’m going to keep it, darling, as the memento of my fantasy girl who came to be my fucking baby.’

“I could not but laugh and said,` Ok, you win the toffee. And I am all yours, you possess me, owe me by the time. You made me a woman, popping my fucking Musalmān virginity; I am looking forward for another fuck from you soon.’ We returned back and I felt pain. It was soaring in the morning. Naushābah Jamīl told me to take rest, take some hot-bath and some antibiotics for the pain.

“Rest helped me, and so the therapy. I was all cured by the second day, and on the third afternoon, Durgesh‘s call came. I was in the office room again, and it was the real, perfect intercourse, what we call lovemaking. He introduced me the test of his hot Hindu semen as he unloaded the jerk in my Musalmān mouth too. It tasted odd, but the feeling of being a perfect slut came to be true.

“I felt like a randy whore whenever Durgesh called on phone to come to his office. We got the rhythm, at least twice a week; mostly on Saturdays and Sundays and each time, he would come at least thrice a day.

“We fucked like dog and bitch, like husband and wife, like lover and beloved, like whore and customer, like couple on first date, and in every possible guise, in every possible style, every possible pose. We went on holidays and seminars in Digha, in Kolkata, in Delhi, and even at Durgesh‘s house.

“After our final exam, both Naushābah Jamīl and I were posted in the home-Hospital for Durgesh. And Durgesh married Naushābah Jamīl last year, leaving me all alone.”

As she finished her experience, she found her two sisters lying in the bed, spreading their legs and lifting their nightgowns up, fingering their pussies and moaning.

Waħīdah Yåqūb did not lag behind.

She had not been doing any sex for the last eight or nine months.

Her only relief was her fingers and the candles just as they used to be in the past.

She needed a good fuck at any cost and she found it difficult to find my Uncut Hindu Cock here, as her sisters’ presence.”

Waħīdah Yåqūb  put her hand under the sari and petticoat (petticoat) and began to finger her Musalmān Pussy.

The room filled with the aroma of sex and the moans the three of them doing with fingering themselves.

And they were so hot that they came almost at the same time.

The release was good for them and they felt calm.

Jamīlah asked,-

“You are now alone. Aren’t you, Bājī?”

“Why? Have you found one?”

“Oh! Not again, Bājī. It’s not fair. I told you, I am alone. And I do not like the boys here. They are so predictable, you know!”

“Predictable in sex? Yes, my dear, I heard, most of the women say, their husbands are predictable. They just get erected, tug the women’s clothes, and go for pumping and release soon, leaving the women unsatisfied. They don’t think of their wives’ release or orgasms.”

“Oh! It’s so sad. I fear what will happen to us.”

“Yes, be careful. Don’t go for a date until you know the man and his outlook about sex. Discuss it first what he thinks about woman and her sex. You know, once you had tasted it, it becomes an addiction if it is good. I feel so lonely now, having so much pleasure once and living alone without a single fuck for the last six or seven months. It’s so unbearable!

Åāliyah Yåqūb came and hugged her sister.

‘I think you are right, Bājī. It’s an addiction. I had seen Durgesh and Ammī doing sex at night regularly. Just think, he is almost fifty and she was forty-seven. Ammī says that it’s a habit. If they do not make love at least twice or thrice a week, they feel anxious. Sex releases the tension. Even if they come to visit us, they make love at the day, when we are out.

“I had seen them enjoying here one day when I arrived at noon unexpectedly. I entered with my own key as usual and heard their moaning. I spied them and released my cum. Ammī told me that day when she found me in my room after she came to pee some five minutes after their release. They care for each other and are very happy in sex.’

This surprised Jamīlah.

But Waħīdah Yåqūb told that she had too seen her parents enjoying sex many times here and also at their home.

Jamīlah said,

“That means one thing; we three sisters need our partners who can satisfy our sexual needed. Am I right?”

Åāliyah Yåqūb suggested,

“Why not we too make our Hindu stepfather, Durgesh, as our partner? He is strong and healthy. If he can fuck Waħīdah Yåqūb Bājī, why can’t all of us? Once I too have chanced to have a look at his erected Uncut Hindu Prick a few days ago. He is really huge, I say.”

Waħīdah Yåqūb told her to keep quiet.

It will make them incest. It is better not to discuss it.

Her sisters agreed and they hugged each other.

As the dinnertime was near, they prepared the dinner and Waħīdah Yåqūb went to call Durgesh for dinner.

I was still sleeping.

Waħīdah Yåqūb  entered the room knocking, and saw her beloved Durgesh lying asleep on the bed.

I looked so sweet when I slept, thought Waħīdah Yåqūb.

She touched my bare shoulder and felt a sudden shiver running through her spine.

Oh, it’s so wrong! Touching Durgesh and feeling sexy is very wrong.

And she was not his real daughter.

They have already fucked each other too much.

Now why the hell she was reacting so strange and irrational?

She called me loud, and I woke up.*


She gave me a regular hug, a peck on my cheeks and I returned her so.

She felt her erect nipples brushing my bare hairy chest once again.

Though she was in sari and the blouse, her nipples were so erect that they were now tickling through.

Irrationally, she felt shy and broke the embrace earlier than ever.

She asked me to come and have the dinner.

At the dinner, we were stout all and teasing each other.

I was teasing Jamīlah, snatching away her bread or her plate of meat and Åāliyah Yåqūb, leg pulling me.

But Waħīdah Yåqūb was not in mood.

She was getting horny whenever her eyes met with mine.

She felt she was wet there under her sari and petticoat.

She wore sari usually.

Rarely did she wore jeans, trousers, Capri, shorts or minis like her younger sisters.

Her favorite outfit for the hospital was either sari or salwar.

Often she put on some long skirt and formal shirts. she worked hard to keep herself in shape, like her sisters.

She was not busty, but not skimpy also.

Her size matched with her younger sister Åāliyah Yåqūb.

They both used 32 B size bra and their waists measured 28 and going down, their ass rolled round to 36, making them both hour-glass figured.

She was aware that her bum was really good looking, enough to cause a hard- on for Durgesh if she walked carefully shaking her beautiful Musalmān buttocks.

Her sari hung just down her naval- slopes leaving ample space of her fair, flat, little bulky tummy and her sari- plaits that run on to her shoulder, left enough of the cleavage- show to figure out her firm young Musalmān boobs.

She was always that presentable with her silky black hair running to her knees either in a good handy braid or a tress.

Åāliyah Yåqūb also had such long hair.

But Jamīlah loved it a boy’s cut.

Whatever it was, Waħīdah Yåqūb felt a tension looking at Durgesh.

She could not forget ever how passionately I fuck her whenever she was lucky enough to get the chance.

She felt a sexual tension, a sexual need building in her centering on me.

It was not right.

She must get rid of it.

She tried to think about something else.

We finished the dinner.

Åāliyah Yåqūb helped Waħīdah Yåqūb to clean and the other two retired to study.

They finished the cleaning and headed towards their rooms.

Waħīdah Yåqūb locked herself, got out of her cloth, opened the blouse, untied the petticoat, and lit a cigarette and opening the drawer, hauled out a long thick candle.

Her tongue lubricated it and she thrust it down to her dripping Musalmān Pussy.

She bit her lips so that the moan did not pass loud, and began to masturbate furiously.

Her climax was near and she relieved the tension involving Durgesh.

Yet she could not stop thinking about me.

She began to do it again, and again, until she was too exhausted to pull out the candle.

She had enjoyed four orgasms then and there, thinking Durgesh fucking her.

And then she lay on the bed as she was masturbating with the candle.

She fell asleep.

And in dream, she enjoyed some really good fucking seasons with me.

I was really well- built even at my sixty six.

My prick was normally some eight inches long and thick.

And I fucked her really well.

I almost fucked the shit out of her.

She came while dreaming and soaking wet did she woke up at midnight.

She ran to the bathroom, splashed water on her face and neck and then coming back, she lit a cigarette.

A good smoke can make sense.

She smoked and retired to bed.*


I felt it odd as she reacted tonight.

I had heard all they were discussing there in the other room in the evening, before the dinner.

I wasn’t surprised to find her sober beloved Waħīdah Yåqūb’s love life, or appropriately her sex life.

It wasn’t really shocking to find her experiences.

I fucked her because that was what her own Ammī wanted me to do.

“Fuck her yourself, Durgesh, before she is taken advantage of by someone not suitable for her.”

I respected her Ammī’s concern for her and obliged her immediately.

Why take chance to let anything wrong happen?

I always thought highly about her.

Everyone who knows, think highly about her and no one, who knows her, would be surprised to discover her as a slut as she had called herself today.

It was unbelievable.

I had to change her negative psychology as soon as possible.

She wasn’t a slut.

No girl must think herself a slut ever.

Sex is a normal desire.

Wasn’t it?

And as such It must be respected.

Chapter 2


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