Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


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Chapter 14

Durgesh Justice Hémā Upādhyāý
Durgesh Chitrāngadā Pārāshar
Durgesh Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý
Durgesh Justice Fātimah Aħmad

Chitrāngadā Pārāshar went to the faucet, got water and washed them down.
Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī was dumbfounded.
She had never even imagined, her Bhābhī, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar, would do it.
There must have been two dozens of the sleeping tablets.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý had the first reaction to notify the police.
It was a police case, and she was an officer of the court.
She was a Justice.
But the problem was that they may make a stink, a scandal out of it.
Every officer of the police was not as responsible as he/she should have been.
Her brain said,
‘Go ahead and notify them. It’s the only thing that can be done. The police will take Chitrāngadā Pārāshar to a hospital, pump her stomach out and save her life.’
But immediately there was a contradiction from her same brain.
‘Why don’t you call your own reliable Doctor? You are a Justice. It’s your friend’s life at stake.’
‘It might be too late.’ Her brain again contradicted her, ‘Even Chitrāngadā Pārāshar may refuse to let her Doctor treat her. You have to wait until after Chitrāngadā Pārāshar becomes unconscious, and by that time…No, Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý, call the police. Tell them the story.’
‘How? How the story should be told to the police?’
‘Tell it straight, Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý. Simply tell them that it’s another Bachhalyā Brahmāñī story. Chitrāngadā Pārāshar couldn’t understand when it was the appropriate time for her to decide, that being a BrahmKanyā, she should never marry a Brāhmañ. No Brāhmañ today is a real Brāhmañ, as no Musalmān today is a true Musalmān. The Musalmān houseladies need a Hindu man for their love life. Similarly a BrahmKanyā needs a Bachhalyā man for her love life. Both the Musalmīn and Brāhmañs are never practical for their womankind. They both dream of an utmost high character from their womankind, but to their mankind their approach is totally different. They suddenly become practical for themselves, but never practical for their womankind.
‘Tell the police that Chitrāngadā Pārāshar was forced to maintain clandestine love life with Durgesh. Her Nanad, her sister in law, Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī reproached Chitrāngadā Pārāshar for it, even while she herself was maintaining a sexual relationship with Durgesh, yet openly. Chitrāngadā Pārāshar could not bear her so irrational, so scornfully communal criticism of her entirely clandestine sexual relationship with Durgesh. She grabbed a handful of sleeping tablets trying to commit suicide.’*

Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý’s brain was still bombarding her,
‘If Chitrāngadā Pārāshar couldn’t have a Bachhalyā lover, she refused even to live?’
‘Why shouldn’t Chitrāngadā Pārāshar? Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī was nobody to tell Chitrāngadā Pārāshar how Chitrāngadā Pārāshar should live, as well as Chitrāngadā Pārāshar didn’t have any legal right to tell Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī how Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī should live.’
‘But Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī is Chitrāngadā Pārāshar’s sister in law.’
‘Sure, but the law never gives any legal right to any sister in law to tell her sister in law how she should live.’
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý’s mental process suddenly took a new turn,
‘Should I let the police think that Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī is the one who saw Chitrāngadā Pārāshar do it?’
‘Why not? What’s wrong in it?’
‘Nothing, I think.’
‘That’s right. Don’t answer the questions in details. You don’t need to. Act to be in a hurry. Use your judicial status to save yourself from answering detailed questions, either this way or that. Simply tell the police Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī abused Chitrāngadā Pārāshar on her sexual relationship with Durgesh and Chitrāngadā Pārāshar took the sleeping tablets in protest.’

Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý found now more confident herself.
She informed the police.
She was surprised when almost immediately Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý heard the siren.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý looked at her wristwatch.
Not more than a couple of anxious minutes had passed.
The siren sounded at first faint in the distance, then Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý heard it screaming to a high pitched crescendo of urgency.
‘Well,’ Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý thought to herself smiling proudly, ‘my judicial status really did wonders. I never expected such a fast action from the police. I know them. It pays to be in a high official position. That must be a radio/mobile car coming now.’
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý advanced to a window.
Now, she could look down the street.
‘Oh, nope,’ she murmured to herself, ‘it isn’t a radio/mobile car. It’s an ambulance instead. Red light going and all the rest of it.’
The ambulance parked by the apartment house.
Two white clad attendants entered the door.
Her mental process started again,
‘I can’t figure this one out. Hell, I thought the police would get here first and then phone for an ambulance.’
‘They are probably taking your word for it and figure Chitrāngadā Pārāshar has go to a hospital. After all you are a high positioned court official, a Justice at High Court.’
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý smiled satisfactorily.
‘If police aren’t there, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar may refuse to go and…’
‘Chitrāngadā Pārāshar may be groggy by this time.’
‘I don’t think the stuff works that fast. Moreover, Durgesh was still fucking Chitrāngadā Pārāshar when she swallowed those sleeping tablets. Durgesh himself would be in action too as Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý is. Chitrāngadā Pārāshar can’t die till Durgesh is fucking her. Chitrāngadā Pārāshar may come out under her own power still being fucked by Durgesh.’
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý smiled cunningly,
‘Don’t they say Durgesh’s ever incredible Bachhalyā Lund has miraculous powers too? No woman can suffer from old age, illness, etcetera, if Durgesh is fucking her. She wouldn’t die ever even.’
‘Nonsense, Durgesh too, is a human being only.
‘The Bachhalyās are miraculously expert in spreading rumors in Durgesh’s favor, positively always. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is herself helping the Bachhalyās and HVSI to get benefited herself. Padminī Bhārgav and Umā Jagdambā Pārvatī Chakrvartī are also doing the same thing.
‘Political strategies.
‘Nothing else.
‘Isn’t it?
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý isn’t against it until it’s benefiting the society and human beings.
‘The end justifies the means.
‘Doesn’t it?’*

Suddenly Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was startled.
Hey Bhagvān, God, are the BrahmKanyās, and the Brahmāñīs too, imitating Musalmān Beauties and Musalmān houseladies in their every step?
Hémā Upādhyāý was herself a High Court Justice.
She was happily married with Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī.
When Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý found that Justice Hémā Upādhyāý is maintaining her extramarital affair with me, Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was dumbfounded.
Hémā, Justice Hémā Upādhyāý, you too?” she could not believe it.
Still extremely beautiful, Justice Hémā Upādhyāý, smiled at her.
“Sorry, Sunandā, I don’t know how can you limit yourself to an ever impractical Brāhmañ husband. I can’t, my dear.”
“But, but Hémā, Justice Hémā Upādhyāý, Durgesh is fucking you not in your Pussy. Durgesh is fucking you in your ass.” Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was still startled.
Justice Hémā Upādhyāý smiled.
“Sorry, I requested him persistently to do it with me too.”
“With you too? What do you mean?”
“You know my maternal cousin, Justice Fātimah Aħmad, don’t you?”
“Oh, sure.”
“Once I sauntered to her bedroom and found she was requesting Durgesh to fuck her in her ass.”
Hémā, Hémā,” Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý addressed her ever best friend impatiently, “your maternal cousin, Justice Fātimah Aħmad, is a Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān. They have different culture, different needs consequently.”
“Nonsense,” Hémā Upādhyāý ignored her argument, “Fātimah was enjoying it very much. I decided I should also try the same.”
Despite Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý’s extensive arguments and explanations, Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was still enjoying my ever aggressive, Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund, into her ever gorgeous Upādhyāý Brāhmañ ass.
Not in her bedroom even, inside.
Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was enjoying me in her gorgeous Upādhyāý Brāhmañ ass on the open window, directly opposite to the window Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was watching through.*

Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý rushed to bring Justice Hémā Upādhyāý to her senses.
She had seen Justice Hémā Upādhyāý wasn’t alone there.
There were six more Hémās.
Justice Hémā Bhārgav.
She was straddling on my Ever Sexiest ever erect Bachhalyā Lund, I was lying on my back and Justice Hémā Bhārgav was fucking me cunningly.
There was a triumphant smart smile on her lips and eyes.
Her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot was swallowing my Bachhalyā Lund sophisticatedly, impishly yet still ravenously.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý never knew Justice Hémā Bhārgav and Justice Hémā Upādhyāý were such a close friend that they could fuck me together.
Justice Hémā Pandit was the third Justice there.
She was sucking my Bachhalyā Lund, proudly.
Justice Hémā Pārāshar was Chitrāngadā Pārāshar’s real elder sister, and well, she was enjoying my Bachhalyā Lund in the same way, Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was enjoying, in her Pārāshar Brāhmañ ass.
Justice Hémā Pārāshar’s extremely beautiful big Pārāshar Brāhmañ buttocks were filling my nude Bachhalyā lap ravenously, swallowing my Ever Sexiest ever erect Bachhalyā Lund between them again and again.
And, what the hell!
Justice Hémā Pāŧhak, Pārvatī Pāŧhak’s sister was also welcoming my Ever Sexiest ever erect ever aggressive Bachhalyā Lund between her extremely beautiful white, pink, big, Pāŧhak Brāhmañ buttocks.
My Bachhalyā Lund was penetrating her Pāŧhak Brāhmañ ass aggressively itself.
Hey Bhagvān, God, were they contesting with each other in anal sex?
The sixth was Justice Hémā Mukherjī.
No, she wasn’t receiving my Bachhalyā Lund into her big buttocked Mukherjī Brāhmañ ass.
No, her Mukherjī Brāhmañ ass was not less beautiful than the rest of the six Hémās present there.
All the seven Hémās there were big buttocked and had extremely beautiful Brāhmañ ass.
Yet, I wasn’t fucking Justice Hémā Mukherjī in her beautiful Brāhmañ ass.
My Ever Sexiest ever erect ever aggressive Bachhalyā Lund was penetrating her more beautiful Mukherjī Brāhmañ Choot now.
Justice Hémā Joshī was the seventh and last there.
And hell, my Ever Sexiest ever erect ever aggressive Bachhalyā Lund was penetrating her extremely beautiful Joshī Brāhmañ ass too.
It was certainly some contest in anal sex among them.
But why then…
Seven High Court Justice,
All of them named Hémā.
All of them sophisticated mature Brāhmañ ladies,
None of them was as crazy as Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was, to admire anal sex that much.
Was there any connection among these similarities?
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý could not think of any.
Why shouldn’t she go there and find out what the hell was happening there?
Yet, suddenly she stopped.
The two white clad attendants came out supporting a young woman.
She was walking between them, still on her knees and elbows, still I was fucking her.
Her head was hanging limply.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý couldn’t see whether she was Chitrāngadā Pārāshar or not.
But who else could she be?
They were going to the ambulance now.
She was droopy.
They had to hold her up.
Therefore it was natural they were getting in the way again and again.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý still couldn’t see Chitrāngadā Pārāshar’s face clearly that how ill she was actually now.
The ambulance took off up the street, moving at high speed, siren screaming for the right of way.*

The wedding had been nice, but the reception was a real blast.
Drink flowed freely, and a large number of the attendees were a little over the top before the night ended.
One could spot the designated drivers by their sour looks, but most people had arranged for taxis or were staying overnight at the hotel.
I was overnighting myself.
I was the best man.
I suppose I could have joined in and got plastered with the rest, but I’d promised to keep an eye on things and make sure that everyone got away safely.
With all the people there I’d figured that the ones I’d have least concern for were the bride and groom.
They had a suite booked in the hotel and were leaving bright and early for their honeymoon.
I was actually a little surprised as the night wore on to see that Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī and Justice Hémā Upādhyāý were still at the reception.

It seemed to me that Justice Hémā Upādhyāý had a rather frozen look on her face, but Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī was still knocking them back and being the life of the party.
We’d promised the hotel that we’d all be gone by eleven, so shortly before that I started chasing out the stragglers.
With them gone I found I was left with two late stayers – the bride and groom.

I moved over to give them some final congratulations.
Justice Hémā Upādhyāý just gave me a helpless look and Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī was just lolling in his chair, a big smirk on his face.
He was plastered.
If we could get him to stand I’d have laid odds that he’d just fall flat on his face.

I felt tempted to let him, but an unspoken plea from Justice Hémā Upādhyāý had me behaving and offering some proper help.
I levered Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī to his feet and guided his staggering way towards the elevators.
Once in one, I propped him against a wall and we sailed up to the bridal suite.
By the time we reached it, Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī was out cold.

When the lift reached the right floor I just bent down and lifted Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī in a fireman’s carry, following Justice Hémā Upādhyāý down the hall to their suite.
Entering the suite, I dumped Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī on the couch.
Damned if I was carrying him to the bedroom.
I helped Justice Hémā Upādhyāý take off his shoes and outer clothes and we just left him there, snoring as though he invented it.
He was out of action until the morning.

I said goodnight to Justice Hémā Upādhyāý and was about to depart when I noticed she was biting her lip.
Something was troubling her besides Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī getting blotto, and she didn’t know how to mention it.
I’ve always had a very soft spot for Justice Hémā Upādhyāý.
If Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī hadn’t come along with his flamboyant style there was a good chance I might have made a determined play for her myself.

Anyway, considering her carefully as I prepared to depart, it suddenly dawned on me what her problem was.
She was still in her wedding dress, and it was big and heavy and Justice Hémā Upādhyāý had had two bridesmaids to help her put it on.
It had been assumed by everyone that the groom would help her remove it, but the groom was out cold on the couch.

“You can’t take your dress off by yourself,” I guessed. “Do you want me to ring up Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý and Justice Della Harrington to come and help? They’re overnighting in the hotel.”

Justice Hémā Upādhyāý bit her lip and shook her head.

“They left earlier and they’re probably both in bed. I don’t want to drag them out just because Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī had a couple too many.”

“A couple?” I thought.
I mean, the man was plastered.

Still chewing on her lip Justice Hémā Upādhyāý finally said what she wanted.

“Um, I know it’s a lot to ask, Durgesh, but could you come in, unzip me and help me place the dress on its stand. It’ll only take a minute.”

What could I say?
I didn’t really have a choice.
I gestured for her to lead the way.

“Why does it need to be on a stand?” I asked.

“We’re leaving it here when we go in the morning,” Justice Hémā Upādhyāý informed me. “The hotel are going to pack it properly and send it to mum’s place. That means that when we get up we can just dress, grab out bags and jump in the taxi and it’s
Bachhalyā BrahmKanyā Bachhalyā Brahmāñī Island, here we come.”

Standing next to the bed Justice Hémā Upādhyāý turned her back to me.
She’d chosen to wear a family dress, handed down through several generations.
Quite a lovely gown, but a trifle old fashioned in the making of it.
That was the problem.
No zip.
Just a long row of little cunningly positioned hooks and eyes, each one having to be undone separately.

Starting at the top I went slowly down that long row, undoing every hook and eye I encountered.
Every bloody one of them.
What happened after that was not my fault.

Justice Hémā Upādhyāý had been holding the dress to her so it wouldn’t sag and it turned out that the idea was that as soon as all the hooks were unhooked I had to lift the dress up and over her head and drop it on the stand.
That was no problem, lift dress, turn and lower dress onto stand, turn back to Justice Hémā Upādhyāý to see her bra falling away, exposing a lovely pair of white breasts, tipped with an exquisite pink bud, leaving Justice Hémā Upādhyāý standing there in a pair of white satin panties, panties that were supposed to stimulate the groom into action.

It seemed that a pair of the hooks I’d unhooked were the hooks on the bra, and I deny that I undid them deliberately.

Justice Hémā Upādhyāý promptly slapped her hands over her breasts, blushing.
Too late, as I had already seen and admired, and an error of strategy as that wasn’t what she should have been defending.

It wasn’t premeditated.
I just seemed to go on auto-pilot, kneeling in front of her, taking the wisp of white she still had on and removing it, even lightly slapping Justice Hémā Upādhyāý‘s ankle to get her to lift it so I could peel it right off.

Then I rose to my feet, gently pulled Justice Hémā Upādhyāý’s hands away from her breasts and admired her nudity.

“You’ve been looking forward to this night for months,” I said, my voice a silken murmur. “You’re still a virgin and you’ve psyched yourself up for it. It would be crime to send you to a virginal bed looking like that.”

The bed had already been turned down.
All the occupants had to do was lie down and flick the blankets over themselves.
I just eased Justice Hémā Upādhyāý over to it and pushed her gently down.

She watched as I undressed, shaking her head, telling me I couldn’t, she was married now, Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī was in the next room.
Then it was my turn to shake my head.

“I don’t care,” I said, and settled onto the bed beside her.

She was still softly protesting as my hand settled on her breast, not shutting up until I closed her mouth with mine.
Her protests I had noticed had all been verbal.
Physically, she hadn’t tried to resist in any manner whatsoever, nor did she start doing so when I started to caress her.

I took it slowly, building up excitement within her by my lips and gentle stroking hands, starting with her face, moving on to her breasts, touching and kissing, building up tactile sensations over her entire body, until finally my Bachhalyā hand was resting on her Upādhyāý Brāhmañ mound, coaxing yet further excitement out of her.

I could feel the heat and dampness within her, and it wasn’t long before I was rolling on top of her, nestling between her extremely beautiful nude Upādhyāý Brāhmañ thighs and easing them further apart.
Then I eased my Bachhalyā erection against her, feeling her lips yield to the steady pressure, giving way and granting admission to her excellent exquisite Upādhyāý Brāhmañ body.

Once I had started to penetrate her I just moved steadily forward, brushing past her Upādhyāý Brāhmañ hymen with barely a wince from her, sinking deeper into her hot moist Upādhyāý Brāhmañ passage.

Once we were both comfortable with my Bachhalyā penetration of her Upādhyāý Brāhmañ body I started to move.
I didn’t want to perform any sexual gymnastics, no hard hammering of her tender young Upādhyāý Brāhmañ pussy, no changing of position, just a gentle and tender loving.

We moved together softly, pleasure invading us, but slowly, increasing in intensity, but slowly.
We stayed together, rocking together, enjoying this first ever encounter with each other’s body, slowly going on and on.

It took a while, but it was still too soon when Justice Hémā Upādhyāý stiffened, her eyes opening wide.
Durgesh?” she called as she started to shudder.
I gave a hurried Bachhalyā thrust, releasing the climax that I’d been fighting off for so long, letting it tear into me while Justice Hémā Upādhyāý shuddered and clung to me, savagely now.

We lay together, me just holding Justice Hémā Upādhyāý while she snuggled next to me. Then she slept.

Watching her sleep, I sighed, but eventually I rose, dressed and retired to my own room, setting my alarm for early in the morning.
I had to see Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī and Justice Hémā Upādhyāý on their way.

I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, not stirring until the alarm sounded.
I groaned at that, got up, dressed and headed back to the bridal suite.

I knocked at the door but, receiving no answer, I used the spare key I had and let myself in.
Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī was still asleep on the couch, snoring lustily.
I shook him and tried to rouse him but he didn’t so much as budge.
Shrugging, I left him there and went into the bedroom.

Justice Hémā Upādhyāý must have heard me trying to wake Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī, as she was stirring when I walked in.
She sat up, the sheet falling from her, showing her breasts were as fine this morning as I remembered from last night.
She blinked at me a couple of times, and then memory surfaced.
She blushed and looked down.
Found she was sitting there with her breasts on display and grabbed the sheet with a strangled cry.

I said the hell with it, walked over to the bed and twitched the sheet out from her fingers, tossing it back so I could admire her.
Sitting down next to her I pushed her around so she was lying on her stomach.
She was starting to protest again, but I ignored that.
Once she was flat on her tummy I grabbed her big Upādhyāý Brāhmañ buttocks and lifted, encouraging her to bend her knees and take a kneeling position.

Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was looking back at me, horrified, knowing that the way she was, she was totally exposed to my Bachhalyā gaze.
I just smiled back at her.
I undid my trousers and dropped them, showing I had an Bachhalyā erection just as extreme as the one from the previous night.

“One of the first things a new bride needs to know is how to handle a morning glory,” I told her, and then I was coming into her from behind, hard and fast.

The previous night had defined gentleness.
This morning was the opposite.
I slammed into Justice Hémā Upādhyāý forcefully, driving her before me.
It was quickly evident from the way she entered into the battle that she was a willing partner, and together we slammed ourselves towards a climax.

It wasn’t all that long before I heard Justice Hémā Upādhyāý give a strangled Upādhyāý Brāhmañ cry and I saw her bury her head in the pillow.
I could hear muffled screams coming from her.
I felt like shouting myself as I let myself go, pounding my climax into her with all the Bachhalyā energy I could muster.

After that little effort I rushed Justice Hémā Upādhyāý into the shower, harrying her to get out and dressed as she had a taxi coming.
Another attempt to rouse Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī had proved futile, so I left him there.

Checking myself out of the hotel, I also settled the account for the bridal suite, although I told them that it would probably be occupied until about twelve.
They were very understanding.

Shortly after that Justice Hémā Upādhyāý was in her taxi, heading for the airport and her Bachhalyā BrahmKanyā Bachhalyā Brahmāñī Island honeymoon.
Now, the name of Island was exactly what we both were.
It wasn’t her fault that we couldn’t wake Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī in time to make the taxi, and it would have been no fun for her to honeymoon alone.
It was far too late to cancel the holiday and it had already been paid for.

I just naturally went with her.
Justice Hémā Upādhyāý celebrated her Honeymoon even longer than it was scheduled, but not with her husband Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī, with me instead.
She never allowed Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī to touch her even, after it.
She had celebrated her Golden Night with me, her Honeymoon with me, and now her entire life with me.
She told him,
“You love wine more than your wife, enjoy that for ever. Durgesh loves your wife more, let him enjoy me now. I married you, but due to your fault, Durgesh is my man now, not you, Justice Vinīt Chaturvédī.”
Yes, that was Justice Hémā Upādhyāý.
Entirely mine, though not married to me.

Chapter 15

1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam


Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


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Chapter 13

Durgesh Sandhyā Dīxit
Durgesh Pārvatī Upādhyāý
Durgesh Laxmī Kulkarñī
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Durgesh Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý

Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was immensely surprised herself how ravenous she was to fuck me.
As soon as, Vibhā Trivédī suggested her Golden Day with me, she immediately felt her Bhaŧŧāchārý Brāhmañ Cunt getting wet.
Hey Bhagvān, God, no!
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý can’t be that crazy for my Bachhalyā Lund in her Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot.
She is a Brahm Padminī.
She never needed immense sex.
Judge Vishwambhar Sharmā was enough for her.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý never dreamed of Durgesh.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was immediately all alert.
Hadn’t she watched Chitrāngadā Pārāshar playing with my Bachhalyā Lund clandestinely?
Wasn’t Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý jealous of her closest friend, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar?
Even her Satītv and Pātivratý could not stop her entering there, entirely unashamed of herself that both Chitrāngadā Pārāshar and Durgesh were nude already.
“What the hell are you doing, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar?” Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý had acted immensely furious.
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar smiled.
“Oh, Sunandā ? Come on. Don’t worry. I’ll never tell anyone that you also enjoy Durgesh’s great Bachhalyā Lund with me.”
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý wanted to snatch away my Bachhalyā Lund from Chitrāngadā Pārāshar’s hand.
She wanted to replace Chitrāngadā Pārāshar herself.
But she controlled herself immediately.
“Chitrāngadā Pārāshar, come to your senses. You can’t do it. You are a married woman already.”
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar looked at her bitterly.*

She looked at Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý furiously.
“Married? Really? Then why my husband is never with me? Why the hell did I watch my younger sister, Padminī Pārāshar fucking Durgesh?”
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý as if fell from sky.
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar was shaking out of her intensely overwhelming wrath.
“Everyone tried to stop me, everyone tried to explain to me I shouldn’t marry a Brāhmañ. The Brāhmañs are over ethical. They are over human, and therefore never practical. Yet I never listened to anyone. I listened to you. And you, ever a damn fool yourself, destroyed my life completely. Leave me alone now, please!!!!!”
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý was dumbfounded.
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar could behave with her so irrationally ever, Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý had never imagined even.*

I scolded Sandhyā Dīxit,
“Shut up. Haven’t you any manners at all?”
“Manners? Oh yes. The same as you two have? Fucking Ammījān in her excellent exquisite gorgeous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Musalmān ass in the living room! Great.”
“Still, you should have knocked before entering.” I disciplined her curtly, “She is my Live in relationship partner after all. Isn’t she, you idiot?”
Sandhyā Dīxit laughed boldly, advanced and opened my bathrobe.
And there I stood in front of Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī’s Bhārgav Brāhmañ daughter, Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav ’s friend wearing nothing at all.
She kept looking greedily at my still throbbing Uncut Hindu Lund.
“What in the world you two were doing? And why were you two even recording it?”
“Why the hell should I answer you?” I thundered at Sandhyā Dīxit, “It’s our house and we can do here anything we damn please.”
“Okay, okay.” Sandhyā Dīxit smiled, “Now cool down. Come here. Let’s talk now, I think.”
Controlling myself, I joined her on the bed.
Here I was with a 28-year-old Dīxit Brāhmañ gal who I assumed was a dyke.
She was dressed in her typical baggie clothes and I lay next to her in nude.
She stood up and said it was time for me to realize one of her fantasies.
As I lay in bed, I watched her raising her tee shirt up, over her head and dropped it on the floor.
She wasn’t wearing a bra.
But she really didn’t need one.
She had ever-erect great Dīxit Brāhmañ tits.
Even from the waist up she did have a Bachhalyā male killer female Brāhmañ body.
I could see Sandhyā Dīxit had big Dīxit Brāhmañ buttocks and they were curved in perfectly to her waist.
The pants fell next and I was not surprised that she didn’t wear any panties either.
It was expected.
She had a little patch of hair above her young Dīxit Brāhmañ Choot.
So extremely stunning nude young Sandhyā Dīxit was that even I was totally in awe of her extremely beautiful Dīxit Brāhmañ body.
She was big boned, but there wasn’t one ounce of fat on her.
Entirely different from Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav ’s body, but it was perfect for her.
She told me to get ready to fuck her.
I smiled.
We both were in nude.
Sandhyā Dīxit got on all fours.
“Come on Bachhalyā lover, and fuck the hell me now till we both exist.”
Once again, Sandhyā Dīxit adjusted her position.
I got behind Sandhyā Dīxit.
She felt the sting of my Bachhalyā male palm on her Dīxit Brāhmañ butt.
I grabbed her waist, and slid my Bachhalyā Lund in Sandhyā Dīxit’s ravenously welcoming Dīxit Brāhmañ Choot.
The young Dīxit Brāhmañ Choot gripped my sixty four years old, most experienced, throbbing Bachhalyā Lund greedily.
It was her first Lund it was obvious.
Sandhyā Dīxit,” I smiled, “I didn’t know you were virgin.”
“We Brāhmañ Beauties have different environment around us than your most beloved Musalmān Beauties have. We have more self-control and better bringing up.”
I smiled and started fucking Sandhyā Dīxit hard.
By the time, Sandhyā Dīxit had her first orgasm she could feel her heart beat through her Dīxit Brāhmañ Choot .
I fucked Sandhyā Dīxit nonstop for hours.
She was drained ultimately and ready for this experience to end.
At the end, she told me it was her turn.
Sandhyā Dīxit kissed my Bachhalyā Lund, licked it clean and then swallowed it into her extremely beautiful Dīxit Brāhmañ mouth.
Then Sandhyā Dīxit gave me a great blowjob.
I blasted ultimately in her throat.
Sandhyā Dīxit smiled her thanks at me and swallowed all of my Bachhalyā Vīrý blasting into her Dīxit Brāhmañ mouth, every drop of it.
Sandhyā Dīxit finally rolled out of bed and quickly got dressed.
“We are husband and wife now, Bachhalyā Piyā.” Sandhyā Dīxit smiled, “Bachhalyā husband Dīxit Brāhmañ wife, forever. Any objection, my Bachhalyā love?”
I smiled and kissed Sandhyā Dīxit,
“None whatsoever, my young Dīxit Brāhmañ wife.”
“I was dreaming of you since my eighteenth birthday.” Sandhyā Dīxit smiled at me lovingly, “Ultimately, after a long wait of ten long years, I succeeded.”
I didn’t say anything, only smiled.
She walked to the corner of the room and shut off the camera.
With everything that had happened, I forgot that the video camera was rolling.
We walked to my computer.
She sat down and uploaded the finished product.
We watched it.
It was quite a show.*

Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý hadn’t reached there unknowingly.
She had seen Chitrāngadā Pārāshar fucking me herself, straddling on my ever erect Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund.
I was lying on my back.
“When your husband would find that you cheated him and fucked me yourself despite the fact I tried to stop you, what would happen?” I smiled at Chitrāngadā Pārāshar.
“Shut up,” Chitrāngadā Pārāshar admonished me, “I am fucking you, because despite my repeated requests, you never fucked me.”
“Your husband loves you very much, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar.” I said gravely.
“Yet he almost never fucks me.” Chitrāngadā Pārāshar said curtly, “He fucks extremely beautiful Musalmān Beauties instead. He doubts you fuck me.”
“And you are making his suspicions true.”
“What else can I do?” Chitrāngadā Pārāshar bit her lower lip with her beautiful upper teeth.
Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý suddenly felt an intense surge of jealousy.
Hell, she felt her ever sophisticated Bhaŧŧāchārý Brāhmañ Cunt getting wet.
For my Bachhalyā Lund?
Hey Bhagvān, God, no!
Suddenly she saw an extremely beautiful damsel nocking at Chitrāngadā Pārāshar’s bedroom door.
To Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý’s utmost surprise, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar received her on her knees and elbows, I still fucking Chitrāngadā Pārāshar from her glorious Pārāshar Brāhmañ behind.
Hey Bhagvān, God, had Chitrāngadā Pārāshar gone mad?
Yes, it’s normal here in Trantor/Ved Nagar to receive someone in Chaturang Shāshvat Maithunyog, but Chitrāngadā Pārāshar was not my Live in relationship partner.
Horrified Justice Sunandā Bhaŧŧāchārý watched her entirely transformed friend Chitrāngadā Pārāshar.
She damn cared now anyone.
“Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī, you?” Chitrāngadā Pārāshar said, “I never expected you here.”
Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī was burning with wrath.
“Hello, Bhābhī,” she said ironically, “what happened to your immense Brāhmañ pride now? You marched ahead against my love for Durgesh. Didn’t you? Now the same Durgesh is fucking you, and…”
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar listened patiently to a few more words of what Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī had to say.
Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī herself was similarly nude and I was similarly fucking Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī too from her equally glorious Dwivédī Brāhmañ behind.
My ever aggressive Ever Sexiest Bachhalyā Lund was being anointed in both my bodies with the Brāhmañ vaginal juices of both Nanad and Bhābhī, sisters in law.
Suddenly, Chitrāngadā Pārāshar turned and marched back into her bedroom with me.
She came out, similarly being fucked by me, as her Nanad, Brahm Dīpti Dwivédī, was waiting for her there.
Chitrāngadā Pārāshar had a bottle of sleeping tablets in her hand.
She dumped out a whole handful of them and started chewing them up.*

I had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but I had a suspicion that Sandhyā Dīxit would let me know in the very near future.
My only hope was that Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav wouldn’t hate me for what had happened…
Or, be jealous of her ever beautiful friend, Sandhyā Dīxit.
By the time Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī and Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, returned home from the doctor’s appointment, and came in the door there was instant look of shock on their faces.
What shocked them was that I was dressed.

For the last two plus years whenever I was in the house, I was in a bathrobe and nothing else.
That night I had on sweat pants and a tee shirt.
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, kept looking waiting for me to say something, but I just kept my eyes on her Ammījān.
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī finally broke the silence and asked me if everything was OK.
Smiling, I just made a comment of wanting to wear clothes for a change.
I couldn’t quite tell them that Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav ’s friend Sandhyā Dīxit had just fucked me and made a video of it.
For three days, I wore clothes around the house waiting for Sandhyā Dīxit to appear in our living room with a video in her hand.
My mind raced wondering what kind of plans she had in store.
Would I really become her permanent Bachhalyā Piyā?
Or would she show Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, what I did to her?
Or would she go ahead bolder and show it to Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī?

By the third night, I had reached a point of acceptance.
Let Sandhyā Dīxit too, be my one more, young Live in relationship Partner now.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was deliberately doing it, not only in my Musalmān Beauties, but in my Brāhmañ Beauties as well.
It was not a good sign.
The percentage of my young Beauties whether Musalmān or Brāhmañ, or else, was constantly increasing now as compared to the Beauties of my own age group.
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī and I sat in our recliners watching TV, when the front door opened and Sandhyā Dīxit walked in.
“HI Ammī.” Then with a wink, “Hi Durgesh darling! Méré Bachhalyā Piyā! Bachhalyā husband of us Brāhmañ Beauties!”
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī asked her where she had been since she hadn’t seen her in a while.
I sat in the chair, quite confident and ready to talk.
Finally, Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī asked her what she was up to.
Sandhyā Dīxit smiled and said she recorded an awesome video that she wanted to share with Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav .
My mind raced thinking this was the beginning.
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav would never appreciate I fucked her young Dīxit Brāhmañ friend first, while she was trying to get me inside her ab initio.
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī told her Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, was in her room.
Sandhyā Dīxit started heading that way.*

I got out of the chair too.
As I sauntered, I hoped to catch Sandhyā Dīxit in the kitchen, before she had got to Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav .
As I rounded the corner, Sandhyā Dīxit was sitting at the kitchen table, with a big smile.
“Boy, old man, do you look stupid in clothes. I thought you always wore a bath robe, but you do look kind of sexy in clothes too.”
On the table was the DVD.
I told her not to show it to Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, if she really wants to carry on with me.
She told me, smiling, to relax.
She was just returning it.
She went on to say it had served its purpose and she had no further need of it.
I asked her if anyone had seen it.
She said one person watched it with her, but she wouldn’t say who it was.
Sandhyā Dīxit told me not to worry.
She promised not to tell Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī or Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav.
She also promised that her girlfriend wouldn’t tell anyone either.

As she stood up and headed towards Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav’s room she gave me the DVD and told me to relax, it was over.
And as she walked away from me she told me to go get on my bath robe, that I didn’t look right in clothes.
She loved to see me nude.
Entire beautiful women do.
I grabbed the video.
I went to our bedroom and put it in my dresser.
And yes, I stripped out of those confining clothes and threw on my bath robe.
I went back to the living room with Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī’s coffee.
All she said was,
“Welcome back.”
About a half hour later, Sandhyā Dīxit left and gave me another wink.
Relished to have the video in my possession all I could think about was who could be her special girlfriend?*

The next day, my life was back to “normal.”
My quest to see Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, nude was back to being a top priority.
But Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav’s top priority was partying, instead.
She was really lucky to have graduated from University.
Those last three months she missed a lot of University.
It started to affect her private life as well.
The way she was burning the candle at both ends it was only a matter of time that she would lose her job.

It was only a part-time job but it gave her the freedom to come and go as she wished.
But now she was at the mercy of others to give her money.

I made a deal with her.
If she’d help me in my writing work, Every now and then I would help her out.
She thanked me and things were going along pretty well for a couple of weeks.
I kept telling her that I wouldn’t just give her money to make her happy.
She needed to earn it.

So she tried something so different and potentially dangerous to her.
She began having contact with her birth dad.
Brahméshvar Nāth Bhārgav only lived a couple of blocks from us but had very little to do with his daughter.
In fact, she was kind of scared of him.
Brahméshvar Nāth Bhārgav was not as the most of the Brāhmañs were.
Instead, he was an alcoholic who can get pretty crude around women and that included his own daughter too.

One day Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav came into my home office.
She stood in the doorway as I was playing on the computer.
She begged me for some money so she could go out that night.
“Durgesh,” Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav informed me, “Pārvatī Upādhyāý will be here in a half hour and I still need to get dressed.”
I smiled,
“Alright, I’ll give you some money, but you need to be totally honest with me and tell me what you do to get money from me.”
She stood in the door way, wearing her shorts and a very loose and low cut yellow top.
She looked hot.
The yellow top really showed off her tan.
Anyway she smiled.
She told me that if she can get to her dad, Brahméshvar Nāth Bhārgav, before he gets too drunk, she can get money from him every time, by getting him beer from the refrigerator and just talking to him.”
I smiled,
She said, “Alright, watch and I’ll show you what I do.”
She turned away from the door so I was looking at her backside.
As she was faced in the hallway she asked me to imagine the wall was the refrigerator.
She had me imagine that she opened the door and she leaned in to get a beer.
She didn’t bend her legs and as she leaned forward, her shorts crept up into her Bhārgav Brāhmañ crotch.
I could see her beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ pussy lips on both sides of her thong.
She kept leaning forward and as she held the imaginary door with one hand her other hand reached behind her and she placed it on her butt.
She then said that at this time she’d ask her dad if he had any snacks in there or a soda.
My Bachhalyā eyes were glued to this wondrous Bhārgav Brāhmañ sight.
I smiled.

She kind of giggled.
As she leaned over she laughed, pointing at my Bachhalyā crotch as my hard-on had pushed its way through my bath robe.
I repositioned myself and put my Bachhalyā Lund away.
I asked her if she was afraid of something more happening – something she couldn’t stop?”
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, said,
“Sandhyā Dīxit’s father, Prabhu Nāth Dīxit had found a video in her drawer that contained the video of her fucking a guy.”
I digested the information gravely.
The guy was myself, obviously.
So, Sandhyā Dīxit’s father, Prabhu Nāth Dīxit, has seen the video?
First, I fucking Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī in her extremely beautiful gorgeous Pakistani Musalmān ass, on her own repeated insistence, and then his own daughter, Sandhyā Dīxit, fucking me wildly?
It wasn’t good.
Why the hell Sandhyā Dīxit didn’t tell me it?
Instead, she told her friend, Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav?
Yes, Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav does not know that it was I, Sandhyā Dīxit fucked in that video. But…
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav paused for a minute.
Her eyes looked down, as my Bachhalyā Lund once inadvertently peered through my bath robe.
She smiled significantly as I covered it back up.
Well, what the hell difference it made?
Hasn’t Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav already seen me entirely nude, with my throbbing Bachhalyā Lund, for half an hour nonstop?
Once again my Bachhalyā Lund poked through my bath robe.
And once again I covered up, as she giggled.
I reached in the drawer to the side of the computer and got some cash for Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav.
I handed it to her.
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav laughed,
“My friend, Sudhā Tiwārī, wants to play with your great Bachhalyā Lund. Will you please allow her?”
I looked into her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes.
“Don’t you yourself?”
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav blushed.
“Nonsense, My friend, Sudhā Tiwārī, I said.”
I looked at her significantly,
“Okay, bring her.”
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav left the room to see what her Ammī was doing.
Sudhā Tiwārī came, thanked me immensely that I allowed her to play with my greatest Bachhalyā Lund.
I smiled.
Sudhā Tiwārī was beautiful herself.
She began playing with me.
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav came back in the room and said that her Ammī was asleep.
“I can give you the money back, Durgesh darling, if I can watch Sudhā Tiwārī playing with you.” Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav smiled.
I didn’t need to think about this request.
I stood up.
Sudhā Tiwārī took off my bathrobe and for a second time I stood before Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī’s Bhārgav Brāhmañ daughter , Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, entirely nude and quite hard.
I sat back in the chair, reached in another drawer for some baby oil and faced her as Sudhā Tiwārī began playing with me.
My attention went from Sudhā Tiwārī prepping my Bachhalyā Lund to staring at Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav .
I began going to town as Sudhā Tiwārī’s hand went faster and faster up and down my Bachhalyā shaft.
As I stared at Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, I watched her as her tremendously attractive Brāhmañ eyes would meet mine and then go back to looking at my ever greatest Bachhalyā Lund .
She asked me what I was thinking about.
I told her Sudhā Tiwārī was jacking-off to her.
That I was stripping her with my eyes and seeing that beautiful exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ body entirely nude.
She gave a naughty giggle and said,
“Not today.”
I was going faster and was close to the point of no return when I asked,
After a pause, she said, “Maybe.”

Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, didn’t shoot me down, instead she said,
There was a possibility that I could get her nude.
With that thought I shot, being masturbated by her equally beautiful friend, Sudhā Tiwārī, I shot my Bachhalyā load all over my chest and stomach.
Sudhā Tiwārī’s hand movements slowed down.

Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, came closer to me and grabbed a couple of tissues that were next to the computer screen.
She began cleaning up the Bachhalyā cum on my body.
For the first time, she touched my Bachhalyā Lund as she cleaned the final dribbles of my Bachhalyā cum from my pee hole.

As she was lovingly cleaning me up I was enjoying the view down her shirt.
She finally got it all and stood back in the doorway.
I continued to stare at her.
I in the chair nude and Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav in her loose fitting clothes.

She handed me back the money I had just given her and I told her to keep it.
“Thanks Durgesh,” was all she said as she headed towards her bedroom.
She changed her clothes and within 10 minutes she stood in the doorway telling me she was going out.
With a smile, she asked me if I was going to put my bath robe back on.

Still nude from our little episode I asked her why.
“Ammī is sleeping and you’ve seen it all so there is no reason for me to be shy.”
She leaned into me, gave me a hug, and said, “I love you and I’ll see you later.”

She left the room and I could hear her walking through the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room and out the door.
I sat there nude, thinking of the great possibilities that lied ahead.

The rest of the Evening, I was in a triumphant smile.
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī and I ate in the living room watching TV.
As usual Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī fell asleep early.

After it was over, I covered up with her blanket.
There was a knock on the bedroom door.
I slipped under the blankets, stopped the video and asked,
“It’s me, Durgesh, can I come in?” It was the melodious voice of Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav.
Of course, she could come in!
“Yeah.” I smiled.
The door opened and she sat on the edge of the bed.
If it wasn’t for the blanket our hips would be touching.
She thanked me again for the money and the great show I had given her earlier in the day with her friend, Sudhā Tiwārī.
She thought about it all night and couldn’t enjoy her time with Pārvatī Upādhyāý , instead she wanted to be home with me.

She told me how she felt sorry for me because she knew Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī couldn’t give me any relief.
She went on to say that she loved her Ammī very much and would never hurt her, but she also loved me and wanted to help me anyway she could.

When she was done talking, she pulled down the bed sheet and grabbed hold of my Bachhalyā Lund .
“I was in a hurry earlier, but I’m home now and I want to help you relax.”
As she was talking, she kept stroking my Bachhalyā Lund and had me hard once again.

When she finished talking she bowed her head down and stuck her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth on my Bachhalyā Lund .
Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav slowly began going up and down on it.
I thought this had to be a dream.
Waħīdah Åbdullah Hāshmī’s Bhārgav Brāhmañ daughter , Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, I always fantasized about whom seeing nude, was sucking my Bachhalyā Lund .

She was still dressed but she was helping me to relax.
I pushed her hair out of the way and watched her lovingly give me a blowjob.
This was the only part of her I’d touch.
I didn’t want this to end and I most certainly didn’t want to destroy any future plans by grabbing her boob or her butt.

My ass began bouncing off the bed, jamming my Bachhalyā Lund further in her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth.
Since this was my first blow job from her, and I knew I would want more, I told her I was ready to cum.
I gave Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav the option of finishing me off in her enormously attractive Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth or with her equally beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ hand.

Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav smiled and just kept sucking until I finally exploded in her enormously attractive Bhārgav Brāhmañ mouth.
As I began to calm down, Brahm Sādhnā Bhārgav, gave my Bachhalyā pecker one final kiss and then came up to my lips and kissed me.

Chapter 14
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam