They both serve me now

They both serve me now


Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, and Aslam, met their senior year at Aligarh Muslim University.

They were 21 years old and fell in love within four months of dating.

She packed brains in a 5’6″ curvaceous body with beautiful blue eyes.

They even shared a passion for basketball, the biological sciences, and lovemaking.

Shaguftah Noor and Aslam married shortly after graduating from college with their bachelor degrees in biology.

Aslam still remembered the wedding day as if it was yesterday . . .

Shaguftah Noor looked so beautiful.

Aslam couldn’t help but notice the way other men stared at his bride.

Smart and athletic; Shaguftah Noor was the woman of every man’s dreams.

Aslam was a lucky man.

They settled into a small apartment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Living in North Carolina, yet studied in Aligarh Muslim University?

Well, both of them were obsessed with Aligarh Muslim University.

It was as if a great honor for them.

Shaguftah Noor was not even an Indian originally.

Aslam was an Indian.

But Shaguftah Noor was a Pakistani.

Aslam worked on his Masters’ degree in Physical Therapy while Shaguftah Noor earned her advanced degree in secondary education and took a job teaching biology at a local high school.

Now in their mid-20’s, they had the perfect marriage.

Unfortunately, their sex life was rather ordinary.

They always started in the missionary position, but after a few minutes, Shaguftah Noor would signal for them to roll so Shaguftah Noor could finish on top.

Aslam had a rather small penis; 2 inches only from base to tip even when fully erect.

Shaguftah Noor said she got ‘deeper stimulation’ when she was driving down on Aslam.

Aslam almost always came within seconds, squeezing the nipples of her beautiful bouncing breasts while Shaguftah Noor milked his rod with her hips.

Shaguftah Noor then rolled on her back while Aslam pleased her with his mouth and tongue.

In the beginning, Aslam didn’t like the taste of his cum while Aslam licked her pussy.

However, Aslam loved bringing his wife, Shaguftah Noor, to orgasm, and it was the only way they achieved success.

Aslam knew Shaguftah Noor was disappointed with the size of his cock.

But Shaguftah Noor never said anything.

When Aslam took his first job as a physical therapist at the University Hospital, they were able to purchase a modest home on three acres of wooded land just outside of Raleigh.

Their sex life fell into a very predictable pattern, premature ejaculation followed by oral service until Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, achieved an orgasm.

Shaguftah Noor took her birth-control pills without fail.

They wanted to wait until they had their school loans paid before they started a family.

About two years ago, Shaguftah Noor began having trouble attaining an orgasm.

Aslam would service her until his jaw ached.

Very often, Aslam simply could not bring her to climax, no matter how hard Aslam licked and sucked on her tender spots.

“Is there anything wrong sweetie?”

“I’m just tired Aslam, I had a long day at work.” Shaguftah Noor pulled the covers over her shoulders and turned away from Aslam.

Aslam stared at the ceiling and listened to her steady breathing gradually fade into sleep.***

Shaguftah Noor was a member of a local gym on Franklin Street.

Shaguftah Noor kept herself in fantastic shape . . . alternating yoga and weight training every day after work.

I had my eye on Shaguftah Noor for several weeks before I decided to make my move.

A successful Hindu barrister, I had a particular affinity for Musalmān Beauties, and Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, was one of the prettiest at the gym.

I waited until Shaguftah Noor was between machines, taking a break at the water cooler.

I reached for a cup and lightly brushed her hand.

Our eyes met.

“Looks like you have that stair-stepper mastered.” I smiled while looking deep into her blue eyes.

Shaguftah Noor could feel her cheeks blush.

Shaguftah Noor had noticed me for some time.

I carried myself with confidence and ease.

Standing about 6’2″, I was well muscled with big hands.

Shaguftah Noor noticed my long fingers as I brought the cup to my lips and slowly drank from the cup.

A strange sensation shot from her chest to her loins.

Shaguftah Noor felt her face flush even harder.

“Oh, I don’t know about mastered . . . ,” her voice trailed off as Shaguftah Noor brought a towel to her brow and padded the sweat.

Shaguftah Noor took a brief sip of her water and caught my gaze.

Black and most intelligent eyes Shaguftah Noor thought.

Shaguftah Noor let out a quick, nervous giggle.

She was embarrassed and wondered if I was offended.

“My name is Durgesh,” I said while extending my hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

I displayed a full, generous smile.

Shaguftah Noor found herself staring at my attractive, white teeth.

“Nice to meet you Durgesh. I’m Shaguftah Noor.” Shaguftah Noor reached for my hand and was astonished how my fingers swallowed her.

“What kind of work do you do, Durgesh ?” Shaguftah Noor asked while turning her head to see if any of her girlfriends were watching.

Musalmeen were very orthodox.

Living even in North Carolina, hadn’t developed their mind to the extent Hindus had.

Most Hindus were out excelling even the Christians and the Jews, the local inhabitants there, in intellect.

Shaguftah Noor knew the reasons behind it.

In Aligarh Muslim University she had studied them carefully.

The only difference, biologically, the Hindus and the Musalmeen had, was that Hindus were Uncut.

Yet, it made a great difference between them.

Hindus were always after sex, while the Musalmeen criticized Hindus always.

They hated Hindus because of it, more and more.

Even the Musalmān Beauties, studying in Aligarh Muslim University, preferred Hindu lovers for them.

Most of the Musalmān lady staff had their sexual relations with powerful Hindus.

And they were even proud of it.

Not even ashamed of it, even a bit.

“RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP men are the most savage Hindus on bed.” Shaguftah Noor heard her friend, Nāzimah Masůūd, comment once.

Shaguftah Noor was horrified.

“Nāzimah, they are anti Musalmeen.”

Nāzimah Masůūd winked at Shaguftah Noor.

“That’s why they fuck us Musalmān Beauties more savagely than even the Congressmen do.”

“Nāzimah, Nāzimah, you are—”

“Gandhi has made Congressmen cowards.” Nāzimah Masůūd laughed at her, “Musalmeen had beaten Gandhi in South Africa to the extent that the so called Mahatma was afraid of the Musalmeen to the bones.”

Shaguftah Noor could not believe her own ears.


Nāzimah Masůūd laughed.

“Grow up, baby Shaguftah Noor. Don’t act as if you were born yesterday.”***

I replied while maintaining my grasp on her hand,

“I’m a lawyer with a small firm in downtown Raleigh. Mostly estate planning, you know, financial planning for couples.”

“I see.” Shaguftah Noor did not attempt to remove her hand.

This handsome, intelligent man stirred something in her mind.

Shaguftah Noor wondered if it was because I was Hindu.

A mysterious and forbidden fruit for Musalmān Beauties.

Yes, Musalmān Beauties are deliberately enjoying this mysterious and forbidden fruit, always, either openly or cleverly, clandestine.

Every one of these Musalmān Beauties has her own reasons.

Sometimes, the reasons they provide are true even.

Yet, not always.

The fact is they want to enjoy this mysterious and forbidden fruit for them, either on this pretext, or that.

Shaguftah Noor always wondered why Musalmeen were so adamant to teach Musalmān Beauties that the Hindus are mysterious and forbidden fruit for them.

If the Musalmeen were not so adamant that the Hindus are mysterious and forbidden fruit for Musalmān Beauties, perhaps Musalmān Beauties were not so adamantly and deliberately offering themselves to eligible Hindus.

The fact was the more Musalmeen told the Musalmān Beauties the Hindus are mysterious and forbidden fruit for them, the more Musalmān Beauties offered themselves to eligible Hindus.

Marz bađhtā hī gayā jyon jyon dawā kī.’

Musalmān Beauties refused to be dictated by Musalmeen.

Human beings loathe to be dictated.

Being mostly uneducated/undereducated the Musalmeen could not understand ever this fundamental human psychology.

They hated almost everything not in Al Qur’an Al Karīm or at least in aħādīs-e-muqaddasāt.

Shaguftah Noor routinely ignored the advances of men . . .

Shaguftah Noor really did love Aslam.

Yet, I was different.

I commanded her attention.

“And you?” I asked.

Shaguftah Noor giggled like a nervous school-girl.

“Oh, I’m sorry Durgesh. I teach biology at Anjuman-e- Islamiyah College.”

Only then did I release her hand.

A flash of disappointment crossed her face.

I knew the look.

I had an easy authority over Musalmān Beauties and was ready to take control of Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor,.

“That’s great Shaguftah Noor. Aslam had so much respect for teachers. Too bad you guys don’t get paid what you’re worth.”

Shaguftah Noor smiled and laughed.

“I need you,” Shaguftah Noor paused. “I mean, I need you to represent me in my next salary negotiations with my boss!”

“Let’s go for a drink.” I locked her gaze and waited for a response.

Shaguftah Noor lost herself in my deep, black eyes.

Shaguftah Noor knew it was not a request, more of a directive.

Shaguftah Noor had received her first command.***

Her mind raced as Shaguftah Noor followed my BMW to a local sports bar.

Shaguftah Noor had always been faithful to Aslam, in seven years of marriage, not a single affair.

But something about me . . . Shaguftah Noor felt helpless.

My touch was still in her thoughts as Shaguftah Noor reached Aslam on his cell.

“Honey? I’m going to be coming home late tonight. I’m going out to dinner with Ramésh and Lubnah. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh, okay. That’s fine sweetie. What should I have for dinner?”

“Heat up the casserole in the fridge. Love ‘ya. Bye honey.”

Shaguftah Noor slipped the phone and her wedding ring into her purse.

We eased into a booth and ordered drinks.

A Juice for me and a margarita for Shaguftah Noor.

We made a striking couple; a handsome Hindu man and a pretty, Sunni Musalmān blond.

Shaguftah Noor found herself relaxing as we talked about our jobs, sports, and life in general.

Shaguftah Noor felt a buzz as she started her second drink.

The Thursday Night Football game was playing on every screen in the bar, but Shaguftah Noor didn’t notice.

Shaguftah Noor was becoming intoxicated by this charming, intelligent, brown-skinned Hindu man.

“Where is your wedding ring?” asked I.

Shaguftah Noor was startled by the question.

“My ring?”

“Yes, put your ring back on. I want you to wear your ring at all Times. Is that clear Shaguftah Noor?”

Shaguftah Noor fumbled for a moment and found the ring.

Shaguftah Noor slipped it back on her finger.

Shaguftah Noor was comforted but somewhat confused by my demand.

A chill ran down her spine.

Shaguftah Noor knew she would do whatever this Hindu man told her.

Shaguftah Noor felt her free will beginning to slip away.


What a man!

What a polite, sophisticated, yet even then dominating Hindu man!

Are all Hindus dominant?

Polite, sophisticated, yet even then dominating?

And Musalmān Beauties love them for it wildly?

Are we Musalmān Beauties crazy?

We hate Musalmeen if they try to dominate us.

But we love Hindus if they dominate us!


Why is it so?

Why is it so?

Isn’t it injustice to Musalmeen from us Musalmān Beauties too?

We hate Musalmeen for the same thing we love Hindus for.

Why is it so?

Why is it so?

Shaguftah Noor could not understand.

“Tell me about your husband. Do you have a good marriage?” I asked her.

Shaguftah Noor told me everything I wanted to know.

Shaguftah Noor told me how they met, their educational background, and their desire to have children in the next few years.

“Does he satisfy you?”

“Oh yes! We are very much in love.”

“I mean, does he satisfy you?”

Shaguftah Noor looked down into her drink.

“Well, our sex has become rather routine the past few years.”

“What do you mean?” I reached for her chin and gently lifted so our eyes met.

“I’m having some trouble,” the words rolled off her tongue in a rush, “reaching an orgasm.”

Shaguftah Noor couldn’t believe she just told a virtual stranger an intimate detail she had difficulty discussing with her own husband.

Sometimes we do it.


Are we treacherous then?

Not necessarily.

It always happens only when we find someone closer to us even than the persons supposed close to us.

Not elsewhen.

Shaguftah Noor felt powerless in the presence of this man, me.

“How large is his cock?” I asked gravely in a manner as if I was asking what the time was.

Shaguftah Noor blushed and buried her nose into the margarita.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Shaguftah Noor whispered into her glass.

“Show me.”

Shaguftah Noor looked around the room, checking to see if anyone might be watching.

Shaguftah Noor held her hands about 2 inches apart.

“I guess about this big, you know, when he is hard.”

I did not respond.

I seemed lost in thought.

I signaled for the waiter and paid for the drinks.

“Let’s go, Shaguftah Noor.” I reached for her hand and led her from the bar.

A complex mixture of excitement and fear seized her mind.

Shaguftah Noor never wanted a man so badly.

Shaguftah Noor was also scared to death.

Where was I taking her?

What did this mean to her marriage?

Shaguftah Noor leaned back in the bucket seat and closed her eyes.

Shaguftah Noor slowed her breathing and tried to relax.

Shaguftah Noor had put her trust in a complete stranger . . . a mysterious, dominant, Hindu stranger.

I pulled next to a key pad and punched in a security code.

Two large, iron gates swung open and we drove into a nicely manicured Ashvinātam community.

Every man here was Hindu.

Every woman here was a dazzling Musalmān Beauty.

They were either married to each other or maintaining live in relationship.

The next thing Shaguftah Noor knew, we were in my garage and the automatic door was closing.

“Come my pet.” my voice startled her.

It was so quiet in the garage and Shaguftah Noor was so comfortable in her seat.

“Come see my home.”

Shaguftah Noor walked into the living room and was immediately impressed by the leather furniture and huge fireplace.

My home was beautiful by almost any standard.

Two-story windows with custom drapes, bookshelves surrounding the fireplace, and hardwood floors with handmade Persian rugs, chosen and placed with the expertise of an interior decorator.

“Here, drink this.” I handed her a glass of ice water and placed her purse on one of the reading chairs.

“I want you to remain standing with me, while I speak. Is that OK?”

Shaguftah Noor stood frozen.

She was afraid to move.

She was afraid to speak.

Not that me’d harm her.

That she could lose me if she did not do what me asked her to do.

Allah, she never cared ever even for her husband to the extent.

Why was she so afraid of losing me?

Was it because Aslam was her husband and it was easy that she’d lose her husband.

I was not her husband.

I was not bound to be with her.

She had to remember it.

I walked behind Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, and spoke softly in her ear.

“You may address me as ‘Durgesh‘. Is that clear, Shaguftah Noor?”

Shaguftah Noor could feel the muscles controlling her bladder begin to quiver.

“Shaguftah Noor?”

Her muscles began to fail.

Shaguftah Noor was only aware of my hot breath on the back of her neck.

A steady trickle of vaginal juice began to leak into her panties.

I took the glass from her hands.

“Shaguftah Noor?”

“Yes Durgesh,” Shaguftah Noor whispered.

“You’re a good girl.” I slowly circled until I stood in front of her.

“Yes, Durgesh.” Shaguftah Noor smiled.

The vaginal juice continued to gather in her panties.

Shaguftah Noor was so focused on me that she didn’t even notice.

I lifted her chin so our eyes met.

“You are not my slave. I hate slavery. Yet I’d love that you will service me in every way I like. Will you mind it?”

Tears of pleasure welled up in her eyes and Shaguftah Noor began to control herself.

She never expected a multi billionaire talking to her so politely.

Yes, Durgesh is a Hindu.

Yes, Durgesh is sixty one and Shaguftah Noor is only half of his age.

Yet my bulge for her, was promising her, more sex than she ever had imagined even.

I bent forward and began to kiss the Sunni Musalmān Beauty from her face.

At that moment, her bladder collapsed and her vaginal juice streamed down each leg and sprayed her feet.

Shaguftah Noor was shocked at her loss of bodily function and tried her best to stop sobbing uncontrollably.

Her legs began to wobble and Shaguftah Noor started to lean sideways when I secured her by grasping each hip.

“Shaguftah Noor!” I kissed her. “Steady yourself!”

I stepped back and inspected Aslam’s broken wife.

Her makeup was smeared somewhat and Shaguftah Noor smelled of her vaginal juice.

My manhood stiffened at the sight of this beautiful Musalmān Beauty standing before me, helpless to my most primitive desire.

The smell of her bodily fluids excited me, but I knew I had to move slowly.

I had little interest in one night of carnal lust.

I had plans for this Sunni Musalmān Beauty   and her husband.

I wanted nothing less than complete relationship.

“Remove your clothes.” I winked at Shaguftah Noor.

Without hesitation, smiling, Shaguftah Noor removed her wet sneakers and socks.

She pulled off her tee shirt and dropped it on the floor.

Shaguftah Noor stood quietly before me in her sports bra and vaginal juice soaked panties.

Her will was broken and Shaguftah Noor knew it.

The image of her students flashed through her mind.

What mef they saw their teacher now, standing in her underwear, trembling before her Hindu Master?

Then Shaguftah Noor thought of her husband.

She began to control her again.

She couldn’t afford to lose me now.

” Shaguftah Noor darling,” I snapped my fingers. “Remove your bra and panties.”

Absent of rational thought, Shaguftah Noor reached behind her, unhooked her bra and slowly removed it to expose her milky white breasts.

Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, had lovely breasts.

Typical of good athletes, they were rather big and perfectly shaped.

Her nipples appear small in contrast, and her skin was nearly free of any blemishes.

I sat back in my recliner and sipped my juice.

My facial expression remained unchanged.

I was inspecting my new Sunni Musalmān Beauty.

Light flickered across her body from the burning wood in the fireplace.

“What a lovely Sunni Musalmān creature,” I said softly. “Now your panties, darling.”

“Please . . . ,” Shaguftah Noor whimpered.

Shaguftah Noor understood this was her last chance.

She stood on the edge of a precipice.

Shaguftah Noor had never been so excited in her life.

“Please what?”

“Please Durgesh, take me home.” Shaguftah Noor bowed her head and prayed I would let her dress and take her back to her car.

Yet, to her sheer surprise, she secretly prayed I not to hear her and fuck her then and there.

Allah, the wife in her was struggling to keep her loyalty with Aslam.

Yet, the woman in her wanted to revolt and fuck me herself if I don’t fuck her.

Shaguftah Noor could hear the crack of the fire and the tinkle of ice as I slowly stirred her new drink with a forefinger.

Shaguftah Noor could feel my stare burning a hole through her chest.

“Your panties, Shaguftah Noor. I won’t ask again.”

Shaguftah Noor pulled her wet panties down to her ankles and stepped through with each foot.

Shaguftah Noor dropped the garment on top of her sneakers and stared at the fire.

Shaguftah Noor couldn’t bear to look at me.

Her last ray of free will was extinguished.

Shaguftah Noor knew she was helpless in the presence of this dominant man.

Her Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān body was betraying her.

Shaguftah Noor was disgusted with herself and the fragrance of her vaginal juice was making her excited more and more.

I studied my new Pakistani Sunni Musalmān possession.

Shaguftah Noor had a nice full bush of dark pubic hair.

This stood in sharp contrast to her beautiful blond hair.

I sipped my juice while running my eyes over her entire Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān body.

How easy it was to take control of this Musalmān Beauty!

Within hours of meeting, I had turned a smart, independent Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān female into a slavish Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān whore for me, willing to obey my every command.


Yes, the Musalmeen would term her so.

Yet, not Durgesh and other Hindus.

They’d call Shaguftah Noor Durgesh’s Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān beloved and as such even respect her.

Hindus always respect each other’s Musalmān women whether they are married to them or not.

Hindus believe in Vivāhāshŧakam, Eight kinds of marriage, according to Manu Smr’ti: 3|21:

‘Brāhmo daivastathaivārshah prājāpatyastathāāsurah,

Gāndharvo rāxasashchaiv paishāchashchāshŧamo’dhamah.’

1Brāhm, 2Daiv, 3Ārsh, 4Prājāpatý, 5Āsur, 6Gāndharv, 7Rāxas, and eighth 8Paishāch utmost worst.’

Moreover, the Hindus believed in Ashŧmaithunam even:

‘Smarañam kīrtanam kélih prexañam guhyabhāñam,

Sankalpo’dhyavasāyashch’ kriyānivr’attirév ch.’

1To remember 2to talk about, 3playing, 4to watch, 5clandestine exchange, 6determination, 7effort, and 8ultimate act.’

Strange men!

Strange culture!

Wasn’t it?

My Uncut Hindu Penis stirred and swelled in my underwear.

I stood, adjusted myself, and approached Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, with a broad smile.

I stood before her and lifted her chin with my left hand, forcing her to meet my stare.

I reached my right hand to her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy and parted her vaginal lips with my fingers.

Shaguftah Noor closed her eyes and tried to picture me.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” I said softly.

Shaguftah Noor did as she was told and looked straight into my deep black eyes.

I stroked her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy lips with my long middle finger.

Shaguftah Noor continued to stare into my eyes and desperately tried to imagine her and me on their wedding night.

My fingers were so gentle and long, finding her pleasure spots with ease.

Her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy began to generate the moisture I sought.

As her muscles relaxed, I gradually pushed my finger into her opening.

Deeper and deeper I stroked.

Eyes still locked, I brought my finger to her lips and moistened them with her fluid.

As I returned my finger to her Panjvaqtā Namazī  Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Cunt, I smothered Shaguftah Noor with a full kiss.

I brought my moist finger to her mouth and parted her lips.

Shaguftah Noor sucked my finger until I withdrew.

“Stay right there.” I smiled, walked to a corner of the room and retrieved a tripod with a camera attached.

Shaguftah Noor felt a chill run down her spine.

“Oh! Please no! Please, no pictures!” Shaguftah Noor wanted to run but was afraid to move.

“Quiet down!” I smiled.

I continued to set up the tripod.

“Are you my beloved?”

Shaguftah Noor was in a panic.

I was about to take pictures of her standing naked in my living room.

Hair a mess, makeup smeared, standing in a pool of vaginal juice; Shaguftah Noor couldn’t stand the thought of pictures of her in this state.

Shaguftah Noor didn’t let her husband take pictures of her without clothes!

Yet, even then, Shaguftah Noor began to control her worries.

“Are you my beloved?”

“Yes Durgesh,” Shaguftah Noor said immediately, afraid, in case of delay, I could leave her.

Shaguftah Noor had no will to resist.

“Is a man allowed to take pictures of his beloved?”

“Yes Durgesh.”

I placed the camera on Timer mode and released the shutter.

I stood next to my new possession and wrapped my arm around her beautiful waist.

“Smile at the camera, my pet.”

Shaguftah Noor looked at the camera and wondered what had happened.

Shaguftah Noor felt as if she was now my personal slave.

I moved my hand to her breast and gently squeezed her nipple.

Shaguftah Noor parted her lips just slightly as the flash bathed her in white light.

Shaguftah Noor stood in the middle of the living room, naked and excited.

Shaguftah Noor watched as I approached her with a large, white towel.

I kissed her on the forehead and dropped the towel at her feet.

“Wrap your clothes in the towel and follow me.” I smiled at her.

Carrying her soiled clothes, Shaguftah Noor followed me to the laundry room.

Shaguftah Noor felt awkward, standing next to a fully clothed man, telling her in the use of my washing machine.

Shaguftah Noor listened silently and did as she was told.

Shaguftah Noor wondered if I was really going to fuck her.

She needed it very much.

She could not afford to lose me now.

Shaguftah Noor shuddered at the thought.

“Follow me.”

Shaguftah Noor dutifully followed me through the kitchen and up a flight of stairs.

I led her to the Master bedroom and we entered the Master bath.

The bathroom was spacious with a large whirlpool tub, a separate shower, heated tile floors, and a television on a swivel so it could be viewed from the tub or shower.

I directed Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, to begin filling the tub.

Shaguftah Noor was relieved I was going to allow her to bathe.

The vaginal juice had dried on her legs and feet.

Her face was streaked with mascara.

Shaguftah Noor felt filthy.

She suddenly had the urge to move her bowels.

Shaguftah Noor looked at me with a pained expression.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

The only sound was the gurgle of the tub filling with water.

Shaguftah Noor could feel her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“Durgesh, may I please go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, my pet. You may relieve yourself.”

Shaguftah Noor stepped into the water closet and turned to close the door.

“Get in the tub and wash yourself.” I said and walked out.

The water felt so comforting.

Shaguftah Noor could feel her muscles relax as She scrubbed herself with a sponge.

She used a clean towel as Shaguftah Noor stepped from the draining tub.

“Dry yourself and come into the bedroom,” I smiled at her from outside.

Shaguftah Noor leaned toward the mirror and examined her face.

“What have you got yourself into now, Shaguftah Noor?” Shaguftah Noor whimpered to her reflection.

Shaguftah Noor then noticed her purse on the chair I had just vacated.

Shaguftah Noor turned and studied the purse.

Shaguftah Noor could call Aslam on her cell, but what would Shaguftah Noor say?

I’m in the home of some strange Hindu man and even then, I don’t need you to come get me? And what if Durgesh caught her? Would he harm her?

“I’m waiting,” I called from the bedroom.

Shaguftah Noor turned back to the mirror and looked into her pretty blue eyes.

She was nervous.

Shaguftah Noor wrapped the towel around her waist and used another over her shoulders to cover her breasts.

Shaguftah Noor entered the bedroom very slowly while her vision adjusted to the subdued lighting.

Shaguftah Noor could see me sitting on the edge of my four-poster, king sized bed.

“Come here, my pet.”

Shaguftah Noor moved to my side.

Shaguftah Noor stood in silence and waited for me to speak.

Shaguftah Noor could hear the steady tick of a grandfather clock in a corner of the room.

Shaguftah Noor knew what I wanted.

A powerful urge to please me seeped into her brain.

Shaguftah Noor dropped the towel from her shoulders.

Shaguftah Noor looked down at her waist and watched as my handsome Hindu hands removed the towel from her hips.

“I want you to understand the rules of our relationship. Are you listening?” I smiled again.

“Yes, Durgesh.” Shaguftah Noor also smiled.

The Hindu idiot was thinking he is seducing her.

All the Hindu morons think it’s a great victory for them, on Musalmeen, that they fuck Musalmān Beauties in such a large number.

The morons don’t know we, Musalmān Beauties, need them more, for our own survival.

“When we are alone, you shall be naked except for your wedding ring. Is that clear?” I asked, smiling.

“Yes, Durgesh.” Shaguftah Noor looked down at her ring and was comforted by the sight.

Shaguftah Noor was puzzled by my requisite, but was glad I insisted the ring remain on her finger.

“I will obey your instructions without question, and without hesitation.” Shaguftah Noor smiled at me.

I laughed.

“You can’t do it, always.”

“Try and see yourself.” Shaguftah Noor winked at me.

“I see. OK. Then Get on your knees.” I said as I stood from the bed. “Remove my pants.”

Shaguftah Noor smiled, knelt, reached for my belt and pulled the buckle free.

Her heart raced as Shaguftah Noor unzipped my pants and pulled them to my ankles.

Holding to one of the posts to steady my balance, I stepped out of each leg.

“Now my underwear.” I said in a soft and even tone, looking at her challengingly.

Shaguftah Noor grasped the elastic at each hip and slid the boxers down to the floor.

Shaguftah Noor lifted her eyes to my Hindu genitals and caught her breath.

“Yā Allaaaaaaah! Oh my God!” Shaguftah Noor exclaimed.

I smiled and touched her lightly on the top of her head.

“Good girl.” I ran my fingers through her hair. “Kiss my Uncut Hindu Penis.”

Shaguftah Noor returned her gaze to my genitals.

I was huge.

Even soft, I was bigger than her husband’s fully engorged Penis.

Shaguftah Noor had limited experience with men; Aslam was only her third boyfriend.

Still, this was unlike anything Shaguftah Noor had ever imagined.

Shaguftah Noor leaned forward and gently kissed the head of my Uncut Hindu Penis.

“Love my cock.”

Shaguftah Noor continued to kiss the head and shaft of my manhood.

Shaguftah Noor could feel me grow beneath her lips.

“Use your Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān tongue as well, my darling!” I smiled.

Shaguftah Noor immediately ran the tip of her tongue around the head and along the side of my growing shaft.

Shaguftah Noor wrapped her lips around my entire head and was surprised that it nearly filled her mouth as I swelled.

I applied gentle pressure to the back of her head, forcing my Uncut Hindu Penis deeper into her throat.

Shaguftah Noor immediately began to gag.

Shaguftah Noor pulled back and gasped for air.

“I guess you need some practice in the fine art of servicing your Hindu Master, my little Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān girl.” I said with a chuckle.

I lifted my Uncut Hindu Penis by the stiffened shaft and placed the head on her cheek.

“Do not stop until I tell you.” Shaguftah Noor herself whispered while kissing and tugging at the head of my Uncut Hindu Penis with her lips and tongue.

I watched with pride as this beautiful, Musalmān Beauty sucked on my Hindu manhood.

I loved the image of my Uncut Hindu Penis being served by the mouth of a Musalmān man’s wife.

“Am I larger than your Musalmān husband?”

“Of course, my Hindu Master, no comparison even, at all.” Shaguftah Noor winked at me while running her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān tongue the length of my Hindu shaft.

The head of my Uncut Hindu Penis taped the top of her shoulder as Shaguftah Noor kissed the base.

Her thoughts went to Aslam.

Shaguftah Noor had not sucked Aslam’s cock since the early days of their relationship.

Her willingness to submit her free will to this Hindu stranger stirred her libido.

Shaguftah Noor could feel the moisture gather in her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

“Fondle my balls,” I smiled.

Shaguftah Noor reached between my legs and cupped my sack with her right hand.

My balls were so large Shaguftah Noor could only hold one at a time, the other spilled over the side of her hand.

Shaguftah Noor continued to lick and kiss my Hindu manhood while gently massaging my balls.

She was so excited now that Shaguftah Noor reached for her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Already moist, Shaguftah Noor used her forefinger to rub her clitoris as Shaguftah Noor took my Uncut Hindu Penis in her mouth.

Shaguftah Noor was able to take me slightly deeper, but stopped when she felt the urge to gag.

Shaguftah Noor was surprised how quickly her excitement grew.

The muscles of her throat relaxed as her vaginal muscles began to tighten.

Shaguftah Noor felt the nerve endings in her loins begin to tingle.

Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, looked up from her knees at me.

The movement of her head blurred her vision.

The pressure of my Uncut Hindu Penis deep in her throat caused her eyes to tear.

The sight of a Hindu man standing above her, my cock in her mouth, made her feel like a submissive whore.

Her vaginal muscles began to spasm as Shaguftah Noor stroked her clitoris with abandon.

Shaguftah Noor squeezed her eyes shut and let out a series of muffled groans as she withdrew her mouth from My Uncut Hindu Penis.

Shaguftah Noor finished with a long moan and collapsed on her haunches.

Head down and shoulders slumped; Shaguftah Noor tried to steady her breathing.

I gently massaged her buttocks.

I used both hands to knead and squeeze her cheeks.

I loved the pink hue on a white bottom.

I reached for my camera and took several pictures while Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, lay helpless across my knees.

“Get on the bed,” I smiled.

Shaguftah Noor, smiling, crawled on the bed and collapsed on her side.

Her bottom still stung and Shaguftah Noor felt mentally drained.

I began to disrobe.

Then I crawled in the bed next to her.

I kissed her neck and each nipple.

Shaguftah Noor closed her eyes as I probed her belly button with my powerful Uncut Hindu Penis.

I moved down the bed as I kissed my way to Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor’s Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I ran my fingertips around her nipples as I parted her slit with my Uncut Hindu Prick.

Shaguftah Noor moaned as I pushed my Uncut Hindu Prick deep into her vaginal canal.

“Yā Allaaaaaaah!” Shaguftah Noor murmured.

Shaguftah Noor wrapped her arms around my broad shoulders and pulled me to her face.

“I am your Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān slave,” Shaguftah Noor said softly as she kissed my mouth.

“Nonsense! I don’t need any slave. I respect Panjvaqtā Namazī Sunni Musalmān Beauties. I love them. I’m not so sick in my mind that I want them as my slave. I love you if you love me. If you don’t, please, dress yourself and consider yourself free to leave my home.”

Shaguftah Noor pulled me on herself,

“Sorry. Please forgive me. Let’s make love now.”

I mounted Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, and rubbed the head of my Uncut Hindu Penis along the length of her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

I parted her vaginal lips with my Uncut Hindu Penis and slowly probed her opening.

Shaguftah Noor closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensations of my Uncut Hindu Prick massaging her labia and clitoris.

Shaguftah Noor could feel my head begin slowly to push inside her.

I breathed in her ear as he pushed my Hindu manhood deeper.

I could feel her muscles relax as I stretched her inner walls.

I now had more than half my Hindu erection buried inside Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, when I began rhythmically to rock my Hindu pelvis.

“I love you, Durgesh! I love you very much.” Shaguftah Noor murmured, “I love you even more than I love Aslam, my husband.”

Shaguftah Noor began to moan softly as I filled her body with new sensations.

“Shaguftah Noor, Open your eyes and look at me,” I said as I continued fucking Aslam’s wife, Shaguftah Noor, “Are you listening to me?”

Shaguftah Noor opened her eyes and looked up at the man who now possessed her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān soul.

My Uncut Hindu Penis felt so good inside her.

Shaguftah Noor continued to moan.

“Your Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy is now mine. Do you understand?” I smiled without missing a beat.

Her body was pulsing with pleasure.

Shaguftah Noor did her best to concentrate on my Hindu penetrations.

“I promise you, Durgesh, that NO other Prick may enter my Panjvaqtā Namazī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Pussy,” Shaguftah Noor said while leaning close to my face. “That includes my husband, Aslam, too.”

Shaguftah Noor opened her legs wider to accommodate my deeper penetration.

All Shaguftah Noor could consider was the rapture flowing from her loins, washing up and down her body in waves of sexual gratification.

Her moans grew louder as I gradually increased the speed of my pelvis.

I stared deep into her blue eyes.

“You are my beloved,” I grunted.

“Yes!” Shaguftah Noor whispered back, “Yessss! Even my husband is not allowed inside me from now on.”

Shaguftah Noor paused and groaned.

“I belong to you, Durgesh, now! Shaguftah Noor belongs to you, exclusively.”

“You are holding yourself I think. Don’t. You may cum on my Uncut Hindu Prick buried deepest into your Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān Cunt.” I whimpered.

I snaked my Uncut Hindu Prick into her mouth.

Then deepest into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Her submission was complete.

Shaguftah Noor knew her life was changed forever.

Her orgasm began in a bundle of nerves deep within her canal.

The waves of ecstasy ripped through her groin.

Shaguftah Noor felt a hot rush of fluid gush into her belly as my Uncut Hindu manhood swelled even bigger within her.

Her toes clenched as Shaguftah Noor squeezed her buttocks together.

Shaguftah Noor bucked her pelvis and dug her fingers into my powerful shoulders.

Shaguftah Noor held her breath until the last spasm slipped away.

Shaguftah Noor went limp on the bed.

Shaguftah Noor exhaled as I kept my Uncut Hindu Penis deepest buried into her Panjvaqtā Namazī Pākistānī Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Shaguftah Noor kissed me on my lips, and winked at me.

“Hate to be out of me even after the orgasm?”

I returned her wink and kiss both.

“I want to fuck you more. Then why bring it out?”

Shaguftah Noor laughed,

“Thank you.”

“For what? I enjoyed you more.”

“That’s what you think. I don’t.” Shaguftah Noor smiled. “You are my Master.”

Her tone was steady and sure.

Durgesh darling, I am your slave. My husband, Aslam, will also serve you from now on.”


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