The Yacht: 9

Midterm 2012 Volume 4

Kħātūn-e-Jannat Volume 3

Ved Nagar Volume 2

The Yacht


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Chapter 9

Durgesh Al Saåīdah Al Wājid
Durgesh Al Taufīq Al Zāhid
Durgesh Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī

The chief of police interfered now.
“I hope I don’t have to take you into custody for disturbing the peace, Ma’am.”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled ironically.
“What a fool you are. You think I came here without anticipating your illegal dirty conspiracy with Muħammad Ůsmān? You idiot, I have an anticipatory bail already against your potential illegal arrest.”
The chief of police was startled.
“Never thought of it?” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled sweetly, “We know you scoundrels even more than you think. We are prepared for your every illegal attack whatsoever. You fatheaded nincompoop, I know you more than you think. You are just a shill for these gambling houses. I respect the honest police officers. But I know Muħammad Ůsmān and Muħammad bin Qāsim have you right in their hip pockets. What do you think, I’m a damn fool that doesn’t even know the criminal activities of Muħammad Ůsmān and Muħammad bin Qāsim were not possible so arrogantly without your dishonest illegal support to them? You don’t dare to hiccup unless Muħammad Ůsmān and Muħammad bin Qāsim give you permission. Don’t tell me what I can do and what I can’t do!”
“You are using loud and profane language in a public place, Ma’am.” The chief of police said, “If you continue to make abusive statements of that sort in public, I’ll have to take action, despite your anticipatory bail even.”
“Sure, go ahead. For your kind information, damn fool, we have set hidden video cameras here transmitting everything to the media and your higher authorities. Oh, never anticipated that? I know. We have immense faith in your stupidities. I haven’t moved into profanity yet. I’m getting ready to, however. Believe me, dumb ass, when I do that I use some very biting adjectives, and a few nouns that may startle you. You…”
“Just a minute,” I interrupted, “Perhaps I can be of some help here.”*

Muħammad Ůsmān said sweetly.
“Sure, you are most welcome. It was impossible the scriptwriter hasn’t written any dialogue for himself too. Go ahead.”
I ignored him totally, as if Muħammad Ůsmān wasn’t anybody there.
“Ma’am, I think it might be better to control yourself. You never need to let some cheap crooks debate with you. It is somewhat a humiliation for a lady like you. Why make a personal demand while there’s a legal remedy available? I think a written demand made in a more formal manner through an attorney would do you better.”
Muħammad Ůsmān eyed me scornfully.
“Just keep fucking us innocent Musalmīn’s extremely beautiful Musalmān houseladies you are good at. You aren’t any attorney any more. You have exploded the entire law you knew once, in the form of your dirty Hindu semen into the Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunts of our extremely beautiful Musalmān houseladies. Through an attorney? Haha! You know as well as I do that when a guy loses money gambling, he can’t get it back.”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid laughed.
I smiled cunningly.
“Can’t he, Muħammad Ůsmān? Are you sure?”
Muħammad Ůsmān laughed sardonically.
“You are damn right, my wife fucker, my sister in law fucker, he can’t. Even if the game was crooked, he can’t. He was engaging in an illegal activity and—”
“Careful,” Al Nādir Al Haibat interposed, “Let us put it this way, Muħammad Ůsmān. There are certain contracts that are against public policy as far as the law is concerned. It’s against the policy of the law to raise those activities to the dignity of legitimate business enterprises. Therefore, the courts are not open to persons who have participated in those activities.”
“Never mind all that double talk,” Muħammad Ůsmān said, “Let’s give it to the multi-millionaire lady straight from the shoulder. Tell her despite her multi millions she can’t get a dime back legally. Durgesh has sweet-talked with her trying to seduce her. She must see herself in the mirror. She is an ever-irresistible Musalmān Beauty for the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu. He has fooled her talking with her immensely sweetly making her daydream, just to fuck her too as he is fucking the other Musalmān houseladies that are immensely beautiful. We sympathize with her.”
“That’s right, ma’am.” Al Nādir Al Haibat said with his toothy smile, “I know you are a successful businesswoman. But Durgesh is the most successful Muslimātchod Hindu in the entire history of humankind. He is an ever-incurable Musalmān Beauties fucker, beautiful Musalmān houseladies fucker. He has such immense incredible ever-incurable communal obsession to fuck our otherwise decent Musalmān houseladies that are beautiful. You can easily understand how things are in this regard. A person can’t sit in on a game at night, trying to win money, and then come back the next day and say that the activity was illegal. He wants the money back that he’s lost. If he could do that, he would keep all of his winnings, and then whenever he’d lost he’d recoup his losses. Now, Muħammad Ůsmān is in a legitimate business and—I hope our Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Prince Charming, Durgesh, hasn’t fucked you already by talking sweet to you and making you daydream.”*

Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled sarcastically, patronizing, feigning sympathy.
“You really think your beautiful Musalmān houseladies are as stupid and you Musalmīn are as powerless, as incompetent that Durgesh always succeeds to fuck your Musalmān Beauties, your beautiful Musalmān houseladies despite their inherent chastity and your entire efforts to keep them chaste?”
“Of course, ma’am, that’s what this Anant Muslimātchod Hindu is. You don’t know him exactly.”
“Are you really a damn fool or you are trying to pose yourselves so?”
“The Musalmān Beauties and your beautiful Musalmān houseladies are not as vulnerable as you are trying to pose them, neither you Musalmīn are as powerless.” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said curtly, “The fact is exactly contrary to what you are trying to present. The Musalmān Beauties and beautiful Musalmān houseladies that are Durgesh’s Live in relationship Partners and beloveds, are frequently interviewed by entirely unbiased, honest and sincere journalists. They tell different stories entirely.”
“A large number of them were framed in first degree murders due to different reasons. Durgesh fought their cases, exposed their conspirators, sent them to jail. The relatives of those conspirators defamed those Musalmān Beauties and beautiful Musalmān houseladies with Durgesh, even while there wasn’t any such thing anywhere. Durgesh successfully fought the cases of defamation of character on their behalf and was rewarded large monetary compensations even.”
“You mean Durgesh doesn’t have any sexual relationship with our beautiful Musalmān houseladies and Musalmān Beauties?”
“Of course, Durgesh has. Yet they are consensual relationships, not conspiratorial or communal as you claim. You losers are either jealous of Durgesh or yourselves communal trying to defame Durgesh, those Musalmān Beauties and those beautiful Musalmān houseladies. Yet their bonds with Durgesh is as much stronger that the more you tried to defame them the more they loved each other.”
Muħammad Ůsmān and Al Nādir Al Haibat looked at each other.
“Durgesh has already successfully fucked her too.” Muħammad Ůsmān said, “Forget to save her from the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu scoundrel. No benefit in locking the stable after the horse is stolen.”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid laughed curtly.
“I hope you’d prove in a competent court what you are accusing us of when we fight the case of defamation of character against you.”
Muħammad Ůsmān and Al Nādir Al Haibat were furious.
They were suffering from such wrath that they were incapable even to speak.
“They’ve rigged up a deal on my comparatively not so smart husband, Al Wājid Al Muħammad.” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said, “They had already got him for something over five thousand dollars. I wasn’t willing to let even that ride. Why should I? Al Wājid Al Muħammad promised me that he wouldn’t do any more gambling, but they started in easy last night and lured him into the game. Then they started to take him. Al Wājid Al Muħammad thought his luck was bound to turn and stayed with it and—”
“He could have won,” Muħammad Ůsmān said sympathetically, “if he wasn’t thinking of your unfaithfulness, ma’am. Al Wājid Al Muħammad was immensely afraid of you that you would cuckold him to you and Durgesh in the same manner as my wife Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah has cuckolded me to herself, Durgesh and her younger ever smart sister Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah that kidnapped Durgesh and raped him.”
“Well, I think you ever doubtful Pseudo Musalmīn really deserve that.”
“I see.” Muħammad Ůsmān said curtly.
“Despite Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s constant advocacy that Pseudo Musalmīn never deserve us Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives’ innocent faithfulness, we should join her Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement, establish her ever dreamed of Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah, I never succumbed to Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan. But Al Wājid Al Muħammad never respected my loyalty to him despite his countless shortcomings. He is after Al Taufīq Al Zāhid.”
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid grimaced.
“Even if Durgesh hadn’t obliged me, I’d never appreciated your husband. I sympathize with him that he thinks you are cheating him for Durgesh.”
“That’s only a pretense for his gambling and infidelity to me for you.” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said curtly, “The bastard knows very well I don’t have any clandestine extramarital affair with Durgesh or anyone else. He has ill influenced my daughters even. I think Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is correct. The bastards like Al Wājid Al Muħammad really deserve to be cuckolded. My daughter, Al Fahmīdah Al Wājid…”

Al Nādir Al Haibat said gravely.
“Anyway, there you are, ma’am. Your husband, Al Wājid Al Muħammad, was trying to win. If he had won, he’d have pocketed his winnings and both of you would have been very satisfied this morning. But he didn’t win, so…”
“So I want the money back,” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said. “The game was crooked.”
“You can prove that?” Muħammad Ůsmān asked ominously, threateningly somewhat.
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid watched Muħammad Ůsmān scornfully,
“You are damn right, I can prove that. What the hell for do you think I’ve retained Durgesh professionally? However, I don’t need to prove it. You know it was crooked. Everybody here knows it was crooked. You aren’t running this place on the square. Don’t be silly.”
“Those are the words that would lay you wide open to a claim for damages,” Muħammad Ůsmān said, “I suggest you be more careful, ma’am.”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled triumphantly,
“All I know is that Al Wājid Al Muħammad has last something like fifteen thousand dollars here within the last few weeks and I am not going to stand by and see him robbed until he is legally my husband. It affects not only his, but also my reputation too as well, adversely. Now, are you going to give him the money back or…”
“Definitely, absolutely, positively not!” Muħammad Ůsmān interrupted firmly, “Your husband doesn’t get back a nickel. Moreover, in view of what you’ve just said, and the scene you’ve created here, Al Wājid Al Muħammad doesn’t even get back inside this place. I’m leaving orders with my Årab doorman not to admit him.”
“That’s very nice of you,” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled sarcastically, triumphantly.
Muħammad Ůsmān was as fuming as he didn’t notice even the sarcasm in her immensely scornful voice.
He continued irately,
“If you’d come to me as a lady and told me that you didn’t want your husband gambling here, Al Wājid Al Muħammad couldn’t have got in last night. However, you never said a word about it. Al Wājid Al Muħammad came and went just any other person and he gambled. He’s a good poker player. He knows what he’s doing but he just happened to have a run of bad luck last night. That’s all there was to it.
“Nevertheless, now you’ve said you don’t want Al Wājid Al Muħammad gambling here, that’s good enough for me. We won’t ever let him sit in another game.”
“Ma’am, I think that’s fair enough.” Al Nādir Al Haibat said, “If you didn’t want your husband gambling, I’m quite certain that Muħammad Ůsmān wouldn’t have wanted him sitting in on the games. I don’t think you ever said a word to Muħammad Ůsmān about not wanting Al Wājid Al Muħammad to gamble. After all, he’s been trying his best to win. You don’t have any legal recourse and…”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid put her hand on my hand.
“Are you sure you’ve taken my case against this crooked outfit?”*

I smiled.
I assured her, pressing her hand.
“I’ve already told you my strategy. Don’t worry. They charge me that I fuck beautiful Musalmān houseladies as my fee to save them from everything against them whatsoever the hell it may be. Nevertheless they never charge me I don’t protect them.”
“That’s right, ma’am,” Al Nādir Al Haibat interposed sarcastically, “If you’ve let Durgesh fuck you, you can commit any crime including first degree murder even. Durgesh would never let you punished. That’s guaranteed. Durgesh has already saved hundreds of beautiful Musalmān houseladies who committed first-degree murders of their Musalmān husbands/mankind. Every one of them is now Durgesh’s highly respected Live in relationship partner. Even the Supreme Court has declared them innocent. Their other Musalmān mankind were framed successfully by Durgesh and serving lifetime sentence or have gone to gas chamber.”
I was suddenly startled.
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid’s extremely beautiful right Musalmān hand suddenly slipped and, Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, it was on my Uncut Hindu Lund without any previous ultimatum.
“Thank you,” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid squeezed my Uncut Hindu Lund.
It was suddenly rock hard.
Nevertheless, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid didn’t remove her palm from there.
I smiled triumphantly at Al Nādir Al Haibat.
“Thank you, counselor. I’m immensely grateful to you. Your false charges on me have compensated me with an immeasurably extraordinary compensation.”
Al Nādir Al Haibat had fallen as if from seventh sky.
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid squeezed my Hindu erection once more.
Despite I was already fucking Al Taufīq Al Zāhid; I put my left hand around Al Saåīdah Al Wājid’s beautiful Musalmān waist, pulled her to myself and kissed her on her red crimson welcoming lips.
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid returned my kiss immensely indebted to me.
Her arms were suddenly around my neck.*

Everyone, it seemed, was staring at Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.
For Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad it was frightening to see that in each person’s eyes, without exception, there was registered a look of horror.

Within thirty minutes, the group, grown larger from the arrival of other members of the Board of Directors, had assembled in the Conference Room.
They stood now in a semicircle, with an opening in the center for two still photographers and two television camerawomen representing the press pool, clustered around the long dark mahogany table.
Once, while waiting, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid had asked Al Jalāl Al Tayyab if she had any person more whom she might wish to have witness the ceremony.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab confirmed my arm around her waist, smiled proudly at her husband, Al Zahīr Al Muħammad, and replied confidently.
“Certainly not. If Durgesh is with me, it’s more than even optimum for me.”
Al Zahīr Al Muħammad felt himself immensely insulted.
Yet, he knew he was too powerless to do anything.
Once, minutes ago, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid had beckoned to Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad and Al Hilāl Al Tayyab and demanded Al Qur’an Al Karīm.
Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad brought the copy of Al Qur’an Al Karīm and gave it to Al Saåīdah Al Wājid.
She still couldn’t believe her Bhābhījān, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, was now the Chairperson of Islamic Chamber of Commerce.
The more Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad hated her Bhābhījān, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, the more Al Jalāl Al Tayyab progressed.
Allah, won’t she ever be punished for what she had done to Al Zahīr Al Muħammad, Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad’s ever loving, ever careful, real elder brother?
Al Zubaydah Al Muħammad found herself still standing next to Al Saåīdah Al Wājid.
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid leaned against the high backed leather chair bearing the tiny brass nameplate:
Vice President, Islamic Chamber of Commerce’.
No, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid wasn’t herself Vice President, Islamic Chamber of Commerce.
It was Muħammad Ůsmān still now.
A gambler, a criminal, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid grimaced.
She still could not believe they let it happen.
Allah, how these miracles are taking place after all?
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan has successfully established Democracy in Saåūdī Årab.
The entire Muslim World couldn’t stop her.
Her Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, was too shrewd to be defeated by even entire Muslim World.
Entire Non-Muslims supported him, despite his daughter’s so arrogant behavior with the Non Muslimahs.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan openly wanted to establish Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah.

Chapter 10
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

The Yacht: 4

Midterm 2012 Volume 4

Kħātūn-e-Jannat Volume 3

Ved Nagar Volume 2

The Yacht


Previous Chapters

Chapter 4

Durgesh Al Quddūs Al Nisār
Durgesh Al Jalāl Al Tayyab

On a quiet road heading out of town I had stopped suddenly as a cat ran across in front of me.
As I did I felt a bump and quickly realized someone had hit me from behind.
Without a thought I pulled over to the side of the road and leapt from the car in something of a rage to inspect the damage.
As I went to the back of the car I noticed the other car had stopped and as the door swung open a rather attractive young woman stepped out in a bit of a panic.

“Allah! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” Al Quddūs Al Nisār shrieked. “I…I don’t know what happened, one minute you…..”

“Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā ! What have you done,” said I furiously butting in on her attempted explanation.
Al Quddūs Al Nisār was clearly in a bit of a state.
I quickly realized it had to be because the car Al Quddūs Al Nisār had hit was my car.
I was about to calm her fears and tell her it was alright when my words were suddenly taken away by the sight of her womanly curves.

Standing I found it hard to concentrate on what Al Quddūs Al Nisār was saying.
As I tried to focus on her face rather than her body I couldn’t help but take the occasional quick glance down at her rather impressive chest.

For a moment I pretended to be completely tongue tied and just let her continue with her explanation and apology.
I never felt awkward and uncomfortable around women because they almost always looked down at me with seduction.
I had the undivided attention of a gorgeous young woman and wanted to make the most of it.

Pretending to be concerned about the damage to my car I walked around the back and took a closer look.
I just rubbed my chin and muttered,
“Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā. Oh, dear.”

The concerned young woman came to have a look too, her perfume filling the air around me.
Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity like this, I stepped back just behind her to get a crafty look at her glorious rear as she bent over to see how bad it was.
My eyes widened at the glorious sight of her generously proportioned cheeks stretching the tight black leggings.
From the lack of any visible panty line I knew this gorgeous white skinned veiled yet unveiled Musalmān woman had to be wearing some sort of thong and I could instantly feel my Uncut Hindu Cock begin to swell.

Turning back to again explaining how sorry Al Quddūs Al Nisār was, I reached out and touched her arm with my hand in a sort of comforting gesture.

“Oh don’t worry,” I said enjoying the immense feeling of power, “I can just ignore it and forget.”

“Oh thank you, I don’t know what to say, thank you so much!”

In an instant and before I could realize what was happening she threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug.
It took me completely by surprise, the young glorious Musalmān woman was clearly so happy at my kindness that Al Quddūs Al Nisār was overcome with the urge to demonstrate her immense gratitude.
She had uplifted her naqāb of her veil to keep her immensely beautiful face out.
They did it to beautify themselves more than the non-Muslim Beauties, to highlight their extreme beauty.

It lasted a good 10 seconds or so and all I could feel was her bust squashing against my chest.
My already stirring Uncut Hindu Cock now began to really harden.
I instinctively slipped my hands around her to hug her back.
As Al Quddūs Al Nisār enthusiastically continued to blurt out her thanks I couldn’t resist holding her tightly.
I enjoyed the moment very much.
Then, it was either instinct or more likely just seizing this most exciting of experiences, I couldn’t resist moving my hands downwards to rest just below her waist on the slope at the top of her perfectly formed female Musalmān ass.

The smooth tight feel of her leggings was just incredible for me, to most it would have been nothing more than what it was, a simple friendly hug. But for me it was an opportunity to enjoy more close contact than I had had with an extremely attractive female for longer than I cared to remember.
It was a true sexual experience and one that was turning me on greatly.
As the hug came to an end and Al Quddūs Al Nisār began to step back I had to take the chance, I knew I might never get another, and so as casually as I could make it appear I allowed my hands to fall away and “accidentally” touch those two beautifully rounded Musalmān cheeks.

Luckily Al Quddūs Al Nisār said nothing, either Al Quddūs Al Nisār hadn’t noticed or Al Quddūs Al Nisār didn’t mind.
Then, getting back into her car, I was left in stunned silence as I watched her drive away.

I too got back in my car and as I started the engine I just sat there a few minutes recounting what had just happened.
I couldn’t quite believe it, the whole experience would mean nothing to most people, but to me it was just an incredible moment, one that had left me with a serious bulge in my trousers that was going to require attention sooner rather than later!
Al Quddūs Al Nisār had deliberately seduced me, I knew.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had remarked to me that her Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, watched us ravenously whenever Al Jalāl Al Tayyab and I made love to each other.
“We should be more careful in our love making, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab,” I had said gravely.
“Hey, what do you mean?” Al Jalāl Al Tayyab laughed, “I am not afraid of anyone. You can fuck me anywhere you damn please,”
“Sālī, perverted,” I smiled, “I never knew you are too an exhibitionist.”
“Well,” Al Jalāl Al Tayyab said humming, “I have the most wonderful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body everyone is obsessed to watch in nude. Your Uncut Hindu Lund is similarly unique they want to watch penetrating every beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt. When they watch us making love to each other, they enjoy double exhibition. Let them get what they are obsessed with to watch. It isn’t harming us, does it?”*

Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb watched me scrutinizing.
“I’ve got a right to know, Mr. Durgesh. Al Hilāl Al Tayyab might be your girlfriend of twenty eight years old, but she is my would-be wife. I refuse to let her being blackmailed. I want to know further what your extraordinary unique prudence propose to do about it.”
I digested the information.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab never told me that she was being blackmailed.
It was a new information to me.
I acted as if it wasn’t any news to me.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab had already told me it.
“I see. So, you too know about it? She shared the information with you too.”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb watched me gravely.
“She is being married to me. What do you think, she’d tell it to her boyfriend of sixty four years, but not to her would be husband even? You can provide her sex and money only. I can provide her respect and honor in the society, if not even as much sex and as much money as you can.”
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī smiled.
She was lying on her back now.
“You are invited in the yacht?”
“I wasn’t.” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb said somewhat curtly, “Your Hindu lover, Durgesh, invites our extremely beautiful Musalmān houseladies only to fuck them, not their would be husbands.”
“Then how the hell you managed to get on the yacht?”
“Despite the security, you mean?” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb smiled ironically.
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb wasn’t born yesterday, sister.” He said proudly, “I have my own means to approaches.”
“Who else does know Al Hilāl Al Tayyab is being blackmailed?” I asked curtly.
“I don’t know.”
“I see. I asked you to come in because I could not rule out the possibility that you might need my guidance in some legal, political, social, psychological or some another matter. If you don’t, I’m sorry to take your leave, Mr. Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb. I’m too busy to give you any more time. Will you please excuse me now?”
“I want to retain you to protect my would be wife, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, that’s your girlfriend too for past ten long years, from whoever the person blackmailing her.” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb exploded his bombshell.*

Over the next few days I couldn’t get what had happened between Al Quddūs Al Nisār and me, out of my mind.
The more I thought about it the more I came to realize I could fairly easily get Al Quddūs Al Nisār.
She was deliberately seducing me.
As the days went by I just kept on coming up with more and more imaginative ways that I could satisfy my growing need for her female contact.

Soon I came to the decision that I would prepare myself in case an opportunity arose again.

I could see that even the loveliest Musalmān houseladies were nervous of me and it was something that I knew I had the courage to exploit even, if I wanted to.
Then an opportunity arose I saw Al Quddūs Al Nisār come out of a shop and hop into her little sports car.
Al Quddūs Al Nisār caught my eye instantly in her tight black business skirt white blouse and black jacket. She must have been as if in her early twenties and with her long dark wavy brown hair and incredibly sexy figure it would have been hard not to notice her.
It was a look I loved, the sexy submissive look, her skirt came to just above the knee giving a good display of her legs sheathed in sheer black nylon and although her jacket was buttoned up I could tell Al Quddūs Al Nisār was hiding an impressive bust.

In rather a cheeky move Al Quddūs Al Nisār pulled out in her car and joined the queue as close to the front as Al Quddūs Al Nisār could. Obviously a cute smile at some sad guy was going to get her in without any bother.

As they all moved off I kept her in my sights. I knew I had some spare time as I was dropping the car off.*

I didn’t tell him I was already retained by Al Hilāl Al Tayyab herself.
Why the hell should have I?
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, not my twenty eight years old girlfriend for past ten long years now, but Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb’s would be wife instead, had retained me only to help her in getting married with Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb without losing her inheritance.
I had to protect her inheritance rights only from her ever shrewdest youngest Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb was offering me an absolutely new case.
I had to protect her from someone who was blackmailing her.
It was an entirely different case.
Wasn’t it?
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab wasn’t anymore my as loyal a girlfriend as she was until now.
She was more loyal to Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan and her Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement now instead.
Then why the hell should I offer her my services on charity?
If her would be husband was himself ready to pay me for them, why should I pay the detectives and other incidental expenses from my own pocket?
If Al Hilāl Al Tayyab preferred Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, her Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement and Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb more on me, why could not I too treat her on the same ground?

Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī closed the door gently, after Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb left us, quite satisfied that I didn’t refuse to take the case he had come to offer me.
I was fucking Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī now on her nude back gravely.
She was herself enjoying my Uncut Hindu Lund into her lovely Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
Her husband could never give her this much pleasure.
Neither could he guide her in her legal problems.
Durgesh was necessary now for Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī more than her own husband even.
After a few moments, I took out the computer printed paper containing the copy of the clause in the will of Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, setting forth the terms of the trust to Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.
I was still fucking Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī on her back, and still studying the computer printed document when Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb opened the door once more.
“Miss Al Hilāl Al Tayyab,” she said.
I looked at Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb speculatively for a moment, then beckoned to her.
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb interpreted the gesture, and stepped fully into the stateroom, pulling the door close behind her.
I filled Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt with my abundant Hindu semen.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī smiled and kissed her gratitude to me.
I pulled my Uncut Hindu Lund out of her twat.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī descended from the bed and Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb took her place undressing herself.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī vanished into the bathroom.
“Did Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb go out of the office as soon as he left here, Jamīlah?” I asked her.
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb kissed my Uncut Hindu Lund, licked and said,
“Yes, in his costly Mercedes. He was quite confident now while he was almost in a panic when he came here.”
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb swallowed my Uncut Hindu Lund into her lovely mouth and started sucking it passionately.
“And Al Hilāl Al Tayyab just came in?”
“Any chances they met in the elevator?”
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb positioned my Uncut Hindu Lund between her pink Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān labial lips, and pursed her lips thoughtfully.
“They might have, Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties,” she said, “but I don’t think they did.”
I smiled triumphantly.
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb never understood.
It wasn’t because Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb was imprudent.
No imprudent girl could get Durgesh’s respect and love both as Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb was getting.
But I was too deep to understand optimum for Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī understood Durgesh more.
Nevertheless, she too found Durgesh too deep to be understood completely.
Durgesh’s De facto Chief Wife, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, was now the closest one to Durgesh.
Yet, even she could not understand Durgesh was using her deliberately with her Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, as Imām Muħammad Ħasan disclosed to her in the seminar.
“Tell me, Jamīlah,” I entered Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb, “how does Al Hilāl Al Tayyab seem? Excited?”
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb put her beautiful nude legs on my shoulders.
“No.” she replied, “cold as a cucumber, and she is trying to look her best when she comes in. She took out her compact and is making her face all pretty. She has got her hair arranged just so.”
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī came out of bathroom.
“Alright, bring Al Hilāl Al Tayyab in, Al Hudā,” I said.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī opened the door.
“Come in, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab,” she said.

Al Hilāl Al Tayyab walked into the room.
Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb was in the room with me.
Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī knew she had to replace her as a receptionist until Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb isn’t free to resume her duties.
She slipped out of the door, and noiselessly closed it behind her.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab kissed me on my lips.
I returned her kiss cordially.
“Sit down,” I said lovingly.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab walked to a leather chair, sat down, crossed her knees and regarded me from limpid black eyes in wordless interrogation.
“An Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb called on me a few moments ago,” I said fucking Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb vigorously, “and insisted on my telling him whether or not you had been here.”
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb is an impulsive nuisance,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said gravely. “I’m sorry that he disturbed you.”
“Never mind.” I smiled, “He had come to me to retain me himself professionally on some another matter.”
“Allah, not concerning me?”
I regarded her thoughtfully.
“That is a privileged communication and you know me for past ten years better that as soon as I tell you that, it would end to remain a privileged communication legally.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I’d forgotten it.”
“Did you tell him you were going here to consult me professionally?”
“I mentioned something like that to him. Did you tell him I’ve retained you professionally?”
“Certainly not. I advised him to get in touch with you if he wanted to ask any questions about your affairs.”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab smiled faintly.
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb, my would be husband, is submissive to me only. To others he is a very hard boiled man. I bet you he hadn’t appreciated your talking to him like that.”
“He didn’t.” I watched her gravely.
“I’ll see him,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said, “and tell him.”
I kept watching her scrutinizing.
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb said that you were being blackmailed.”
For just a fraction of a second there was a look of startled terror in the eyes of the twenty eight years old young woman.
Then she regarded me with a placid and impassive face.
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb is an impulsive nuisance,” she said once more.
I deliberately waited for Al Hilāl Al Tayyab to tell me more if she wished to take advantage of the opportunity, but Al Hilāl Al Tayyab didn’t do that deliberately.
Instead, she sat calmly placid, waiting for me to provide the information she had retained me professionally to get.
She wasn’t my girlfriend of past ten long years anymore now.
She was acting deliberately as if she was only a client to me.
I wasn’t a man she had enjoyed the ultimate intimacy with for past ten long years.
I was only her attorney now.
I had to accept the relationship between us now she was so deliberately, so determinedly, implying, if I didn’t want to be humiliated.
I accepted the implication.
I hadn’t another option.
I never let anyone to humiliate me.
Why the hell should have I ever?
I turned to the papers I had,
“I have copies of the trust provisions of the will, and the decree of distribution. I also find that there have been annual accounts submitted to the trustees. I’m sorry that I can’t give you much hope, Al Hilāl, as far as the decree of distribution is concerned. The administration of the trust seems to be largely discretionary.
“Even if I should be able to get the provision in regard to marriage set aside, as being in violation of public policy, you would still be confronted with the fact that the distribution of the trust estate remains largely in the discretion of the trustee, your Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. She may consider your attack upon the will in the light of an interference with the wishes of your Abbū, her brother, and with her authority as trustee.”
“I see.”
“Even if we should win our point in court, your aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, would have it in her discretion to nullify your victory.”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab took the blow without flinching.
“That’s what I was afraid of,” she sighed overpowered.
I watched her gravely keeping pounding into Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb vehemently,
“There is another peculiar provision in the trust,” I said, “to the effect that the discretion vested in the trustee is a personal discretion, due to the confidence that your Abbū had in his judgment. The will and the decree of distribution provide that in the event the trust should terminate because of the death, inability or refusal on the part of the trustee to continue to act, that then and in such event, the entire trust fund is to be vested in you unconditionally.”
“Yes.” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab smiled sadly, “I know that.”
“There is therefore,” I said, “some possibility that your Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, might be placed in a position where she could no longer act to advantage. In other words, you might make some legal attack upon her capacity to act as trustee―perhaps show a commingling of trust funds with her own accounts, or something of that sort. It’s rather sketchy, and I am mentioning it to you simply because it seems to be the only possible plan of campaign open to you.”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab smiled at me,
“You know my aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, even better than me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you yourself know very well, even more than me that my aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, is meticulously careful, and is so obstinate that no power on earth can swerve her from anything she wants to do or decides that she doesn’t want to do. You have not only enjoyed her sexually, you have trained her too to protect against anything potential to harm her. Now she is entirely self-sufficient.” Her voice was filled with a certain bitterness that colored her tone, though her eyes remained calm.
Watching Al Hilāl Al Tayyab closely, I kept fucking Al Jamīlah Al Wahāb more and more vigorously,
“Do you yourself have any suggestions?”
“Sure,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said, “I think something might be done through my Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid.”
“Your Kħālā? Al Saåīdah Al Wājid?”
“Yes, she is surprisingly my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s partner too. They are engaged in business together, buying, selling and mortgaging real estate, and buying and selling stocks and bonds. Surprisingly now my Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, has more influence today, after you, with my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, than any other living person.”
“And how does your Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, feel toward you that you are marrying a gay.”
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb is not actually a gay. Muħammad is gay, but Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb is only a bisexual.”
“I see, my question was how does your Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, feel toward you that you are marrying a bisexual?” I asked patiently, curtly somewhat.
“Well, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid Kħālā has changed in this matter drastically. Now, she isn’t as orthodox as she was once. She thinks I have perfect right to marry anyone I damn please,”
“Even a bisexual?”
“Even a bisexual. Durgesh, a bisexual isn’t a gay actually.”

Chapter 5
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2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

The Yacht: 3

Midterm 2012 Volume 4

Kħātūn-e-Jannat Volume 3

Ved Nagar Volume 2

The Yacht


Previous Chapters

Chapter 3

Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb

Durgesh Al Jalāl Al Tayyab

Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb controlled himself.
“I’ve got to know whether or not Al Hilāl Al Tayyab was here talking with you.”
I smiled.
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb’s impatience dropped from my calm manner as easily as butter slips from a hot knife.
“Let’s not have any misunderstanding. Do you know Miss Al Hilāl Al Tayyab personally?”
“Of course I do. What do you think I’m worried about a person whom I don’t know personally even?”
“Yet she doesn’t want you to know of her whereabouts?” I smiled sarcastically.
“Mr. Durgesh, I can’t allow her to destroy herself.”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb remained standing by the window.
His face showed that he was laboring under a great strain.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said he was himself a millionaire therefore he wasn’t interested in her multi millions.
“You can’t talk that way to me.” He said.
“I have already talked that way to you, Mr. Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb.” I said sweetly.
“Nevertheless, you can’t do it.”
“Why not?”
“It would be all right to talk that way to a stranger, Mr. Durgesh, but I’m not a stranger to Al Hilāl Al Tayyab. I’m close to her. You don’t know she was ready to marry Muħammad the gay.”
“That’s right. He is already married. Yet, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab wanted to marry him only because she wanted to cuckold him. I offered myself to her.”
I was dumbfounded.
“To be cuckolded?”
“To be cuckolded.”
“You love her that much?”
“I love her more than my life.”
“I see.”
“Don’t you know Al Hilāl Al Tayyab is an ardent utmost active member of Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan?”
“Her Abbū, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, was an ardent follower of Imām Muħammad Ħasan.”
“Imām Muħammad Ħasan does not want to cuckold anyone.” I said curtly, “He is a great man. He established Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Clubs with the help of ever anti Hindu Westerners.”
“Every Westerner isn’t anti Hindu.” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb contradicted me immediately with blunt response.
I smiled patiently.
“I never said that. Did I?”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb watched me scrutinizing.
He didn’t say anything.
“The trouble with you, Mr. Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb, is that you are too much full of prejudices against me to understand why Imām Muħammad Ħasan is with me.”
“I…I’m sorry,” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb said feeling himself shameful somewhat.
“You are an educated man, I think.”
“I’m a M. D.”
“Doctor of Medicine?”
“Yes, Muħammad is my friend. I wanted to cure him.”
“He doesn’t want to be cured.”
“Yes, I know, now.”
“He has self-hypnotized himself so much that he is developing now female sex organ even.”
“Allah, and Al Hilāl Al Tayyab wanted to marry him?” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb was crestfallen, “Alħamdulillāh that I decided to save her at the right time.”
“She would use you as a footrest while I fuck her.” I exploded my bombshell, “You can’t bear such a degradation ever. Can you?”*

Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb smiled sadly.
“I can even die for her. She is already using me as her footrest, although you are not fucking her then.”
I could not speak anything for a minute.
Then I said.
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb, do you really think you love her?”
“Let me go to hell,” Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb kept smiling miserably, “what do you yourself think? What is it if not my love for her?”
“Your helplessness.”
“Isn’t it a fact that your wife, Al Navīdah Al Ghaus, has separated from you? Isn’t it a fact that she has charged you that you can’t father a child?”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb was stunned.
“So she told you that?”
“You still have more faith in your wife, Al Navīdah Al Ghaus, than you have faith in Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.” I smiled cunningly.
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb said curtly,
“Nonsense. Al Navīdah Al Ghaus has already separated from me. She would never come to me.”
“Yet you still think Al Navīdah Al Ghaus would never betray you, only Al Hilāl Al Tayyab can.”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb was wide eyed.
His mouth was agape with immensely incredible surprise.
“You mean… you mean Al Navīdah Al Ghaus has already joined your Durgesh Muslimahs Sex Empire? Allah, why the hell didn’t I ever think it? Allah! Allah!”
He fell on a chair as if he had lost his everything to me.
It was more than obvious that he still loved his already separated wife, Al Navīdah Al Ghaus, more.
His claim that he loved Al Hilāl Al Tayyab more was doubtful.
And Al Hilāl Al Tayyab wanted to marry him if even her inheritance of more than a hundred million dollars was on stake.
What wrong Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was doing if she is controlling everything on her behalf?
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb didn’t deserve the sacrifice Al Hilāl Al Tayyab was prepared to do for him.*

For as long as Al Hilāl Al Tayyab could remember Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had always been a domineering ‘bitch’.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab seemed to derive enjoyment from humiliating people even members of her own family.
She hated Pseudo Musalmīn very much.
“They killed Imām Muħammad Ħasan and Imām Muħammad Ħusayn at Karbalā, killing the entire Islamic Movement of Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam. The bastards must be cuckolded to Vedic Monotheist Hindus and us. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan is absolutely right.”
Al Tayyab Al Muħammad smiled gravely at his youngest sister.
He never approved of her marriage with Al Zahīr Al Muħammad.

Al Zahīr Al Muħammad got the brunt of her acidic tongue any time she went ballistic and I felt sorry for him anytime I saw him reduced to a shivering wreck after being berated for misdemeanors as frivolous as not putting his coffee mug in the kitchen sink after breakfast.
It wasn’t that Al Zahīr Al Muħammad was a weakling.
It was just that he was totally incapable of exhibiting any form of violence both verbal and physical to anyone, especially women.
He was over sophisticated, suffering for it.
He could not understand Al Jalāl Al Tayyab actually hated him for his over sophistication even in sex.
He preferred to ‘act matured’ any time Al Jalāl Al Tayyab opened her pretty mouth and rained abuses on him.
Personally, I could understand why he wouldn’t break his superhero No Kill rule and just knock her out.
Even that would not shut her up real fast.
She was a billionaire.
Al Zahīr Al Muħammad needed her money even for his own survival and the survival of his entire idle family always devoted to Islamic activities only.*

Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb looked at me.
His eyes were begging me to answer him.
“Is Al Navīdah Al Ghaus too having your ever famous ever omnipotent Uncut Hindu Lund into her ever beautiful young Musalmān Choot already?”
“Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb,” I advised him gravely, “be a man.”
“What do you mean?”
“Al Navīdah Al Ghaus was once your wife, not now anymore. She has separated from you herself. It doesn’t make any difference on what grounds. The cold and hard fact now is that Al Navīdah Al Ghaus doesn’t want to live with you anymore as your wife. Forget her. You have already decided to marry with Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, despite the fact that you know Al Hilāl Al Tayyab is obsessed with my Uncut Hindu Lund.”
Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb laughed ironically.
“There isn’t any woman now anywhere in the entire infinite åālmīn, entire infinite creations, entire infinite realities that doesn’t want to enjoy sex with you. Your De facto Chief Wife, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, has successfully spread too many white lies about your ever incredible sexual prowess. Even the ever dominant Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā surrendered to you despite the fact that Al Zahīr Al Muħammad uncle was never incompetent in any way.”*

Al Hilāl Al Tayyab’s 38 year old Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, was smoking hot and that’s putting it mildly.
That’s what made her so annoying to Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was tall, almost six feet and built like an Olympic gymnast despite being the mother of 5 equally beautiful daughters.
Anyone can actually see her muscles rippling anytime she had a workout at the gym at home, especially her legs which went on like forever and were sculptured to physical perfection.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was deeply tanned with long jet black hair that stretched all the way to her waist.
Her eyes were deep and shockingly blue with an intensity that could incinerate anyone born of woman who dared try to stare her down.
Most times, people avoided looking at her eyes and either looked tamely at her luscious full red lips or went further South to rest on her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān breasts with nipples harder and sharper than a pair of coffin nails.
But her greatest asset or should I say ass-et was her robust Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.
It was a perfectly sculptured heart-shaped pair of Musalmān buttocks that stood out at right angles from her back and flared out at the hips.
In fact I don’t know why Al Jalāl Al Tayyab still worked as an utmost successful businesswoman, probably to get a kick from berating her subordinates at meetings, instead of becoming an ass model.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass was the stuff of dreams for jeans designers.

Al Jalāl Al Tayyab knew she had a great perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass and made sure others knew it as well.
When she was home, she walked around the house in a half-top and the briefest of panties not giving a hoot if I, her five young daughters or even Al Zahīr Al Muħammad were around.
She didn’t even put on a robe if Al Zahīr Al Muħammad’s friends came around to visit.
No wonder they came around a lot.
I didn’t blame them.
As for a strapping 40 year old male then, like me, it was a running battle to keep my Hindu eyes off her as well.

I was the only one who wasn’t intimidated by Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. Whenever she yelled at me I would grin insolently at her, matching her eye for eye.
I wouldn’t insult her― I would never do that, but the expressions on my face, whenever she picked me out for a fight, ranged from boredom to a slight disinterest which infuriated her.
She tried to hit me once― I caught her wrist before her palm connected with my cheek and told her not to hurt herself.
Naturally she went bonkers.
Probably why Al Jalāl Al Tayyab took extra effort to get under my skin was because there was an undeniable sexual tension between us.
I had caught her several times staring at me when I was using the gym.
I was also an exhibitionist, two can play that game anyway, and walked around the house mostly in my boxers.
I’ve got a great Hindu male body that I worked very hard for, maintaining my Stavans and my ever indomitable positive thinking, and I was proud of it.
Even Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s young daughters liked to tease me about it while Al Jalāl Al Tayyab would glare heatedly at me.
I knew one day the situation would get to a head and the two of us would have to do something about each other.
I couldn’t wait.

Well, the day of reckoning came sooner than I thought.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s family wanted to travel to their hometown to see Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s in laws for the weekend.
I couldn’t go because I hadn’t been ‘feeling well’ for the past couple of days and was in no condition to travel; Al Jalāl Al Tayyab didn’t want to go because she just didn’t want to.
Al Zahīr Al Muħammad and his daughters were not complaining: a weekend without Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was a gift from heaven and they only paused for a brief second to sympathize with me.
It was going to be especially tense since we had only recently had a terrific row in which we both lost our cool and I uncharacteristically yelled at the top of my voice.
I smiled as they joked about the fight while Al Jalāl Al Tayyab gave me a curious look.
It was going to be a hell of a weekend.
It was very likely we would kill each other.

Around six in the evening they bundled into Al Zahīr Al Muħammad’s beat up SUV and took off after the customary heart felt farewells which consisted of his very shapely young daughters giving me long hugs and even longer kisses and Al Zahīr Al Muħammad shaking my hand.
They all kissed Al Jalāl Al Tayyab tentatively on the cheek while she remained cold and aloof.
I waved at the retreating car as Al Jalāl Al Tayyab swung on her heels and entered the house.
Mr. Jalāluddīn, their elderly next door neighbor, happened to be in his front yard.
I caught him staring at Al Jalāl Al Tayyab’s behind with his mouth agape.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was wearing a pair of pale-blue denim bum shorts and a black tank top.
She was really looking excellent.
He saw me watching him with an amused smile and went beet red.
I winked at him.
I knew he was jealous of me.
He even suspected that Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had an extramarital affair with me.
It was natural therefore for him to be jealous of me.
His houseladies were already having romantic affairs with me, he suspected to be sexual too.
I immediately went upstairs to lie down.
I was still feeling excited and my heart was thumping so fast from excitement.
I lay staring at the ceiling until Al Jalāl Al Tayyab walked in without knocking.
She did this all the time and I found it extremely relishing.
It was only by fleetness of foot that she hadn’t caught me with my pants down in a corner or in bed doing the customary fucking my other Musalmān women whenever the need was.
I couldn’t lock the door.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab would become suspicious that I was fucking her young daughters too.

She leaned against the door jamb and eyed me.
I stared back at her.
I thought she really looked good the way she cocked her head to one side and observed me.
She looked like one of those femme fatales from Hollywood gangster flicks of the 30s.

“How are you feeling?” she asked at last.

“I think I am feverish somewhat.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know.”

Al Jalāl Al Tayyab shrugged her shoulders impatiently and paused before moving towards me.
I knew Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was weighing acting as a concerned friend or as a complete bitch.
She decided to go against type and check me for a temperature.

She leaned over me as her hand snaked under my t-shirt to feel my chest and my neck.
I could clearly see down her neckline and I got an eyeful of her perky Musalmān tits.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had a black bra on so I couldn’t see her nipples even though they stretched the flimsy material considerably.
I smiled confidently and she mistook it for me feeling some pain or discomfort from her prying hands.

“What is it? Are you okay?” she asked, unable to fully mask the concern in her voice.

“I am fine. Just feeling a bit dizzy that’s all.”

Al Jalāl Al Tayyab sighed and straightened up.

“Come down stairs and let me get you something to drink.”

“I am fine.”

“Come down stairs now,” Al Jalāl Al Tayyab said as she left.

“Yes, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab,” I smiled smirking somewhat.

I still spent about a full minute before I sauntered downstairs and ambled into the kitchen.
What I saw next stopped me dead in my tracks.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was bent over the open freezer trying to bring something out.
Her plump Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass was facing me directly and it was as big and as beautiful as a full moon on a black night.
The bum shorts had all but disappeared into the deep cleft between her excellent Musalmān buttocks and the white globes sneered at me.
I was so taken aback that I didn’t move for a couple of seconds.

I coughed and moved into the kitchen.

“Sorry, Durgesh, I was getting some ice cream,” Al Jalāl Al Tayyab said over her shoulder, “Are you strong enough? Come and help me out.”

“Sure, no problem.”

I walked over to the freezer.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab straightened up and stood aside.
I bent down and fished out the buckets of ice cream at the bottom of the freezer.
I felt her eyes watching me.
I brought out the buckets and handed them to her.

“Thank you,” Al Jalāl Al Tayyab said as she glanced down at my shorts “Go watch TV. I’ll bring you something to drink.”

I did as I was requested and decided to watch a DVD.
I picked out Basic Instinct and laid back to watch.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab came in later and handed me a cup of juice.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was holding a bucket of ice cream which she evidently had plans of indulging herself with.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab sat on a sofa near me and asked me what I was watching.
The movie was still in the beginning credits and the infamous sex-murder scene hadn’t started yet.

Basic Instinct,” I said, waiting for her to object vehemently.
We never watched anything steamier than a Brazilian soap opera when Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was around.

“What’s that?”

I looked at her in disbelief.

“You haven’t watched Basic Instinct?”

“Should I?”

“It stars Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone and it’s a classic. Well to me it is.”

“Huh. Okay.”

The sex scene started and we lapsed into silence.
I tried to keep a straight face as I wondered what Al Jalāl Al Tayyab‘s reaction would be.
I stole a glance at her and noticed Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was watching the movie with rapt attention.
I smiled.

The movie ended.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab stood up and said she was going to take a bath.
I told her that I was going to still watch some more DVDs.
I had deliberately played the last movie to gauge her reaction and so far Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had remained unperturbed.
I was getting slightly cunning.
I was getting hornier by the minute and I wanted to make her hot and bothered.
So far it wasn’t working.

I was watching Wild Things when she came downstairs again.
When I saw her my heart rate rapidly increased.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was wearing a flimsy black nightie that stopped at mid-thigh.
I had never seen her wear anything so blatantly provocative before.
By the way her body moved underneath, I knew Al Jalāl Al Tayyab wasn’t wearing anything else.
Immediately I felt hard and I quickly crossed my legs to cover my tenting shorts.

She flopped belly down on the couch, her cheerful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass skywards.
She cocked her head to one side to watch the tally using her forearms as a pillow.
I could see under the hem of her nightie at her bare Musalmān bum.
Naturally I lost interest in the movie I was watching.

I shifted my body slightly on the sofa so I could face her while still pretending to be watching the TV.
Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass crack, all the way down to her pubic mound and the thick black thicket around it.
Didn’t she know Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was exposing herself, I thought?



“Would you mind to get me a glass of water?”

“Certainly not, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.”

I reluctantly stood up and went to the kitchen.
As I walked back with the glass I decided that if Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was going to act slutty then why the hell couldn’t I?

I walked over to her and gave her the glass.
By then my Uncut Hindu Lund was at half-mast and I let it tent my shorts.
She took the glass from me and her eyes rested on my Hindu bulge.
I noticed the surprised look in her eyes even though she didn’t say anything.
She drank slowly while she glanced furtively at my shorts.
I pretended as if nothing was happening.

She gave me back the glass and I took it back to the kitchen.
By the time I came back Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had reverted to her former position on the couch.
This time when I sat down, I noticed that her legs had spread further apart and that the hem was resting higher on her excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.
Half her pink plump Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks were fully exposed and her entire pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot was visible to me.
I nearly exploded at the sight.

I glanced at her face and saw that her eyes were closed.
Was Al Jalāl Al Tayyab sleeping?
I didn’t think so.
Although I knew her to be a deep sleeper I didn’t think Al Jalāl Al Tayyab would drop off so easily.
For the next 10 minutes, I continued to stare at her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot, while my Hindu hard on raged.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to bear it for long and I bloody well couldn’t go to sleep myself.
Wild Things finished and the next DVD started playing.
This time it was an all-out porn movie.

The moans and screams didn’t even make Al Jalāl Al Tayyab stir, as I heard her snoring softly.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I was going to do something, now or never.

I stood up and padded softly over to her.
Her eyes were still closed as I paused for what seemed an eternity before going down on my knees.
Slowly, without taking my eyes off her face I placed my Hindu hand on her smooth, white Musalmān bum.
Wow! It felt great.
I expected her to react as if electrocuted but her eyes remained closed.

I removed my hand for a while, then placed it on the other perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass cheek.
No response from Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.
Slowly and very gently, I began to massage it.
She mumbled in her sleep and I went to my sofa.
However after a couple of minutes I came back.

I boldly put my Uncut Hindu Lund in her crack and traced the length of it, lingering a while on her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab didn’t move.
I badly wanted to spread her cheeks and see her pink Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass hole.
I did bring my face close to her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass crack and gently placed my lips on her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
The smell, the taste was simply out of this world.
I noticed that Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was quite damp.
I wondered whether Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was still asleep.
I was breathing deeply and I knew I had to go further, otherwise I would go crazy.
I decided to throw caution to the wind.

Placing both my hands on her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass cheeks I gently and expertly kneaded those massive Musalmān globes.
They felt wonderful and I was amazed at how soft and firm they were.
It wasn’t long before she began to whimper and grunt while her hips startled to wiggle.
I kept on massaging her, my Uncut Hindu Lund prying the cheeks open. Her legs spread wider and I noticed her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot was soaking wet.
However she kept her eyes closed.

I spread her pink plump Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks wide open.
She gasped and her hips lurched.
I began to kiss it.
I traced my Uncut Hindu Lund down her Musalmān crack and inserted it into her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
She gasped as I felt her Musalmān juices around my Uncut Hindu Lund. By now her hips were gyrating like mad and Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was moaning and groaning.

I straightened up but remained on my knees and grabbing her waist I turned her around till her knees came off the couch and landed on the floor.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab still tried to maintain the farce that Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was still asleep and kept her face in the cushions as her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass tilted up to face me.
I spread her legs and pushed the hem of her nightie completely over her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.
There was nothing else on this earth that was more alluring than what was before me.

Holding my Uncut Hindu Lund, I guided the fat head to the small pucker of her sopping wet female Musalmān bum hole.
When I placed my dickhead on her flesh she gave a sharp squeal of protest and tried to retreat, but I grabbed her slim waist and slowly but firmly pushed it in.
She cried out painfully and I nearly passed out in pleasure.

It took some pressure but I soon got my Uncut Hindu Prick all the way into her chubby Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab had no alternative now except to speak at last.

“No, Durgesh! Stop!” she pleaded, but I was way past listening to her.
Slowly I began to pump her and soon enough I increased the tempo.
By now, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was begging and screaming.

Her hips bucked and wiggled as I pumped her rigorously and I leaned forward to slip my hands under her nightie and fondle her perky Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān breasts.
Her nipples were stiff and erect.
I pulled and pinched them viciously.

“Durgesh… no… fuck…please stop… oh fuck… no!” she breathed as I humped her like a madman.
Nevertheless, her gyrating Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks moved in tempo with my wild animal Hindu thrusts.
The porno stars moaned in the background.
We didn’t care.

I suddenly pulled out and she moaned in protest.
But I was merely re-inserting it in her pink excellent Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.
I wasn’t greedy.
I wanted her to really enjoy it as well.
Naturally this was easier and the only sounds you could hear were my male Hindu thighs slapping against her smooth Musalmān bum.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was sobbing now.

“Durgesh, Baby… fuck me harder, darling… please don’t stop! Al Jalāl Al Tayyab wants to come on your ever infamous Uncut Hindu Lund!”

I didn’t reply.
All I did was grunt and groan.
Finally I felt her stiffen and she began to shudder.
Not long after I came violently and I didn’t even bother to withdraw.

We knelt like that for a long time while we panted and wheezed.
I withdrew and stood up.
I stood there uncertainly until Al Jalāl Al Tayyab got up and sat down.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab wouldn’t look at me and a rush of guilt overwhelmed her.

At last she raised her eyes.
They were wet and I had never seen her looked so depressed in my life. All her ice had melted away.

“What have we done?” she asked quietly, as if to herself.

I now knew what I must do.
This was a despicable act to her we committed but I was going to use it for at least some sort of good.

“Nothing happened, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, and no one will ever know what happened if you do as I say.”

“What?” I detected a trace of hope in her voice and I smiled in triumph. All her guilt had washed away I was in control now.

“You are going to stop being a bitch from now on,” I said in a cool, firm voice, “You will be a good, humble ‘wife’ to me and you will be a loving mother to your daughters … Understood?”

“Yes,” she replied in a flat voice.

“Say yes sir.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now run along and get me something to eat. I was feeling really hungry…”

When the rest of the family came back on Sunday they were shocked over the change in Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was suddenly nice and sweet and eager to please.
They wondered whether we had fought and I had won.

Well, in a way…

Chapter 4
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

The Yacht: 1

Midterm 2012 Volume 4

Kħātūn-e-Jannat Volume 3

Ved Nagar Volume 2

The Yacht


Chapter 1

Durgesh Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan
Durgesh Al Jalāl Al Tayyab
Durgesh Al Hilāl Al Tayyab
Durgesh Al Kħadījah Al Aslam

Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan could not believe her own Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, had conspired with Durgesh, against her.
She still couldn’t believe it.
Was Utopian Idealism itself too too powerful that it can turn her own real Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, against her?
She couldn’t believe it.
How the hell can both Durgesh and her Abbū, two utmost brilliant persons she had known ever, can be obsessed to their ever Utopian Idealism to even this extent?
Why are both of them too adamant to understand that Pseudo Musalmīn are not evolved to intrinsic humanity even?
It’s not against humanity to humiliate and cuckold them openly.
Hinduism/Ved says:
Imām nārīm sukr’té dadhāt.”
Bear this woman to a man that does good deeds.’
Islam says:
Good women for good men, bad women for bad men.’
Is a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman bad?
If not, and certainly not, how a true Musalmān can bear that she would be married to a Pseudo Musalmān, a munāfiq?
Isn’t it a ridicule, a mockery of her Īmān that she would be married to a munāfiq, instead of a man that’s not a polytheist, al mushrik?
Wa lā tunkiħū al mushrikīn ħattā yu’minū.’
And do not marry polytheist men, until they bring Īmān.’
̶ Al Qur’an Al Karīm: 2|221*

Al Hilāl Al Tayyab walked past an extremely beautiful girl that wore Arabian dress.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab was controlling herself yet her eyes showed just a trace of panic.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab admonished herself.
Durgesh was more intelligent than her Aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was.
Why worry then?
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā could not go beyond Durgesh.
After her husband, Al Zahīr Al Muħammad, charged her that Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā was having an affair with Durgesh, he almost separated himself from her.
The girl in Arabian dress closed the door.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab selected the ultramodern, high backed, black leather chair.
She sat down on it, crossed her legs, pulled her skirt down over her knees, and sat facing the door.
Durgesh hasn’t come yet.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan said Durgesh was fucking her Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab had seven real sisters of her father.
Being all of too beautiful to ignore, it wasn’t any surprise to Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, that Durgesh fucked all of her seven extremely beautiful Buās.
Every one of her seven Buās, had her own separate business.
Most of Musalmān Beauties that were Durgesh’s Live in relationship partners had their own separate business.
There wasn’t anything new.
Even then her youngest Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, was the most successful of them.
Damn it.
The only trouble was, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, didn’t like Al Hilāl Al Tayyab’s ever irresponsible lifestyle.
Yes, her Abbū, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, was a multimillionaire.
But her Buās were billionaires already.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab’s Kħālās were even more beautiful than her Buās.
But they were not as smart as her Buās were.
They didn’t actually hate Durgesh, but they never approved of Durgesh’s Durgesh Muslimahs Sex Empire even.
Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah is the natural step for Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan to be taken.” Her youngest Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, had commented, “I can’t believe Imām Muħammad Ħasan could not anticipate it.”

The door opened and I entered there.
“Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā can satisfy you more than even I can. Isn’t it?” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab cooed.
I smiled.
“Sorry, I kept you waiting. But why couldn’t you meet me there? Al Jalāl Al Tayyab knows of our mutual relationship. She never objected.”
“Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā has other things in me to object.”
“Al Jalāl Al Tayyab loves you, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.”
“Start fucking me, and keep it on until we stop discussing what I have to discuss with you of my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. You have come here after fucking her. You can’t forget favoring her until you don’t feel your Uncut Hindu Lund deepest into some other Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot.”
I laughed.

Al Hilāl Al Tayyab undressed herself.
When she noticed that I wasn’t undressing myself even then, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab undressed me too despite my more than obvious disinclination.
She smiled when she observed my immense erection despite my deliberate noncooperation.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab went on her knees, pulled me behind her, positioned my Uncut Hindu Prick between her ever ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān labial lips and pushed her immensely gorgeous and glamorous twenty eight years old, young Musalmān bottom on my Uncut Hindu Prick.
My sixty four years old, immensely experienced Uncut Hindu Prick entered her immensely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī twenty eight years old young Musalmān Cunt.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab smiled.
“Why didn’t you meet me there in your own mansion?” I asked her, fucking Al Hilāl Al Tayyab vehemently, picking the momentum gradually.
“That’s not my mansion, you know.” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said gravely, “I only live with my youngest, yet shrewdest Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. It’s her mansion, not mine.”
I didn’t argue with Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.
It was useless.
Even at her twenty eight, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, was a rotten young woman.
I knew her now for ten long years.
I was fifty four when she raped me on her eighteenth birthday.
Her Abbū, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, was alive then.
He was dumbfounded when he himself saw his Just Eighteen Just Adult immeasurably irresponsible daughter, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, raping me.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was shameful somewhat.
“I never knew, Bhāījān, that she always watched us when Durgesh and I made love to each other.”
Al Tayyab Al Muħammad was immensely grave.
“It’s alright, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. Al Hilāl Al Tayyab is not a normal girl. She caught even her Ammī, your Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, raping Durgesh.”
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab was startled.
“Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, raping Durgesh?”
“Yes,” Al Tayyab Al Muħammad said, “Your Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, had also seen you when Durgesh was making love to you. She was obsessed with that. You were crazy when Durgesh was making love to you, asking Durgesh to give it to you more and more wildly. You should be more careful when you make love with Durgesh.”
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab smiled cunningly.
She never told her Bhāījān, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, that she deliberately did it when her Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, watched us.
Her Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, had ridiculed Al Jalāl Al Tayyab that she has sex with a Hindu.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab wanted her Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, raping Durgesh, so that she could ridicule her Bhābhījān, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, too.*

Despite having me inside her since ten years, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab was still not habitual of my Uncut Hindu Cock perfectly.
It grew into her Musalmān Cunt with its every penetration more and more longer, more and more thicker, more and more stronger and more and more powerful.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab always felt something new in its penetrations.
She was not even habitual of my bigness.
It was not actually the bigness of my age or fat.
It was the bigness of my immense power and strength.
My eyes were steady and patient, turned naughty and impish frequently when I fucked her, her Buās and even her Ammī, Al Quddūs Al Nisār.
I was grave only when dealing with the males.
In the presence of fair sex, I was always naughty, impish and dominant ever.
That was why I always attracted female attention to the extent that the females fell for me usually, invariably dreaming of me as their own intimate well-wisher.
Despite I was fucking her now, her dark eyes remained fastened on my ever young ever handsome ever masculine face.
“I need your services as my attorney.” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said, “I want to find out about a will.”
“Yes.” I smiled at her penetrating her more vigorously.
“I want to know about a trust provision actually.”
“In this yacht?”
“What’s wrong if we are in a yacht now?”
“Well, nothing if you can’t wait.”
“I can’t wait.”
“It’s my father’s will. You know I’m his only daughter he remembered in his will. His other daughters were already married and given their share in his property.”
“I know.”
“There’s a lot of money coming to me under that will, something over a hundred million dollars.”
I smiled.
“I need your support,”
“Abbū didn’t leave the money to me outright,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said, “He left it in a trust.”
“I know.”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab looked at me scrutinizing me.
“My youngest aunt, my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, is the trustee.”
“Oh, I didn’t know it. She never told me, neither you yourself did it ever before.”
“I never thought it necessary before. There’s a provision in the will that if I marry ever anyone except you, feeling my Live in relationship with you is not enough for me anymore, my aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, has the right, at her option, to give me ten thousand dollars from the trust fund, and to turn the balance, around ninety thousand dollars to Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement.”
“Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan?” I smiled ironically, “She managed it with numerous Musalmān multimillionaires, surprisingly successfully. I didn’t know she managed it with your Abbū too.”
“My Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, advised me to talk with you. You hate to cuckold anyone.”
I pulled my Uncut Hindu Lund out of her Musalmān Cunt until only its head was inside her.
“Your Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, yeah?”
“I know. My Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, has always criticized you. But she loves me immensely. She praised you, however in this matter. You are not against Musalmīn as your Practical Chief Wife, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, is.”
“Thank Your Kħālā, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid, for at least acknowledging one of my attributes. Your other Kħālās never did even that.”
“I am sorry. They are heavily prejudiced against you.”
“It’s alright,” I said pushing my Uncut Hindu Lund back into her Musalmān Cunt deepest, “I think your Abbū expired somewhat two years ago, didn’t he?”
“That’s right. My Ammī, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, started living in relationship with you since,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab winked at me, “how the hell can you forget?”
I laughed fucking Al Hilāl Al Tayyab more vigorously.
“Under the will,” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said, “my aunt, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, controls the trust moneys. She can invest them any way she wants, and she can give me whatever money she thinks I should have. When I am thirty and still Live in relationship with you, my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, has to give me the principal if she thinks that the possession of such a large sum of money won’t spoil my life. Otherwise, she’s to buy me an annuity of ten thousand dollars a month for life, and give the balance to Cuckold Your Musalmān Husband Movement.”*

I looked at Al Hilāl Al Tayyab gravely.
“Rather an unusual trust provision,” I said, “Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan really does miracles when she wants,”
“You knew my Abbū. He himself was rather an unusual man, and was just a little bit wild.”
“All right. What’s the trouble?”
I never said her Abbū, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, was a practical man.
He understood his youngest daughter, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab, perfectly.
Al Jalāl Al Tayyab shared his understanding, even more than his wife, Al Quddūs Al Nisār, did.
“My cousin, Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb is facing a peculiar charge.” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab said.
“His wife, Al Navīdah Al Ghaus, has separated from him charging him that he can’t father a child. Al Navīdah Al Ghaus wants children. Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb requested me to marry him and let our son bear his name.”
I smiled ironically.
“So that he can prove Al Navīdah Al Ghaus wrong?”
“Sure, why not?”
“You want to marry Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb, even after your ten long years of ever happy Live in relationship with me?”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab smiled.
“Well, it’s not exactly a Live in relationship with you. I never lived with you. You never lived with me. I always lived with my Abbū, instead. Moreover, even after my Abbū’s death, I am living with my youngest paternal aunt, my Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab. Isn’t it?”
“Sure, yet your youngest paternal aunt, your Buā, Al Jalāl Al Tayyab, is herself my Live in relationship partner now openly. Isn’t she?” I smiled myself too, patiently.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab increased the pace of her back and forth motions of her glorious nude pink Panjvaqtah Namāzī twenty eight years old young bottom.
I myself wanted to fuck her now more wildly.
Yet, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab never had any patience whatsoever.
She always surrendered to her almost every desire whatsoever.
It was a miracle she was a PhD.*

Al Kħadījah Al Aslam looked at me gravely.
“I haven’t another option, Durgesh.”
I looked at Muħammad, Al Kħadījah Al Aslam’s husband.
“You could never make love to your wife?”
“Never.” Muħammad said gravely, “I think basically I am a woman in an ostensibly male body.”
Al Kħadījah Al Aslam looked at Muħammad disapprovingly.
“That’s the problem with Muħammad. He never grew a moustache, he never grew a beard. His body is even an almost feminine body.”
“What do you mean?”
“He has female breasts.”
“That’s right. Yet, he has a cut Musalmān nūnī.”
“I see.”
“The entire medical specialists say Muħammad, my husband, can never make love to a woman.”
“But I noticed his cut Musalmān nūnī stirred always whenever I told him about our premarital sex.”*

Muħammad could not forget.
He should not have surrendered to his Ammī’s wishes ever.
Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam had thirteen wives simultaneously, Muħammad.” His Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah had said.
Muħammad smiled painfully.
“Only because you named me after the ever great name of Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam, you think I can do everything that Ħuzūr sallallāhu ålayhi wa sallam could? Ammī, you are an utmost successful psychiatrist yourself, yet…”
“I am an utmost successful psychiatrist myself, that’s why I am telling you, you are curable, my son.” His Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah had said patiently.
“Isn’t it a fact, Ammī, that you were adamant to make me a qualified doctor so that I can understand my physical problem?”
“You are correct.”
“I am a qualified doctor now, Ammī. Yet, I don’t agree with you. I am basically a female in a masculine body, that’s not actually masculine even fully.”
His Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah, controlled herself.
She could not understand how she could explain to him that until and unless he doesn’t stop believing that he is basically a female in a masculine body, he can’t become a male entirely.
Muħammad was her only son.
Despite her constant care to dress him and behave carefully with him as if he was entirely a man with no femininity at all in him, his Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah, could not stop him from wearing female dresses when she wasn’t with him.
She could not stop Muħammad, her only son, from deliberately developing a female psychology and a female psychosis consequently.
It helped Muħammad in developing his female breasts.
Despite her constant operations the female breasts, Muħammad had, kept developing every time.
The surgeons had ultimately told her Muħammad himself wanted female breasts, female buttocks and even female genital organ.
It was a miracle for the surgeons Muħammad developed a nūnī despite their entire adverse suspicions.
His Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah, never knew, Muħammad asked in his duåās, his religious prayers, female genital organ, instead of the ever worthless cut Musalmān nūnī he had.
He wanted an operation to have it.
But no surgeon wanted to antagonize Muħammad’s Ammī, Dr. Saiyadah Āmnah.
She was utmost resourceful and utmost powerful therefore.
She could destroy the surgeons forever if they operated on Muħammad to the effect.*

I looked at Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.
“If you really want to oblige your cousin, Al Bilāl Al Ħabīb, I’d never stop you, Al Hilāl Al Tayyab.”
Her face lit up.
She kissed me immense delightedly.
“That’s why we ultramodern Musalmān Beauties love you so much. You are never as possessive as the Musalmīn and even the other Hindus etcetera are.”
I smiled.
“I believe in personal freedom and Democracy. I believe if you don’t want to live with me anymore, you have perfect and absolute right to do so.”
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab kissed me again, now gratefully.
“I know, Durgesh darling. That’s why we ultramodern Musalmān Beauties love you more than anyone else. You are extraordinary lenient with your women.”
“Thank you.”
“The problem is Al Jalāl Al Tayyab Buā isn’t as lenient as you are.”
“I know. But she is bound to do what her brother, your Abbū, Al Tayyab Al Muħammad, wanted from her to do as a trustee.”
“I understand that conditions in a will that prevent a person from marrying can be set aside.” Al Hilāl Al Tayyab pushed her ever glorious Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān bottom once more back, swallowed my entire Uncut Hindu Penis into her ever bright ever smart Panjvaqtah Namāzī twenty eight years old young Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, and squeezed it more contracting her vaginal muscles.
I knew she actually bribed me giving this particular pleasure.
Yet, it wasn’t worthwhile to argue with her.
There are some persons who never understand.
Most of them not even try to.
They are always adamant to let the chips fall on their own insistent manner.
Al Hilāl Al Tayyab was too one of them.
Why otherwise her Abbū needed to create a trust, instead of making her beneficiary directly?

Chapter 2
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam