I live with him

I live with him


My name is Saiyadah Fātimah Muhammad.

I am as horny as my Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ.

In fact, I’m as horny as my My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh.

I have seen both of them making passionate love thousands of times with each other.

In fact, their fault is only one that their fierce and passionate Ashvinātam lovemaking has made me a true nature lover.

They are passionate Ashvinātam lovers and love makers.

My Hindu brother and I had been sleeping in their bedroom till we entered our teens and they never wait for us to sleep before they start moaning and squealing in pleasure.

My Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ forced him to ignore us, even if my My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh tried to avoid it in our presence,

“Let them be modern, Durgesh darling!” my Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ smiled at him, “never forget, even if they have sex with each other, what’s wrong in it? I’d love my daughter to remain with me always instead of marrying some backward Musalmān and leave me forever.”

Durgesh Pāpājī smiled,

“Okay, darling! As you wish.”

When I started understanding this world a little bit, I had already seen them many times, stark naked and making passionate love in their bedroom, thinking we were fast asleep.

Seeing my Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh naked, my Musalmān Pussy would often start kindling and getting wet.

I had even seen my Hindu brother, always putting his hand in his shorts, playing with his needle.

One day, when they were under the influence of immense sexual emotions, I heard them talking about us.

“Our kids are growing up fast.” I heard Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ whispering, “Have you noticed ever a bulge in your Hindu son’s trousers when he wakes up in the morning”?

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh said while smiling,

“Yeah, I have even heard his moans in the bath room.”

Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ replied,

“But the most worrying aspect is that of our daughter, Saiyadah Fātimah Muhammad, she is growing fast.” she whispered in My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s ears, “Have you ever seen her gestures to you, her figures and smalls lemons growing fast on her torso”? My Ammī, Kħadījah Sheikħ, further added.

“What did you say, lemons”?’ they look like small raw mangos.” My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh added while smiling.

“I think we should shift them to a separate bed room before they start understanding everything about sex.” She said, “Innocent souls.”

I thought by that time, we were not so innocent anymore.

We had already understood everything.

When we were shifted to our bedroom, my Hindu brother and I, also started sleeping naked in our bedroom at night or even in the afternoon.

Our parents neither stopped us from peeping in their bedroom nor got annoyed whenever we intentionally or unintentionally bumped into them in their bedroom while they were making love.

We too became curious and at times started copying our Ashvinātam parents in our own bedroom, but never succeeded in penetration until we grew and entered our mid teens.

Let me tell you something about my figures.

I am a chubby type of a Musalmān girl with fairly large sized Musalmān breasts and pink Musalmān tits, curved Musalmān tummy, deep belly button, fleshy Musalmān thighs and round protruding Musalmān ass cheeks.

My Musalmān breasts could attract any sane Hindu male and cause stir in his trousers.

My Musalmān slit often remained wet with my pre-cum juice and I felt my Musalmān Pussy burning, especially when I was in my bathroom or I was sleeping with my Hindu brother.

My Hindu brother often tried to satisfy my deep Musalmān slit by entering his slim but long and strenuous Hindu tool in my wet Musalmān Pussy but I continuously remained obsessed with the throbbing Uncut Hindu Penis of my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh that thrilled and drilled my Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ’s each and every lovely Musalmān hole.

I had always been very revealing and neither my Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ nor my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh objected to it, particularly when my Hindu brother and I had entered in the last year of our teens.

My Ammījān perhaps really wanted not to marry me with any Musalmān and lose me consequently.

My Ammījān and Durgesh Pāpājī had rather been very appreciative of my gorgeous Musalmān beauty and sensual Musalmān body.

I had seen many times my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh staring at my extremely beautiful Musalmān breasts cleavage with ravenous Hindu lust in his eyes.

On the other hand, seeing a huge Hindu bulge in his trousers always kindled my Musalmān Pussy.

My My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was my first and last male love, not even my Hindu brother.

I dreamed of my My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh fucking me in infinite possible and impossible positions.

I dreamed I’ve replaced my extremely beautiful Ammījān, Kħadījah Sheikħ, when Durgesh Papa Jī was fucking her.

I had even felt sticky water dribbling down my Musalmān Pussy while watching his plump Uncut Hindu Cock in the hazy light of the bedroom.

That night, Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh had a good amount of continuous non-stop sex and Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ was almost passed out.

She offered me a drink for the first time and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh also smiled watching my keen interest.

My Ammījān prepared another glass and offered to my Hindu brother.

He refused it politely.

We all were drinking like animals when Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ undressed herself and started kissing My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s Hindu mouth wildly.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh looked towards us with a little embarrassment but seeing a smile at our face, he too responded positively while pouting his Hindu lips.

After a few minutes, he took her melons in his hands and started kneading them.

Soon, My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was also naked, as Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ pulled his trousers down.

His huge Hindu monster swung out of his pajamas with a jerk, pointing towards Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ’s extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.

I felt my Musalmān Pussy burning with the desire of My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh fucking me very hard and filling my deep wet and hot Musalmān Pussy with his naked Uncut Hindu Cock.

Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ was eating his Hindu meat without bothering about our presence.

While Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh were busy in foreplay, I started rubbing the thighs of my Hindu brother, fantasizing about my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh.

Soon I felt a huge bulge in his shorts and the round umbrella shaped head of his slim but long Hindu meat loaf along with three to four inches long Hindu shaft swung out of the hem of his shorts.

Seeing Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ eating My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s stout and burly Uncut Hindu Cock, I inserted my hand in the elastic band of my Hindu brother’s shorts and held his Hindu meat tightly.

His Uncut Hindu Lund was throbbing and I felt his pre-cum droplets, dribbling down in my palm.

My Hindu brother pulled me from my arm and took me in our bedroom.

I was ready to take his Uncut Hindu Lund in my Musalmān Pussy and soon started eating his Uncut Hindu Penis to make it wet and slippery.

He threw me on the bed, removed my panty and without eating my Musalmān Pussy, applied his saliva on my Musalmān slit.

He shoved his hard rock slim Uncut Hindu Dick deep inside my wet Musalmān Pussy canal.

I was dying to cum and explode.

Within few seconds, I moaned loudly and exploded with extreme ecstasy.

My Hindu brother also exploded violently and pulled his Uncut Hindu Penis with cum anointed out of my Musalmān Pussy.

I cleaned his Hindu meat with my ravenous Musalmān tongue.

It was so sudden and so violent that we had forgotten to shut the bedroom door.

The moment we changed into six nine to squish each other’s juice, we saw Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh standing right in the middle of the door, watching our genitals soaked in our pure and passionate love juices.

I saw my hot and drunken Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ, smiling.

Seeing her gesture, My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh also got encouraged.

We all were standing stark naked at the floor without uttering any word.

My Musalmān Pussy was still wet and soggy.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s white cheesy cream was dribbling down along Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ’s creamy and long inner thighs.

My Hindu brother’s Uncut Hindu Dick was soaked in his own juice as I could not wipe and clean the evidence of our lovemaking.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s long and throbbing Uncut Hindu Penis was swaying in his hand and a white droplet was oozing out of his Uncut Hindu Cock’s tight hole.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh is a real master.

Despite his strong desire to make passionate love with his hot little Musalmān angel, he was controlling himself surprisingly.

Ammījān Kħadījah Sheikħ watched us curiously.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was stark naked with his throbbing Hindu manhood, my dream Uncut Hindu Cock, swaying in his hands, smiled while staring at my busty Musalmān breasts.

He moved a step towards me and I passionately hugged my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh, digging my Musalmān melons in his broad Hindu chest.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a deep and passionate Hindu kiss at my welcoming eager Musalmān lips.

‘Oh my lord, Allah Rabbil Åālmīn, he is my Hindu man, a Hindu man who can fill me deep down my throat, my Musalmān slit, my Musalmān Uterus and my Musalmān anus.’ I thought, fantasizing my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh doing it ferociously.

I knew, I could take him in all naked, shooting all his Hindu love load deep inside my Musalmān love canal.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was massaging my extremely beautiful Musalmān ass cheeks, gently and mildly, kneading my swollen Musalmān breasts and pinching my Musalmān tits with his Hindu fingers while exploring my extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth with his Hindu tongue very caringly and passionately.

He rolled his Uncut Hindu Penis in my Musalmān ass crack starting from the edge of my Musalmān slit to my anal hole.

Each time, he would mildly insert the tip of his Uncut Hindu Penis in my wet Musalmān Pussy and then the same wet Uncut Hindu Penis in my Musalmān anus.

I would moan loudly enjoying his amazing Hindu art of lovemaking.

I too took my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s hard rock Uncut Hindu Penis in my hands and rolled my fingers around his Hindu meat from head to base.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was really passionate.

He lifted me in his arms like his little baby and took me on my bed.

I lay on my back with my knees lifted and making a big V to give my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh a great access to my burning Musalmān Pussy, the greatest and gorgeous assets of his own Musalmān daughter.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh sniffed my Musalmān Pussy and kissed it mildly.

I moaned and wanted him to fuck me immediately and ruthlessly.

But he was relaxed as if he knew that I was not running away.

He kept kissing my Musalmān Pussy passionately, despite my wriggling.

And within minutes, I felt his Hindu thighs squeezing around my Musalmān neck.

I sucked Durgesh, sucked and sucked.

I don’t know for how much time.

Neither, did I damn care.

I know only that ultimately, His whole Hindu body shuddered painfully and his toes curled.

He pulled my head towards his Uncut Hindu Penis, pressed it hard against his Hindu crotch and exploded violently, splashing his Hindu love load in my welcoming extremely beautiful Musalmān mouth.

I kept sucking and drinking his Hindu love juice until I swallowed the last drop of his Hindu juice.

My friends were right.

It was very tasty.

By that time, I had started hopping my buttocks again, as I was still feeling very hot and steamy.

Without wasting even a minute, I was doing what I thought My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh would like the most from her loving Musalmān daughter.

I was eating his hard rock Hindu shaft with all my Musalmān passion and love, while rolling my fingers around his throbbing Hindu balls.

Soon My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh growled and exploded in my Musalmān mouth again.

I felt his warm Hindu sperms in my Musalmān mouth and was really amazed with the taste, his Hindu sperms had.

It was much delightful as compared to my Hindu brother.

Since, I was already feeling sticky water dribbling down my hot and steamy Musalmān Pussy; I kept eating My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s assets until his Hindu meatloaf turned limp and again started twitching.

Soon his Uncut Hindu Cock was throbbing.

I adjusted my position, parted my legs with each knee kneeled on either side of his Hindu thighs, opened my Musalmān Pussy lips with the fingers of my one hand and held his Uncut Hindu Cock standing in the other hand.

I gradually started sitting on his rock hard, fat and long Hindu shaft and felt it sliding smoothly in my wet and already slippery Musalmān Pussy without much discomfort.

“Ooh my goodness, Yā Allaaaaaaah! Rabbil Åālmīn!” I squealed with true pleasure as his Uncut Hindu Lund dug deep down in my Musalmān Pussy tunnel.

Soon, I was rocking my Musalmān ass up and down, with my palms at the chest of my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh too, was hopping his ass up and down rhythmically while kneading my busty melons and pinching at my strenuously erected Musalmān tits.

He pulled me down and started pinching my Musalmān tits.

I was at my peak to explode when my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh slipped a side, made me adjust my position on my four legs like a wild Musalmān lioness.

He came behind me, opened my legs wider and started fucking my Musalmān Pussy and Musalmān anus with continuous strokes of his fleshy Uncut Hindu Lund, while kneading my busty breast with his hands wrapped around my waist.

I was again feeling my Musalmān Pussy bursting with hot cum to explode while My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh was pumping me ferociously.

Soon, My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh started fucking me mercilessly.

He was trying to bang deep inside me.

His huge Hindu balls were banging against my Musalmān slit with a big thrust and producing a thudding sound.

I felt my Musalmān Pussy getting soggier with every friction of his long, plump and chubby Uncut Hindu Cock continuously rubbing and touching the right spots deep inside my Musalmān Pussy canal.

I could hold no longer and pressed my Musalmān ass cheek against his Hindu crotch.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh too pulled my thighs, pressing my Musalmān buttocks against his Uncut Hindu Cock and dug himself deep inside me.

We were pumping hard and fast in unison.

Soon, I felt a spasm in my Musalmān Pussy walls, squeezing My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s Hindu shaft tightly.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh too, was growling and moaning loudly,

“Ooh baby, Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s lovely little Musalmān baby, Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh will always fulfill each and every need of his beautiful Musalmān babies.”

He moaned lovingly and I felt his hot Hindu water gushing and sprinkling the inner walls of my Musalmān Pussy.

I too, splashed and shot my love load passionately and felt my Musalmān Pussy getting soggier.

“My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh, I love you always to cum deep down in my hot Musalmān Pussy.” I uttered these words for the first time, feeling My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s Hindu love, making my hot Musalmān Cunt, a little cool.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh dropped and offloaded every droplet of his Hindu love juice in me and I splashed every bead of my Musalmān love juice around his Hindu shaft, making his Hindu ball soggy.

I came on my back and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh, rode on me, while spreading his thighs and placing his knees around my waist.

My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock had turned limp and its soft touch felt very nice against my Musalmān Clit.

My Musalmān breasts were crushed under his broad Hindu chest and his passionate Hindu kiss at my Musalmān lips drove me crazy about my Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh loving his own little baby like a passionate Hindu lover.

Soon we started licking each other clean and kept eating each other’s genitals lovingly and passionately until my Musalmān Clit and both the Musalmān tits became strenuously erected and My Hindu Pāpājī Durgesh’s limp Uncut Hindu Cock turned into a Hindu monster.

I felt amazed and delighted at his Hindu broadmindedness and affectionate and passionate love life.

Sure, I was not his real daughter.

But, who loves his enemy’s daughter as much as Durgesh loved me now?

I wondered what was waiting us ahead.


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