The Yacht: 8

Midterm 2012 Volume 4

Kħātūn-e-Jannat Volume 3

Ved Nagar Volume 2

The Yacht


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Chapter 8

Durgesh Al Taufīq Al Zāhid

Al Taufīq Al Zāhid smiled.
“Walks, for one.”
“Walks?” Al Nādir Al Haibat asked feigning innocent ignorance.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid wasn’t interested even a bit in his acting.
She was enjoying my Uncut Hindu Cock into her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Her ever communal resistance against Hindu penetration had already gone to hell as soon as she realized I was available to her.
No doubt Durgesh had the unique penis.
The ever horniest Musalmān Beauties were not crazy for it worthlessly.
Durgesh had unique sexual prowess.
No doubt Durgesh can satisfy the entire womankind even sexually.
He had infinite sexual lust incredibly.
“A customer pays his bill directly at the cash register.” She said herself pushing her ever pink glorious Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān buttocks into my nude Hindu male lap and swallowing my Uncut Hindu Prick into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt nonstop wildly, “The amount of the bill is two dollars and eighty five cents. He gives you a twenty dollar bill. You pretend to be very much interested in the addition on the check. Then apparently something goes wrong with the key on the cash register. You concentrate on that. Eventually you ring up two dollars and eighty five cents; still without apparently paying too much attention to him, you hand him fifteen cents, then give him two one dollar bills, then hand him a five, then look back at the cash register for a minute. Nine times out of ten the man will pocket the change and walk away. If he starts to pocket the change and then stops suddenly, or if he still waits there, you take out two additional fives and give it to him with a smile, then start looking back at the cash register again.”
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid wasn’t as unaware of Al Nādir Al Haibat’s immensely jealous, immensely greedy stealthy glances on her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt swallowing my ever arrogant ever proud Uncut Hindu Cock nonstop, as she was pretending to be.
The ever incurable male animal.
The very same Al Nādir Al Haibat was always heavily critical of Hindus and their ever horny Musalmān beloveds that they were still animals in their human bodies.
He always pretended to be a highly sophisticated ever righteous Musalmān.
He always criticized even the Musalmīn that were criminals and/or criminal minded.
But actually what he himself was?
He was a corrupt attorney himself protecting ever harmful gambling to humanity.
How much he really hated ashvinātam sex was more than obvious from his constant stealthy obsession of gazing Durgesh’s proud Hindu penetrations of her ever glamorous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
Yet, he had control enough on himself to comment ironically, feigning sophistication still however.
“You seem to know all the tricks.”
“Sure, working at the place I couldn’t avoid to hear some of them.”
“And you sing?”
“Yes.” She said proudly.
Al Nādir Al Haibat nodded studying the young woman’s miraculously beautiful face sophisticatedly apparently.
Yet, even then he had managed dignified glances on our still nonstop sexual penetrations.
“You have had ups and downs?”
“Mostly downs,” Al Taufīq Al Zāhid said, “but I was in there fighting nonstop. I deserve to get the break Durgesh has bestowed on me despite Muħammad Ůsmān’s frantic attempts to frame me. I know now why Durgesh’s Musalmān women are so faithful to him despite the fact that Durgesh is a Hindu. He is honest and sincere to his Musalmān women more than their ever dishonest ever insincere Musalmān husbands and Musalmān mankind. You are jealous of Durgesh and us Musalmān Beauties, but you can’t separate us because no dishonest and insincere communalism can ever replace the ever sincere ever honest love of Durgesh for us. The more you ever dishonest ever insincere communal Musalmīn try to separate us from Durgesh, the more inseparable we are.”
If Al Nādir Al Haibat was angry, he successfully hid his anger.

Al Taufīq Al Zāhid led the way.
I was behind her glorious bottom, fucking her from behind.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid was too afraid of Muħammad Ůsmān and Muħammad bin Qāsim that she wasn’t ready to come to Paradise Floats if I wasn’t fucking her.
The chief of police accompanied us.
Muħammad Ůsmān, striding forward, was checked by Al Nādir Al Haibat.
Laying a restraining hand on his client’s arm, Al Nādir Al Haibat drew Muħammad Ůsmān back to one side and engaged in rapid fire, low voiced conversation.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid led the way into a room marked Employees, through a curtained doorway.
It had the word Female painted over the top.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid paused before a locker.
I grabbed her waist, pulled my Uncut Hindu Cock until only its head was inside, absolutely prepared for thrusting it into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt as soon as there was any indication from Muħammad Ůsmān and party of any unfair play.
Muħammad Ůsmān knew how dangerous a weapon my infinite Musalmān Beauties and infinite lovely Musalmān houseladies penetrator Uncut Hindu Cock was when it was visiting any Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān Cunt.
My Kundalini was active.
My infinite bodies were active.
With a simple affirmation now, I could immobilize even a whole infantry.
Muħammad Ůsmān had seen the demonstration with his own eyes several times.
However, he never believed a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman and a Stavak Hindu man could do it.
There must be something else hidden behind carefully.
Nevertheless, Muħammad Ůsmān wasn’t a damn fool to take any risk now.
“Open it,” I said.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid fitted a key and opened the locker.

In it, there was a suitcase, a pair of shoes, a suit and a raincoat.
“These all yours?” I asked fucking her once again.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid nodded.
“Do you want to put these things in the suitcase?” I smiled at her possessively.
She thanked me with her eyes for displaying my sexual possession on her.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid knew it was actually a disguised warning to everyone that s/he would have to face Durgesh’s powers if s/he tried to harm her in any manner whatsoever.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid thanked her Allah for her incredible Musalmān beauty and prudence that she approached Durgesh on the right time.
“The things came that way,” she smiled politely at me, “They can go out that way,” she said.
“You have some other things?”
“There’s a stateroom assigned to us Musalmān girls,”
“Only Musalmān girls work here?”
“Most of the Pseudo Musalmīn are highly communal. They never believe anyone that’s not a Musalmān. Muħammad Ůsmān and Muħammad bin Qāsim do also belong to the category.”
“But Muħammad bin Qāsim is immensely friendly with his Hindu brother in law, his Hindu Jījū, Prañav Yogendr Divyānand.”
“Sure, they need Prañav Yogendr Divyānand. It doesn’t mean they aren’t communal. Al Waħīdah Al Qāsim loved Prañav Yogendr Divyānand. They hadn’t another alternative except to marry them.”
“I see,”
“We sleep there in the stateroom. It’s a sort of dormitory. Al Sādiyah Arraħmān, another girl and I share a stateroom. Muħammad Ůsmān wouldn’t let me get my things out of it last night. I was virtually thrown out.”*

I said gravely,
“Better start packing.”
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid pulled out the suitcase and flung back the lid.
“I think Al Taufīq Al Zāhid would like some privacy now to prepare to leave this place not to come back. I have to wait with her and—”
I broke off at the startled exclamation from Al Taufīq Al Zāhid.
“What is it?” I asked authoritatively.
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid instinctively started to close the lid of the suitcase, then checked herself.
“Let me take a look,” I said.
“I’ll take a look,” the chief of police said, pushing forward.
“What is it, Al Taufīq Al Zāhid?”
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid reopened the lid, then pulled forward the elastic that held closed one of the compartments in the lining of the suitcase.
A wad of currency had been thrust hurriedly into this compartment.
“I’ll take this into my custody.” the chief of police said triumphantly.
I moved so that I interposed a shoulder between the officer and the suitcase.
“Why?” I asked the chief of police curtly.
“Why?” the chief of police said sarcastically, “I want to know from where she got this wad of currency.”
“Who are you to ask it?”
“I happen to be the chief of police here.” He said ironically.
“Tell me the law, the section of it that authorizes a chief of police to investigate any money a person have in his/her possession even it’s his/her valid money legally earned by him/her.”
“It isn’t her money.”
“How do you know?”
“It stands to reason.”
“If she had that wad of currency of her own, she never needed to work here as a cigarette girl.”
“Think again.”
“I don’t need to.”
Al Taufīq Al Zāhid was looking at me in questioning panic.
Allah! That was the reason she was afraid of Muħammad Ůsmān.
It wasn’t her money.
It was more than obvious that Muħammad Ůsmān had managed to put it there to frame her.*

I pushed my Uncut Hindu Penis entirely into Al Taufīq Al Zāhid’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
“Count it.” I said.
With trembling fingers, Al Taufīq Al Zāhid counted the money.
“Ten thousand seven hundred ninety nine dollars.” she said.
“Good,” I smiled, “We’ll give Muħammad Ůsmān credit for that on the amount of back wages due and our claims against him for defamation of character.”
Muħammad Ůsmān had quietly entered the stateroom with Al Nādir Al Haibat at his side.
Muħammad Ůsmān started to say something, but just then the curtained doorway was flung back with such violence cloth was almost ripped from the guide rings on the overhead pole.
A woman’s voice said angrily.
“Defamation of character, indeed! That’s a laugh—the kettle is calling the pot black, I’d say!”
Her eyes blazed hatred at Muħammad Ůsmān.
“But I didn’t come here to see that husband stealer. Let her take him. The bastard doesn’t deserve any true love, loyalty and faithfulness now. If the impotent thinks a cigarette girl and singer in a gambling yacht is better for him than even a multi-millionaire Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wife, let him have her. I damn care. I came here to see you, Mr. Muħammad Ůsmān. Just what do you think you are doing with my hard earned money that bastard lost to you?”
“Why, Ma’am Al Saåīdah Al Wājid!” Muħammad Ůsmān said, stepping forward and smiling cordially.
Then he glanced at me.
“I should have known you better. You can’t strike masculine ever. Before coming to strike on me, you investigated about my antagonists. You found Ma’am Al Saåīdah Al Wājid is one of them. And you managed her entry here when you are here too.”
“Anything wrong with that strategy?” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said curtly, “Mr. Mayor has promised me to fight my case against you bloody gamblers.”
“So, your husband, Al Wājid Al Muħammad, is right that you have a clandestine extramarital affair with Durgesh?” Muħammad Ůsmān smiled trying to humiliate Al Saåīdah Al Wājid.
“What if I do?” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said curtly, “I’m not under eighteen, nor you are my legal guardian. Who the hell are you to ask that question on my personal life? Now, you have charged me being a cheater to my husband. I would take you to the court, to prove what you just said. One more case of Defamation of character against you, stupid. Mr. Durgesh is my attorney too, in both the cases against you.”
Muħammad Ůsmān was dumbfounded.
He wasn’t prepared for so many legal attacks.
He should have known better than to antagonize me.*

Nevertheless, Muħammad Ůsmān tried to grab the state of affairs.
“This is—that is—we aren’t really open for business yet. I had some people come in and—Come on with me and I’ll buy a drink.”
Al Saåīdah Al Wājid ignored Muħammad Ůsmān’s proffered hand, said furiously,
“You’ve trimming my husband, Al Wājid Al Muħammad, in a crooked game here. He does not earn as much money himself as he loses in his damn gambling to you. That’s my money. He told me you took him for ten thousand dollars last night. It was natural I investigated about you. I found out your wife, Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah, has cuckolded you to herself, Durgesh and her younger sister, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah. I enjoyed the state of affairs, naturally.”
Muħammad Ůsmān was dumbfounded.
His wife, Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah, wasn’t so much a problem to him, as her younger sister, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah, was.
She was too cunning that she raped Durgesh himself, kidnapping him.
It wasn’t an easy task.
Yet, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah had done it successfully.
Once, Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah loved her husband, Muħammad Ůsmān, very much.
But, now even Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah fucked Durgesh in front of Muħammad Ůsmān’s own very eyes and made Muħammad Ůsmān to clean her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt, licking it, after she fucked Durgesh.
Muħammad Ůsmān had to lick not only his wife’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Cunt.
He had to lick her gorgeous Musalmān ass as well, after Durgesh fucked Ruqayyah Muħammad Åbdullah in her ass too.
Then he similarly had to lick her sister, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah’s Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Cunt and ass as well, after Durgesh fucked Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah too.
It wasn’t good that Al Saåīdah Al Wājid had known it.
Now, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid had the winning hand on Muħammad Ůsmān completely.
Damn Durgesh.
He never fights conventionally.
He always digs out of the enemies of his opponents.
And then those enemies fight Durgesh’s war for the ever shrewdest Hindu, Durgesh never needs to fight it himself.
Muħammad Ůsmān could never understand how many shrewd persons died when Durgesh was born.
“Ten thousand dollars aren’t such a big money that I should waste my more precious time in its recovery.” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said, “But if my business competitors knew the stupids like you can manage to snatch away such money from my husband, it would harm my reputation before them. Consequently, I haven’t another option except to have my money back.”
“Back? I can’t believe it.” Muħammad Ůsmān said incredulously.
“I’m not asking you to believe it. I’m asking you to return it.” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid said patiently, “You should have known better than cutting corners with me, Muħammad Ůsmān. I’ve engaged Durgesh to investigate your criminal activities extensively and see you get punished for them.”
Muħammad Ůsmān was dumbfounded.
What the hell it’s happening?
“Madam, Al Saåīdah Al Wājid,” he addressed her soothingly, “Your husband was in a little private game last night. I don’t know how he came out. I believe that perhaps he did lose a little, but I haven’t tried to figure up just how much. I can assure you that the game was on the up and up. I was in it myself. If we gambled with people at night, let them take a chance on winning the place, and then, if they aren’t lucky, gave them back the money they had lost the next morning, it wouldn’t be very long before I’d be selling apples on the street corner.”
Muħammad Ůsmān laughed at the idea, his mouth making the laughter, his eyes anxiously watching her, appraising her mood.
“And what’s wrong in it?” Al Saåīdah Al Wājid smiled sweetly, “That’s where actually you belong to. And Wallāh, Muħammad Ůsmān, I promise you to put there. I never forgive the stupids who try to harm me even a bit, knowingly or unknowingly. As a policy, I spend millions to punish them so that no another dumb ass would ever think to come in my way. Durgesh is already retained to make you learn the lesson in the hardest way possible for you.”
“Allah,” Muħammad Ůsmān said impatiently, “what the hell do you want?”
“I want our money back, damn fool, what else? My husband isn’t very good businessperson as I am. That’s money he earned, however. We have other uses for it than to giving it to you. I intend to give it to Durgesh as the expense money he may use for destroying you financially. What the hell you think of me? I would let you cheap crooks rob us of that money and to get away with it?”

Chapter 9
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

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