Age no bar:1

Age no bar


Chapter 1

I eyed the beautiful raven-haired Sunni Musalmān lady reading and sunning herself at poolside.

Usually, on a weekday at 10:00 AM, I was the only one using the condo pool.

Lately, this lovely Sunni Musalmān lady had been keeping me silent company, occasionally getting up to jump in the pool and swim a few graceful laps, and then get out and return to her book.

When this happened, I was treated to a view of her great body, covered only in a bikini.

I admired her pert, high Sunni Musalmān breasts, with her nipples visibly outlined through the thin cloth of her top, and the long, shapely legs.

I especially admired the taut, flat stomach, and the firm shapely Sunni Musalmān buttocks that told me this spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman worked out regularly.

I worked out daily myself, but I had never seen her in the condo gym; but then I began my workouts at 8:30 on the dot every morning when everyone else was either off to work or sleeping in on the weekends.

I enjoyed my solitude, and almost always had the gym entirely to myself.

The next morning I was therefore surprised and strangely elated to find my solitary poolside companion already in the midst of a vigorous workout when I arrived at the gym.

When the same thing happened the next morning, I couldn’t resist striking up a conversation.

“I’m surprised to see anyone else in the gym at this hour; usually I have the place all to myself.”

“Really?” she replied, her voice at once musical and throaty, “Well, perhaps I’ll keep you company then, at least for a while. I usually work out in the afternoon, about three or so, but lately the gym has become the haunt of the resident teenagers at that hour. They enjoy themselves, and I don’t mind that, but they can also get very loud. They also seem to be lining up for the next machine in my routine whenever I’m ready for it.”

“I understand. That’s never been a problem at this hour, though, and I’m delighted to have a little company.” I extended my hand. “I’m Durgesh.”

“Maimūnah Aslam,” she replied, noting with amusement the look of surprise on my face. “Really, my name is Maimūnah Aslam.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to react like that. It’s just that Maimūnah Aslam is such an unusual name here at a gym. I never expected a Musalmān lady—”

“A Sunni Musalmān lady—”Maimūnah Aslam interrupted me.

I smiled.

“Does it make any difference?”

“Certainly. Why not? I don’t think the Shiås and Aħmadīs are real Musalmīn.”

I smiled again, patiently.

“Isn’t it Musalmīn’s home problem?”

“Home problem?” Maimūnah Aslam was somewhat surprised, “What do you mean?”

I observed her more patiently.

Maimūnah Aslam didn’t seem to me as ignorant as she was trying to show herself.

“I mean, isn’t it a matter that must be discussed among you Musalmīn yourselves, mutually?”


“Because as far as we Hindus are concerned it doesn’t make us any difference whether a Musalmān is a Sunni Musalmān, Shiå Musalmān, Aħmadī, or anyone else.”

“Why not?”

“Why should it? It’s enough for us that you are a Musalmān. Why should I be interested in to which division of Islam you belong?”

“Why shouldn’t you?”

“Eīshān!” I said somewhat impatiently now, “I’m not interested in your faith in such a detail.”

“While you must be.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“A person is not known completely until and unless one doesn’t know the faith s/he belongs to.”

I had to agree with her.

Maimūnah Aslam was right.

I smiled at her.

“You are right, Maimūnah.”

“OK, Durgesh, happy to meet you.”

“Likewise. Well, guess I’d better get to my workout. See you at the pool later?”

“Probably.” Maimūnah Aslam smiled; I had noticed her by the pool, after all.

Maimūnah Aslam checked me out during my workout, which consisted mostly of warming up on the treadmill and lifting free weights.

She admired the rugged face, steel grey hair, broad, slightly hairy, chest and shoulders, six-pack abs, tight buns, and muscular legs.

She was especially taken by my black eyes.

I was probably just a mite taller than her, but she herself was a tall spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman at just under six feet, and taller than most men.

I would, she knew, tower over her.

She found herself wondering if that would bother me at all.

But what was she thinking!

Compared to her, I was a fossil?

I was in my early sixties.

Nature sucks, she thought, age only makes men sexier – it make women, on the other hand, sag.

Later that morning, Maimūnah Aslam joined me by the pool, dressed in a bright green bikini, carrying a book and a towel.

“Hello, Durgesh.”

“Hi, Maimūnah Aslam. I see we have the pool to ourselves again this morning. Like your suit. The green complements your tan.”

“Why thank you!” Maimūnah Aslam spread out her towel on the adjoining chaise lounge and sat down.

She and I then engaged in casual conversation, getting acquainted, her book forgotten.

I learned from Maimūnah Aslam that her seven-year childless marriage had recently ended in divorce from a successful businessman, and that she had given him the house in return for buying her this condo and letting her keep the BMW.

There were also generous alimony payments, and she was taking a few months off to get her head together and see what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

She confided in me that she was still “on the sunny side of forty.”

Maimūnah Aslam learned that I was an ardent polygamist.

I threw myself into my work, built my life consulting business into a countless-person firm, and then sold the business for a tidy profit.

After that, I sold the house and bought the condo, and now I was retired.

“Retired?” she was immensely surprised, “Aren’t you a bit too young to be retired? In the age when the others start their lives, you retired? ”

“Why Not?” I asked, “Most people retire around my age. I’m old enough to be your father, maybe even your grandfather. I’m 62.”

Maimūnah Aslam laughed incredibly.

“You’re kidding. I wouldn’t have guessed you were more than, say, 30 or so. Allah, and you’re in such a great young shape!”

“For an old codger, you mean.”

“For anyone, I mean. Keep up whatever it is you’ve been doing, and you’ll live forever!”

“Thank you very much. I don’t doubt that, but I do intend to go out kicking.”

Maimūnah Aslam and I met daily after that, working out and swimming together.

We grew comfortable in each other’s company, and despite the age difference, found ourselves drawn to one another.

About three weeks later, on a Friday by the pool, Maimūnah Aslam asked me to have dinner with me that evening.

I was surprised at the invitation, but accepted.

That evening Maimūnah Aslam, I thought, looked spectacular, and told her so.

She had worn a simple black low-cut dress that clung to her spectacular Sunni Musalmān curves, medium high heels, and a string of pearls that complemented her shiny black hair, azure eyes, and flawless tan.

Dressed as she was, she stood several inches shorter than me, but if that bothered her, she hid it extremely well.

We had a nice dinner at a simple, but elegant, downtown restaurant, and then fought over who was paying the bill.

Maimūnah Aslam insisted that she was the one who asked me out, and that therefore the check was hers.

In the end, I gave in, but insisted that the next dinner would be on me.

Maimūnah Aslam was delighted to hear that there was even a ‘next dinner’ in my plans.

Back at the condo, Maimūnah Aslam invited me up for a nightcap.

“Geez, Maimūnah Aslam,” I replied, “I would love to, but I don’t drink. A juice once in a great while, maybe, but I just don’t.”

“Well, I do have some juice, but, if you prefer, I definitely have coffee. How about it Durgesh, can I offer you a juice or some coffee?”

“Coffee would be great. I would love some coffee.”

We chatted over coffee and some butter cookies she had found, until very late.

Finally, I, noting the time, said that I thought I’d better leave so Maimūnah Aslam could get her beauty sleep.

“No, Durgesh,” Maimūnah Aslam said, “I can sleep anytime. I want you to stay and fuck me.”

Taken by mammoth surprise, I hardly knew what to say.

So I reacted as I had learned to react when taken completely by surprise, and said nothing at all.

“I mean it Durgesh; I want you to spend the night. Don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“Maimūnah Aslam, I’ll be very honest, I’ve thought of very little else for weeks, now. But I’m an old man, close to twice your age. You can do much, much, better. Besides, it’s been so long that I’ve always been with spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān women. I don’t even know if I could stop fucking you ever if once we start it.”

“Well, that’s very good. That’s what I’m myself after. You can’t deny me the fun of trying to make you hard. If you can’t, you can’t, and next time we can try that little blue pill. Meanwhile, I’m sure we can think of other ways you could satisfy me!”

Maimūnah Aslam reached behind herself and unzipped the plain black dress, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her in black bra and panties, high heels, and pearls.

Next Maimūnah Aslam reached behind herself again and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall.

I was given the sight of tan lines fresh milk-white Sunni Musalmān breasts, with large tan aureoles and dark brown, hard nipples.

Finally, she stepped out of her panties.

Again, tan lines framed wide, white hips, as well as a lush black growth of pubic hair.

Stepping out of her dress, and wearing only heels and pearls, Maimūnah Aslam turned slowly for me, teasing me with the whiteness of her perfect Sunni Musalmān ass.

The lump in my pants betrayed me.

“Well, Durgesh, still think you’ll have trouble getting it up?”

“How about you kick off those heels, and come down here where I can kiss you.”

Maimūnah Aslam giggled and kicked off her shoes.

I took her in my arms and really kissed her for the first time.

I cupped her Sunni Musalmān breasts and teased her nipples with my fingers.

“No time for foreplay, my Hindu love,” Maimūnah Aslam said as she helped me out of my clothes with deliberate speed, and went down on her knees in front of me.

Gripping my Uncut Hindu Cock at the base, Maimūnah Aslam licked and sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock head.

“Keep that up,” I said, “and I’ll never last. Eīshān, Maimūnah Aslam, It’s been so long I’m fucking Musalmān Beauties ravenously!”

“Still ravenous?” Maimūnah Aslam winked at me.

“Yes, darling. ‘Marz bađhtā hī gayā, jyon jyon davā kī’. The more I cured the more I was ill.”

Maimūnah Aslam laughed.

“Well, that’s why we Musalmān Beauties love you so much, Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! Méré Hindu Piyā! Just fuck us Musalmān Beauties as much as you want and enjoy.”

Maimūnah Aslam stood up and led me to the bedroom.

She stripped back the covers.

Sitting me down on the bed, she straddled me, and, positioning herself, deftly rolled her hips forward and took all of me in her wet, hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

I groaned, clenching my buttocks and lifting my ass off the bed to drive myself hard into her.

“Easy, my Hindu love,” Maimūnah Aslam said, draping her arms over my shoulders, “We have all night, and tomorrow, too, if we want. Relax and enjoy. This fuck is for you. Let me do the work.”

Maimūnah Aslam kissed me deep, our tongues exploring, as she rolled her hips slowly to and fro, back and forth.

I looked down at the joining of our bodies, fascinated by the satin slickness of her juices on my Uncut Hindu Cock and it appeared and disappeared inside her lush Sunni Musalmān bush.

I felt the always-familiar-again-remembered surge of ashvinātam Hindu pleasure rising within me, and knew that I could hold out very very much longer.

Maimūnah Aslam, for her part, had decided to forgo her own pleasure and just concentrate on pleasing me, but her Sunni Musalmān body betrayed her.

Apparently out of nowhere, a surge of pure, overwhelming heat rose up from deep inside her, consuming her.

Maimūnah Aslam arched her back, thrust her hips forward, her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy clutching my Uncut Hindu Cock, milking me, as her orgasm hit and overcame her.

I felt my Hindu balls tighten, relax, tighten, as I shot my Hindu sperm deepest inside her pulsing Sunni Musalmān Cunt, and a feeling of pure ashvinātam joy, release and well-being overcame me.

Then we just held on to each other, as we both drifted down together as from some high place.

I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock soften and slip out of Maimūnah Aslam’s hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Maimūnah Aslam pursed her lips in mock disappointment, teasing me.

“Allah, Durgesh, I’d forgotten how absolutely wonderful that feels.”

“Mmmm, yes, and I guarantee there’s more fun where that came from. But how about you? Guess we don’t need no stinkin’ blue pills!”

Maimūnah Aslam dismounted and lay down on the bed, pulling me down beside her.

“Now,” Maimūnah Aslam said, “We have time for some foreplay.”

She explored my body with her hands, running her fingers through the pepper and salt hair on my chest, feeling the taut hard muscles, fondling my now limp Uncut Hindu Cock, cupping my balls.

I explored her as well, paying homage to her milk-white globes, leaning my head over to kiss the taut Sunni Musalmān nipples.

“Allah, that feels so good! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Méré Hindu Piyā! When you tease my nipples like that, I can feel it in my hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy.”

My hand ran down her Sunni Musalmān body, down her flat stomach, to her thighs.

I stroked the inside of her thighs, and Maimūnah Aslam parted her legs for me, her movement almost involuntary.

Maimūnah Aslam gasped as I touched her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy, as my exploring Hindu fingers parted her Sunni Musalmān labia, feeling her slick wetness, finding her Sunni Musalmān Clit.

Satisfied that Maimūnah Aslam was ready for me, I scooted off the bed, and, grasping her parted legs, pulled her to the foot of the bed.

With her legs and feet off the bed, I positioned myself, and, kneeling, buried my Uncut Hindu Prick in her lush Sunni Musalmān bush.

Maimūnah Aslam gasped and groaned her appreciation as I fucked her Sunni Musalmān Cunt from asshole to Sunni Musalmān Clit, my Uncut Hindu Prick working, pleasing her.

I took the trouble not to touch her Sunni Musalmān Clit directly with my Uncut Hindu Prick at first, fucking around it, rather, teasing it erect from the hood of flesh surrounding it.

With my body up, I inserted my Uncut Hindu Prick inside her, exploring, searching out that secret Sunni Musalmān place inside her which would, I knew, blow her Mind.

When Maimūnah Aslam gasped and clutched my searching Uncut Hindu Penis with her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy, I knew I had found it.

Then I let my Uncut Hindu Cock pay full attention to her Sunni Musalmān Clit, rubbing it, fucking it, as I fucked her with my Uncut Hindu Cock , in and out, always touching that secret Sunni Musalmān spot.

Maimūnah Aslam was a wild spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman then, all semblance of reason or control having left her.

Maimūnah Aslam arched her back and thrust the Sunni Musalmān pelvis into my Uncut Hindu Prick again and again, as surge after surge of ashvinātam-hot pleasure engulfed her Sunni Musalmān body.

Soon I had all I could do to keep my Uncut Hindu Prick hard on her Sunni Musalmān Clit and my Uncut Hindu Cock thrust deepest inside her.

I held on through crashing orgasm after crashing orgasm, until Maimūnah Aslam almost came completely up off the bed, and then collapsed in a heap, trembling.

Only then did I pull back from her, sit on the bed next to her, and pull her toward me, putting my arms around her, holding her.

Maimūnah Aslam said nothing, only melting into my Hindu embrace, snuggling up tight against me.

Later, Maimūnah Aslam lifted her head up to me, and kissed me lightly.

“That, old Hindu man, was truly amazing.”

We then lay back on the bed, and, pulling the covers over them, fell fast asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke the next morning with sunlight streaming in the bedroom window and someone sucking my Uncut Hindu Cock.

When Maimūnah Aslam felt my body suddenly stiffen, she looked up from her work and said:

“Good morning, sunshine! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Méré Hindu Piyā!   I just thought I’d see if I could get a rise out of you this morning,” and then returned to her work.

I relaxed, leaned back, and enjoyed.

Maimūnah Aslam gripped my Uncut Hindu Cock in her hand and sucked my balls, one at a time, into her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth, her greedy ravenous Sunni Musalmān tongue working on my Uncut Hindu Shaft.

When she released her grip, Maimūnah Aslam was delighted to see my Uncut Hindu Cock erect.

She licked my Uncut Hindu Shaft from the base to my Uncut Hindu Cock head, took the head in her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth, and lashed it with her greedy ravenous Sunni Musalmān tongue.

I was fully hard then.

She hadn’t had much practice at this, so she kind of made up what to do as she went along.

Maimūnah Aslam had heard of deep throating my Uncut Hindu Cock, knew exactly what to do in theory, but had never attempted it, not even with her ex-husband.

Maimūnah Aslam wrapped her quivering crimson hot Sunni Musalmān lips around my Uncut Hindu Cock, opened her throat, and pushed her head down on me.

But she couldn’t get the Uncut Hindu Cock head past her gag spot, and choking, she had to pull off.

Maimūnah Aslam caught her breath and tried again, with the same result.

The third time was the charm.

Maimūnah Aslam managed to push my Uncut Hindu Cock past her gag point by forcing herself to relax her throat, and then took my Uncut Hindu Cock in her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth right down to the root.

Maimūnah Aslam was rewarded with an appreciative groan from me.

Maimūnah Aslam attempted to breathe through her nose, but could not get enough air, so Maimūnah Aslam was forced to back off me again to catch her breath.

Now knowing exactly what to do, Maimūnah Aslam sucked my Uncut Hindu Cock down again, rewarded when her quivering crimson hot Sunni Musalmān lips buried themselves in my Hindu pubic hair.

Then Maimūnah Aslam swallowed, again rewarded with an appreciative groan from me, but deeper and longer this time.

Again, Maimūnah Aslam had to back off to breathe.

After filling her lungs with air, Maimūnah Aslam deep throated me again, again swallowing on my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Maimūnah Aslam was delighted to feel me stiffen, grasp her hair with both hands, and thrust my Uncut Hindu Cock as deep into her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth as I could.

Her quivering crimson hot Sunni Musalmān lips felt my Hindu balls tighten as I, almost screaming, came in her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Maimūnah Aslam swallowed and swallowed, my Uncut Hindu Cock so deep down her Sunni Musalmān throat that she tasted none of my Hindu cum.

Maimūnah Aslam was ready to pass out from holding her breath when I released her, allowing her to pull off my Uncut Hindu Cock and gasp for air.

When Maimūnah Aslam caught her breath, she returned to her attention to my Uncut Hindu Cock, now softening, licking me clean.

“You, spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman, are one hell of an alarm clock!”

“Just returning an ashvinātam favor from a gentleman Hindu friend,” Maimūnah Aslam replied.

We showered together, each soaping the other, our hands exploring still, paying special attention to our special places, our mouths continually locking together.

After rinsing, we toweled each other dry, still taking delight in each other’s body with our hands and our eyes.

Later, we had a leisurely breakfast in Maimūnah Aslam’s tiny kitchen.

Maimūnah Aslam was in a flowery dressing gown, and my broad shoulders barely covered by her bath robe.

“I really need to go to my place and get some clothes. And it’s past time for our workout,” I said.

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we just forget about clothes for the time being and confine our workouts for the next few days to bed.”

“Geez, Maimūnah Aslam, are you trying to kill me? I admit it would be a hell of a fun way to die, but we need to back off a bit. You’re at the peak of your sexual powers, but I’ve been in decline for about a century.”‘

“And that, my sweet Hindu love, is absolute bullshit! You’re in better shape than most teenagers even, I know. But if it will make you feel better, old man, I promise I will take it slow and not overtax you. But make no mistake, my Hindu lover; now that I have you in my wicked Sunni Musalmān clutches your most talented and magnificent Uncut Hindu Cock is going nowhere. Now I think you and I should go back to bed and rest awhile.”

And so we did, but we did not rest.

We played with each other for the rest of the day, stopping only long enough to eat or drink.

Finally exhausted, we both fell into a deep sleep early in the evening, my Uncut Hindu Prick still inside her Sunni Musalmān Cunt, deepest, I on her top, my nude Hindu waist wrapped around by her smooth nude Sunni Musalmān thighs.

Maimūnah Aslam woke refreshed and relaxed and glanced at the clock; it read 2:50 AM.

I was still asleep, but she bent to kiss me, and kissed me awake.

I awoke yawning and stretching.

“Have a good sleep?” Maimūnah Aslam asked.

“The best.” I held her close, idly caressing her Sunni Musalmān breasts, teasing her nipples.

“Mmmm,” Maimūnah Aslam said. “That feels so good. I’ve an idea, how about we go out to the pool and have a swim?”

“You’re nuts. What time is it?” I glanced over at the clock on the night stand. “Geez, Maimūnah Aslam, it’s three in the morning!”

“I’m serious; the cool water would feel so good right now. Please, Durgesh, you know how nice it would be! Let’s go for a swim.”

“OK, anything for you. I’ll go to my place and get my suit.”

“Who said anything about suits? Com’on Durgesh, it’s three AM! Who’s gonna see us?”

“Anybody who just happens to be awake at this hour. You know, like us?”

“Com’on Durgesh, where’s your sense of ashvinātam adventure? Let’s do it!” Maimūnah Aslam winked at me, smiling.

So, sometimes after three o’clock that morning, and against my better judgment, Maimūnah Aslam and I crept out to the condo pool, naked.

We slipped into the cool water, and began to swim silently.

Before long, however, we were embracing in the water, kissing and touching.

Soon I sported an erection, and we attempted to fuck underwater.

Anyone who has ever attempted to fuck underwater can testify that it is near impossible.

A spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman’s lubricious fluids are water soluble, and if the Hindu male can penetrate her to begin with, then on withdrawing, the female Sunni Musalmān juices lubricating the erect Uncut Hindu Penis dissipate into the surrounding water, hindering continued ashvinātam Uncut Hindu Penetration.

There may be the occasional Sunni Musalmān female who can produce lubricious fluids more quickly than the surrounding water can dissolve them.

Such Sunni Musalmān females exist, but are rare.

Now if an insoluble lubricant was used….

I, frustrated in my attempt to fuck her, lifted Maimūnah Aslam’s body up so her perfect Sunni Musalmān ass sat on the edge of the pool, and instead buried my face in her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy. Maimūnah Aslam relaxed her Sunni Musalmān body and gave herself up to enjoying my talented Hindu lips and fingers.

Åādilah Sultān awoke, wide awake.

It was still dark out, and a glance at the clock showed it was 3:16. It had happened a lot lately, ever since she moved into the condo, that she found herself wide awake at odd hours.

There was nothing for it, she had discovered, other than to go to her tiny living room and read until she felt sleepy again.

The result, of course, was that she was not only awake at odd hours; she was also asleep at odd hours during the course of a day.

As she passed by her third floor bedroom window which overlooked the condo pool, Åādilah Sultān just happened to glance outside.

There she saw an ashvinātam couple engaged in cunnilingus, with the spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman’s ass perched on the edge of the pool.

Åādilah Sultān recognized us immediately of course, although she didn’t know our names.

It was that older Hindu gentleman from the fourth floor, and that much younger, quite beautiful, spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman from the second.

Åādilah Sultān had been meaning to approach the older Hindu gentleman herself, and strike up an acquaintance, when the spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman with the shiny black hair and I suddenly became an item.

And, evidently, we were quite an item.

Åādilah Sultān watched us intently and felt the Sunni Musalmān lust for my ashvinātam Uncut Hindu Penetrations rise up from somewhere deep inside her.

Åādilah Sultān stuck her hand under the hem of her granny nightgown and, lifting, found her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Watching, she began to stroke herself, as her other hand found the hard nipple on a big and well-shaped Sunni Musalmān breast, and teased it.

Åādilah Sultān wondered if she might not enjoy the scene below more if she got one of her toys from the nightstand, but dismissed the idea, afraid she might miss some of the action below.

She moved the hand working her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy more quickly then, her fingers on the hard Sunni Musalmān Clit protruding from the hood of flesh that normally hid it.

She kneaded and teased her pointed Sunni Musalmān tits, pinching and pulling each nipple in turn.

Just then, Åādilah Sultān saw the spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman below arch her back and grab the Hindu gentleman’s waist, clutching it to her Sunni Musalmān Cunt, which Maimūnah Aslam was now thrusting onto my Uncut Hindu Prick.

The spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman’s whole body jerked once, twice, a third time, before she relaxed, and leaned forward, kissing the Hindu man on the top of his head.

Åādilah Sultān’s body convulsed in orgasm as well, her hands having done their work; but she wished it was her perfect Sunni Musalmān ass perched on the edge of the pool, the man’s Uncut Hindu Prick pleasing her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy instead of the black-haired spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman’s.

It was at times like this, Åādilah Sultān thought, that she missed her late husband the most.

Maimūnah Aslam had come to terms with the grief of my passing months before, but she still really missed the intimacy, she really missed the sex.

Unaware that we were being watched, I lifted a sated Maimūnah Aslam up off the edge of the pool and back into the water, where we embraced.

“Oh Durgesh, you are a very, very, talented Hindu man! You must will your Uncut Hindu Prick to science after you die!” Maimūnah Aslam meant what she suggested.

I grinned, pleased with myself.

I very much enjoyed giving head and watching a spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman enjoy orgasm, as Maimūnah Aslam so obviously did.

“But what have we here?” Maimūnah Aslam asked, as she reached down into the water and grasped my still-erect Uncut Hindu Cock. “We mustn’t let this baby get away! Com’on, Durgesh, I’m getting chilly. Let’s take your steely perfection to my bedroom, where I can give it the attention it deserves.”

Åādilah Sultān watched as two wet bodies emerged from the pool, the Hindu man obviously aroused, and disappear as we entered the building somewhere below her.

Åādilah Sultān shed bitter tears then, envious of the spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman whose place she wished so badly were her own.

“I’m sorry, Durgesh,” Maimūnah Aslam said, “There really is nothing for it. She’s my only sister, and I’m the only family she has. I have no choice. She could die, Durgesh, and I’ve got to go to her.”

“I understand, Maimūnah Aslam, I’d do exactly the same thing if I were in your place. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. These past weeks have been absolute heaven for me….”

“And for me, Durgesh. Oh, my sweet man, I’ll miss you so! I swear I’ll come back to you as soon as I can. I swear it!”

Putting Maimūnah Aslam on the plane to Makkah Mukarramah was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

I had returned to my pre-Maimūnah Aslam routine of daily workouts and poolside visits.

Then, one morning, I noticed the thin, tall older spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman with the honey blonde hair and the strikingly beautiful face who was already there when I began my 8:30 workout.

I was already into my routine when she approached me.

I looked up into a pair of bright hazel eyes, looking at me in enquiry.

“Can I help you, ma’am?” I asked.

“I hope so. You seem to know what you’re doing, and I’m not all that familiar with this equipment. Do you think you could help me? Start me off, sort of, I mean?”

“Sure. I’m Durgesh.”

“Hi, Durgesh, I’m Åādilah Sultān.”

“Hello Åādilah Sultān! What are you interested in, free weights or the exercise machines?”

“Well, I honestly don’t know….”

And our conversation went on from there, as I explained the difference to Åādilah Sultān, and I helped her set up an exercise routine.

When the conversation got around to aerobics, I pointed out the treadmills, and said she could use one of those, or the stair-stepper, but I personally preferred to swim.

Åādilah Sultān said that swimming sounded the better alternative, and asked me if I minded if she joined me in the pool afterward as well.

“It’s your pool, too, you know,” I said, laughing, “You really don’t need my permission to use it.”

She blushed, which I found very attractive.

“You know what I meant,” Åādilah Sultān said.

“Sure. I’d love for you to join me in a swim afterward.”

And so our friendship began.

Over the next few days, Åādilah Sultān learned my story, about now I was retired.

Åādilah Sultān told me how her husband of 30 years had died suddenly of a heart attack eighteen months earlier, how her married daughter had convinced her to sell the house and move to a condo, and get on with her life.

She told me how much she missed her husband, Åbbās, and I sympathized.

“Oh,” Åādilah Sultān said, “I’ve stopped grieving. He gone, and I’ve come to terms with that and let go. I really believe he’s in a better place. I’m afraid it’s me I’m feeling sorry for; I miss the company, the intimacy.”

I began to appreciate this spectacularly beautiful Sunni Musalmān woman’s beauty.

It was far more subtle than Maimūnah Aslam’s, more understated.

I liked the way she looked in a bathing suit.

Åādilah Sultān was tall and thin, with a wiry Sunni Musalmān beauty that I felt strangely appealing.

Her big, pert Sunni Musalmān breasts and her cute Sunni Musalmān butt just seemed to go with the overall picture.

When Åādilah Sultān told me she was 53, I was quite surprised: she looked younger, fresher than her age.

Åādilah Sultān was equally surprised to discover that I was 9 years her senior.

We went out on a date, to dinner.

We had a nice time, and when I embraced her at her door and kissed her goodnight, Åādilah Sultān opened her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth to my ashvinātam kiss.

I probed her extremely stunning Sunni Musalmān mouth with my tongue, tasting her greedy ravenous Sunni Musalmān tongue in return.

Åādilah Sultān felt my persisting Hindu hardness pressed against her and she rolled her famished Sunni Musalmān pelvis forward, returning my persistent Hindu pressure.

“Åādilah Sultān, I….uh….”

“Shut up, you Hindu idiot, and come inside.”

Inside her unit, Åādilah Sultān led me quickly to her bedroom.

We undressed each other in a rush, but not in such a rush that we would not stop to touch, kiss, and caress.

I took special delight in cupping her little Sunni Musalmān breasts, licking, sucking, and lightly biting her hard nipples.

Åādilah Sultān enjoyed running her hands across my broad shoulders and firm pecs, feeling the pepper and salt fleece on my chest, her fingers touching and teasing my tiny hard nipples.

After we were both completely naked, Åādilah Sultān ran her hands down my six-pack abs and down to my hard Uncut Hindu Cock, stroking it, gripping it.

For my part, I ran my hands down her back, and, cupping her Sunni Musalmān buttocks, pulled her groin hard against mine.

Åādilah Sultān groaned.

“Come to bed, Durgesh, I want to feel your Uncut Hindu Cock inside me.”

Åādilah Sultān pulled down the covers and we lay down next to each other on the bed, our hands and mouths still exploring.

Her hand seemed drawn to my stiff Uncut Hindu Cock, and she stroked it and gripped it tight.

My hand found her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy, and my fingers probed her hot wetness, her hard button of a Sunni Musalmān Clit, and I knew Åādilah Sultān was ready for me.

“Put me inside you,” I told her, as I positioned myself on top of her, her legs now spread wide for me.

Åādilah Sultān guided me to the right spot, placing the head of my Uncut Hindu Cock at the entrance of her hot Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

She rolling her hips forward, willing herself to be open for me.

I only pushed and my Uncut Hindu Cock slipped easily inside her.

Åādilah Sultān gasped in pleasure and wrapped her beautiful Sunni Musalmān legs around me, gripping my ass with her thighs and calves, pulling me deepest inside her.

Chapter 2


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فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

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46. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 7

47. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 8

48. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6

49. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

50. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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