Three sons three Ammīs

Three sons three Ammīs


I was only nineteen when Åāýéshah was born.

Her Ammījān and I studied together in a result-oriented school at Park Road, Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai.

We fucked every now and then.

In fact, I hadn’t any interest in study.

I had my interest in Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad.

I was the exptremely successful editor of ‘Film Apsarā’ at Delhi in my very 19 even.

Every one was astonished on my such a great success at my teens only.

I went Chennai for my duties and Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad.

But we were surprised when Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad became pregnant by a friend of ours, Åbdul Raħmān.

“Sorry, Durgesh!” Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad said in a shameful voice, “Åbdul Raħmān had seen us fucking. If I hadn’t allowed him, he threatened me not to marry.”

“What? Kħadījah, you never told me that you won’t marry me.”

“I think we must both come clean, Durgesh!” Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad said gravely.

“Kħadījah, what do you mean, ‘come clean’?”

Durgesh, I know ab initio you are interested in me for sex only.”

“Every boy in a girl is interested for sex, Kħadījah! what’s new there?”

“Yes, I know. But you are a Hindu boy and I’m a Musalmān girl.”

“So what?”

“We can have sex with each other, as much as we please, but we can’t marry.”


“Let’s be honest and frank.”


“I love your Uncut Hindu Penis very much in my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt. I’d love it there till I do exist, but sorry, I can’t marry you.”


“I’m a Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān girl. I can’t revolt against my community.”


“And why should I, damn it? What have I to lose? Åbdul Raħmān has already consented that I can continue to fuck you even after my nikāħ with him. I’ve nothing to lose, neither you’ve to. You can fuck me even when Åbdul Raħmān would be present there.”

I was stunned,


“He has promised me even to guide your Uncut Hindu Penis to my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt, holding it, and moreover, Åbdul Raħmān has promised to clean my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt by licking it deepest after you fuck me.”

I was dumb founded.

It was a difficult pregnancy.

Yet, nothing sinister happened.

Åāýéshah was born.

She never liked her Ammījān or Abbū.

She had seen us naked together when she was too young to understand sexual relations.

Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad and Åbdul Raħmān both were very negligent and utmost irresponsible parents.

It brought, and kept, Åāýéshah and me very close through the years.

She was my darling Saåūdī Årab Musalmān girl and I was the only man in her life.

By the time Åāýéshah reached eighteen, I noted quite a few things about her.

First she had become a very beautiful and very sexy woman.

Åāýéshah looked like her Ammījān, Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad, in all respects except in the dress of Paavaadai from Chennai Silks.

On more than one occasion, I caught Åāýéshah staring at me at my evererect Uncut Hindu Penis, under my pants and lower.

She never said anything about it, though.

Second, I noticed that she never really had any boyfriends to make her mobile phone busy, nor receiving filthy sms messages.

She always seemed to prefer hanging out with me, saying that boys of her own age weren’t mature enough.

That suited her just fine because it allowed her to be closer to me than ever before.

Her nineteenth birthday was a turning point for the both of us.

I took her out to a cozy little restaurant for dinner far away from our home to Neelangarai sea beach.

It was dark, and the atmosphere made things very romantic.

We didn’t say much, mostly just kept glancing at each other.

I knew what Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān wanted from me, but I was already 61.

I did not want a 19 years old girl for sex now.

Al Kħadījah Al Muħammad was still alive, and she suited me more.

Åbdul Raħmān kept his promise.

We enjoyed our threesome very much.

When dinner was over, we drove home in silence.

We got to the house and I gave her the pattu pavadai from Pothy’s, T.Nagar, and the special birthday cake I’d purchased for her.

After we’d each had a piece, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān thanked me and said she was going to get undressed and get ready for bed.

She went to her room and I went to mine.

I took off my clothes and put on my silk dhotī unusually.

I tried to search my lower my best, but it was not there anywhere.

I waited about another fifteen minutes and I went to her room.

Åāýéshah was sitting in front of the mirror, wearing only her Paavadai and Tha…

I walked over to her, took her hairbrush and began gently brushing her hair,

“Åāýéshah, have you seen my lower? It’s not there anywhere.”

Åāýéshah’s heart was racing a thousand miles an hour, and I could hear Åāýéshah’s rapid breathing.

“Sorry, Durgesh, I haven’t. Why don’t you ask Ammījān and Abbū?” Åāýéshah replied innocently.

“I’ve five or six lowers here, but none is there anywhere.”


I put the brush down and, as I sat down behind her, Åāýéshah began massaging my shoulders,

I let out a slight moan and told Åāýéshah that she was doing a good job.

She continued rubbing my shoulders with one hand and placed her other hand on my knee.

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā! that sent a jolt of electricity through me that went straight to my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Åāýéshah got bolder and started sliding her hands farther down my front while  she started kissing my neck too.

Åāýéshah let her hand wander inside my silk dhotī and began to massage my balls.

I could feel her excitement increase as she found my Uncut Hindu Penis hard and began playing with it.

Before I could protest at that point, Åāýéshah took my hand, and sat me down on the bed suddenly.

Åāýéshah stood before me and opened her blouse to reveal her naked Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body to me.

She bent over and kissed me on my Hindu lips.

She kissed me not as uncle and niece, but as lovers do, with her tongue wrapping around mine.

“Åāýéshah,” I fidgeted, “I’m already 61, my darling.”

“Yes, I know. But Ghazālah says you are still hardest even among Hindus.”

“Ghazālah?” I retorted, “That oversexy friend of yours who raped me, filmed entire episode and now threatens me to make it public if I don’t continue to fuck her?”

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān smiled,

“You didn’t leave her another option, darling!”

“She is crazy. I told her I’m already 61, but—“

“The more reason to fuck you for us teen Musalmān Beauties.” Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān laughed.


“Surprised?” Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān laughed again, “None is as hardest as you are at his 61. You are a miracle.”

“Åāýéshah, I say—“

“Ghazālah is a modern young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān girl of 19. She has enjoyed various Uncut Hindu Cocks even at this young age of hers.”

“Åāýéshah, I say—“

“Don’t say, listen.” Åāýéshah cut me in the middle, “Listen to me, please! We teen Musalmān Beauties are Not asking you to marry with us. We know you are already married and you are a father of five handsome Hindu sons.”

“Åāýéshah, I say—“

“Why can’t you fuck us teen Musalmān Beauties too, yaar? What’s wrong with you?”


“Ghazālah says she finds you hardest every time she makes you fuck her. Her Hindu friends are even jealous of you. She is trying to find her own ‘Åbdul Raħmān’ for her, as my Ammījān did.”

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā!”

“Why shouldn’t she? I ask you. Tell me one single rational behind your irrational adamance against us teen Musalmān Beauties.”

“Oh, may I be frank?” I asked gravely now.

“Yes, please! that’s what we all teen Musalmān Beauties want to hear from you.” Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān also said gravely.

I looked at her.

Åāýéshah brought her hand down, brought my Uncut Hindu Penis out and started to play with it again.

“You’d feel insulted.” I said at the length.


“I’m truthful to you, Åāýéshah!”

“I can’t believe you.”

“Being 61, I’ve enjoyed countless Musalmān Beauties of every age group.”

“Yes, I know it.”

“To be frank, even when I was in my teens, I loved to fuck my senior Musalmān Beauties more than those younger to me or of my similar age group.”

“So, what you’ve written in ‘Durgesh Muslimahs : The Sex Empire’ is true?”

“Absolutely true, my darling,word by word.”

“Word by word?”

“Ya, except their dramatic representation and the change of names of some persons and places. They didn’t allow me legally to expose their true identity. They allowed me to write about us only on this condition.”


“It’s true.”

“But I don’t understand why—“

“You are too young to understand these matters, Åāýéshah. So are the other teen Musalmān Beauties.”


“It’s not as easy as you teen Musalmān Beauties think.”


“Why don’t you let us decide for us, ourselves?”

“You are too young to understand these matters, Åāýéshah. So are the other teen Musalmān Beauties. I’ve already said it.”

“Bosh and nonsense!” Åāýéshah snapped.

You all have knowledge only, Not experience.”

“Yet, our constitution trust us to vote for our Government?” Åāýéshah laughed ironically.

“Well, that’s another matter.”

“No. If we teens can be trusted to vote for our Government, why can’t we be truted to decide about our sex life as well?”


“If we teens are trusted to decide the fate of our millions of country persons, why can’t we decide our own individual fate?”

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān licked slowly down my belly until she felt my pubic hair against her lips.

She placed her hands on my ass cheeks and began kissing, licking and sucking my Uncut Hindu Penis.

Åāýéshah began screaming too,

“Oh, Durgesh darling,” over and over, as she brought me to two intense orgasms into her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth, swallowing it all proudly.

Sometimes she was telling me,

“Hi, Durgesh, your Uncut Hindu Penis is taking me to Jannat-e-Firdaus, I love you Durgesh.”

After she came, she kissed me full on the lips.

She opened my robe to reveal my rock-hard Uncut Hindu Cock  fully now, sticking straight up and drooling massive amounts of pre-cum again.

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān took my Uncut Hindu Cock  in her hand as she knelt in front of me.

In one motion, she began stroking my Uncut Hindu Cock  and took it into her mouth once more.

Her rapid stroking and sucking caused me come in less than two hours.

With a massive shudder, I began to shoot load after load of hot Hindu cum into her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth once more.

Åāýéshah readily swallowed it again.

Like other Musalmān Beauties in my life, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān had also found my Uncut Hindu Penis very tasty into her Sunni Musalmān mouth, it was self evident now.

The evening didn’t end there.

Before the night was over, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān had blessed me with her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān virginity, and compelled me to fuck her in her gorgeous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass too, and introduced me to other kinkier things.

Everytime I wanted to stop her, she played her trump card,

“If we teens are trusted to decide the fate of our millions of country persons, why can’t we decide our own individual fate?”

Of course, I could answer her, but what its use was?

She had already done what she wanted to.

Moreover, it was obvious from her body language whatever my answer to her question woul be, it couldn’t stop her from doing what she wanted to.

The teens are too sentimental and too passionate to listen to their elders if what the elders tell does not suit their own pre decided goals.

After our first night was over, and before we went to sleep, however, I wanted to give Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān one surprise gift on her birthday.

I went to my dressing mirror and retrieved a thirumangalyam or thaali in Tamil that I had hidden inside, waiting for that auspicious occasion.

I walked over to Åāýéshah, still naked, knelt in front of her and tied the Mangal Sūtr in her neck.

Immensely glad beyond anticipation after my so long arguments against her wishes, Åāýéshah put her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān forehead on my Hindu feet, wept a little and said,

“ I will be your immensely faithful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān wife, Durgesh, mérī jān! Méré Hindu Piya!  as well as your lover.

Tears welled up in her eyes when she was seeing my face eagerly with lot of lust.

She felt very much that none of her parents was there to see her daughter’s marriage.

Two weeks later we flew down from Chennai to Al-Madīnah Al-Munawwarah by IC-972, where we got our marriage registered after a formal marriage ceremony at Kħātūn-e-Jannat  Kħānkāh, affiliated to Masjid-e-Nabvīs.

Our honey moon was at Al-Madīnah Al-Munawwarah.

We spent our time at Saiyadah Āmnah  Kħānkāh, Masjid-e-Nabvīs, and Makkah Mukarramah.

Åāýéshah was always lying on my lap not leaving a space in between us.

Her head was always resting on my Uncut Hindu Cock.

We’ve since moved to New Vasi in our own apartments to keep our privacy from her relatives at Mathunga and Chembur.

We hope to enjoy our life to share our great love in 61 year old Hindu husband and 19 year old Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān wife family.

That was a history, over eight years ago.

Nowadays Åāýéshah calls me in orumai as Aththan, Nee, Vaa, Po, only.

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān and I are now leading a very good married life, and we now have three handsome sons.

There’s nothing better in Indian life.

We may not return to Valasaravakkam, Chennai, but will settle in Al-Madīnah Al-Munawwarah only.

I was tired.

I had been driving for the past two days across the hot Tamil Nadu on my way to Trivandrum from Chennai to pick up my another half daughter Fātimah.

She had called home a week earlier to tell me and my 27 year old Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān wife, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān; that she was leaving her Musalmān husband and had nowhere to go.

Last year just out of high school, she had married one of her classmates at Ooty and gone off to Trivandrum because she had become pregnant by him.

But somehow the boy got into terrorist gangs like many of Musalmān boys, and Fātimah’s life became hell.

All the more so because she had a baby Saåūdī Årab Musalmān girl now to take care of.

So she opted to get out and had called her parents.

I could have gone by air to Trivandrum, but I had to bring back Fātimah’s stuff.

Since part of Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān’s business was exporting fresh vegetables, I knew many logistic people.

I rented a Toyota Qualis car, and drove to Trivandrum.

I felt sad when I entered the neighborhood where Fātimah lived.

I was relieved that she was getting out.

I was not happy when Fātimah got pregnant and then married her Musalmān boyfriend.

She was in love with me since she was only sixteen.

I always discouraged her being too old to be her husband.

I was already 61, when she was 16 only.

I told her that she is only infatuated to me.

Moreover, she was not major/adult legally then.

I did not want her to be another Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān.

I worked on her till she was 18, continuously.

I was sorry she replaced me with such an unworthy Musalmān boy.

She had wanted to keep her for myself.

But I being in constant opposition, she did not want to force me in any way.

She had taken the path I didn’t approve of, and in any case I had Åāýéshah now.

But when Fātimah’s marriage fell apart, she was secretly happy.

She thought she had another chance now to make me her own Hindu man and she was determined now not to let the chance go by.

When I saw Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān, I was glad to see that she looked as pretty as she was a year back.

In fact she looked better because now she was also an aunt, a Kħālājān of her elder sister’s three sons from me.

I hugged Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān and planted an elderly kiss on her cheek.

Fātimah started crying with happiness and relief on seeing her 69 years old dear Hindu Jījū.

We sat and talked for a while.

I had a couple of hours sleep.

Then we started packing Fātimah’s stuff.

It did not take much time because she did not have too many things to take.

We went to bed early because next morning, before dawn, Fātimah wanted to leave with me.

I said he will sleep on the couch in the living room.

But Fātimah said,

“Jījū, you are tired from two days driving and again you have two days drive ahead. Sleep comfortably in the bed. The couch is only a love seat, much too small for you.”

She herself took the couch.

I immediately fell asleep on the comfortable bed.

Couple of hours later, Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān woke up and went to the bathroom.

When she came back, Fātimah saw me lying on bed in deep sleep.

I hadn’t covered me with anything.

Apparently I was too tired to care for it.

Fātimah’s Sālī instinct was to cover me, her Jījū, whom she did love too as a woman, with a sheet.

Fātimah went to the bedroom to get a sheet.

She returned with the sheet and was about to cover me when something made Fātimah stop and take another look at my  exposed Hindu male body.

It was handsome.

A full Uncut Hindu Penis with the perfect solid knob, length, thickness and strength, was gently rising and falling with my breath.


Yā Allaaaaaaah!

Is Durgesh Jījū really 69?

I can’t believe!

What a Penis!

What an Uncut Hindu Penis!

6” in length, yet fully hardened even in his sleep.


What a lucky Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān girl Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān Bājī is.

Fātimah did not know how long she stood there enjoying the sight of my lovely Uncut Hindu Penis.

But she found herself bending slowly until her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān face was just an inch from that hard Hindu object of desire.

Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān could smell my Uncut Hindu Penis enriched with countless Musalmān Beauties’ vaginal juices mixed with my own fragrant Hindu Vīrý.

Fātimah was about to bend further and engulf the delicious Uncut Hindu Penis with her quivering Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips when I rolled over and was awake.

Fātimah had just enough time to snap back to herself before I woke up and saw Fātimah standing there holding the sheet.

” Fātimah, what happened?” I asked.

Fātimah smiled,

“I was going to cover you up. You may catch cold.”

“Nonsense, it’s all right, darling! Even at my 69 I feel young enough. Night time I don’t even cover mostly. I said and smiled myself too at Fātimah.

Fātimah was surprised but felt curiously happy and said,

” Jījū dear, you don’t have to do anything different because I am here. Take off your shirt and lower too, if you want to.”

When I took my clothes off, Fātimah was fascinated by the view she got of my Uncut Hindu Penis from under my underwear.

Fātimah smiled and said teasingly,

“Wow, Jījū, you have a very rich Hindu organ. It has still grown to the dreams of a Saåūdī Årab Musalmān girl at your 69 even.”

Fātimah smiled,

“Thanks for the complements, Fātimah. I am glad you like it.”

“Jījū,” Fātimah hesitated somewhat.

“Yes, Fātimah?”

“It is really uncomfortable here on the couch. Can I sleep on the bed with you?”

I looked at her.

Then I allowed,

“Of course baby, come on in. It is after all your bed.”

I led her to the bedroom.

When we were lying side by side, Fātimah asked,

” Jījū, do you want to me to cover myself with the sheet? I am not wearing my blouse. If that would bother you, I will cover myself. But it is hot in here.”

“Don’t worry baby. You don’t have to cover yourself.” I said and then jokingly added, “Instead, I will tie my hands up so that they don’t reach out and fondle those cute Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts of yours”.

Fātimah laughingly said,

” Jījū, you wouldn’t do that, would you, being my Jījū and all that. Anyway, let us say goodnight and catch some sleep, Jījū!”

Fātimah kissed me on the cheek and settled on the pillow.

But Fātimah could not sleep.

She could not take her mind off of my Uncut Hindu Penis, which I had shown her when I took my sleeping garments off.

The two lovely jiggling balls with one proud evererect Hindu rod, were creating a pleasant image in her mind.

Fātimah started fantasizing about holding them in her hands and softly caressing them.

She imagined the feel of the firm Uncut Hindu Penis in her palm.

Fātimah did not know how long she was in her fantasy world when she realized that she was shaking me gently.


Is she in trance?

What is she doing?

Yet she shook me until I was awake again.

When I turned on my side to face her, she said,

” Jījū, can you put your strong arms around and hold me, please? It is so long since I was in somebody’s warm embrace and I need it, Jījū.”

I looked at her.

So, she hadn’t changed even a bit?

“Yes dear,”I said, “Why not? Scoot over and let me hug you.”

Fātimah moved over.

I put my arms around her and held her close to me.

Fātimah could feel my firm, everstanding Uncut Hindu Penis pressing between her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān thighs.

It sent a shiver through her.

I put my hand around her, a deep sigh escaped from her and I slowly drifted into sleep.

My Uncut Hindu Penis’ nice smell and warmth kept Fātimah awake.

She wondered whether I would let her fondle my Uncut Hindu Penis and balls.

Fātimah wanted to hold them and caress them so much.

She did not know that soon she would be doing lot more than that, because after a while, she felt wetness between her thighs.

Fātimah realized that it was her own wetness.

Her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt was being wet feeling the pressure of my Uncut Hindu Penis on it.

Fātimah was wondering whether to wake me up when she heard the baby cry.

Fātimah woke up me and said,

“It is feeding time for the baby, Jījū. Let me go and feed her.”

I said,

“Oh that is why your Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts started leaking. Look, my sandow got wet with your milk.”

Fātimah said,

“Sorry about that, Jījū. I can’t help it.”

She went to the living room to feed the baby.

When she came back and got into bed, she said,

“Jījū, I still have milk in my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts. Your sandow is going to wet again.”

“It is Ok baby.” I said, “ I will take my sandow off. I can also take care of that problem by finishing off your milk.”

Fātimah smiled,

“You can that Jījū? That would give me relief too. Here, start with my left Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast. There is more milk in there than my right.”

Fātimah held up her left Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts with her hand.

I covered her young Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast with my palm and gently pressed her nipple with my fingertip and thumb.

Fātimah’s sweet milk began flowing into my palm.

After a while, I heard Fātimah say softly,

” Jījū, do my right Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast now.”

I switched to her right Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast.

Then I heard her moaning and her chest started heaving fast.

I asked,

“Are you all right, Fātimah?”

Fātimah said,

“Yes Jījū. It is so nice having your palm on my Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts. Keep squeezing even after you finish the milk.”

Fātimah took my hand and placed it on her left Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast.

I started gently caressing her soft and warm Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast while continuing to squeeze her right Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast with my other hand.

Fātimah was softly moaning excited by my fondling and squeezing.

Fātimah and I slowly drifted into sleep soothed by pleasant feelings followed by various fucking sessions.

Now Fātimah had her loving Hindu Jījū’s Hindu cum both in her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān belly and her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān womb.

She looked longingly at me and said,

” Jījū, I love you so much.”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

I hugged naked Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān close to me and stroked her blond hair lovingly.

Next morning, we got up early and started our onward journey home.

Fātimah and I got up a little late next day, after our first full night of love making.

During our drive towards home, we discussed how to continue our Jījū Sālī love affair when we are back in home.

Fātimah wanted to sleep with me in my bed every night.

I told her she will have to be a little patient because I had to make some alternate arrangement for Åāýéshah.

Thus, while the couple was happy about our union, the future caused us some concern.

When we reached home, my wife Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān was extremely happy to see her younger sister Fātimah and nephew.

She had cleaned up Fātimah’s room and put in a crib and stocked it up with plenty of toys for the baby. She Coocked a nice dinner for Fātimah and me.

But next day her mood was a little different.

I could not understand what was bothering her.

She will be going for shopping in the evenings.

Fātimah felt secretly happy.

That would give us some time to make love.

Past few days had been difficult for Fātimah.

She could manage only a couple of love sessions with me, even though we kissed whenever Åāýéshah was not watching and Fātimah got me to squeeze her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts at least thrice a day.

But for a Jījū Sālī couple who had just consummated their love, these things were not enough to satisfy our lust for each other.

Finally, I decided to ask Åāýéshah what is going on.

That night, when we were alone, I asked her.

Åāýéshah got up, went to the dresser and brought something in her hand,

“Durgesh, tell me about this.” she asked, showing me the thing in her hand.

I was grave now.

It was Fātimah’s panty.

Åāýéshah said,

“I found this in your jacket pocket the day after you returned. It was still wet when I found it. I know this is Fātimah’s. Did you make out with Fātimah on your way back?”

I remembered.

When we were vacating the house, to make sure we did not leave anything back, finding Fātimah’s panty lying under the bed, picking it up and stuffing it in my pocket.

We had made love just before leaving.

I told Åāýéshah everything.

There was no point in holding anything back.

And anyway, I wanted to settle this thing so that Fātimah and I can be together as soon as we can.

Fātimah needed me.

Åāýéshah asked me,

“Durgesh, are you and Fātimah in love?”

I said gravely,

“ Yes. Fātimah loved me ab initio. She had to leave her terrorist Musalmān husband. I had to accept her, not to put her to more unsafe risks.”

Åāýéshah then mustered all her courage and told me,

“Durgesh, I have also to tell you something. Kħadījah Åbdullah and I are in love.”

I felt like a thunderbolt hit me.

Lesbian love?

Kħadījah Åbdullah was my Māmūzād cousin Sister’s daughter living as our next door neighbor.

She was a twenty-year-old nice looking Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman who had bought that house and moved in a year back.

She had a decent job, dressed well, had a nice car given by her Musalmān husband, Åbdullah.

Yet, Åbdullah  was a brother of Åāýéshah’s Abbū, Åbdul Raħmān.

I had known that Kħadījah Åbdullah had a violent marital relation when she was young.

She got no support from her parents and consequently had to stay in an abused working women’s hostel at Adyar for a year.

Kħadījah Åbdullah had to undergo counseling before returning to normal life.

Because of her past experiences, she was exposed to Musalmān Saåūdī Årab Musalmān girls .

But Kħadījah Åbdullah and Åāýéshah had grown to be quite good friends and did a lot of things together.

I was not surprised that Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān and Kħadījah Åbdullah, had become lovers.

Åāýéshah asked me,

“Durgesh darling, are you going to hate me because I am in love with another woman?”

I replied gravely,

“No, Åāýéshah. In my opinion a woman’s body is of her own basically, as a man’s body is his own.”

Durgesh darling!”

“So a woman enjoying another woman’s body is not to be decided by anybody else. It is their mutual privilege.”

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān kissed me impulsively,

“I am glad that you accept these things so nicely, Durgesh. Now go to Fātimah. She needs you. I am glad that we are helping her out unlike many widows’ relations in human Society.”

I felt immensely happy.

Everything turned out to be alright.

I kissed my wife, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān; and walked over to Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān’s bedroom.

Fātimah was brushing her hair, getting ready to go to bed.

Her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts were aching.

There had been no opportunity for me that day to squeeze her Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breasts.

I closed the bedroom door, hugged her from behind and showered kisses on her neck and hair.

Fātimah was surprised.

Durgesh, is Bājī  not home?” she asked.

I smiled,

“She is. She sent me here.”

I told Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān everything.

Fātimah was deliriously happy,

“Does this mean our union is permanent, Jījū?”

“Yes, sweetheart, my dear Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Sālī!” I replied and carried Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān to the bed.

Fātimah and I made love long whole night.

Next morning, when Fātimah and I walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Åāýéshah greeted us normally.

She greeted us as though it was perfectly normal for a Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Sālī to spend the night with her Hindu Jījū and come for breakfast holding his hand, to be served by her Bājī.

During breakfast, the three of us chatted about the weather and politics.

At the end, I said,

“We better order a larger bed for our bedroom from Jaya Bharatham, Royapettah, since I will be sleeping with both of you.”

Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān said,

“ There is no need for that, Durgesh, Fātimah can move into the master bedroom and you two can sleep there. I will move out to Fātimah’s room as I shall be mostly with Kħadījah Åbdullah. I need her tounge after your Uncut Hindu Penis, my lord.”

Fātimah blushed deeply at these words of her Bājī.

She had never imagined one day she will replace her Bājī  on my bed.

Fātimah swiftly moved her things into the master bedroom.

A few days later, on an auspicious day, Åāýéshah Åbdul Raħmān made her younger sister wear her Bājī’s bridal dress, Kancheepuram’s Silk sarees.

I wore a suit which I had worn at the time of my marriage with Åāýéshah.

Fātimah Åbdul Raħmān and I exchanged Malligai Garlands.

I tied a Mangalsūtr on her beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān neck and put sindūr on her fore head.

Fātimah put her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān forehead on my feet and I blessed her to life as Theerga Sumangali.

Fātimah said that she would be my wife till her death.

We felt it was our real marriage day.

Fātimah came with a glass of milk and offered me with a smile.

After two months of marital bliss with me, Fātimah told me one day,

Durgesh, I am pregnant.”

During Fātimah’s confinement following labor pain, I woke up Åāýéshah.

Åāýéshah and Fātimah were in the hospital, when young Kħadījah Åbdullah Coocked food to be carried to Hospital.

Fātimah had a difficult caesarian.

By the time Fātimah returned home with Åāýéshah, young Kħadījah Åbdullah was blushing.

Åāýéshah wondered, what?

Next morning she came and kissed me when I was squeezing Fātimah’s left Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast full of milk and smiled mysteriously.

Fātimah also wondered what?

Kħadījah Åbdullah is pregnant.

Åāýéshah demanded, I want to be pregnant as soon as you can.

She dragged me to now Fātimah’s bedroom.

Fātimah ran in as well to get her right Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Breast squeezed while I was busy impregnating Åāýéshah.

Within course of next twelve months I had three more sons from three extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān women.


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