The Everbest Wives: 38

The Everbest Wives


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Chapter 38

Durgesh Al Kāynāt Al Islam

I was a Greek god as if now.
I was not six feet tall, medium height only.
Yet, I wasn’t a nobody.
Not only my women, almost everyone too, kept an eye on me what I wanted actually.
I wasn’t a President or Prime Minister of any nation either.
Yet, I always tried to manage my children get everything they actually needed.
I took one look into Al Kāynāt Al Islam’s beautiful green Musalmān eyes and I gave her whatever she wanted, a new phone, a new computer, a new car, money to go shopping with her friends.
It doesn’t matter.
It’s the curse of a motherless child.
No, her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, hadn’t died.
She had returned however to her original Musalmān husband, Ålī Abū Tālib.
So many of them did the same.
I especially helped their little girl, Al Kāynāt Al Islam.

Her beautiful smile always made it worthwhile.
Everything was going fine, until Al Kāynāt Al Islam asked me for something I could never give her, my Uncut Hindu Lund.*

It all started one Sunday evening over dinner.
Al Kāynāt Al Islam had been supervising cooking since her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, left us.
Al Kāynāt Al Islam hated her parents for what they had done.
You did it for one million dollars only, Ammījān? You leased yourself to Durgesh only for one million dollars?”
Assalāt Muħammad Waħīd laughed.
She watched her Ammī, Najmah Fahīm Ansārī.
“They all do it, Al Kāynāt Al Islam. They are still maintaining the ever old Årab tradition to sell their beautiful Årab women to Hindus.”
Najmah Fahīm Ansārī looked at her daughter, Assalāt Muħammad Waħīd, contemptuously.
“We love Islam more than everything. There’s nothing we can’t sacrifice for Islam. It’s a virtue to get as much money from Kufr as we can, to break their exclusive financial power.”
“Durgesh is multi zillionaire. He is the ever richest man now. One million is nothing for him. You can’t break his financial power through such stupid activities.” Assalāt Muħammad Waħīd said scornfully.*

Al Kāynāt Al Islam supervised everything around the house.
That’s just how we made it.
I was never exhausted.
Nevertheless, it was the usual bullshit at work.
I hated working on the weekends and Sunday was the worst.
I think Al Kāynāt Al Islam could tell because she offered to give me a shoulder massage.
“Durgesh?” Al Kāynāt Al Islam said. “Do you want me to rub your shoulders?”
“I am okay, cupcake.”
“Okay,” she said in her sweet little voice.

She sounded just like her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah.
Al Kāynāt Al Islam looked just like her too.
Gorgeous, long red hair, beautiful c-cup breasts, perky, I tried not to notice, and 5’5″.
She liked to show off her legs.
She was always in shorts and barefoot.
Her toenails were painted orange today.
They matched her fingernails.
The tank top she wore was too small for her, her naval bare.
That’s just how kids dressed these days.
“I have a favor to ask you,” she said.
Here it comes.
It’s always money.
She’s earned it though.
She took care of me, and I like to take care of her.
“Sure, baby. How much cash do you need?”
She shook her head, her hair fanning over her shoulders, her lower lip between her teeth; those lips, her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah’s lips, pink and full.
She looked like her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah,
I never felt guilty ogling her.
I knew I saw her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, in her.
However, her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, was also available to me even now.
Despite her ostensible loyalty to her husband, Ålī Abū Tālib, her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, still wanted me inside her between her still beautiful Musalmān legs.
Ålī Abū Tālib smiled at her wickedly.
“You still want to fuck Durgesh, the ever communal ever stupid Anant Muslimātchod Hindu? He thinks only Musalmān houseladies have perfect cunt for his ever communal Uncut Hindu Lund.”
“Ålī Abū Tālib,” Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah winked at him, “One million isn’t a great amount Durgesh can spare on your still extremely beautiful Musalmān wife.”
Ålī Abū Tālib smiled wickedly himself.
“Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, you are really marvelous even now. I can’t blame Durgesh. I have seen myself how madly Durgesh fucks you.”
“He is crazy for me.” Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah raised her head proudly, “In fact Durgesh is always crazy to fuck us entire beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān houseladies. We are lucky.”
Ålī Abū Tālib laughed.
“I agree with you. But never forget, you would allow Durgesh to fuck yourself only, not to fuck your Īmān too ever.”
Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah smiled cunningly.
“Don’t worry. We Musalmān houseladies too know our limits. We ourselves fuck Durgesh actually, Durgesh never fucks us. He only thinks that it’s he who fucks us. Islam is paramount. We know. None of us is as stupid as to go to Jahannum letting a Kāfir fuck us. We fuck Durgesh I repeat, never viceversa.”
Al Kāynāt Al Islam was smiling.
“What is it then, if not money?” I said.
“I need you to do something for me, something kind of big. Something more precious. Remember I am not an ordinary girl. Even the Harvard University has recognized my extraordinary prudence by awarding me PhD on Ashvinātam relationships at my eighteen only.”
“That’s right.” I smiled proudly, “I am listening.”
“I want you to watch a few videos.”
“Videos? Sure. I’ll watch a movie with you.”
“No, not a movie. Moreover, the videos are themselves not the favor. I need you to watch the videos so I can ask you the favor.”
Al Kāynāt Al Islam took out her iPhone, pressing a few things on the screen.
“It’s a video of my friend Al Farħānah Al Shoeb.”

I remembered Al Farħānah Al Shoeb, of course.
She practically grew up in my house with Al Kāynāt Al Islam.
She hadn’t been coming around as much lately though.
Usually, she and Al Kāynāt Al Islam were always going out to the mall or some other place.
“In the video, she did something kind of shocking, and, well, just watch, okay? There’s two more videos after it, one with my friend Al Zakāt Al Nadīm, and another with Al Saåādah Al Åbbās. Just keep watching.”

I was confused at this point, but I said,
Al Kāynāt Al Islam handed me the phone.
Meanwhile, she took the plates into the kitchen.
I heard the sink turn on as I pressed play on the phone.
“My name is Al Farħānah Al Shoeb,” Al Farħānah Al Shoeb said on the video, “and this is how you suck Uncut Hindu Lund.”

My eyes were huge as the video zoomed out, revealing Al Farħānah Al Shoeb naked, her eighteen-year-old Musalmān tits on full display, a pair of panties blocking her Panjvaqtah Namāzī, young, extremely attractive, extremely lovely, ardent Musalmān Choot.
And then she reached for my blue jeans, unzipping them, pulling out my ever young, rock-hard Uncut Hindu Lund.
It was nothing impressive at first, five and a half inches, but Al Farħānah Al Shoeb opened her Panjvaqtah Namāzī, young, extremely attractive, extremely lovely, ardent Musalmān mouth and swallowed it whole.
“What the hell?”

I glanced over my shoulder, looking for Al Kāynāt Al Islam.
I could still hear the faucet.
I turned back to the video.
Al Farħānah Al Shoeb was giving me her all now, deepthroating my Uncut Hindu Lund, her black hair flying back and forth as her Panjvaqtah Namāzī, young, extremely attractive, extremely lovely, red crimson ardent Musalmān lips slid over my Uncut Hindu rod.

I was moaning, my one hand grabbing Al Farħānah Al Shoeb’s Musalmān head, pulling her to my Hindu shaft.

I could not believe it.
I didn’t know anything of it.
Certainly, they had drugged me for it.
Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā!
What the hell this new generation is doing?

Yet, why was Al Kāynāt Al Islam making me watch her friend suck my Uncut Hindu Lund?
I couldn’t decide immediately what to do.
Should I press stop, go say something?
I just stared at the screen, my Uncut Hindu Lund getting hard in my jeans as Al Farħānah Al Shoeb gagged, pausing to catch her breath.

“You okay, babe?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Al Farħānah Al Shoeb responded.

She grabbed my shaft, stroking it back and forth as she went down for more.
I could not last.
The video was only four minutes, and I was ready to blow.
I exploded in Al Farħānah Al Shoeb’s mouth.
My Hindu cum ran over her chin, dripping on her perky Musalmān tits.
She grinned at me.
“That’s how you suck the ever greatest unique legendary Uncut Hindu Lund of Durgesh, the sixty five years old Anant Muslimātchod Hindu!”

The video ended, only to start a new one in the playlist.
Another of her friends, Al Zakāt Al Nadīm, was next, who I had seen plenty of times in a bikini next to my pool.
She was topless now.
She unzipped a pair of cargo pants and pulled out my Uncut Hindu Lund.
“I am Al Zakāt Al Nadīm, and this is how I suck the unique legendary Uncut Hindu Lund of Durgesh, the sixty five years old Anant Muslimātchod Hindu.”

Here we go again!
Al Zakāt Al Nadīm was not as experienced as Al Farħānah Al Shoeb, but when my six-inch prick appeared, she began licking away at it.
She was timid, but I did not seem to mind.
I wanted more, shoving myself into her Panjvaqtah Namāzī, young, extremely attractive, extremely lovely, ardent Musalmān mouth.
This video was only three minutes.
I blew my Hindu load all into her Musalmān mouth.

It wasn’t over yet.
The next video started.
Al Saåīdah Al Åbbās was up, who I remembered playing on the jungle jim with Al Kāynāt Al Islam.
“I am Al Saåīdah Al Åbbās, and I’ll show you how to suck Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund.”
“The hell,” I said out loud.

Al Saåīdah Al Åbbās dove on my Uncut Hindu Lund, her blond locked bobbing on my seven inches.

I couldn’t take anymore.
I turned off the phone and set it aside.
I must have been in the Twilight Zone.
Kids don’t know what that is, but it’s a show where nothing made sense!
I grew up with things making sense.
Now Al Kāynāt Al Islam, the little girl, just showed me a porno, a porno starring her teenager friends with me, doing what I never allowed them consciously.
I felt like grounding her, but I’d never grounded her before.

There was the first time for everything.

I climbed up, stomping into the kitchen.
“Al Kāynāt Al Islam, what the hell is that?”

She turned off the faucet and turned around.
Water was splashed on her little tank top, her skin visible underneath.
“I guess you watched it all.”
“Why did you show me that? I can’t even decide what to say to you.”
“I need to talk to you about it.”
“Talk to me? Youuuuuuuuu?I have half a mind to ground you, you know? I am as if your father. You don’t show me that sort of thing. You may be eighteen, young lady, but you’re still Al Kāynāt Al Islam, and while you live here, you shouldn’t be watching porn movies. Or at least not giving them to me to watch.”
“Durgesh, it wasn’t porn,” she said with a frown.
“What the hell do you call it?”
“A dare.”
“A what?”

She left the kitchen.
I had to follow.
She took up a seat on the living room couch.
“Okay, remember when I got my first period?”

I was still standing.
I couldn’t sit.
“What did that have to do with anything?”
“Remember, I was crying, and I told you I was bleeding, and you explained to me that girls get periods, and you took me to the store and bought me pads and told me I’d be okay in a few days. And you said if I ever needed to talk to you about anything, I could. And then when I had my first kiss, I told you all about it too.”
“What’s your point?”
“I am going to tell you some things now, things I’ve been doing.”
“Al Kāynāt Al Islam, I don’t want to hear about your sex life. You’re eighteen. What you do outside this house is your business.”
“But you said I could tell you anything.”
I sat down.
This was getting out of control.
“Yes, but I didn’t expect you to hand me a sex tape one day.”
“Just listen, please. See, my friends made a dare. They were all gloating, say they could suck your Uncut Hindu Lund better than one another, and to prove it, they made videos. And, well, I made the dare too.”
“That’s what this is about? Why would you want to show me that?”
“I am getting to it. See, I’ve been lying to my friends. They all think I was dating a college guy. I told them I was dating someone because, well, because I was sort of scared of sex.”
“I am a virgin.”
I wasn’t surprised.
Yet I asked patiently.
“You’re a virgin? But you’ve been on so many dates.”
“Have you seen me on any dates in the last six months?”
“I just assumed when you were going out that’s where you were going.”
“Well, you assumed wrong. Anyway, I didn’t want them to know I was a virgin, so I just told them I was with a college guy and I had sex all the time.”
“Why did you lie?”
“Durgesh, it’s the last year of their high school. They don’t have the extraordinary prudence I have to get PhD in their teens. Yet they are still my friends. Aren’t they? You can’t tell your friends you’re a virgin. They’ll just make an extraordinary fun of you. These are not the backward days you remember of your own teens. We have advanced now too much. There’s a widest Generation Gap. Try to understand, please!”
“What does this have to do with me?”
“As I was saying, they were all bragging they were good at sucking your Uncut Hindu Lund. So I said I was the best.”
“Eīshān!” I murmured.
“What was I supposed to say, admit I’ve never touched one?”
I rubbed my forehead.
“I am not sure where you’re going with this, Al Kāynāt Al Islam.”
“All the three of my friends have made their tapes. It’s my turn now. It’s Sunday. School is tomorrow. I have until then to make my video.”
“You’re going to make a sex tape? Are you serious?”
“I have to. It’s my turn to do the dare.”
“Al Kāynāt Al Islam, just tell your friends the truth.”
“I can’t. If I did that, I’d be a joke. They’d tell everyone in the whole school, and I’d be the biggest loser ever.”
“Who cares what those kids think? You’re not going to college next year, as they are.”
“Community college. I’m their instructor now. I’m a PhD. A lot of them will be there. I’ll be the virgin loser.”
“So, what are you going to do? Go find some guy tonight you don’t even know and ask him if you can, can…” I couldn’t even say it. “I raised you better than that. It’s one thing if you’re dating someone, but not like this.”
“Well, I was not dating a boy, so I have to find someone else to help me. That’s why I showed you the videos.”
I was not getting it. Looking back, I was surprised I didn’t put it together sooner.
Nevertheless, what ‘father’ would?
Well, I thought I was her father as if.
I had that right at least.
Hadn’t I?
One more Platonic Relationship backfiring?
I sighed.
Have I to fuck every woman that comes into my contact ever?
Am I not infamous enough for it already?
“What are you talking about?” I asked controlling myself ultimately.

She held her breath before she spoke.
“I told you I needed a favor. I was wondering if…if you’d pretend to be my boyfriend on camera, and if you’d let me suck your Uncut Hindu Lund.”
I jumped out of my seat.
I swear I hung in the air for a good ten seconds.
“What the hell? I am your father!”
Al Kāynāt Al Islam’s head was done. “I know. I was so embarrassed even asking. Nevertheless, I don’t have anyone else I can ask. Can I suck your Uncut Hindu Lund, please?”
“I, I, I don’t even know what to say to you. Of course, you can’t! Are you crazy? Eīshān! Al Kāynāt Al Islam, I can’t even believe you’d ask me. This is insane.”
“Durgesh, please,” she said, standing up, putting her hands on my shoulders.
I didn’t even want to be touched by her. “Please,” she repeated. “I need your help. I am just asking you to let me do it this once, just on camera.”
“Al Kāynāt Al Islam, do you realize what you are asking? My thing would be in your mouth.”
“It’s only a blow job, and just until you cum.”
“Don’t use that word,” I said. “I can’t even believe I am having this conversation. I am in the hell Twilight Zone!”
“The what zone? See, I told you, kids don’t know what that meant.
“Al Kāynāt Al Islam, I can’t do that. I shouldn’t even be talking to you about this.”
“I know how it sounds,” she said sadly, her Panjvaqtah Namāzī, young, extremely attractive, extremely lovely, red crimson ardent Musalmān lips pouting. “But if I don’t do it, I am going to be a joke at school. Please, just let me suck your Uncut Hindu Lund for a few minutes, just enough to show them I did it.”
“The answer is absolutely not. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I am so disappointed in you.”

I hate seeing Al Kāynāt Al Islam cry.
I saw it when her Ammi, Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah, left us, and I swore it was going to be the last time.
But when those tears streamed down her face, it felt like she had punched me in the gut.
She ran off, her red hair chading her.
Her door slammed in the distance.
I sank down into the chair, milling over what Al Kāynāt Al Islam had said.

I tell you what though, when your daughter asks you to suck your Uncut Hindu Lund, it gets you thinking, thinking about what it would feel like.
I tried not to imagine it, seeing those pink Musalmān lips of hers wrapped around my Hindu shaft, listening to her gagging throat.
It was making me hard though.
I folded my legs as I sat there, crushing my Uncut Hindu Lund between my thighs, punishing it for getting hard thinking about Al Kāynāt Al Islam, thinking about grabbing that beautiful red hair of hers and pulling her down on my Hindu shaft.

And, Eīshān! She was a virgin.
And she’d never even sucked an Uncut Hindu Lund before.
There’s no doubt an experienced Uncut Hindu Lund sucker is the best, but a newbie Uncut Hindu Lundsucker is unforgettable.
I’d broken-in a few in my high school days.
Al Zohrah Al Zākiyah though, she’d been a slut to me actually. She could suck my Uncut Hindu Lund like a champ.
That’s why she Lived In Relationship with me.
Ålī Abū Tālib never allowed her to do it with him.
Ålī Abū Tālib claimed it was against Islam.
Only some Hindu could allow her with him.

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