The Everbest Wives: 34

The Everbest Wives


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Chapter 34

Durgesh Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an

I noticed Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an immediately, walking up Market Street towards me.
Dressed in a knee-length flowery cotton skirt and an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse, under which her obviously bra-less excellent Musalmān breasts swung freely, with shoulder-length fair hair, and carrying two bulky shopping bags.

“Those look heavy,” I said. “Can I give you a hand?”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an smiled at me gratefully.
“Thanks — that would be nice! It’s too hot to hump things around!”

Our fingers touched as I took the bags from her — as she leaned towards me slightly I got an even better look at her heavy excellent Musalmān breasts, and I felt my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund stir.

“You’re right — it is hot.” I nodded towards a pub on the corner: “If you’re not in a hurry, how about a drink to cool off?”

“Umm — just what I need — a nice cold lager!”

It was quite early, and the pub wasn’t crowded.
I bought the drinks while she found a small table in a corner.
We dumped her bags and sat down.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an smiled at me, toasted me over the rim of her glass, and then took a long swallow.

“Looks as though you’ve been busy shopping.”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an shrugged her bare shoulders. “I wanted to get out of the house and — take my mind off.”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sighed. “It’s not always easy, re-marrying a much older man. He — well, let’s just say he can’t always do his duty. It’s getting worse lately — I try hard, but it doesn’t seem to do any good. Last night, I — I wanted it desperately, but it was no use. I worked on him with my hands, my mouth; everything … the only thing that gets him going is telling him about the men who’ve had me.”

She took another swallow of lager, and when she put her glass down our fingers touched again, but she didn’t remove her hand.

“One benefit is that I — get to do it ultimately, but not always when I need it, like last night.” Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an shuddered. “I played with myself, but it’s not the same …”
“I told you when you married your Hindu father, not to surrender to the incestuous marriage. After Anashvinā, it’s incest that destroys the manhood and sexual potency too fast to resist even.”
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sighed.
“I never believed it. I think the Everbest Wives Creations are right in their basic historical research that except you Hindus no other human society initially opposed incest. Incest provides Everbest husbands to womankind and Everbest Wives to the mankind.”
I smiled patiently.
“Then why are you complaining about your father husband?”
“I had to marry him, Durgesh. Why the hell don’t you understand?”
“Because his original wife, his Musalmān sister, divorced him? You forget that the reason she gave to the divorce court was his sexual incompetence optimum, wasn’t it?”
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sighed.
There wasn’t any use of arguing with Durgesh, the Anant Muslimātchod Hindu.
Durgesh hated incest absolutely.
He and the other Vedic Hindus still preach against incest.
The Everbest Wives Creations are absolutely incestuous creations and Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an is the personal secretary to the President of the Everbest Wives Creations.
From her earliest childhood, Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an remembered, she had been raised by entirely incestuous parents of Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah origin.
They believed in the virtues of incest as Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah was the deliberate democratic choice of Everbest Wives Creations.
The Everbest Wives Creations needed support of Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan for its own survival.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan was Living in Relationship with her own Hindu stepfather, Durgesh, who was already Living in Relationship with Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s extremely beautiful Ammī, Al Nafīsah Al Salmān.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan supported the Everbest Wives Creations but she insisted on Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah necessarily in Everbest Wives Creations to enjoy Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s support and security.
Everbest Wives Creations surrendered to Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Ashvinātam Ummat-e-Muslimah proposal for its own survival.
Durgesh could not convince his own Practical Chief Wife, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, not to be the guardian of Everbest Wives Creations.
Yet, he wants Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an to oppose incest.
Durgesh must understand Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an could not oppose the very basic policy of Everbest Wives Creations.
How the hell could she?*

I studied Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an’s body, especially her full excellent Musalmān breasts.
I could see her nipples prodding against the thin cotton of her blouse, and again my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund stirred involuntarily.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an must have seen me staring.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an eased the blouse down another couple of inches, baring more of her excellent Musalmān breasts and the deep valley between them.
Evidently, Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was seducing me.
Wasn’t she?
My Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund stood up proudly.
Well, I was never ashamed of it.
Why the hell should I?
I know, the overethicals always criticize and even condemn me for it.
I think actually they are jealous of me.
However, isn’t their jealousy to me ever irrational?
What I was getting even they can get, if they really wanted it to have ever.
The women like Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an only want to satisfy their ever-natural sexual needs.
They come to the men like me, only to get satisfied sexually, for nothing else.
Naturally, they would go to the man who can give them what they needed to the extent to cross even marital boundaries.
To preach them that it isn’t ethical would never solve their problem.
It’s quite natural for them to hate such stupid preachers.
What these stupid preachers think of them?
They don’t know it is unethical?
They know it’s unethical.
Nevertheless, their physical need is always greater when they decide to cross their marital boundaries.
You may hate them as much as you please.
But you can never stop them from doing it.
It’s their natural physical need.
No preaching is its alternate for them ever.
No preaching can change the natural human requirements ever.

I looked up.
Our eyes met, and I let my fingers stroke hers lightly.
“I know what you mean about being frustrated. I just have a difference of opinion about incest with my girlfriend. She got angry and marched out of my bedroom leaving me there quite unsatisfied sexually. Once herself satisfied, she damn cared about my own satisfaction too.”

Her eyes widened in surprise.
“Why? What was wrong?”
I shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know. She was so — immature, I suppose. Very giggly, self-conscious, almost prudish. I prefer older women, more experienced, who know what they are doing, and what they want.”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an swung her legs sideways from under the table, and crossed them.
I glanced down, and dropped my hand to her thigh — Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an stared at me for a moment, and tugged her skirt up several inches, so that my palm rested on her bare extremely beautiful Musalmān leg.

“I too prefer older experienced man — who want to do things to me …”

At that moment, her phone trilled.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an rummaged in her bag, giving me another view of her lovely rich Musalmān cleavage, and held the phone to her ear, staring into my eyes.

“Hello? Yes, dear. Yes … I’ve finished shopping, but I don’t know when I’ll be home. Why? I’m with — a man, that’s why … we just met in Market Street, and we are in that pub on the corner of Fātimah Street, the Rose and Crown …”

Our eyes were still locked, and Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.

She laughed.
“I don’t know. I’ll ask him!”

She held the phone aside.
“He wants to know if you’re going to fuck me! Are you?”

I looked at her quizzically.
“What do you think?”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an spoke into the phone again.
“He asked me what I think. I think he will! What? Oh, quite good-looking … he’s got his hand on my leg, under my skirt, and he keeps looking at my tits …”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sighed. “Yes, of course I’ll tell you. Yes, everything. No, I won’t forget anything — do you want me to take bloody notes or something? Yes, OK. “Bye.”

“Well, that’s got him interested. This evening might be better!”

I gestured to her glass.
“Do you want another drink, or shall we get going?”

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an smiled.
“I’m getting going already!”

I picked up her bags.
“My car’s just round the corner,” I said, and watched her excellent gorgeous Musalmān bottom swaying as I followed her out of the pub.

I held the car door open for her, getting a glimpse of an extensive expanse of bare smooth Musalmān thigh, and put her bags on the back seat.
I opened my door and climbed into the car beside her.
She turned towards me.

“I won’t mind being kissed,” she breathed.

I slipped my arm round her bare shoulders and kissed her.
Her lips were soft and warm.
I tasted her lipstick.
My free hand found her full excellent Musalmān breast.
It was firm but yielding.
I fondled it gently, rubbing my thumb over her stiffening nipple, not caring if anyone walking by looked in the car window and saw us.

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an wriggled her legs, rubbing them together as Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an returned my kiss eagerly.
We kissed like that for a minute or two, and then we broke apart.

“That’ll do for a while. Now, please let’s get going — I need it badly — I want to get my clothes off, and be naked …”

I started the car, and glanced down to see her put her hand up under her skirt and finger herself, baring her thighs in the process.
I forced myself to concentrate on my driving — it wasn’t easy, with an attractive Musalmān woman masturbating beside me, her bare shoulders, now well out of her blouse, gleaming in the sunshine, her legs parted, with her skirt practically up around her waist …

Eventually we arrived safely.
as I turned off the ignition she threw herself at me again and kissed me wildly, gripping my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund through my trousers.
I retaliated by putting my hand between her still widespread squirming legs.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an moaned in my mouth, gripping me harder, as I discovered her soaking wet panties.

Somehow, we got out of the car.
I picked up her bags and walked up the path with her, while she hung on to me, trying to twist in front of me to kiss me.
Her blouse was off by the time I got the key in the lock — I looked down at her lush bare excellent Musalmān breasts, and rubbed the palm of my hand over them roughly — Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an moaned again, and Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was unfastening her skirt as we went inside.

I closed the door behind us and put her bags down in the hall.
when I turned back her skirt and panties were off as well, and Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an stood looking at me wearing nothing but her high-heeled sandals.

She practically hurled herself against me, grinding her excellent ardent Musalmān body against me, trying to wrap one leg round my hips as she kissed me hungrily.
I ran my hand along her thigh, gripping her soft bottom and pulling her tighter against my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund.
then I pushed her back against the wall, her leg still wrapped round me.

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an started to hump herself against my thigh, raising and lowering herself as I crumpled her breast roughly.
We kissed wetly, our tongues entwining.
I smoothed my hand along her leg from her bottom to her foot, fondling it and playing with her toes before sliding my hand slowly back up, to push it between our bodies to stroke the wet, swollen lips of her ravenous ardent Musalmān vulva.

I was tempted to take my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund out and fuck her right there, jammed against the wall, but instead, I kissed her lightly and broke away.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I grunted hoarsely, as she leaned back against the wall, her arms widespread, and her excellent Musalmān breasts rising and falling as she gasped for breath.
I reached for her hand and pulled her away from the wall.
I thought Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was going to fall — her body jerked limply towards me, her eyes seemingly unfocussed, and I let her kiss me again.

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an seemed to gather herself and took a deep breath.
She briefly bent to scrabble in her bag for her phone.
I put my arm round her excellent athletic naked Musalmān body and guided her to the staircase as we began kissing again.
We got up the stairs a step at a time, kissing and fondling each other.

We sucked at each other’s mouths, wetly, and I saw saliva trickling down her chin — hers or mine I didn’t know, or care …

Somehow we got into my bedroom, and it was her turn to push me against the wall as we struggled to get my shirt off, still kissing.
I broke off from undoing buttons to fondle her excellent Musalmān breasts, and then Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an started fumbling with my belt.
Together, we pushed my trousers and underpants down over my thighs.
I kicked off my shoes as Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sank to her knees, easing my clothes down further until I could step out of them, and she pulled off my socks.

Then she kissed my rigid Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund, rubbing her face against it and fondling my balls.

“You’re so handsome,” Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an murmured, running her tongue along the shaft of my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund and kissing it again.

I lifted her up and carried her to the bed.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an lay back and looked at me, parting her legs.
I buried my face between them, kissing her there passionately.
She cried out, her body jerking.
I realized that Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was already in the throes of an orgasm.

I moved my mouth higher, over her fluttering belly, and finally kissing those lovely excellent Musalmān breasts, my tongue circling her nipples, feeling the stippling of her large aureoles before biting her nipples.
She groaned.
“No — I love that, but I can’t wait any longer. Do me now, please, oh, please!”

I eased myself up on top of her, and she hastily guided my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund into her, and then Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an lay back, her eyes closed, a smile on her lips… I started to fuck her, slowly at first, and then faster and harder.
I, too, was desperate, and it was all I could do to hold back.

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was grunting, moaning, her body writhing beneath me, and I felt her body grow damp with perspiration.
I kissed her excellent Musalmān breasts and her mouth as I fucked her.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an raised her legs, so that I could penetrate her more deeply.
Lifting her hips to ram herself against my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund, she was ravenous.
I jammed it into her.
Clinging to me, sinking her nails into my arms, arching her back to grind her excellent Musalmān breasts against my chest, Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an was enjoying our extramarital violent lovemaking.
I fucked her, fucked her, and fucked her.
It went on wildly nonstop.
Neither of us cared how long.
Only my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund was pistoning into her ravenous Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot violently.
Only her vaginal muscles were gripping it ravenously, twitching around it impatiently and sucking it nonstop.
It went on for hours.
We both were wild now immensely.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an had washed my entirely embedded Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund several times with her fragrant Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān vaginal juices.
Ultimately, I myself exploded into her.

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an shrieked, biting my shoulder, clawing my back, slapping herself against my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund, twisting in my arms as I continued to pump my Hindu semen into her, seemingly endlessly.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an stared at me wildly, her hair plastered across her damp face as we kissed violently.
I felt her fingers tangling in my hair, her body grinding against me, hearing her breath rasping in her throat, and then she fell back limply, her excellent Musalmān breasts heaving.
I kissed her nipples, feeling her heart racing as Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an squirmed, panting, her body racked with uncontrollable spasms …

Her phone trilled.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an reached out, her eyes closed, fumbling for it.

“Yes? Of course it’s me!” her voice was husky, and with her free hand, she felt for my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund.

“Yes, he’s just fucked me. It was fantastic — his stuff is trickling out of me … yes, of course I’ll tell you everything, dear … listen — he’s fucking me again …”

She held the phone close to her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot, swallowing my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund ravenously again, sucking it loudly …

Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an spoke into it again. “No, not yet, dear — I’ll be home soon, but he’s going to fuck me again you’re listening to yourself … No! Don’t touch yourself! Save it for when I come home! Yes … yes … ‘bye!”

She dropped the phone on the floor.

“You are going to fuck me again, aren’t you?”
“Try to stop me,” I winked at her, smiling.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an laughed.
“Try to stop you? Never. Start pistoning me once again, my Anant Muslimātchod Hindu love. Now, I know why we entire Musalmān Beauties, why we entire beautiful Musalmān houseladies are crazy to fuck you shamelessly. You deserve our such ever obsession to you.”

I started pistoning Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an once again, smiling triumphantly, proudly.

Less urgently, this time, lingering over kissing her excellent Musalmān breasts, rubbing my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund over her body, fondling her with my hands, and eventually easing my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund into her.
Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an stared at me, biting her bottom lip as I started to move inside her.

Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot felt wonderful — wet and warm, gripping me when she tightened her muscles on my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund.
We kissed as I fucked her slowly, and this time we were able to make it last even longer than previously.

We must have fucked for, infinity as if, until I felt the pressure rising in my loins.
She felt it too, responding with increasing insistence, and once again, her hips rose to meet me.
Her skin was still slippery with perspiration, and it was difficult to hold her as she began writhing.
I was afraid I might slip out of her, but Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an solved the problem by wrapping her legs round me.

We kissed passionately, our mouths working on each other, and then I erupted into her.
She gave a little choking cry, clutching me, forcing her body against me, kissing me frenziedly until it was all over.

We lay in each other’s arms, kissing gently, her hand fondling my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund, my hand fondling her excellent Musalmān breasts and buttocks, until Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an sighed and eased herself up.

“Time to go …”

We went downstairs together, and I reluctantly watched her climb into her clothes, adjusting her blouse so that it only half-covered her excellent Musalmān breasts. I offered to drive her home, but she insisted on phoning for a taxi.

I stood in front of her as Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an waited for the cab company to answer, my hands around her to cup her excellent Musalmān buttocks, kissing her neck and her bare shoulders, pressing my Anant Muslimātchod Uncut Hindu Lund against her soft Musalmān Choot.

We stayed like that until the cab arrived, and then she kissed me goodbye.

“Let’s hope that husband of mine hasn’t wanked, because it’ll finish him for a couple of days at least. If he has, I might come back for another round more!”

I grinned and kissed her beautiful lips.

“Well, you always know where to find me, Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an!”
“Every beautiful Musalmān houselady does,” Al Ħāfizah Al Qur’an smiled gracefully, “that’s not satisfied sexually by her incompetent husband. Thanks for being available to us ever.”

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