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Chapter 9

Durgesh Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm

Durgesh Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd

Durgesh Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an

Durgesh Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd enjoyed me more than I enjoyed her.

It was natural however.

She requested me for a date, not I.

Her Musalmān husband had left her charging she had sexual relationship with me.

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd made me responsible for her future.

“Right or wrong, I don’t know.” Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd said, “They believe we fuck each other. The entire Musalmīn hate me. No Musalmān wants to marry me now. Would you?”

“Sure,” I said gravely, “but I’m sixty five years old already. You are only twenty eight years old. I’m entire thirty seven years older than you. Would you yourself love to be a wife of a Hindu they call Anant Muslimātchod Hindu and who is thirty seven years older than you?”

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd smiled cunningly.

“Do I have any choice?”

“Yes,” I said gravely, “We can be friends only. We can keep platonic relationship between us. You would still be my responsibility, nevertheless, not as my one more wife, as my one more respected Musalmān lady friend only.”

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd smiled.

“With how many beautiful Musalmān houseladies are you maintaining platonic relationship now?”

I looked at her silently.

“You are right. Not with many of them. Sooner or later they need sex eventually and compel me to provide it to them.”

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd looked at me ironically.

“You want to say you aren’t responsible for turning the friendship into a sexual relationship, they themselves are?”

“I want to say nothing.” I said gravely, “Use your own judgment.”

We had our usual make out session and as was usually the case, I came home with a painfully aching hard-on, even after fucking Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd as much as I needed. Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd ultimately requested she couldn’t take me anymore. I didn’t need a woman only, to quench my sexual appetite. I need a whole army of beautiful Musalmān houseladies. No single young Musalmān lady can satisfy me sexually ever. I need a military of them.

It was a Friday night.

I had my weekend ahead.

Saturday and Sunday.

Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd could not take me even the whole Friday night.

She took me six or seven hours only.

“Allah! Måshā’Allah! SubħānAllah!” Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd said completely exhausted, “I can’t take your ever ravenous ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund  anymore into my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot. I thought perhaps my oral and anal services to you could help me. But even they aren’t enough to satisfy you sexually. I surrender.”

I smiled.

“It’s our first night, Al Tāhirah Al Waħīd.”

“Allah, you ever ungrateful Hindu, you want to say I’m not competent even to live in relationship with you?”

“Certainly not.” I kept smiling, “I’m hyper sexual while you are a normal woman. You are right. No single woman can satisfy me sexually ever. I really need a whole army of beautiful Musalmān houseladies to quench my ever abnormal sexual appetite.”*

I knew Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was working late.

Therefore, when I got home I went straight to the bathroom.

I didn’t know the bathroom was already occupied.

How the hell had I known?

In her haste to relieve herself, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm had forgotten to close and lock the bathroom door.

She was entirely nude.

Perhaps Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm needed some relief quick.

She had just started fingering her twenty eight years old immensely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot when she noticed my soiled underwear lying on the bathroom floor.

She picked it up and placed it around her finger.

Its smell was intoxicating for her.

“Allah,” Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm whispered, “let my finger be Durgesh’s ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund.

She started fingering herself again.

Her beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān eyes were closed in her Durgesh fantasy, Durgesh obsession.

“Fuck me Durgesh, my Anant Muslimātchod Hindu Piyā,” Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm whispered, “Fuck your friend, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s beautiful PhD Bahū Bégum, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm, please!”

My mind was a blur as I watched silently Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm finger fucking herself imagining her finger was my Uncut Hindu Cock, furiously.

Naked visions of Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm were flowing through my mind, when suddenly, I heard a loud gasp.

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm had seen me standing in the bathroom doorway, with her hand over her beautiful mouth.

There’s nothing more awkward than having a Hindu, sexiest, sixty five years old male, catch his friend’s twenty eight years old Bahū Bégum enjoying her finger imagining it his Uncut Hindu Cock.

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm ran from the bathroom immediately.

Entirely nude.

She didn’t even have the courage enough to dress herself.

Nevertheless, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm didn’t run away from there without doing any mischief to me.

While running away through the bathroom door, she squeezed my ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund boldly grabbing it entirely unashamed of herself and her entire nudity.

“Allah, how erect? For me? Thank you very much!” Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm enjoyed my Hindu masculine weakness immensely.

However, in my own eyes it wasn’t my Hindu masculine weakness at all.

Instead, it was my Hindu masculine strength.

I’m keeping infinite beautiful Musalmān houseladies sexually satisfied with this Hindu masculine strength of mine.

Yes, I was proud of it.

Never ashamed of.

I’ve kept countless beautiful Musalmān houseladies alive, from committing suicide even.

They needed sex while they were being preached instead.

I confidently followed her trying to explain.

It was necessary.

She had quarreled with her husband,

“If you don’t want Durgesh fuck me too, please keep him away from our home, Åārif,”

Muħammad Åārif was stunned,

Durgesh is not only my friend, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm. He is Live in relationship partner of my sisters too. My sisters still live with me. We, entire seven sisters and one brother, me, inherit Abbū’s business. They are seven in numbers. How the hell can I keep their Live in relationship partner away from their own house? Their ownership on the multi-story mansion is seven times more than mine even.”

I told Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm I understood what Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was doing, but she should have at least had the decency to lock the door.

“Who the hell is here except you and me?”

I wasn’t stunned.

“What do you mean?” I tried to discipline her.

In her bedroom, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was still nude.

I couldn’t deny her extraordinary Musalmān glory, glamour and dazzling Musalmān beauty.

“Don’t you understand even now what I need immensely?” Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was a total rebel now.

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm, you are my friend’s Bahū Bégum.”

“So what?”

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm!”

“I need you and your still erect ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund is declaring it too needs my female services.”

“Dress yourself first.”

“I love my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān nudity more.”

“I never knew you are a nudist feminist.”

“I tried to adjust with your unnatural Hindu lifestyle.”

“I want to talk with you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Put some clothes on first.”

“I’m more comfortable in this way.” Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm smiled cunningly.

“Well, I’m not!”

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm laughed.

“Why not? You aren’t an anti nudism yourself. 24x7x365 you fuck us beautiful Musalmān houseladies. Certainly you are habitual of seeing our beautiful nude female Musalmān bodies almost always and even enjoy us sexually. What is new to you? I wonder.”*

I had a note on the fridge from Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl saying she would be out.

I figured I would lay out by the pool and get high.

I had snuck weed out of my Bahū Bégum, Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl’s, room before – she sometimes had a bag lying in plain sight but when I went into her bedroom it was as clean as a hound’s tooth.


Damn it!

I looked around her room a bit.

Nothing on the night stand, nothing in her closet, nothing in her bathroom.

I figured,

“Ok, what about her TV stand?”

I opened the double doors to her bedroom TV cabinet and found nothing but the TV.

I did find a key to the movie cabinet down below and figured I would give it a try.

I took the key and opened the cabinet and saw my prize!

It was a nice big bag of magically delicious weed!

There were some pre-rolled joints in the bag too so I helped myself and went to open the bag when I noticed something else in the cabinet.

Along with Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl’s collection of sappy love-story flicks, corny comedies, and Disney Flicks, there were some adult DVDs!!

There was also a stack of erotic magazines and a black velvet bag that contained an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and lube.

I looked at the magazines …mostly Hindu Muslimāt couples shots but all pretty graphic with photos of penetration and cumshots.

I never knew my over religious friend, Muħammad Qāsim’s, twenty eight years old immensely sophisticated Bahū Bégum, Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl, was so interested in Hindu Muslimāt Ashvinātam Sex.

Most of them were my own Sex videos with her own Ammī, Al Suraiyā Al Tāhir, and with her mother in law, Al Jāsiyah Al Saåūd.

There were three magazines which particularly surprised me because they were girl on girl flicks.

“Well well! … So Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl too likes beautiful Musalmān chicks as much as I do!” I thought.

I went through her DVDs and found more of the same.

Lots of straight guy, I, /Musalmān chick stuff with fucking and sucking and that sort but then I also saw she had a few lesbo/Sapphic oriented flicks as well as some movies with names like “Home-styled Swingers” with everything from young Musalmān ladies masturbating to me banging two Musalmān chicks at a time.

I was shocked but I was also now ferociously horny.
Was she interested in me sexually?

I never knew.
I grabbed a DVD from the cabinet and a joint.

I then went to Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl’s computer by the bed and popped the DVD in the drive.

I almost lit my joint then and there, but figured “Stupid! – She will smell it! – you almost got yourself busted!”

I just entered in her password.

She made the mistake of writing it down in her address book and I found it a while back the last time I looked for weed in her room.

I popped my Bahū Bégum, Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl’s, screen and I was going to hit play on her desktop movie viewer icon when I saw that her browser history was open on the side of her web-explorer.

Curious, I looked at her history and saw that she had been taking in a steady diet of porn viewing online. Some it was straight, some girl/girl but some of it was…well a shock for me- INCEST MOVIES!

“Really?” I thought, “Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl was viewing that? Damn it!!” I spent about a half hour looking through Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl’s smut and then played the DVD in drive and saw that it was full of my plowing beautiful Musalmān chicks doggy-style, beautiful Musalmān chicks doing three-ways, and some nut-busting anal scenes, complete with one chick and her twin sister doing ass to mouth as I plowed both of their glorious Musalmān assholes!!

Muħammad Qāsim had charged his twenty eight years old, immensely beautiful, Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Bahū Bégum, Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl, right.

Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl was interested in me sexually.

But he should have told me the evidences of it too.

“Al Saåīdah Al Jalāl is crazy for you sexually, Durgesh.” Muħammad Qāsim said furiously, “She is responsible to make my son leave my house.”

“Muħammad Qāsim,” I said curtly, “Muħammad Sultān isn’t actually your son, you know. You…”

“You want to claim his fatherhood now?” Muħammad Qāsim was suddenly horrified.

“Nonsense, Muħammad Qāsim, I’ve impregnated countless of my Musalmān friends’ Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives and fathered their sons. If I claimed…”

“Your Bhābhījāns wanted anal sex, Durgesh, I told you. It’s prohibited in Islam. Åmal-e-qaum-e-Loot…”

“And therefore you, my almost entire countless Musalmān friends request me to provide anal sex to their beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān wives?”

Muħammad Qāsim smiled cunningly.

“Well, what the hell else for our Anant Muslimātchod Hindu friend is after all?”

I watched him harshly.

“I had to fuck them in their beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān ass, though I called them ‘Bhābhījāns’.”

“Well, are you regretting it now?”

“We Hindus believe that a Bhābhī is as pious as mother herself.”

“Yet, right from your very childhood, you are fucking the beautiful Musalmān houseladies you called Ammīs, Bājīs, sisters, Bhābhījāns, you fuck my Ammi, don’t you?’

“Your Abbū requested me to fuck your Ammī.”


I smiled bitterly.

“Muħammad Qāsim, you have thirteen elder sisters to you. Don’t you?”

“So what? My Abbū, Muħammad Åbdullah, never believed in family planning. We Musalmīn hate it. It’s against Islam.”

“That’s not what I’m telling you, damnfool.” I said bitterly, “Your Grandmother, Bégum Al Tihārat Al Saåīd, was compelling your Abbū,

Muħammad Åbdullah, to divorce your Ammī, Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an, because she couldn’t provide her a grandson.”

“Therefore you fucked my Ammī and fathered me?” Muħammad Qāsim asked me sarcastically.

“You don’t believe it?”

“I can’t believe that an only seven years old boy could fuck my Ammī who was already the mother of my three sisters. Even if I believe that my Ammī gave birth to my eldest sister when she was sixteen years old only.”
“Why not?”

“Why not? Because my Ammī should have been nineteen when she mothered my second sister, should have been twenty two when she mothered my third elder sister. You mean when you were only seven years old you fucked my twenty five years old Ammī and fathered me? Nonsense!”

“Your entire calculation is quite wrong, my child.” Muħammad Qāsim’s still immensely beautiful Ammī, Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an, contradicted her son suddenly.

We didn’t know when she had entered there.

“Ammījān,” Muħammad Qāsim stood up in her honor.

“Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an,” I smiled, “darling, your damnfool son, Muħammad Qāsim, thinks I didn’t father him actually.”

“Muħammad Qāsim,” Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an said, “You think I’m a cougar that loved to have sex with your young friend Durgesh to satisfy my sexual appetite.”


“In those days, our parents married their daughters when they were not even born. I was married to Muħammad Åbdullah when I was only nine years old. Your eldest sister was born when I was thirteen only.”

“I can’t believe it,” Muħammad Qāsim smiled unbelieving it.

Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an smiled sarcastically, “your second elder sister was born when I was sixteen. Your third elder sister was born when I was eighteen. Durgesh didn’t fuck me when I was twenty five. He fucked me when I was twenty years old only. At my twenty two you were born.”

Muħammad Qāsim laughed.

“How old are you now, Ammījān?”

Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an smiled.

“What do you think?”


Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an laughed.

“You are yourself fifty, Muħammad Qāsim. I couldn’t be your Ammī when I was ten years old only.”

“You mean you are Seventy Two, Ammī?” Muħammad Qāsim was wide eyed, “I can’t believe it. You look hardly Sixty only.”

“Thanks for flattering me, my boy.”

“I’m not flattering you, Ammī. Wallah, you don’t look more than Sixty anyhow.”

“Muħammad Qāsim, Durgesh is having sex with me since fifty two years. He was thirteen then and I was twenty when we consummated our first sex.”

Muħammad Qāsim was crestfallen.

“You mean Durgesh is really my father?”

Durgesh is really your father, my child.” Al Taqaddus Al Qur’an smiled, “Most of your friends have the same father, yet the different mothers. Durgesh was already fucking most of my Musalmān ladyfriends.”*

I said curtly,

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm, you are teasing me.”

“Certainly not. If you feel so, you can fuck me here and now, as much as you damn please!”

“That’s what you really want.”

“So what? I’m a fully grown up Musalmān young lady of twenty eight years old already. I can have sex with anyone I damn please! Can’t I?”

“You want me to fuck you here and now.”

“Sure, if you agree with me, undress yourself and come to me. We both are adults. We can have sex legally whenever we need it.”

“You are a PhD, Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm,”

“Oh, sure,”

“You must behave more sophisticated.”

Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm winked at me.

“Your ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund is betraying your entire sophistication. Come on. I myself invite you.”

She suddenly jumped up, came to me and undressed me quickly so fast I couldn’t even protest her,

My ceaselessly unyielding, ever impulsive, sixty-five years old, ultimate skilled, matchless, extreme manifest Uncut Hindu Lund was immediately in her dazzlingly beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth and Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was sucking me desperately caring damn whether I liked it, or not.

I was dumbfounded.

I never thought Al Nāsirah Al Qayyūm was so crazy to have sex with me.

Damn Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, her Young Musalmān Lady Brigade and her Seven Movements.*
Chapter 10


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