The Durgesh Obsession: 4

The Durgesh Obsession


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Chapter 4

Durgesh Al Nādirah Al Yåqūb
Durgesh Al Tayyabah Al İmrān

Al Saåīd Al Wahāb
Durgesh Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah

Al Saåīd Al Wahāb had a large contract arise out of state.
It required him to spend the next 8-weeks at minimum 1500 miles away.
While all was addressed, he felt bad that he would not be available for the weeks before I had to leave.
“Sorry, Durgesh, I know you come here for me, yet…”
“Hey, Sālé Miyān, Al Saåīd Al Wahāb, you are quite mistaken. I never came here for you. Actually your Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān houseladies are so beautiful that being a Hindu I can never resist their exquisite feminine charms.”
Al Saåīd Al Wahāb’s eyes were suddenly full of immense gratitude, immense indebtedness and consequent tears.
“Please, take care of them. They are crazy for you. The ever rotten Western Culture has rotted their character worst. Those who are unmarried, hate immensely to marry anyone. Those who are married want to cuckold their ever moral Musalmān husbands to themselves and you. Every Musalmān family is suffering from this worst family sex crisis now. Our Panjvaqtah Namāzī ardent Musalmān womankind hate even to listen to us.”
He hugged me helplessly, put his helpless head on my shoulder as if he wasn’t a grown up man at all, a child instead, and wept.
“Take it easy.” I assured him, patting him on his back, “I am here. You have called me for them. Forget them now. This was never your field. You are ever so pious that even at our earliest childhood when you found your elder sister lost her head to seduce you you rushed to me to help you.”
“It was entirely Ammī’s fault. Bājī saw Ammījān straddling on you shamelessly, entirely nude, and fucking you fiercely.”
“Al Saåīd Al Wahāb, I always differed with you in the matter. We both were eighteen then. Your Ammī was thirty six only. Your Abbū never understood her. He was too busy in his business, in making money, visting abroad every now and then for months even…”
“You always favor my Ammī, Durgesh, but I could never understand why you? You were half her age, as if a son to her yourself.”
“Al Saåīd Al Wahāb,” I said cruelly, “Your over devotion to piety and sanctity had never allowed you to understand the cold and hard cruel facts of life. Your Ammī was suffering from immense depression. Your Abbū had neglected her so much that she thought she wasn’t beautiful at all. I found her trying to commit suicide.”
“I know. You have told me that always, but why Durgesh, why? Even if Abbū was neglecting her she could have divorced him. Couldn’t she?”
“In that case, she had to leave her children too. It’s not as easy practically as you think it’s rationally.”
“Consequently Ammī undressed herself, undressed you and straddled you fucking you madly while you were as if her son yourself?”*

I slapped Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah.
I hadn’t another option to bring her to her senses.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah was dumbfounded.
She couldn’t believe I could even slap her ever.
I was her son’s, Al Saåīd Al Wahāb’s friend, as if a son to her myself.
“You…you slapped me?” Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah was startled.
“Yes, I slapped you.” I said to her curtly, “That’s what you needed now.”
“How dare you? You…”
“I’ll slap you more if you don’t come to your senses. What the hell were you doing? Killng yourself?”
“Durgesh, my son, you can’t understand. Leave me alone, plase.”
“I won’t. You are vulnerable now. You aren’t to be left alone.”
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah laughed ironically.
“Don’t try to act as my husband. You are my son’s friend only.”
“If it needs me to be your husband to protect you from yourself, well, let me be your husband as well.”
“What? Are you crazy? You would be my husband? You Just Eighteen Just Adult Hindu friend of my stupid son, you would be my husband? Do you even know what you have to do for it? Can you give me what a husband gives to his wife? I need it badly. My never understanding Musalmān husband has gone abroad once again even without touching me. I’m burning like hell between my legs. Oh, what’s the use? Get out. Leave me alone. You can’t understand even.”
“I do understand.” I said gravely.
“Divorce him.”
“And leave my children forever? Can I survive without my children ever? And it’s not easy for a mother of six children to get another competent husband at her thirty six.”
“Well, you never look thirty six, neither a mother of six children.”
“Durgesh, don’t flatter me, I say. Leave me alone. I know what I look like.”
“What you look like?”
“I look like hell. Horrible.”
“Who the hell told you it?”
“My own husband. Need any more evidence of my further incompetence as a married woman? Now, get out.”
“Ammī, please,”
“Yes, that’s what I am. An Ammī. An Ammī of six children, the eldest being eighteen. Not a beautiful woman anymore.”
“Durgesh, you are flattering me, but I know my true state. My own husband has shown me the mirror.”
“The hell he did.”
“Let me die, Durgesh, please. I can’t bear it anymore. He didn’t even touch me since two complete years. I need it very much. You can’t understand.”
“But I do.”
“Your husband is a liar and impotent. If not previously impotent, he is now. You are still stunning, a dazzling Musalmān houselady. Even…even I’m crazy for you.”
“What?” Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah couldn’t believe it.
Suddenly Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah realized she was still in my adult masculine arms.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah realized once again that I had an immense erection for her.
It was trying to penetrate her already between her still burning legs.
And Allah, what a penis I had!
It was far bigger, far thicker and far stronger than that of her never interested Musalmān husband.
Was she crazy to believe her ever unjust husband?
Why not let Durgesh fuck her, if Durgesh is so erect for her?
But Durgesh is a Hindu.
Hell, let him.
But Durgesh is even her son’s friend.
So what?
He is himself erect for her.
Isn’t he?
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah suddenly felt immensely proud of her dazzling Musalmān beauty.
Her husband was certainly a liar, damn fool and impotent.
Even a Just Eighteen Just Adult Hindu young man is immensely erect for her.
Okay, Durgesh, you win.
I am ravenous.
You want to change our relationship into a Hindu husband and Musalmān wife?
Not a son and Ammī anymore?
Fuck me you Hindu young man, as much as you want to.
Allah, you’ve already cupped my heavy Musalmān buttocks in your Hindu male palms.
You forgot you call me ‘Ammī’.
“Leave me,” Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah whispered, “I won’t suicide now.”
“Say ‘I promise you, Durgesh, my new young Hindu husband from now on’.” I smiled sweetly into her extremely beautiful Musalmān eyes.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah couldn’t believe her own ears.*

Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah had just gotten back from work and wanted to change out of her city clothes before we left.
She was tired and moving a bit slowly.
Teenagers are well known to inhabit an alternate dimension where different rules on the passage of time apply.

After pacing downstairs for several eternal minutes I called out crankily,
“C’mon, Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah, we’re gonna be late!”

Her voice floated down to me, patient as always, “Just a couple minutes, sweetie – I’m almost ready.”

I don’t know what possessed me at that Moment, but Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah’s answer wasn’t satisfactory.
I clomped up the stairs and barged into her bedroom.

Her bare back was turned to me and she was only wearing a pair of plain, high-waisted, pale blue cotton panties.
Her skin was alabaster, without a single blemish and her rounded Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān buttocks were simple perfection, smoothly contoured and flawlessly curved.
The elastic leg holes of her briefs were snugged right into the crease where the back of her thighs met her buttocks, seeming almost to lift and display her excellent Musalmān bottom.

All of this registered in the split second before she began to turn in surprise, a vision tattooed into my memory with a hot needle, dipped in the darkest of inks.
As she turned, reflexively bringing her arms up to cover her breasts, one hand lagged by the slightest of Moments and I saw her nipple.

It was a rosy peak, rising out from the flesh of her breast not like a nubbin, but more of a pink, Hershey’s kiss, ever so slightly larger.
To my eye it was as her back and behind, free of any imperfection.

By the time she finished turning, I smiled.
I wasn’t blushing at all.
Why the hell should have I?
I had saved her life.
Hadn’t I?
Now Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah was mine.
Only mine.
Not even her bloody Musalmān husband’s that left her to commit suicide.
A lot of my blood was rushing somewhere between my legs, very quickly.

It was a good thing that my jersey wasn’t tucked in at the time, as I was suddenly sporting, the strongest, most tingly woodie ever.

Eyes flashing, Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah held her arms tight against herself, not realizing how the pressure of her self-embrace pushed her excellent Musalmān breasts upwards, inadvertently emphasizing her immensely attractive Musalmān cleavage.

My Uncut Hindu Dick got harder.
“Allah, Durgesh!” she shouted in anger. “Don’t you ever knock? How dare you barge into my room like this?”
“Sālī, you forget you are my wife now and I’m your new husband that saved you from committing suicide, Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah,” I smiled bravely.
She fell from her seventh sky at once.
Allah, is the Just Eighteen Just Adult Hindu boy really serious?

“Standing here staring at me is NOT going to speed this process up, young man,” she said acidly. “Now, git!”
Instead of going out, I walked confidently to her.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah could not believe my audacity.
“Stop!” Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah shouted once more.
I winked at her, took her in my arms once more and kissed her on her lips fiercely.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah was dumbfounded.
I caressed her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān buttocks.
“I’m your husband now, learn to respect me. Understand?”
“L…l…leave me, you brute,”
“Take my Uncut Hindu Lund in your hand as you did when I saved you from committing suicide.”
“That was a mistake, I say.”
“You played with my Uncut Hindu Lund yourself. I never requested you.”
“Yes, but that was a mistake, Durgesh.”
“You kissed my Uncut Hindu Lund yourself, lickd it and sucked. Didn’t you?”
“Sorry, I needed then it very much. Please forgive me.”
“You undressed me. You undressed yourself. We both were nude. You made me to lie on my back, straddled me and fucked me madly for more than one month even. It was a mistake?”
“Yes, I was vulnerable. I was suffering from immense depression. You offered me what I needed then utmost. I surrendered to my animal lust. I wasn’t in my senses. Plase, forget it. That’s not possible again. I thank you for your kindness and cooperation then. But that’s it. We’ll never repeat it.”
“I need you now, Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah.”
“Take it in your hand. See yourself how much I need you now.”
“It isn’t possible, I say.”
I suddenly turned and marched fiercely to the door.
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah rushed after me.
“Durgesh, please, try to understand.”
“Forget me.” I said gravely, “I’m sorry that I wanted you to cooperate with me now, as I did with you.”
Al Taqaddus Al Zohrah grabbed me.
“Listen to me, please!”
“I need relief very much from the sexual tension between us. I gave you what you needed and expected the same in return.”
“Let me seek it elsewhere.”*

I’d been trying to get adventurous with my hands, rubbing her sides, under the arms.
My fingers were audacious to go over the top of the shoulders.
Every time I got to feel just the start of the swelling of her excellent Musalmān breasts, my boldness never defeated me.
Yet it was my moral that I always returned to safe territory.
However, her comments of not minding and expecting to bump occasionally, did embolden me more and I moved in closer.
I ‘accidentally’ rested the shaft of my Uncut Hindu Lund in the beautiful enticing Musalmān crevice as long as I needed to test her – perhaps a second or two at the most.
“Mmm that feels so good. Your resting it there, I mean. Now let me do you and I’m out of here.”
And she turned around.
We took in each other’s frontal nakedness for just a brief Moment.
I gravely enjoyed the sight of her first pussy hair.
She was trying to be as nonchalant as possible and hide her girl-in-a-lolly-shop look at the most magnificent Uncut Hindu Lund she had ever dreamed of seeing.

As matter-of-factly as possible, she said,
“You have a nice member. You should be proud of it. However, now stop waving it at me and turn around. I’ll show you what a good back scrub feels like.”

I cooperated.
And smiled at the way she’d spoken when she saw my Uncut Hindu Lund.
Somehow it helped ease the tension between us.
For a split second I even forgot my raging sexual thoughts.
Only for a split second, however.
By the time she’d started on my back, I was remembering the comment the way I would remember it when I was alone with my Uncut Hindu Lund.
“You have a nice member, you should be proud of it, let’s fuck.”

Meanwhile, Curiosity was listening intently to Obsession.
That sure was a fantastic Uncut Hindu Lund wasn’t it?
It was worth the wait.
You wouldn’t have known what to do with that unique legendary Uncut Hindu Lund when you were dreaming of it as a girl.
It looked soooo stiff, she thought the weight of it would make it hang out.
But it just went straight up.
I was as hard as Al Tayyabah Al İmrān wondered how heavy it felt.
Hindus are excellent in sex always.
And Durgesh is the best.
Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan claimed even the recent Indian democratic political revolution that Hindutv came into power, first time in Independent India, was too a phenomenon of Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot Revolution.
Durgesh’s Musalmān houseladies Brigade did it.
“Nonsense, Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan,” Al Tayyabah Al İmrān couldn’t resist to contradict it, “You mean we Musalmān houseladies fucked Durgesh, and brought Hindutv in power?”
Durgesh contradicts me?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled cunningly, triumphantly.
“I myself too. It’s absolutely incredible.”
“You aren’t aware of the power of Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot. What do you think my Abbū, Imām Muħammad Ħasan, opened Hindu Lund Musalmān Choot International Clubs everywhere for?”*

I felt the soapy pad roam briefly over my hips.
I didn’t think of doing that to her.
I wasn’t obsessed to Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān was obsessed to me.
Or, at least it was what I thought then.
I felt her soapy hands come around my front, over my stomach and then up over my chest.
Al Tayyabah Al İmrān even touched my Uncut Hindu Penis, even grabbed it as if she did it accidentally, unknowingly.
I smiled.
I knew it was neither accidentally nor unknowingly.
She did it deliberately, determinedly, immensely aware of what she was doing, and enjoying it very much.
I felt she was even teasing me, compelling me to lose my senses and fuck her on the spot wildly.
Why the hell otherwise Al Tayyabah Al İmrān kept doing it accidentally repeatedly for almost half an hour?
Accidents don’t happen that way, that long, that many times.
And then, after it, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān did more.
She brushed her red crimson vibrant quivering beautiful Musalmān lips on my Uncut Hindu Penis, its head, in the same way, accidentally, unknowingly, repeatedly inviting me expressly as if.
In between the accidents, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān even licked and swallowed my Uncut Hindu Penis into her beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth.
“Sorry,” Al Tayyabah Al İmrān smiled teasing me, “It slipped accidentally into my mouth and for a moment, I forgot you aren’t my husband.”
“It’s alright,” I smiled sweetly too, “never mind. You are most welcome.”
“No objection?”
“None whatsoever. Suck it as much as you want to.”
“You mean it?” Al Tayyabah Al İmrān asked incredibly.
“I mean it.”
Al Tayyabah Al İmrān suddenly attacked my Uncut Hindu Penis with her extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān mouth ravenously.
And then she sucked me hungrily for almost one complete hour.
I smiled and winked at her.
Al Tayyabah Al İmrān went wilder and sucked me more ravenously.
She did it until I exploded into her beautiful Musalmān mouth ultimately.
She thanked me with her eyes silently and swallowed my entire Hindu cum.
She hugged herself close as she did this.
I could feel her pubic hairs touching my hips – and she said,
“So, how was that, best back rub you ever had”?

“Oooh yeah, it was great, thanks.” Not wanting it to ever ever stop.
Yet I knew very well it takes courage to make fantasies a reality.
“I’ll leave it to you to wash this part, then we’ll dry off and I’ll make us breakfast.”
As she was saying that, she was moving one hand down my body.
When she said the words “this part” she cupped a hand round – well not quite all the way round – the base of my Uncut Hindu Lund.
She measured off every inch as the hand slipped up to the tip and off the head of my Uncut Hindu Lund.

“Ok, that’s it, turn around and rinse the soap off your back, finish washing yourself. C’mon don’t dilly dally, I’m getting hungry.”

I hadn’t turned quickly.
However, at her request I turned.
She was soaping herself, hands over her nipples then between her legs.
“It’s rude to stare, c’mon, get out, you’re done, let me under the tap so Al Tayyabah Al İmrān can rinse off.”

I was watching her while I dried.
I started padding my Uncut Hindu Lund dry, cautious that if I gripped at it and toweled vigorously, it would explode with the cum I felt so desperately building inside me again.
She was out while I was finishing off my legs.

She joked,
“My goodness, that thing never went down. Did it? It must be stuck in that position.”

I’d finished and was reaching for her body with my towel,
“Do you want me to dry your back, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, my friend’s extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife?”

She saw through the ruse and knew my hands would quickly be drying some front bits as well.
She’d got her hands on what she’d set out to do in the shower,
“No, it’s ok honey, I’m done now, c’mon let’s go eat.”
She wrapped the towel around herself and headed out the door.
I wrapped up too and followed.

Walking down the hall together we reached the door of her bedroom first.
She was about to open her door when Morality struggled to push the pillow off her face and gloated,
‘Ahhh, her Curiosity is satisfied now, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān had seen and touched and felt my huge Uncut Hindu Lund, even licked swallowed and sucked as much as she wanted to, and there is no harm done.”

Obsession was furious.
“You sanctimonious hypocrite Musalmān bitch, how dare you get all high and mighty? Wasn’t it you only a couple of days ago saying that I was just curious too and that it would be good for my normalcy if I got to touch nipples? And now you go and touch Durgesh up all over the place and say no to him at the end, when you know he wanted to be the one doing the touching. Get what you want but don’t worry about others, that’s Morality for you.”

She dropped her hand from the door knob and followed in behind me as I was about to close my own door behind me.

“Honey, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān just wanted to say I’m sorry for doing that in there.”

“Umm it’s ok, never mind,” I smiled affably.

“I mean for teasing you. I touched your penis with my hands and Al Tayyabah Al İmrān shouldn’t have done that. You’re a grown man. Your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, should have respected that and not touched you. A man should consent to that sort of touching. To be honest with you, I touched you on purpose, because Al Tayyabah Al İmrān was curious. You have a very immensely handsome tremendously attractive Uncut Hindu Lund, err penis, it is the very nicest Al Tayyabah Al İmrān has ever seen. You really are very well endowed. You know how to use it. You make a lot of Musalmān girls very very happy indeed. I’m a bit embarrassed to say it was a dream of mine to have a lover with an Uncut Hindu Lund so nice, and I guess when Al Tayyabah Al İmrān saw yours in the shower, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān was a bit too curious. I’m sorry.”

“Um it’s ok, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, my friend’s extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife. Really, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, I didn’t mind, I would have consented. I was kinda curious too, you know, to know what it felt like being touched by you. So, um, thanks.”

Morality was shuffling out of bed, buoyed by a miracle cure, sneering at Obsession,
“Ha ha, take that, ‘I told him the truth and everything is cleared up’? You were wrong, it wasn’t just him. You have satisfied a curiosity. Now, you can go back to normal and no real harm done.”

Obsession couldn’t take it any more and kicked Morality to the ground.
Really sinking the boot in this time, stomping stiletto heels into the face of Morality; and taking it gently by the hand,
“You are so sweet to say that. I knew you have been with countless women. When I touched you, your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, wondered if you were curious too. I thought maybe you were curious to touch me too, because your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, saw you peek at her excellent Musalmān breasts once, but when you didn’t try to touch me, well, that’s why Al Tayyabah Al İmrān only touched you quickly with one hand. When your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, was a girl I really wanted to hold such a nice one in both hands, but when you never tried to touch me I knew it wasn’t fair if your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, was the only one being curious to touch. But I’m so glad you said you didn’t mind, you are so sweet.”

She was screaming at her impenetrable shyness wanting to break free and say something, but the ideas spinning in her head were just too many and all she could do was look at her two hands warmly holding me.

“You know, if you were curious to know what my breasts feel like, you can if you want, it would only be fair after what your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, did to you. Really, your Bhābhījān, Al Tayyabah Al İmrān, won’t mind. It would make us even,”
And she pulled my hand toward where the towel was tucked in her cleavage,
“Do you want to try?”

Chapter 5
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

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