The Audacity: 13

The Audacity


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Chapter 13

Durgesh Al Qamar Al Jalāl
Muħammad Åbbās

This time, there was no hint of embarrassment – but my name hit Muħammad Åbbās like a thunderbolt, and Muħammad Åbbās recalled where, and when, Muħammad Åbbās had seen me before.
I had turned up on moving-in day – I was the one Al Qamar Al Jalāl had been talking to when Muħammad Åbbās was listening to the removal men discussing her.

And – his name was the one Al Qamar Al Jalāl had cried out when she was on the point of orgasm, imagining herself being well and truly fucked by me, instead of Muħammad Åbbās, her husband!

Muħammad Åbbās remembered how I had been gazing down her exquisite Musalmān cleavage, then admiring the sway of her sexy Musalmān bottom as she walked back to the house.
Muħammad Åbbās felt Muħammad Åbbās’s cut Musalmān nūnī begin to stiffen and Muħammad Åbbās was glad they were sitting at the table.
But Muħammad Åbbās tried to remain ‘cool’.

“Oh,” Muħammad Åbbās said. “I thought I recognised him. Wasn’t he the guy who came the day we moved in?”

Al Qamar Al Jalāl’s cheeks colored, but they always did that when one of ghem mentioned that day.
Muħammad Åbbās was sure, like him, she couldn’t think of it without calling to mind Al Qamar Al Jalāl and Muħammad Åbbās’s mind-blowing sex on the couch in the den.
“Yes,” she replied. “That was Durgesh.”

“I didn’t know you used his services,” Muħammad Åbbās commented, in surprise.
She certainly hadn’t, before, in NY.

“Well, Muħammad Åbbās, I didn’t really mean to,” answered Al Qamar Al Jalāl, “but, what with all that had to be done in the house, after the move, Muħammad Åbbās, I thought I’d use him for a week or two, just until Muħammad Åbbās, I got into a routine, but Durgesh does such a good job – and he’s not expensive – well, Muħammad Åbbās, I thought I’d just keep him on – for a while, anyway.”

Her face was still a little pink, though, and her eyes were kind of downcast, as she spoke.
Muħammad Åbbās’s mouth was drying and Muħammad Åbbās’s hands shaking a little as Muħammad Åbbās thought this over.
This guy – Durgesh – would be calling to pick up, and deliver, during the day, while Muħammad Åbbās was in the city and the girls were at school.
It went without saying that, I would want to get into Al Qamar Al Jalāl’s panties – and Muħammad Åbbās had seen enough, that first time, to know I was a true blue hypersexual, at least where Muħammad Åbbās’s lovely extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wife was concerned!

And how about Al Qamar Al Jalāl?
It couldn’t be just coincidence that she had called out his name that same afternoon – the afternoon she had learned of Muħammad Åbbās’s arousal at the thought of her…

“So – how often does Durgesh come?” Muħammad Åbbās asked.
Too late, Muħammad Åbbās realised what Muħammad Åbbās had said.
Al Qamar Al Jalāl picked up on it, right away, and giggled.

“Muħammad Åbbās, I don’t know him that well!” she laughed. “Would you like me to ask him, next time?”

“You know what I mean,” Muħammad Åbbās said, laughing in turn.
The atmosphere lightened.

“He picks up on a Monday morning, and delivers Thursday,” said Al Qamar Al Jalāl.

“Delivers, huh?” Muħammad Åbbās sneered – and she leaned over the table and punched his arm.
Muħammad Åbbās grabbed her hand and pulled her over towards him.
Her blouse was gaping as she leant over the table, and Muħammad Åbbās leered in at the view of her appealing 34C bust.

“Like the view?” breathed Al Qamar Al Jalāl, latching on, right away, to what Muħammad Åbbās was doing.

“Sure,” Muħammad Åbbās said. “Who wouldn’t? I noticed ‘he’ did – that first day.”

“Who? Durgesh?” asked Al Qamar Al Jalāl, her dark eyes flashing, but contriving to look innocent and surprised, as well.

“Oh, yes,” Muħammad Åbbās murmured. “I saw him looking – so did the removal guys!”

Her eyes dropped to the tablecloth.

“Then he watched your sexy gorgeous glamorous exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān butt swaying, as you walked away from him,” Muħammad Åbbās continued, relentlessly. “And so did I! It gave me a hard-on. I bet Durgesh had one, too!”

“Oh, he did!” Her voice was so low, Muħammad Åbbās could hardly hear her.

“What?” Muħammad Åbbās said, not sure Muħammad Åbbās had heard right.

“He had a hard-on when he was looking down my blouse,” said Al Qamar Al Jalāl. “What did you think I was looking at?”

Muħammad Åbbās said nothing.
Muħammad Åbbās’s heart was pounding furiously.
This was the first time, since that day, Muħammad Åbbās had got Al Qamar Al Jalāl to talk this way.
Muħammad Åbbās leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.
Her lips mashed against hise and her tongue darted into Muħammad Åbbās’s mouth.
Muħammad Åbbās slipped a hand down the front of her blouse and cupped a bare tit in Muħammad Åbbās’s palm.
Muħammad Åbbās could feel her nipple, hard and erect.
She let out a little purr of pleasure.

They stood up and Muħammad Åbbās led her into the den, pulling her down onto the couch, beside him.

“Tell me about Durgesh – what’s been happening,” Muħammad Åbbās asked, pulling her hand across and placing it over his erection.

“It’s not really – very much at all,” she said, hesitantly. “Just – well – one or two little things.”

“Tell me,” Muħammad Åbbās insisted.

“Well,” said Al Qamar Al Jalāl. “The first time Durgesh came back, I was so pleased with the job he’d done – MUĦAMMAD ÅBBĀS, well, Muħammad Åbbās, I gave him a kiss – nothing sexy, just a peck on the cheek, and a little hug.”

Muħammad Åbbās had seen Al Qamar Al Jalāl’s ‘little hugs’ before.
She didn’t mean anything by it, but she was very affectionate.
Muħammad Åbbās just knew I would have felt her extremely beautiful Musalmān tits pressed against my chest.

“Well, the next time,” she went on, “he seemed to expect the same again, so – well, it became a habit with us. He delivers– I pay him – then I give him a kiss.”

“Is it still on the cheek?” Muħammad Åbbās asked.

“Well, not always,” said Al Qamar Al Jalāl. “Once, he turned his head by accident, and Al Qamar Al Jalāl and our lips met – so, now, Muħammad Åbbās, I suppose we usually kiss each other on the mouth – but only a short one!”

Muħammad Åbbās thought about this.
“So, is that all?” Muħammad Åbbās asked, convinced there was more.

Al Qamar Al Jalāl took a deep breath.
“Look, Muħammad Åbbās,” she said, “you’re not to get mad if I tell you. Nothing terrible’s happened, and there’s nothing I can’t handle.”

Muħammad Åbbās decided not to pick up on the latest ‘double-meaning’ and, his excitement growing at the thought of what she might have to tell him, promised not to ‘get mad’.
Al Qamar Al Jalāl went on.

“One day, Durgesh arrived very early Thursday morning. You and the girls had not long left, and Muħammad Åbbās, I had just got dressed after my shower, and Muħammad Åbbās, I was busy in the kitchen. Muħammad Åbbās, I asked Durgesh if he would mind going upstairs and putting what he brought away in the walk-in closet in our bedroom. He said ‘no problem’ and he went upstairs. He seemed to be quite a while and, while he was upstairs, Muħammad Åbbās, I heard the toilet flush.”

“Then he came down again and Muħammad Åbbās, I paid him and – well, he left.”

Muħammad Åbbās knew the ‘well’ covered the ‘thank you’ kiss, but Muħammad Åbbās let it alone, this time.

“So – what then?” Muħammad Åbbās asked.

“Well, when Muħammad Åbbās, I had finished in the kitchen, I went up to check the things had been put away OK, and then I remembered I hadn’t tidied the bathroom after my shower.”

She hesitated, and her grip on Muħammad Åbbās’s cut Musalmān nūnī tightened.

“Well?” Muħammad Åbbās asked.

“My panties had been moved,” Al Qamar Al Jalāl whispered. “Muħammad Åbbās, I had left them on the floor beside the shower cubicle and, now, they were lying beside the toilet bowl. And – and – then, Muħammad Åbbās, I checked the toilet bowl and there was a drop of – stuff – just under the rim.”

“Stuff?” Muħammad Åbbās breathed, but Muħammad Åbbās knew the answer before it came.

“Sperm – cum,” she breathed. “It had to be him – Muħammad Åbbās, I cleaned it the day before and we hadn’t used it since. Durgesh had picked up my panties and masturbated in our toilet!”

“Was there any cum on your panties?” Muħammad Åbbās asked, scarcely able to breathe.

“Muħammad Åbbās, I didn’t find any,” said Al Qamar Al Jalāl, “but – oh, Muħammad Åbbās – it is hard to tell. You see, before I had my shower, I – well – I lay on the bed and – well, I was playing with myself, and my panties were covered in my – stuff!”

“So he wrapped his Uncut Hindu Lund in your juiced-up panties, and…?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Oh, Muħammad Åbbās, it was so exciting! It made me feel so horny and turned on – Muħammad Åbbās, I wanted to chase the van and get Durgesh to come back and do it again, and let me watch! As it was, Muħammad Åbbās, I stripped off, and put the panties back on, and masturbated myself all over again!”

Muħammad Åbbās couldn’t speak.
Muħammad Åbbās pressed Al Qamar Al Jalāl’s hand round Muħammad Åbbās’s cut Musalmān nūnī as Muħammad Åbbās felt a huge orgasm building up, but she wrenched her hand away and leapt to her feet.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself!” she insisted. “Muħammad Åbbās, I was going to get us a drink – I’ve got some more to tell you!”

It took a huge effort of will to keep Muħammad Åbbās’s hands off his throbbing erection, but Muħammad Åbbās managed – just – and, gradually, Muħammad Åbbās calmed down.
In a couple of minutes, Al Qamar Al Jalāl returned with a large glass of wine for herself and a very good measure of Muħammad Åbbās’s favorite malt whisky.

Handing Muħammad Åbbās his glass, she sat in an easy chair, on the left of the couch.

“Muħammad Åbbās, I can’t think straight when you’re touching me,” she apologised, “and Muħammad Åbbās, I don’t want to get anything wrong. Is this OK with you, darling? Muħammad Åbbās, I mean, on moving day and all – you seemed – well, then I thought maybe you’d changed your mind and you didn’t like – well, me – with other men. Is it OK?”

“Yeah,” Muħammad Åbbās assured her, managing to follow what she was talking about, even though she was barely coherent, her words tumbling out in a rush. “Yes, it’s OK – it’s fine with me. And it makes me feel – even better – about you. Don’t even think about stopping now!”

She stood up and kissed Muħammad Åbbās.
Muħammad Åbbās put his hand up and caressed her gorgeous Musalmān bottom.
She squirmed away, laughing.

“Later!” she chuckled, and took a long swallow from her glass as she settled in her chair again.

“After that day, Muħammad Åbbās, I always got Durgesh to fetch and deliver the things from our bedroom, and Muħammad Åbbās, I always left something lying around that was still warm from me wearing it. It wasn’t always panties – sometimes it was a baby-doll nightie, and sometimes a brassiere – and, every time, he used the toilet and, every time, what I had left had been moved. He didn’t leave it beside the toilet, always, but it was always in a different place. And, nearly always, after he had gone, Muħammad Åbbās, I put it on again, and played with myself until I came.”

“It was just like a harmless sort of – game. Durgesh never said anything to me, and he never tried to – well, come on to me, or touch me, although, when we hugged, his Uncut Hindu Lund was always hard – pressing against me. But he’s really very sophisticated. He doesn’t talk much. Muħammad Åbbās, I asked him if he had a girlfriend, but he just shrugged –!”

So he hadn’t fucked Al Qamar Al Jalāl, Muħammad Åbbās immediately thought – and was shocked by the instinctive feeling of disappointment that washed over him.
Allah, disappointment?
Why the hell?
Was that really what Muħammad Åbbās wanted?
Looking across at her, she had never looked so desirable.
In her early thirties, she was in full flower.
And she craving for that sixty four years old Hindu sex maniac.

Her hair was jet-black, down to her shoulders.
Her eyes were almost ebony, dark, warm, unfathomable and, at the moment, glittering with arousal.
Her still extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān body was strong and sexual – shoulders straight and fleshy, lifting her heavy firm Musalmān breasts with their wide aurolae and thimble-shaped brown nipples.
Her waist was well-defined and her hips spread widely – two succulent globes, jutting to the rear, which, when in motion, would move a stone statue to raging erection.
Her legs were sturdy, yet shapely, especially her graceful Musalmān thighs, and Muħammad Åbbās had never seen such a blatantly sexual pubic bush – black curls in wild profusion, framing a deep pink gash which always seemed to be gleaming with the juices of arousal.

Deep down, Muħammad Åbbās knew that the one drawback of fucking Al Qamar Al Jalāl himself was the inability to fully enjoy the wonderful vision of her being fucked, or fucking someone.
For that inestimable pleasure, a third party had to be present – a second Uncut Hindu Lund for Muħammad Åbbās to watch her writhe in ecstasy on – a second pair of hands to tease her extremely beautiful Musalmān tits or grip the cheeks of her sexy gorgeous glamorous exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān ass as her legs parted and her tight Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saåūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān Choot was plugged to its full capacity.

Muħammad Åbbās knew now, without a shadow of doubt, that Muħammad Åbbās wanted to see that – so, yes, if Durgesh hadn’t had her, Muħammad Åbbās was disappointed.

“But then, one day,” Al Qamar Al Jalāl went on, “Muħammad Åbbās, I didn’t have enough cash to pay him, so I had to write out a check. I sat at the desk in the foyer to write out the check, and I immediately realised that, with him standing up, he would get a view down my blouse. I was wearing a push-up bra, and I knew he was getting a real good look at the crevice between my extremely beautiful Musalmān tits. I wrote it real slow, and I could feel my juices running, knowing what he was doing. Then I sneaked a look across the desk and nearly blew my mind. He was wearing a pair of light tan slacks, and his Uncut Hindu Lund was sticking up like a rod – and there was a little dark patch spreading, just at the tip!”

“And it was so big, Muħammad Åbbās! Muħammad Åbbās, I couldn’t see how thick it was, but it must be at least eight inches long – maybe nine! Muħammad Åbbās, I got such a rush that I messed up the check, and had to write another one! Then I stood up and gave him the check – and the usual kiss and hug. Only, this time, he muttered something and put his hand on my ass and pulled me towards him, on to his Hindu hard-on. He’s so much taller than me, it was pushing against my navel! And he didn’t let my mouth go after a quick kiss, as he usually does. He kissed me again, and his hand slipped down between the cheeks of my ass, and Muħammad Åbbās, I had to wriggle free from him!”

“He stood back, then he muttered – ‘See you Monday, Al Qamar Al Jalāl” – and he rushed away. Muħammad Åbbās, I was breathless, as if I’d been running, and shaking, all over. But it was after that, I really started to see how much I could turn Durgesh on.”

Al Qamar Al Jalāl stopped again, and looked over at Muħammad Åbbās.

“You still OK with this?” she said.
Muħammad Åbbās nodded, not trusting himself to speak, and she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the deep cleavage in her white satin half-cup bra. Muħammad Åbbās could just see the tops of her thrusting nipples.

“You like?” she smiled.

“Yes,” Muħammad Åbbās replied. “Just like Durgesh!” Muħammad Åbbās showed her the tent in his trousers, and she licked her lips, her smile growing a bit strained.

“Don’t you start teasing me,” she warned, “or Muħammad Åbbās, I might not get my story finished.”

She slid a hand between her thighs, rubbed gently, and gave a small shudder.

“Ohhhhhh,” she said. “I’ll need you to relieve that itch – later on.”

Reluctantly, she withdrew her hand and started her story again.

“The next time Durgesh called was a Monday, so Muħammad Åbbās, I didn’t have to pay him. But I left the bra I had been wearing on Thursday on our’s bed. It was that flimsy transparent cream lace one – just ideal for wrapping round his Uncut Hindu Lund!”

Al Qamar Al Jalāl gave a strange little laugh, and her eyes went up in her head as, involuntarily, her hand plunged between her thighs again, pulling her dress aside impatiently, and pressing against her mound, on top of the white satin panties. Her voice was shaky again, as she recalled the events of that morning.

“Muħammad Åbbās, I waited at the bottom of the stairs, listening to Durgesh moving about, putting the things away, until I heard the bathroom door close. Then I quickly climbed the stairs and waited outside the bathroom door. Muħammad Åbbās, I could hear him inside, Muħammad Åbbās – it was such a turn-on. Muħammad Åbbās, I could hear him breathing. It got quicker and quicker, then it became very harsh, then he sort of groaned and his breathing turned to shuddering gasps – then it all went quiet. Muħammad Åbbās, I ran back to the top of the stairs, shaking like a leaf, then I heard the toilet flush and I began to walk slowly along the landing.”

“And he came out, holding my bra! When he saw me, he went brick-red, and tried to hide it, but the straps wouldn’t stay hidden. Then he said – I found this on the floor, Al Qamar Al Jalāl, and I was bringing it down to you.’ I put out my hand for it, and he hesitated. I knew he was worried that there might be some cum on it, but he had to give it to me.”

“Muħammad Åbbās, I took it without saying anything, and opened it out, so we could both look at it. There were no stains on it. I said – I wonder how it got in there? I thought it was in the bedroom.’ Durgesh looked as if he wanted the floor to swallow him up – and I was absolutely soaking! I was so turned on – but I felt so powerful! He had been masturbating with it around his Uncut Hindu Lund two minutes ago, and now I was holding it up in front of him! Muħammad Åbbās, I couldn’t help it – I rubbed it gently against my cheek. Then Muħammad Åbbās, I said to him – ‘Oh, well, thanks, anyway, Durgesh – it’s one of my favorite ones. Do you like it?’ But that was too much for him, and he disappeared into the bedroom to fetch the basket.”

“But my teasing backfired on me, because he was too embarrassed to stop for his kiss, that day. He couldn’t wait to escape, and he rushed downstairs, saying he was late!”

“Muħammad Åbbās, I spent the next three days plotting my next move.”

Chapter 14
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

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