Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat: Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté: 6

Gotrbhid Mahā Bhārat

Shūdrasý tu Savarñaiv Nānyā Bhāryā vidhīyaté

Jāti Pānti Poochhé Nahin Koī,

Hari ko bhajé so Hari kā Hoī

1/18: Ādi Parv


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Chapter 6

Durgesh Ramā Bhārgav

Al Rashīdah Al Shams arrived at her house late that night.
She rushed up to her bedroom taking off her clothes ready for a nice hot shower.
Her parents weren’t there as always.
She had the huge house all to herself.
In the shower, she slipped her fingers between her extremely beautiful Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān legs as the water ran down her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body.

“Oh, Durgesh if you only knew how bad I want you!” She said quietly.

After her shower, she headed straight towards her big bed lying there completely naked.
She was breathing hard as her fingers entered her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot.
Her extremely beautiful Pākistānī Sunnī Musalmān legs were spread wide as she masturbated.
Her nipples were erect and her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot throbbed with each thrust of her fingers.
She moaned softly just thinking of what it would be like to fuck me.
She knew I was an incredible lover just by looking at me.
I was older and that was the way she liked her man.

Her bed was squeaking now as she finger fucked herself harder.
Her two fingers were buried inside her excellent exquisite Panjvaqtah Namāzī utmost sacred Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Choot while her young adult Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān body shifted from side to side.
Her Panjvaqtah Namāzī Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Cunt was dripping out her wet juices staining her expensive bed sheets.
She came and she came with thoughts about me, this wonderful person that made her crazy with my hard to play game.

I lay on my couch watching a late erotic flick.
My thoughts went back to Ramā Bhārgav.
I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock hard thinking about her sweet voice, her gorgeous Bhārgav Brāhmañ body and nice plump lips.
“Hmmm, I bet you can suck my Uncut Hindu Lund good, Ramā Bhārgav,” I smiled out loud taking my Uncut Bachhalyā Hindu Lund out of my pants.

My Uncut Bachhalyā Hindu Cock was rock hard and precum was already oozing out and dripping on my hand as I griped my Uncut Bachhalyā Hindu Cock.
I tightened my grip.
I kept thinking of Ramā Bhārgav.
She was nice and tight Bhārgav Beauty looking innocent.
Yes, Ramā Bhārgav wasn’t as hot as the Musalmān Beauties were.
Yet, she was too my maternal cousin.
After her father, Tryambak Rāméndu Bhārgav, left her mother, Kħadījah Vasīm Wahāb, Ramā Bhārgav left her father too.
“Ramā,” I had tried to explain her father’s, my Mātul Shrī’s, position to her, “Your Ammī is wrong. She promised your father, my Mātul Shrī that she would never force him to accept Islam. Now…”
“I understand, Durgesh, but Dad could have said that he would think on her proposal. Instead of handling the matter tactfully, he absolutely refused Ammī. Moreover, he praised Dr. Ali Sina and his Co-authors to more irritate her.”*

Ramā Bhārgav and I stood in the shower as the water wet us both.
I was behind Ramā Bhārgav caressing her gently.
My hard Bachhalyā Hindu Lund was pressed against her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass ready to enter it and take away any innocence she had left.

Ramā Bhārgav had heard about anal sex being painful but at the same time, she’d also heard about it being sexy and hot.
She wanted to give me this gift.
She was in love for the first time, In her life and there was nothing more sacred than the permission to let me deflower her every Bhārgav Brāhmañ hole she had.
“I love you,” I whimpered in her ear as I kissed the back of her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ neck.
She closed her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes ready to experience anal sex for the first time with the Bachhalyā Hindu man she loved.
“I love you too Durgesh, Durgesh darling, méré Bachhalyā Hindu Piyā, Brahmkanyāsām Brahmāñīsānch Bachhalyā Patidévah, Bachhalyā Hindu husband of us Bhārgav Brāhmañ Beauties! I’m so ready for you.”
I took a deep breath adjusting my Bachhalyā Hindu body behind Ramā Bhārgav.
Her great Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass was just so firm and beautiful.
I trailed kisses down her back and put my hands on her waist.
“Tell me to stop if it hurts you too much,” I said lovingly.
Ramā Bhārgav smiled at my concern for her.
“I’ll let you know.”
I glided my hands down her back and onto her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass.
I put my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund inside her excellent exquisite utmost sacred Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot getting some kind of lubrication from her own juices.
I Penised her for a few seconds hearing her moaning.
Her juices were slimy and warm.
After a few thrusts inside of her, I moved my hands spreading her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass cheeks.
I looked down seeing her incredibly small puckered pink hole.

I kept hoping my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund wouldn’t hurt her.
I would never want to do anything to her that would hurt her.
With my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund covered with her Bhārgav Brāhmañ juices I slipped my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund inside her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ asshole.
She squirmed a little feeling my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund enter her tightest hole for the first time.
I had only fucked Ramā Bhārgav in her utmost sacred Bhārgav Brāhmañ Choot, never in her Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was.
I couldn’t wait to get my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund inside her feeling the warm on my hard Bachhalyā Hindu Lund.
I moved my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund in and out slowly getting her ready.
I slipped it deeper hearing her moaning get louder.
My Bachhalyā Hindu Lund moved slowly inside her then I picked up my speed.
“Ramā Bhārgav, bend over babe. Hold on to the wall. I’m ready to enter you,” I smiled.
Ramā Bhārgav did just that.
She bent her excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ body over making sure I would have full access to getting her from behind.
I grabbed my pulsating Bachhalyā Hindu Lund and aimed right towards Ramā Bhārgav’s tiny Bhārgav Brāhmañ asshole.
I began to dip my head in already wanting to cum as I felt the tightness of her hole greet me.
“Mmmmggghhhh owww mmmmm,” Ramā Bhārgav wailed in pain.
“Do you want me to stop baby? Please let me know.”
Ramā Bhārgav nodded.
“No go on. I want this. I’ve wanted this for a while now. I want to prove to my Ammī that even a Bhārgav Brāhmañ Beauty can please you, satisfy you, as a Musalmān Beauty can. Please let me do it, Durgesh darling, méré Bachhalyā Hindu Piyā, Brahmkanyāsām Brahmāñīsānch Bachhalyā Patidévah, Bachhalyā Hindu husband of us Bhārgav Brāhmañ Beauties!”
I continued to insert my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund inside her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ asshole.
The constricted Bhārgav Brāhmañ asshole was making my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund difficult to move in and out.
Ramā Bhārgav had tears running down her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ face.
Not tears of sadness but of joy.
She felt the excruciating pain, but she felt so loved.
My Bachhalyā Hindu body against hers was the most wonderful feeling she ever knew.
She wanted to defeat Musalmān Beauties.
Rājkumārī Padminī Bhārgav had asked her to do it.
Even Rājkumārī Umā Jagdambā Pārvatī Chakrvartī had asked her to do it.*

I was now halfway inside of her pushing my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund in, loving the way her hole sucked in my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund.
“Oh fuck yeah! Oh Ramā Bhārgav, you feel so tight! Okay, if you still insist, I too love being inside you this way, now happy?” I moaned.
Ramā Bhārgav shut her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes tightly trying to be adjusted to having a Bachhalyā Hindu Lund in her third hole.
She never pictured herself having anal sex, with her own Durgesh, but now that she was, she was happy.
Happier than she’d been in a long time.

I slowly sped up my rhythm entering Ramā Bhārgav’s Bhārgav Brāhmañ asshole faster and harder.
Ramā Bhārgav was groaning loudly.
I put my hands on her waist to hold her in place.
I never knew anal sex with her would be this hot!
I continued to fuck Ramā Bhārgav and knew I was going to cum real soon.
Her tight Bhārgav Brāhmañ hole was too hard.
I felt my strong Bachhalyā Hindu arms shake and my body tighten.
I moaned loud as I began to cum inside Ramā Bhārgav’s puckered little hole.
Her pretty pink hole was now deflowered by DURGESH, her utmost experienced Bachhalyā Hindu lover.
I shot out long hard spurts of my Bachhalyā cum inside of Ramā Bhārgav.
Ramā Bhārgav jolted feeling my each Bachhalyā spurt penetrate inside of her.
I was smiling triumphantly.
More than ever.
My heart was racing fast and I just laid my head on Ramā Bhārgav’s shoulder trying to regain my strength.
“Mmmm that was so sexy!” I said proudly.
Ramā Bhārgav giggled.
“Durgesh, méré Bachhalyā Piyā, we got to do it more often.”
I gritted my teeth.
Padminī Bhārgav and even Umā Jagdambā Pārvatī Chakrvartī were distorting the morals of Brāhmañ womankind even, only to compete with Musalmān Beauties, led by Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Kħadījah Muħammad and my wife Saiyadah Fātimah PhD even.

I put my strong Hindu arms around her never wanting to let her go.
“I love you. I want you to be with me forever, Ramā Bhārgav.”
Ramā Bhārgav turned around to face me.
I leaned down to kiss her gently.
She wrapped her small arms around my neck.
“Just tell me this will never end. Tell me that we’ll always be like this.”
I placed her head on my chest holding her while the water ran down our bodies.
I didn’t reply but my actions said it all.
In a perfect world, we would be like this.
I said silently as I held Ramā Bhārgav close to me .
Her fragile little extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ body belonged to me.
Only to me.

The loud ringing of the telephone woke Ramā Bhārgav up the next morning.
She lay there naked asleep with me and reached over me to answer the phone.
I moved around stretching my strong Bachhalyā arms over my head.
“Hello?” Ramā Bhārgav answered quietly.
“Ramā Bhārgav, sweetie, I just wanted to let you know your car is in the shop now. We are still checking it out and seeing what the problem is.” Ramā Bhārgav heard her Dad, my Mātul Shrī, Tryambak Rāméndu Bhārgav, announce in a loud voice.
“Oh any idea of how much it’s gonna cost yet?”
“No not yet sweetheart. Don’t worry, for now you got Durgesh to take you to work right?”
“Yeah. I just would like my car back Dad, I feel so strange without a car.”
Her Dad, my Mātul Shrī, Tryambak Rāméndu Bhārgav, laughed.
“Oh honey, you’ll survive. Well I gotta head off to work now. Love you sweetheart. Send my love to your Durgesh as well.”
Ramā Bhārgav held the phone until she heard the phone go dead.
She hung up and lay back next to me, her utmost experienced Bachhalyā Hindu lover.
I had my eyes already fixed on my gorgeous maternal cousin.
“How do you feel after last night?” I asked stroking her hair.
“Well, I haven’t gotten up to walk yet,” She said playfully.
I held her close smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo.
Her excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ body was warm against my own naked Bachhalyā Hindu skin.
I didn’t want to leave her side ever.
She was a precious gift that, I had all along, yet never realized until the past few weeks.
How could I have never seen that?
The whole time, I was spending looking for the “right” Musalmān Beauty; she was in my own house.
My own maternal cousin.
This beauty had stolen my heart.
I was hooked on her and now it was too late to turn back.
Yes, she was not a Musalmān Beauty.
She was a Bhārgav Brāhmañ Beauty.
But so what?
A Beauty is a Beauty after all, whether a Musalmān Beauty or a Bhārgav Brāhmañ Beauty.
Yes, she wasn’t as wild in sex as the most of the Musalmān Beauties I had, were.
Yet, she was still capable to cool off my ever burning ever hottest Bachhalyā Hindu Lund.
Wasn’t Ramā Bhārgav?

“I better get up to get ready. Did you want any breakfast?”
I nodded.
“No, love, it’s OK. I’m gonna grab something at work.”
Ramā Bhārgav got up fine until she took her first step.
The slowed down feeling her gorgeous glorious excellent exquisite Bhārgav Brāhmañ ass hurting like hell from last night’s erotic encounter.
She squeezed her extremely beautiful Bhārgav Brāhmañ eyes trying to bypass the pain.
I looked at her concerned.
“Ramā Bhārgav? Baby, are you OK?”
Ramā Bhārgav looked at me laughing.
“Yeah I’m fine, those few first steps were hard though but I’m fine.”
I watched Ramā Bhārgav slowly walk out of the room.
Her naked behind had made my Bachhalyā Hindu Lund harden again.
I wanted to be inside her again soon, but not anal sex, vaginal sex instead.
I loved it with Ramā Bhārgav more.
I was an ever incurable fucker of Beauties, whether Musalmān Beauties or Brāhmañ Beauties.
I enjoyed both, with a different taste however.
The Musalmān Beauties were wild, dynamic and savage in sex with me.
The Brāhmañ Beauties were peaceful and calm.
The Musalmān Beauties were the need of my body.
The Brāhmañ Beauties appealed my soul.*

Ramā Bhārgav arrived just on time to work that day.
She was rushing upstairs and heard someone calling her name out.
She turned to look and saw Al Rashīdah Al Shams.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams was wearing her usually short skirts and tight tops.
Ramā Bhārgav sighed hoping she wouldn’t want to hang out again.
“Ramā Bhārgav, hey so did you and your Durgesh have a good time last night?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams asked.
“Yeah we did. Thank you for having had us over.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams shot her a huge smile.
“No problem! We should do that again soon. Maybe this time, Durgesh can go out with me alone and you and Sakīnah Āftāb can hang out alone?”
Ramā Bhārgav felt her heart sink.
Never in a million years would she ever let me be alone with this Musalmān nymph.
“I don’t think so, Al Rashīdah Al Shams, besides I’ve already got a Musalmān Girlfriend.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams frowned.
“Yeah I know Durgesh told me. Well I still want to try to win Durgesh over. He is so cute!”
Ramā Bhārgav just felt like slapping the Musalmān Beauty.
“Well I gotta get to work. I’ll see you around.”
Ramā Bhārgav walked away as fast as she could.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams was in a daze thinking about me.
Wājidah Akbar sat in her desk watching the whole scenario.
She couldn’t believe Al Rashīdah Al Shams was acting so stupid.
It was obvious that Ramā Bhārgav didn’t want Al Rashīdah Al Shams seeing Durgesh.
It was a strange question.

Wājidah Akbar turned to her computer as it flashed Ramā Bhārgav’s information on the screen.
Her parents’ home showed as the address.
Wājidah Akbar couldn’t wait to go there and spy on her family hoping to get some kind of dirt on little Ms. Perfect.
“Wājidah Akbar! Hey, what you doing?” Al Rashīdah Al Shams said loudly startling Wājidah Akbar’s concentration.
“Nothing much. So how’s it going with Ramā Bhārgav’s Bachhalyā Hindu lover, Durgesh?”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams sighed happily.
“OH well right now, we are just slowly getting to know one another. Pretty soon I’ll have Durgesh in bed like I do to any guy I want.”
Wājidah Akbar rolled her extremely beautiful ardent Musalmān eyes.
“Look, I suggest you better hurry up. I’m ready to get Ramā Bhārgav fired.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams stopped and looked at her friend.
“Wājidah Akbar, don’t you dare try to get Ramā Bhārgav fired. She is my only hope of getting Durgesh .”
Wājidah Akbar glared at Al Rashīdah Al Shams.
“You said you were going to help me out on this. I don’t wanna waste any more time, Al Rashīdah Al Shams.”
Al Rashīdah Al Shams shrugged.
“Well, too bad. Look, if I even hear you tried to do anything here to get Ramā Bhārgav fired, I’ll be sure you are fired as well. Which means you won’t work with Sakīnah Āftāb anymore.”
Wājidah Akbar’s eyes widened in shock.
“You wouldn’t.”
“Oh yes, I would. Just leave Ramā Bhārgav alone. Besides, Sakīnah Āftāb has already made it clear that I don’t want to date you. I’m sorry, Wājidah Akbar, but it’s the truth.”
Wājidah Akbar felt every word that her friend was saying like a slap in the face.
Al Rashīdah Al Shams could be cruel, but she’d never been this cruel to her.
Wājidah Akbar wasn’t going to let her friend have her way as she usually did.
She was still going to pursue her research on this bitch and destroy her any way she could.
“So my cousin really digs your Durgesh, ” Sakīnah Āftāb suddenly said as Ramā Bhārgav and I sat in her office going over the new programs that needed to be added.
“Y-yeah I suppose so, but I’ve got a Musalmān Girlfriend, Sakīnah Āftāb.”
Sakīnah Āftāb sneered.
“Well you don’t know my little cousin too well. She doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants.”
Ramā Bhārgav scowled.
She wished she could just come out and tell us both that she and I are together.
This was just getting too complicated, and for now, she had to continue keeping it a secret.
The day was almost ending.
Sakīnah Āftāb and Al Rashīdah Al Shams had gone home early that day.
Wājidah Akbar and a few others including Ramā Bhārgav were left.

Ramā Bhārgav knew I would be picking her up soon.
She tried to hurry and finish the rest of her work.

I had gotten out of work early that day and wanted to visit with Ramā Bhārgav at her work for a while.
I’d never gotten to see her office that she kept talking about.
I rushed out of work and headed over to the university.
My heart still raced knowing in a few minutes I’d be able to hold Ramā Bhārgav in my strong Bachhalyā Hindu arms.
Wājidah Akbar rested in Sakīnah Āftāb’s office.
She had an extra key that I didn’t know about and she usually went in there to look at the pictures I had on my desk and just to be in the atmosphere that I was in earlier that day.
She felt her extremely beautiful eyes tear up as she thought about never having me again.
Why did I have so much damn control over her?
She’d let herself fall in love with me and now she was paying for it.
She went over to turn off the lights and sat on my large leather chair.
She closed her extremely beautiful eyes remembering the last time she and Sakīnah Āftāb had sex.
I had been incredible giving her more orgasms than any other guy she’d been with.
I was good with my hands and my mouth that was for sure!
Wājidah Akbar was lost in her recollection of love memories when she heard some voices.
She peeped through the blinds in Sakīnah Āftāb’s office.
It was just DURGESH, Ramā Bhārgav’s Bachhalyā Hindu lover, Durgesh, coming to pick her up.
Wājidah Akbar stared for a while.
She had to admit herself, that I was quite a good-looking young man.
She didn’t blame Al Rashīdah Al Shams for crushing on me, but still I was the Durgesh of her enemy.
We seemed like we were very close.

I put my strong Bachhalyā Hindu arms around Ramā Bhārgav as if I hadn’t seen her in a while.
Wājidah Akbar found that strange but figured that’s just the way we were.
Wājidah Akbar was about to go back to her reminiscing, when her jaw almost dropped to the ground as she saw Ramā Bhārgav and me engaged in a kiss.
Not just any kiss, a hot deep kiss!
“What the fuck?” Wājidah Akbar said to herself.
She blinked her eyes still in disbelief.
No it couldn’t be, could it?
Was little Ms. Perfect involved with a Bachhalyā?
This was just too unbelievable like something you read off the tabloids.
Wājidah Akbar watched we continue our kiss.
I ran my hands up and down Ramā Bhārgav’s body and she had her arms wrapped tightly around me.
“Mmmm nice kiss,” Ramā Bhārgav said to me.
“I’ve wanted to kiss you all day. I couldn’t wait any longer.”
“No problem. No one is here anyway. Just don’t do it too often,” She said teasing.
“Are you ready to get out of here?”
Ramā Bhārgav nodded.
Getting her things, soon we both left.
Wājidah Akbar still in shock sat back almost numb.
She still couldn’t believe what she had witnessed.
She knew that would definitely destroy Ramā Bhārgav’s perfect reputation with Sakīnah Āftāb and everyone else.
She smiled wickedly knowing what she had to do next.
She felt like laughing knowing Al Rashīdah Al Shams was going to look like a dumb ass for having fell head over heels for a guy who liked my own maternal cousin.
She knew the entire traditional Brāhmañ community termed it incest.
Only the Bachhalyās and Dvij Hindus did it.
It was right for Durgesh.
But, it was wrong for Ramā Bhārgav.*

Chapter 7
1. More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

2.Durgesh in Hindi/Urdu

3. Science Fiction

4. On History

5. Commentary on Ved

6. On Hinduism

7. On Islam

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