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Chapter 26
Durgesh Lily Turner

I remembered when I first met her.

The flight on board the DC-10 from Virginia was uneventful.
The flight attendant seemed friendly enough although I could not stop looking at her legs.
Even though the flight was not that long, I had a few too many adult beverages.
Even the best have to go sometime so I made my way to the rear of the jet to the restroom, when someone caught my attention.

She was stunning in a plain sort of way.
Her hair neatly brushed back behind her ears.
A simple, yet elegant, blouse that hid what I suspected was an ample set of breasts.
Neither of these wonderful assets caught my attention.
It was her eyes.
She only gave a quick glance my way, but that was enough.
Her eyes seemed to pierce right through my very soul.
It seemed that I had been standing there for an hour, but in reality, it was just a few seconds.
I continued on my way back, finally getting to the lavatory.
I shut the door quickly.

My breathing labored.
It seemed I couldn’t focus on anything.
It was those eyes; they wouldn’t leave my thoughts.
As I returned to my seat, I chanced a look towards her.
To my disappointment, she was reading a nature magazine. I continued on my way back to my seat, trying to clear my thoughts.
The plane landed, and I was still finding it hard to focus.
All the way through the landing, baggage claim and trying to find a taxi I could not get those eyes out of my mind.

The room I reserved was one of the best.
It was nice to get the very best, almost always.
A spacious living area with a whirlpool, and a rather large bedroom, would definitely relax me.
I began to unpack my suitcase; I was going to start enjoying life after all.
It wasn’t any business trip.
After getting my things put away, I decided on a quick swim.
Maybe that would clear my mind.
There were about forty people lounging out by the pool.
Most of them were drinking something cold and colorful, with those little umbrellas in them.

As I dove into the clear blue water, a sense of relief began to wash over me.
All the stress from the long hours, and late nights of nonstop sexual work, were soon gone.
I started to feel at peace.
This was all about to change when I came up for air.
I broke the surface of the water and there was the same exotic woman from the flight in, staring at me with those eyes.
“Oh I’m sorry, my eyes were closed, and I didn’t realize that someone was standing there.” She flashed a little smile as bright as her eyes.
“It’s really alright, it’s not like you knocked me over or anything. Since we seem to have bumped into each other, maybe we should introduce ourselves’. I’m Lily Turner. If I’m not mistaken I think we were on the same flight,”
I stood there staring at her.
It really surprised me that even I found it hard to get any words out.
Her effect on me was intoxicating to say the least.
“Do you have a name or you going to make me guess?”
“My name is Durgesh,” I told her as air rushed back into my lungs.
Lily Turner smiled.
I was a little alert.
Lily Turner was smart and seemed to have a quick wit.
“Well I guess I’m going to have to take your word for it, unless you have an ID somewhere in those swim trunks.” I found it intoxicating to look into her eyes.
They were mystifying.
“Well now that the introductions are out of the way, what should we do now? I know I was getting ready to get out, and grab something tall and wet. Care to join me, Mr. Durgesh?”
We walked over to an open table and put the umbrella up.
The waiter came over and took our order, a Salty Dog for her and a Corona for me.
“I’m sorry for not being able to talk back in the pool. Something about the chemical in the water seemed to have taken by breath away,” I lied. “So what brings you to the island Lily Turner?”
“Well, I thought I would get away for a while and enjoy myself a little. I work very hard for my friends company and I needed a break. I know that sounds so much like a tourist but at least it’s true. May I ask what brings you to such a beautiful place? Are you here for business or maybe just some self pleasure?” she asked, letting the last part roll off her tongue.
“Well I guess, I’ve been putting in tons of overtime and thought I would treat myself to a little, how did you put that – self pleasure.”
We chatted for quite some time together.
The more Lily Turner drank, the more she relaxed.
It didn’t take long before the two of us began to feel at ease with each other.
“Wow look at the time. It seems we’ve been out here for a while. Forgive me for keeping you out so long. I should be getting back upstairs for a bit,” I said.
“Oh, what room are you in, if you don’t mind me asking?” I didn’t know where this was leading, but thought I’d play along for a while.
“I’m in room 1201,” I said.
“Isn’t that the top floor of the hotel? I believe it’s the Kings suite, isn’t it?” Lily Turner asked.
“As far as what they call it, I wouldn’t know, but that sounds as good a name as any,” I said jokingly.
“What room are you are in, if you don’t mind me asking also?” I asked.
“Well, it seems I didn’t get as good as you, I’m in 712,” Lily Turner replied bashfully.
I smiled.
“But, I wouldn’t mind seeing what’s on the top floor, if it’s not an inconvenience?” Lily Turner added quickly, trying not to appear intrigued.
“I think that I can arrange that,” I said. “In the meantime, it would be an honor to escort you to dinner tonight. That is, if you don’t already have plans.”
“I think that would be a lovely idea, say 7 o’clock? I’ll meet you up at your room if you don’t mind. That way, I can see what a king’s suite looks like.”
“It’s a deal. I’ll see you in a few hours then.” We shook hands politely and then I walked back inside to start getting ready.

‘This trip is starting to get better every minute,’ I said to myself, smiling, as I pushed the button for the elevator.
I busied myself with trying to decide what to wear.
I finally decided on a pair of tan slacks and a crisp white shirt.
I figured at least it would be cool and maybe that was a good thing, because things might get a little hot tonight, I hoped.
It was 6:45 and I was just finishing, when there was a knock at the door.
I opened up the door to a vision of beauty.

Lily Turner had on a knee-length flower printed dress that showed off her ample cleavage and fantastic legs, not to mention those eyes.
I smiled, when her voice started ringing in my ears. “DURGESH, did you hear what I said?” she asked politely.
“Oh I’m sorry what were you saying?” I said, trying to regain my composure.
“I asked if it was ok if I came in, I feel a little silly standing in the hall like this.”
I moved out of the doorway and watched her stroll into the room.
It was as if she was floating and never once touched the floor.
“Well; it looks as if you do very well for yourself, the room is very beautiful. I think you will likely get a few more dates with a room like this.” Lily Turner said as she scanned the room.
“I just have to finish up and then we can be on our way,” I said, and then returned to the bathroom.
I stood there splashing water on my face, trying to regain a little bit of my self-control back.
Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, Durgesh, it’s not like you have never seen a woman before.”
Then that little voice in my head answered back, ‘yes, but not like that!’
I finished dressing and took a deep breath then went in to join her.
“That’s a very nice spa you have in there. I hope you don’t mind I took the liberty of looking around a bit.”
“No really that’s fine, I hope you like it.”
“Did you get to see everything?”
“Well if we both play our cards right, I will,” Lily Turner said with a little smile.

We went to a little café down from the hotel with a wonderful view of the ocean and the setting sun.
I noticed the way the persons stared at us as we walked down the boardwalk.
They all must have had the same thoughts, because all of them had that blank stare most men get when they see a beautiful woman.
I am sure if anyone of them had known Lily Turner was related to Stansfield Turner, the director of CIA, none of them had even thought to be linked with her in any way.
Except I, of course.
I knew who she was.
Yes, Lily Turner wasn’t a Musalmān Beauty.
But her Ammī was a Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān.
Only her father was a Baptist as President of USA, Jimmy Carter, was.
Moreover, he was related to Stansfield Turner, the director of CIA.
The drinks came and we chatted while the waiter went to put the order in.
Lily Turner, I must say you look beautiful tonight. I feel very lucky to have bumped into you,” I said.
“Well I had thought you didn’t like it. You never mentioned it when I showed up at your door. It seemed everyone was staring at us as we came down,” she said as her eyes locked with mine as she sipped her drink.
“I’m sorry, it seems I have been a little behind the power curve since you came up to the room,” I said smiling.
“Oh really, and here I thought you were a man who likes to be on top; of my game I mean.” She was quick witted and seemed to enjoy teasing me.
This was turning out to be a long night, and I was going to have to watch what I said from now on.

The dinner was just as good as the desk clerk said it would be.
Lily Turner enjoyed a bottle of wine while watching the nightlife start to come alive.
“Well DURGESH, that was a very nice dinner and I know I have sort of picked on you most of the night but I hope you can forgive me,” she said as she touched my hand.
“I will if we don’t have to call it a night just yet. I was thinking maybe we could enjoy each other’s company for a while longer.”
Lily Turner leaned over the table.
Her breast resting on her arms which I could not avoid as I glanced down quickly.
“Well now that I know I’m forgiven what would you like to do to me; I’m sorry, with me?” Lily Turner asked seductively.
“If it’s not too much trouble, would you like to go to a club or bar or something like that?” I was as smart as a sixteen year old during prom night.
Well, I was myself twenty-eight then.

Wasn’t I?
“Consider me yours for the night then.” She still had that little grin on her face.

I helped her up from the table.
After leaving the waiter a healthy tip for leaving them alone, we strolled up the boardwalk.
As I held her hand in mine, I felt a sudden surge of excitement flow through me as we looked for a nice place to stop.
We came upon a little club, we could hear the steel drums ringing out inside, so we turned to enter the club.
I went to get a few glasses of juices while Lily Turner went to find a quiet spot.

I found her in a corner booth waiting for me.
“You picked out such a good spot, I could just kiss you!”
She just smiled as I sat down and scooted over next to her.
The music was just my style up beat and swing like.

She loved to dance.
Her Ammī, Al Saliħah Al Rashīd, had been an instructor when she was younger.
When she was growing up, she lived in Hawaii for a while and learned how to swing her hips.
Lily Turner just kept it up, and now she could dance the best.
Her job kept her from doing it as much as she’d like.
Lily Turner knew what she was doing when it came to dancing, it would be nice to show off.
“Lily Turner, I was thinking, would you like to dance?”
“Well I would, but I’m still waiting. It’s been almost five minutes and you still owe me a kiss for getting the table,” she said.
Without even blinking, I leaned over and softly touched her lips.
She slowly parted her lips and allowed my tongue to touch hers, as I gently touched her face, softly holding it in one hand.
It lasted only a short time.
As I pulled back, she opened her eyes and looked at me.
“That was very good. You could make a girl weak in the knees with kisses like those.”
If given the chance, I was going to do just that.

We got up and went to the dance floor.
I took her hand in mine and asked,
“Are you up for this?”
She just smiled and those eyes were sparkling bright.
I started to spin her around, doing little swing moves.
Lily Turner just kept up, and followed my lead.
‘This girl can dance,’ I thought to myself.
The music ended and as the band took a break I escorted her back to the table and sat down beside her.
Then I put my arm around the back of the booth, just behind her shoulders.

I was sophisticated, confident and smart about all of this.
I just met this woman and she was having a drastic effect on my behavior.
“You dance very well Durgesh darling. I didn’t think men knew how to dance like that. The way you use your hips is impressive,” Lily Turner said.
“Thank you. I like to dance and have had some good teachers along the way,” I told her, hoping not to sound over confident.
We enjoyed each other’s company for quite sometime, talking about our job and business and learning more about the things each other liked.
We danced the evening away but it was getting late.
I decided to call it a night.
I didn’t want to press my luck, since I was actually enjoying myself, so far.
“Well Lily Turner; how about I walk you back to the hotel? We wouldn’t want to wear ourselves out the first night; now would we?” The drinks were having some effect on Lily Turner and it was starting to show.
“You know DURGESH, with a nice erection for me like you have; I think I’d follow you most anywhere.”
With a quick kiss on her lips as a ‘thank you’, we got up and started the walk back to our hotel.
I loved the way her dress moved with her body.
The grace and style of beautiful women always intrigued me.

Moreover, I was never ashamed of it that I was an extremely hyper sexual male.

Why should be I, moreover?

The Beauties of every cast and creed loved my company very much.

Didn’t they?

In most of the cases, they themselves proposed to have sex with me.

Didn’t they?

So, why the hell should I be ashamed of it?

Even if it was really shameful, the dazzling Beauties themselves must be ashamed of it.

Why should I?

I only obliged them.

Wasn’t I required to do even that to their proposals as a general courtesy too?

The persons who still criticized it were actually jealous of me, not sincere.

They criticized me because they weren’t as lucky in getting the similar proposals from dazzling Beauties, as I was.

I sympathize with them.

The damn-fools didn’t even know they were themselves responsible for what they were getting.

They didn’t have proper  Bhogyantrānk.

Neither they ever tried to increase it.

Most of them didn’t even knew what it was, neither tried ever to find out.
“Since I picked you up at the start of the evening I think it’s only fair that I take you back to your room first Mr. Durgesh,” she said in a sultry tone.

The ride in the elevator was short lived.
It seemed she was pressing herself up against my arm with those wonderful breasts of hers, even though we were the only two in it.
Finally, we arrived at my door.
I took my key out to inserted it in the lock, but she took it out of my hand.

“Allow me, Sir.”

Lily Turner opened the door and walked in first, looking around the room jokingly, as if she was watching out for my safety.
“I was just making sure everything was in order. Can’t be too careful these days,” she said.
“You are such a considerate date to take the trouble of ensuring my safety is taken care of, Lily Turner.” I said smiling at her.
She slowly moved in front of me, locking her beautiful eyes with mine.
Lily Turner placed her hands on my hips, looking up at me, and then she herself pulled my body against hers.
“So tell me, does the hot tub work or is that just for show if you have a woman in your room?”
Smiling at her and looking straight into her eyes, I said,
“I really haven’t tried it yet, but as far as I know, all the equipment in this room works very well,” I said with a little bit more of a hint to it.
I kissed her soft Baptist lips as I wrapped my Hindu arms around her gorgeous Baptist back, moving my hands over her sensuous Baptist body.
We melted into each other’s arms, kissing like two teenagers hungry for each other.
Okay, okay, we were in our late twenties.
So what?
“Wow, you kiss extremely well when you get into it! You really know how to do things to a woman’s heart rate,” Lily Turner said seeming a little out of breath.

I continued to run my Hindu lips and tongue over her beautiful Baptist  neck.

Using my teeth I softly nibbled her neckline.
“What can I say, I like to please a Baptist woman and make sure that she enjoys the things I do.”
Baptist woman? Haha! You liar!”
“What do you mean?”
“Your father, Vishvās Shakr Mānav, is a great Hollywood tycoon. So, don’t think you are yourself too unknown. You love Musalmān Beauties more, not us Baptist Beauties, I know.”
I laughed.
“Yet, it’s a truth that I love this Baptist Beauty.”
Lily Turner winked at me.
“Your Musalmān Beauties may listen to what you are telling me.”
“Let them.” I also winked at Lily Turner.*

Chapter 27


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