Mid Term 2012: 2

Mid Term 2012


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The four extremely stunning Musalmān Beauties

The families, I lived in, were mostly the families of almost all beautiful Musalmān girls, and later…..all beautiful Musalmān women.

They needed me more than the families that had male members already.

In most of the cases, the Musalmān husband/Abbū died or divorced/left his Musalmān wife/wives due to this or that reason.

In this case, he abandoned them a little over a year, surprisingly; after just he married his fourth wife Tasnīm Jamāl.

Tasnīm Jamāl and I had so many of the same facial characteristics, that so many persons thought Tasnīm Jamāl were my real daughter even.

Actually, Tasnīm Jamāl’s Ammī never slept with me.

Moreover, I was incapable to father any daughter at all.

I was a Y Chromosomed Hindu man.

Dr. Saåīdah Qamar was the Chief wife, though now she was too abandoned.

She was Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s friend and was of her age, thirty years herself.

Tasnīm Jamāl had her Ammī’s almost reddish honey blonde coloration.

The eldest woman of the family, Dr. Saåīdah Qamar had been forced to return to work full-time which necessitated her next co wife Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī becoming almost a second elder sister to Tasnīm Jamāl.

Tasnīm Jamāl was twenty-eight and Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī was twenty-nine.

Dr. Saåīdah Qamar, the eldest one: Thirty years.

Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī, the next in age and power both: Twenty nine years.

Tasnīm Jamāl, the married yet still virgin wife: Twenty eight years.

A great deal of responsibility was thrown on Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī.

She was at least more mature than Tasnīm Jamāl, though Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī was only one year older than her.

It became more and more necessary in order to alleviate some of the hardships that their Chief Co wife, Dr. Saåīdah Qamar, was facing.

Luckily, Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī eventually had help from Sādiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī who was only two years younger than Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī was.

Needless to say, over the course of the years, they all grew extremely close while growing up.

I was sixty two already.

I especially conducted a meeting with all the extremely beautiful young Musalmān wives abandoned.

They were sitting on lavishly precious black leather chairs kept in opposite my table half around it.

“We all are fully capable to protect ourselves, Mr. Durgesh.” Dr. Saåīdah Qamar said in a manner as if it was beyond her dignity to talk with me, “We are all grown up, highly educated successful industrials and politicians. Midterm 2012 has been announced. We have to fight hard to keep our parliamentary seats.”

“Saåīdah is right, Durgesh.” Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī seconded her, “It is the first election we have to face without Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr.”

“I know that.” I watched all the four extremely stunning young  Musalmān Beauties scrutinizing them, “Yet, I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”

“We can’t and don’t leave our Islamic Media Empire in your Hindu hands.” Tasnīm Jamāl smiled at me.

“Tasnīm Jamāl,” Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī addressed Tasnīm Jamāl patronizing her. Her voice was extraordinary sweet, “You are forgetting the reputation of our Chairman. He is not famous for controlling Islamic Media Empires. He is infamous for something else.”

“Stop it.” Dr. Saåīdah Qamar admonished her co wife.

“Saåīdah!” Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī retorted, “He wants to fuck all of us. Nothing else.”

“Safiyah, please!” Tasnīm Jamāl smiled, “Saåīdah hasn’t any objection whatsoever.”

Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī laughed.

Dr. Saåīdah Qamar looked at them with abundant disapproval,

“Shut up, you idiots. We can’t keep Durgesh out of this game. Our ever shrewd husband Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr wanted to prove his charges on us. He has deliberately arranged this predicament for us.”

I didn’t say anything.

I kept on watching them gravely.

Dr. Saåīdah Qamar was not only eldest of them; she was the most brilliant of them too.

“I can prove my virginity still intact.” Tasnīm Jamāl said irritably, “How can the bloody husband of us, Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr prove Durgesh fucks me?”

Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī looked at Tasnīm Jamāl irritably,

“Well, I’m not virgin. Saåīdah is also not virgin. But Durgesh doesn’t fuck us nevertheless. Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr can’t prove it too.”***

Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr remembered he was received in the Saůūdī Årab Capital, Riyāz, or Riyadh as it was written in English erroneously.

They received him there with the ceremony and respect though they knew very well that almost the entire houseladies of his household were sleeping now with me shamelessly, rather with pride.

Entire houseladies, except his present four wives only.

It was not a coincidence that Dr. Saåīdah Qamar, Dr. Safiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī, Dr. Sādiyah Nādirshāh Durrānī, and Dr. Tasnīm Jamāl all were highly successful media persons.

Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr had deliberately chosen them to be so.

He was a big name now in Islamic world.

Even the fact that he had an Indian Hindu father, Professor Narendrnāth Sharmā and a Pakistani Sunni Musalmān Ammī, Dr. Ħumayrah Shāhjahān Jahāngīr, could not stop his meteoric success in Islamic world.

Dr. Ħumayrah Shāhjahān Jahāngīr was a world renowned Pakistani Sunni Musalmān journalist.

Professor Narendrnāth Sharmā was not a Professor then.

He was a greater Journalist then.

He was Dr. Ħumayrah Shāhjahān Jahāngīr’s ideal.

They were never married.

But they were still an ideal International couple having ten sons of their own now.

The Indian law that a Hindu could have only one legally married wife at a time was always met with the smart devious Hindus having as many unmarried sex partners almost everywhere in the world as they could maintain.

Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr was the eldest of the ten sons Professor Narendrnāth Sharmā and Dr. Ħumayrah Shāhjahān Jahāngīr had.

He was treated in Riyadh/Riyāz with absolute authority.

He perceived that among his journalistic contemporaries there were those more erudite, learned, cleverer, and wiser than himself.

He was merely a philosopher of the fourth estate while they were the ruling queens because they had the legions, crowds, masses, hosts, multitudes, bands, throngs, platoons, and teams to support them.

They were not only extremely beautiful, they had brains even.

Moreover they used their brains to elevate themselves ingeniously.

Their legions were formed by their vast and loyal reading and viewing public.

There were millions who followed their columns and shows.

They believed their every word even after so much exposure of some treacherous media persons.

When they issued their daily edicts, lively, dramatic, firsthand reports and opinions on the world trouble spots, their followers believed them, hailed them, and their massive plebeian chorus was heard in high places in Washington, D.C., New Delhi, Ved Nagar, as well as abroad.

As a result, the private key elevator to the sacrosanct, inviolable seventh floor of the Department of States, and the guarded doors to the oval office of the White House, were always wide-open to them.

Every President had been their admirer, respectful to them.

He wondered at this great revelation.

He couldn’t believe on what he himself learned so laboriously and not known to others.

He suspected the real power was not in the hands of the President of USA even.

The real power lay in the hands of the persons whom these queens of journalism represented.

None knew who these persons were.

Imam Dr. Aurangzeb Åālamgīr wanted to know them on every cost.

They were the real persons who eliminated Pseudo Islamic Terrorism under the guise of USA.

They were the real persons who eliminated foreign rule from India under disguise of Congress.

The actually Powerful Persons ruling the Universes.

Who were they?

The smartest persons who understood very well the principle that the Security is in anonymity.***

 Chapter 3


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