Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh: 8

Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh


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Bābarah Åālamgīr

I want Durgesh inside me

Nasīm Muåāwiyah


Nasīm Muåāwiyah laughed,

“Of course, silly. How else was I going to get the ointment on, through my clothes? Don’t be such an old biddy. Durgesh already has seen countless naked Musalmān women before and besides he’s been a perfect gentleman.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah added  in a slightly offended tone.

I sat there alert trying to look big and unobtrusive.

But Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s tone and defense of me seemed to, if not satisfied Bābarah Åālamgīr, at least removed immediate suspicion from us.

Bābarah Åālamgīr moved over to the couch and looked down at her friend.

“How are you anyway?” She asked.

“Much better now. Allah, Yā Allaaaaah!  But did it hurt before. I was lying there crying, when your dad came home and he’s taken care of me. That stuff he used is awesome. It takes the pain away but he had to put it on every couple of hours. He’s a pretty special guy. My touch was like velvet and he was all concerned about me being naked and touching me and all. Just really sweet.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah answered.

I was decidedly cautious with the praise and attention.

I tried to change the subject.

“What are you Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls planning this evening? Dinner wise I mean. They can do some steaks on the grill if you would like. Or do you want to go out?”

“Oh steaks sound delicious.” Zubaydah Bābar offered. “We all skipped lunch and are starving.”

“Ok I order them to start dinner and you can all get the salt and sand showered off and change.” I offered.

“I’ll help with dinner.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah offered.***

Nishāt Nāzlī, Bābarah Åālamgīr and Zubaydah Bābar all headed to their rooms to get cleaned up.

As Bābarah Åālamgīr went down the steps, she gave a glance back at her Hindu father and her Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān friend.

She was satisfied that nothing went on while they were gone but the twinge of jealousy remained.

“That’s weird. Why would I be jealous of my Hindu father and my Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān friend even if they did get together? I know he’s had extremely beautiful Musalmān women even since the separation  with my Ammī. And some of them may have been pretty young too.” She mused to herself and then just put it out of her mind as she started the shower.

Bābarah Åālamgīr finished her shower.

She dressed in a tank top and shorts before she headed upstairs.

When she got up to the living area, she found Nishāt Nāzlī and Zubaydah Bābar there, ahead of her, sitting down with a drink and talking to Nasīm Muåāwiyah.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah was in the kitchen making a salad, stark naked.

“What is this, Nudes at the beach, or something?” She asked.

All three Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls giggled and Nasīm Muåāwiyah answered her.

“Clothing rubs the sunburn and hurts. Moreover, I don’t have anything you girls don’t have. In addition, your Hindu dad already has seen more of me than all my past boyfriends put together. So, what the hell. But if it really bothers you I’ll put something on and put up with the pain.”

Now Bābarah Åālamgīr felt bad.

Her friend was offering to subject herself to a lot of discomfort to make Bābarah Åālamgīr feel more comfortable.

“No, I’m sorry I was just surprised. Durgesh  is my dad after all, even if a stepdad. It just takes getting used to, I guess.”

And she smiled at her friend and shook her head.

“Of all of us I figured you’d be the last one to run around naked. Shy little Nasīm Muåāwiyah.”

All four of them broke into laughter.

“Hey maybe we should all strip down.” Nishāt Nāzlī offered with a laugh.

“No, I don’t think I can handle all my extremely stunning Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān friends naked around my Hindu father. He is the eversexiest man I’ve ever heard of even.” Bābarah Åālamgīr laughed.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah chimed in,

“Besides, it would probably drive even the everyoung Hindu man nuts. Durgesh  had such a bulge in his pants when he was putting the suave on me. I felt sorry for him.”

At that revelation, all of them giggled but Bābarah Åālamgīr’s was an uncomfortable giggle.

Thinking of her Hindu father as a man instead of Daddy was not something she had tried before.

Then Nishāt Nāzlī threw more wood onto the fire.

“So was it a small bulge, a big bulge or a really big bulge.” She asked Nasīm Muåāwiyah.

“I’d say someplace between big and really big.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah answered.

Bābarah Åālamgīr was shocked and could not believe that her friends were talking about her Hindu father this way.

“Hey you bunch of Musalmān sluts, that’s my Hindu dad you’re talking about. I can’t believe I’m listening to a conversation about the size of my father’s thing.”

Zubaydah Bābar responded to her complaint.

“Come on, Bābarah Åālamgīr. He’s a guy and extremely superb looking. Even then, He certainly does not look his age and he is in a pretty good excellent shape.”

“Yeah, I agree. If I tried to pick me up at a club I’d have a couple of drinks with me and maybe more.” Nishāt Nāzlī laughed. “You have to admit Durgesh  is in amazingly good shape. Come on. Be honest.”

“Well I guess Durgesh  is. And I guess Durgesh  is extremely good looking. But cut me a break girls, Durgesh  is my dad. How would you like if I went drooling after your father.” Bābarah Åālamgīr defended herself.

“OK I have an idea.” Zubaydah Bābar offered, “How about if we all call Durgesh ‘Daddy’ while we’re here so we stop thinking how hot Durgesh  is.”

All of them giggled at the suggestion and agreed.

Bābarah Åālamgīr was satisfied that her friends weren’t going to jump her Hindu  father’s bones but was aware that the talk about her dad had made her jealous.

And she began to think to herself.

Durgesh  really is in good shape and if I stop looking at him as my dad Durgesh  is extremely  hot, in an older guy sort of way. I guess if I want to keep Durgesh  out of the clutches of my extremely sexy extremely beautiful Musalmān friends, I will have to find them all some Hindu boys to take their minds off Durgesh.”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah stood at the counter making the salad and although she had said little, she was thinking.

“Bābarah Åālamgīr seemed upset but then it is her Hindu father. I guess if I am interested, I better talk to her first. I don’t want to lose a friend over a guy and do I really want an older man?”

For my part, I was out on the deck making the steaks.

I had left the sliding door open and I could hear the Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls’ conversation clearly, but we did not realize it.

“So they think I’m hot for an old guy.” It was a flattering thought for a man approached  62, to have a couple of 28 year old Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls find me attractive and thoughts of nubile bodies ran through my mind before I mentally controlled myself .

“Bābarah Åālamgīr would be upset if I started bedding her friends. But we are a hot bunch. Not an ugly one among them, hell even Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr, is a hottie. Damn if Nasīm Muåāwiyah keeps up with this sunburn, I might just bust a nut. I’m not sure if she’s coming on to me or teasing me or just that type of open personality. I guess I will just spend the next two weeks fucking extremely beautiful Panjvaqtah Namāzī 28 years old Musalmān Beauties, most of the times every  day.”

The steaks were done.

I made an appropriate amount of noise reentering the house to warn them I was coming.

We all sat down for dinner.

Zubaydah Bābar was wearing a T shirt and shorts, comfortable clothing but the t shirt was a little tight on her large frame and her massive Musalmān breasts were straining at the fabric.

She wore no bra and her erect nipples were obvious.

Nishāt Nāzlī and Bābarah Åālamgīr were both wearing tank tops and shorts, again comfortable looking clothing and again neither was wearing a bra.

I was a little put off by the fact that I noticed Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr’s nipples were erect and the darkened shadow of her areoles were visible under the light white covering.

I was more put out by the fact that I noticed and my “involuntary male reaction” than I was by the show.

At the other end of the table sat Nasīm Muåāwiyah, still naked and seemingly perfectly comfortable with it.

In fact after the initial shock, it did not seem to bother any of them at all except me.

Between Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr’s nipples and Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s nudity I was a little distracted during dinner and thoughts of the conversation I overheard kept popping into my head.

We were halfway through dinner when I realized that all the Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls were in fact calling me ‘Daddy’ and I was responding to it without a thought.

In a way, it was cute and it did alleviate the “should they call me Durgesh, or Mr. Durgesh” debate so it made them all a little more comfortable.

I just decided to roll with it and relax.

I put Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr’s nipples out of my mind and just did not look at them.

As far as Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s nudity, I was growing used to it and it was beginning to seem normal. So I opted for casual conversation.

“So what do you Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls have planned for this evening?” I asked.

Bābarah Åālamgīr spoke up immediately.

“I was thinking maybe we could go and do some dancing again.” Besides she thought to herself maybe she could get these Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls hooked up so they back off her Hindu  dad a little.”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah spoke first.

“You naughty girls go ahead. I’m still tired from not sleeping last night and I ‘m not sure if I should go out with this burn. What do you think, Daddy?”

I was caught off guard, but regained my composure and answered quickly.

“As long as you wait till after sundown you should be OK, but if you’re tired I would not push it. I am afraid you’ll be living like a vampire for a day or two. Stuck indoors during the day and only going out at night, at least until your skin starts to heal.”

Next Zubaydah Bābar spoke up.

“Actually I’m kind of tired from two days of beach and two nights of party. I was thinking about staying in tonight.”

“Me too.” Nishāt Nāzlī offered, “Maybe we could get a movie or something. That is as long as Daddy doesn’t mind us hanging around. You don’t have a Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriend coming over. Do you?”

I smiled,

“No. No current Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girlfriends. Why would I even consider such a thing with four Hotties staying under my roof?”

All four Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls giggled at the compliment.

Even Bābarah Åālamgīr, chuckled, although her giggle was a little nervous.

“My Hindu dad thinks I’m hot!” ran through her mind and a tingle went up her spine.

I continued,

“If you want to watch a movie, Bābarah Åālamgīr is on my account at the video store or I have a bunch of them in the cabinet over there. You’re welcome to either.”

“Are you going to watch with us?” Nasīm Muåāwiyah asked, looking me in the eye.

“I didn’t know I was invited and it depends on what you watch.” I answered.

The Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls quickly assured me that I was invited and they wanted me to watch with them,

“After all you are the daddy.” Nishāt Nāzlī quipped and we all laughed.

We all agreed.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah volunteered to clean up while the other three started going through my collection of DVDs.

With over 500 titles, they were bound to find something.

I tried to help Nasīm Muåāwiyah clean up but she pushed me away.

I returned to my seat at the table with a cold drink and watched Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s perfect firm naked Musalmān ass wiggle around the kitchen.

About the time, she finished the dishes Zubaydah Bābar, Nishāt Nāzlī and Bābarah Åālamgīr found a film they all agreed on.

It was an older film that we all knew but did not really remember.

Then Zubaydah Bābar had an idea.

“How about if we all go for ice cream before we watch the movie.”

All of them agreed and I offered to buy and drive.

“Only problem is that Nasīm Muåāwiyah has to put something on. I know the people at the ice cream stand and they would serve her like that, but they would not be happy about all the Ammīs taking their kids elsewhere. On the other hand she would attract a lot of young Hindu guys to hang out there.”

“No thanks.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah offered. “I don’t mind staying like this around you guys but I am not going out in public. I just wish I had packed a light dress or something.”

“Why don’t you borrow a T shirt from daddy?” Nishāt Nāzlī offered. “It would probably fit you like a short dress.”

In fact, it turned out to be an excellent suggestion.

One of my T-shirts came down to mid thigh on her and it was loose enough on the rest of her that it did not chafe.

While it was not pleasant to wear clothes against her skin yet, between the suave and the loose fit it was not bad.

So once Nasīm Muåāwiyah was covered we all piled into my MERCEDES and went for their treat.

The sun had dropped far enough that Nasīm Muåāwiyah was not bothered by it and we all sat at the picnic table.

We ate our ice cream, laughed, and talked.

After a bit, I excused myself to go say hello to the owners and disappeared around the back of the place.

When I returned a few minutes later I saw three local boys standing around the table, obviously they were doing what boys always did around pretty Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls.

That is they were making asses of themselves.

As I approached the table I heard one of them say to Nasīm Muåāwiyah.” So you got a little too much sun, huh” and then he gave her arm a light slap.

Under normal conditions it would have been nothing more than a personal intrusion and an annoyance but with her abused skin it was severely painful and she cried out.

Without thinking, I crossed the three steps to the boy and grabbed him by the throat.

I was in a rage.

“That this punk would hurt one of Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughter, Bābarah Åālamgīr’s friends, one of my Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girls.”

I wasn’t the only one who was enraged.

I only got the boy first because Zubaydah Bābar had to stand up but she was next to me and she had murder in her eyes.

I recognized the boy as a local, one whom I knew by name and whose parents I knew in passing. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Arvind? I ought to break you in two.”

“No, let me have him. I want to rip his balls off!” Zubaydah Bābar screamed.

It was then that I noticed that the boys’ suntanned complexion was white as a sheet and I noticed that Zubaydah Bābar had the boy’s gonads in her hand.

She had a tight grip on his Hindu crotch.

I was tempted to tell her to go for it when I heard a voice behind me.

Durgesh, what the hell is going on here?”

A glance back over my shoulder and I saw that the small town’s chief of police was standing there.

He had stopped on his rounds for an ice-cream cone and heard the commotion.

I acknowledged the other man’s presence but did not release the boy.

“Arvind here thought it would be a good way to impress the Musalmān ladies by smacking her sunburn. She’s one of Jamīlah Aurangzeb’s daughters, Bābarah Åālamgīr’s friends, staying with me and I took exception to my behavior.”

My initial flare of temper was starting to cool but Zubaydah Bābar looked as intent as ever to rip his balls off.

I knew I had to diffuse the situation.

‘It’s Ok Zubaydah Bābar I got him.” I murmured.

She glanced back and noticed the cop for the first time and reluctantly released her hold on his gonads before moving back to the table.

The cop looked at Nasīm Muåāwiyah and asked,

“Are you Ok, Miss?”

“It hurts but I guess I’ll live.” She answered.

Durgesh, why don’t you let me take him home and let his father deal with him. Thanks for holding him for me.” He was giving me a way to back out of what could be a touchy legal situation and I was smart enough to see it.

So I released the boy and shoved him toward the cop.

“Ok Anwar,  but if you’re too busy we could always let Zubaydah Bābar have him.”

And I inclined my head toward the large Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman at the table.

The boy scurried behind the cop and said.

“Please just take me home.”

Zubaydah Bābar glared at the boy and the cop chuckled.

“I’d take that under consideration but I don’t need body parts all over the place either.” he continued to chuckle as he put Arvind in the back seat of his car. Then he turned to the other two boys, “Come on you two also.”

“We didn’t do anything.” One of them protested.

“Fine, stay here then. I’m sure the young Musalmān lady would be happy to entertain you. But remember I’ll be too busy with Arvind to answer any calls.”

They looked from the police car to Zubaydah Bābar and then scrambled toward the car.

She did have a fearsome look on her face.

As the car pulled out, first Nishāt Nāzlī then Bābarah Åālamgīr than Nasīm Muåāwiyah started to laugh.

Zubaydah Bābar and I looked at them then at each other. “What’s so freaking funny?” Zubaydah Bābar demanded.

Nishāt Nāzlī caught enough breath to answer.

“The look on that boy’s face when you grabbed his crotch.”

I looked back at Zubaydah Bābar and we too started to laugh.

We were still laughing when we got back to the house.

The rest of the evening was quiet.

We sat together and watched the movie.

About halfway through Nasīm Muåāwiyah began to get uncomfortable and removed the t-shirt again to sit naked with me and her friends.

Nobody commented or seemed to mind.

Once the film was over, we all decided we were tired enough and heading to bed.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah commented how she thought she needed the suave again.

This time Bābarah Åālamgīr volunteered to apply it.

She still had not quite come to terms with her Hindu father rubbing her friend’s naked sexy Musalmān body.

Everybody went to bed and Bābarah Åālamgīr and Nasīm Muåāwiyah went to Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s room.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah lay down on her belly and Bābarah Åālamgīr started to apply the ointment to her back.

“You know you’re really lucky.” Nasīm Muåāwiyah offered.

“What do you mean?” Bābarah Åālamgīr asked.

“Your Hindu Dad really loves you and he would do anything to protect you. I could tell by the way Durgesh  grabbed that boy. I thought he was going to kill him and that was for hurting me. What would Durgesh have done if it had been you?” Then she paused for a minute, “You know I don’t think anybody loves me that much. To my stepfather I’m just an expense that he tolerates because of my Ammī and my real father just kind of treats me like one of my friends. He hasn’t given me a hug since I was 10 years old. I counted even your Hindu dad hugs you at least three times a day since we arrived.”

“I never thought about it. I guess Durgesh  does hug a lot. I just take it for granted. Even when he was mad at me and not speaking to me when they  got separation I knew Durgesh  loved me and I was just trying to punish him. But I was always there.” Bābarah Åālamgīr answered.

“You know something else. Don’t get mad, but Durgesh  puts the ointment on better than you do.”

“What do you mean?” Bābarah Åālamgīr asked a little shocked and a little hurt. “Did I miss a spot?”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah chuckled and answered.

“No, Durgesh  just applies it differently. I guess the best way to describe it is…. Sensually. Not that he’s trying to seduce me. I just think that it is his way. I mean it feels nice to have you do it too. You have a nice touch but it’s not the same.”

At that point, Bābarah Åālamgīr had finished her back and told her to roll over.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah rolled over without thinking that now it was going to be Bābarah Åālamgīr touching her tits and groin and maybe her Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.

She was wet from having Bābarah Åālamgīr rubbing her extremely beautiful Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān ass and inner thighs.

Bābarah Åālamgīr noticed how wet her friend had become and didn’t say anything at first.

Then as she started to work the ointment into Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s breast she noticed how Nasīm Muåāwiyah spread her legs a bit and the mewing sounds she was making and could not resist the temptation anymore.

“So tell me Nasīm Muåāwiyah, Do you get wet when my dad applied this stuff too or is it me that turns you on?”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah heated with a blush that was invisible under her sunburn and did not answer right away.

“Promise you won’t get mad?” She finally asked Bābarah Åālamgīr.

Now Bābarah Åālamgīr’s curiosity was up.

“Ok, I promise.”

“I get really wet when Durgesh  does it. Durgesh is immensely masculine. The first time after he left I could not take the tension. I had to take care of myself. The second time I…I…I orgasamed while I was doing it. I don’t think Durgesh  knows. But I couldn’t help it.”

Bābarah Åālamgīr stopped applying the ointment and stared at her friend.

She was shocked by what she had just heard.

“You mean Durgesh  touched you and made you cum?”

“No, not like that. I mean Durgesh  touched me but not sexually. It was just the way he did it, so nice and tenderly.”

Bābarah Åālamgīr started applying the ointment again.

Now she was going more slowly and gently.

Trying to mimic what Nasīm Muåāwiyah was telling her of her Hindu father’s magic touch.

After a minute or so, she heard Nasīm Muåāwiyah very quietly say,

“Yeah just like that.”

Now it became a game to Bābarah Åālamgīr.

She had learned  her Hindu father ‘s competitiveness and now it was one-up-man-ship to see if she could make her friend cum like her Hindu father  had.

Bābarah Åālamgīr did not consider herself a lesbian.

But she would admit to herself that she liked women.

There was a certain comfort in being with a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman.

She had tried it a few times.

She and Nishāt Nāzlī had been lovers briefly but both like Uncut Hindu Cock too much to become dependent on each other for sex and realizing that they were getting to be dependent, they broke it off by mutual consent.

They still got together occasionally but it was friends making the other feel good more, than it was sex.

Now as she applied the ointment to Zubaydah Bābar she realized that she found her attractive.

As far as Bābarah Åālamgīr knew, Nasīm Muåāwiyah had never been with a Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman and Nasīm Muåāwiyah did not want to screw up the friendship by starting anything so she just kept playing and rubbing the suave into her naked skin.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah lay on the bed and noticed how Bābarah Åālamgīr’s touch had changed and found it very pleasurable.

Not quite the same as mine, but nice nonetheless.

She knew that Nishāt Nāzlī and Bābarah Åālamgīr had had something going once and that they broke it off because they liked boys more.

She could not help wondering if Bābarah Åālamgīr was going to try something with her.

She had never done anything like that but it was more from lack of opportunity than because she had an objection to it.

She wasn’t attracted to women but she appreciated looking at a pretty Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girl.

So while there was a certain amount of trepidation about the change of Bābarah Åālamgīr’s touch there was also an eagerness and a curiosity.

Bābarah Åālamgīr ran her hand and spread the suave first down the outside and top of Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s leg and then as she returned up the inside, she let her hand wander to the point where it almost touched her sex.

Then she switched legs and repeated the process.

She found she was enjoying touching her friend and teasing her so as she returned up the inside of the second leg.

She allowed her hand to linger and just brush her friend’s Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot lips.

For her efforts, Bābarah Åālamgīr received a small groan and a slight spreading of the legs.

Now Bābarah Åālamgīr was getting worked up so she lingered on Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s pelvic region and as her Hindu father had done, she applied the ointment to the crease of Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s leg.

She again touched her Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot, a little bit more than before.

Then she switched to the other side and did it all again, this time she allowed her finger to rest in her friends slit and as she drew it back upwards, Nasīm Muåāwiyah shuddered and let out a trickle of juice.

Bābarah Åālamgīr had been successful; she had brought Nasīm Muåāwiyah to orgasm.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah lay on the bed in the afterglow of her orgasm and enjoyed the touch of her friend’s hands.

Bābarah Åālamgīr had not stopped once Nasīm Muåāwiyah had come.

She continued lightly to run her hands over her body touching her breasts and her belly and allowing her fingers to slide over her Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah looked up at her friend and decided to take the bull by the horns, be honest and up front.

“That was nice, thank you.”

“You are welcome, I had fun too. But was it as good as my Hindu dad’s?”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah smiled at her.

“Honestly, it took longer but it was every bit as good.” At that pronouncement, she reached up and pulled Bābarah Åālamgīr to her in a hug.

Then as she released her from the embrace, she quickly brushed her lips across her friend’s and gave her a gentle kiss.

Bābarah Åālamgīr froze at the kiss and stared at Nasīm Muåāwiyah.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah looked back into her eyes for a few seconds before ever so slightly inclining her lips toward Bābarah Åālamgīr’s again.

Bābarah Åālamgīr noticed the movement and saw the invitation for what it was and bent her head again toward her friend.

Their lips met in a soft and tender kiss and held for a few seconds before breaking and then came together again.

This time Bābarah Åālamgīr let her tongue snake out to touch Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s lips and Nasīm Muåāwiyah responded by opening her mouth and allowing the other Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girl’s tongue where no other Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān woman had been before.

Bābarah Åālamgīr enjoyed the kiss but suddenly felt guilty, like she were seducing her friend offering her forbidden fruits to tempt her so she broke the kiss and drew her head back a few inches.

She looked into Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s eyes and asked,

“Are you sure?”

Nasīm Muåāwiyah smiled back.

“No, but I want to find out anyway, besides I owe you an orgasm.” And she leaned her head back to meet her friend’s lips again with her own.

As the kiss extended Nasīm Muåāwiyah let her hand run down the side of her friend’s body until she reached the bottom of the tank top she was wearing.

She brought her hand back up sliding it underneath the material and up her bare skin until she felt the swell of her small breast.

She gently ran her fingers over the breast, lingered on her extended nipple, and won a groan from Bābarah Åālamgīr.

At that, Bābarah Åālamgīr abruptly sat up and pulled her top off exposing her small white mounds of tit flesh to her friend’s gaze and touch.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah quickly ran her hand over them and then down her belly to the waistband of her shorts.

She gave them a little tug and Bābarah Åālamgīr took the hint.

She stood and slid them down and off.

Leaving her as naked as her friend was and as hungry as she had been in a long time.

But she realized that with Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s sunburn they would not be able to hold each other the way she wanted to and that she would have to be careful.

Bābarah Åālamgīr kneeled on the bed at right angles to her friend’s naked body and bent to her for a continuation of the kiss.

The kiss was slow and sweet as Nasīm Muåāwiyah slowly explored the other Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girl’s body with her hands until she reached the magic place between her legs.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah felt the thin short strip of Pubic hair Bābarah Åālamgīr left when she shaved her Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot and ran her fingers over it enjoying the silky feel of the trimmed red strip and then down her fingers wet to slid into Bābarah Åālamgīr’s wet slit.

She ran her finger back and forth over her slit and enjoyed the mewing sounds Bābarah Åālamgīr was making.

But it was time she wanted to give Bābarah Åālamgīr the pleasure she had received so she slid her fingers down and cupped her hand over Bābarah Åālamgīr’s Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot, she gave it a gentle squeeze and then let her middle finger slide deep into Bābarah Åālamgīr’s vagina.

Bābarah Åālamgīr could not believe the electricity in the touch she was receiving she was ready to cum and she had barely been touched but when the finger, Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s finger, slid inside her she lost all thought and could only concentrate on the sensations she was having as she felt the orgasm build.

Then suddenly release.

The Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot clamped down on her friend’s fingers and she could feel her juices running out as the sexual euphoria flowed through her body.

Nasīm Muåāwiyah felt Bābarah Åālamgīr’s heat building as she worked her finger back and forth in the other Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girl’s Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.

Then without warning Bābarah Åālamgīr groaned into her mouth as they kissed and her Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot locked onto Nasīm Muåāwiyah’s finger like a vice and a flood of juice ran down her hand and arm.

It was a pleasant experience and she wanted more.

She found herself wanting to stick her tongue in where her finger was.

She wanted to taste her friend’s Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot.

But for the time being her skin was too tender for the contact or at least she was afraid it was.

Instead, she withdrew her hand from Bābarah Åālamgīr’s Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot and brought it to her mouth; breaking their kiss, she slid her finger into her mouth to taste the Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot juice on it.

Bābarah Åālamgīr watched as her friend brought her cum covered hand up to her mouth and sucked her juice off the finger that had just been inside her then as she licked the rest of her finger clean.

She was temporarily seated and lay down on the bed next to Nasīm Muåāwiyah, careful not to touch her sensitive skin and was surprised when Nasīm Muåāwiyah spoke, not that she spoke but what she said.

“I want to eat your Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot but I’m afraid with this sunburn it might hurt.”

Bābarah Åālamgīr smiled up at her and answered.

“That’s ok if you still feel that way when you’re better we can try again.”

Then she asked,

“What’s it like to have an Uncut Hindu Cock inside you?”

Bābarah Åālamgīr smiled,

“If it’s the right Uncut Hindu Cock, it’s the most wonderful thing you can imagine. Even if it’s just an Uncut Hindu Cock that you tried, because it looked like fun. it’s great. Better than anything else.”

They lay together for a few minutes and Nasīm Muåāwiyah spoke again.

“Bābarah Åālamgīr, I think I’m ready to give up my virginity. That is unless you object.”

Bābarah Åālamgīr was stunned.

“Why would I object. It’s your virginity. If it’s what you really want than go for it.”

“No, you don’t understand. I want to give it to your Hindu father, Durgesh .”

If Bābarah Åālamgīr was stunned before, she was left dumbfounded now.

She finally managed to stammer out.

“My father? You want to fuck my dad?”

“Not if it would bother you or hurt our friendship, and I still want to eat your Young Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān Choot. It’s just that I always said I wanted to wait for someone who would make me feel good and who knew what we were doing. Also somebody who would treat me well. I never cared if it was going to be the man of my dreams or anything silly like that. I just wanted to enjoy it the first time. I think I would be gentle and do all that for me.”

Neither Panjvaqtah Namāzī extremely beautiful Musalmān girl said anything for a long time then Nasīm Muåāwiyah asked,

“Are you mad at him? Please don’t be mad.”

Bābarah Åālamgīr chuckled a bit.

“Actually I think I’m jealous.”

“Jealous. Why? neither of us is really lesbian and I mean this is the first time we did anything.”

“No. Not jealous for you. Jealous of you. Allah, I am a psycho. Am not I.”

Now Nasīm Muåāwiyah was stunned,

“You mean you want to sleep with Durgesh  too?”

“Bābarah Åālamgīr hesitated.

“I never thought about it before you girls were talking about how hot Durgesh  is. But you’re right Durgesh  is the hottest Hindu and he loves me. At dinner tonight, I pulled my top tight when I sat down so it would show off these great tits I have. I was showing off for him or trying to and my nipples got really hard thinking about it, then I could tell Durgesh  noticed my nipples sticking out and I got all wet thinking Durgesh  noticed me. But when you started talking about it, I realized I was jealous because I want Durgesh inside me. Is that sick or what?”

Chapter 9


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