The Audacity 7

The Audacity 


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Chapter 7

Durgesh Zulekħah Iftikħār

 Yusuf and Zulekħah had talked about having an Uncut Hindu to add some spice to their sex life.

Zulekħah couldn’t believe it.

Why Musalmān husbands themselves were so persistent with their Panjvaqtah Namāzī Saůūdī Årab Wahābī Musalmān wives too that they must have a Hindu lover, extra marital she meant?

Is someone blackmailing them?

Yusuf and Zulekħah had tried a foursome a couple of times but it was kind of awkward and never worked out.

Zulekħah Iftikħār was about to give up on the idea when Yusuf Muħammad brought up the idea again.

Zulekħah Iftikħār had a sexual appetite that exceeded Yusuf Muħammad’s and Yusuf Muħammad always wanted to see Zulekħah Iftikħār get everything she could.

Yusuf Muħammad was smart enough to realize if he wouldn’t arrange a Hindu lover for Zulekħah, sooner or later, she would herself get him.

She had extraordinary sexual appetite.

But why extraordinary?

Hasn’t he heard almost everyone of his Musalmān friends complaining that his Panjvaqtah Namāzī Musalmān wife/wives were interested in either one of his Hindu friends or her own Hindu friends instead.

He remembered a book by Maulānah Saiyad Abul Åālā Mawdūdī.

He had recently read it once again:

Taħrīk-e-āzādī-e-Hind aur Musalmān’.

The Movement of Independence of India and Musalmīn’.

It was published in two volumes.

Maulānah Saiyad Abul Åālā Mawdūdī had written in its first volume:

‘Guzishtah dhāī sau baras mein Musalmānon né jo zanānā kħusūsiyāt apné andar paidah kī hain—’

‘The feminine specialties, the Musalmīn have developed in themselves in past two hundred fifty years…’

—Page 47

Unkā qaumī character ab mardānā character nahīn rahā, balki zanānā character ban gayā hai, jiski numāyān kħusūsiyat tāssur aur infåāl hai.’

‘Their national character is not masculine anymore; it has converted into female character, the prevalent specialties of that are getting influenced and…’


How right Maulānah Saiyad Abul Åālā Mawdūdī was.

The worst of it was the Musalmīn were growing more and more dependent on their womankind.

Their womankind was leading Musalmīn now gradually more and more whether Musalmīn realized it or not.

Even some of the Musalmān Beauties were not aware of the fact that, unknowingly, actually they were leading their mankind.

Zulekħah Iftikħār was quite nervous about having an Uncut Hindu again until Yusuf Muħammad explained in his loving way that it was okay, and how much he really wanted Zulekħah to do it, without any guilt and whatsoever, for the pleasure that it would bring Zulekħah and him.

He said just the thought of Zulekħah having sex with an Uncut Hindu turns him on beyond belief.

Whether it was really because of the reasons stated by Maulānah Saiyad Abul Åālā Mawdūdī, Yusuf was not sure, however.

He said Zulekħah Iftikħār would have to pick the man and tell him all about it afterwards.

Now the ball was in Zulekħah’s court and Zulekħah Iftikħār had to figure out how to proceed.

She was certain of one thing, however.

Yusuf Muħammad had expressly told her, specifically, indirectly though, she should not expect more sex from him.

Yusuf Muħammad was not interested in sex as more as Zulekħah was.

Day by day Yusuf Muħammad was being inclined to Islam more than to his wife.

Fātimah Zohrah smiled at Zulekħah.

“Yusuf Muħammad is not alone who is inclining to Islam more and more, day by day, Zulekħah. I think some Musalmīn are deliberately trying to revive the Islamic Movement in Musalmīn.”

Zulekħah laughed in utter disbelief.

“Oh, come on, Fātimah Zohrah. Only because coincidentally your husband Ålī is also inclining to Islam more than in you, does not mean we Musalmān Beauties can generalize it.”

Fātimah Zohrah laughed too.

She winked at her best friend Zulekħah.

“I don’t need to. I am enjoying Durgesh very much. Ålī says it’s my personal matter, how I want to live my sex life. Moreover, it’s his personal matter to which extent he allows his wife to enjoy her human freedom.”

There was one guy in particular that caught Zulekħah’s eye because he would occasionally make flirting comments to her at work.

Zulekħah Iftikħār always thought it was innocent play, but at the same time, she thought she would push the buttons and see what he would do.

The only problem was he was Durgesh himself.

Zulekħah Iftikħār didn’t tell it, however, even to Fātimah Zohrah.

To Zulekħah Iftikħār I was similar to Yusuf Muħammad in many ways.

It made her feel more comfortable with the prospect of having an affair with me.

She smiled shrewdly.

Whenever she heard that some one of her beautiful friends is having affair with Durgesh, she always criticized,

“Why Durgesh, yaar? He is sixty two already and already has a vast Sex Empire of extremely extra ordinary beautiful Musalmān Beauties.”

“Have you ever met those extraordinary attractive Musalmān Beauties?” Fātimah Zohrah had laughed.

“Why should have I?”

“Because you are assuming all of them utter damnfools.”

Zulekħah Iftikħār smiled cunningly.

“I never said that.”

“Yes.”Fātimah Zohrah also smiled subtly.

“What do you mean?”

“Simple. You are smart enough not to say expressly what you really do mean.”

Zulekħah Iftikħār sighed.

“If I were that smart, Fātimah, I’d have never married Yusuf Muħammad.”

“Yusuf Muħammad? He isn’t alone. Almost every Musalmān loves Islam more than he loves his wife.”

One day at work I told Zulekħah Iftikħār, I owed her a drink.

It was after work, after I lost a petty bet I made with Zulekħah Iftikħār.

Zulekħah Iftikħār was not a fool enough not to understand that I let her win deliberately, to get a chance so that I could fuck her.

But now she herself wanted to fuck me, so she did not mind it at all.

Instead, Zulekħah Iftikħār smiled cunningly to herself.

What she herself had planned to do, I myself was doing for her.

We arranged to meet the following day at a quiet little bar not far from our worksite.

Zulekħah Iftikħār was totally wet the whole day thinking about our meeting.

When we arrived at the bar, I quickly picked the private and dark seat at a table in the back of the bar.

I got our drinks for her and juice for me, from the bar, as Zulekħah Iftikħār fantasized while watching me, walking back and forth.

We talked a little about work and the conversation quickly turned to how I had been interested in her.

Zulekħah Iftikħār admitted the same to me.

After a few more drinks, we really started to get loose.

Zulekħah told me,

“I was hesitant to make any advances toward you because I am married.”

“Yes, I can understand.” I smiled.

During our casual conversation, Zulekħah Iftikħār learned that I had graduated from the same University, Yusuf Muħammad had.

Moreover, it was in the same year too.

Zulekħah Iftikħār told me that Yusuf Muħammad knew that Zulekħah Iftikħār and I were meeting for drinks and he didn’t mind at all.

She also let it slip that Zulekħah Iftikħār had had a threesome before.

She did it kind of to loosen me up a little bit more.

Naturally, I then became bolder and began to touch Zulekħah Iftikħār while talking.

I put Zulekħah’s hand on my lap while talking and slowly got closer.

I moved Zulekħah’s hand closer to my Uncut Hindu crotch, deliberately, but as if I was unaware of what I was doing.

Zulekħah Iftikħār smiled understandingly.

She found the right opportunity to lean towards me, give me a long, and tongue filled kiss that I did not refuse.

Instead, I slowly caressed Zulekħah’s side getting closer and closer to Zulekħah’s tits.

Zulekħah Iftikħār was so wet and horny I thought Zulekħah Iftikħār was going to cum right there.

After kissing some more, Zulekħah Iftikħār whimpered in my ear, asking me to come over to her house for a drink.

I reluctantly accepted.

When we got to our house, Zulekħah Iftikħār got us a couple of beers and juices.

We sat on the couch kissing and caressing each other.

Zulekħah Iftikħār reached down to my crotch and found a nice hardon just waiting for some attention.

Zulekħah Iftikħār pushed me back on the couch and undid my pants.

My legendary Uncut Hindu Cock  sprang out.

Zulekħah Iftikħār gasped admiringly.

Needless to say, Zulekħah Iftikħār started to suck it slowly and all the way down while I gasped with every stroke.

I then grabbed Zulekħah Iftikħār by hand and led her in the bedroom.

Zulekħah Iftikħār undressed for me while I undressed too.

Zulekħah Iftikħār watched me with great anticipation.

We rolled on the bed kissing and touching each other ever so softly.

I started to play with Zulekħah’s nipples while kissing her.

Zulekħah Iftikħār stroked my Uncut Hindu Lund  wanting it so badly.

I worked my way down Zulekħah’s body kissing Zulekħah’s nipples caressing Zulekħah’s body all over.

I found my way to Zulekħah’s Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Choot.

I took my time searching the inner and outer areas before gently kissing Zulekħah’s button.

It sent a high voltage shock throughout Zulekħah’s body.

I worked it slowly for the longest time until Zulekħah Iftikħār finally had an earth shaking orgasm.

I kissed my way back up to Zulekħah’s mouth where Zulekħah Iftikħār and I had a long passionate kiss.

Zulekħah Iftikħār then rolled me over on my back and started to suck my Uncut Hindu Lund some more.

I was even harder now.

Zulekħah Iftikħār wanted it in her so badly.

Zulekħah climbed on top of me and slowly slid her way down my shaft where I again let out a passionate gasp of pleasure.

Zulekħah Iftikħār slid up and down grinding her way back to the brink of orgasm when I started to quiver.

Zulekħah Iftikħār moved faster and faster grinding her clit on my body.

It wasn’t long that we both were shaking with ecstasy.

As we laid next to each there softly touching each other we began to talk about what happened and how we would like it to happen again.

We agreed to make another date in a week.

She couldn’t wait to get that feeling of strange Uncut Hindu Lund in her mouth and Saůūdī Årab Panjvaqtah Namāzī Wahābī Musalmān Choot again.

That night Zulekħah Iftikħār told Yusuf Muħammad all about what happened.

Surprisingly, Yusuf Muħammad and Zulekħah Iftikħār had great sex all over again that night.

Zulekħah Iftikħār still may not fully understand what it does to Yusuf Muħammad, but if this is what he needs to get harden properly, Zulekħah Iftikħār herself has no objection now.

What she had done once with me, Zulekħah Iftikħār could do it throughout her rest of the life.

Well, I was also her Hindu lover now, permanently.

To her further surprise, Yusuf Muħammad had even proposed her to lick her, cleaning her genital organs, after Zulekħah Iftikħār had fucked me.

What more Zulekħah Iftikħār needed?

She immediately thanked Yusuf Muħammad and rewarded him by allowing to clean her, as Yusuf Muħammad had proposed himself so eagerly.

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