The Audacity 2

The Audacity


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A New Ardent Feminist

Kulsoom wanted to strike a full blow at the chubby face of her Pakistani Musalmān husband who reached climax on barely his 12th stroke.

He was panting hard as he had climbed a mountain.

“Was it good?” Nawaz had the balls to ask his Pakistani Musalmān wife.

“Yes! Very exciting,” she said pushing away his plum body, whose weight now made breathing difficult for her.

The Musalmīn are never good in sex.

Not even Pakistani Musalmān.

Nawaz fell on the other side of the bed – panting hard.

In less than five minutes, he was snoring.

But Kulsoom was wide-awake.

A fire raged in her body.

She was horny as hell.

She wanted to kick the ass of her stupid husband who did not know how to fuck.

Every Hindu knew it.

Even Pakistani Hindus too.

The bloody Musalmīn think Hindus fuck Musalmān Beauties to disgrace Musalmīn.

They never want to believe the bitter truth that actually Hindus don’t fuck Musalmān Beauties, Musalmān Beauties fuck Hindus instead.

The Hindu Lund Muslim Choot International Club is not opened by Hindus.

It is opened by Musalmān Beauties.

The Ashvinātam Gangbang Club is not opened by Hindus.

It’s also opened by powerful Musalmān Beauties.

What else the Musalmān Beauties can do?

Their Musalmīn co habitats  are not different from Nawaz, almost everywhere.

She lay motionless in an attempt to calm her body.

Time passed.

She curled and turned on the bed – angry and frustrated.

The clock struck twice.

She wanted a glass of cold water.

She was thirsty.

She got up, wore her clothes and tiptoed out of the bedroom.

The entire house seemed asleep.

It was a usual hot, oppressive summer night of Lahore.

She realized this as she stepped out of her air-conditioned bedroom.

The kitchen was on the ground floor – close to the bedroom of Nawaz’s parents.

Kulsoom ran down the stairs.

Lights of the ground-floor lounge were still on.

“Who could be there? Is uncle still reading?”

Yes – uncle Durgesh was lost in a book.

“You still awake dear,” Durgesh asked his Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law as she glided into the lounge on her way to the kitchen.

“Just feeling a little thirsty,” she said while opening the fridge in the kitchen.

“Is Nawaz awake too?”

“No he is asleep for more than three-hours,” said Kulsoom as she walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of water and a glass.

“I see,” said Durgesh gazing at her firm, lanky figure, which exposed all the right Pakistani Musalmān curves and mounts even under her white crumpled baggy shirt and shalwar – the traditional baggy trousers.

“What a fool that he is asleep,” I thought eyeing my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law’s elegant figure as she gulped water.

Kulsoom’s almond-shaped face seemed to glow amidst the long, thick black hair, scattered over her shoulders.

The 23-year-old girl looked stunning.

Unaware of the close scrutiny of her body by My piercing Indian Hindu eyes, Kulsoom poured more water in the glass.

This time she drank it a little slowly.

‘Why not the Hindu idiot himself fucks her?’ Kulsoom thought.

SI had seen my great Uncut Hindu Penis so many times entering her friends’ Pakistani Musalmān Cunts.

All her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān ladies friends fuck Durgesh now.

She is still ravenous.

Should she herself advance and fuck Durgesh?

“You seem really thirsty,” said I. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah,” said Kulsoom thinking how she can tell this man that his Pakistani Musalmān son does not know how to use even his two-inch long tool.

He had failed to give her a single orgasm  during two months of their married life.

“It’s really hot,” she said trying to divert her mind from spasms of heat moving between her thighs.

“It’s burning,” the experienced 62-year-old man replied.

I knew something was wrong.

I could read it on her face.

But what it was I could not tell.

“Take care of yourself child. You are my best friend’s daughter. If you have any problem, never hesitate to come to me. I am your best friend too.”

Kulsoom was touched by these words.

She bent and gave a tender hug to her Indian Hindu father-in-law.

I stroked her hair with one hand and patted her back with the other.

She gave a small kiss on my unbearded Hindu face.

“Thank you uncle,” Kulsoom said. “I really love you!”

“Don’t worry ever, my child,” I said. “I’m always here for you. Tell me if you ever need anything from me—anything, I say. Understand? Now go and sleep”

Kulsoom ran toward the stairs.

I shut my book with a bang.

“What a lovely Pakistani Musalmān girl?” I thought. “How tender are her Pakistani Musalmān lips?”

I could still feel the nice smell of her hair and imagine the silky smoothness of her skin. “But she does not seem happy. What’s wrong?”

In her room, Kulsoom was still wide-awake.

She was grateful for the kind words of her Hindu father-in-law.

She liked me very much.

Kulsoom thought me as a man of good character and good appearance.

I had a handsome face.

Thanks to the regular walks and careful diet, I had managed to keep my waistline in control – unlike my son Nawaz — and appeared much younger than my age.

I had never grown, even a trimmed grayish beard, which added to my powerful Hindu personality.

Every Pakistani Musalmān Beauty, Kulsoom knew, claimed she fucks her Hindu father in law.


The vain boasting Pakistani Musalmān bitches!

They only dream of fucking me.

How can I fuck all of them, even if I want to?

Even the Pakistani Musalmān Beauties are in crores.

Aren’t they?

The next morning, Kulsoom woke up with the shrill bell of the telephone, which kept on ringing.

She knew Nawaz had already left for work.

So was her Ammī-in-law.

But uncle must be in the house.

I now mostly operated my business from the house, giving most responsibilities to my Hindu and Musalmān  sons.

Here — Nawaz and Shabeer.

“Why is Durgesh  not picking up the phone extension?” Kulsoom thought.

“Hello,” Kulsoom shouted on the phone.

“Hi! It’s me.”

“Hi! When did you return from honeymoon? How was it?” Kusloom asked recognizing the voice of her best friend Nīlofar Imām.

“Oh Great,” Nīlofar Imām said in an excited tone. “We remained locked in the bedroom most of the time.”

“And you call it great?”

“Of course. Durgesh  has made me a real woman. Never missed an opportunity to take a ride on me – and that too a long one,” Nīlofar Imām said.

“Give me all the details. Quick,” Kulsoom said giggling.

“Wait for the uncensored details until we meet. You tell me. How is your stallion? Is he fucking you well or you need some help from outside?”

“What do you mean?” Kulsoom said getting tense.

“Listen. I have big secrets to share,” Nīlofar Imām said.


“I have not one but two good riders. You can share one of them with me.”

Kulsoom was shocked.

She knew Nīlofar Imām was dangerously bold, straightforward and addicted to flirtations.

But returning from honeymoon with news that she has two men to fuck her was perhaps too much to expect from a newlywed Pakistani Musalmān girl.

“You are joking,” Kulsoom said.

“No! Not at all, I am a liberated Pakistani Musalmān woman now. And I would not have asked you to join us in such a straightforward manner, had I not been told that Nawaz is a pathetic fucker.”

“Who told you this?” Kulsoom said in a diminutive voice.

“Durgesh – my husband’s friend and our partner. He knows Nawaz well. They are college friends and fucked a couple of Musalmān girls together. Durgesh calls Nawaz a man of just a dozen strokes.”

“Bullshit,” Kulsoom shouted back feeling a bit humiliated, though she knew that Nīlofar Imām was telling the truth.

“Listen, Durgesh saw you at my wedding and is dying to kiss you, kiss your Pakistani Musalmān Cunt  and fuck both your Pakistani Musalmān holes.”

“Shut-up,” Kulsoom said, “He is my father in law. And he is sixty two already.”

“Oh yes I am shutting up because Durgesh has already attacked my Musalmān Cunt with his enormous Uncut Hindu Lund. And sixty two or else, Durgesh fucks us Musalmān Beauties as if a bear gone mad. Let him be hundred and sixty-two even. What difference his age does make when he himself fucks us Musalmān Beauties 24x7x365? Ahhh He is such a awesome fucker of us Musalmān Beauties. He is the everbest Hindu lover of us Musalmān Beauties. Give yourself time to think. Talk to you later. Ahha bye,” said Nīlofar Imām.

Kulsoom stood speechless as she hung up the phone.

“Is Nīlofar Imām gone nuts? Is she joking? Is she really fucking her Musalmān husband’s Hindu friend?”

She was pondering on these questions when she heard a soft knock at her bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Her father-in-law walked in slowly.

“Subaħ bakħair, Good morning, Uncle,” Kusloom said straightening her dress.
She imagined inadvertently myself fucking her best friend Nīlofar Imām, with her Pakistani Musalmān husband’s permission, more vigorously than even her Pakistani Musalmān husband could.

She felt a shiver running through her ravenous Pakistani Musalmān body.

What was the use of making Pakistan if Indian Hindus are still fucking Pakistani Musalmān Beauties either coming from India or providing them facilities to visit their Hindu lovers anywhere else?

Was Pakistan not made by loser Musalmīn who always lost their beautiful  Musalmān houseladies to competent Hindus?

They never accepted it.

But the facts remain the facts, however.

The Musalmān Beauties are always obsessed with Uncut Hindu Lund.

None can stop them getting it.
“I have something important to discuss,” I said in a grave tone.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” Kulsoom said observing my stern face.

“I accidentally heard your telephone conversation. It was shocking.”

“Uncle, please.”

“Is it true Nawaz fails to satisfy you?”

Kulsoom was thunder-struck.

“No need to feel ashamed, or get afraid. Answer my question in yes or no.?”

There was a pause as they both looked at each other.

“Is Nawaz doing justice to your Musalmān Cunt?” I said looking into my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law’s eyes.

Kulsoom was shocked the way I used the word Musalmān Cunt. It appeared too coarse the way I said it. She was speechless.

“Give me an answer. In yes or no.”

“No!” Kulsoom said and hung her face down blushing with shame.

Kulsoom was a virgin when she got married.

She and Nīlofar Imām were both die-hard liberals and bold in their ideas, but barring some innocent flirts they stayed away of practical sex until they got married.

But marriage changed Nīlofar Imām’s life – erasing the gulf in her dreams and reality.

For Kulsoom, a good fuck was still a dream.

“Tell me, is your Musalmān Cunt hungry for a strong Uncut Hindu Lund? Do you desire a lengthy session of fucking which takes all your heat, all your passion out,” I said in a strong whimper.

Kulsoom with her dropped head stayed quite.

“Tell me. Yes or No?” said I in a menacing tone.

“Yes,” slipped out of Kulsoom’s lips, but she did not dare to lift her head.

“Listen I am not angry at you. I am your friend. You have a legitimate need,” I said ogling the shape of my daughter in law’s round, firm breasts hidden under her white shirt.

“Elders are there to help the young ones. I am here to help you. I will make sure that Nawaz gets a proper treatment the soonest, the better. But until he gets ready to satisfy you, someone else should take care of your Musalmān Cunt and lovely Pakistani Musalmān body. Not many father-in-laws will have such care for their Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-laws.”

“Yes,” Kulsoom hissed sensing what I wanted to say, but she was not mentally ready to accept it.

“Your caring friend has given you a proposal. She wants you to fuck me. It will never dishonor the family even,” I said. “Others will come to know that my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law is being fucked outside because there is no man in this house to satisfy her.”

“I can never dream doing such a thing,” Kulsoom protested.

I smiled.

“My child, in the life of you Musalmān Beauties, often your Musalmān Cunt, not morality, leads the way, if you don’t want to keep remaining a loser.”
Kulsoom Humāyūn smiled sophisticatedly.

She understood very well that I was suggesting her to fuck me, if she didn’t mind fucking a Hindu.

She could get everything if only she revolted against extremely backward Musalmān society.

Pakistan was made on two nations theory.

By fucking Hindus the Pakistani Musalmān Beauties refused to believe in it.

They evidenced thus that Two Nations Theory is not practical and not approved by them.
“I have the same proposal,” I said after a pause.

Kulsoom Humāyūn, who was starved for sex, could guess it already.

“I think I can protect the family honor until Nawaz learns to fuck you well.”

“What do you mean?” Kulsoom Humāyūn said though she clearly understood the explicit message was.

Her nipples were already standing erect after so much of sex-talk.

The possibility of the fuck had brought moisture in her unused Musalmān Cunt.

“My old most experienced Uncut Hindu Lund can always satisfy you till you exist. I’m already serving countless Musalmān Beauties starving for sex, due to proper lack of attention from their undeserving Musalmān husbands. It’s my social service to you starving Musalmān Beauties.”

“I know. And we Musalmān Beauties are grateful to you for what you are doing to keep us happy.”

If it fails, other options are open for you. I will then not stop you.”

Kulsoom Humāyūn lifted her head and stood erect before her father-in-law – showing the full bulge of her breasts concealed under her kamiz.

“What kind of a man are you? What kind of a father are you? You want to fuck your own Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law. It’s insane. It’s incest,” Kulsoom Humāyūn said trying to control her conflicting emotions.

“You need it,” I said.

“You are mad. You are dirty pervert. Now I know why we Musalmīn hate you Hindus. How can you say such a thing to me? Have you no shame? Have you no honor?”

I was not shaken by Kulsoom Humāyūn’s tirade.

Have I committed a blunder?

Has I moved too fast?

“Get out of here at once. Nawaz will kill you if he came to know about his Hindu  father’s proposal.”

“Nawaz can’t do anything to me, young lady.” I smiled patronizingly, “Anyway, think again gravely if you decide to find any other lover for you out of the family. Nawaz can’t kill me. I’m beyond his approach. But he would certainly kill you if you cheat him outside.”

I sophisticatedly went out of the room.

A worried look came on Kulsoom Humāyūn’s face on seeing her Hindu father-in-law walking away so ever confident.

He was right.

Nawaz would certainly kill her if she cheated him, whether outside or inside.

“Poor guy! Wanting to help a Musalmān damsel in distress with his old Uncut Hindu Lund.” She whispered to herself.

After five minutes, she dashed into the bathroom to take a bath.

I  was grave.

I made a move to solve the family problem to help my Musalmān son, Nawaz, and Kulsoom Humāyūn too.

But it had misfired.

Moreover, the new problem was how I was going to face her.

For a moment, Kulsoom Humāyūn looked so sexy — I wanted to rip apart her clothes and devour her.

But I could never force a woman in to submission.

It was not my style.

I believed in self approval of my women.

I was pacing up and down in my room when there was a soft knock on the door.

The proud figure of Kulsoom Humāyūn walked in – clad in red-color full sleeves kamiz and shalwar and a black dupatta, big scarf, wrapped around her.

After the bath, she was looking fresher than ever.

Her hair was still wet, giving her a sexier look.

“Uncle, can we talk?” She asked.

“Oh, so you want to talk now? Okay. Go ahead,” I said in a grave voice.

“Uncle, you know how I respect you. I thought you really care for me. But your proposal – it is so disgusting. Just think of its repercussions. How can you justify it on moral and religious grounds?”

Oh she has taken a bath and changed her clothes.

And now she was asking for a justification to get a fuck.

I smiled.

The Sālī had decided to fuck me.

If not, why she had to take a bath and change her clothes?

Only to talk with me with her refusal?


She was shrewd enough to exhibit an initial tirade to save her face.

Ultimately, she had seen a chance for herself – a chance to fuck this sexy everyoung Hindu old man.

My confidence rebounded.

“What other justification you want when you have a hungry Musalmān Cunt and there is someone who promises to take good care for it,” I said in an earnest voice. “And in matters of heart, physical needs – there is no, morality, no religion. It’s your body, if you are not hurting anyone else – you can do what you like with it.”

“Is this enough?” Kulsoom Humāyūn said looking straight into my eyes.

“You are young and you deserve a good fuck,” I said.
“And what about the repercussions?”

“Don’t worry about repercussions. Trust me I will handle it all for you. It will be our secret — our family secret. So many Musalmān families are already keeping such secrets with me or with other Hindus. The real world is not as you think it is.” I said in a voice now not shaking with desire, even a bit.
“You really desire your Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law so desperately?” Kulsoom Humāyūn said slowly removing her dupatta and throwing it on the floor.

“More than anything in world.” I smiled gravely, “What another choice do we both have? You can’t live a life of celibacy indefinitely and Nawaz would never bear you cheating him out. He’d definitely kill you.”

Kulsoom Humāyūn stood erect ready to offer herself to the Hindu old man.

I slowly moved toward Kulsoom Humāyūn and encircled her narrow waist in my strong arms.

We looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, and then we were locked in a deep kiss.

Our tongues rolled and explored each other.

Like two lovebirds, we stayed in this position for minutes.

My hands were wondering over the excellent Pakistani Musalmān hips and breasts of my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law who felt as her body was on fire.

“Nawaz had never kissed me like that. He never touched me like that as you are doing, uncle,” Kulsoom Humāyūn said in a husky voice. “You are so much in control. So smooth and professional, while I am so tactless.”

She was now kissing the neck of her Hindu father-in-law, eating my earlobes, driving the man mad with lust.

I with one mighty stroke tore open the front buttons of Kulsoom Humāyūn’s kamiz exposing her white milky breast covered in a flimsy black bra.

“Suck it, Jānī, dear, suck my lips,” Kulsoom Humāyūn implored her Hindu father-in-law.

I stuffed a nipple and large portion of breast in my palms and rubbed the second wildly with my hand, driving Kulsoom Humāyūn crazy.

In minutes, we were tearing away each other’s clothes.

“I love your expert Hindu touch. I love the way you suck my lips. Please don’t stop,” Kusloom shouted as she fell on the double bed.

I had now buried my fingers deep inside the Musalmān Cunt of my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law and was kissing, sucking, biting her lips.

Kulsoom Humāyūn’s shrieks were becoming louder with every new bite, every stroke of fingers.

I was an expert.

She grabbed my eight-inch steel hard Uncut Hindu Lund.

“It is far bigger than Nawaz’s —my dear.”Kusloom thanked her stars.

“It’s yours now forever, Mérī Jān. Enjoy it optimum.”

Kulsoom Humāyūn started pumping it and playing with the big balls of her Pakistani Musalmān husband’s Hindu father.

“I hope it won’t leak with the touch of my hand?” Kulsoom Humāyūn said as she rubbed the Uncut Hindu Lund.

“It won’t before it bursts you open,” I smiled now kissing her everywhere.

“Oh How I want your Uncut Hindu Lund. Please insert it inside my hungry Musalmān Cunt. Show me how a Hindu man fucks a Musalmān woman. Let’s not waste time. The house cleaner will be here shortly. Fuck me now. Fuck your Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law. Violate the honor of your Musalmān son’s Pakistani Musalmān wife. Please do it,” Kulsoom Humāyūn said.

Kulsoom’s dirty talk was making me mad.

I shoved my Uncut Hindu organ inside the dripping Musalmān Cunt of Kulsoom Humāyūn.

With one stroke, I was deep inside her.

A loud aah came out of Kulsoom Humāyūn’s mouth.

I lay still for a while on top of my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law with my Uncut Hindu Lund buried inside her.

Kulsoom Humāyūn felt the throbbing of the Hindu organ inside her.

She was in bliss.

Then slowly, I started to move – masking long slow strokes.

Kulsoom Humāyūn counted one, two …. Twelve.

I continued the movement.

Her legs rose higher, pointing toward the sky and Kulsoom Humāyūn started matching My Hindu strokes with the movement of her Pakistani Musalmān hips.

We both were in heaven, breathing heavily but maintaining our rhythm.

“I love it Jaan, my life. Go on. Please don’t stop,” Kulsoom Humāyūn shouted.

“Daughter in law wife, I love you,” that’s all I could say.

Kulsoom Humāyūn was at the verge of her first orgasm  of her life during a fuck.

“Ah Ahhh.”

She released her juices.

One wave after another as I pounded her Musalmān Cunt mercilessly.

“Ah … Yā Allaaaaah! oh my God. …I am through” Kulsoom Humāyūn screamed clutching my nude Hindu male body with full might.

It was then I sprayed my Hindu seed deepest inside my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law’s Musalmān Cunt – one burst after another.

After the thunderous orgasm s, the Hindu old man and the young Pakistani Musalmān woman lay motionless for minutes.

“I can never forget this, Durgesh darling! Méré Hindu Piyā! Hindu Al Buůūlatul Muslimāt! Hum Musalmān ħasīnāonHindu Kħasam! Hindu husband of us Musalmān Beauties! ” Kulsoom Humāyūn whimpered. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

I smiled.

“It is just the beginning. You deserve more and you will have more,” I said planting a kiss on her cheek.

Kulsoom Humāyūn was surprised how easily her Hindu father-in-law managed to convince his Pakistani Musalmān wife Durdana Begum and son Nawaz to fly to Bangkok for a “business trip” where I was supposed to go.

But that was perhaps the beauty of the family business.

One can effortlessly juggle the ball from one hand to another.

Within two days, her Pakistani Musalmān Ammī-in-law and her husband had packed their bags and were off to Thailand via a Thai Air flight.

The cook had been sent on leave and so was the house cleaner.

The driver and security guard had no business inside the house.

She had her Hindu father-in-law all for herself.

The young Pakistani Musalmān damsel and the old Hindu stallion were making the best use of our time by fucking each other – whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted.

“I hope your hubby will be ok when he returns,” said I as I lay glued to the extremely beautiful naked Pakistani Musalmān body of my Pakistani Musalmān daughter-in-law in her bedroom.

My one hand was under the pillow and with the other I was lazily messaging the firm milky breasts of Kulsoom Humāyūn who was moaning slowly.

It was a hot afternoon of Lahore.

But the two were feeling a bit nippy in the air-conditioned room and were enjoying the warmth of each other’s body.

“Is some miracle going to happen in Thailand?” Kulsoom Humāyūn said.

“Yes,” came the replay as I pressed my semi-hard Uncut Hindu Lund with her nude gorgeous Pakistani Musalmān hips.


“An Årab Musalmān lady sex therapist will try to cure your husband.”

Kusloom was taken aback.

“How can she help me?”

“That’s what I also want to know,” said I whose hand was traveling on Kulsoom Humāyūn’s Musalmān Cunt now.

“What did you tell her?”

“Stop worrying about those two. You open your legs — yes like that. Good,” I said as he rolled myself over Kulsoom Humāyūn, inserting my Uncut Hindu Lund in her wet Pakistani Musalmān Choot.

We two were back into action once more.
In the very  fine-morning, Kulsoom Humāyūn was sitting in Nīlofar Imām’s bedroom and listening to her sexual adventures with hubby and his Hindu friend, me.

“How did it start?” Kulsoom Humāyūn wanted to know.

Nīlofar Imām was willing to tell, hoping that the truth would also make Kulsoom Humāyūn free.

In the adjacent room, Nīlofar Imām’s husband Rasheed and I were waiting.

“You bitch – are you making stories or is it true?” Kulsoom Humāyūn asked looking at the pretty and innocent-looking face of her friend, who was exactly her age – Twenty-eight.

“Of course, you know I don’t lie,” said Nīlofar Imām laughing showing her pearl-like white teeth and tossing her raven color shoulder-long hair toward the back.

Nīlofar Imām was slightly heavier than her friend was, but looked perfect with her five feet seven inch height.

“It’s true. On our wedding night, Rasheed did not come alone into the room, but was accompanied by his best elderly friend Durgesh. I thought Durgesh was there was just on a courtesy call and would go, but luckily I was wrong,” Nīlofar Imām said.

“I can’t believe this.” Kulsoom Humāyūn said.

“You have to. Rasheed explained me for an hour that ours will be a totally different marriage. He wanted me to be a bold Musalmān woman, ready to experience anything. He wanted his elderly Hindu  friend Durgesh  in our marriage, telling me he had already allowed Durgesh  to fuck his Ammīs, his sisters the entire women of his house. Now he was allowing Durgesh even to have shab-e-ůrosī with me first.”

“I was in tears – cursing my luck, but by that time Durgesh had slowly started stroking my shoulders to calm my nerves.”

“You will be having two men to love you, take care of you rather than one. You don’t realize how lucky you are,” Rasheed told me. “And you will be free… free. Hardly any husband here gives this kind of freedom to his wife,”

Nīlofar Imām, who by that time had spread herself out on the bed with a big pillow under her head, was carefully eyeing the reaction of her best friend as she told Kulsoom Humāyūn that how the two men took pains to relax her, calm her nerves. How they  both took turns to tell that each of them will love her, care for her and support her through thick and thin without even an iota of jealousy between them.

“Honestly I was lost… I didn’t know what was happening to me, but it seemed my body was melting under the hands of their loving strokes. I knew what was coming. There was a tussle in my mind and my body. But the sensations running in my body seemed to overcome me,” said Nīlofar Imām whose voice was becoming softer and softer as she was speaking in a dream.

Kulsoom Humāyūn listened in a mesmerized manner.

“I myself opened the buttons of my bridal shirt, Rasheed asked Durgesh to remove my gharrara, loose bridal lower and then Durgesh removed my shirt too. Rasheed sucked my nipples, Durgesh kissed my tummy, and my virgin Musalmān Cunt as I lay stark naked in front of them with full lights on.”

“Who got your cherry?” asked Kulsoom Humāyūn.

“The privilege and honor went to the friend – Durgesh… Kulsoom Humāyūn, you have not met my men.”

“Nonsense.” Kulsoom Humāyūn winked at Nīlofar Imām, “I’m already fucking one of your men, Durgesh, my Hindu father in law.”

Nīlofar Imām laughed at Kulsoom Humāyūn.

“Sālī. You are fucking Durgesh or Durgesh is fucking you?”

Kulsoom Humāyūn again winked at Nīlofar Imām,

“I’m fucking your great Durgesh. I had scolded him and ordered him to get away from me. He obeyed me. But it was only my drama to save my face. Actually I was dying to fuck the Hindu sex maniac myself. I was ravenous yaar.”

Nīlofar Imām slapped her on her cheek.

“Sālī, I never knew you can face Durgesh even.  Congratulations.”

“Thank you. But yaar, Durgesh fucks me nonstop in countless positions. I can’t bear such an incredible storming Hindu sex. Durgesh will tear up my Pakistani Musalmān Choot invading it with his Uncut Hindu Lund in it nonstop.”

“Take him in your mouth and ass for giving your Musalmān Choot the required relief.” Nīlofar Imām winked at Kulsoom Humāyūn lewdly, “but never mistake to run away from him. He is so much in demand that none can say who Musalmān Beauty would catch him to get him inside her. You’d be ravenous again.”

“Allah.” Kulsoom Humāyūn was terrified, “I—I can’t let Durgesh to get away from me now. I’ll die. I can’t live now without his Uncut Hindu Lund in my Musalmān Choot and Musalmān mouth.”

“That’s very good. Sālī, he is not your Kħasam. He is your father in law.”

“Wrong altogether.” Kulsoom Humāyūn raised her head proudly, “He is not my father in law anymore. He is my father in law husband now, and I’m his daughter in law wife.”

“Very good. Very good. So soon you are habitual of the new incest terms?”

Kulsoom Humāyūn smiled at Nīlofar Imām.

“Well, what’s wrong in incest?”

“Whaaaaaaat?” Nīlofar Imām couldn’t believe her ears.

“What’s wrong in incest, you idiot?” Kulsoom Humāyūn bravely repeated her question, “This male oriented term was devised by entirely selfish male beasts. Being an ardent feminist I resent the masculine selfish term.”

Nīlofar Imām was as if fallen from seventh sky.

She was dumbfounded.

Chapter 3


More Creative Adult Sex in English from Durgesh

1. Bahoo Bégum

2. The obsession

3 The daughters and wife of my Musalmān friend

4.The Extramarital affair: Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah:Social Service

5.   Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–1

6. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–2

7. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–3

8. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–4

9. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–5

10. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–6

11. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–7

12. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–8

13. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–9

14. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–10

15. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–11

16. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–12

17. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–13

18. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–14

19. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–15

20. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–16

21. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–17

22. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–18

23. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–19

24. Årab Mahā Bhārat: 1/18: ‘Ādi Parv: Saůūdī Årabia’–20

25. A deserving unfaithfulness

26. A deserving unfaithfulness-2

27. Yåqūb Family-1

28. They conspired against me

29. A secret Smile

30. A new young wife at sixty

31. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

32. The Beaming Knowledge

33. The three pregnants-1

34. The three pregnants-2

35. In the Moonlight

36. Sālī, Ammījān!

37. Now entirely secured and safe

38. She needed me extremely

39. Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh

40. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

41. Her Brilliant Decisions-1

42. Her Brilliant Decisions-2

43. Her Brilliant Decisions-3

44. Her Brilliant Decisions-4

45. No Hindu, Please!

46. Only Hindus, Please!

47. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

48. I do hate hypocrisy

49. I still love Durgesh, with immense pride

50. Hell, I revolt

51. She loved me all along

52. She told the untold-1

53. Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah: The untold history of our freedom fight-1

54. Making love and understanding everything

55. We both, Nādirah, and Arzumand, love Durgesh

56. After the death of my husband

57. The everbest wives-1

58. Ultimately, I’m an Ammī now

59. The most memorable Eidī of her life

60. It was 24×7, that was all we three cared

61. You are the best. You don’t know

62. I’m not defeated even yet-1

63. Misunderstanding: Everyone thought she’s my wife

64. Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?-1

65. Kħadījah Durgesh Åāyeshah:  I Lost My Sister And Wife To Durgesh

66. A rapist Hindu Piya-1

67. Åli Muħammad Satyarthi-1

68. I love my wife Kħadījah Muħammad

69. Raziyah Akbar Aurangzeb-1

70. I live with him

71. The only man she loved

72. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-1

73. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-2

74. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-3

75. The Ammījān, Durgesh and her daughter: It was my duty-4

76. My Hindu Dad’s two Musalmān Wives

77. It all happened just naturally-1

78. It all happened just naturally-2

79. Under Open Sky

80. Ammī the competent

75. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-1

76. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-2

77. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-3

78. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-4

79. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-5

80. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-6

81. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-7

82. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-8

83. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-9

84. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-10

85. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-11

86. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-12

87. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-13

88. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-14

89. Sixty One Eighteen in Love-15

90.Ashvinātam intimacy-1

91.Ashvinātam intimacy-2

92. Three sons three Ammīs

93. Ahl-Al Bayt 1: College tour

94. Ahl-Al Bayt 2: The Aftereffect

95. Ahl-Al Bayt 3: The Aftereffect

96. Ahl-Al Bayt 4: Satisfaction

97. Ahl-Al Bayt 5: The Surprising Rest

98.  Ahl-Al Bayt 6: The Nude Day Arranged

99. Ahl-Al Bayt 7

100. Ahl-Al Bayt 8: The Uncut Hindu Obsession

101. Ahl-Al Bayt 9:The Obsession Continued

102. Ahl-Al Bayt 10: The Obsession Still Continued

103. Ahl-Al Bayt 11: One More Obsession

104. Ahl-Al Bayt 12: Obsession One More

105. Ahl-Al Bayt 13

106. Ahl-Al Bayt 14

107. Ahl-Al Bayt 15

108. Ahl-Al Bayt 16

109. Ahl-Al Bayt 17

110. Ahl-Al Bayt 18

111.Ahl-Al Bayt 19

112. Ahl-Al Bayt 20

113. Ahl-Al Bayt 21

114. Ahl-Al Bayt 22

115. Ahl-Al Bayt 23

116. Ahl-Al Bayt 24

117. Ahl-Al Bayt 25

118. Ahl-Al Bayt 26

119. Ahl-Al Bayt 27

120. Ahl-Al Bayt 28

121. Ahl-Al Bayt 29

122. Ahl-Al Bayt 30

123. The everincreasing infinite lust

124. The women in my life

125. My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

127.  A Deep Conflict-1

128. I’m never ashamed of it

129. Jahān Ārā Aurangzeb Bājī and a Fools’ Paradise

130. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 1

131. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 2

132. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 3

133.  Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 4

134. Durgesh Åāýéshah Siddīqah: Social Service: 5

135. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:1

136. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:2

137. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:3

138. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:4

139.Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:5

140. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:6

141. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:7

142. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:8

143. Durgesh Sidrah: One more mastermind:9

144. They both serve me now

145. She protested

146. Durgesh Fātimah: A Day at the Beach

147. The threesome

148. You’ve proved your titles true

149. The Chairman: 1

150. The Chairman: 2

151. The Chairman: 3

152. The Chairman: 4

153. The Chairman: 5

154. An Underworld Don: 1

155. An Underworld Don: 2

156. An Underworld Don: 3

157. An Underworld Don: 4

158. An Underworld Don: 5

159. An Underworld Don: 6

160. An Underworld Don: 7

161. An Underworld Don: 8

162. An Underworld Don: 9

163. An Underworld Don: 10

164. Age no bar: 1

165. Age no bar: 2

166. The Absolute Surrender

167. Her Ultimate Decision: 1

168. Her Ultimate Decision: 2

175. Her Ultimate Decision : 3

175. The Extent: 1
176. The Extent: 2

177. The Extent: 3

178. The Extent: 4

179. The Extent: 5

180. The Extent: 6

181. The Extent: 7

182. The Extent: 8

183. The Extent: 9

184. The Extent: 10

185. The Extent : 11

186. The Extent : 12

187. The Extent : 13

188. The Extent : 14

189. The Extent : 15

190. The Audacity

191. A New Ardent Feminist


More creative adult sex in Hindi/Urdu from Durgesh:

1. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 1

2. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 2

3. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 3

4. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 4

5.Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 5

6. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 6

5. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 7

7. Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 8

8. Karwā Chauth kā Rozā

9. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-1

10. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-2

11. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-1

12. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-2

13. Eidul Fitr-1

14. Mérī mubārakbād qabool farmāýén, Ħazrat!

15. Méré Māmūzād Cousin kī Sasurāl mein main

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

17. Ahal-e-Bait-1

18. Main térī dīvānī

19. Al Jihad: No incest: 1

20. Buniyādī insānī ħaq

21. Majājī Kħudā: 1

22. Majājī Kħudā: 2

23. Majājī Kħudā:3

24. Majājī Kħudā:4

25. Majājī Kħudā: 5

26. Majājī Kħudā: 6

27. Pyār na dékhé ůmr:1

28. Pyār na dékhé ůmr:2

29. Pyār na dékhé ůmr:3

30. Pyār na dékhé ůmr:4

31. Pyār na dékhé ůmr:5


More Science Fictions from DSM Satyarthi:

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13. The Foundation story continued: Chapter 13

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15. Prelude to Ten Commandments-2

16. Prelude to Ten Commandments-3


Commentary on Ved from DSM Satyarthi:

1. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

2. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 2

3. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 5| Mantr 3

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 5

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 7| Mantr 8

4. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 1

5. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 2

6. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 3

7. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 4

8. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 5

9. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 6

10. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 7

11. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 8

12.R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 19| Mantr 9

13. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 58| Mantr 6

14. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 20

15. R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 164| Mantr 46

16. R’gved: Mandal 2| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

17 R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

18. R’gved: Mandal 3| Sookt 6| Mantr 2

19. R’gved: Mandal 4| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

20. R’gved: Mandal 4| Sookt 26| Mantr 2

21. R’gved: Mandal 5| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

22. R’gved: Mandal 6| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

23. R’gved: Mandal 7| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

24. R’gved: Mandal 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

25. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

26. R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 63| Mantr 4-5

27. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

28. R’gved: Mandal 10| Sookt 85| Mantr 42

29. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 1

30. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 2

31. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 3

32. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 4

33. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 11| Mantr 1

34. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 13| Mantr 4

35. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 23| Mantr 3

36. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 31| Mantr 18

37. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 40| Mantr2

38. Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 40| Mantr8

39. Saamved: Mantr 1

40. Sāmved: Mantr 115

41. Sāmved: Mantr 641: Mahānāmnyārchik| 1

42. Sāmved: Mantr 650: Mahānāmnyārchik| 10

43. Sāmved: Mantr 651: Uttarārchik

44. Atharv Ved: Kaand 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1

45.  Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 3

46. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 4

47. Atharv Ved: Kānd 3| Sookt 30| Mantr 6

48. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 6

49. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 7

50. Atharv Ved: Kānd 4| Sookt 4| Mantr 8

51. Atharv Ved: Kaand 4| Sookt 13| Mantr 1

52. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6

53. Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 4| Mantr 22

54.  Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

55.Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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