Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad in University: 2

Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad in University


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Even after taking revenge in her own way, Sidrah Aħmad was not satisfied.

Shankar was very good after Durgesh.

He understood what Durgesh deliberately refused to understand.

Durgesh was the best.

But the Most selfish Hindu was too arrogant to be tolerated.

Countless extraordinary Musalmān Beauties had made Durgesh too arrogant to bear with.

Now, Durgesh knew very well however much he try to avoid Musalmān Beauties, the Musalmān Beauties can’t live without his incredible unique Uncut Hindu Prick into their ravenous secret Musalmān holes.

They have experienced Durgesh.

The Musalmān Beauties, of all denominations of Islam; have experienced Durgesh.

And they know— all the Musalmān Beauties, of all denominations of Islam, know very well:

Once with Durgesh,

All the rest is trash.

Durgesh fucks Musalmān Beauties.


But he has his own terms for it.

A Musalmān Beauty has to accept Durgesh’s entirely selfish, quite arrogant, terms if she wants to enjoy Durgesh inside her.

The Hindu arrogant preaches Musalmān Beauties Islam when he fucks them.


Durgesh wants them Panjvaqtah Namāzī.

Durgesh wants them ardent to their Islamic faith whatsoever denomination they belong to.

Sometimes Sidrah Aħmad wondered was Durgesh really a Hindu as he claimed always?

Did Durgesh himself not know he was a Musalmān actually at his heart and mind?

Only because his father was a Hindu, Durgesh thought he was also a Hindu.


Most of his friends were Musalmīn, not Hindus.

Musalmīn think it’s because Durgesh wants to fuck their extraordinary beautiful Musalmān houseladies.

But why Musalmān Beauties only?

Musalmīn claim because Durgesh is the most communal Hindu.

He wants to disgrace Islam, Musalmīn and the entire Ummat-e-Muslimah in this way.

How do Musalmīn know that it is actually the case?

Why is it not possible that Durgesh is actually an ardent Musalmān by heart and mind?

Isn’t it possible that Durgesh is himself not aware of the burning truth?

Otherwise why does Durgesh want his Musalmān Beauties Panjvaqtah Namāzī?

Why does Durgesh preach them Islam when he fucks them?

Why does Durgesh want his Musalmān Beauties to be more and more ardent practitioners of Islam as he fucks them more and more?

He doesn’t know.

He is himself not aware that he is an ardent Musalmān by heart and mind.

That’s the real truth behind his unique obsession to fuck extraordinary Musalmān Beauties mostly.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý never preached Islam when he fucked Sidrah Aħmad.

Suddenly the event when Sidrah Aħmad first met Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý, flushed before her eyes:

It was her best friend’s birthday and so, even though Sidrah Aħmad had an essay to finish by Friday, she reluctantly put on her little black dress, a red belt and some sexy red heels and headed out to the restaurant where they  were meeting.

Sidrah Aħmad lived, then, on the opposite side of the city but opted to walk to save some money for that gorgeous brown bag she really wanted to buy.

At the end of the road, a couple of men leaned from the window of their Ford Fiesta and yelled at Sidrah Aħmad to suck their Uncut Hindu Cocks.

Sidrah Aħmad never understood why the men did that.

It really did not make her want to answer “yes.”

Still, it was an affirmation of sorts that Sidrah Aħmad looked good which Sidrah Aħmad had not previously gotten since both her flat mates were away for the weekend.

Sidrah Aħmad tossed her hair at them provocatively to make them hornier.

She received quite a few other comments on the way to the restaurant and some admiring looks at her legs.

Sidrah Aħmad was only of average height but she regularly played basketball and squash.

So, Sidrah Aħmad had fabulously long, toned legs that were perfectly shown off tonight by the short dress and red heels.

The air was hot and steamy, as if it were about to storm.

Sidrah Aħmad had not bothered to bring out a jacket with her.

She was aware that, compared to others heading home, Sidrah Aħmad looked quite exposed but Sidrah Aħmad didn’t care because she was so proud of her extraordinary Musalmān beauty that she felt herself gorgeous enough.

Sidrah Aħmad was the last one to arrive.

She squeezed herself into a seat against the wall with an apologetic cry of “Happy Birthday darling!” to Rāmsinh.

This was their favourite restaurant and they came here at least once a month.

The waiters knew them rather well.

One immediately jumped forward to fill her glass with a big slop of white wine that Sidrah Aħmad gulped down gratefully after the walk.

Sidrah Aħmad turned to her left to investigate which of her friends Sidrah Aħmad would be spending the evening next to, but to her surprise the man was a stranger.

“Hi,” he introduced himself with a smile. “You must be Sidrah Aħmad. I am Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý.”

Recognition dawned on Sidrah Aħmad.

“Of course! You’re on the rugby team with Rāmsinh. I think we have met once or twice, although not properly.”

Sidrah Aħmad tried to return his smile but Sidrah Aħmad wasn’t feeling particularly comfortable, squeezed behind the table and up against him.

Suddenly her sexy dress didn’t seem so appropriate and Sidrah Aħmad tugged it down across her thighs and then up over her big breasts.

His eyes followed her hands significantly.

Sidrah Aħmad drank deeply from her glass and again and, with the warm glow of the wine and the loud buzz of conversation in the small room, Sidrah Aħmad relaxed enough to talk to Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý.

After dinner, they moved on for dancing to the bar next door.

When she stood up for the first time, Sidrah Aħmad realized how drunken Sidrah Aħmad was and swayed rather when walking out to the street.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý caught her arm, led her straight inside and on to the dance floor.

The music was fun and jazzy.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý pressed Sidrah Aħmad against him.

Sidrah Aħmad could feel his erect Uncut Hindu Prick nudging at her Sunni Musalmān belly at every turn, but Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý didn’t seem self-conscious about it.

So Sidrah Aħmad ignored it and continued to dance.

Eventually, everyone left some separately and others to take a very upset Rāmsinh back to his house.

Sidrah Aħmad realised only Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý and herself were there, alone.

“I’d better head home.” Sidrah Aħmad said.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý smiled again and rubbed a hand mechanically over his Hindu hard-on, not even conscious of what he was doing.

“I’ll walk you.”

It was raining outside and, when Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý slid his jacket and arm around her shoulders, accepting his offer seemed the sensible solution.

His arm continued to rest easily around her neck as they crossed the city because he was so much taller than Sidrah Aħmad.

Sidrah Aħmad could sense his thick muscles and weight and tried to suppress a slight shudder of fear.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was chatting to Sidrah Aħmad, as if Sidrah Aħmad was his Sunni Musalmān girlfriend.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý definitely was not her type.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý seemed too straight-laced and Sidrah Aħmad preferred her Hindu men a little messier and more easy going.

When they reached the door, it was properly pouring and they were both getting soaked.

Sidrah Aħmad turned to thank him and Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý leaned in for the kiss.

Sidrah Aħmad took a step back but Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý followed.

Sidrah Aħmad was squeezed tightly against the wall with the bricks scratching the back of her bare legs.

But Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý didn’t assault her mouth with his and instead merely brushed his lips softly over hers before sliding his tongue gently inside.

The lightness of his lips shook Sidrah Aħmad and a moan escaped.

His fingers ran along the length of her arm and then up her thigh underneath her dress.

Sidrah Aħmad could feel herself getting turned on despite herself, but as Sidrah Aħmad tried to escape she remembered the solid barrier of the wall behind and Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý’s heavy weight anchoring her to it.

Sidrah Aħmad struggled more firmly and Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý released his grip.

“Sorry.” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý said.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý looked confident and Sidrah Aħmad thought he did not mean it actually.

“Can I come in and phone a taxi? I’ve quite a way to get back to mine.”

Sidrah Aħmad opened the door.

They climbed the stairs to the empty first-floor flat and Sidrah Aħmad was aware of his gaze on her extremely attractive Sunni Musalmān bottom, as Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý followed.

As soon as Sidrah Aħmad had dropped her bag to the hall floor, Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý stepped into her and knocked her off balance, on her red high heels, into the wall of the corridor.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý stepped against her, trapping Sidrah Aħmad.

Sidrah Aħmad struggled hard, but Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý positioned himself across her, with his legs either side of Sidrah Aħmad; so that Sidrah Aħmad could barely stand up.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý grabbed her wrists and forced them up above her head with enough force to make her cry out in pain.

His grasp was so wide that Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was able to hold both her hands with just one of his and he brought the other down suddenly.

He cracked it across her face.

Sidrah Aħmad screamed again, and then Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý slapped again, making her head jerk into the wall.

“Stop that.” he commanded. “Little slut in your fuck-me heels and dress. What did you think I wanted from this? A romantic walk in the rain?” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý sneered at Sidrah Aħmad from above and Sidrah Aħmad realized again how terrifyingly tall and strong Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was.

His free hand roamed down her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān body and pinched at her nipples where they had stood up from the cold rain outside.

He tugged repeatedly on the neck of the dress and it gave way, ripping the skin on her shoulders as it did so.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý grabbed her Sunni Musalmān breasts and pulled them out of the cups of her bra.

He leaned his head and began to kiss them.

His thighs ground against her Sunni Musalmān buttocks and Sidrah Aħmad could feel his Uncut Hindu Cock pressed against her exquisite Sunni Musalmān asscrack.

Sidrah Aħmad got the impression that it was just as big as the rest of him.

Suddenly, the weight released.

But it was not an acquittal.

When her arms dropped, he tore off the rest of her dress, unclipped her bra and then ripped at her black French knickers so they too came away from her body.

Sidrah Aħmad felt so fragile and exposed, standing there waiting for him to continue.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý stared hungrily at her naked exquisite Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

There was no way Sidrah Aħmad could stop him.

He quickly undressed himself and then pulled her by one wrist into the living room, so fiercely; that Sidrah Aħmad thought Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý would break her arm.

He threw her against the couch which was in the middle of the room and, before Sidrah Aħmad could react, Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý bent her, across it; so her glorious, gorgeous, lovely, Sunni Musalmān bottom was exposed to the air.

He took hold of her exquisite Sunni Musalmān buttocks, almost reaching all the way around with his massive Hindu hands and then began to rub the tip of his Uncut Hindu Cock against her beautiful Sunni Musalmān opening.

Sidrah Aħmad braced herself.

Allah! She loved it.

Allah Allah Kħairsallah!

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý reached down to guide the head to the right position and then forced her legs further apart.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý plunged in with all his Hindu strength, grunting hard.

Sidrah Aħmad cried out in protest.

It was huge, ripping into her dry exquisite Sunni Musalmān Pussy.

Every powerful Hindu stroke was sore as Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý pounded harder and faster.

Her Sunni Musalmān breasts jerked with the movement.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý fucked Sidrah Aħmad nonstop three hours, then and there, without even a slightest hesitation.



Next to Durgesh?

Well, not bad.

It’s alright.

When Durgesh will not be available—

Sidrah Aħmad smiled to herself.

She had found a suitable substitute of Durgesh when Durgesh is not accessible to her.

Moreover, he is dying to fuck her himself.

Suddenly Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý paused and Sidrah Aħmad could tell from his heavy Hindu breathing that Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was now close.

His hand went down again but this time he found her ravenous Sunni Musalmān Clit.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý rubbed it expertly and gently, sliding his long Hindu finger around the swollen Sunni Musalmān tip.

Sidrah Aħmad heard herself moan as he increased the pressure.

The feeling of impalement on his huge Uncut Hindu Prick suddenly began to be welcomed and her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Pussy began to contract around it.

“There’s a good loyal  Sunni Musalmān Beauty.” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý whispered into her ear.

Somehow the quiet and tender way Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý said it, was even more exciting than his earlier brutality.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý began to laugh as he continued to probe her ravenous Sunni Musalmān Clit and bring Sidrah Aħmad to orgasm.

The sound echoed in her head.

Sidrah Aħmad felt her whole Sunni Musalmān body contract as she came on his fully embedded Uncut Hindu Prick.

“See, you came on my Uncut Hindu Cock.” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý said and continued to laugh as Sidrah Aħmad lay there over the couch weakened by the flood of her coming.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý pulled out of Sidrah Aħmad and flipped her over.

Sidrah Aħmad looked at his Uncut Hindu Cock clearly for the first time and it seemed to throb with its superb Hindu strength.

It was at least eight inches long and thick too.

Two inches short from Durgesh.

Yet, okay.

Not bad.

It’ll do, whenever Durgesh is not accessible.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý grabbed her short blonde hair and yanked her to her knees.

“Make this good, bitch. I want to come too.”

Reluctantly, Sidrah Aħmad reached for his Uncut Hindu Cock and took it into her exquisite Sunni Musalmān mouth to suck.

But Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý gripped the back of her head like a vice and forced it down her throat further, until Sidrah Aħmad gagged.

Sidrah Aħmad pulled back but it made no difference.

After a few minutes Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý let her go, obviously afraid Sidrah Aħmad would pass out or be sick.

“O.K.,” Sidrah Aħmad said now jubilant, “I’ll do it properly, just don’t force it down, please.”

He nodded in pleasant surprise.

Sidrah Aħmad didn’t mind giving Hindus blow jobs, mostly because it was the one thing Sidrah Aħmad have always been told she was awesome at, by Hindus.

Sidrah Aħmad drew him into her extremely beautiful Sunni Musalmān mouth and licked the tip gently with her tongue.

She sucked down the whole throbbing Hindu length.

Her hand gripped the bottom and she used that to feed it into her throat so that Sidrah Aħmad could keep up the pressure.

Her other fingers reached under to tease his balls with the nails.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý exploded into her mouth suddenly and Sidrah Aħmad felt his Hindu sperm hit her in the throat.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý spurted it all in continuous spurts.

The next thing Sidrah Aħmad found similar to Durgesh, was that Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was hard again almost instantly at the sight of her spluttering on his come.

This time though, Sidrah Aħmad was ready.

Sucking his Uncut Hindu Cock had awakened the routine of sex in her and Sidrah Aħmad wanted to feel Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý inside her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Cunt again.

Sidrah Aħmad lay back on the floor and opened her exquisite Sunni Musalmān legs in eager invitation.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý bent over and ran a finger up the slit, testing how wet Sidrah Aħmad was still from before.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý positioned himself over Sidrah Aħmad and yanked up her legs so the ankles lay over his shoulders.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý was smiling again now at her lust filled face.

“I’m going to fuck you, Sidrah darling, like you have never been fucked before,” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý promised and then, still smiling into her face, Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý stuck his Uncut Hindu Cock into her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Pussy really hard.

Sidrah Aħmad cried out in utmost pleasure at the angle and depth of the Hindu invasion.

“Allaaaaaaaaaaaah!” the words escaped her, “I’ve never had anyone this big or this deep except Durgesh.”

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý grinned wider in response and began to thrust rhythmically into Sidrah Aħmad, crushing her exquisite Sunni Musalmān buttocks to the floor and burning her bottom against the carpet with each violent Hindu stroke.

As he continued, Sidrah Aħmad could feel herself move with him and once more the Sunni Musalmān orgasm built.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý recognized her writhing and pounded even harder to push Sidrah Aħmad over the edge.

Sidrah Aħmad was dripping from her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Cunt now and each Hindu thrust was long and slippery, touching every inch of the inside of her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Sidrah Aħmad bit her lip and arched her back as the next to most intense orgasm of her life swept through her exquisite Sunni Musalmān Pussy and gripped his Uncut Hindu Cock.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý pushed in once more and came immediately, spraying his come deepest into her Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Sidrah Aħmad continued to pant with pleasure and, to her surprise, he knelt on her mouth and began to kiss her quivering eager Sunni Musalmān lips.

His tongue made little circles around lips until Sidrah Aħmad was coming once more, her body vibrating as Sidrah Aħmad pushed her exquisite Sunni Musalmān buttocks up to his Uncut Hindu Cock.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý continued ruthlessly to fuck her until Sidrah Aħmad was shaking so violently that Sidrah Aħmad begged him to stop, at least for a moment only.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý started laughing again and lay on her.

His Uncut Hindu Cock twitched inside her smooth Sunni Musalmān Cunt and Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý wrapped his hand around her waist.

Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý bent down and burst his Hindu sperm further into her Sunni Musalmān body.

“I’m not done yet,” Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý said, as Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý pulled her onto her knees and forced into Sidrah Aħmad from behind again. “It’s still raining outside.”

Sidrah Aħmad enjoyed great sex with Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý after that whenever Durgesh was not available to her.

Alas, now it was over.

Damn Shankar Mahāmr’tyunjaý.

Chapter 3


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