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Durgesh Āmnah

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt

It’s been years since my husband and I separated. Though there is no chance of us getting back together, we haven’t filed for divorce yet.

During these years, I’ve been no saint.

I was no saint ever.

My husband is right.

I love sex adventure with Hindus.

Not in singular, Plural.

At least three in my three Sunni Musalmān holes, simultaneously.

I love it very much.

My priorities were Durgesh, Rājesh Rājpoot, and ACP Vikrānt Pratāp.

Sidrah Aħmad and Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī were my best friends.

Ħumairah Qāzī has settled with her son Durgesh now.” I smiled to Sidrah Aħmad, when do you, Sidrah?”

“Never.” Sidrah Aħmad said contemptuously, “I have enough money and enough youth left in me still. I don’t need Durgesh even.”

I laughed.

“Why did you laugh, Āmnah?” her eyebrows implied her strong disapproval, “You think I need Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Penis still now?”

“Every one of us needs. Every Musalmān Beauty needs Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Lund always without any exception, whether she is brave enough to admit it or not.” I smiled, “Once with Durgesh, all else is trash.”


“He has incredible sex prowess. He is alone more than all the rest of mankind combined.”

Sidrah Aħmad laughed ironically,

“When are you, yourself, settling with Durgesh?”

I’ve had a couple of short-term relationships with couple of Hindus and quite a few onetime hook ups.

I fell in love with the first Hindu I was with, after the separation.

I haven’t been able to get him out of my heart still.

So any Hindu I’ve been with since, just doesn’t do it for me emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’ve had good sex with the Hindus, but no connection otherwise.


Only sex with Hindus, nothing else.

I’m an ardent Muslimah, and I can’t allow any Hindu, to fuck my Īmān, damn it.

My everhottest eversexy Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body needs savage Hindu sex kicks.

In all my ravenous three Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān holes.

That’s all.

I refuse to be slave of Hindus even, for it, however.

Hindus, my darlings, my husbands, Come to me, fuck me, enjoy me, but please, please, never try to possess or command me.

I believed in Sidrah Aħmad’s life style more, than in that Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī has surrendered to, now.

Yet, I was so tired of trying to find the Hindu who will make me forget that first Hindu, that I’ve sworn off men for the time being.

He was Vishvās Shakr Mānav, Durgesh’s Pitr’shrī, after all.

Yes, all the Hindus are good at sex, better than Musalmeen in every respect, yet some of them outexcel even the rest of them.

The Musalmeen have so perverted minds in sex that they can never convert their mental lust into a physical one.

They satisfy themselves mentally with their own sexual perversity, and therefore can never satisfy any woman physically.

That’s why even the Panjvaqtā Namazī Musalmān wives of them, need Hindus physically for sexual satisfaction.

Hindus never believe in mental sex, as Musalmeen do.

Hindus believe in physical sex and that’s what we Musalmān Beauties need.

At the end of my forties and with a houseful of young kids, I was not getting many offers, from Hindus I mean, as I can never even think of any Musalmān having sex with,  other than for quick, no strings fun.

The idiots, Musalmeen I mean, yes, they are idiots, and I’m capable enough now, not to be afraid of the morons.

The idiots think I’m a Sunni Musalmān whore for Hindus.

No, I’m not.

I only enjoy Hindus in all my three ravenous Sunni Musalmān love holes.

I never asked any payment from any Hindu that he enjoyed me sexually.

Instead, I myself have paid so many Hindus, even rewarded them that they satisfied me.

Durgesh does it with Musalmān Beauties, and he is right.

I do it with Hindus, and I’m wrong?

Only because Durgesh is a male and Āmnah isn’t?


I’m a Muslim feminist, and I hate double standards of entire mankind, whether Musalmeen or Hindus.

I’ve been focusing on my kids and trying to keep a roof over our heads.

As my twenty year old son, Durgesh still lives at home and has been like the man of the house the last couple of years.

Yes, Durgesh isn’t my own son.

He is a son of Vishvās Shakr Mānav and my Buāzād cousin, Al Kħadījah Al Waħāb.

He hasn’t found a job yet, but earns his keep by helping me with my jobs or baby sitting while I work.

He’s a very very good looking guy, about six inches taller than me and long straight hair.

Since I grew up in the seventies, I like a guy with long hair, I’m also attracted to guys without moustaches and beards.

Durgesh also was clean shaved always.

It’s been months now since I’ve been with anyone and when you happen to have a high sex drive it can be hell.

I’ve been taking care of myself while browsing porn sights, but it just doesn’t compare to full one-on-one, hot and heavy sex with a Hindu.

I know I swore off guys but something that has happened several times over the past week has me worried.

I’ve found myself looking at Durgesh in a way an Ammī should never look at her son.

Allah, am I myself surrendering to incest now?

First, Hindus!

And now incest?

Allah, NOoooooo!


Not Durgesh!

Yes, Durgesh is my top priority in my imaginations, but only in my imaginations!

Durgesh is my fantasy, but never anything more!

Maybe if I can find a one time hook up to release the tension building up inside me, I won’t do something I know is morally wrong.***

It’s now ten PM, all the kids were in bed but the oldest.

I’ve been online now for hours and none of my possible hook ups were available tonight.


Are Hindus losing interest in fucking me?


It can’t be ever!

They have fucked me entire my life.

Now, they can’t leave me alone!

I am the same Āmnah Muħammad, the Hindus always loved to fuck, all in my three Sunni Musalmān love holes.

They have always tried to top my Ever Good List.

Sidrah Aħmad and I always competed to get best of the Hindus available to us.

Yes, Sidrah Aħmad always defeated me succeeding to get even Durgesh for her.

But it was because her Bhābhījān, Āmnah Ħabīb, helped her.

Āmnah Ħabīb’s second choice, Ajay Pratāp, helped her.

I was horny as hell and getting even more frustrated.

I mixed myself a strong drink that wasn’t helping, so I decided to go downstairs to mix another.

Durgesh was where he usually was, in front of the TV.

I walked past him to the kitchen and started mixing my drink.

My mind started fantasizing about Durgesh.

What it would feel if I were in his arms!

Why I can’t be one more Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī, damn it?

Why I can’t be one more Imāmzādī Al Tauħīd Al Muħammad?

Why can’t I be?

Why can’t I be?

Today, it’s almost a fashion for mature Musalmān women of prominence, to have a younger Hindu boy for sex!

They help poor Hindu boys for it, ab initio.

Being immensely grateful to them, the poor Hindu boys call them Ammījān.

And the Ammījāns seduce their Hindu sons when they come to eligible age.



They are not their real son from any Hindu whosoever!

Yes, the jealous Musalmeen spread such rumors about them.

But I know, of my own knowledge, that the rumors are ill intended.

Always, at least almost always ill intended.

Should I too follow the same path?

The second option is—

Follow Sidrah Aħmad.

Can I do it?

I know Sidrah Aħmad very well.

She maintains to write her daily diary on her personal laptop.

She is so proud of her activities that she gives access to her personal diary to her extremely close friends too.

I remember she has written:***

Quickly I shook my head to get those thoughts out of there and turned to go back upstairs.

As I walked behind Durgesh I glanced at the TV and saw that at the Moment the movie he was watching was showing a very intense full nudity sex scene.

Without realizing it I moved closer to the back of his chair, fixated on the TV screen.

What I was seeing was getting to me.

I could feel my body reacting to what the couple was doing and I leaned a bit closer.

My face was right next to Durgesh’s.

I placed my one hand on his shoulder without thinking and slowly slid it down to his chest.

Durgesh jumped at my touch and that snapped me back to reality.

I apologized to him as I retreated to my room ashamed of what I had just done.

Am I really that big of a slut to make a move on Durgesh?

I was about to sit back down at my computer when Durgesh popped his head in the door and asked if we could talk.

Though I was still uncomfortable from what I had done, I motioned for him to come in.

He walked over to me and said he wanted to talk about what just happened.

I started to apologize again and he stopped me by pulling me to him and kissing me full on my mouth.

I was in shock and didn’t pull away.

Durgesh kissed me harder and I felt my lips part, welcoming his Hindu tongue into my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth and kissing him back.

Our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies, totally oblivious to exactly what we were doing.

I started pulling his clothes off, shirt first so I could enjoy the feel and taste of his chest and nipples.

I lightly ran my hands over his chest and alternated sucking on each nipple.

I teasingly nibbled on his nipples while my hands grabbed his ass.

When I was done, I let him do the same to me.

His hands and mouth felt so good on my bg tits.

As I’m enjoying this, I start undoing his pants.

I slid my hand into his pants eager to feel the Hindu bulge that was growing bigger.

This caused Durgesh to stop kissing on my nipples and I dropped to my knees to help Durgesh out of his pants.

As I released his Uncut Hindu Cock from the confines of his pants, it stood straight up as if at attention.

There I was with my face inches from his Uncut Hindu Cock and loving the sight of it.

I lightly explored his balls and shaft with my fingers while Durgesh let out soft moans.

I leaned closer, nuzzling his balls with my nose before licking and sucking on them.

Durgesh’s moans grew louder.

I kissed my way up his Hindu shaft.

Running my tongue around the head and took just the Uncut Hindu head into my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

I always loved a warm Uncut Hindu Penis in my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Sucking an Uncut Hindu Penis was my obsession.

So what?

Never expect me to be ashamed of it.

Why should I?

I love to suck an Uncut Hindu Penis.

The Hindus love me to suck their Uncut Hindu Penis.

It’s our personal matter.

Isn’t it?

The Hindus are not ashamed of it.

So, why should I?

I sucked lightly on it then taking in a little with each suck until Durgesh’s entire Uncut Hindu Cock was in my mouth.

Damn I loved the feel of Durgesh’s hard Uncut Hindu Cock in my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

I only mouth fucked Durgesh for a short time before I could tell from Durgesh’s moans that Durgesh was close to his Hindu orgasm.

So I stopped and told him to lie down on the bed.

I took off my pants and straddled Durgesh’s chest.

I bent down and kissed him deeply before telling him it was my turn.

I planted my already wet extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy directly over Durgesh’s mouth.

He explored every crevasse with his fingers.

I was thoroughly enjoying Durgesh’s touch and the feel of Durgesh’s fingers pumping inside my Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lovehole, but what I wanted more was Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Prick there.

I lowered myself onto Durgesh’s mouth and let out a gasp followed by a continuous moan as he kissed me there.

Then he did what I was longing for very much.

He put his Uncut Hindu Prick there.

Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Prick was so hard and warm.

Totally, into the Moment I forgot myself and pressed my extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy harder onto Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Prick, forcing Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Prick deeper into me.

Durgesh’s hands were squeezing my ass roughly as I rode Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Penis.

I realized I was practically smashing him with my extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy so I eased up yet moved closer before I came.

I moved my hips down Durgesh’s body and started grinding myself on Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu shaft.

I pressed my tits against Durgesh’s chest and kissed him hungrily.

I circled my ravenous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Clit on the head of Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock and let it slide between my dripping wet extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy lips.

When I felt the head at my twitching hole, I lowered myself slowly onto Durgesh’s hard meat.

We both let out a moan of pleasure as we felt every Hindu inch of Durgesh enter me.

I rode Durgesh with such intensity that even my big tits were jiggling to Durgesh’s Hindu delight.

I could tell by Durgesh’s breathing that he was ready to cum and since I was at the brink myself, I landed myself on him so fast and hard I thought he was going to break.

We both let out simultaneous loud moans as both our bodies jerked with each other’s orgasm.

Durgesh exploded over and over, deepest into my ravenous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt, till I was so full of his Hindu cum I thought I’d burst.

Our hot mingled juices oozed out of me as I laid myself down on top of him.

After what seemed like forever, I lifted my head and looked into Durgesh’s eyes.

I kissed him softly and started feeling Durgesh’s Uncut Hindu Cock grow hard inside me again.

I just smiled and told him to roll us over.

I wanted him on top this time.

I wanted him to pound the hell out of me as I cried for more.

I put my legs over Durgesh’s shoulders, pulled Durgesh’s face to mine and kissed him hotly.

I carressed Durgesh’s Hindu balls as he started slowly moving in and out of me.

With his each Hindu thrust, I begged Durgesh harder, faster.

“Āmnah darling, Āmnah darling.” Durgesh murmured fucking me.

I smiled.

A 20 year Hindu lad, calling me, a fully grown up, extremely experienced Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman, ‘darling’.


I could hear and feel Durgesh’s Hindu balls spanking my gorgeous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass.

By this time, we were both dripping with sweat.

I dug my fingers into Durgesh’s back as he gave me the fuck of my entire life.


Yā Allaaaaaaah!!

So, Imāmzādī Ħumairah Qāzī was not crazy after all.

The Hindu boy was an incredible miracle in sex.

Again we orgasmed simultaneously.

I lowered my legs and held Durgesh tight against me.

We kissed and he rolled off of me.

I snuggled tight against him and asked him if he wanted to sleep with me.

I wanted Durgesh in my bed all night and I was no longer ashamed of it.

I was about to make Durgesh the real man of the house, even though he was only twenty now, for as long as he wanted me.***

Fātimah hugged herself tightly as she listened to her parents arguing once more.

She burrowed deeper into the comforter as she lay in bed.

Tears filled her eyes as she listened to her Ammījān scream abuse at her Abbū.

She screwed her eyes up trying to block out the sound of her Ammījān’s voice casting abuse at her Abbū.

She was just nineteen yet at times wished she was younger, wishfully thinking back to her eighteenth birthday party, when her parents were happy and her brother was still alive.

She had always been a Daddy’s girl, always obedient, cast as the “good child” as her brother was “trouble.”

Fātimah was 5′ 6″ and had curves in all the right places.

The nipples that topped her full breasts were rose pink and large.

She attracted a lot of attention from the Hindu boys she was in college with but somehow none of them measured up to her standard, Her Abbū’s best friend Durgesh.

She knew her Ammījān, Kħadījah had Durgesh as her lover now, and her Abbū, Muħammad, was never competent in sex.

So, it was natural for Fātimah’s Ammījān, Kħadījah, to scream at and even abuse, her Abbū.

Durgesh was, even at his 61, an everyoung Hindu.

He was still dark haired and broad shouldered with slim hips.

He was everything Fātimah  physically admired whilst his kind and gentle nature was something Fātimah  sought in the boys she dated but had not yet found.

Fātimah had always admired everything about Durgesh and now listening to her Ammījān castigate Abbū  for something that they all knew wasn’t his fault hurt Fātimah  somewhere deep inside.

She curled up in her bed, her knees tight to her chest and wrapped her arms around them as she tried to block out the sounds of the argument from downstairs.

And then the crash of the door as her Ammījān stormed out of the house once more in the middle of the night.

Even Durgesh could not stop her.

Abbū rushed to his wife, pleading with her that he’ll help her clean if Kħadījah fucks Durgesh.

Fātimah listened to hear what I was doing, hoping I wouldn’t resort to call some Musalmān Beauty once more, but knowing that since her even her Ammījān was not there to satisfy me that was where I found solace.

Solace that should have been offered by her Ammījān’s arms.

But her Ammījān was too busy blaming her Abbū for giving the keys of the car to Qāsim.

Fātimah cried gently as she thought of her handsome older brother, Qāsim.

With so much potential and promise he had lost his life to a drunk driver and now her precious Abbū was trying to drink himself to an early grave while her Ammījān just kept running away.

The soft sounds of me telephoning some Musalmān Beauty came up the stairs.

Fātimah sniffed and wiped her eyes then paused for a moment wondering what to do.

It was not good for her entire family.

Abbū has compromised with her Ammījān that she could fuck his best friend Durgesh, if she hated her legally wedded husband, Muħammad.

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt had started to enjoy sex with Durgesh, but in her innocence, she didn’t know it was not easy to keep Durgesh, even once he is enjoyed.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt slid her long legs from under the comforter and rose from her bed.

She was dressed in a pink shortie pyjama set and in her urgency to get to me, to comfort me, as I wanted a Musalmān Beauty right then, she didn’t pause to slide her feet into her slippers and didn’t even consider her dressing gown.

She ran down the stairs and found me slumped in her Abbū’s chair in front of the TV.

The sound was off and a movie was playing, the colours and light from the screen the only light in the room. I didn’t see Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   as she stood in the doorway for a moment considering whether she ought to go to me.

I looked so sexy, so alone and so in need of comfort that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt felt her heart clench.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt walked to me and slid gracefully to her knees between my sprawled Hindu legs.

My eyes were closed.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s heart melted.

This was her Abbū’s best friend, her precious Abbū’s best friend and he needed comfort.

He couldn’t help it.

He was there on her Abbū’s request to fuck her Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt.

And her Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, had marched out.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt reached a hand out tentatively and put it on my left thigh to reassure me.

My eyes sprung open and I jerked in my seat as my hand whipped out and grasped her wrist in a tight clutch.

“Uncle, you are Abbū’s best friend!” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   gasped in surprise and pain at my sudden and fierce grasp, “Abbū’s best friend, you’re hurting me!”

There was silence for a long moment as I looked into her eyes, my hand still grasping her slight wrist in an iron grip.

The moment lengthened and Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   heard me groan gently.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt reached her other hand up to my shoulder and stroked it gently.

Durgesh uncle, you are Abbū’s best friend. It’s ok. I am here, Abbū’s best friend. I am here for you, Abbū’s best friend. I’m sorry Ammījān never understands what you’ve done for all of us.”

I didn’t speak but slowly, almost reluctantly, released her wrist as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   continued to caress my shoulder with her other hand.

Her nails cut neatly and polished with a baby pink trailing over my shoulder as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt moved her hand back and forth over there.

Our eyes locked on each other as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   murmured softly to me, telling me how much Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  loved me and how much Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  wished she  could make everything ok with me and her Ammījān.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was telling me now how much Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt adored me and would do anything to make me smile once more the way I do.

My eyes burned into hers as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt spoke and then slowly, cautiously, I raised a hand to cover Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s hand as it stroked my shoulder.

My voice was grave now as I spoke,

“Anything Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt? Would you do anything to make your Abbū’s best friend smile again?”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt nodded hard as she heard my words.

“Yes Abbū’s best friend!!! You know I would!!!” Her blue eyes filled with tears once more as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt watched my face, watched emotions she couldn’t name flit over my face and fill my eyes.

“Anything Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt? Are you sure?” words almost growled as my hand moved to touch her lips. A strong finger tracing the outline of Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s plump lips, as I looked deep into her eyes.

“Yes Abbū’s best friend, anything.” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   replied and as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt spoke, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt knew that she would indeed do anything to make me happy. Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt would do anything to make Abbū’s best friend smile.

A slow smile came to my lips.

“Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, you have made me happy already. You don’t need to do anything more. You can go back to your bed right now or……” a pause as my thumb rubbed over her lips, pulling them, “or……..” I paused once more as my eyes darkened and my gaze travelled from Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s face down to her throat and continued to her breasts covered only by the thin pink material, “You are so pretty Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  , so very pretty….” My gaze burnt into her flesh and Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   flushed as she realised her nipples were becoming erect, swelling with desire. Desire for me.


She too?

After her Ammījān?

Durgesh is her Abbū’s best friend.

So many persons are there, Musalmeen and Hindus both, who always doubted Durgesh was actually her Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s clandestine Hindu lover.

They even doubted that Durgesh fathered her brother Qāsim actually.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt had herself overheard even her Abbū, Muħammad Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt doubting her Ammījān.

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was dumb stricken.

“Whaaaaaaat? You doubt Durgesh fathered Qāsim?”

Muħammad was as if not in his senses.

“What wrong with that? Ask anyone. Anyone can say Qāsim resembled Durgesh more than he resembled me.”

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was as if fallen from sky.

She looked at her husband in utter terror.

“So, it was the reason you gave keys to my son Qāsim?”

Muħammad was startled.

“No. No, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt.”

“Shut up, you brute!”Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt thundered as a Musalmān lioness, “I always doubted you killed my son, Qāsim. Yet, I never knew why you did it. Now, I know.”

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, you are getting me all wrong.” Muħammad shouted.

Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt slapped Muħammad on his bearded face hardest and marched out of the house.***

I pulled my hand from her face as though it was burning,

“Go Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt! Go to bed right now!” I shifted in chair and turned my face away from Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt paused, eyes blinking frantically as she wondered what she had done to cause me to turn away.

Had Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt too hurt me?

“Abbū’s best friend!! What did I do wrong??? Please, Abbū’s best friend, don’t send me away.”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt almost never called me ‘uncle’ after she knew her Ammījān’s sexual relations with me.

Without turning my face back to her I spoke to her, my voice a groan, “Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, I am doing this for your own good.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   stretched forward and upward, her body fully between my spread legs as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt reached forward to kiss my cheek.

“Abbū’s best friend, I love you and I want to make you happy again. Please let me make you happy.” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   pressed forward to hug me, her breasts crushed against my stomach, her face against my chest.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt heard my heart racing and at that moment, realized that her stomach was pressed against my Hindu crotch.

Her stomach was tight against my crotch and I was already aroused.

Her extremely beautiful eyes widened and a soft smile crossed her lips as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt heard the low moan escape my lips.

Now Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  understood, now Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  knew exactly how to make me smile once more.

Without moving Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt whimpered, “Abbū’s best friend, do you like it when I cuddle you like This?”

There was a long pause before I responded.

My voice anguished as I told Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt that I very much liked cuddling her this way.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   felt her nipples swelling to become long and hard, felt the heat between her legs as her arousal started to overtake her, felt her young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy become wet and needy.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   had felt this way before, but never with any of the boys she dated.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt had felt this way before when she was laying in her bed.

Thinking about me.

Now Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt realized why.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt wanted me.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt wanted me.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt wanted me to lay with her and touch her, kiss her, fuck her.

And Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt wanted it now.

“Abbū’s best friend,” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt murmured softly, “I think I know how I can help you smile…”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt moved slightly and let her hand slide onto my Hindu erection, gently touching and caressing it through the fabric of my jeans.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt felt my body stiffen, felt my Uncut Hindu Cock jerk at her touch, heard me groan, and heard me say “Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt …. We can’t….. we can’t….”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   smiled to herself as she  pulled her head back far enough to look me in the eyes and whisper, “But Abbū’s best friend I want to….. I want to Abbū’s best friend….. please? The hell we can’t do it.”

Her fingers were working slowly, drawing a pattern over my hardening Uncut Hindu Cock, feeling it react to her teasing touch, “And Abbū’s best friend, I think you want to too….”

My only answer was a groan as my hand shot to the back of her head, my fingers entwining and twisting into her long honey blonde hair as I pulled her to my face.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   let out a short gasp of pain as I pulled her hair then was silenced as my Hindu lips took hers.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   had been kissed before, and it had been nice.

Gentle and soft.

But This was not gentle or soft, This was pure need and desire and it was so much better than any kiss Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   had ever had before.

My Hindu lips were crushed to hers, my tongue sliding into her mouth, pushing into her mouth, claiming her with my kiss.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   moaned as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt melted into my kiss.

Her fingers were starting to grip my Hindu erection.

As he kissed her I pulled away from her roving hand, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   wanted to protest but the kiss….. the kiss was consuming her, every part of her involved as my Hindu mouth took hers.

Then suddenly my hand grasped hers, pulled it back toward me and her fingers felt the soft skin of my swollen Uncut Hindu Cock.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt gasped once more, my mouth leaving hers for a second as I laughed softly then whimpered,

“You know what to do baby?”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s eyes were wide as she  mutely shook her head, not wanting to give voice to the fact she  had never laid eyes, never mind hand on a Uncut Hindu Cock before.

I brushed a tendril of hair from her face, kissed her gently and asked,

“Are you still a virgin my darling?”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   nodded, not speaking, her fingers still wrapped around my thick Uncut Hindu Cock as I smiled lovingly at her and wrapping my hand around hers started to slide Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s hand up and down my stiff, long Uncut Hindu Cock.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   closed her eyes as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt let herself be guided by me.

Her hand was gripping my Uncut Hindu Cock and slowly, carefully stroking me.

Her heart was racing.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was stroking my Uncut Hindu Cock.

And it felt so good.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   could feel the heat between her legs intensify and the wetness drip onto her thighs, through her soaked pyjama shorts, as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt knelt before me.

For several long moments, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   was guided by me, taught how to please me with her hand.

Then I took my hand from hers, leant back in my chair and groaned,

“Do it for me baby. Stroke your Abbū’s best friend’s Uncut Hindu Cock, baby for me, as your Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, does.”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt smiled.

“As my Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, does? Did you father Qāsim, Abbū’s best friend?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just curiosity. Won’t you answer me?”

I smiled at Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt.

“Yes, your Abbū is right. He lacks Y chromosomes. Your Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt, requested a son from me.”

“Allah! Yā Allaaaaaaah! And yet she lost Qāsim.” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt groaned.

She   felt as though her heart would burst, her fingers wrapped tightly around my Uncut Hindu Cock as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt stroked it slowly, gently speeding up, feeling my pre cum drip onto her fingers.

The wetness of my pre cum was making the stroking easier and somehow more intimate.

I was groaning louder now, my hips bucking slightly as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   grew more confident in her actions.

Her fingers were gripping me tightly and then for a brief moment pulling off, hearing my groan and knowing that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was pleasing me.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt let the pad of her thumb rotate for a moment on the ridge of my Uncut Hindu Cock head then gripped me once more to stroke again.

Long, slow, hard strokes.

Feeling the bulges of my veins under her palm and hand as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt pleased my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Then, without warning, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   felt me grasp her hand and pull it off my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt moaned in protest, begged me to let her help me cum and was rewarded by my hand once more wrapping in her hair and forcing her face down to my Uncut Hindu Cock.

The wet Uncut Hindu Cock head touched her crimson, quivering, passionate, extremely beautiful, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips and Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  felt them part automatically as I forced her head down deeper.

My Uncut Hindu Cock filled her eager extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt sucked hard, her tongue slipping and sliding over my Hindu shaft as I held her in place.

She  moaned with desire as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  sucked me harder and harder, drool spilling down her chin as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  took as much of my Uncut Hindu Cock as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  could.

I groaned as I felt Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt suck on my erect Uncut Hindu Cock, something I had fantasized about so many times.

Her mouth felt so good, my Uncut Hindu Cock felt so hard I was sure the skin would burst and I could feel the cum build in my balls.

My precious extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān girl was everything and more than I had dreamed of.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   sucked me harder, her instincts taking over, not worrying about “doing it right” as it was her first time, just following my lead, listening to my groans and moans and concentrating on the areas of my Uncut Hindu Cock that made me moan loudest.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt smiled to herself, knowing that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt was going to want to “practice” as much as I would allow so Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt could give me the best blowjobs I had ever had.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s tongue was hot and wet as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt slid it over every inch of my Uncut Hindu Cock.

My velvety Uncut Hindu Cock head felt so good on her crimson, quivering, passionate, extremely beautiful, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips and tongue, my scent so arousing, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt   felt as though she could suck forever.

I let my head fall heavily back onto the chair, involuntary groans were torn from me as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt’s tongue brought me closer and closer the edge of orgasm.

I could feel my balls tighten with every wonderful suck.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt took a deep breath and swallowed, feeling the length of my Uncut Hindu Cock slide over the back of her tongue and into her throat.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  felt my body stiffen and my Uncut Hindu Cock jerk as I realized what Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt  was doing and then felt me shoot my hot Hindu seed into her throat.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt sucked harder as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt felt my Hindu cum flow up my Uncut Hindu Cock and spurt into her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Kāýnāt swallowed, smiling as she looked up to see my face.

I was smiling too.

Chapter 26


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