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Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam stared at the ceiling of the tent and listened to the pounding rain.

She cowered inside her sleeping bag when a flash of lightning lit up her little world.

How long would the storm last, she asked herself.

Why didn’t it go away and let her sleep?

The sleeping bag was pulled up to her chin.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wasn’t cold, just scared.

She’d always been scared of thunder and lightning.

Now she was outside in a tent, Durgesh apparently sleeping soundly a couple feet beside her in his own sleeping bag.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam knew this was no way for a eighteen year old to be acting.

Durgesh invited her along on the weeklong bike tour of central Ohio and Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was happy that he asked.

She also felt obligated to go, to make Durgesh happy.

But on this second night into the tour, she’d give anything to be in her bed back home.

Another flash was followed almost immediately by a clap of thunder.

It made her shiver.

Each one was closer, and brighter, and louder.

She inched closer to Durgesh.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam remembered when she was much younger and could crawl into her parents’ bed for safety.

They would hug her and bury her under the covers.

She wanted that now.

Yes, Durgesh was not her real father.

Her Ammījān left her Abbū for Durgesh.

So what?

For all practical purposes, now Durgesh was her father.

The day had been very hot and it wasn’t until the sun went down that the tent was bearable even just to sit in.

Now with the humidity of the storm, both occupants of the tent had their sleeping bags unzipped.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam looked over at the dark outline of Durgesh’s body.

She pulled her sleeping bag with her as she rolled closer to Durgesh.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wanted his arms around her like before, but knew it couldn’t be.

She felt like she was living in a time warp somewhere between childhood and adulthood.

The uncertainty of what to do almost overweighed her fear of the storm.

The next bolt of lightning decided the issue.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam scooted until the front of her body touched Durgesh’s back.

She put her left arm around his waist.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wore a t-shirt and panties, Durgesh a pair of boxers.

But that was of little concern to her at the Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent.

The feel of his skin on her arm already began to soothe her.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam moved so that our bodies followed the same curve and Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam hugged tighter.

That’s when she felt me move for the first time.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam lifted her arm a little; ready to pull away from me if she had to.

Instead, I raised my head for an instant and then put my hand on Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s arm.

She watched me put my head back down before moving closer to me again.

We stayed the way until the storm eventually blew over.

With the thunder a distant disturbance, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam concentrated on the sound of the rain again as it hit the roof of the tent.

Her face was nearly touching my back and she could smell my skin.

Lightly, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam allowed her cheek to touch me. A few Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ents later, she was asleep.

When Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam awoke, her head was on my shoulder and I was lying on my back.

Her arm was still outstretched across my stomach.

One of her legs lay gently on top of one of mine.

The silence outside the tent was outdone only by the darkness inside it.

The calmness of it all was like a prayer answered.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam moved her arm to pull her sleeping bag up over her body when she accidentally brushed against my boxers.

The suddenness of it made her flinch, but something else made her want to do it again.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was certain her hand grazed over a very long and hard Uncut Hindu Cock.

Light snoring by me persuaded Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam I must still be asleep.

Could she risk touching me there again and not wake me up?

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam couldn’t resist.

Her left hand moved silently above my boxers and came to rest on top of the material.


This time she was sure of what she felt.

Of course, it was my Uncut Hindu Prick, her Ammījān was so obsessed with that she left her Abbū even.

Now, the same infamous Uncut Hindu Prick was in her own fist.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam let her hand remain on the hard Uncut Hindu shaft, pressing down just slightly.

She could feel the warmth penetrating through my thin boxers.

Then she moved her hand up until finding the tip of my Uncut Hindu Cock.

I was big, she thought.

Or at least long.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s curiosity forced her softly to move her hand down and her fingers to wrap around my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Her heart pumped wildly Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam gripped it.

A change in my breathing caused her to let go of the Uncut Hindu Cock and let her hand hover an inch above it.

She held her own breath before relaxing again.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s mind raced.

She felt so close to me—the way she did on those stormy nights long ago.

Only now, she also felt like a woman wanting to comfort me as I did her.

Guilt crept into her thinking.

Didn’t she owe me this?

Wouldn’t it simply show how much she loved me?

Her hand touched my Uncut Hindu Penis again.

This time the opening in my boxers allowed her palm actually to touch my skin.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam nearly moaned out loud.

It was wonderful, warm, and hard.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam maneuvered her hand inside my fly and let her fingers lay across my Uncut Hindu Cock.

She smiled when it twitched.

Then Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam gripped it at the midpoint of the shaft.

I opened my eyes.

I could see the top of Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s dark blonde hair on my shoulder.

Otherwise, the darkness of the night made everything in the tent invisible.

I didn’t need light to feel what was happening.

My Hindu erection was in Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s small, warm Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān hand and I didn’t want to move.

Her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān fingers tightened their grip on my Uncut Hindu Cock and I clamped my eyes shut.

It felt so good.

Nothing wrong in it even.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was not my daughter.

I wanted to say something because it was very nice having her so close to me.

But there was nothing I could think to say that would allow her to continue her exploration of my body in such an innocent way.

We continued on in silence.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam suspected now that I was awake.

The muscles in my body reacted to each movement of her hand, but Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was afraid to look up at me.

Her hand rose back out of my boxers, with my Uncut Hindu Cock in tow.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam could barely make it out in the din of the tent.

The swollen Uncut Hindu head loomed above her hand and she wished she could see it better.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam let go of my Uncut Hindu Cock and let it lay on top of my boxers.

With slow motion precision, she ran her fingers over the length of my Uncut Hindu Cock’s underside.

I sucked in a lungful of air and tried not to move.

We both were now fully aware of the other.

The young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman ran a finger up and down the shaft on the top and both sides.

Then two fingers.

This time she hovered over the tip and felt the hot, rough skin and the slit at the end.

Each Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was allowed to touch me made her want me more.

She could feel the sensitivity of her nipples growing along with the wetness between her legs.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was being drawn to my Uncut Hindu Cock by a power she couldn’t understand.

She wanted it so she could make me happy the same way I had comforted her.

And Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wanted it because she needed it.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam considered turning away from me and pretending later, it never happened.

Instead, she found her head sliding down my chest and my Uncut Hindu Cock looming larger before her.

She held it once more in her hand, stroking it a couple times to feel the entire thing.

This time Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt it throb and rise from my boxers in full erection.

She was thrilled by this and dreaded the thought that at any Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent I could stop her.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s body slid lower.

Now her head was on my stomach and she was within inches of the Uncut Hindu Cock.

A second later her head was next to it, close enough to touch it if she pulled it down to her lips.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam did.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam kissed the tip of My Uncut Hindu Cock.

Then licked it once.

It was magnificent.

It wasn’t the lust she felt when Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam did this to the boys sI knew.

It was loving me in the physical sense.

The Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman prayed to her Allah that I would let her continue.

She licked all around the tip of my Uncut Hindu Cock before sliding the head between her crimson, ravenous, extremely beautiful, quivering, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips.

It was at the point that she felt my hand on her head for the first time.

I was lightly brushing her hair over her ears as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam held my Uncut Hindu Cock in her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

This only heightened her desire and she took more of my Uncut Hindu Cock inside her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam moaned with pleasure as she felt the thick Uncut Hindu shaft between her crimson, ravenous, extremely beautiful, quivering, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips and on her tongue.

She licked it feverishly and tasted the Hindu precum oozing from the tip.

Now she used her hand on the base of My Uncut Hindu Cock and her mouth on the rest of it to begin pleasing me in earnest.

I laid my arms by my side and let Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam have her way.

Eventually my hand found her back and I followed the material of her t-shirt down to her waist.

But I made no effort to touch anything else.

My mind went blank when the urgency of my sexual desires overcame.

If I stopped Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam now it would only increase the embarrassment for both of us.

And I didn’t want Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam to stop anyway.

I heard Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s whimpering as she worked on my Uncut Hindu Cock.

They were sounds of pleasure…of satisfaction.

Her crimson, ravenous, extremely beautiful, quivering, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān lips wrapped tighter around My Uncut Hindu Cock when she felt my body respond.

My hips rose and fell as I began to fuck Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s mouth.

My hand came back to her head and she answered by taking me deeper.

This time it was that I groaned.

“Yeah, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam. That’s it,” I said to her. “Yes. Yes.”

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam pumped the base of my Uncut Hindu Cock furiously when my body stiffened beneath her.

I cried out once more before telling her I was ready to cum.

The first spurt of my Hindu Vīrý hit the top of her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān mouth as both of us let out lustful groans.

I drove my Uncut Hindu Cock up to Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s mouth as if I were thrusting inside a tight Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

She took shot after shot of my Hindu Vīrý until it spilled out onto her chin and back down to my Uncut Hindu Cock. Half a dozen times, I sprayed cum into her and yet Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wanted more.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy rub against my leg and knew that she, too, would cum if she kept it up.

But she could wait.

It was about making me happy and thanking me for being there.

Soon I twitched with each lick of the Uncut Hindu Cock’s tip, but could cum no more.

I panted from the exertion and threw my arms back down to the floor.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam let the limp Uncut Hindu Cock slide back inside my boxers with one last kiss.

She wiped her face with her t-shirt before laying her head back on my chest.

“God, honey. That was…uh, you…,” I smiled.

“Durgesh, it’s OK. Thank you for making me feel better during the storm.”

The tent was silent.

“What storm? When?” I asked.

“Tonight. Geez. I knew you slept through it,” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam said.

I laughed, which made Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam laugh and she moved up to my shoulder, kissing me on the side of the face.

We hugged and I felt Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s body press hard against mine.

Despite what had just happened, I felt again a twinge of desire.

I suppressed the craving to grab her extremely stunning Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass, which I would have done to her extremely stunning Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Ammījān in a similar Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent.

“Stay here if you want,” I told her.

“Ok,” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam said.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wondered what I was really thinking.

She wondered if it would ever happen again.

She wondered what I would feel like inside her.

That’s when she decided to stop asking herself questions she couldn’t answer and get some sleep.

We awoke in a couple hours with the rising sun shining brightly against the side of the tent.

We were facing away from each other, but close enough to touch if we wanted to.

I got up first, changing into my cycling clothes while Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was turned the other way.

Years of modesty were not changed by one night’s events apparently.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam rolled over about the time I was done tying my shoes.

We smiled at each other and I studied the girl’s long legs, exposed clear to her panties.

I remembered the feel of her legs on me in the middle of the night.

“I’ll let you get dressed,” I said, heading for the front of the tent.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam didn’t stop me.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam didn’t know what to say that would sound genuine.

She watched me slide out of the tent and pull the zipper back down behind me.

The young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman rummaged in her duffle bag for a pair of cycling shorts and a tank top.

When she was dressed, she stood on her knees on the tent floor and straightened the straps to her top.

She looked down at her partially concealed breasts.

They pressed against the material proudly, still yearning for the touch she desired last night.

Maybe tonight…

She joined me outside the tent and we prepared to pack everything before moving on to the next stop on our tour.

Any fear that either of us might have concerning comments by the other was unfounded.

Neither was ready or willing to discuss what happened.

I was still debating how to show my appreciation to Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was unsure of my interpretation of her actions.

Both felt closer to the other.

The day’s ride was hillier than the day before.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt stronger on the bike, which I told her was common on weeklong rides.

By Friday, I assured her, I would have trouble keeping up with her.

She doubted that.

I found it easier to put my hand on Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s shoulder, or back, as we walked at food stops or at sightseeing attractions.

Her body seemed more accessible to me now, although I couldn’t guarantee that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt the same way.

Her sucking me at night could have been only at the Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent’s impulse.

Yet, we simply were more at ease with each other when, in fact, the opposite could have easily been the case.

By the end of the day’s ride, it was obvious neither was going to demand an explanation from the other about the previous night.

Implied approval was perfectly fine with both of us.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and I both thought during the day about the upcoming night.

It might be crucial as to how the situation would be handled for the rest of our lives.

What we didn’t know was that we were hoping for the same thing and our actions would prove it.

We camped at a county fairground.

The good news was this meant a lot of wide-open spaces and tents were not on top of each other.

I staked out a semi-shady spot on the fringe of the fairground and the tent was up within minutes.

After our showers, we began the tedious task of killing the afternoon hours until it was time to eat dinner.

Once again, the midday heat prevented use of the tent until almost nine o’clock in the evening.

But the humidity level was down and the cyclists were inside the tent reading about the next day’s ride before sunset.

With no TV or computer to keep Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam occupied, she found herself laying on top of her sleeping bag watching the lightning bugs land on the outside of the tent, their bellies flashing methodically.

Voices could be heard in the distance.

She may have slept for a short while because she opened her eyes again to a darker tent.

Not the pitch-blackness of the night before, but a gloom where only shapes could be discerned.

I was on top of my sleeping bag, on my back.

I wore boxers.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam quietly lifted her shirt over her head and felt the cool air rush over her bare breasts.

She lay back down and stared up at the roof, her fingers sliding over her nipples.

She took a deep breath and opened her shorts.

With one motion, she lowered her shorts and panties simultaneously.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt an incredible sense of relief flow through her.

At that Ammījān, Kħadījah Sarvar-e-Åālam,ent, she wanted the tent to be drowned in light so that I could see her in her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān nakedness…in her state of complete desire for me.

She looked over at me.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was stunned to see me looking right back at her.

Only three or four feet separated us and clearly the outline of her naked extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body was visible to me.

I was the first to move.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam had already made her first approach at night, to show me what she wanted.

Now, it had to be my turn to show her that I’ve also accepted her as my newest, latest, Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman, though she was only eighteen and I was 61 already.

I slid off my sleeping bag and onto the tent’s floor, close enough to put my hand on Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s stomach.

I lay on my side as my finger traced around her navel, then upward.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam closed her eyes.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt the finger inch higher and enter the gap between her breasts.

Finally, it touched her right breast and moved toward the nipple.

I traced around it, too, purposely avoiding it.

Then my hand moved down the side of her breast and around the bottom.

With an easy movement she wasn’t expecting, I put my hand on top of her breast.

I cupped it and pushed it higher on her chest, filling my palm with it.

After one quick squeeze, I repeated the process with her other breast.

Now I was right next to her, close enough for her to hear me breathing.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam looked at me, just in time to see my face move to her right breast and my lips to touch her.

I kissed her breast gently and licked it one time.

With one hand on her left breast, I took her other nipple in my mouth.

A surge of electricity ran through her as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt my tongue flick over and around her nipple.

I eagerly kissed it while massaging the other breast.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam never wanted me to stop.

It was incredible.

She may have moaned out loud but her mind was beyond paying attention to that.

Her hand was on my head, pulling me closer to her.

If I could have taken her entire breast in my palm, I would have.

And Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam would have let me.

Our mutual lust could be heard in the sounds of my lips and tongue slurping at the young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman’s breast and her anxious, guttural replies.

At some point Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s hand made contact with my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam did not hesitate to find the opening to my boxers and pull out the hardening Hindu shaft.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam squeezed it tightly and felt it respond.

A minute later, she was on the verge of cumming and my erection was complete.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam fumbled with the waistband of my boxers, trying to lower us herself.

When our bodies would not allow her to continue, I backed away and sat on the tent floor.

Soon the boxers were out of sight in a corner of the tent.

I turned back toward Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and lowered myself onto her, half of my body covering half of hers.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt the hard Uncut Hindu Cock press against her leg as I kissed on her left breast.

Not wanting to say anything in the midst of our passion, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam gently put her hand on my hip and pressed against me hard enough for me to understand her intentions.

I complied by climbing on top of her.

The young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman spread her legs slightly, allowing me to slide between us.

I kissed my way up to Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s neck.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt the tip of my Uncut Hindu Cock slide past the entrance to her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy in the process.

She was wet.

I was hard.

She wanted me inside her.

One of Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s hands grasped the Uncut Hindu Cock near the tip and pulled it towards her.

She moved it into position and waited.

I felt the tip enter her.

I heard Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam gasp quietly before pushing again, inserting half of my Uncut Hindu Cock.

In one continuous motion, I entered her completely, our bodies contacting each other at the hips.

Slowly I lowered myself onto Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s soft, warm Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān body.

I felt her breasts against my chest and I heard her breathing hard and fast.

She was the first to move her body.

It rose to meet mine and then fell back onto her sleeping bag again.

Soon afterwards, I began sliding my Uncut Hindu Cock in and out of Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Pussy with the ease of people who had made love for years and years.

We held each other tight for a few seconds before my hands slid beneath Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and onto her extremely stunning Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass.

I pulled her up and thrust into her with more energy, squeezing her little ass cheeks until she moaned.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam lifted her legs and wrapped us around my waist.

Now Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt totally filled by my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Each time I pushed into her the sound of our skin slapping together and our sighs filled the tent.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam moved one hand between us and played with her ravenous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Clit.

Occasionally she let her hand touch my Uncut Hindu Cock as it moved in and out of her. This only made me harder and closer to cumming.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was herself kissing me on my Hindu lips with such a Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān female passion that even I could not believe she was so hungry for me.

Perhaps we would have an opportunity another time to make love, but for now, this was pure fucking.

The desires that began the night before built to a point where both Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and I needed a release.

We found it in each other in that dark tent.

I tried desperately to wait for Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam to cum. Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s first thought was making me cum.

I couldn’t wait any more.

I held my face close to her ear and told her I was about to cum.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam urged me on and rubbed her ravenous Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Clit harder.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt my Uncut Hindu Cock throb inside her and my entire body tremble.

I drove into Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam one more time and held my Uncut Hindu Cock deepest inside her Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān Cunt.

Cum began pouring out of my Uncut Hindu Cock and I grunted loudly with repeated, quick stabs into her.

“Ohhh. Yes, Durgesh. Come on. Cum inside me.” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam said and kissed me.

Her words alone caused me to cum a couple more times.

Just as I was about to finish, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam began her own Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān orgasm.

I held her tightly by the hips and plunged my Uncut Hindu Cock into her as far as I could.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s hands played with her nipples as Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt her body explode.

I kept pushing deepest over her sleeping bag and she continued to cum on my, buried to the hilt Uncut Hindu Prick, in waves.

I stayed inside Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam as long as I could.

When it was over, we held each other tightly.

We both knew now it wasn’t the last time we would be together like this.

We spent the remainder of the night exploring each other with fingers and lips and tongues.

I found out Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam loved to have her nipples licked and sucked.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam learned I got hard by sliding my Uncut Hindu Cock across her naked Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass.

It rained the final night of the tour.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam wasn’t afraid any more.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and I talked at length the days following our first sexual encounter.

Neither was embarrassed about the affair nor were we hesitant to express our desire for it to happen again.

We understood the consequences and, as long as we both agreed, wanted to explore our love for each other even further.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was old enough, at eighteen, to realize she had no right to expect me to be her regular sexual partner.

But our experience in the tent in the middle of the night during a weeklong bicycle tour was so extraordinary that Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam felt an attraction to me beyond anything she had ever felt with any other man.

Now, with a total understanding of each other’s feelings, she was even more eager to pursue a relationship with me.

I, of course, had initial reservations about having sex with Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam.

But her athletic body and energetic lovemaking made it nearly impossible to resist.

When we dressed in the morning and I watched her put on her tight tank top and figure hugging cycling shorts, it was hard for me to pack up the tent and get on the bike for another day of riding.

Her hair fell out the back of her helmet and onto her shoulders, flowing gently in the wind.

As I rode next to Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam and looked over at her, I had a new appreciation for her youth and extra ordinary  Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān beauty.

We rode for the first hour or so with some occasional chatter about the scenery.

It would be another hour before we got to the first food stop.

We spent very little time there before getting back on the bikes and continuing our journey.

The day’s route was highlighted by several covered bridges, some of which required short side trips off the main route.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam, more than me, was interested in the bridges and we ended up seeing them all.

It was the third one that offered Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam the opportunity she had been waiting for all morning.

The little country road we traveled to get to the bridge was bordered on each side by thick woods of maple and elm trees.

Undergrowth made the visibility into the woods difficult at best.

At times, anything beyond thirty feet off the road was blocked from view.

As the pair reached the crest of a small hill on a dirt road leading to a bridge, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam looked in both directions and saw no other bikes.

Immediately ahead and on the right was a path carved into the woods by farm equipment.

“Durgesh. Let’s go down here,” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam said.

I didn’t ask Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam why.

I thought I knew where we were headed…or at least I hoped I knew.

I followed Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam onto the path, which eventually fell over the side of the hill and started down into the deepest part of the woods.

Before long, the road behind us was out of sight.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam looked back at me, then the wooded hill behind me.

“Let’s stop here,” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam said, pulling her bike off to the side of the path.

I stopped behind her and got off my bike.

I waited for her to take the lead.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam walked her bike into the woods, found a ten-foot square patch of smooth grass and ground hugging weeds.

There, we rested our bikes against trees.

“I hope you have a good reason for dragging me back into these woods,” I said with a smile.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam was taking off her helmet and shaking out her hair, fluffing it with her hands.

I couldn’t help but watch her breasts shake inside her low cut top as she tried to put her hair back in place.

“Is sex a good enough reason?” Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam walked towards me with a lustful look in her eye I had never seen before.

I felt my Uncut Hindu Cock begin to push against my shorts.

Then her body was pressed against mine and she was stretching up to kiss me.

I put my arms around her and slid my hands down her back onto her extremely stunning Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān ass as we kissed.

I pulled her up, feeling her shorts rub against the front of my own, grinding against my Uncut Hindu Cock as it hardened.

A few seconds later, my hands were inside the back of Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s shorts touching her cool skin.

I clutched at the flesh, squeezing it in my hands and listening to her moans as we kissed.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam had wanted My Uncut Hindu Cock ever since our first encounter in the sleeping bags of our tent.

She placed her hand on the outside of my shorts, easily feeling the outline of my Uncut Hindu Cock through the thin material.

The young Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān woman rubbed it with her palm.

Another two inches, Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam thought, and the head would be sticking out the top of the shorts.

“Oh, Durgesh darling. I want you to fuck me right here. Now.”

“Anything you want, hon. I’ll do anything you want,” I said.

I put my hands at the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up; exposing the firm breasts, I tasted for the first time a couple nights earlier.

I yanked the top over Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s head and let the shirt fall to the ground.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam waited for me to admire, and then lightly touch, her breasts.

Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam’s fingers touched My Uncut Hindu Cock as she concentrated on my hands playing with her nipples.

Her extremely beautiful Saåūdī Årab Sunni Musalmān eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open while I squeezed her nipples, rolling them between my fingers.

“I love that, Durgesh,” she sighed. “Please don’t stop.”

I placed my mouth over her left breast at the same time that her hand slid inside the front of my shorts and gripped my Uncut Hindu Cock.

It throbbed in her palm, extending to a full Hindu erection while Fātimah Sarvar-e-Åālam stroked it.

I passionately kissed and licked her breast.

My hand pushed it up to my lips and I wanted to devour the entire thing.


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فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ16Fabiayyi ālāi Rabbikumā tukazzibāni?’

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47. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 1| Mantr 22

48. Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25

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